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  1. It is with some sadness that I wish to inform the readers of this forum that I will no longer be representing Hasson & Wong as their Consultant/Patient Advisor. I have been very proud to have a ten year association with the clinic firstly as a patient and then for the last six and a half years as a employee. I have taken the decision to leave to work with a highly regarded surgeon here in the UK. I am very excited to now be working with Dr Edward Ball and Janna Shafer of The Maitland Clinic. I will elaborate more on the reasons for joining the Maitland Clinic soon. I have nothing but tremendous respect for the work of Dr Hasson, Dr Wong and all of the staff at the clinic who work so hard. There is no fall out or drama to report and I still have a good working relationship with the clinic moving forward. There are few clinics in the world that have created such consistently impressive results for so long now and they deserve their reputation as one of the best hair restoration clinics in the world. As my username 'Garageland' is synonymous with posting for Hasson & Wong I shall be retiring this account and posting under my real name. I look forward to interacting with you all as before from my new account.
  2. Seattlehair, I don't think you would go wrong with any of the Doctors that you mention. All Doctors will have thousands of excellent scars and all will have some less than exceptional scars if they have been doing it long enough. To get more grafts the scar sometimes needs to be extended further into the temples and a wider piece of tissue taken if you do not wish for this you should make that clear in the consultation. Your own physiology will play a part in how well the scar heals as well as the technique and skill of the Doctor. Megasesh updated his results from Dr Wong on here he had over 7500 grafts in one session and his scar has healed exceptionally well I posted a photo of it.
  3. Hi Wibbles, Thanks for the comment I agree it is a incredible result. I checked his file and I don't have the breakdown of what went into the crown apologies for that.
  4. Spamdoozle, Thanks for updating the forum with your photos as others have commented the front shows a significant improvement and the crown does have more hair as I can see the way the hairs are growing in the whorl pattern that Dr Hasson designed. Two things to note about the crown firstly the growth is slower here than at the front and more patience is needed so please wait for at least 12 months before assessing this area. Secondly 1000 grafts is not going to have a big impact where no scalp would be visible. The crown is called the black hole for a reason as the surface shape requires so many more grafts to get the same level of appearance as the front. Are you able to schedule a follow up with Dr Hasson when you get to the one year mark it we would like to see you.
  5. Megasesh, Great to see you update on the forums. It was really good to meet with you last month and take these photos and see how the surgery has changed not just your appearance but your self confidence. I have attached a photo of your scar that I took which does dispel the theory that I large session results in a large scar. I agree well done to Dr Wong.
  6. Very appropriate planning and looking good at 6 months with plenty more to come. Congrats.
  7. This patient in his mid twenties traveled from the UK to see Dr Wong last year he has just sent me these photos showing his 8 month update from his hairline work by Dr Wong. Dr Wong used 1969 grafts with the FUT method. Patient is very pleased with his results and his happy for me to share them here.
  8. Hi Mav, I agree it looks promising, thanks for the update. I have attached your photos up the correct way up for you so it is easier to look at.
  9. PMA you look great so happy for you that it has turned out to be a great success. And damn we never met up for a beer as we spoke about that needs to change. I will send you a text to see when you are free.
  10. I think I know what you mean. The skin is still healing and the incision sites are still visible while they heal. The result after 1 year is very different from what you see in the first week. All the best with the growth.
  11. Hi Tyrano, It is a all too common scenario that I have heard many times. I think the only reason not to take out the old scar would be because it has been taken from the incorrect place on your scalp. In most cases that I see old scars are taken too low on the scalp and are closer to the neck. Firstly the skin is more likely to stretch here and in some cases the hair may be susceptible to thinning. Below the bump of your neck the scalp is much tighter and it makes taking out the scar and getting the amount of grafts required very difficult. If this is the case I can understand why the Doctor is suggesting another scar. You of course need to ask yourself the question, is this what I want two scars? Hopefully the new scar would be an improvement on the old scar and at a later date you could have the old scar revised or place grafts into it to camouflage it better. It really depends on what your proprieties are? I would also look into the option of FUE for 2500 grafts you could place some grafts into your existing scar at the same time although a revision might be the best option. Some photos would help provide better advice.
  12. Mav, Let's wait until we have all the facts before we judge the result. From the two photos that the patient posted the result doesn't look poor but I have not seen his pre op photos yet. The OP has reached out to me and we will be working with him to see what next steps he can take.
  13. Stevedawg, As others say if you have a preference for Dr Hasson then you are welcome to request him for your surgery. The picture is both Dr Hasson's and Dr Wong's technicians. Thanks for all your comments.
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