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  3. Sorry I have to open yet another thread but I’m really worried I might have damaged the grafts permanently and would like to know your opinions on this. It’s very hot where I am and while going out the first time since my OP (yesterday was day 15) I was under direct sun light and also sweated because of the weather. My scalp looks completely normal since day 12 so I was happy to finally be able to go out again but completely forget about how bad the sun is for transplanted hair. Some say it might cause damage others say it’s fine because the grafts are supposed to be strong by now. I just wonder, did anyone here experience the same ? Being under the sun and sweating like 2 weeks after your OP ? Did it affect the results ?
  4. H&W, De Freitas, Feriduni to name others.
  5. Good morning Cleverly designed. Thank you for your comment. You can send me your inquiry by private and I am able to manage it or provide to you a response. Best regards.
  6. LARC offer the best hair transplant in Lahore, London and Faisalabad with advanced technology and machines. We provide hybrid treatment that gives a remarkable impact on the appearance of our patients' looks and the way they feel about themselves. London aesthetics not only does hair transplant but it also helps you restore your natural hair with the advancement of technology. As a pioneer of hair transplant and rejuvenation in Pakistan, LARC emphasizes continual improvements and creating better ways that soothe the soul and stir the senses. The main focus of LARC is to develop innovative surgical and non-surgical methods for complete all-around treatments.

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  7. Nice and clear article Melvin and will be very useful for people. Well done.
  8. I’ve read from someone else that his doc told him that oil from the scalp could negatively effect the grafts. Is that true ? Cause unfortunately I do have a naturally oily scalp. Is there any shampoo I could use that would make it more dry ? I use baby shampoo since day 13 post op, and I’m at day 16 now.
  9. Would appreciate if people can share who in their opinion are the top 5 BHT clinics/doctors out there ? I have seen good results from eugenix, konior, bisanga and others, but interested to get other opinions too Thanks
  10. Low blood supply to follicles and "tight" scalp could be an issue for MPB. Scalp massages, botox injections in sides of the head can help with hair regrowth. There are factors that make the scalp more welcoming to hair growth, and more receptive to transplanted hairs. Dr Wong spoke during his interview about this. I think that if you had multiple FTU procdures and your scalp skin would be pulled more tightly over your skull, makeing it harder for hairs to grow healthily.
  11. It's becoming a common practice to see surgeons combine both FUT and FUE. I think it's the most efficient way to get the maximum number of grafts.
  12. No growth and your donor area looks over harvested. If you're thinking about round 2 make sure you go to an elite surgeon. It certainly seems like a bad FUE surgery leaves a patient worse off than a bad FUT.
  13. Also Dr. Bisanga, "If you can keep your hair transplant good for 10 years you should be happy". And Dr. Wong, "Hair transplants absolutely do thin." I think thinning transplanted hair can happen even if the patient's donor region is healthy or if the patient is on fin, though it may be less likely. Long term planning should account for this possibility.
  14. The probability of you becoming a Norwood 7 is the same probability of you winning the lottery. Can it happen? Sure, but not likely at ALL.
  15. There seems to be a lot of misinformation going around the forum. So I thought I'd give you guys a pop quiz. Let's see some answers. The best answer will get featured in this week's newsletter. Hair Transplant Density Vs. Coverage What's The Difference?
  16. I'm 25 now hopefully I don't ever become a noorwood 6 or 7 lol most people who are gonna be a 6 or 7 i think will have pretty noticble hairloss at my age but there's exceptions
  17. I honestly have no idea why you've been signed up on the forum for two years now lol. You don't have any visible hair loss. Your hairline looks slightly matured. Nothing concerning at your age. I don't see any diffuse loss.
  18. Lol does it look like I'm thinning or over a noorwood 1
  19. Wow looks like your hair has improved since the beginning of the month. What month are you now?
  20. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I'm shocked they cannot give you the exact number of grafts. They should be able to provide you with the graft count and the number 1's, 2's, 3's, and 4's you had, so you can find out the actual number of hairs. Who carried out the procedure? Was this done via the Artas robot?
  21. I thought exactly this when I saw your pic. Very thick hair Mine is naturally quite thin in texture, and it's hard to style it in any way but messy. I suppose it's lucky for this hairline
  22. Where do you live? In the US there's strut, Hims, Getroman, Keeps to name a few.
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