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  1. Legend007

    1300 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    Yeah this Is a real bummer .. i don’t think doctor diep is good at extractions . His main skills are incisions and artistic approach to creating the hairlines .. its this very reason why I was weary about getting surgery done with him .. negligent about donor preservation ..
  2. Legend007

    Minoxidil improving erections?

    It’s not the Minoxidil .. it’s ur body adjusting to finasteride in ur system and ur body is now reacting normally to it now .. that’s why most people stop feeling the side effects after a few weeks of using it.
  3. Legend007

    Minoxidil improving erections?

    It’s either in ur head or .. if going by ur logic . I would take it step further and apply Minixodil to ur pubic hair near the groin area , so minoxidil vasodilator mechanisms will increase blood flow nearer to ur penis . = increased rock hard erections = bro science (‘.^)
  4. Legend007

    ASMED 7 months on

    I’m not sure u got 90% growth .. since ur temples are still thin .. n ur hairline kinda see through still .. an improvement from pre- surgery however. But I can see why u not satisfied .. technically , the 3000 grafts weren’t just to the hairline .. it’s ur whole frontal third.. almost half ur head .. so it was a lot of space to cover .. u got an average result .. I think u should go back to Asmed and get more grafts ..
  5. This is a noob clinic , u can tell by their work. They didn’t spread out ur extractions n used a larger size punch for ur situation.. those extractions are too close together . so the punch size are connected making bigger bald punch scars .. u have no choice but to grow ur hair out a little longer ..
  6. Okay that’s good to hear .. it does seem like I have enough grafts leftover .. don’t know about 10K .. I do have a small head n face .. so not as much donor as others . But then again I won’t need as many grafts since small head = less coverage needed. N no Melvin .. u can’t have some of my donor hair p.s. some of my native hair on the hairline has grown back .. also saw about 2 - 3 transplanted grafts that started growing already .. I can tell it’s donor hair since it’s thicker .. hopefully this is a good sign for early growth ..
  7. It’s not the tech background and so forth Or what country they are from .. I prefer cute girls working on me than doctors anyways .. it’s the hairmill aspect of it .. at first it’s someone growing their business .. n now it’s just a total explosion into a hair mill .. and if u comfortable with that then it’s fine .. just know what u getting in to .. they are great at megasessions at a affordable price .. that have a state of the art clinic with top tier tools .. also, I like to point out Erdogans clinic has one of the cleanest extractions .. they can move massive amount of hair and the donor always looks so clean ..
  8. When I was at h&w . There was only 2 Asian techs. Majority of them are white Canadians .. n yes I would prefer the techs from cananda over techs from turkey .. the standard is higher in North America. Therefore they have a better education background n training .. n techs at h&w are 5-15 years experience working with them .. it’s like a small family over there .. I used to like Erdogan ,but it’s becoming a fancy state of the art hairmill .. the best hair mill in turkey .. . it comes down to this .. u want to save money and go overseas . Then go for it ..
  9. Thanks for taking your time responding doctor .. we understand your conservative Approach .. but with your 30 years of experience ,, you should Already know that hands on approach performed by the doctor will achieve a much better result .. you should of talked the patient out of doing the Artas....the results speak for themselves . Don’t you think you would of achieved a better result using those 1800 grafts , instead of the artas..
  10. Legend007

    1300 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    In the end, I think u be able to achieve what u went to diep for .. reininforce ur hairline .. he’s great at that .. from ur graft count with a lot of doubles n triples + ur previous surgery .. u should have a nice thick frontal third .. n now, u also know u still have at least a good 1600 grafts on ur left side for future transplants .. keep us updated ..
  11. Legend007

    1300 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    There was a user on realself that complained about this also .. he was really angry Dr. Diep only harvested one side .. when his hair grew in , one side was always thicker, n the harvested side was thinner .. I think Dr. Diep explained to him he wanted to leave one area alone for future harvesting . So the unharvested side will have less scar tissue which will be better for future transplants .. I personally don’t like this strategy .. but was aware of it , that’s why when I had my surgery , i specifically told the tech n the doctor to spread out my extractions harmoniously throughout my scalp , so there will be no areas of patchiness .... .. It’s always best to know about the process and not just let the clinic do whatever they want .. got to let them know how u want things done .. n more than likely they will accommodate u .. but if u don’t know n don’t speak up .. its just another day at the office for them .
  12. Without a doubt aftermath .. I recently had surgery with Dr Hasson .. n I find him n his team a top notch clinic ...
  13. Don’t do it .. I’m giving u the same advice as other members gave me last year when my hairloss just started . N I only needed 1200 grafts .. it won’t make Much of a cosmetic Difference .. 1200 wont match the density of ur native hair .. n if u already receding at a young age .. u will most definitely recede further.. then u just be chasing ur hairline ..
  14. Legend007

    1300 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    I think he will get a great result .. donor looks bloody n stuff but oh well .. I think that’s just the sacrifice u have to take with diep .. but I bet his hairline will be dense n not see through anymore after a few months..
  15. Congrats hairlosspa.. glad u a great responder to finasteride... imagine , if u were on it years ago.. u would of kept most ur hair.. but better late than never .. that is a remarkable change .. happy for u