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  2. This 35-year-old man was Grade III on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness when he came to us for his hair transplant on procedure. We gave him 3057 grafts for his procedure with adequate density and coverage. All the grafts were taken from the scalp donor. He had a complete look change by the 9th month. And even at 1 year, he has absolutely amazing results. He is also taking medications for his pre existing hair.
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  4. Thanks man! anyway, i was trying to say the opposite ­čśä­čśä­čśä an ht is nothing if you donÔÇÖt take care of your hair. i put some uf in the front area but i look different because my hairs are thicker, darker, denser...
  5. Anyone know the waiting time for Dr Keser?
  6. Hi all, would appreciate some advice to a question I canÔÇÖt find the answer to. I have a FUE roughly 2000 grafts booked for Thursday afternoon, I have just now been diagnosed with chlamydia (burning pee) and I need to take antibiotics, would this have or cause any problems for the transplant on Thursday? Or should I wait until the itÔÇÖs finished and IÔÇÖm healed a bit before taking. Thanks very much, IÔÇÖm a bit worried about this, all the best, Adam
  7. Hey mate, Not sure how your donor area is but atleast like you say, your dad has strong donor area which may mean that you retain the same for a while. I'm sure in a few years, more treatments will come out. In my case, I'm absolutely buggered...not only have I received mpb from both sides of the family, but also my dad's donor area is thin and has been for the last 15 years or so...at my age, the quality of his hair was not strong. I suspect that in terms of my current donor area thinness, it can also be attributed to the strips taken out and FUE...could have been a different s
  8. Hi Gatsby, I'm also from Melbourne so looking around for some options at the moment, and you seem like a great source of knowledge on the area. I recently had a consult with Gro Clinics regarding a DHI transplant in Melbourne. Intereste in your opinion of them? They claim to have a 90% survival rate on their implanted hairs with the technique they use. They seem to have good reviews and of the sample's I've seen the results appear quite good - although not a huge sample size. I had positive consultation experience with them, but yeah - would love to get your thoughts on them.
  9. Well, I think I have a pretty baseline understanding of Dr. Diep's MO. He spends an hour per 1000 FUE grafts session with the patient. That is administering the anesthesia, performing extractions, and performing the graft incisions. The rest is left to the techs. He also spends 15 minutes going over the paperwork before you are given the pill cocktail. My FUE procedure was 2337 grafts. I was the second patient that day in for a 7:30am call time. After waiting a good 15-20 minutes in the lobby, I walked into Dr. Diep's office at about 8:00am. I was given the pill cocktail, signed away my patien
  10. i'm unsure what's typical, but fwiw, i found another chest photo with short stubbs and it looks like I have a pretty decent number of 2's...I'm torn. I'd like to see Dr.K in-person, but current climate makes that difficult.
  11. Yep that was my reasoning. Literally had the exact same experience as you. I just had major hair loss due to stress a few months ago and its never recovered ... so much so my own results from DrK's repairs have revealed an obvious density imbalance that make me fear for the future. Im too scared to get anymore surgery and am flat out broke, so now Im just left angry and resentful that i had to go through any of it at all. And then, like you, i realise im in such a better position than when i started so technically should be grateful. It's the uncertainty of my situation which real
  12. A lot of people experience shedding at various stages whilst taking Fin and Minox in the first 12-18 months. I seriously doubt it has anything to do with switching your diet. I have looked at your original pictures and obviously there is improvement. Even if you think density isnÔÇÖt there the framing to your face looks much better. In terms of density, the Dr needs to check if grafts survived and address that for you. The video does make it look thin but you might need to change your hairstyle and keep it shorter than it currently is. Also they were some comments earlier that 3000 grafts might
  13. Mirroring the rest of the group -- would not advise a procedure at this point. Why not take Rogaine alongside the PRP?
  14. Just took a look at your journey...you've had some AMAZING results. I get jealous every time I see someone with results like yours. Well done! 350/350 may be a viable option. I'll need to compromise in some way -- whether that means dipping further into the sides of my head, rolling the dice w/ chest hairs, or accepting thinness... my REAL concern is that I don't know how much growth may/may not be on my scalp from my first 2 procedures. I know it wasn't great (and I get angry every time I think about it, but am also grateful for what I have today). That unknown could mean some not-so
  15. Looks great, congrats on big improvement­čĹŹ­čĆ╗­čśŐ. would be great if you take a close up picture of the hairline showing the angle of the hairs. Is there only single hairs placed at the hairline?
  16. This 41 year old patient has been on Propecia for many years. He has thinning up to the NW class 5 area, but he only needs hair in the NW3 area to achieve a nice look. HDC has transplanted 3200 grafts and has left his thicket turf of front hair behind the hairline untouched. We also include a photo of his donor after finishing his surgery. In this photo you can see that all the punching has been distributed evenly of the whole donor, thus leaving no scars or depleted donor. The patient sent us some photos of his result that we show below but we are expecting more photos from all
  17. - which admittedly can be a difficult thing to do. For those at a younger age the stakes are obviously higher as well, with predicting an outcome much more difficult. Sound advice Modern hair transplants didn't exist in the 1980s and even the notion of looking at the donor for miniaturisation almost certainly didn't occur, you simply can't make judgement off this. Your hairloss pattern appears to be occurring throughout the entire donor area, you are beyond even a NW7. If you went to a doctor today about this they likely call it diffuse loss as well as a NW7 pattern.
  18. Couldn't post an update as I was caught up with other things. Here is my 2-week update. I have circled an area on the mid-scalp where I have seen some shedding. Not sure if it's normal or the transplanted grafts have been pre-maturely came off. Can some one comment? Also posting my pre-op photos taken on the day of the procedure. 2-weeks: (I have trimmed my hair on Day 10) Day-7 post-op: Taken outside in sunlight. Day-1 post-op: Pre-op:
  19. If you're not happy with the result I would think twice about going back to the same clinic that makes you feel this way to begin with. I think your results look very natural. If you do feel that you want to improve on this I would look for a surgeon that you have more confidence in. You only get one chance at this remember. All the best.
  20. I'm no expert however my worry would be how many of those chest hairs transplanted would grow? Body hair has historically been explored and found to have a lower success rate. My humble opinion would be to stick with what you have if you can live with it (and it looks VERY good and natural). Or consider a lower yield of combined beard and scalp donor hair. When you look at Eugenix, mixing beard hair with scalp hair is an art. Keep researching and I wish you all the best.
  21. god i feel like a hairless cat compared to you. seems like youre going to have some sort of textural/visual change no matter what you choose. Ive read elsewhere that beard hair, because it is so coarse, is better used as filler so isnt great for trying to recreate the whorl in the crown. Your photos sort of suggest this. Your chest hair might actually be more appropriate in this case, but I believe the transection rate is higher. I think youre going to have to compromise no matter what. id probably just defer to DrK on the matter tbh. Let him weave his magic
  22. Yup. This is why I prefer the phrase "hair need" over "hair greed".
  23. In answer to the question a definite no from me. I had a hair transplant at 18! I don't know of anyone who has had one that young. There is no way you can determine who is an ideal candidate for a hair transplant before the age of 25. By around 25 your hair loss pattern can be observed and identified to a large degree so you can plan what direction you need to take. I blame myself for what happened to me but if I was a hair transplant surgeon and an 18 year old with a curly head of hair came to see me I certainly wouldn't start sharpening the knife and getting out the receipt book!
  24. Thanks, @JohnAC71. I am very excited these days, keep checking my hairline like 40 times a day lol
  25. wow. its amazing to see how just adding just a little more hair makes someone look both younger and healthier. and your after photo here ... such a playa. congrats man
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