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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Considering Non-Surgical Treatments

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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Don’t know why payam, ur case wasn’t difficult . U went to a good clinic . n u got enough grafts for ur frontal zone .. n the work pre-op looked clean .. all the hairs seem to inserted correctly n aligned .. even ur donor looked clean n efficient., things just didn’t grow .. this is tough .. wait a few more months n see how things play out .. then maybe erdogan will make things right with u .: they a top clinic .. with good customer service ...
  2. So happy for u teemo.. u have the same hair loss as me .. so been watching ur thread ,, doctor Nadimi took her time on u .. did a great job. Very detailed work .. .. ur hair looks great .. u look like a new man .. I like how she future proof ur hair by transplanting into the midscalp also .. so that should save u a few years before needing another transplant .. keep us updated ..
  3. If I were u spex., I would of went for the ht too , ur hair too looks thick ,, u just needed some refinement at the hairline to get it to ur satisfaction .. it’s like , why go do surgery just to not look bald .. do it so u be happy with the way u look .. it’s ur hair , ur life .. who is to judge what is necessary for u , only u know what is best for ur self ..
  4. P.s. I really appreciate members posting pics of their hair transplants years later .. it’s always everyone biggest fear .. will the ht holdup . Or will we be left with an island of hair .. N it definitely does.
  5. Great hair mick .. really helpful .. looks really good on u .. instead of being a balding man , u look like a manly man .. I don’t ever want to be bald either.. glad to see there r options nowadays .. makes me feel less depressed about future hairloss .
  6. Good to hear u got repaired ozguy .. n that u happy with things .. yeah I would let it go with that wannabe clinic .. it’s too stressful to deal with buisinesses that take advantage of others .. .. gosh 8 years eh .. thanks for coming back for the update .. it’s good for others to know .. people should come back n update their threads like u did .. it’s helpful .. :)
  7. 😁 yeah my bad , I totally overreacted .. I know jazer is a good dude. N very knowledgeable n helpful . . I listen to his opinions all the time .. I just get defensive for others that I respect, like spex ..
  8. if u so adamant on not wanting a hair transplant n criticizes others on here that do . Why r u here ..
  9. I rather tell u straight up . Than try to give a backhand slap .. n pretend it’s a compliment ..
  10. U an ... jazer .. how the heck r u trying to say u were giving spex a compliment , then come right back n say ur Hair greed will be ur downfall .. how else u think he’s gonna think about that ? Nice compliment ? . u a hater dude .. spex is giving us an update on his ht journey on a ht forum .. its much appreciated .. n it’s not hair greed at all, he’s a veteran in ht, he knows the risks n what can be accomplished , n he has the funds to achieve it .. he’s comfortable with what he’s doing . N he’s being nice to share his journey .. it helps others that’s going thru the same thing . Even if it’s not for u .. u jazer is someone that wants a hair transplant but trying to talk urself out of it .. there’s no denying that .. I’m in the same boat ..
  11. Yeah I agree with u mick.. I wouldn’t of taken a chance with a ht if I were him .. it’s hard to match the density of his native hair .. the doc did a great job .. doctor Bhatti is on my top list .. i think Lennox won’t need another ht till he’s an old old man .. got a good transplant n a lot of strong native hair remaining .. those makes the best results n success ..
  12. I feel u gas .. if we were to hop onto meds earlier in life when we first noticed hairloss .. it would of retained the thicknesss of our hair caliber .. now we just taking meds to hope the thin hairs don’t fall out so easily.. kinda sux .. should of been smart n done more research on hairloss at an earlier stage .
  13. Ur hair looks super thick and dense Lennox.. I wouldn’t of thought u were balding at all ..
  14. This sux so bad .. can’t believe ur original post was 8 years ago .. what a joke that clinic said u got some growth .. just horrible how this industry is sometimes .. they take it lightly when results don’t go well .. to them it’s cosmetic .. it’s no big deal .. fuk yeah it’s a big deal .. hope that joker of a doctor gets jail time . U know they were up to no good when the medical license got suspended .. did u ever get a partial refund or anything ? I’m mad for u .. it looked like nothing grew on ur head ..