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  2. 💯 This! I had five strip surgeries (plus one scar reduction) before I ventured into FUE. I needed every graft and then some. I will say that I'm glad FUE's yield rates have drastically improved over the past decade. Arguments about the viability of FUE grafts really dominated the forum back in the day.
  3. Proven how exactly? I don't mean to sound harsh but I get the impression that we repeat "truths" without actually thinking what's the basis of them. Sure, FUE is a much complex procedure so it would be very hard to competently extract 9,000 grafts in a single day, probably impossible with current tools. But good doctors can spread it between two consecutive days with no apparent problem. Also why nobody talks about the donor hairs lost because FUT strip cuts, stitches and scars? How many hairs are lost there? With FUE we don't have that problem.
  4. Thanks for the reply so quickly. Money isn't the driving factor but i am gauging whether an additional 4,500 euros would be a significantly better result. Another option who came back to me after an online consultation would be Dr Maras at HDC. Have people seen positive results from him on here?
  5. Hey cnkp21! Sorry for not updating this thread, in the end HDC accepted me and I'll have the procedure done on Monday 30th November. Well, they said they need to lower the hairline to create the zigzags and were unsure if I have enough space, they also needed more pictures of the thin areas to make sure it's possible to transplant through them. Sorry to hear you're in a similar position. So you contacted a clinic and they turned you down?
  6. In all honesty if it doesn't come down to money I would say Bisanga hands down. His hairline designs etc are the best in the business. If money is a factor than I would be on a plane to Porto as you will get an excellent result from Ferreira.
  7. Single operator studies have low reproducibility and are of lesser value.
  8. I don't think you can go wrong with Dr Bisanga if that's who you want. Very good results from him. Just be realistic in your expectations of what to expect from a HT. I'm sure to the general public, your hair post-HT with him will look natural and good without any evidence work was done, but to yourself... we are our own worst critics. I personally had mine done with Dr Ferreira a couple of weeks ago and can't fault it so far, but it is early days for me. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  9. Although these boards tend to focus on very large HTs, your donor may not support it. 3k is a decent amount of grafts and if you fill in the front and top you may have a good result and walk away a winner. Do not overharvest your donor-that will lead to ruin.
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  11. His results look wonderful and impressive,but... Nobody can be sure what these people will look like in 10 or 15 years from now.As we all know hairloss is an ongoing process that never stops. Given that fact,extracting such a massive number of grafts via fue can only mean one thing :that the extraction took place out of the safe area.Which means that many of these grafts will not survive in the long term. If a donor area can give ,lets say 7500 grafts via fue ,they should not be taken all in one procedure,but in smaller ones.Each procedure should give not more than 2500 grafts.T
  12. So then it's shit cheap clinics fault, not a problem with the method itself, no? I assume shitty clinics botch FUT procedures too so that's not a fair comparison.
  13. If those scars don't affect the adjacent follicles and the extractions are done in spread out pattern, then why it is a problem?
  14. Hi, i have during the past month been extensively researching Hair transplant surgeons/ clinics, as a bit of a background i've been quoted 2500-3500 grafts for a frontal restoration as im a NW3, i really want it densely packed with the most natural looking hairline as possible (I'm sure this what everyone is after?). Originally i wanted to stay in the UK but after many consultations i have decided this is not a route due to poor results for extortionate costs and very poor customer service from the patient advisors or even the surgeons. I have excluded the idea of going to Turkey due to all th
  15. Certainly. But it seems to me that I have read somewhere, that being part of the IHRS does not require anything special except the payment of a membership fee, and I think I have also read that some very respectable surgeons, who have produced results beautiful in their ht, they are not part of it, but again, I'm not sure, some veteran member of the forum can deny me?
  16. Smoking is a bad habit and it will definitely have a bad impact on your hair, so I think it would be better if you quit smoking.
  17. Hello my friend,first of all how old are you?Are you on any medication? You need to find a good doctor to assess your donor area. You can have a big session via strip and then if more grafts can be extracted you can go down the fue road. Your donor looks a bit weak so you must have it carefully examined by a good doctor before you decide to do something,and then come up with a conservative plan.
  18. Very wise observation. No hair is guaranteed no matter what we think but accelerated hair loss in that time to me would point to underlying issues.
  19. What date have you took the plunge, is there much of a delay with travel etc?
  20. Indeed there will always be a risk but the question we need to ask ourselves is what can we possibly do to minimize it. If a surgery performed by a good doctor leaves you with a result that doesn't meet your initial expectations you feel bad ,but at least you know that you chose the best and that what you got is the best you could get. Will someone be able to feel the same way if the surgery is done by techs or by a doctor who is not a known member in the ht community? I firmly believe that in the second case,you will be left with doubts as to how better things could have gone,h
  21. @Storyteller Everything exactly what you say in your post, but even if the doctor is a member of the ISHRS it is absolutely not a guarantee.
  22. Here is the thing..Personally i would never consider having an HT in any turkish clinic,no matter how good some of their results appear to be.Exception to that is dr Erdogan but only if the surgery is being done by him. It seems that hit or miss is the rule in turkish clinics,and while we all know that in every ht there is the possibility of something going wrong ,choosing a turkish clinic increases the chances of that.What i hate most in this type of clinics is the fact that you almost never get the ht done by a doctor himself but by their techs,and while they may be good and experienced
  23. @mustang Will it not be big difference on the donor if you use BHT and let it grows?
  24. To all high norwoods ..my advice would be always try and have some of your available grafts placed within the crown area to allow fibres to have something to grab on to .. pointless leaving the crown untouched if you plan on having concealers as part of your arsenal light sprinkling of fibres into crown in pic attached.
  25. Hi, I'm glad that you're doing your part to be safe to yourself and to others. Hang in there. This too will pass. :)
  26. Hi Guys, Quick update on the 4th day post-surgery, donor is recovering well. The recipient area, nothing to mention except I had some swelling around the eyes but it is disappearing. Your thoughts ?
  27. Don't buy into Dr. Zarev hype. He is one of the best surgeons, but it doesn't mean he consistently does 10,000 fue. It all depends on donor characteristics and if one has very high average hair per graft ratio, then of course it's easier to get more grafts in single session. Also let's not forget hair loss pattern. I was referring to NW7 where relatively small donor area is available. Since FUE requires to spread it out to extract more grafts in single session, this sets huge limits. Besides, Dr. Zarev is doing multiple fue sessions as well. If I recall his biggest is something around 7k
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