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  1. From experience I would say that 3 months is actually a harder month than 1 and 2 not in terms of recovery but the expectations. When you reach 3 months it seems like such a long time and some peoples nerves just don't hold out. They expect to see results, on the whole the healing has happened and grafts have shed, scalp has healed and then suddenly.......nothing. It makes people nervous that's for sure. The good news is that the growth is just around the corner.
  2. I think you should be honest with the person cutting your hair. Without trying a certain length first there is no way of knowing whether half an inch is enough length at 4 months to cover the scar. The scar is still healing and may be still pink in places and you have of had some shock around the scar. Just tell them you have a scar and can they cut it as short as possible but so it doesn't show. This puts them on alert to be careful they may of ended up going too short and showing the scar if you don't tell them. I have been there and tried many new barbers over the years. Good luck.
  3. Hey London, Wow I heard that you had hit over 3000 grafts! You have now entered all time hall of fame status with that legendary amount of grafts. You must have been working on your scalp exercises from when we met last time in London to get over 3000 grafts for a third surgery. Rest up and look forward to following your progress. Drop me an email or give me a call if you have any questions at any stage. Safe flight back home.
  4. This patient in his early 40's had a previous session of 4548 grafts by Dr Hasson to repair some old pluggy grafts that he had in LA in the 90's. We documented those results on this forum just over a year ago. The results can be seen here Dr Hasson 4548 Grafts Repair At the time he was back in Vancouver just about to proceed with his second transplant with Dr Hasson. Dr Hasson was able to transplant 3210 grafts this time and the results of this latest surgery can be seen here 12 months after. The graft breakdown was 1011 singles 1911 doubles 288 multis Free Hair Transplant Consultations in the following cities. Calgary: December 12th-13th Los Angeles: December 2nd-4th​ Dallas: December 14th-15th Houston: December 17th-18th 2016 San Francisco: January 13th-15th London January 15th Toronto January 15th-17th
  5. I will be holding free consultations in London on Friday January 15th 2016 at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch. The consultations will be one on one with myself a hair transplant veteran who has had 5 transplants spanning over 19 years. I will be able to explain our procedure in detail, answer any questions you have regarding surgery, show you what a transplant can look like on a Norwood 6 and take clear photos for a recommendation from either Dr Hasson or Dr Wong. If you would like to meet with me in person or for more information please email me on david@hassonandwong.com or call 0757 8164162. David
  6. Mav is right patients getting over 4000 are generally virgin scalps what we cannot tell is what your laxity is like from photos alone. You have got a donor scar and that needs to be removed so will impact the number of grafts that are available in the second session so 2500-3000 would we about right assuming average laxity. If you loosen your scalp for two months then that number could increase.
  7. Refusetogobald, Thanks for your interest in Dr Hasson. I can confirm that Dr Hasson requires you to shave the recipient area this is in the best interest long term for patients who have hair in this area. The donor area for FUT can be left longer to conceal the scar or shaved it is your own choice. Dr Hasson charges $5 per graft for the first 2000 and then reduces down to $3 per graft after that plus 5% tax. Our prices are on the website it does amaze me how few clinics advertise their charges upfront I guess they want you contact them directly. If you have any questions or want to send me your photos my email is david@hassonandwong.com
  8. A professional Hasson & Wong Patient Advisor will be in the following location for free hair restoration consultations. San Francisco January 2016 13th-14th-15th Book an appointment by calling 1.800.859.2266 FREE or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com
  9. Dr Hasson 4527 Grafts in one session 9 Months Post Op. Grafts :4527 Singles :1682 Doubles :2621 Multiples :224 Sessions in this Operation : 1 Months after surgery photos taken : 9 Age: Late 30's Hair Texture [ fine | medium | coarse ] : F/M Free Hair Transplant Consultations in the following cities. Toronto: November 28th-29th Calgary: December 12th-13th Los Angeles: December 2nd-4th​ Dallas: December 14th-15th Houston: December 17th-18th San Francisco: January 2016 13th-15th
  10. Thanks for all your comments. I just noticed that I hadn't answered your question grigriman so my apologies for that. Dr Hasson used 700 grafts into his crown.
  11. Here's a video of a patient that had the same procedure that you are considering. Repair of plug grafts
  12. Stinger- Glad to hear you are staying with Dr Bisanga which I think is the right decision. Look forward to seeing your 12 month update.
  13. I do have some examples of both procedures that you mention and will try to dig them out for you to see. Planting around the grafts to hide camouflage them will require many more than 1200 in my opinion. As you say placing around mini and micro grafts is easier you can take a look at my blog as that is what I had done nearly 10 years ago. As for your situation I would like to see the height of your hairline it is much easier to camouflage if you can bring the hairline forward in your case for some reason I am guessing your hairline is already low enough but photos would help. There is a lot of scarring around the plugs and hairs are growing in all sorts of directions you would need to place quite a number of grafts around them to influence the direction. My gut feeling is to take them out with the linear excision and recycle what you can further back.
  14. Future HT- Thanks for the interest. You can follow Spideys thread here
  15. Thanks for your comments. FUE2014, The temple points were not dealt with as the patient had existing scarring in his donor area (not related to a transplant) which limited Dr Hasson on the number of grafts that he was able to use. Ideally more grafts would have been possible and the temple points could have been addressed but this was not the case and the lowering of the hairline to frame the face was felt to be more important.
  16. It looks like dead skin. When you wash your hair you should really soak your scalp and aggressively wash your scalp I think you will find these will come loose. Thanks for the link after experiencing the 'No Touch' technique did it live up to your expectations?
  17. Citizen, Thanks for updating your thread. After meeting you in person and seeing how little you had left on top this looks very encouraging at 3 months. Please keep us all updated.
  18. Se7en, I have to agree how great your hair is looking when you compare to your re ops. I am so happy for you as we have been speaking now for 4 years prior to you getting this repair. I was impressed by how many grafts Dr Wong was able to get considering all the scarring you had from your previous FUE session and taking all that into account at 7 months you have come so far. I think that with some more growth and thickening of the newly transplanted hairs over the next 5 months will make the mid scalp fuller and soften the hairline. Please keep us posted, it must be nice to be able to style your hair again?
  19. Aftermath, Thanks for updating the forum with your results. It was really good to meet with you in London last year when Dr Hasson visited. I thought your hair was looking great then and happy to hear that this small touch up has made the difference for you.