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  2. Thank you for your reply. Does name brand matter or generic okay? Also did you start on 1mg right away? I’m just asking cause I was recommended to start on .5mg and then work my way up to 1. Just wanting to get your thoughts on it. That’s awesome if it can thicken one’s hair, my biggest worry has been that finasteride makes hairloss worse for some reason. I only have a thinning hairline and no bald spots but I guess my fear is that I’ll look worse after taking it than before(if that’s makes sense)
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  4. i am scared too much of impotence and no erections... i think i will go with minoxodil 1 month before and till 12 months after operation. and then also later probably. as i readed shock loss is possible, but the hair grows back, or do i understand wrong? i talked with two guys who had hair transplant and have amazing results and didnt take finesteride, only minoxodil Will shock loss hair grow back? If shock loss does occur, it is almost always temporary. The hair that has been 'shocked' will start to grow back. This regrowth usually occurs anywhere from three to six months after the surgery.
  5. Yes. It will strengthen native hair and reduce the risk of shock loss. Many surgeons recommend starting on it at least twelve months before any surgery. The Finasteride might also thicken your hair and help fill in those areas on top of your head where the hair is thinning but not gone. I take mine in the morning. Just do whatever is easier for you.
  6. can you get finasterid online or do i need to get it at my doctor?
  7. So it’s best to take/try finasteride before a procedure? Does it strengthen the native hair and that’ll help with shock loss? Also what would the best time be to take finasteride, upon waking or before bed?
  8. Well, firstly six months isn't really a great enough timeline to see results on Minoxidil. Second, if you're not on Finasteride or a similar DHT blocker you're making a big mistake. You're increasing the risk of shock loss, almost guaranteeing more future loss, and ignoring an option that might make you reconsider having a transplant at all.
  9. So if we grow hair mid-length are signs of surgery become more noticeable? I like to get a very short haircut (military to hide temples) and then keep growing hair until its very long. Then cut again and repeat cycle. I like to experience all hair lengths. So that got me a bit worried, as I believed hair transplant is going to help me stop worrying constantly about how my hair looks...
  10. i tried minoxidil half year and nothing happened
  11. Well, this is based on my research if we want to look good/normal without anyone noticing any minor detail that hT was being done on us.... either keep hairs very long or cut them very very short - almost shaven i am choosing with the first option and growing them now onwards
  12. I said I’m gonna post once I get the bandage off and when I get my pics from the clinic
  13. Very interesting case: - Shows that ultimate density is not the holy grail for a natural result - People in their 50s still care about their hair - Giving his conservative hairstyle, I wonder why this patient was focused on FUE - The right/left view pics reveal that the angle of incisions change heavily within the first rows of the hairline (never seen it that clearly before and sorry for the lack of words) … the little things make a great result. +1 for the donor pics and some information about the harvesting method (manual, Waw,...)
  14. Update the list: Clinics I am aware using WAW now are: - Devroye (obviously) - Feriduni - PHC - Konior (at least sometimes) - Hasson & Wong
  15. On one hand, I imagine business is booming. All the videos on youtube showing HT procedures in detail, along with amazing results, has to be good for business. (These videos/results which have MILLIONS of views have me strongly considering a procedure myself.) On the other hand, people can visit places like Turkey and save $15,000-$25,000. How much do you think discounted places like Turkey are affecting US businesses? I notice US surgeons routinely host open Q&A events around the country, presumably to attract clients. If they had all the clients they wanted, why would they travel around? I also notice ads for some top surgeons showing up in my FB feeds. Maybe it's not booming after all? Thoughts?
  16. Hello everyone, thanks for the feedback and discussion but my goal wasn't to have a negative conversation about Dr. Diep as a Hair Transplant physician. Clearly he is a good doctor who is consistently producing good results otherwise he wouldn't be recommended on this forum nor would I have gone to him. As I stated previously, I would recommend him even after the results. Unfortunately we are a part of the percentage of people who sometimes don't get the result they expected but that doesn't change the fact that I was/am secure with the decision of going to Dr. Diep. With that being said, I still stand by my previous opinions about both of the procedures. I will pm Melvin and talk to him about the situation and we will go from there.
  17. Could be that your hair is cut so tight. Let it grow for a week or two. Do you intend to wear it the same way once the transplant is completed?
  18. Hi lasercap, That makes sense. My thinning is control to the typical areas. As you can see in my pictures my donor area is completely in tact.
  19. Guys, We need to keep this thread on topic. There is no relevance between surgical skill and schooling. In fact, this conversation has de-railed the patients concerns. Let’s keep this on track and focus on what matters which is the patients results.
  20. You still have a lot of hair! I agree with the other comments, if the drugs don't scare you, get on fin, and use minox, and after 4-6 months you might not want a HT anymore.
  21. See, this is the input I was looking for. Thank you for the insight Dr. yesplease
  22. Never heard of them, sorry. Now that you mentioned you will soon be a medical doctor, I'd say another option would be to save up money working two-three years and then go to the best in North America: H&W. But then again, a 5k session at their place might be too hefty even with a doctor's salary. And then the waiting... well, just wanted to throw the option in there. That is great and another testament of the power of this forum. Will be interesting to see how the Dr stands by his work.
  23. Are you serious? Finasteride is illegal in Norway? I’m assuming dutasteride is banned too then. How do they treat patients with enlarged prostates there?
  24. i respectfully disagree with this. now i’m not saying Dr. Diep doesn’t put out great work or isn’t a good med student/doctor. i’ve seen a ton of his good and not so good work. but your statement is like saying a lawyer from a lesser known/ranked law school can stack up and go head to head with a lawyer from harvard just because the graduates. schools and grades do matter to a degree. would you rather trust a top doctor who went to school at johns hopkins or a community college?
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