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  1. U just jealous cause u can’t afford gas ..
  2. U have a 6 month guarantee .. what u got to lose .. document the progress every month for us .. it’s better for u to try it n know for sure .. than us guessing for u .. it be an interesting read.. it’s an advanced scalp massage .. can’t hurt to try ..
  3. Can u please buy it n try it out .. n post a progress report on it . The science behind it makes sense ..
  4. Hey man thanks for the write up .. nicely detailed and honest.. felt like I was right there on ur journey .. keep us updated n happy healing ..
  5. It’s actually a good improvement from 2 weeks ago ..I think u should get a good result , the outline of the hairline is filling in nicely .. i wanted my hairline more like this , with a little widows peak in the middle .. don’t stress about things n just let the process takes its course .
  6. Hey y’all , so I finally got my hairtransplant November 30th 2018.. it’s been a journey looking for clinics and choosing the right method . FUE or FUT n how many grafts is needed etc. I’ve been researching for 1.5 years now on hairloss around age 37.. prior to that I had great hair that I took for granted .. My family don’t have a history of hairloss , so I always assumed that the hairs would grow back .. . so I was in a lot of denial of why I’m losing hair.. I was adamant I only wanted FUE n wanted it to be with a top notch clinics .. I panicked last year n booked with doctor rassman for 1200 grafts for late 2017.. after more research I realize they weren’t great at dense packing hairlines. So I canceled on them n booked with doctor Baubac for 1400 grafts . then two weeks prior to surgery . Dr baubac canceled on me n advised me to stay on finasteride for a full year first. Since he didn’t want me to be chasing my hairline .. at first I was angry about this .. I waited for months for this surgery n I got canceled on so I started researching other clinics .. n Drove 2 hours to dr dieps office for a live consultation in March 2018.. the consultation went well, even though it was quick , but he drew the hairline for me , in one minute .. he was artistic n knew what he was doing .. I was hoping to get a more in depth consultation however , like getting my hair diameter checked . My balding pattern , how much donor I had etc .. overall the consult went good but fast .. but one thing that sold me was doctor diep said to me u should let me do ur hair , since he’s really good with asian hair .. so I was sold .. booked with them for 2000 grafts FUE for October 2018 for $16,000. After that consult I was happy I got my clinic , but disappointed that in 4 months my hair has gotten a lot thinner n receding enough to where I need 2000 grafts now , even while on finasteride.. well fast forward to October 2018 one week before my surgery date with diep .. during this time I had lost my debit card , so I told them I can wire the money by bank transfer.. they didn’t want to do this , since they said it will take a few days to clear .. n I have until that afternoon to pay. I told them my debit card should be coming today or tomorrow .. but instead they canceled on me n rebooked me for October 2019. The next day my debit card came , n I emailed them to see if I can get back my original surgery date . Since I can pay the whole $16000 now .. but it seems like already filled my spot with someone else . Well I was like fine , I look elsewhere if they going to be like that .. I sure ain’t waiting another year for them . If they going to be like prior to surgery , I can only imagine how difficult it would be if I didn’t get a good result n coming back n asking them for a repair or refund etc .. I know it ain’t gonna happen ... n quite honestly , I was really afraid of getting .9mm or 1mm punch size holes.. It doesn’t look pretty .. but his results are fantastic though , so I was willing to ignore that .. I also didn’t like that he has two patients a day . So to work on me n another patient At the same day .. i don’t feel like I’m getting $16,000 worth .. I want the doctors full attention with that kind of money .. but don’t get me wrong .. I would highly recommend dr. Dieps clinic.. he’s one of the best at hairline work and maximizing ur grafts .. if I ever need a touch up to my hairline or temporal points I will definitely consider them again . But , so the very next day I contacted h&w .. they said they had an opening next week .. n was willing to pay for my flight n 3 nights hotel .. n had no problem taking a bank transfer from me .. so the next day I booked my flight and was going to Canada the following week .. to be continued .. p.s. pic below is me last year at 38 prior to surgery ..
  7. Hey brick ,, my face is proportioned .. it’s just that I have a bump on my forehead .. so it protrudes out a bit .. so it makes it looks bigger than what it is .. I’ve always been self conscious about this ,. So always combed my hair forward to frame my face .. since I have a good looking face , I try to put the focus towards the face rather than the hair n hairline .. that has done me well all my life .. had a lot of girlfriends hey BLD, I had the clinic extract my hair homogenousely ,, .. I specifically told them to extract it evenly .. n leave no patches of overharvesting . N not go too high n not too much on the sides .. ( yes , I told them this because I’ve done enough research n seen some bad extraction methods from clinics.. so I made them aware of this .. n they obliged. As u can see , my donor looks excellent .. no signs of surgery .. knowledge is power .
  8. Below pics are me around 35-37 y/o .. I still had a lot of hair back then .. things started thinning out at 38.. this was how I was combing my hair when I still had the density .. makes me sad when looking back at my past pictures .. I was such a cute boy
  9. Hey guys, no I’m disappointed at all .. I just really wanted my temporal points done .. I have a big forehead so I never comb my hair bAck .. so lowering my hairline will help .. but if my forehead still looks wide, I will still not comb my hair back .. that’s y I spent 15 minutes arguing with Dr hasson about getting the temporal points done.. so without having that done , I still will be combing my hair forward .. that’s what disappoints me ..I was hoping after surgery I be able to comb it slick back .. but guess I still won’t .. .. other than that .. I think hasson n team did a great job on me .. can’t wait for my hair to grow in .. if it grows dense .. I be happy enough .. below pics are pics of day 25 before the shedding began .. so if all those implanted hairs grow back .. they did their job . N I be happy ..
  10. It used to be thick .. it’s defintely thinner now .. I had to get a haircut every 3 weeks before .. now I haven’t went to my barber for a year Top hair is too thin now ,, doesn’t grow as fast , so I just trim it myself now .. I went out with my friends the other day .. I noticed all my friends still have hair .. Asian people don’t bald that much .. what a bummer .. that I used to have the nicest hair out of all of them .. n now I’m the one wearing a hat
  11. Oh yeah , flying .. doctor hasson originally drew the hairline in more of a v-shape .. but since one side was higher than the other ,, he lowered it a bit more , so it looks more straight.. which is just my original hair line , just slightly lower .. so yeah he will work with u on hairline design .. I’m still bummed he didn’t work on my temporal points .. it was very important to me , 100 grafts each side would of made a major difference reducing the width of my forehead ... he said he didn’t want to rebuild the whole thing .. so I’m not super excited .. because all he’s doing now is just giving me back the hairline I had 2 years ago .. so this transplant won’t make a big difference in my looks .. I will look just the same.. next time i be more adamant on what I want .. n not give in .. but yeah I like the hairline design too .. we spent 30 minutes on it .. it matches with my square jawline ..
  12. Hey everyone.. it’s been a little over 2 months. Things are progressing well .. most my native hair on the recipient has grown back .. so My ugly duckling phase hasn’t been too bad .. I’ve been able to walk around the office without a hat .. no one can tell I got anything done .. I’m still debating if I should let my back hair grow then tie it into a ponytail .. or go back to the clean cut look .. as for new growth .. there’s been quite a bit of new hairs sprouting .. I think by month 3 -4 there will be a lot of sprouts .. since my scalp is good .. n my donor is good .. u can tell by how quickly my donor has grown back .. so hopefully the $20,000 I paid to dr hasson n team was worth it .. I’m a frugal person so this was a big investment for me .. I would have to work at least 1-2 years to save that money back .. sometimes I think should I of went with dr diep .. or go overseas n save that money .. anyways .. I overspent for this surgery .. so if I ever require additional surgery in the future I will have to go over seas .. but hopefully this surgery will be a success n I won’t have to worry about that for years to come ..
  13. It’s not bad .. but it’s not $16,000 worth ..
  14. Should of shaved ur head in the beginning .. now u stuck with a fut scar .
  15. U should get another transplant n focus on ur crown .. ur hair isn’t even bad .. it’s workable .
  16. It’s not the technique , but the clinic and the results u should be concerned about ..
  17. Hair looks great .. pretty awesome to see it has held up for 7 years .. ur native hair is still nice n dense . I know what u mean about the forehead thing , if it’s bothhering u all these years , u should consider fixing it .. but don’t think u need 1500 grafts .. it’s just a hairline refinement not a rebuild ..
  18. This looks worse than before unfortunately.. u should start growing ur hair out.
  19. Legend007

    Donald Trump's Hair Mystery Has Been Solved

    Definitely ur best video yet .. since my post was on the video ..
  20. He probably got the refund/ repair gurantee .. n had to hush to up.
  21. Ur bald days all over jean .. congrats .. looks great ..
  22. They say unless ur body is malnourished , it should be producing enough biotin .. but it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra help .. also try msm with biotin ..
  23. u Have to maintain that crown thru meds .. no way around that .. u already did the hairline , so a second procedure to ur frontal 1/3 will do u good .. ur donor and sides seems good .. there’s been much balder people with less donor hair than u that’s able to achieve a good dense result .. also, ur curly hair and transplants will camouflage ur thinning crown later in life .. and since u already got a fut .. n ur scalp laxity is good . A second fut would be a good route to take . After that u can FUE it out .. Don’t stress too much of the future . Just have a game plan for it .
  24. If u got an offer for a free touch up .. then it’s hands down the right thing to do .. good on the clinic for hooking u up .. ur results look good btw.. congrats