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  1. Dude got a Homerun result .. he should be paying dr gabel more money . Look at ur before n after.. I don’t think u realize how great a result u got with such a low number of graft .. seems like everything grew . N u had thick hair so it really made a great cosmetic difference ..
  2. Yeah u suppose to stop all those things .. they don’t want anything in ur system that can cause excessive bleeding .. not even caffeine ..
  3. What’s going on here .. please use ur common sense n count the dots on ur head .. n ask the clinic if this is 4100 grafts . What kind of plan is this ? I know u are desperate for hair ,. But Why would u not be more educated on surgery ,, n let these clinics take advantage of u.. I’m sorry , but it just makes me kinda mad .. they took ur money knowing they made no cosmetic difference .. keep track of ur monthly progress on here ,, n let the pics speak for themselves .,I’m hoping u get a satisfying result , but if u don’t . At least u have a record of their result for other potential clients .. n no it’s not normal for the grafts to be so spaced out apart..
  4. Hey KW8, sorry to hear u disappointed ,, I can see the sadness in ur eyes .. ur results aren’t bad .. it’s fixable .. u just need a few hundred grafts into the hairline .. when I look at ur pre-op pics .. the first 3 rows of hair aren’t dense packed .. it’s spaced evenly all around .. I noticed the top hairline docs usually dense pack those first few rows.. to eliminate the see thru-effect . Well anyway best wishes to u .. have u contacted the clinic ? Maybe u can get a partial refund so u can get it fixed somewhere else .. they have good customer service there.. let them know U have this thread running , n people want to know how they will resolve ur situation .
  5. Oh yeah ,, don’t forget to tell them to extract from both sides of ur head .. if u don’t say nothing u just end up complaining about it later ..
  6. Keep ur top hair long n comb it forward .. if I had to shave my head I probably wouldn’t do it .. but that’s just me .. since I never shaved my head before .. people will notice once I do .. - if u plan on shaving ur head .. I would do it weeks before the surgery so people get used to u with no hair .. so once u do get a transplant they won’t think much of it .. u can easily hide ur transplant with ur current hair right now .. u just having hairline work .. just tell the office how u style ur hair so they can shave accordingly .. if u don’t say nothing, they will just shave u how they want .. best of luck in ur upcoming surgery shook ..
  7. Listen to Lenny , he makes sense .. but yeah , don’t cheap out on urself n ur hair .. it will cost u more in the long run .. n don’t waste time on marketing shampoos n nutrients .. if u losing ur hair . N it’s aggressive . Don’t mess around n waste time .ur hair is thinning n aging each year while u trying new products.. u know what u got to do .. u have to prevent free testostorones from turning to dht n attaching ur hair follicles .. It shrinks the root of the hair , then the shaft n hair itself , so it falls out easier . So if ur body don’t go grow hair faster than u lose them . U going to be balder faster than u want .. so take them meds . N don’t feel bad about it .. when we balding, we have a hairloss issue .its a chronic progressive issue .. u can only slow it down .. its part of the aging process .. but do nothing , it gets worse faster .
  8. Ur first pic, pre-transplant looks the best .. seemed like u had a high forehead but still dense hair.. u just needed a hairstyle change .. U created a problem when there wasn’t one .. but no worries , it’s all this marketing n advertising , makes people think that hair transplants are easy to do n everyone will have a perfect result . . but yeah , best wishes to u .. doctor Bloxham seems like a good guy n has ur best interest ..
  9. If u want to lower the dosage.. that’s fine .. anything is better than nothing in the hairloss battle .. but really though ? For cost cutting ? The recommended and most effective dosage is 1mg.. why would u want to go into the hairloss battle with a sword when u could of had a gun .. myself personally .. I’m 1.5 years in .. n I will do the full 2 years before I consider lowering my dosage .; the first two years of finasteride at the recommended dosage will hopefully put ur hair back Into a good state . My hair has gotten a little thicker , it felt like straw n very fragile before . So it’s an improvement . But I wish it be better ..
  10. Yeah his hair characteristic is top notch .. thick n curly .. it’s hard to work with but when transplanted correctly makes a big cosmetic difference .. if I were him I would of never let myself get that bald before doing something about it .. he wasted a lot of good years feeling depressed about his hair when it could of been fixed earlier .
  11. Oh yeah .. ur clinic did great with the amount of grafts used for such a great result .. thumbs up 👍
  12. Great result .. he’s a good looking guy , n with that hair loss made him just appear like a regular dude that’s balding.. but with a nice hair to frame his face .. n accentuate his features.. he’s going to be getting something woman soon .. I guarantee it . With his new good looks n confidence .
  13. Yes , I can write a note for u to get time off work
  14. Yeah h&w do need to update their results on their webpage .. when I was over there I asked doctor hasson himself in front of his staff n technicians .. . How many FUE’s have u done? He said around 1000.. he showed me pictures of his FUE patients that required the same grafts as me. Around 2500-3000 grafts ., n it was damn awesome . N those patients aren’t on his website .. just on his office computer .. they didn’t sign the Authorization form to publish their results ..even though their results are awesome .. it’s understandable .. why would u want ur image on a clinics website where it’s going to be viewed by thousands when u want this a secret .. I sure as heck didn’t sign the authorization form myself ., so they can’t use mines either.. just like a lot of other successful h&w patient results here .. it’s only because y’all help me out , in learning n being supportive is the only reason I choose to put my image on this forum . But yet I won’t let the clinic
  15. Man that looks good .. for only six months n the amount of grafts u got ., U were shitting on ur doc from the beginning .. this first time I seen a live review of dr keser . This is top notch .. the hairline design looks great on u .. yeah I can see why he doesn’t implant a lot of grafts ... because he wants them all to grow ..