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  1. Hey guys , so I just got done with my surgery with h&w .. n their pre-ol instructions is to not spray anything or do anything to the grafts for the first 5 days , let the grafts air dry n heal naturally .. after that I can start shampooing the grafts and getting rid of the crusts .. this contracdicts a lot of what I read online and also other clinics recommendations .. they seem to say spray the grafts with saline/water every hour for the first two days and gently shower every to soften the crusts .. what is the truth ? N the better post op care ? What did u guys do ?
  2. Heheheh ... I planned out this surgery months ago , n grew my hair long .. started wearing a hat ocasionally at work n outings .. now when I start wearing a hat most of the time .. people don’t notice .. so the ugly duckling phase shouldn’t be too hard on me .. so far this whole process hasn’t been too bad .. I’ve done more difficult things in life so, so thinking about it now , going thru surgery for more hair isn’t so bad .. just waiting for the growth now
  3. Glad u healing well n got the staples out trix .. I wanted to go fut so I wouldn’t have to shave my donor area .. since I had long hair to cover the scar .. but since h&w said I would get more density with less grafts with fue .. I went ahead n got the fue , but i had the clinic shave my head enough to still cover my hair .. so this is what my donor looks like today 17 days out of surgery .. can’t ecen tell I had Anh surgery on the back or sides
  4. It just kinda sucks us balding guys have to spend so much money on our hair though .. My first car my parents bought me in high school was a used 86 blue Honda Civic for $2500
  5. yeah I read about the spraying of the grafts post surgery too ,, but apparently there’s two different science to this theory .. I prefer the dry theory n let ur body heal naturally ., just clean it every morning ., I didn’t get any crusts .. just light scabbing ,, recipient area totally clean now around day 14
  6. Hey yeah , things are kinda normal for me . The realization of just spending $20,000 for more hair on my head hasn’t hit me yet.. but yeah things seem good ,, I didn’t bleed too much, extraction scars were minimal , no patchy areas of Over harvesting in one area. recipient doesn’t seem too red .. n no goosebumps skin so far ., so I’m hoping for good results .. I might start a thread about it ,, people been asking me to., but right now I don’t like worrying about my hair n just let the growing process takes its course .. but I will later on .. thanks
  7. I’ve recently got a FUE with hasson .. I can say they have a world class clinic .. n good at dense packing .. I also had consultation with diep .. he drew the hairline on for me .. he took 1 minute to draw the hairline .. n I liked it a lot .. he has good artistic skills .. my surgery with hasson went well .. Doctor Hasson took about 20 minutes to do my hairline .. n even though I like it . I prefer dieps hairline drawing better since it matches more with my face features .. as far as the question is hasson’s clinic is only a fut specialist , that’s not true ., everything is the same as their fut .. except now they have a fue specialist doing the extractions ,, n she was really good ... I asked Doctor Hasson to his face how many fue have u done . N he said about 1000,,. H&w has really been pushing for FUE lately ,, so they pretty experienced with it now
  8. I let my scalp heal itself and no spraying .. I was told to just keep it clean n wash it everyday .. just get some suds of the shampoo n pat it onto the recipient .. ive healed really well , no scabs , just some crusts .,but all that is gone after two weeks .. Scalp is clean n ready to Grow .
  9. So I’m almost age 40 .. Norwood 2.5 to 3.. no family history of baldness .. all 3 brothers n dad are norwood 1.. so am I safe from being a high norwood ?
  10. The crown is the slowest part to grow .. so if u hairline is growing right now ,. U should still be good .. I don’t think u should be panicking yet .. let the process run it’s course .. I just did my surgery .. n I barely look at my hair .. if it works then great .. if not , then there’s options , especially since u have good donor hair .. Don’t need to overstress urself .
  11. U could just be a slow grower .. do u see Any sprouts of new hair in previous bald areas?
  12. It’s all good .. that happens to all of us when we first notice the hairline recession .. we start panicking n not make the right decisions.,.. most of the top docs that Does good hairline work will be able to do ur repairs .. it seems like a minor repair but can make a big impact on ur overall result n satisfaction ..
  13. No pics , no help ! Can’t analyze things with just our imagination ..
  14. Not worth it .. too expensive , not effective , n ongoing treatments are a drawback .. there’s also a danger of getting shockloss from the anesthesia to apply the prp.. those are my thoughts on it when I was researching about it back then ..
  15. Ur hair caliber at 68 microns is not thick . It’s average .. I read on google hair microns range from 40-120 . .7mm punch size used on ur case is the right size ., .8mm would of been safer though . But considering u had to move so much hair the clinic made the professional decision .. Or ur donor will look depleted with patches of baldness .. but I understand where u coming from , ur results aren’t great , n u were 1 of 4 patients that day , u didn’t get the extra attention u wanted .. When u were at the clinic n didn’t get a good vibe , then you weren’t the right patient for that clinic.. I think u shouldn’t get too upset, what’s done is done. they didn’t mess u up , but didn’t do a good job on u either .. u just have to wait it out n see how ur growth comes along n develop other plans and find a clinic that’s more suitable for u .
  16. U might as well go for it bill .. if the crown is still bothering u ,, even though not that much .. ht has been successful on u , n u still have good donor to spare .. u still young n in good shape to to enjoy it ..
  17. I think I messed up on the swelling part .. I tried sleeping at 45 degree angle ., but I switched it up alof by sleeping on my stomach , with my head turned to the side .. It was more comfortable n it didn’t touch my hair .. but it seems the meds had no where to go until today where it just swelled up .. it’s all good now .: been ice packing ,, I still look like a troll but it should be good by tomorrow night ..
  18. Hey whereto,, yep I’m home now .. n icepacking my eyes .. it’s almost completely shut .. the ice should help .. .. yeah gas I went to h&w at the last minute because they are fut specialists.. but it was because dieps office rescheduled me cuz I lost my debit card and was a day late on making full payment .. so they reschedule me for October 2019 .. I’m like, I already waited 10 months for ya .. I’m not waiting another year .. I’m not on ur schedule .. I’m ur potential patient .. .. with $20k to spend .. there’s plenty of good clinics out there .. n h&w accommodated me n got me in one week .. so I didn’t have enough laxity since I didn’t have time to do scalp exercises.. beside I’m happy I went with fue now .. the recovery time is much easier .. My donor looks like it’s barely touched .. since I have a lot of donor density .. I still think dieps office is a good clinic .. but their customer service isn’t meeting my expectations .. n their 9mm-1mm punch sizes will leave me with fewer options for future transplants ..but one major good thing about them , is diep does great hairlines and he’s able to accomplish the same density using less grafts than most clinics .. Either way things worked out fine for me. The difficult part is over .. Its all about happy growing days now .. thanks for all ur guys support ..
  19. Nah I didn’t bleed .. it was just the top of my head .. my surgery was on my hairline .. so it’s all good .. just made me be extra careful now though however
  20. I think u jinxed me trix.. when I was getting off the plane , I stood up n hit the top of my head.. good thing it was just the top n not my hairline .. when u semi blind from the meds n ur head is numb , those things happen.. Heheheh
  21. Well guys I’m at the Canada airport right now .. waiting to board my flight .. I barely had any swelling the last two days .. but damn just like u guys said .. day 3 is when the swelling gets bad .. I woked up today with my eyes swollen .. I can barely open them .. my head swolled up big time too .. I could barely fit my hat .. at the checkout counter at Canada air .. the attendant thought I was blind since I could barely see or open my eyes .. she was so helpful n Carried my bag for me n fasttrack me through the security line .. hahah, so funny ,, no one noticed that I just had a hair transplant ; they just thought I was blind .. well I’m about to board my flight .. thanks for the advice and support everyone, y’all my online balding buddies .. oh yeah .. my bank was able to get back my $1000 deposit from dr. Dieps office peace!
  22. thanks shera n thanks Jsrader .. I’m glad things worked out the way they did .. over a year of research , n listening to other members here has really helped me a lot .. there’s a big difference from top clinics and average clinics . Or clinics that just care about ur money .. a lot of new people just like I was , think hairtransplants are one n done .: as long as they get the immediate results is all that matters .. but it’s a lifelong commitment and u have to plan accordingly .. I’m really happy with H&W clinic .. I had a good vibe with them from the beginning .. I liked the other 3 clinics that I had previously booked a surgery date with ,, n they all had good qualities to them .. but there was always something that didn’t suit my situation ..
  23. That’s a total bummer bro .. at least it’s only two grafts .. u got thousands implanted so it be okay ..