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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. As I am someone that graduated from Oaksterdam ( cannabis school ) I can definitely say cannabis does not cause or contribute to hair loss.. smoking cigarettes, does cause restriction of blood flow, which can’t be great for our body or hair . But u can smoke ur weed, snort it, stuff it up ur butt and it still won’t cause u hairloss .. I hope that helps ..
  2. I think combing ur hair a little differently is the solution .. than a $10,000 ht..
  3. I think a partial hair system would be the ideal solution in this case.
  4. Sorry for typos but fuk it ,, too lazy to edit .. kinda buzzed . U get the idea tho ,. Ht works .. I work recommend it for someone in the low to mid Norwood’s however, every time I see someone that’s really bald with not great donor .. I just hope people here don’t sell them the hype .. it works, but it’s not miracle . Expect half of what you were hoping for n u be good . It’s a process , not a miracle .
  5. Well just an update ,. I know I complaining about how I didn’t get all 2500 grafts ,, maybe 1700-2000 grafts ,, overall , is still satisfied.. it’s not as full as I hoped ,, but it’s nice to not have to cover my hair to not like like it was receding . It’s natural looking ,, just spent time at the family’s thanksgiving dinner , felt comfortable , no one ever knew I had a ht ..
  6. 1 hair transplant a day . Is $20,000 not enough for a clinic in one day ? How much can overhead cost be to justify not giving the patient their full undivided attention . It’s surgery , that’s costing us $20,000 average. That’s Ike the doctor is getting paid $1,500 dollars an hour .. I would want my doctor glued to the seat right next to me for the whole time, with no bathroom breaks for him . No other doctor gets paid this much ..
  7. Guys, my honest opinion with dealing with both doctor diep and doctor hasson .. I feel like I should of went to doctor diep . He would of gave me more density. H&w is a top notch clinic , n they are more meticulous n detailed oriented .. but all this negativity towards doctor diep is what scared me n cAnceld on Doctor diep + the customer service from the office manager made me nervous about spending $16,000.. I ended up spending $20,000 at hnw, for more grafts n less results .. so honestly, I think they are both great clinics .. don’t overthink it .
  8. I used to listen to the show a lot when I was at the peak of my hairloss . . It was really comforting to me, to hear others deal with the same situation. N I learned of them , almost As much as I learned from here .. n no they are not sponsored by proscar/finasteride . They just giving u the obvious fact , the only fda approved drug to slow hairloss is finasteride .. - I think their main profit comes from letting others know there are a lot of bad clinics out there , n surgery is no joke , so choose only there approved affiliated doctors that are paying them $thousands of dollars, then
  9. Like I said .. that’s their policy for the 30 day thing to cancel for the clinic . I think the bank is around 3-6 months to dispute the charges .. again this is just policy from companies .. - I canceled my appointment on the 11th month . So I was way pass the deadline to dispute chArges with the clinic or the bank . but I still got my refund .. it’s very hard for the clinic to withhold your deposit when services were not provided .. if they actually sold u something, then yeah it be more difficult to get your money back .. - n since the clinic did not provide you
  10. Dr diep office is super busy , so if he doesn’t do 2 patients a day , then do u want to wait 18 months instead of the current 9 months to get a ht from him. - me personally ,. That was the main reason I didn’t go to him .. $20,000 I prefer to be the only patient .
  11. They are both good doctors .. don’t overthink it . But do with whatever makes you feel comfortAble.. I had experience with both so I will comment on that lAter. - but if u need to get your deposit back .. it’s easy if u charged it to your debit or credit card . Just call them up n dispute the charge , I told my bank, that I need my $1000 deposit back since services were not provided .. Your deposit is made to hold your spot for services to be rendered . If you don’t go through with the surgery then services were not provided . Therefore, you get your money back . 1. it is th
  12. Sorry I’m not a good example .. but I had to treat it as a two day vacation in Canada . Couldn’t be stuck in the hotel room sober . 😁 I didn’t bleed much . N yep , I dranked before n after surgery , not much just a few beers . Enough to pass the time .
  13. $475 covered my 2 hour plane trip n 2 night stay at a hotel n a 12 pack of beer for my journey .. Ur transplant isn’t too bad, I just wouldn’t do it again at the same place on the second procedure .
  14. I think u had too many native hair in the front, those hairs are struggling for blood supply with the new hairs, so your growth could be slower .. - I feel ya tho , with that many grafts up front you would expect your hair to be bushy n full .. but I’m realizing that more grafts is not always better .. the grafts need enough space n blood to grow not competing with other hairs .. - so u could be a late bloomer , the hairs will Grow n mature so it will look better but definitely not optimal .. just got to be patient ..
  15. I hate to be blunt ,, but this clinic is a joke .. u know they dirty when they either pay or gave some sorta of incentive to get someone to butt into someone else’s thread to sing a love poem about about their clinic.. - what normal reviewer/ man would start their review with “they are not only handsome n with a decent heart.N he says he love them , n stuff like that .. that’s just funny .. come on . would anyone trust people like that to deliver ur mail , or pay them to do surgery on ur head ? Well anyways , good luck op getting a refund or Anything from them , it’s not going to be
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