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  2. my dad's side is all 6 my mom's side is all 1-2
  3. You've come this far because you know you're unhappy. If you're OK with being unhappy cancel it. My guess is you're not. Everyone gets nervous I'm sure, just think how you will feel 6 months 12 months 18 months from surgery. That should be enough to make the leap of faith here.
  4. @badlyneedatranplant to be fair I never condsidered the fact that he charged per session and not by graft, I was more interested in going to someone that had great reviews, was within my budget and who I felt comfortable with, all these other establishments that told me I could get 5000/6000 grafts in a day, they never disclosed price and even I knew that gaining 6000 grafts from my donar area was not going to be possible in one session. My treatment was organised and booked through Qunomedical, and Cinik did the channels. Whether any doctor charges by the session or graft I would say for anyone considering a HT if your purely focused on cost then you should probably not get it done, results and my well-being are far more important to me than cost Can I ask @badlyneedatranplant have you had your HT or merely considering?
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  6. You are wrong, even though your result still requires some maintenance it looks natural in the hairline, that is the most important part.
  7. Hi, I'm very happy with my end result. 3 years on the rest of my degeneration has made my hair look 'thin' but certainly not exposed, way better than it was before the op. If it bothered me further I'm sure I could still undergo further surgery. I think immediately after the op you're prone to worry. I don't know for sure whether I lost any actual grafts, but if I did it was a minimal number. The hair itself will shed, so you just have to take it easy and go with it.
  8. So, I have to decide if I will take a cancellation at a clinic for the end of this month. The waiting list would otherwise be 6-12 months. I am very, very nervous though. I need to decide tomorrow and all the normal (I imagine) doubts are going through my head like what if it doesn't work out etc. I have done my research on here and other fora and I have travelled to visit clinics and speak to the doctors in person. The results are amazing too. Really top notch. Even so, there is still the doubt at the back of your head of the "what if....". Can anybody offer support/help/advice/calming lullabies?
  9. Well that’s the first week down and it’s been emotional 🤣 In fairness it has pasted quicker than excepted however it’s been hard at times, the lack of sleep hasn’t really bothered me too much as I’ve been at home, however if I had gone back to work I know that I would have been struggling. Day 2 was the first hair wash which was nerve racking to say the least, it was a two man job as I was very conscious that I did not want to pour water over my head to fast as it could dislodge some of the grafts and it’s been a two man job ever since and will remain so until after the 7th wash. My advice is get someone to help wash hair! The plus side of this last week has been seeing the progress, I was surprised at how fast the donar area recovers, yes it is still tender however I’ve been using fractured coconut oil on the donar area and that has helped to ensure the area remains mosturised, I’m also experiencing a lot of scabbing on the donar area which are now starting to come off after each wash, the itch has been hard to suffer at times and such a temptation to scratch at but I’ve been taking an antihistamine when it was getting quite hard to cope with and that seems to help. On the downside Im so impatient that I’m looking at myself in the mirror every hour, that I know will pass but I’m very keen to watch the progress, also after day 3 I began to experience some seeping around my forehead, it wasn’t pleasant but I soon realised that this was the solution they injected into my head and was slowly starting to disperse! So one week down and everything seems to be going well, the donar and recipient areas seem to be healing well and after the 7th hair wash which is on Thursday I can start to gently massage the donar area to remove the scabs.
  10. I wouldn’t be ecstatic, but I definitely wouldn’t consider myself “botched”. My point is, even with things improving every month you’re not satisfied and fair enough you’re entitled to feel the way you do. However, I’m merely stating my opinion and I honestly don’t think you’d be satisfied with my results.
  11. Well i happened to me. It dry my scalp so much that when i comb i lost like 100 hairs, i comb with hand and i lost another 500-600. Since then, no hair loss what so ever, but density i lost, never grew back.
  12. @worried22 and @hidetime, what were your end results? Does this sheath or black speck matter? Is it possible those grafts just didn't take proper root, or were your results definitely good?
  13. I mean 4 teams of 8 techs, two per team, at least in my surgery they were two in surgical gear but I'm not sure if they were both extracting or just one of them.
  14. Are you saying it is because of this the reason for your results ? If it is then fair enough but if you are just saying it to find as many possible reasons for failure then that's wrong. Also you said 8 in total doing extractions. It's 1 tech does all the extractions for 1 patient. You need to be precise and if you want people to trust your opinion then you need to state what is true as well because the moment you make up certain points you lose credibility and infact most people will stop listening or caring about your opinions. It's simple now. Stop these posts , get to your 12 month mark, consult some doctor only clinics for repair and go for it.
  15. Would you be happy with my results? I would be over the moon with yours so i think it is completely unfair of you to claim i would not have been happy regardless
  16. You are wilfully ignoring the core of the criticism and focusing on the techs. Which Canadian, Belgian or Spanish surgery has 4 patients a day and the doctor only monitoring it via cctv? Is it unreasonable to think that 4 teams of techs (8 in total doing the extractions) have different skill levels, and that is why we are seeing inconsistencies? I am genuinely asking and would like to know if i am being unreasonable
  18. I have the same experience almost with you. I went to Dr. Rahal back in 2011 to fix my hairline with 2500 grafts via strip as I was already cut before. I wasn't pleased with customer service and Doctor's feedback. My hairline was designed not as agreed and grafts grew one side more than the other. Plus I heard he isnt good in FUE as good as he was in FUT. However choosing Dr. Bhatti is a great decision, I was astonished with his confidence transparency and FUE capabilities of utilizing donor and beard hair in a very attractive rate. I call him the king of BHT in Asia. Thus I chose him for my last FUE procedures as I am not looking for perfection but for good coverage as I got used to use Nanogen fibre concelears. Keep us updated Buddy.
  19. Not knowing how clinic will try to repair my hairline is seriously putting doubts in my mind if doctor and surgical assistants are even capable of fixing my hairline. Adding more hair grafts to hairline will make it denser but if angles are poorly positioned again it will look terrible as before. As you can see from pictures frontal hair grafts just stand in a unnatural way so which ever way i style my hair it looks very odd. I have strange outline on forehead where multi hair grafts are uniformly placed along frontal hairline. It would be nice to get reassurance from doctor how he will fix my hairline before i fly to turkey. is that too much to ask?
  20. badlyneedatranplant

    Which clinic/ doctor in Turkey

    But since Cinik does not charge per graft and only per session, is he not trying to make more money out of you?? Also which package did you take? I believe he has three atm...Just trying to clarify my point and not trying to offend anyone...
  21. Dr. Glenn Charles

    Fixing direction of hair grafts

    It is a tough call. This is one of the problems with having a surgical procedure done so far away from home.
  22. Wow I have never heard of Nizoral causing significant hair loss.
  23. No. Why do you ask? Does he do bad work as well 😂
  24. That is why it is important to go with a very conservative hairline placement in younger patients and only do transplants in frontal and mid scalp before considering crown work.
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