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  1. Legend007

    James A. Harris, MD ARTAS 2300 grafts

    This forum and its members and moderators have always been fair and call out things the way it should be ... doctor Harris has shown good results , but us members know a good transplant from an average to bad one .. n the artas machine does not prove to be effective .. grow some hair for $8 a graft ., but without density and manual labor from the clinic itself is good value to the patient ? I call that bullish.shit ., sorry if I sound impolite .. but an educated potential patient on this forum will obviously see that this robot , is mediocre compared to a high class clinic with a top notch surgeon ., no shortcuts using machines n robots to make ur job easier . These doctors are making thousands of dollars a day n per hour .. do ur job n do it right .. don’t take shortcuts , u getting paid a lot of money everyday .. so don’t be sensitive when u get honest opinions from people that judges ur results .. thanks
  2. Ok this looks a lot better .. I was starting to feel bad for ya .. u can still go out in public like this .. but yeah agreed , it could be denser after 3 transplants .. best wishes
  3. He’s kinda done for .. only has around 2500 grafts left .. he’s stuck now .. no money or refund or do over can recover the grafts he lost .. n he’s going to need everyone of them hairs .. poor kid .. prime of his life n he has to deal with this ..
  4. Legend007

    James A. Harris, MD ARTAS 2300 grafts

    Patient paid around $16000? For an average result at best .. bad hairline design , not dense packed .. he grew some hair .. good for him .. with that amount of money he could of had twice the amount of coverage n density using that amount of grafts for the area covered .. if this is ur standard then for a good result .. then that says it all .. n nice response about getting a life .. not everyone is as rich as u doctor , to have enough time hustlin hair from uninformed balding men ..
  5. Feel bad for u ,, stories like this really scares me .. u look like a 2.5 before ur latest procedure now u oook like a Norwood 4-5... this sucks man .. it looks like u lost more hair instead of gaining hair ..
  6. I understand the density isnt where u want it to be at this stage .. but the outline of ur hairline looks promising .. once those hairs thicken up u won’t be as disappointed as u were .. u got hope payam,. From 5 months to 6 months it looks promising . It gets better .. Stay positive !!!
  7. Legend007

    New Hair Loss "Cure" Found in Sandalwood Odorant

    Not going to believe it till it’s fda approved ..
  8. Legend007

    Cost and negotiating

    Wait till u lose a bit more hair where u won’t be able to style it anymore .. then u realize that extra cost means nothing to get back ur self esteem .. also think of the extra costs u would have to spend if u got a botched transplant , poor growth , low density , bumpiness n prolonged redness of skin ,, u be doubling ur costs in the long run .. for a repair job , so spending a few thousand more the first time to limit those negative possibilities is more cost effective long term .. that’s what got me over the huddle of shelling out $16-$17 thousand dollars to get it done right at $8 a graft -2000 grafts . Best wshes , u could try to get a travelers discount to save some money , or ask if they have any specials going on at certain months to save money ..
  9. Legend007

    1500 FUE Grafts Dr. Nader

    It’s bwtter than before , but could be denser to match ur native hair .. ur original hair is quite thick n nice.. hopefully the transplanted hairs on the temple areas fill in as the months pass..
  10. Legend007

    Cost and negotiating

    nothing with community college for daddy to have hair ..I’m sure the kids will understand :D
  11. That’s pretty aggressive balding .. look at ur family history .. u headed towards that sooner than others .. u should plan accordingly .. im was a Norwood 1 at 37 now I’m 39 at 2.5 Norwood with no family history of baldness n now I’m worried as hell of future balding .. Just to give u perspective ..
  12. So happy for u dan .. no more mini plugs for u lookin good yo .
  13. U guys make a lot of sense .. it’s not about who’s right or wrong .. it’s about providing information for others to educate themselves to make their own decisions.. much appreciated .
  14. It’s illegal in California for a non- doctor or certified nurse to score the skin/extractions .. that’s why diep has consistent results , since he does the extractions himself n charges $8-9 a graft .. nothing wrong with trained techs doing the extractions , just less consistent results n not knowing which tech is working with u on that day.. but those are laws in most of the states..
  15. I want to chime in about RealSelf too .. they were the first placed I looked into when I googled about hairtransplants .. I automatically assumed they were top notch clinics when they have 4-5 stars n answered a lot of patient questions .. I almost fell for that crap n went to a local clinic that does boobs n hair transplant, n had the state of the art technology .. I almost let them do surgery on me .. can u believe that ? N they were charging $8.50 for the Artas , n the 22 year old female technician was going to do the surgery on me .. when I look back at it now ., makes me mad ., n once I did more research n learned more about hairtransplants n how this industry is .. its very shady .. not only that if u keep reading on realself u begin to notice that a lot of the answers that the doctors answered to patients , are not done by the doctors themselves , but the admin, the front desk workers , that copy n paste the same answers to almost everyone ., they do this to achieve a higher rating on realself , the more they post , the higher their ranking.. such bullshit .. right ?