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  1. Well now that the main months have passed .. Im starting to notice the little details .. there’s some density issues on the right side .. n it has me worried .. when I comb it the illusion looks good .. since my donor hair is thick n wiry (.7mm-.8mm caliber ) so it can hide a lot of flaws . what u guys think of the right temple ..m
  2. Hey y’all thanks for the support .. yeah I did invest in myself .. I look pretty good again n I saved back $7,000 that I spent on the hairtransplant in the last 6 months , so finances lookin good again after that big $20k hit ..
  3. I honestly think u look fine the way U are. It looks natural to me .. I never looked twice at someone with natural hair loss .. it’s when they start covering it up with some weird combover or hairstyle , that puts attention to their hair , that’s when people notice .. ur hairloss seems quite extensive ,. N ur donor doesn’t look plenty . I’m not sure what kind of result u are looking for.. fut will provide u with the most hair overall, but I don’t think u have enough hair on the back to cover the scar in the future after 2-3 transplants.. u really need to find a top doc , that can give u masterplan n provide u with some realistic expectations ,. Best wishes ..
  4. Hahah , no I’m not happy spending $20,000 on hair .. I was a norwood 1 two years ago at 38 y/o .. I would of never thought I be losing my hair .. now I’m afraid I’m going to bald one day .. but hopefully not .. now that I’m proactive on my hairloss n using medications .. (fin) my hair seems to stabilize .. Overall I’m pretty happy with results so far .. it’s not pluggy n see-thru .. n as the hair gets longer it will look fuller n blend better with my native hair . So I’m not worried about it .. n thank goodness I got a HT already. My office has started enforcing a no hat policy .. I don’t think I can go thru with surgery if I can’t hide it for a few months ..
  5. Hey y’all , 7th month update .. not much has changed .. hairs getting longer n stuff .. I’m too lazy to write too much more .. but yeah I don’t use hair products like hair spray n gels .. when I use hair products it tends to pull out some hairs so I don’t style my hair much .. I use a little body lotion n run that through my hair to give it some volume .. if it’s good for ur skin, it’s good enough for u hair I usually spend only 2 minutes combing my hair .. for someone that just spent $20,000 on their hair .. I’m not very anal about it .. guess it’s because I had nice hair most my life . So never obsessed about it .
  6. If u do more research on dermarolling . U supposed to only do it on ur hair or skin 1 time every 3 weeks .. that way ur skin can heal and develop collagen .. when u doing it every week all u doing is injuring ur skin and not giving it time to heal .. also , u not suppose to put anything on ur hair or skin after dermarolling .. especially rogaine .. don’t use it on the same day u dermaroll.. they say .5mm is the depth needed to develop collagen production ..
  7. The hairline looks good .. I can tell it matches ur face .. u are pretty much out of the danger zone now .. just let the process take care of itself n not worry about things .. it’s out of ur hands now .. i was like u , I did the solo journey too .. told nobody n just got on the plane n flew away . Came back home n nobody knows .. now I’m at 6 months n I don’t wear a hat anymore .. n nobody has any clue .
  8. dude cosmo don’t speak to me directly.. I don’t know u . N I wish u the best in life . I come on occasionally just to reply n comment on things .: I got offended cuz BLD was offended by ur attitude on his thread .. that’s all bro .. relax . Maybe ur opinion ain’t needed at times ;)
  9. Quite honestly, what are u guys trying to do .. it’s someone’s hair man .. n his hair is better than urs .. so chill out n relax dudes ..it’s one thing to say stuff n want to critique .. but at the same time think about what u saying ? What’s ur purpose ? R u trying to make him feel bad? His little bald area on the side is a lot better than ur norwood 5-6 u been living with .. just cuz u got some coverage on ur head now don’t mean it looks good . It’s just better than what u had before .. so relax . N stop being keyboard warriors .. We growing hair here bro .. it’s a struggle .. the last thing anyone want is for others to be negative about it when the growth has just begun .picking on little minor details , when the main result is the most important .. but I do agree . Doctor diep could of planned the extraction better .. but do u want him to do it or the tech ? There’s a reason he gets more coverage with less grafts ..
  10. BLD has a failed transplant before that left his donor fukked up .. if he’s able to get his hairline fixed with 1700 grafts , n repair what the first transplant wasnt able to achieve .. It’s a success .. ur growth looks great right now bld.. n ur native hair looks strong n full ... I think u going to have a great result man .. I’m pretty sure of it actually by looking at ur pics n progress .. best wishes :)
  11. Hahah Jj.. khong cac duoc 😛 But nope .. I doubt it if there will be 6 more months of growth .. that’s what the clinics what us to think .. I think I have 2 more months for any new sprouts .. but thickening of new hair is definitely coming.. because technically , transplanted hairs will go into a rest phase .. which lasts 3-4 months .. so if u transplanted n shed after month 1 or 2 .. unless the transplanted hairs got fukked up somehow or lacking blood supply ,, the majority of them should be sprouting around month 4-6.. with a few sprinkles of new hair in months 7-9.. But remember , even if u don’t see it with the naked eye .. they either sprouted or not by then .. good thing I have the 15x magnifying Mirror so I know what to expect .. I’m just an average person with average hairloss .. so what u see from me should be the average results of most patients that goes to a top doc .. that’s why I documented this from beginning n not wait for results to be great before posting . Y’all helped me . So I’m helping y’all .. Overall, it’s been worth it so far .. only thing I don’t like about a hair transplant is the cost .. damn $20,000 yo .. but u know what .. it’s kinda worth it .. i was getting older n on the decline . N stressing about future hairloss . But fixing the hairline does wonders to frame them face n give u a fresh start .. but also just important is propecia., ive been on it for 1.5 years now n seeing the benefits of it . I have less hair fall .. which is major!!!! Best wishes to y’all . I be back on this thread at month 7 . Peace out ! one last thing .. heres a pic of me n my mullet .. hahah .. my girlfriend don’t like me with long hair .. but u know what, I be like imma enjoy having long hair for a bit before I cut it .. when u balding ,; u want to retain all ur hair n not cut it .. Y’all feel me
  12. P.s the temple closure and lowered hairline is the money shot for a good transplant .. the density will come later .
  13. Hey y’all thanks for the support .. I’m here right now at my homegirls bar grand opening .. n this is the first time I’ve been around a lot of people in the daytime without a hat for awhile .. n no one can tell I had anything done No one staring at my hairline n stuff .. n nope I don’t put anything in my hair .. no gel or anything .. the transplanted hair is thick so it sticks up naturally .. so I don’t need to comb it much I just use my hands and slick it back .. this pic right here is after 2 ipas n a sake bomb at lunch time 😛 . It’s a grand opening of a bar ; so couldn’t help it so I’m heka red n sweaty ., but hair don’t look too bad ..
  14. Hey y’all .. 6 month update .. I’m just starting to not wear a hat anymore .. The hair is growing well enough .. I think about 70% have sprouted.. it’s all about hair maturing N growing longer n thicker now .. there is still some problem areas in the mid n right temple .. but I hope that will fill in .. other than that i think things will be successful enough .. but I’m still holding H&W to the 90% growth they promised me .. Even though I won’t be looking for a refund or nothing .. n I probably wouldn’t want to go back for a refinement n stuff .. I’m not a perfectionist .. I just want to be comfortable n confident in my own skin .. im just glad I didn’t get a pluggy hairline .. or prolonged redness n bumpy skin .. those were my biggest fears .. here some pics .. top 3 is today when hair is good in office lighting n one in the car .. the last 1 is not so good lighting n a bit see through .. n is what I hope will improve when hair thickens up ..
  15. I suggest u follow ur doctor . All the clinics have their own methods that works for their patients .. n it’s best u follow it so They can’t blame u for things .. Like a lot of clinics give u a saline spray to keep ur reciepient moist every 1-2 hours for the first 1-2 days.. while others don’t .. n want to let the body heal naturally .. Just keep it clean though .