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  1. I think u had too many native hair in the front, those hairs are struggling for blood supply with the new hairs, so your growth could be slower .. - I feel ya tho , with that many grafts up front you would expect your hair to be bushy n full .. but I’m realizing that more grafts is not always better .. the grafts need enough space n blood to grow not competing with other hairs .. - so u could be a late bloomer , the hairs will Grow n mature so it will look better but definitely not optimal .. just got to be patient ..
  2. I hate to be blunt ,, but this clinic is a joke .. u know they dirty when they either pay or gave some sorta of incentive to get someone to butt into someone else’s thread to sing a love poem about about their clinic.. - what normal reviewer/ man would start their review with “they are not only handsome n with a decent heart.N he says he love them , n stuff like that .. that’s just funny .. come on . would anyone trust people like that to deliver ur mail , or pay them to do surgery on ur head ? Well anyways , good luck op getting a refund or Anything from them , it’s not going to be very likely, even though they messed up ur donor real bad . looks like amateur work . Sorry 😐 p.s. even tho I complained about my own ht , but seeing work like this ,, I’ can’t complain anymore n feel more appreciative about my results .. best wishes op,
  3. Stay back Bismarck , ur wisdom is appreciated .. but yeah I know what u mean .. that dude annoys me too , turned me off from the forum also .. even the profile pic , looks like the dude is a dik. Ugly bald dude finally got some hair and act like he’s a know it all .
  4. Hey y’all , n thanks jean , yep I knew u would be the honest technical person .. sure it looks good .. but did 2500 grafts grew ? Heck no, 2000 max grew.. if I didn’t pay top dollar to a top 10 clinic I would be recommending them to everyone . If I went overseas and got these results for half the price I would be super happy .. but nope the standards were high from me n the office , considering my low norwood , n nice caliber hair . N they even promise me a gurantee of 90 percent growth . So for them to dismiss me n just say nah 2500 grafts grew , it just doesn’t seem that way becAuse u dyed ur hair brown . Nah I didn’t even dye my transplant hair, n I look in the mirror everyday , so just tell me I’m wrong . That’s not customer service .. so I Haven’t even replied back to them . - n no I wouldn’t go to diep either .. his skill level Is there. , artistry n surgery , but he’s too much in a rush , fut in the morning , then he goes to the next pAtient right after for the Fue extractions , that’s why his extractions seemed rush because he has to get back to the first Fut patient to finish up .. so but honestly he needs to hire a specialist tech that does extractions only , like HNW does .. then he can be more focused on what he does well .. N he should get a better office manager that’s more customer oriented .. well that’s my beef .. overall I’m pretty glad I went through with the ht, it actually works .. n so does finasteride . When. I just turned 38 , that’s when my hair started to recede an fall out n thin.. every time I shake my head a few hairs would fall out .. at that rate I felt like I be bald in 2 years .. it’s natural for ur hair to fall , but if they don’t grow back faster than they fall that’s called balding ! fin, has kept things stable n the same . No gains or losses it seems but when I shake my head not many hairs fall .. so there’s hope guys .. I was super stressed two years ago .. now I feel comfortable.. I should be okay for a few more years , still got a couple more life cycles left in those thinning native . hairs ..
  5. Man trix , that looks really good .. they covered ur whole head with that amount of grafts is impressive .. congrats man I think u be good for along while.
  6. I wouldn’t trust someone in finance to tell me anything about medical health issues or a bald person telling me how to regrow hair, or a fat person telling me how to diet .. these are people that have last lost those battles.. There’s no point trying to change people minds about things .. people are how they are .
  7. Hey guys I go back n respond to some of ur guys comments later .. but for now , I reply to Tyrone ..there is no way u went to top tier clinic on ur first HT , when u say they used Neograft on u , that’s a red flag 🚩 right there .. that’s a machine / tool that noobie doctors uses when they still learning how to do hair transplants .
  8. Sup guys .. things are looking better ,, it’s not great n full as l like ,. But if I make an effort n hair styling products and hair spray it down .. i can achieve that same nice look everyone posts on here .. - overall I’m happy enough , I don’t think I’m going back for Another HT until I bald more .. it’s not worth the time n cost at my age, unless I get a bald spot somewhere .. It’s good enough to where I don’t have to comb my hair to hide a receding hairline , I can just leave it natural n feel comfortable in my own skin .. - this is me after a shower with nothing in hair but water .. water makes the hair fuller for some reason , so I know I can comb my hAir this way with some mousse n hairspray it down if I want ..
  9. Don’t mess around with minoxidil unless u are going to be committed to it .. none of that off n on kinda thing .. u end up worse than u started. Try the foam version , it’s not as harsh on ur scalp because the liquid version has a little bit of alchohol in it for better absorption, so more effective but more side effects ., maybe u could tolerate the liquid later on after ur scalp is used to rogaine on ur head .. .. so do the foam version first ..
  10. I have worse pictures .. those are just pictures of how my hair is everyday .. I can make my hair look better , but just giving u guys the good n bad . Overall it’s good enough ., but if I’m still able to work at home after the pandemic is over , I probably would go for another 500 grafts to fill things in.. I already spent $20,000 might as well spend another $3-4K .. I’m way over budget in what I wanted to spend on hair .. I was hoping that h n w would stand by their word n come through n do fill in the spots .. but dr Hasson said 2500 grafts grew .. I haven’t even bothered to reply .. .. I should of went to diep, he was going to do 2000 grafts max , n I’m sure he would of achieved the same results ..
  11. Most of the times my hair is flat like that .. that’s why I don’t like it that much . I wanted a dense wall up front so when my hair gets thinner Up I can disguise it .. but It’s good enough .. is it $20,000 worth ? Not really .. but It’s not worth the hassle of doing anything more until I bald more ..
  12. It’s good enough .. I didn’t get fukked up .. n it’s not see through .. The hairline is pretty natural .. u can’t really tell that I got a ht , the microirregularites he put in the hairline n it’s staggered place, I say it’s good quality . Technically tho, is this 2500 grafts ? U can count the hairs .. that’s not 5000 hairs .
  13. Hey guys I need ur help .. I’m attaching the same pics I sent to the clinic .. to me , this is no way 2500 grafts , 5000 hairs.. what’s u guys think? I’m thinking 1800 -2000 max grafts .. the middle section is missing a lot of hair to me .. top two pics are the section that was transplanted . N I never cut the transplanted hair .. just let it grew .. so those are all the hairs .. it actually looks pretty good , natural .. but the volume is not there .. it’s hard for my hair to stay up .. i feel like I need about 400- 500 more grafts .. I give it a B overall ..