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  2. Hey, I'm new here. I started taking finasteride a month ago. I'm also on a bunch of other things for hairloss. I would say currently I'm a NW2 but my temple points are set WAAAAY too back which REALLY bothers me a lot. So that's why, I'm 23, at the age of 25 I'm going to get a hair transplant to restore a NW1 straight-across hairline. My question: Is it possible to only restore the NW1 position of the temple points instead of also lowering the hairline thus decreasing the size of the forehead? I'm attaching a picture to explain what I'm trying to ask and achieve. My hair's wet in the picture, when dry or styled it's really dense so my only issue is the receeded temples, no diffuse thinning Edit: I meant obviously only bringing the temple points forward into a NW1 position, not all the way down to the eyebrows, that'd be impossible lol I'm trying to achieve a square hairline basically
  3. YES! I'm not alone weirdo guy that always experiments haha
  4. Agree, there's so many great surgeons in the world and it's impossible to know everyone. But overall if you are researching well you will find what you need!
  5. Gentle reminder for today’s online Q&A session: We are pleased to inform you that Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal are going live on YouTube today, 4th April, Saturday, at 8 pm. They will be discussing modern updated hair transplantation procedures, aesthetic hairline creation, failed/repair procedures, grade 7 cases, beard hair transplants, eye brows, eyelashes, PRP, Exosomes and many more subjects. We are welcoming everyone who are researching upon the subject for a live Q&A session. Please use this link :https://bit.ly/3bNz2VQ
  6. Ok thank you for your reply and il keep the up.date of donor area on here and the response of the clinic if its dosnt change after only having 1090 grafts 👍
  7. That SMP was too low on the sides. It looks like the transplanted hairline was done at the same place as the SMP probably because there wasn't a lot of choice at that point which makes the transplanted hairline too low. So now you used 5300 grafts just to get a frontal hairline. What are you going to do once the mid scalp and crown go, which it looks like are already thinning? You are getting into a situation where you will run out of donor grafts and ending up with a thick, low hairline and not much else.
  8. Morning guys Thank you for all the reply Few of you asked for pictures before my first hair transplant. I must say I've started loose my hair pretty young. I've tried a few solutions before my first hair transplant. I've had SMP first. ( I thought I wanted a bald look for all my life). I lasted one summer then I got sick of it. I then purchase a wig(was about 1000$)result was good but it was too munch maintenance. I wasn't able to swim and be active. Plus it was really ankward during intimate situation with girls. I then decided transplant was the way to go. Anyway here's a few pictures. It's not pretty I am warning you. At that time I had a wig and let my hair grew underneath. There was no way I could walk around balding with SMP. The first set of pictures are my SMP , then me with a wig , then me before my first hair transplant. I also included picture of my hair under harsh sunlight witch was the reason for the second transplant If you guys have any questions feel free to ask Cheers
  9. Thank gillenator appreciate the kind words. I have made a post with a few pics from before my first hair transplant at the bottom
  10. Can you explain why it's always risky ? I am well aware of the transection factor when you dense pack. This is also the reason I went with Dr Hasson . Is there any other reason why grafts would of die ? And yes you are right. The ugly ducking phase is awfull. My self esteem is pretty low right now. I can't wait for my hairs to grow back. I hope it it's going to be one of my last hair transplant. It's a huge draw back from social life
  11. Now I am worried hahah. I've done my research like all of us before going to a second transplant. Dr Hasson is quite reputed for hairline work as well as dense packing. Why is it a major risk ?
  12. I don't claim to know much about it, but if a Doctor tried to add more density by adding grafts, isn't there a danger of transecting the existing transplanted hairs.?
  13. I think it will start to be more of a thing in the near future for women to do. Wigs have been so popular for years that I feel like now with how advanced the practice has been for men, that women will become more curious as well. Granted I think with wigs or having a multitude of hair style to cover a receding hairline is a huge benefit for them to have. It's something I feel like won't be left off the table. There just needs to be more marketing and ads of women, encouraging other women to undergo the surgery.
  14. I also haven't used shampoo in several years and have noticed a big difference in how my hair feels. A lot less oily/greasy and just feels more natural. I've wondered if certain shampoos did more harm than good.
  15. Sorry to hear this. Three months is too early to say and you will have a better idea at the 6 month mark but can't really say anything until 9 months to be honest. The redness fades with time and the speed of that depends on your biology, surgeon skill and how well you followed post-surgery protocol. I understand you are concerned but unfortunately hair transplants don't work that way and the only thing you can do is wait now, which is also not what you want to hear.
  16. World class clinic. Sever is involved in the extraction of the strip and Laura makes the incisions and oversees the implants. Sever said she is much better at the incisions than him and it makes sense because the OP's post surgery pics are very clean and my own pics, a bigger case than the OP's, are also very clean (check my thread out). Looking good and on track. Excellent choice of clinic too - well done. I had mine done there 18 months ago. If you are curious, I have made a post on here with my story and you can see my result. I think it is the most advanced story you will see on this site from this clinic as everybody else was a few months behind me on going to Hattingen. Please check out my thread and let me know what you think.
  17. COVID-19 cancelled my travel plans to the clinic in March for my final review and to have the final result photos taken. When this is all over, I will be arranging another trip over and I will post the photos then. Sorry about this!
  18. Don't go to the third world just to save some money. Eugenix is a good clinic, from the results I have seen, but they are definitely not considered the best in the world for megasessions. How many grafts are you getting for your $12-14k at Bosley and Maxim Hair (which you shouldn't go to)? I don't know what Dr Bloxham charges, but I would seriously recommend that you consult with him first as you are in NY, even if you do not decide to go with him. I am not sure how much H&W cost. 12k euros/$12.5k will get you 4000 grafts with Hattingen and then the rest of your budget can be for flights and a hotel. You will need more than one transplant, regardless of who you go to. This is not something you want to go cheap on. I was in Istanbul in In February and the amount of shite hair transplants walking around the place was amazing. And also sad as pretty much every one of them I saw without exception will need a corrective procedure in a year or two. This will mean it will cost twice as much for a result that is half as good. Save up or go with a quality surgeon or adjust your expectations accordingly.
  19. Don't go to Bosley or Maximhair. If you are staying in NY then definitely check out @Dr Blake Bloxham . He even posts on this site so you could ask him questions on here before contacting him personally. Really good results but does not do mega sessions which I think you want/need H&W are the obvious candidate for FUT megasessions as you are already in North America. Hattingen Hair are also world class and also specialists in FUT megasessions but are based in Switzerland, so you'd have to travel. Dr Sever does Skype consultations. I had mine done here and you can see my 9 month results on a post I did. It has actually be 18 months but when I was going to go to the clinic for my final check up and for the final result photos last month, COVID-19 hit.
  20. 1) He said he wants FUT - why are you saying to go FUE just to plug your favourite doctor in the whole world? 2) He is a tricky case with diffuse thinning and FUT is definitely the right thing for him 3) What are you basing your expert suggestion of "FUE and beard" on? You haven't even seen his beard. My guess is the only motive behind this expert suggestion is linked to my first question above. 4) Eugenix are considered the best in the world for megasessions by who?!?! You? H&W say hello by the way.
  21. Yes, he did tell me of the change on my second. He told me he has a good success rate on this system. Although I thought I did good before. On my third we looked on his computer as he had that usb Tool to magnified my density in front. He showed me a area that was never extracted from. The density was almost exact to my natural hair. He said this will be tough to put another 1800 in the front but he was up for the challenge. He also said he would try and get doubles but because this is my third , the singles grafts he would try and place them real close to mimic a double graft. 2550 grafts on my third and the rest after the 1800 in front went to my crown.
  22. so did he use a motorized waw for your second and third?
  23. Yes that’s all true. It definitely took a while on my first procedure. But the extraction part on the second and third seemed quick. I did take notice the time difference.
  24. Thanks for your suggestion, Melvin. I'll surely contact them.
  25. Melvin, are you mexican? Some of my darker skinned mexican friends have insane hair.
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