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  1. Don’t ever shave against the grain again .. I had a couple scars in the back from bad haircuts by bad barbers using the shaver.. hair never grew back from those areas.. when I looked at ur pic with the two of u .. I thought u was the bald one .. n that dude definitely looked like he was thinning .. I think most of ur hairs will grow back however .. U have a full head of hair .. don’t worry about it too much .. n why would U shave ur head when u had such nice hair ..
  2. This the main reason I didn’t go with diep .. even though I already deposited the $1000 .. I rather risk losing the deposit than to have subpar results where he won’t fix it .. it’s always the customers fault if ur transplant don’t turn out well . Was the feeling I got when I was speaking the office manager ... hair transplants aren’t guaranteed . But if u don’t have good results , at least attempt to fix it .. who wants to spend $15,000- $20,000 n not get what they paid for.. I mean if ur results were B- quality . It’s still acceptable ,. But this is C- quality, how can u not attempt to fix things .. they can’t ! Because they booked too far in advance , to fix the mistake they did on u will cost double the money .. the free repair + the $20,000 they would be losing to another potential patient that could be having surgery that day .. it’s just buisiness to the clinic , n another number .. but to us, it’s our savings n A permanent result that lasts forever .. Good or bad .. clinics need to understand that ..
  3. honestly, I think u getting urself too worked up for a few hundred dollars .. u a doctor n u are complaining about minor things .. like the shaving of the arm etc .. it’s like who cares ? U getting surgery on ur head n u complaining about ur arm getting shaved .. n the waiting also .. if u were waiting that long why didn’t u ask someone when they are ready to meet u .. instead of sitting there getting pissed off for hours .. I think u already set urself up for a bad experience.. If u r this mad with doctor Bhatti without seeing ur results yet .. i wonder how Were u to the last doctor that did ur first two transplants ? Did u get mad at him? Because I be totally pissed at ur previous doctor .. dude messed ur donor up n u got poor growth along with it. That’s the guy u should focus ur energy on. Word of advice doctor ( friends don’t let friends do surgery on each other )
  4. If ur wife was the one wanting u to get a hair transplant .. then u should get a new wife when ur hair grows back .
  5. I heard this same thing on the baldtruthtalk.. Spence said the same thing about scar tissue developing .. that’s why I limit dermarolling every other weekend and not use anything over 1mm.. ur skin needs time to heal after every treatment .. but my hairloss isn’t as severe As others so I don’t go as aggressive with these types of treatment until they are fda approved ..
  6. He didn’t have enough donor hair to cover his advance hair loss to begin with.. he always said it was the best decision to shave his head n just own his look .. he looks pretty good bald .. would of looked better with a full head of hair .. but best he could of achieved was a bald crown n with hair in the front n midscalp .. n since he’s on TV .. people will notice it n talk a lot of shi.t .. so shaving it off instead of masking his baldness with multiple transplants was the better route for him..
  7. Ur transplant turning out like mine .. overall good .. but one side is lacking density .. it defeats the purpose of having a hair transplant if one side looks great n the other side is okay .. especially when it’s the hairline .. u see it everyday n it’s going to bug u for the rest of your life . I hope doctor Gabel fixes ya . Other than that side ,. Ur hair looks great .. lots of density of ur native hair .. u likely won’t go bald ..
  8. Hehehe curling, yeah I meant what I said on ur post .. ur hair looks great .. I question the low graft count at first. But when u shows ur pics .. ur doctor did u good .. - but after seeing ur later posts with ur hair spread out showing weak areas .. yeah I saw ur concern n totally agree with u .. I just didn’t comment because all the good posts goes away too fast .. n new posts comes up .. n I don’t check my emails so sorry if I don’t respond to people . but yeah I know what u mean .. true the hair looks good , but it’s gappy because of low graft count . N u don’t understand why the doctor didn’t do more grafts when u were willing to pay for it .. n now it’s a hassle to come back for a second surgery when it could of been done the first time .. I feel u . N I understand !
  9. Hey shook yeah I know what u mean .. conditioner makes the hair flat .. but it’s good for ur hair,, back then I hardly use conditioner , just shampoo .. but now my hair is thinner so it falls out easier .. so I use conditioner now , it helps u retain ur hair .. I use conditioner first then shampoo afterwards if I want my hair to look fuller on some days to still get the benefits of both .. - n thanks myocroft, yeah I seen people with bald patches fill in also .. I think most of mines will fill in too when the hairs get the thicker .. so I’m not tooo concerned ..
  10. Hey fortune .. yeah I remember ur transplant, u were in the same situation as me with hairline loss .. ur results turned out great .. hows the hair going now ? What’s the scenario with future loss of ur native hair ? that’s one of my biggest worries having a good hairline then losing hair behind it years later ..
  11. Hey guys no new sprouts .. I think all the hair that’s going to grow has grown .. they just haven’t matured yet .. so I know it’s going to get better n fill in .. its when u spread it apart u see gaps .. probably at the end I might need 300-500 grafts to fill in gaps .. which would be more of a refinement than a repair.. I wait till the 12 month mark when everything is mature to properly judge things .. One of the main reasons I chose hnw is because of their great customer service , so if I have concerns they probably be nice to me .. Its also why I documented my journey on this so I have some backup If I have issues .. sorry it’s not because I like u guys so much that I’m here to chat 😛
  12. Some days it looks pretty good .. the illusion is there .. but I’m expecting more for 2500 grafts to just the hairline .. I’m in tough spot . Because it looks good enough to not do anything until I get further hairloss .. but it’s not the $20,000 worth of hair .. where I’m like . Damn my hair looks awesome .. it’s like ,, kool , I’ve covered up my receding hairlone ..
  13. Hey guys , thanks for the reassurance .. but I’m pretty sure that area is missing quite a few grafts .. when I comb it down .. doesn’t look dense enough .. but I do have a lot of hairs not yet mature so we see at the 12 month mark .. when I comb it it’s hard to notice . But that’s because my hair is thick .. at least the hairline itself is really dense packed . Behind it there are weak areas .. i update with the clinic at the 8 month mark , all this time I never contacted them because this forum Provides enough answers .. heres a pic with dry hair after shower . It doesn’t look like 1100 grafts there .. So it has me a bit worried , I would like to comb my hair forward .. n not always have to comb it back .. can’t comb it forward right now .. im pretty satisfied so far , but I was hoping for more ..its a lot of grafts in a small area , so was hoping it to be a solid wall .. I do notice the recipient area is growing slow , I think it’s due to the dense packing .. I haven’t cut my hair all this time .. n my donor Is thick again .. i think I have about 5-6k grafts left .. what do u guys think .
  14. Well now that the main months have passed .. Im starting to notice the little details .. there’s some density issues on the right side .. n it has me worried .. when I comb it the illusion looks good .. since my donor hair is thick n wiry (.7mm-.8mm caliber ) so it can hide a lot of flaws . what u guys think of the right temple ..m
  15. Hey y’all thanks for the support .. yeah I did invest in myself .. I look pretty good again n I saved back $7,000 that I spent on the hairtransplant in the last 6 months , so finances lookin good again after that big $20k hit ..