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  1. Hey flying .. hope u healing well .. H&w believes in letting the body heal naturally .. so no saline solution is needed .. the important thing is keeping ur recipient area clean , not over moisturize n not too dry .. doing all this without touching the grafts . That’s the focus! . when I showered the first 10 days I let the water gently touch the non transplanted area first n just let that water flow down to the recipient .. it keeps the area clean n moisturized enough to where u don’t develop huge areas of scabbing .. u get that when u let the area get too dry .. even though people say it’s no big deal .. but every time people develop these big scabbing areas, removal of them takes out the grafts also .. whether the grafts are secure are not already is a guess .. Individual crusts are on each hair follicle is natural however .. n I let those fall off naturally by itself .. sometimes with a little help with my finger nails .. to get that dry blood off without removing the hair .. I retained almost all the hairs for a good 21 days . After that I knew for sure the grafts are secure . Then I switched my focus on removing the hairs with long showers n shampoo n conditioning with light scrubbing to remove the hairs . N by day 30 all the hairs were gone .. they were just stubbles .. n I read they are just blocking new growth . Since the grafts are already secure ..the ugly duckling phase I feel is necessary n important for rebirth of new hairs . I think that’s around my day 21.. all crust are gone . Retained most of my hairs .. after that I started trying to remove those hairs with deep shampooing .. because I know the grafts are already secure ..last pic is currently at 4.5 months .. good luck on ur journey .. hope I helped u a little ..
  2. Looks great luke .. but since u are a good looking guy with minimal hair loss ..n ur transplant turned out great . U should consider getting the temporal points done .. n really accentuate ur good looks n frame ur face . Making the forehead not as wide n perpendicular to ur jawline. I have the same face feature as u n consider doing this also ..
  3. Legend007

    FUT Philippines

    The mircro irregularities on the hairline is top notch .. gives it a nice natural appearance .
  4. Haha u took the same path as me .. with same doctor, congrats on ur journey. Keep us updated on ur progress. Nice hairline design.
  5. U look feminine btw. It means girlie if u don’t know .. u are also breaking forum rules by not indicating u are working for a clinic under ur signature. But then again I could care less bout u , bye .
  6. Go eat a taco n chill out Sơn .. I could care less bout u n ur balding head ..
  7. Both of y’all is fake .. if u work for the clinic don’t hide it. Thanks
  8. Hey y’all , so I finally got my hairtransplant November 30th 2018.. it’s been a journey looking for clinics and choosing the right method . FUE or FUT n how many grafts is needed etc. I’ve been researching for 1.5 years now on hairloss around age 37.. prior to that I had great hair that I took for granted .. My family don’t have a history of hairloss , so I always assumed that the hairs would grow back .. . so I was in a lot of denial of why I’m losing hair.. I was adamant I only wanted FUE n wanted it to be with a top notch clinics .. I panicked last year n booked with doctor rassman for 1200 grafts for late 2017.. after more research I realize they weren’t great at dense packing hairlines. So I canceled on them n booked with doctor Baubac for 1400 grafts . then two weeks prior to surgery . Dr baubac canceled on me n advised me to stay on finasteride for a full year first. Since he didn’t want me to be chasing my hairline .. at first I was angry about this .. I waited for months for this surgery n I got canceled on so I started researching other clinics .. n Drove 2 hours to dr dieps office for a live consultation in March 2018.. the consultation went well, even though it was quick , but he drew the hairline for me , in one minute .. he was artistic n knew what he was doing .. I was hoping to get a more in depth consultation however , like getting my hair diameter checked . My balding pattern , how much donor I had etc .. overall the consult went good but fast .. but one thing that sold me was doctor diep said to me u should let me do ur hair , since he’s really good with asian hair .. so I was sold .. booked with them for 2000 grafts FUE for October 2018 for $16,000. After that consult I was happy I got my clinic , but disappointed that in 4 months my hair has gotten a lot thinner n receding enough to where I need 2000 grafts now , even while on finasteride.. well fast forward to October 2018 one week before my surgery date with diep .. during this time I had lost my debit card , so I told them I can wire the money by bank transfer.. they didn’t want to do this , since they said it will take a few days to clear .. n I have until that afternoon to pay. I told them my debit card should be coming today or tomorrow .. but instead they canceled on me n rebooked me for October 2019. The next day my debit card came , n I emailed them to see if I can get back my original surgery date . Since I can pay the whole $16000 now .. but it seems like already filled my spot with someone else . Well I was like fine , I look elsewhere if they going to be like that .. I sure ain’t waiting another year for them . If they going to be like prior to surgery , I can only imagine how difficult it would be if I didn’t get a good result n coming back n asking them for a repair or refund etc .. I know it ain’t gonna happen ... n quite honestly , I was really afraid of getting .9mm or 1mm punch size holes.. It doesn’t look pretty .. but his results are fantastic though , so I was willing to ignore that .. I also didn’t like that he has two patients a day . So to work on me n another patient At the same day .. i don’t feel like I’m getting $16,000 worth .. I want the doctors full attention with that kind of money .. but don’t get me wrong .. I would highly recommend dr. Dieps clinic.. he’s one of the best at hairline work and maximizing ur grafts .. if I ever need a touch up to my hairline or temporal points I will definitely consider them again . But , so the very next day I contacted h&w .. they said they had an opening next week .. n was willing to pay for my flight n 3 nights hotel .. n had no problem taking a bank transfer from me .. so the next day I booked my flight and was going to Canada the following week .. to be continued .. p.s. pic below is me last year at 38 prior to surgery ..
  9. Legend007

    Should you Choose FUE or FUT?

    Ban kiwi please . Too sentimental . Haha j/k
  10. I’m just going to do microneedling on my native hair ,, I’m hoping it will improve blood flow n get my hair thicker .. finasteride has been helping with that , so microneedling will give it a boost . I’m a diffuse thinner so thickening my hair is the ideal way to keep them .. minoxidil causes me .dandruff n scalp irritation , making my hair fall out easier .. so I don’t do minoxidil even though I gave it 2 try’s .. it does work though .. when I put it on my temporal points the tiny hairs thicken up .. i will probably do a monthly update on microneedling on my temporal points for the community .
  11. Microneedling works .. it’s a scientific fact . It damages ur scalp just enough to cause ur body to send all the good stuff to ur scalp, so it can heal it self . Giving ur hAir extra blood flow n stuff .. kinda like how PRP works .. I just bought me a dr pen A6 dermapen for $150 ,, it works better than the dermaroller.. I’m trying it this weekend .. n making it a routine .. ( it’s also good for ur face ..ur hair is like ur teeth , u have to keep it healthy . N take care of it . Or it rot n fall off . Keep us updated on ur progress .. I’m going to do it myself , minus the minoxidil .
  12. I’m never cutting that nail bro.. it gives me strength . Haha
  13. Thanks for support Melvin n Sean .. its growing well enough .. I can tell it’s going to be an okay to good result .. definitely not a failure .. but I still have to wait for everything to grow n see how it blends in with native hair to know if it was worth $20,000 .. i luv this mirror I bought ,, 15X mirror .. it really gives me peace of mind, I can see all the baby sprouts with it .. y’all should get one .. the one thing I’m not happy about is , how small an area $20,000 got me .. took a pic of top view, . All to hairline .
  14. Legend007

    Is PRP effective?

    Not good enough for 1000 dollar sessions for the rest of ur life . Try dermarolling/ dermapen, it works in a similar fashion to PRP.. u definitely need to take finasteride .. ur hair seems to be thinning . N don’t tie ur hair back too hard , or u will get traction alopecia ( hairloss from pulling hair) best of luck .. it’s time to start doing ur homework on hairloss
  15. Months 9 is when all 90-100% of the hairs should of sprouted .. u should get a magnifying mirror or camera and see closeup if there’s any small hairs sprouted that can’t be seen with the naked eye .. u see bare land , then no more hair coming .. I thought for sure u would get a good result .. u had a lot going for u.. hair type good , hairloss wasn’t bad .. n more than enough grafts for the area covered .. it’s disappointing to see .. hope things get better .. keep us updated . Thanks
  16. Hey guys just finished my 4th month .. around 120 days now . the next two months are the make or break months .. I had early growth spurt but things are slowly filling in now .. I have a 15X handheld mirror that has been giving me peace of mind .. I see a lot of little hairs that has popped but not noticeable enough to see with camera .. gives me some respect to Dr. Hasson , I can see the grafts were densely packed .. there’s barely space between them .. that’s a top notch clinic right there .. that’s able to do that .. so far things are going fine .. slow steady growth now .. no no I don’t use PRP ,, or minoxidil.. just Finasteride for 1.5 years now .. 1st pic is right out of the shower .. 2nd is how I’ve been combing my hair 3rd is how my donor hair 4th closeup so overall , the foundation of the transplant has formed .. now just have to fill in n mature ..
  17. Man that’s such a good price .. I had to spend $20,000 U.S. for just hairline work . But I’m definitely going overseas for future procedures ..
  18. Melvin our moderator had the same hairloss as ur bf. But even worse ... he should chime in here.. 2400 grafts don’t go very far .. that’s the amount of grafts needed for the hairline to look good .. u require less grafts In the mid n back . Possibly 4000 more.. believe me okay ,. I just had my surgery .. n I did 2500 grafts to the hairline .. n it is not a lot of area covered .. I was hoping it would cover more area myself .. my 2500 grafts covered less area .. the dr is planning a second transplant .. n the hairline needs to be built strong.. ur bf has good donor hair .. from the shaved pics I thought he might be in trouble .. but the new pics ,, his donor is good .. if he can afford it .. he shouldn’t be bald after 2-3 procedures .. u a good gf for looking out for him .. the hairline is a bit aggressive for someone that’s balding that much however ..
  19. I wouldn’t worry about ur boyfriend having a pluggy hairline look with dr diep.. it’s his specialty .. if he has good donor , N those hairs grow .. his hairline should look great .. then he’s going to want to fill in the mid n crown next .. that’s usually the way it goes .. but yeah u doing the right thing by going to a top tier hairline doctor .. n the transplant looks good .. do u have pre-op pics of what he looked like before surgery .. n did the doctor tell him how many grafts he has left ? Right now just follow post up instructions n let the process take its course .. it’s also helpful if u post updates as the months come along .. there be many people interested in this post n will be helpful ..
  20. The work looks good . It’s densely packed .. did he get around 2300 grafts ? .. what his donor look like ? Got pics ? but yeah .. don’t worry too much ,, it looks desnely packed in the front ..
  21. Legend007

    Hair greed and other advice from Dr. Lindsey Patient

    One of the best n meaningful post I’ve read , Motoro.. good to see past folks come back and spread some wisdom .
  22. Bro u trying to tell me lukey b had great results because he massage his scalp n uses coconut oil. It’s not making sense to me , sorry . U keep doing them massages bro .. Cuz I am ,, but it’s not going to help much . If u believe in it however , spend some money n get the scalp massager for $299.. it’s currently half off because it’s in beta testing mode .. or why don’t u spend the $799-$3000 for the laser cap , because it’s suppose to improve blood circulation to ur scalp .. n. Neither of those things are proven to be very effective .. n they cost a lot of money .. so don’t try to convince me of doing scalp massages n coconut oil is effective of helping ur hair issues .. did ur doctor tell u to do this post-op ? Is this why u so sure ? Or u just trying to convince urself about something .. either way .. I don’t care ..
  23. If it was more than 1% effective.. why wouldn’t ur doctor or any of our doctors include It in the postcare instructions to help them precious grafts .. use ur common sense .. n don’t try to convince me on ur snake oil. Thanks .
  24. I do scalp massages for 5 mins a day myself.. n also looking to try dermarolling .. no one said blood circulation is bad . Or doing anything or something to help ur hair is bad .. but realistically .. if u doing a scalp massage for 15 minutes day . U just helping ur precious grafts 15 minutes in a day .. that’s less than 1 percent of being effective .. it didn’t help lukey or anyone to get a better transplant with coconut oil n massages .. . But it’s probably good for preventive measures for future hair loss ..
  25. Blood circulation is important .. but its .. already naturally done by ur body ..