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  1. Legend007

    getting FUT after FUE

    U can do fut after fue. u just won’t get as many grafts from the strip .
  2. I’m getting a consult with h&w.. if I can go with them next month . It will still fit my schedule.. if I must , then I will take that plane trip to Canada .. if h&w don’t fit my schedule then I just wait for diep on oct 2019 .. or If I can get a cancellation spot with diep by february I rather do that .. I’m planning to get married sept. 2019.. so I need at least 7 months of growth .. in the meantime I can go back n use rogaine to boost those miniaturized hairs in the hairline .. a little bit of toppik also will go a long ways .. so it’s not a need for me to do surgery right now.. so I’m not too disappointed ..
  3. Legend007

    getting FUT after FUE

    Yea u can do fue after fut .. u just won’t get as many grafts from the strip, since that strip has been harvested already with prior fue.. Going fut with a high Norwood has its benefits n negatives .. u be able to maximize ur donor hair since u will need a lot .. but u also run the risk of having the scar noticeable since ur donor has been depleted with so many surgeries ..
  4. Yeah I see it as a blessing too.. I know enough about HT to know that maximizing ur donor grafts in the long run is to do FUT first then u can go the fue route later.. since I grow my hair long ,, I could easily cover an fut scar .. I would of went fue first with diep n be okay with it .. he would of done a great job, no doubt .. but I also know he uses large punches for fue n my options for a fut later wouldn’t yield as many grafts .. it be nice if I could get back that $1000 deposit n go somewhere else .. but it’s probably not likely .. so I could wait for a year , or go to a fut specialist like h&w. N still keep the deposit I made with doctor diep as a reserve for a future transplant as my second surgery .. I don’t miss that $1000. I just see it as I spent it already .. . . either way , I’m okay . Thanks for ur guys concern ..
  5. Hey y’all .. I haven’t read thru the thread .. tomorrow is suppose to be my surgery date .. I was looking forward to it .. did book 10 months in advancs with a $1000 deposit .. they have a 5 buisiness day full payment policy .. they are so busy nowadays .. I understand where they are coming from .. they needed to secure the date with full payment .. since I do know they have clients waiting on the waiting list .. n everyone I spoke to at their clinic has been nice .. they just strict on their policies .. I could of made the payment earlier .. but I was waiting for the lab results on my blood tests to finish ., n I did not want to drop $16000K until I know for sure if I can do surgery .. they were suppose to get back to me about the results on Friday November 9th 2018zz if they did I could of just done a bank transfer .. but a bank transfer doesn’t post to their account for another couple of days , even though it’s guranteed money ..but they didn’t want to to do that .. they wanted the money by the deadline of 5 business days in their account .11-12- 2018 on Monday .. my surgery date was 11-19-2018.. So I tried the PayPal thing , n would of been able to make full payment on Tuesday 11-19-2018.. I’m not even worried about it if I get surgery right now .. it’s not a big deal to me.. I still have hair n don’t look bald .. maybe I could wait until oct. 2019 .. or I just get a couple other consultations with other top clinics . but yeah , if they are like this prior to surgery ,, if I my operation doesn’t go well ,, I don’t have confidence In them doing repairs n making me happy if things don’t go right .. I think the manager should be more considerate n customer oriented than the bottom line .. I was really hoping to get surgery with doctor diep .. he’s Vietnamese n I’m Vietnamese I’m happy he’s considered to be top in class . So I will always root for his success ..
  6. Legend007

    Can A Hair Transplant Be Concealed

    Thanks Melvin .. this is one of ur better articles .. it’s more detailed and still easy to read , u keep improving at what u do :) can u write an article on dermarolling ? What size punches and the basics on how to use it and why ? N Do u use it ? Its good on hearing ur opinions on topics and products .. thanks
  7. Yeah dan I think it should work out for me in the long run .. I was leaning towards FUT.. mainly for financial reason n potential future hairloss .. n when it comes to surgery , if u not 100% ready then u shouldn’t do it .. Yeah shook . I really did want to go with diep .. n probably still will if a cancellation opens up in the next 3 months .. so will wait n see ..
  8. Yeah things happen for a reason . I really couldn’t afford to do FUE anyways .. nor wanted to for my first surgery .. I have to think of the surgery 2 n 3 in the future .. that’s going to be super expensive doing that many surgeries via FUE in the United States .. I’m okay with the fut scar .. at least I won’t have to shave the whole donor area .. I like dieps office .. n the doctor himself .. but every time I have to deal with the manager there .. she’s not very customer service friendly ..
  9. Yeah I know , I hate to throw away. $1000 like that .. I’m really hoping for a cancellation within the couple of weeks .. or I’m just going to Hasson.. i prefer diep since he’s only a 2 hour drive from me .. n I like how they put u to sleep during surgery .. but it’s Krazy if they think I’m going to wait for another year .. when I already waited 10 months for this appointment .. n they couldn’t wait 1 extra day for me to arrange payment with them ..
  10. Hey guys , so my surgery date for 2000 FUE grafts supposed to be on 11-19-2018.. I had 5 buisiness days prior to surgery to make full payment .. I have the whole money in my bank account , but had lost my debit card the week prior .. so they wanted me to use PayPal so I signed up for it but I had to wait for my confirm with PayPal before I can pay .. so the office manager told me I had until 3pm yesterday to make payment .. even though I told i be able to do it tomorrow.. she still cancel on me and reschedule me for the next earliest date October 28th 2019 for FUT or FUE.. I’m kinda upset about it . Since my PayPal account is active now I’m able to pay .. so I’m a day late n they still canceled .. but kinda glad cuz I rather do FUT to save money .. and it’s wiser to do fut ur first transplant .. I told them I want to be on their cancellation list for upcoming cancels .. but right now , I feel like going to giving Hasson n Wong a consult .. diep clinic can steal my $1000 deposit .. I’m not waiting a whole year , I’m not crazy about their FUT , I like his hairlines though .. but their office is not very customer friendly .. .. so is Hasson n wong prices on their website Canadian dollars? I think I might go to them if their schedule is open .
  11. technically l, I think they are using too small a punches for extractions .7mm average .. they have to do this since they do large number of grafts around 2500-3000 average .. n still be able to keep the donor in good shape .. but it takes a good surgeon to pull this off .. using small punches for dense caliber hair has a lesser chance of survival .. n they are using techs to do those extractions .. it depends on how experienced the tech is that is working with u for it to be successful .. it takes a lot of skill to do the extractions correctly , especially if u do a lot of grafts .
  12. Hey dan .. will mention u n Melvin to doctor diep .. .. my appointment date is at end of this month.. I’m pretty nervous about surgery, but I think I should be in good hands.. ur hair looks good btw.. U look like a 50ish .. keep us updated on ur progress .. so glad u r happy not dealing with those plugs anymore ..
  13. What makes this forum better than others is there is communication .. debates and agreements .. but Yeah totally agree .. the negative posts needs not to be censored .. but it has to be fair .. n the moderators are doing a good job in keeping things neutral .. or else it be a free for all on people to just bash clinics constantly .. if that’s the case the clinics wouldn’t want to support this forum . N us potential patients will be missing out .. there has to be a balance.. Melvin n bill does a good job of keeping doing that .as well as the regular members here .. but don’t think that this forum is pro clinic .. they will stand up for their recommendations n will communicate with them on our behalf ..
  14. The people that’s standing up for asmed are the ones that had positive results from them like jean .. he’s going to defend his doctor.. they changed his life .. look at how great his hair is now .. n Melvin stands up for asmed because he’s seen enough of their good results and knows what they capable of .. so don’t say they bulldogs .. I totally understand where both sides are coming from .. if u want to listen to the negative u have to hear the positives too .. so it’s much appreciated from both sides .. this kind of debate is what this forum is all about .. the patients point of view . Myself personally , if I needed a large fue procedure done . I would definitely go to asmed .. but yeah it’s true .. these popular clinics are getting too many clients n making them too rich .. there’s going to be cases where the patient is neglected .. That’s why it’s good to hear the bad n good .. keeps the clinic in check ..