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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Considering Non-Surgical Treatments

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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Yeah they have a very strict policy when booking the appointment .. no le way when things go wrong .. if u used ur debit or credit card , u can get back ur $1000 through them .. tell them services were not provided.. I got my $1000 back from my bank , when their clinic didn’t want to refund me or give me a shorter reappointment ..
  2. I vouch for Doctor Bolton . U be blessed to have Jesus performing surgery on ur scalp .. Seems legit to me . N fun times what can go wrong .
  3. Im already on the waiting list .. a mini vacation and a hairtransplant while I’m at it for $3500 .. it’s a no brainer..
  4. Legend007


    op won’t care .. he be knocked out on meds.. it’s the doc I feel bad for .. but seriously .. I think u should embrace being bald n make it work for u .. it’s better than having a failed transplant .
  5. So what’s the update now ? Have u been censored by big brother , bman ?
  6. A good hairtransplant looks good without needing the same density as native hair .. Because the transplanted hair is thicker in diameter and darker in color . Hairs that were not damaged by dht r stronger n denser looking , therefore u don’t need as many hairs in an area to achieve the same illusion of density ..
  7. U actually catching ur hair loss at a good time . While ur hair is still thick .. finasteride works well on younger guys where the hair diameter haven’t shrank too much .
  8. Too many people going back to Nader for a second pass .. u not really saving money by going to Mexico when u have to go back a year later, to have the same area transplanted again for density .. that don’t make no sense ..
  9. So sad to see ur hair thin out like that .. don’t waste anymore time n go on finsasteride .. the quick progression of ur hAirloss is the DHT is ravaging ur scalp right now .. if u don’t slow down dht u on ur way to a high norwood .. get on it n save ur crown .. u still have good donor hair characteristics .. but that frontal third of ur head is going to disappear in a few years ..
  10. Gas can’t afford the growband or laser helmet .. too bad for u . Keep poppin those biotin pills .. it’s doing wonders ..
  11. Yours is growing well .. same time frame as mines.. ur native hair on top looks thick too .. ur results going to look great ..
  12. No I had to pay 10% restocking fee.. it was worth it .. got to try it out . If better research or better lasers come out I wouldn’t mind giving it a try again ..
  13. U the man .. don’t forget go take pictures of The unboxing of the growband and take pics of monthly progress on this very thread .. it be exciting .. take lots of pictures .. I’m hoping it works or at least give some benefit ; if it doesn’t , let’s all leave a bad review on their website . after u return it n get ur money back before the 6 months .. .. I paid $800 to try the capillus laser cap .. was really hopeful it would work or at least stop some hair shedding and miniaturizing .. I’m not sure if it did much . Since I didn’t document it well ..I returned it after 6 months for money back . But wouldn’t of mind keeping it though .. . So thanks for taking one for the team and being the guinea pig for the growband . It be fun to follow this
  14. Legend007

    Hair Loss Forums Changed The Hair Transplant Industry

    I answer this question after 4 more month ..
  15. Yeah unfortunately he’s offline at the moment .. probably be back later ..