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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Yeah it’s the next step up from PRP .. same theory .. it’s the same As PRP but it’s more efficient .. they Are only taking the nutrients that is specific to treating hairloss n growth .. looks like u going to be out of a job Melvin .. Heheheh j/k
  2. Thanks y’all . it looks good enough I’m satisfied .. what I learned from this though .. is when u dense pack it .. the hairs take a long time to mature.. them hairs be fighting for that blood supply .. that’s why I noticed even though most the grafts grew by 6th month .. they didn’t grow long or mature for a few more months .. good thing I had a good surgeon n donor hair .. or I would of had a lot of more dead grafts .. and I also learned u don’t really need a lot of grafts placed to get good coverage ..
  3. Yeah I agree with u Melvin .. fuk that doctor . If I were to be bald kind Bruce Willis .. my hairloss would of shown signs of a norwood 4-5 around age 30 .. im at 40 n I was a norwood 2-3 .. with diffused thinning overall.. but not too diffused .. anyways .. I’m fortunate I only had to exerperience baldness for 1 year before I got a transplant .. so I’m more fortunate than most of y’all .. especially the younger lads that had to go through this early in life .. well here is my 11th month mark .. to celebrate I went and bought the redken pomade that Melvin uses .. n styled my hair . Looks pretty good .. I spend 2 minutes to do my hair ..
  4. U are krazy to transplant that much hair to your beard .. I hope u have a full head of hair n never grow bald .. or u be taking hairs from the beard to out it back in ur head later in life .. .. u going to have that red mark for months ,, but once ur hair grows it won’t be as noticeable though . Best of luck ..
  5. P.s. that doctor probably got fired .. first, don’t let ur patients be smarter than u .. n have some common sense n use some Customer service n thoughtfulness when dealing with sensitive issues .. .. n even if I ever go bald .. I still got a lot more prettier girls than that doctor ever did in my lifetime
  6. Melvin .. I’m not lookin to have another transplant in life .. but that was My thinking , the nAive me 2 years ago as a norwood 2 at 38 years old .. It’s like I had a full head of hair all my life n no one in my family was above a norwood 2.. it’s not when I went into see my dermatologist at Kaiser so he can approve my finasteride prescription .. I told him I was worried about my hairloss .. n what did he think of it ., dude just blurted our oh u going to be bald ., like Bruce Willis .. I was like are u sure ? It’s not that bad ! He was like oh yeah u are .. that was the first time in my life I was ever depressed about my hair .. I had good hair all my life . N I’m aging , naturally in my eyes .: n this dude with a degree .. thinking he knows more Than me .. never asked my age . Barely looked at my medical history .. telling me n kinda snickering to my face I’m going to be totally bald.. okay .. this 28 y/o Asian doctor With a full head of hair .. probably has no experience with hairloss giving me advice .. .. n I’m Asian too .. just so u don’t think I’m racist .. I tooked his word for it .. so I told him I wanted finasteride to prevent my hairloss .. n he didn’t know nothing about it .. he had to look it up online . It’s like what the fuk is this.. I had to educate this doctor about the #1 prescribed medication. That’s FDA approved for hairloss , n I’m supposed to go to him for advice ? This always pissed me off n he dared called me going totally bald .. when I had an online consultation.with doctor rassman that betted me a million dollars that I won’t be totally bald .. anyways at the end of the consultation he prescribed me finasteride n patted me on my back n said I was the most knowledgeable person he knows about hairloss ..but that’s not how I want to feel when I leave my doctors office .. like I’m Smarter than him .. Anyways 6 months later when I had to renew my finasteride subscription .. my kaiser dermatologist doctor wasn’t working there anymore .. so I had to get a new doctor .. this time I chosed a bald doctor that has experience with hairloss .. cuz he knows our struggle anyways .. Sorry I rant sometimes because I like to drink n chat with y’all .. but moral of the story is .. if u have medical issues .. hair or body or mind n whatever .. no one knows more about ur body than u .. so don’t go into ur medical surgeries or medicines blindly .. only u know what’s best for u .. so do ur research ..
  7. Hey shook n hairloss pa .. good to hear from y’all .. u guys are good people .. hope u doing well .. .. :) from my own personal opinion .. n what I learned from online n this forum .. at first I was naive , n tried to blame minor things .. n also bought expensive nutrients . N a laser cap .. I also stopped using hairspray , n other hair products with chemicals in it that could damage my hair .. but nah .: it’s the dht .. it’s what is miniaturizing my hAir .. it’s not as coarse as it used to be.. this my 2 year anniversary on propecia .. it has slowed down the hair fall .. but it has not made the thinning hairs get thicker .. so I’m scared . N hairtransplants can only replace half of what U lost.. so it’s worrisome .: but if I can do this again .. yeah I spend the $20,000 to dr hasson n company .. they did a good job ..
  8. Hey Matt .. yeah it doesn’t look like 5000 hairs ... that’s what not making me totally satisfied with spending $20,000 .. but it’s better than before so imma not complain .. 2500 grafts @2 hairs per graft was the calculated amount .. = 5000 hairs . Overall though .. I’m pretty happy .. I probably got 2200-2300” grafts grown .. there’s still a few hundred hairs that is still short but when they grow longer it will be a nice cosmetic upgrade .. when I think about it .: I’m happy we are in an era of our life where we are not stuck with them damn plugs .. the hairtransplant industry has really made progress .. but still, I’m scared of future hairloss ..
  9. N yeah thAnks Sean .. It’s the first time I grew my hair long . I grew it to measure the progress of my donor hair compared to the recipient .. n also to see how much donor hair I have .. it seems like I have a lot yay .. but yeah now I grown it out I kinda like the look .. probably keep that for a few years .. put some brown highlights n I should look good enough ..
  10. Thanks guys .. I was kinda hoping for more volume though .. I don’t think 2500 grafts grew .. or my hair be really poofy in the front .. kinda like Gordon Ramsey .. but I really have to wait for it to grow longer though to see how I really feel about it .. but yeah I don’t see how some of u guys do 2500 grafts on half ur head .. zones 1,2, n 3 n expect dense results .. I had 2500 grafts just to zone 1 n 2 with great hair caliber .. n it still not seem like a lot of hair .. that’s all the hair that was transplanted .. it doesn’t seem like 5000 hairs .. to me
  11. Hey guys I didn’t forget about y’all .. things are coming along .. it could be more fuller with more volume when the hair gets longer .. so I wait till 12 months before I judge on the results .. I’m at 10 months n 10 days around .. keep in mind I had to comb my hair for those pics .. so it’s in favorable conditions .. usually the hair wants to fall down flat .. but so far it’s good enough .. the hairline itself looks natural n not plugged.. u won’t notice I had a hair transplant..
  12. Yeah Melvin I’m still around this my only hair forum I go to .. heheh I’m loyal .. but yeah u the man Melvin .. much better than bill .. u got better communication skills ..I know because I’m a communication major .. u see both sides .. it’s not an easy job to do . Representing the clinics and helping the patient at the same time . .. much respect ..
  13. He has a pretty big area where no hairs grew .. it might look okay now .. but when he recedes further .. that small area where no hair grew won’t be able to cover up the future recession .. so he’s going to require another hair transplant sooner than later .. quite honestly .. I think he has a good transplant .. his body n hair characteristics are good . N one side grew great . So u can’t blame the patient or his body for one side not growing as well . I think dr gabel owes him a few hundred grafts to make the patient happy .. it’s all about making the patient happy in the end .or having them feel it’s good enough n move on . Well it depends on the clinic I guess, n how they want their representation to be .
  14. Don’t ever shave against the grain again .. I had a couple scars in the back from bad haircuts by bad barbers using the shaver.. hair never grew back from those areas.. when I looked at ur pic with the two of u .. I thought u was the bald one .. n that dude definitely looked like he was thinning .. I think most of ur hairs will grow back however .. U have a full head of hair .. don’t worry about it too much .. n why would U shave ur head when u had such nice hair ..
  15. This the main reason I didn’t go with diep .. even though I already deposited the $1000 .. I rather risk losing the deposit than to have subpar results where he won’t fix it .. it’s always the customers fault if ur transplant don’t turn out well . Was the feeling I got when I was speaking the office manager ... hair transplants aren’t guaranteed . But if u don’t have good results , at least attempt to fix it .. who wants to spend $15,000- $20,000 n not get what they paid for.. I mean if ur results were B- quality . It’s still acceptable ,. But this is C- quality, how can u not attempt to fix things .. they can’t ! Because they booked too far in advance , to fix the mistake they did on u will cost double the money .. the free repair + the $20,000 they would be losing to another potential patient that could be having surgery that day .. it’s just buisiness to the clinic , n another number .. but to us, it’s our savings n A permanent result that lasts forever .. Good or bad .. clinics need to understand that ..