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  2. Honestly. If you are a Norwood 6 and require beard grafts then you really need to be looking at places like Eugenix who have mastered the art of extracting over 2k beard grafts (and a lot more) and placing these grafts to maximum natural affect in the recipient area. Along with this their work appears to be virtually scarless.
  3. To me, it would make only sense if you were losing ground on fin. Besides, NW3 at 41, you were making a great candidate for HT in my opinion
  4. I feel the more the better. Although I don't want to raise the dose to risk negative side effects, I may well drop down to 5mg if my blood pressure lowers etc Great results so far, I'd say 70-80% decrease in shedding
  5. @mustangthere is no one in the world (outside of the most 'hardened hair transplant nerds') that will ever pick that you have had FUE or any FUE scaring. Maybe do that third SMP final session (which is common place for SMP) but I honestly believe you don't need anymore surgery. It looks great man and I'm extremely happy for you! 👍
  6. When I was 18/19 it was people like Sting (and even Jack Nicholson) who gave me hope of hanging onto my receding hair. This was back in 1985! How they have still not gone the full Norwood 7 is beyond me. Yes they may have resorted to 5ARI's or minoxidil but back then this wasn't even an option.
  7. Yesterday It looks soo natural and so much better than before !! I might contact Mirko to do a small third session for the lower part we’re we barely touched it and will probably add some more BHT to it as well. Why not.
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  9. Looking back now this really angers me. I would love to know who the surgeon was and if you tell us who it is you could be preventing another person undergoing what you have undergone. To say that a second procedure is not unlikely is poor. A surgeon needs to have a specific game plan over the life span of the patient's hair loss journey. Without sounding like I am channeling my inner 'Spencer Kobren' it's a statement that almost is a way to get you back to pay for a second procedure. Anyway looking forward if you do need a second procedure @kirkland's advice is spot on.
  10. Really clean work performed by one of the best. This is going to be excellent. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to following your updates!
  11. Well it's possible that he may have experienced depression independent of finasteride. However he has no family history of depression that he is aware of and the depression coincided with the introduction of finasteride and lifted after he ceased the drug.
  12. Very curious to see how the donor is doing. How many grafts was your prior procedure?
  13. US prices are definitely high but travel abroad is not an option for many. It wasn’t for me. Having said that, I definitely overpaid.
  14. Didn't care for the film. But damn, Oscar Isaac has a perfect beard and hair. It isn't fair!
  15. Exactly this. Think of it this way -- you could probably do two to three transplants with a top surgeon for the price of a Telsa Model Y. I understand its a matter of preference, but honestly, looking in the mirror each day without (or perhaps with less) worry is worth more to me, and I'd imagine many who have done enough research to find this forum, that I find it strange that people balk at the prices. No one seems to question paying for the Model Y -- which will likely be half its value after a few years. Weird that people freak out for paying for a hair transplant surgeon. For context, when I was younger I had to do a 20k facial-bone correction surgery with a top surgeon in the U.S.. When I was in mid-twenties, I'd done LASIK with a pioneer of the field, charging 5k (in comparison to others charging 2.5k nearby). However, unlike a few people who've had less than stellar results doing a similar surgeries, I've never had a problem in either case (and both I'd say are the best investments I've ever done for myself) because I'd picked the best, regardless of price. These doctors typically see less people, and it was incredibly comforting that I could reach out to them, regardless of time of day and they would answer my inquiries. They'd see me for consistently free follow-ups to ensure everything was 100%. All this is to say: keep in mind that you aren't just paying for surgery, but for an ethical surgeon, who will make things right in the event of an issue and provide a more personalized experience, instead of treating you like just another customer. For my fellow users in the U.S., our healthcare system is broken, so naturally we tend to pay more, but it's easier to fly or drive back to great doctor in the states in the event of an issue than having to go back and forth overseas.
  16. Looking for any surgeons in the nj/ny area that are experienced in beard to scalp fue. Anyone except Tru and Dorin and Dr Wessley.
  17. https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2021/04/drug-enables-healing-without-scarring.html Currently available for of label use. Stanford filed patents earlier this year on using Verteporfin for wound healing and hair follicle neogenesis: https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2021021607 This sounds like it can results in infinite donor hair, and scar free repairs
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