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  2. Wow @AB2000this looks phenomenal! Contrast makes a big difference in the appearance of fullness. Your FUE scars are not even noticeable! Enjoy the hair....
  3. Just wanted to return to this thread with two new photos for perspective on the hair in question. In one of the photos the small portion of the thinning hair, which I believe is in fact the "lateral hump", which grows downward along with the rest of the side hair, and is basically connected to the sides, is shown to be separated from the rest of my sides. The separation is very easy to do as there is clearly some thinning going on around it unlike the rest of the very dense side hair/donor area. Then in the other photo I comb the portion of the hair into the sides which by nature it wants
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  5. @T95good I did just see your post after I posted😀. Thanks. I will follow your posts. Hopefully everything works out well for you.
  6. It’s not true, but they are in the process of developing a topical. Lol at the name of the site. It’s 2021 no cure in site.
  7. I've been on oral dutasteride for over a year before becoming a patient of Dr. Hassons. As I have no sides his advice was for me to continue on oral dutasteride.
  8. Thanks. Yeah when I part it on the side like normal, it looks like I have a full head of hair as my hair is relatively thick on the side of the crown. Parted down the middle of course exposes the most crown.
  9. Hi @Mark WolferI stumbled on this article https://www.hairlosscure2020.com/dr-hasson-ditches-oral-finasteride-and-switches-to-topical/ that Hasson doesn't prescribe oral Finasteride anymore. Is it true? Did he say anything to you when you mentioned you would continue your Fin regimen?
  10. I think that white stuff is the antibiotic they use, but I could be wrong
  11. Hi, the shampoo that I have use is Kelual DS of Ducray. The truth that has helped me to remove the wounds and dandruff. Thank you for your positive comment! A hug!
  12. If it makes you feel better I went to HLC and about to hit Month 5 with Slow growth (hopefully just slow) you can see my post in the surgeon review thread.
  13. What do you expect out of surgery? Because you will never have a full head of hair. The crown will have to be bald.
  14. Sorry completely forgot about the picture with looking down. Just added it into this post. I've been shaving for about 2 or 3 years now. Always had longer hair but my hair started receding early in my age. I'm not taking any stuff and never did. I thought about finasteride but I'm not sure as I heard some people get terrible side effects. Not using any medications. I'm not using any medications. Thought about finasteride but not sure as I heard that you might get side effects. I don't think that look suits me. Well I would definitely concentrate on the front fir
  15. I 100% agree that normal people will not look closely. I just think Diep could be an even better surgeon if he follows the natural disorder of graft placements so if there are "thinner" areas, then it won't be as noticeable. This is still a really good result and Diep is able to get great density. However, top surgeons should perfect both graft placement in the scalp and hairline, especially with the price Diep charges.
  16. Hey, I have a question regarding your fin regime. I want to apply as low dosage as needed and also was wondering about taking it just once per week. Is it working for you? And what dosage do you take?
  17. Minoxidil does not alter any hormones. Libido can be low for various reasons, but not minoxidil.
  18. I agree I don’t see any issues with his hair at all it looks freakin thick as hell I’d trade him anyday only nitpick i can see is the hair is a little thinner on left side.
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