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  2. Sean, Well said. Thanks for your service, I truly appreciate it. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. What part of the Country are you in?
  3. Thanks for your answer, i tried topical Fin for a while and then my nipples became enormous, I started to develop gynecomastia and I got also ED, had a bad time with the girls at the time, also I got a bad depression and fatigue, same thing with the oral version, I tried 1 mg, 0.5, then 0.25, then 0.25 every other day and then 0.25 mg every 3 days, same sides, I don't want to deal with that situation again. Minoxidil stopped to work because now I am shaved 0 guard and I lost almost every hair you see in the pics, temples went back and density went downhill, i'll post a recent pic of one week ago, I just had these pics to show the donor hair with long hair since now I'm shaved 0 guard. Minoxidil stopped worked 100% sure because I lost a big amount of hair, but let the pics talks for me, retrograde is highly unlikely as I check ALL my parents history and all of them are NW6.
  4. The good news is the fact you're still enjoying a lot of native hair. The time to be on medication is now before you lose it. Once gone it never returns. The concern, as you know, is - your pattern is developing into something very advanced. You may be experiencing retrograde as well. Since we know this, let's move on to the meds. How do you know Rogaine stopped working? Why can't you tolerate Propecia? Be very specific. Patients have a tendency to think and be quite reactive to the fact, if they don't see a visual result, they are in the erroneous belief the medication is not working. The medication is not intended to regrow hair. Nothing regrows hair. The medication is intended to help keep the hair you have. To retain. So, if you look the same as you did a year ago, the medication did what it was supposed to do. From your excerpt I assume you did notice improvement. This might mean you experienced enhancement of the native hair. If so, you need to get back into whatever you were doing. There are two types of loss. Shedding is one of them. The follicle gets tired of producing and goes into a resting phase. in a matter of a weeks/months, the hair returns. So, if you see hair in the tub, sink, pillow - let it go, this is normal. The loss you don't see is what we're concerned about. The hair you don't see is happening as we speak. Go to the bathroom under a bright light and look at the hairline area- including the temporal areas, (corners). You'll note some strands are very thick and robust. Others are finer and you might find some that are so thin they're hardly contributing. This hair eventually disappears. That's hair loss. Propecia, Rogaine, Laser and PRP are the modalities we typically discuss when dealing with this condition. I have a few questions, Propecia, how were you taking it? Rogaine, how were you applying it and how many times a day. Do you own a laser? Have you discussed PRP with the doctor? With regards to SMP, great idea. Find an experienced group. The use of organic ink is important as this will be metabolized and will not turn into other colors like a tattoo does, (yellowish or blue-purple). This will help with the contrast you're experiencing, (Black hair, light scalp). Some of the doctors listed in this forum do the work). Do not despair, many in this forum can help you....Get well educated and be judicious with your grafts. More importantly, give serious consideration to meds for a good year before you do anything. You are truly at a stage where there are a number of options.
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  6. Thanks Melvin the Aloe Vera is definitely a big help. Great video ­čĹŹ­čĆ╝
  7. Sorry to hear this but this result did not hit its intended goal I believe. If you decide you need to tweak this, then you will need a refinement procedure by a very ethical doctor. Be careful with using too much donor for too little recipient zone. Id say if you need to, find someone that does manual fue as you have different texture hair. Have you consulted with Dr Keser? Get a few consults from few surgeons from the area. But know this, your scalp still looks better then other folks who have gone through a procedure. I know as i am a repair patient that is still in need of a repair that resolves the issues created on my scalp. It is very upsetting but you just have to be careful and make sure they do the surgery ethically.
  8. The crown is slightly thin, but I don't think you have enough loss there to try doing anything about it at this point. Focus on fixing the front for now.
  9. You look like you have a good donor and i'm sure a second pass at it would give you a better result - even if you're disappointed now I'd view it as a foundation for future work. Swerve Elithair, I'm on a few fb groups where the name often comes up in association with bad results. Dr Balwi seems like a bit of a charlatan as far as I've read. My issue is listening to anything that berk Matt Dominance says. He's had a sub-par transplant himself and is now offering "consultancy services" to guys looking at HT based on his google obtained bro science. He's the third worst thing about hairloss after 1) losing hair and 2) propecia sides... and even they have useless d*cks in common...
  10. Hello guys, I'm trying to find some answer to my questions and after spending days and days behind this forum, i'd say i'm still dubious about what to do... I'd say my pattern is a NW6/NW7, i'm losing my hair now, but my thinning is all over, i can't tolerate finasteride, minoxidil stopped to work, so i am dealing with the fact that i'll be soon a NW6/NW7. My general idea is that covering a NW7 is difficoult, expecially with my donor hair, i'll attach some pics of my donor and current hair. Anyway, since my grandpa was around a nw6 at 30, my uncle is nw6 and my dad is nw5v heading to a NW6 and the fact that my hair are thinning in that same exact pattern, i know what can i expect in the next few years... So obviously i started to do some research, Melvin's results are so motivational but i suspect my hair loss area is bigger and probably even my donor area isn't as good as his, even tho i have a small head, i think my total NW7 pattern could be 200 square centimeters or less because i also wore the smallest size for helmets and caps. Since i shaved my head i'd say i could accept this look if i can cope and give the illusion of a full head, that's why i started to get interested in SMP, after some videos i realized that the "darkest" and better results that i would like to achieve looks fake in extensive norwood if you don't have any hair underneath, so i started to look for some results online and i found just few results, one of the most interesting ones is the following: Click here This gentleman has had only 2000 grafts to cover a NW4v area, with an average density of 18 grafts/cm^2 which is good in combination with an SMP, i think his results are good and he has achieved a great illusion of a shaved head, that low density grafts solved some problems, for example, the shine that SMP gives, the 3D effect, so you can shave every few days instead of everyday, because even if your hair will grow, you can blend them with SMP and have a great look.... and also the touch sensation... often girls touches my head, i'd be embarassed if a girl touches my head and she feels hair only on the sides. I personally don't like his hairline, i'd be less conservative and i'll go for a lower hairline since with that density you have less problem using donor hair. Of course thinking about having the same style for the rest of your life kinda sucks, i'm only 23 and i'll be the same for the rest of my life, but i feel like i don't have much choice... I'm gonna have some online consulation with some surgeons and i'll send them some pics to try to understand how many grafts they could safely extract from my donor area. Is there some tool/trick that i can use to calculate the average density of my donor area and the surface that i should cover? i'd like to do some calculations. I'd like to know what you guys think about this results, you can see the full results after 1 year in the third page. In the attachment here some pics of my donor hair
  11. In order to provide services and treatments related to hair transplantation and hair treatment methods, Leicester Health has been carrying out more than 10,000 hair transplantation cases successfully throughout 10 years. HAIR TRANSPLANT The conditions which hair transplantation might be done * Hair loss cases due to burns * Male hair loss * Congenital local hair loss Local local hair loss due to any infection * Hair loss due to excessive pulling (due to tight bun in women) (Tractional alopecia) * A psychological disorder called a trichotillomani (hair loss) which is performed by pulling and pulling the hair. We have looked at the average costs of our hair restorations over time and hereÔÇÖs more information to help you calculate and get an idea of costs. 1 Garft: 2 hair There is no clear and clear age limit in hair transplantation. Especially young people who have not done military service can usually make wrong decisions when hair loss begins. The results of early hair transplantation in non-wrong hair transplantation centers can be irreversibly worse in the forward term without false and forward-looking planning. For this reason, it should be noted that it is more appropriate for young people under 20 years of age not to rush for hair transplantation by contacting the competent and experienced physician and applying them to the appropriate treatment. Factors Affecting Naturality in Hair Transplantation 1- The hair in the area below the line where the upper bound of the two ears meet intensively, frequently or infrequently 2 - Hair follicles (grafts) to be thoroughly removed and graft epithelium as much as possible. 3 - Natural and suitable channels for grafts: Natural small and opened channels in the right direction ensure your hair is natural. Hair transplanted into the channels opened by the doctor can be scanned in all directions. Curly hair follicles: hair follicles are difficult to remove the hair, although elegance, naturalness and aesthetic results are relatively successful. Curly hair roots will give a more intense and more natural appearance in a larger area in the area of planting. White hair: distinguishing hair follicles requires more effort and special work. Especially white hair should be studied with microscope lops. The results are very natural. Yellow-colored and light-toned hair: Hair follicle extraction is easier than other hair. The results are very natural. Dark hair: Hair root separation requires more effort and special work You can have extremely natural and fuller hair with careful and careful planting. Straight hair: Hair root is easy to extract hair. Hair transplantation and hair follicle intake is done in series and gives natural results. Leicester Health Phone: +44 116 298 4123 E-mail: hello@leicesterhealth.com https://www.leicesterhealth.com
  12. OK. Nice information about hair treatment. I think you can search on internet this is best option to find the best hair transplant center.
  13. Had an FUT 2ish months ago with Dr A, 2340 graphs. Still in the post surgery awkward phase, but my experience with Dr A and his team was amazing.
  14. Yes first 2 photos are pre surgery. Middle 2 are right after surgery. Last 2 photos are post OP 11months. I do not remember how many were placed in the crown, I only remember the total that was done.
  15. Hello everyone, I had 4200 grafts on the front and the crown area early November 14 of last year in Istanbul. It has been nearly a year and I am quite disappointed with the results. I feel there is still a ton of bold spots in between. I am quite happy there is hair growing where there was none but I expected more thickness with 4200. This was 1 single procedure and my first. I have been using rogain every day and been using the derma roller whenever I can. I heard of the Turkish transplant from a Matt dominance youtube video where he got his transplant.(He is a youtuber who talks a lot about hair transplants). I am originally from Turkey and decided. First 2 photos are pre surgery- middle 2 are right after surgery, and last 3 photos are 11 months post OP.
  16. agree with hairlosspa about the variation in pics although there is some obvious sparesness in the hairline. I would suggest you are not definitively "80% done" at 7 months, as such growth charts are merely a guidleline and each patient experiences different growth rates, and at this timeframe you are more likely to be close to 70% done. It also seems like you lowered your hairline around 1cm and got hairs placed in the temple points, which would make the 4.3k grafts in that region (hairline + midscalp + temle points) a reasonable surface area to cover (and not relatively small even with the presence of your forelock as with each 1cm you lower = approx 1k grafts) Worst case scenario is nothing changes and it woudnt take too many grafts to achieve a top notch result. However given you are only at 7 months i would suspect you will experience some further changes in the coming months, which i would hope to see in future updates. Good luck sir
  17. What relevance does this have to do with this patients results? If you want to make these statements, please create a thread of your own and do not go on threads where patients are presenting their results. This completely detracts from the purpose of the thread. This will be my last reply on this subject. If you have any further questions please send me a private message.
  18. The top pictures are before surgery? It looks like 4,200 grafts have been spaced through the entire scalp. How many grafts were placed in the crown? I agree some better quality photos are necessary. It doesn't look unnatural which is good, I have never heard of this surgeon before.
  19. Can you send more picture of your post and pre surgery picture? Also how many surgery they were doing when they did your procedure?
  20. Yes it has nothing to do with patient results I agree,however the doctor seems to cross the basic ethics which every doctor should practice regardless of any situation. I'm not sure what is stated on the clause of that patient sign, but most of often a doctor cannot disclose the patient details in public forum without their consent. If the doctor can practice this way of defending himself i'm sure if the result turn out to be bad or failed procedure they will have all sort of reasons. Btw, i'm saying this based on the some of the results of Darling Buds case which is shared here.
  21. it looks good/great in some pics and decent/ehhh in the others. still some time for things to happen. give it a few more months also. you got a considerable amount of grafts put into the temples so remember 4.3k are not all in the hardline. you could easily have between 500-700 grafts in each temple. how did those turn out? canÔÇÖt see in the pics
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