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  2. Pankcake- Can you please post a 12 month update? It's been about six months since your last post.
  3. Thanks for your comprehensive post. Do you live in South America? Have you consulted with Dr. Tykocinski of Brazil?
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  5. 24needmore

    Dr Sahar Nadimi

    Congrats OP! I'm taking the plunge with Nadimi this summer and I'm anxiously excited. Can you go into a little more detail about the procedure from start to finish? How has the pain been? Were you originally scheduled for 1680 or did she extract a little more as she saw fit?
  6. spex, all I can say is WOW. Are you complete and satisfied?
  7. UPDATE: I just got done with a consultation with DR. HECTOR GARCIA. The cost for the consultation came out to be $20.00, however he told me to forget about it as the ATM wasn't working and they didn't accept cards. I was told during my consultation that I have very poor (looking) donor area, and that my previous surgeries with Dr. Konior likely took my best grafts. It seemed like Dr. Garcia has a bleak outlook on how successful we can be moving forward with my hair transplants. I DID APPRECIATE THE HONESTY AND A GOOD SIGN HE'S NOT JUST TRYING TO GET GET A QUICK BUCK. He suggested around 1000 grafts and then I was provided a quote of around $4,200 USD. I thought the quote had been a mistake as I know NOBODY in Colombia is paying that much money for 1000 grafts, but it was correct. I sent a message to inquire as to why I was being charged that and I was told because my donor area was difficult to extract from and was going to take careful attention.... SUMMARY: I think Dr. Garcia is likely a good surgeon, however I think he tried to give me "gringo" pricing which I didn't much appreciate as I'm Colombian and know better. STAY TUNED FOR MY OTHER CONSULTATIONS!
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  9. Thanks for the comments guys! The hair shaft diameter was less than average, chart notes indicate he has "fine" hair. Therefore more grafts were able to be placed in the relatively small area but not a stretch from what we're able to accomplish in most cases as far as high density where required. I think this is of some interest as I would have guessed based on the photos the hair to have a larger shaft diameter. A testament to Dr. Hasson's rare ability to create this type of density and result with fine hair. Here are some additional "Intra-OP" pics taken about halfway or more into the procedure. The post-op donor pic doesn't show much due to his hair length but his density was good and there's not any noticeable decrease in volume and density.
  10. I was still looking not good at my 9 week mark. Don't worry, it's all part of the recovery. There's a Teddy Roosevelt quote: Comparison is the their of joy. Don't get down. The growth cycle has barely begun. I think month 3, week 12 or so for you, is when I began to be happy with what I saw in the mirror. Each day since has been an improvement on that. I sympathize with you on others noticing your HT. My redness is lightening, but still "obvious" if you know what you're looking for. As for the scalp numbness, mine has 90-95% gone away at this point. At your point of two months, it was about 60%. It's normal. So what you're going through is the ugliest phase, and it gets better. Keep the spirits up!
  11. I understand your situation, in that, you have the opportunity to be located near a(hopefully a recommended!) Surgeon you trust and like. You also want to not hold off unnecessarily for this procedure due to dating and (for me, maybe I'm too fearful though) not being looked at as too old for jobs. If it we're me in your shoes, I'd get the surgery and worry about the costs later. Great job on saving, so now you have some options on how to pay for the surgery. You can ask for advances on your birthday or Christmas presents from friends and family. Tell them this is very important to you and you've done your research. You can pay for half of it with a check (debit transaction) and the other half on credit. Make minimum payments (usually on 2000 euros it'll be around 50 euro per month - I'm using American credit card examples, so maybe it's vastly different in Europe, but I doubt it) each month until you get a job after or during university. You can take a personal loan, it may be much more favorable or slightly worse than the above Credit card method. Note: do not use cash advance loans. Also: if you have a car or vehicle somewhere you're not using (since you're geographically away from it for university) sell it. It may cost you a monthly insurance payment and registration payment, even when you're not using it. I'm a big supporter of using your time and money wisely. It sounds like you have a lot more potential positives from the HT than you do financial negatives. Again, if you have the housing and travel figured out, (and surgeon picked), do it! I'm pretty good with budgeting and planning, but what's most important is finding a surgeon you trust and is happy to help you. Money is the easier part to solve.
  12. Hi Lenney, Thank you for the kind words. I think you are referring to the area in the frontal hairline I started behind? I like doing this when possible. The patient has a standalone transplanted hairline built behind it. So if and when he does lose it, he will not have a hole or anything like that. It will just look like the center part of his hairline is a little higher and in line with the rest. And you can see it is miniaturizing and will likely thin completely -- leaving him with the scenario I described above. In the meantime, however, we can use it to his advantage as it adds extra irregularity to the hairline and takes advantage of those very fine singles which are often even softer than those we select for the frontal line during a transplant. It adds an extra degree of naturalness to the result. You could use this tuft as the starting height for the hairline. However, I think it may have been a little low for his specific case. In other patients, no problem; for him, however, we want to err on the side of caution and start high with the hairline. Once everything is settled, we could always do some more frontal work and bring this down to that level. But remember: you can always go a little lower with a higher hairline later, but it is very, very difficult to raise a hairline started too low -- not to mention the number of grafts used to create it that low which are much better spent elsewhere and may not survive the "raising" and redistributing process.
  13. If you click on the images, it blows up and you can see it larger. Yeah, I have absolutely zero regrets. It's coming in nicely and I'm getting a couple of questions from closer friends asking what I did. Saying I look 10 years younger with it like this, etc... I honestly think because of the process and care Dr. Nadimi and her staff puts into the procedure, it has made such a great result. I've always been a really, really quick healer, so I think that helps too. But their process of taking care of the recipient site resulted in small scabbing and as I detailed earlier in this post, I followed the instructions pretty closely. I tried to get the scabs and crusting off as soon as I could. That obviously goes better when it's wet, so I'd lather up shampoo and lay the soap bubbles on it for like 20 minutes and then pour water over it out of my hand. I was doing that 1-2 times a week until I was allowed to massage my head. I see posts about people traveling to other countries to save a couple thousand dollars and the such. I could never imagine doing that. #1 if they screwed up, you'd have no recourse. #2 this is a big deal. If it's not done right, then you have to pay more to get it fixed, if possible. But paying 9k vs 5k is not a big enough difference to risk it. I would 100% recommend Dr. Nadimi. No questions. Her artistry is really good as everything is laying nicely, which I think is obviously what we're all after. Good luck all.
  14. Melvin-Moderator

    Just had FUE at the Chicago Hair Institute

    Thanks for updating us with your progress everything looks on track🙂
  15. Looking good mate, thanks for the update. Any chance you could post some larger pics/close ups? You must be pleased with how it's coming along, any comments so far?
  16. wheredidmyfolliclesgo

    3500 Scheduled with Dr. Cinik 12/12

    Your advice is true, and I wish I could follow it. However, the only reason I'm in a place to get a HT at all is because I'm getting a scholarship to study abroad, and I'll be in the area. So transportation costs are eliminated. And as I'm sure you know hotels are included with HT costs in Turkey. I have just enough saved for a 2500euro HT, but any more will cause a serious strain. If I wait, I'll have to save for transport AND the possible extra money anyway. That won't be for a few years down the line and I want to have every advantage I can get while still in the college dating pool. As someone who left to work once, I know dating gets a lot harder after college.
  17. Week 9 Update- Week 9 completed as of now. So I am in the mid of shedding phase. No new growth yet. Most of the hair have shed and I see just one or two hair in my hand while applying night minoxidil. Numbness is present in recipient area Thing that is strange is , from the very beginning my office colleagues are able to notice my hair transplant , many have commented on it. Don't know why. It is embarrassing to deny them. Don't know why ,maybe I went bald suddenly , maybe because I wore a black bandana for some days in office , But it is strange since most people who have got it done from a good doc claim that their HT went unnoticeable
  18. This advice is universal: Be careful of making life altering decisions over 1000 euros. Money comes and goes, your surgery will be forever. Don't change your preferred HT or your preferred hairline over 1000 euros. Take on some credit card debt, take a loan, or save until you can afford it. It's not worth sacrificing your appearance for such a trivial amount (of your lifetime earnings). And if we're being philosophical, you'll probably end up getting the surgery you want eventually anyway in the form of a second HT. You'll spend more in the end this way, more than what would initially only cost an additional 1000. Plus, are you or have you booked tickets and hotels? Are you figuring that into the cost? It's another couple hundred Euros minimum. Best of luck, there's no rush. You can save money through thorough planning.
  19. Not acceptable man. Im approaching 6 months post op from asmed and am in a similar position. They offer a 90% growth guarantee as well. If you don't get 90% they offer to fix it for free
  20. Great result. Did the patient mention anything about the persistent tuft of hair in the front? The likelihood of him loosing that tuft in next several years is very high: was it possible to have incorporated the tuft as a sort of "widow's peak" hairline? In a way that looks good as a hairline now, and again should he lose the tuft? Or was the tuft too far off center, and would not have worked as a natural hairline? Life changing result regardless, great job!
  21. 30 year old man NW IV A Goals : Frontal hair line + 1/3 frontal area Treatment before the surgery :Finasteride 1mg started 5 months before the intervention Total FU's : 2991 Numbers of follicular units placed : I hair : 525II hairs : 991III hairs : 1212IV hairs : 260V hairs : 3H/G : 2,41 ScottRepresentative and patient advisor for MedikemosWebsite: https://medikemosclinic.com/en/ Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MHairTransplantationPhone: +447855544669
  22. 7 weeks in and I would say 95% of the hairs shed between weeks 3-5. I’ve been applying aloe Vera to the recipient area every night as it’s still pink but better then what it was, but I know the second month is one of the hardest months. I can see new hairs coming through within the past 2 weeks. I’ve also taken a photo of the donor area.
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