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    Forum Discussions, Blogs and Sharing since 1999
    Created by and for Patients

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      Share your opinions and experiences regarding drugs like Propecia (finasteride), Minoxidil and others.
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    • Thanks.Maybe it has or maybe it is just play of light. Can't tell with surity. What I am sure about is that the growth is still happening at 12 month mark. It is visible in the texture change especially. As I have said before, I seem to be one of those late bloomers with a growth span of 18 months. Considering the above in mind I was also confused about whether to extend my post HT hair regimen. The year long supply of some medicines like - Biotin , Minoxidil 5 , Folli hair ( a hair based multivitamin ) has finished . I would also like to shift from the johnsons baby shampoo to a normal biotique sulfate free shampoo since the baby shampoo leaved my thin hair very dry/damaged . However I will continue taking the Fin 1mg as I have been doing the same for past 5 years . Still in two minds whether to continue the minoxidil ,J & J shampoo , biotin for 6 more months
    • Fomin please where are your respond?  I think this is a false review.  I think this is a competition. There are many unscrupulous clinics in Turkey.  High competition.  Unscrupulous clinic are trying to discredit a competitor with such reviews.  Actually, i think Dr. Yaman is professional. 
    • Sean you give some excellent advice. No nape, no air or liquid suction, no body hair I think that all translates to NO DR UMAR. I’m not too impressed with his results either. I remember years back he posted a vid of a patient with strictly body hair to his Norwood 3 hairline....a truly bizarre approach that ive never seen. The video isn’t up anymore
    • Hi - Request suggestions for specialised SMP only clinics in Delhi, India. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards,
    • Dr Bisanga, Dr Mwamba, Dr Lupanzula actually stands out to me in this regard.  Especially, for Afro Carribean hair.  Minimal graft use to graft result ratio in general as it seems based on what I saw online and former patients i spoke with (and skyped with).  Some went to them to get repaired.   The key is natural hairline construction with your hair type with an illusion of density that blends well with your current native hair.   no nape, no body hair, no beard hair should be used- only scalp hair should be extracted for use for facial framing, front to midscalp to the formation of crown.   no air or liquid suction device (similar to neograft) should be used when extracting Grafts as i think it may be detrimental to grafts and add further risk to an already risky procedure-  when something is already a risky procedure, you should try to Minimize risk wherever possible.   whoever you go with- ask them how they will honor in writing and what they will do if result is poor .  Will they charge you more? Will they touch up as courtesy or will they give partial refund or what.  FACT is that Every doctor does this differently in this regard but you should ask this before you place any deposit so you can have something in writing.  Elective procedure or not, it is a valid question to ask for your own comfort zone. If you get FUE, if you want to see my scalp in person id meet, but due to covid its hard.  skype is always available be safe and stay safe.  I am talking from experience as my scalp is damaged at the moment and im trying to get out of this situation of damages caused- which is documented and evidenced by professionals in many places- including federal levels There is a lot of too good to be true pics and unethical marketing out there- be careful.  This is coming from someone that has no business interest in this field and is a real patient that has been needing repair now More then ever.  I think very few doctors probably do this at the betterment of human beings, but rather for the $$$$$ only at the end.  So, don’t fall for everything and claims made by some doctors. Be safe stay safely.  Wish you the best with your surgery and goals.
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