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  1. Spamdoozle, Thanks for updating the forum with your photos as others have commented the front shows a significant improvement and the crown does have more hair as I can see the way the hairs are growing in the whorl pattern that Dr Hasson designed. Two things to note about the crown firstly the growth is slower here than at the front and more patience is needed so please wait for at least 12 months before assessing this area. Secondly 1000 grafts is not going to have a big impact where no scalp would be visible. The crown is called the black hole for a reason as the surface shape requ
  2. Very appropriate planning and looking good at 6 months with plenty more to come. Congrats.
  3. This patient in his mid twenties traveled from the UK to see Dr Wong last year he has just sent me these photos showing his 8 month update from his hairline work by Dr Wong. Dr Wong used 1969 grafts with the FUT method. Patient is very pleased with his results and his happy for me to share them here.
  4. PMA you look great so happy for you that it has turned out to be a great success. And damn we never met up for a beer as we spoke about that needs to change. I will send you a text to see when you are free.
  5. Spidey, Thanks for the update and glad to hear you are happy it looks great and you can expect the crinkly hairs to settle down over the coming months as the hair matures.
  6. I would agree that it is looking much improved from your starting position and you are seeing consistent improvements on a monthly basis. Hang in there as there will be more to come.
  7. I would agree with the others that say this looks promising for 4 months looks like the redness has faded too.
  8. Thanks for the update Cueball- time for a name change I think Looking forward to catching up with you too next Friday in London.
  9. Noob, I am sorry that you are suffering from some shock loss and that it is continuing but it can continue to get worse before it gets much better. That should however stop very soon, normally by 1 month on occasions up to 6 weeks before it stops. The scar looks to have healed well and I see no issues that it might be keloid. Try not to panic as that will not help, easier said than done of course but it will grow back over the coming months and take 6 months maybe a little longer before it comes back.
  10. N00b, Sorry to hear this but as Spidey says shock loss around the donor area is quite common and you may loose more hair up to the 1 month post op stage. It can take 4-6 months to fully recover. If you have concerns you can contact me on david@hassonandwong.com
  11. Cueball- Thanks for posting your story and photos it was great being part of your journey and at the clinic when you were there. You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I am so glad things worked out for you. I think there will still be improvements to be seen over the coming months in terms of hair maturity and thickening. Please keep us all posted and we should meet up soon.
  12. HTsoon, I am not sure of the number I have had on my crown. There is enough hair currently to give coverage but not density. Dr Hasson just gave a light coverage to try to hide the mini and micro grafts which was achieved. I have more of a square shaped head and have not addressed my lateral humps. The sides have not dropped or have I felt that I have needed more work here. I have been on Finasteride for 10 years this year, I can't be 100% certain that I have not lost hair since being on the meds but if I have it has been very, very slow. I think in your case saving some grafts to res
  13. HTsoon, I did write you a reply a couple of days ago but it went into moderation and has not been posted since hopefully it will be up soon!
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