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  2. Thanks mate, looking forward to it and yes it's worked out nicely also its winter time so I got away with a hat during the first few months aswell to hide it roll on summer 2021!, gonna be a banger! ✌️🍻
  3. Yeah, I was a little surprised to be told that I’m NW6 going into NW7! I didn’t think I was that bald yet 😅 My beard is pretty good, nice and dense at the neck area. How many grafts do you think I will need to sort out the frontal third? I can hold off on the crown for now and get it sorted later down the line.
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  5. I definitely plan on doing something about stopping further hair loss. I tried oral fin, didn’t work out, so I’ll be trying topical fin with minoxidil. I agree that going with FUT as the first step might be good idea to maximize donor retention. My only concern with FUT is the scar as I’d like to cut my hair short at the back. I’m also a little worried about recovery time and pain compared to FUE.
  6. aside from the pluginess, which was where medicine/tech was at that time, what was the point of doing such small sessions?
  7. Absolutely stellar. You should be over the moon and it's early. Awesome work!
  8. Looks great buddy, right on track! I'm also a blondie so it's neat seeing results from folks with similar hair characteristics. You'll be heavy in the growth stage by the time summer rolls around - should be feeling pretty good! I'm jealous you managed to get it done during the pandemic, never will there be a better time!
  9. Mustang- Everything you said makes sense, except for the last point. How can Topical Dutasteride be safer than topical finasteride? I've been using oral fin for the past 15 years. No sides, and its slowed my hair loss. Would adding Topical fin or Topical Dut to my oral use of Finasteride add any value?
  10. Great post Rishi and I agree, this community is the best. Can you please share more photos of your donor area? I usually tell my patients to stabilize their hair loss with oral finasteride and either oral minoxidil or topical minoxidil. See how your hair loss progresses for about 6 months to 1 year on these meds. If you're having side effects from the oral formulation, then hop on topical dutasteride. Based on those photos you've shared, I think you'll need about 2,500 grafts to fortify the frontal aspect of your scalp. Please feel free to reach out to my anytime here or via privat
  11. Hello Everyone, Long time lurker (4 Years+) who has read through a lot of the posts and want to start off by saying that this is one of the best communities on the internet! And not just for hairloss. Kudos to moderators and frequent contributors for keeping it that way for so long! And the care, thoughtfulness and diligence in answering even the most inane or redundant of questions is amazing! That's why I know for a fact that any solution(s) I choose and doctor(s) I pick will be based on the guidance from this community! I am a 39 year old male and sporadic male pattern baldn
  12. +1 I wish I didnt have to use product but if I didnt the transplanted hair sits strangely and doesnt look entirely natural. God id love to be low maintenance where the only I time I spend on my appearance is brushing my teeth. Threads like these help because you it gives options on what might be good
  13. Everyone’s hair is different. I’m Jewish by birth so I have very wiry frizzy wavy hair. I hate it. Without any product it looks ridiculous and it can’t be styled well at any length. Some people have hair with great texture and consistency, others like myself don’t. I wish I had hair that didn’t require product Additionally, as this thread pointed out, if the right products are used it can make your hair look thicker, which is of great use to those of us here since this is a hair loss site.
  14. I find it interesting that so many men use products in their hair other than hair growth stuff like minoxidil. I have never used any hair product.
  15. Past 6 months it's mostly maturing at this point for the next 6 months. What that means is all those transplanted hairs will thicken up and create more density and coverage due to their thickening shafts. That also means it will start to blend in more with your existing hair.
  16. Hello everybody! So I had a hair transplant on August 14th of 2020. I had a little over 2200 grafts put into the front half of my scalp. I am very happy with my results thus far! I guess I was just wondering how much growth i should expect to have left. The hairs in the front are still a lil thin and wispy. Also in certain lighting they seem almost transparent in areas. Also my native hair behind that frontal band is thicker than the transplanted hair. Will it eventually match up and blend with the native hair. I realize I’m only (almost) 7 months. I put some before and after photos here for y
  17. And these are the picture of today, 53 days after the hairtransplant Have a nice day mates!
  18. Yessir, things look good. Tbh if it didn't shed soon I could probably walk around in public in next week or two without anybody noticing I had surgery. Will upload pics soon at 1 week mark. Side note had almost no pain for until day 5, then some pretty annoying but not unbearable pain in donor, and now a bit better. You were probably having procedure in the office when I stopped by for follow up visits! Glad things went well for you as well.
  19. Congrats! You’re nearing the one week mark then. Healing going well?
  20. Agreed. Thats what I'm thinking. Its a community. I'm happy to host someone who may be getting a procedure here in DC/MD/VA in one of my airbnbs or where I live. The practices near me are Lindsay in VA and Vogel in MD.
  21. Hey man. Just had a procedure with Dr. Nadimi as well and have an almost identical hairline design. 1500 grafts to mine however needed slightly less in mid-scalp/forelock area. I'll be following along your thread with great curiosity. I'd expect we will have similar results and will update my thread somewhat regularly as well!
  22. You have an amazing youtube channel. I am really enjoying a lot watching the progress and hoping the same for myself. Congratulations for the efforts on your youtube channel!
  23. I got bored listening to my own voice lol. That sounds brutal when you think of todays standards
  24. Topical Dutasteride works better than both oral and topical finasteride Topical Finasteride is as effective as oral Finasteride but has the same side effect profile as it becomes vascularized and goes sysmetic. Topical Dutasteride is the safest option and the most effective option with the most scalp DHT reduction and the less serum DHT reduction
  25. It really is a matter of supply and demand. In some younger patients, you’d rather save the grafts that could go into the crown for any future loss or for “higher priority” areas. The crown expands outwards too, so if it is transplanted before reaching its full loss, you end up with a halo like thinning around the borders and that doesn’t look natural. At least until then, the patient is restored from NW6 to Nw4 or 3V.
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