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  2. @duchaine I don’t want to harm someone’s business with out the finish product on a public forum. I will admit there was some things I didn’t like about the clinic but also there were some things I did like. But if someone private messaged me asking me who it was out of stress because they didn’t want to go to that Clinic I would of course tell them. I picked this clinic because of of someone’s YouTube video from their fantastic results hoping I too would get the same. But I will say it’s not Cinik. If that helps anyone.
  3. This is complexity selfish. You are sharing your experience with other people, that are supporting you with their experiences and their knowledge. A forum is a a two way street: you keep something here and you should give something back. Naming names is the best way to orientate other people looking for an hair transplant surgeon. "Im not going to shame yet" You are not defaming anybody if you show your pics and say where you got your op. Every person, looking at pics, can make his own idea and take his decision.
  4. Demirsoy only uses his techs for implantation. Extraction and slits are done by himself. E.g. Feriduni which is well known also uses techs. All depends on experience and skills of the techs used....
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  6. This does not seem to me to be "work" of Cinik.
  7. @ahglet none of the doctors you mentioned are on the same level as Dr. Arika. Bhatti has several bad results in this forum. Doganey was kicked out of this forum due to bad results and being unethical to his patients (ex:re-using needles). Asmed is having some subpar results lately probably because the surgery is being performed by technicians and not by Dr. Erdogan. I won’t even waste time discussing Civas. If you want Turkish doctors that you can compare to Dr. Arika then you have to look at Dr. Keser (3.5€/graft) and Dr. Pekiner (2.15€/graft) they both do the whole surgery and have 1 patient per day. If want a cheaper option you have Dr. Demirsoy at 1.25€/graft he also has just 1 patient per day but he uses techs for part of the surgery. If you can afford it book Keser, Pekiner or Arika.
  8. Thanks. I should clarify that I’m looking for a place to get it without a prescription.
  9. Hello Fluff. Your recipent is looking really good. The redness is normal, and it will fade away week by week. Well done on removing the crusts, it's a big step forward. Your doner area looks really clean and is healing well. Yes the Aloe Vera Gel for your doner area has great healing properties. You will be finished your medication, so you can relax now as your grafts are well and truly anchored at this point in time. If you check in on my thread their is some great tips and advice for you on your journey. All the best Fluff ....Paddy....
  10. @LonelyGraft like I said in my first post I’m not going to name and shame yet...
  11. Obviously, not a short time after My situation, to make it more clear: just passed 4 months post OP, still withholding for a haircut at the 6 months mark (had about 2750 FUE, mostly temples and frontal) Was thinking to dye my hair white/blonde at a reputable hair salon (to minimize damages due to the human factor, if any) Are there any risks involved, given that I had a HT and perhaps the hairs are more sensitive to such procedures? Also, if no problem, at what time am I most definitely safe to do so? Open to any experiences. Thanks! Bonus question, did your barber notice any differences after your HT?
  12. Very nice points Brings me back to this idea, which I thought of about before but was not sure of how to word it; hair transplant is such an important and taxing (including emotionally, as well as time-wise) process for us, yet other people, as in your example, might as well not notice it at all I'd say that younger people with hair or the ones lucky to preserve it naturally would pay attention to your transformation/contrast the least; all will still marvel the end results (as in, if you are going towards NW 1-ish hairline)
  13. Costco online pharmacy. $19 for a 3 month supply. And you can get the 1mg Finasteride to avoid having to quarter.
  14. In India you have 2 good clinics I know, that use microscopes and do great BHT, I bet your terrible experience was in a generic clinic. I had FUE in both times, on my repair most of the donor area was from near my ears, luckily Arenamed didn't touch it, I have strong grafts near my ears.
  15. You are forbidden from looking at yourself in any mirror for another 6 months. Obsessing and stressing over it will only lead to more than normal shedding. Typically the first growth starts at about 3-4 months with very fine caliber hair. The shaft then matures with time. I've seen cases in which the patient saw little to no change until a year after. These "late" bloomers can take 18 or more months to fully mature. Shampoo only cleans hair and does nothing to promote retention, enhancement or growth. Some shampoos contain Rogaine in them and, thus, can promote some type of improvement. Rely on Propecia, Rogaine, Laser and PRP.
  16. Days 8-10 Post Op On Sunday, day 8, I finally took a shower and began to work off the scabs. At first it was very difficult, and I didn't want to push it too much. When your scalp is numb it's difficult to gauge how much friction you're applying to the scalp. This makes the process a bit tricky. I contacted Dr. Arika, and she said it was fine to work them off slowly over a few days. On day 2, I wrapped my transplant area with warm, moist gauze and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then I shampooed with J&J infant shampoo and let it sit for another 10 minutes. Then I applied a little more pressure in trying to remove the scabs. In doing so, I had 2 transplanted hair shed in my hand. I immediately stopped and rinsed off. I then proceeded to work the scabs off in front of the mirror very gently with 1 finger. Using the mirror was a big help, and I didn't experience anymore shedding. Today I did a shorter soak and followed the scab removal technique from yesterday. I had no shedding and was able to remove most of the remaining scabs. My scalp is pretty red at the moment. It's almost like I got a sunburn. My donor area is recovering slowly, but appears to be doing fine. There's a bit of discomfort, but I'm following @paddyirishman advice and applying aloe vera to the area. Seems to be helping. Pictures are from this morning. My staff thinks I look good with a buzzcut. I rocked a blue surgical cap for a week, so my entire team knows that I got a transplant. I didn't try to hide the fact. Just owned it. Doing so has been incredibly freeing. Side note: The post op literature that Eugenix gives says that you can resume heavy weight lifting after 7 days. Today I had to move a piece of furniture in the office and didn't think twice about it. The weight was around 35lbs if I had to guess. I moved it only a sort distance, but it required me to bend over and strain. Since doing so, my transplant area has been pulsing. It's been over an hour and this sensation hasn't subsided. I've reached out to Dr. Arika, and she says there is nothing to worry about. This feeling in my head, however, is a bit disconcerting. I've been so careful this entire time. Moral here is to take it easy. Don't do anything that might jeopardize the investment even if the post op guidelines say otherwise. The subsequent feelings of paranoia aren't worth it ;). Hope you're all having a great day! - Fluff
  17. I had a terrible hair transplant experience at Medlinks, Delhi, India. They damaged my donor and designed an unnatural hairline. Completely destroyed my life. I have been depressed for 2 years and struggle to leave my house. Your post gives me hope that someday I'll be able to get back my life too. Wishing you the best OP! Can you please share pictures of your donor now? Did you have FUE or FUT repair?
  18. Hey Nightcrawler, Thanks for your message, The effect im after is nuking DHT at its root so none binds to AR. Ive seen some great results with 0.5mg dutasteride a day and im still far off that dosage. 2.5 mg fin is not as effective as 0.5 dutasteride by a Longshot since Dutasteride blocks both type I and II 5a reductase. I have come to believe that DHT is not good for us at all and should be eradicated it has some negative effects including hirsutism, acne and hairloss. I also suffered with really bad acne theough my teenage years. Many people are on 5mg daily finasteride for prostate issues so its a common dose too. I understand where you are coming from though. The side effects are in our heads.
  19. Please keep in mind that a higher dose does not mean that the effect is better/higher, especially when combining DHT inhibitors. On the other hand the chance to get negative side effects could increase. Take care of you!
  20. Yeah most of the procedure was around the frontal. But yes some on middle scalp. Im an extremist by nature and want to get the most out of everything. This will eventually kill me... but its how I am. It had led to great wins and lossess in my life. Attached image is of my HT. In middle scalp there isnt any dense packing but yes some grafts were put there. I dont know the thought of re gaining hair through meds is still a little abstract and hard to gauge for me, hence why am going hard to see if possible...hopefully in few months everything will come together and I will stop wearing the dreaded cap that I hate so so much.
  21. I agree for temples but you got Ht in the middle scalp too and I can swear you could recover with medication, especially considered that you are not afraid to be such extreme
  22. Its close to impossible to regain temples. They are the hardest to re gain. Even people on full trans hrt regimen with big Estrogen doses and oral spiro, cypro etc hardly ever get temples back, this is why I decided to restore frontal with FUE and use meds for mid scalp and vertex. I have gone this route because I cannot wait any longer, im 25 and hairloss has dominated my life for a long time so if im lucky and get the vertex to fill in ill have decent hair. Thats all i really want, to be me again. Ill do body hair to crown FUE if this doesnt work, but im not looking forward to that at all. Hopefully ill get some native hair come back at front too will make it extra thick. Just wishful thinking at this point.
  23. @Blackweasel just wondering why you had HT before take these medications. Considering you are growing hair beyond your hairline, I suppose you could get your native hair just using this "extreme" hair loss treatment.
  24. Worst sides ive had thus far are with Minoxidl as since I derma roll and apply straight after it regularly goes systematic. Ive had bloated eyes, water retention causing weight gain and black eye circles. I am probs using a little more than I should, a cap ful twice daily shouldnt be an extreme amount tho. I dont care about sides and really dont want to be bald. Alopecia f&$@ sucks!!!
  25. Im currently on 2.5mg finasteride and saw palmetto. Ive been waiting for Dutasteride to arrive for a while and am keen as hell to get on 0.5mg weekly and go up from there. This is the second time ive taken finasteride. 1st time was when I was 18 after I destroyed my hair with anabolic steroids. I carry the guilt of causing this problem or atleast pre maturely causing it. It gave me erectile dysfunction the first time but I constantly thought about it 24/7. This time I couldnt care less and havent had the problem again. Im also on double the dose and some days I take more like a whole 5mg. I think the sides are really in our heads, atleast in most cases. I also crush fina and use with Minoxidl. I do have some brain fog but classic ganj* fogs me out so its the cure there, makes me extra fogged
  26. @Blackweasel Maybe I'm wrong. At the moment, you are on fina 2.5 daily + data, right? What about sides?
  27. Estrogen is off the books, I highly value being muscular and having a male physique with nice chest and biceps. I also really really dont want Gyno at all costs. That would really suck. Im heterosexual so dont want to look like a woman. I still dont know if this will work or not but there seems to be alot of tiny hairs that seem stunted and grow much smaller, maybe it just needs time. I will be trying topical spironolactone as topical gives no sides or so ive been told. I will be adding 5mg daily oral minoxidl soon but may start at 2.5mg and increase slowly. Bicatulamide is one that interests me but need more research about it, also got Cypro but dont think ill ever use it. Also dutasteride is on the way, and ill sure as hell be using that + finasteride oral and topical + topical spiro, saw palmetto, oral and topical minoxidl etc etc etc
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