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  2. No, nobody at Asmed asked me about any updates. Sent them some pic at 6 month mark. And got told all looks normal and hair needs time to get mature. And to be honest i dont know what to ask either. One has to wait til 12 month to register a concern.
  3. All they will say is wait till 12 month mark. They simply won't say anything else so you got no choice but to wait.
  4. My coordinator has also left, so now who do I contact with questions? has anybody been to asmed and had them ask you for photos or is it the patient that has to manage the customer / patient aftercare ?
  5. Hey payam, can you update us with your latest results? Have you uploaded new pic in your thread?? https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52366-fue-4512-grafts-at-asmed-dr-erdogan/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-495373
  6. Every one tells me i am maybe a slow grower! But how long can one expects new sprouting! I dont thinks thats the case with me. Lets wait and see a couple of more month to give a final call. Hang in there buddy & Good luck
  7. Probably Koray training new techs on us so he could scale up his operation
  8. No I never had any shedding in temples. They just grew. I also never shed in the very front of my hairline . Hair diameter 51 I remeber waking uo during the surgery and a senior member of staff was working on the front section, it made me worried that maybe that’s why it didn’t shed. I am rematively ok with the hairline , but I hope it gets better. I am worried about behind the hairline as some areas look completely bald . However , when I zoom in using decent light I can see fine hair growing. See below
  9. gillenator

    Repair work

    My recommendation would be to search as many repair cases with similar attributes as yours and see what you find. Be prepared to put some time and research into this.
  10. Do you know diameter of your hair? You hair seems very like mine! I had my surgery at Asmed in july 2018 and currently i am 7 and a half month post surgery. Struggling with a weak hairline and low density. Still hoping for the things to get better! another thing i noticed which is similar in our cases is that density at temple points is very good. Especially compared to area behind hairline. Grafts at temple never shed in my case. Have you had any shedfing at temples??
  11. gillenator

    DHI method

    IMHO, I would never consider Bosley.... and in Europe, there are many better known reputable skilled FUE surgeons especially in Belgium. Just surf as many Euro based forums that you can.
  12. gillenator

    FUE on grey hair

    It depends on the surgeon, some do and some feel that as long as they can see the direction of angulation of the hair shafts, that provides enough.
  13. Dont know what happened to latest results of the clinic. They had always remarkeable results til 2017/2018 but in the late the resluts are not so impressive! Hope things get better for every one.
  14. Many also utilize itinerant teams of techs that travel location to location because of the lack of training or skill or personnel.
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  16. I had mine surgery of 4500 grafts at Asmed a month before you. Even though i had Little less hairloss compared to you and a surgery of more grafts, I am still struggling with a weak hairline and low density over all. Do you know the diameter of your hair? And are you finasteride?
  17. The trouble with looking at before/after results from this clinic and others like it is that you don't know if the surgical team that performed the transplant will be the same one that operates on you. Even though a particular result may look fantastic, the team that produced it may never touch your head. The before/after results are more meaningful if you know that the same team that produced them is the one that will work on you. Many top surgeons that use techs for implantation and even excision have a single team that has been together for a long time and all results (good and bad) from the surgeon are delivered by the the same team.
  18. Haha, good catch I feel though more charismatic and confident now .
  19. tom weizmann

    DHI method

    I'm deciding if it's worth the risk traveling to Turkey to have HT. I had a consultation with Bosley in NY. We discussed both procedures that they offered FUE/FUT , also stating the limitations of both by Bosley standards ( 2,200 grafts for FUE and 3,400 for FUT) . The consultant said that I have good donor hair and that I would require 3,000 grafts . I attached a photo showing my hair. That being said the FUT was the best viable solution, I agreed since I didn't want to have my head shaved. That evening I started researching all options currently available, thats when I read about DHI. Most of the posts were coming from sites in Turkey. Qunomedical stuck out, so I contacted them. We discussed various Dr's, their first recommendation was Dr. Cinik. after further discussions I decided that I wanted a Dr. to perform the procedure, not technicians and that I preferred not to have my head shaved. I sent them pics they needed to determine " my free personalized treatment plan and quote ". They sent me a proposal from the Istanbul Aesthetic center, that Dr. Baris Erturk will perform the procedure, claiming that I need 3,100 grafts which can be done without shaving my head by manual DHI. Sounds great, right!! No, there are many different takes on DHI some say max amount of grafts per session 1500-2000, others say patients should be under 40 years of age, by the way I'm over 60. other say that you can't harvest more than 1000 grafts from an area that's not shaved. On top of which I can't find any reviews positive or negative on Dr. Baris Erturk. I'm totally frustrated and confused. I travel to Europe frequently so going to Turkey isn't a big deal and $ saved is substantial. I'm trying to grasp what to believe, which method is right for me and who to trust doing the surgery. I need Help!
  20. You looked happier when you was bald.😀
  21. No offence to you or any other paitent brother, just thinking out loud about the company
  22. Guys youve got me really worried .... 🧐
  23. Didn't you used to work for Arocha?
  24. @Kraistoff Ye your scalp is alot more visible . Maybe it's because we dont have the same hair loss pattern. Latest results from asmed got me worried tbh.. really hoping I don't end up like that. Hopefully it will keep on improving. Not much one can do about it. Just have to wait and watch.
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