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  2. I takes a lot to dislodge a graft. The first few days are critical but I've heard most doctors say that in 3 days all is fine. But, for the sake of siding on conservatism, patients are told in 7-10 days they can resume normal activity. You can start patting down gently, (no scrubbing), as soon as the first day. (The recipient area. The donor can be massaged gently). 18 days is overkill...Not only that....if you still have crusts up there - you need to get them out of there. At that point this becomes a hygiene issue that can lead to infection. This brings up a good point. Do you realize that once all is done, procedure wise, you are still under the local? I'll bet most patients, if not all, do not remember the post op instructions. That's why most practices will give you typed up information. Why not return the next day and have the staff wash the hair for you? This service is typically included and should be highly suggested to all patients. It would help to reinforce/repeat the post op instructions. Last...did they give you post op instructions? Why not follow them?
  3. Hi @Looking for HT, yes I was prescribe finestride, for 6 months. However I’m still taking it now. What Bhatti said was with finestride and minoxidil, they hair growth would be up to 90% success and without it would only be 50%. Logically, hair transplant shouldn’t be dependent on finestride, but that’s what the doctor said.
  4. Hi @Looking for HT unfortunately the doctor @darlingbuds, @bhatti and @Shera has been quiet as you can see from the blog and post here. Well, what can you expect from them other than keeping quiet? Anyone who reads this and come here should really think twice if they want to go Darling Buds and Tejinder Bhatti. Before procedure they would “promise heaven and earth” after surgery they go quiet.
  5. So what is the outcome here? Before taking the patients case, all the questions asked by Shera should have been asked by the doctor. Going into the defensive mode instead is not what a patient is looking for. I am curious to know the final feedback from the doctor. By the way, why was Finasteride given to the patient considering the side effects? Did doc go through the side effects with the patient? Fin as only used to keep the existing hair and not for new tranplanted hair.
  6. I would pat the shampoo on, let it sit a minute, and then completely rinse by using a Big Gulp cup filled with warm water. I never had any problems, but I did spend a lot of time rinsing.
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  8. @Dazed This is my exact mindset as well. I do want to play it safe. But the reason i ask this was because I had heard if you don't clean the recipient area "well enough" then the lingering mini flakes and sebum build up on the scalp in the recipient area can inhibit growth... There is no desire for my to scrub my head, I absolutely want to just put shampoo on it, rinse it and just let it air dry lol. I just want to make sure
  9. It is very common to have a repeat top up procedure especially in areas where your native hair has continued to recede leaving only transplanted hairs. The surgeon will use magnifiers when making the slits to ensure no healthy grafts are damaged. The new grafts will be implanted in these slits. So in answer to your question, the subsequent incision and implantation process will not cause damage to your existing follicles.
  10. Many people have done this. Mine were 8 years apart, but most don't wait that long.
  11. Hi George, Unlimited grafts often means the surgeon/technicians will over-harvest your donor area and plant as much grafts as possible to ensure just enough survive to give you an OK result so there are no comebacks. Hair loss is progressive so a few years down the line when you might need another procedure due to further recession you have little scalp donor left. An ethical surgeon will look at your age, family balding history, medical history and other factors and devise a plan to maximise your grafts to ensure you are not in the situation described above. Consulting with the 2 surgeons mentioned above would be a good start for you.
  12. Is there some overwhelming desire to scrub your head? Why not play it safe? I went at least 2 months with just putting shampoo on and rinsing, and letting it air dry. You just paid a kings ransom to get the implants and you can't be gentle for a little while.
  13. Do not go to a part time hair transplant doctor whose practicing other coosmectic surgeries and wants a Guinea pig for practice. hair transplant changes your face your looks, if it goes sideways then your mental state will be worse then before. I personally believe one should research extensively and think about the procedure and expected result for a year or two atleast then start your hair transplant journey because you might need more procedure for expected results. Your hair follicles are priceless and should be utilise properly. Transection rate will be very high while extracting and implanting so your donor area can be completely destroyed and follicles on your recipient area can also be damaged forget about graft survival. So its more harm then good basically will get more bald and this time from back also in donor area so be very careful.
  14. In London, personally i'd only consider Dr Reddy. He will be much more expensive than the quote you have received (I think he performs procedures outside of London to which can bring the cost down a little from what I remember). In the UK you may also want to look at Dr Ball in Portsmouth, another good surgeon. The Clinic/Dr you have mention look a jack of all trades type of outfit and I'd avoid. £3000 for unlimited FUE grafts sounds ridiculous. Would strongly suggest not to let price or location limit you. Yes in the real world price is always going to be a factor for a lot of people but in that case worth saving up to go to a recognised surgeon or if that's not possible and you still want a procedure, I'd personally rather go to Dr Demirsoy or Dr Cinik in Turkey than the Dr you have mentioned.
  15. Kind of agree, I personally won't seek it for a couple of decades at least, after that I will be in my 50's (or a corpse) so not sure it will still be interesting. But would still wait to see details of it when it hits the market, because this seem to be an important question. Actually, not just a cancer concern, but where will the cells stops?
  16. This isn't how it works. For example, new generation of antibiotics is possibly top 3 if not the top priority as we are getting closer to a human catastrophe on so many levels without it . But still not solved,why? because companies doesn't profit enough from it in comparison to chronic diseases so they invest in the later. And pharmaceutical company that can achieve a cure for hair loss (especially if it is used over years) will make zillions. Money dedicates research. Not need unfortunately. Only exception is when it is serious condition governments will subsidize it
  17. Hi!, 5 months update. Things kept improving during this last 4 weeks. Overall I'm happy with how I look now comparing to how I looked at the end of 2018 but still I'm expecting some improvements mostly related with a higher density. I've read a lot about the 3 next months being critical for the final result, so I'm concerned and excited at 50% proportions.... Here are this month's photos: Waiting for your thoughts and comments....
  18. Hi all, I have been quoted £3000 for unlimited FUE grafts with a 12 months warranty and aftercare kit. Is this too good to be true? I always assumed that the procedure would be more expensive. Clinic is BMC in Kensington and surgeon is Dr. Bashar Bizrah Please let me know your thoughts or if you have alternative clinics/ Surgeries I should be in contact within the central London area. Many thanks
  19. I am also from Canada and not looking to spend more than 10,000 $ what was your entire cost if you don’t mind me asking ? And would you recommend this dr.
  20. Hattingen in Europe stack up to any FUT clinic in NA, but as a generalisation you're right.
  21. Hmm honestly you should text that exact picture you posted to Dr. Diep and ask what he thinks about it. He responds fast and will tell you if you need a steroid shot (if it's alopecia areata) to fix it or not. @Jiveturkey82
  22. Yeah, I'm hoping so. It's sort of the spot where I was sleeping on with the airplane pillow they gave for the first few days. It's also pretty itchy. Your donor area is looking great!
  23. @Jiveturkey82 I personally think it is just shock loss which is very temporary from what I hear. Here is what my donor looks like 18 days post op. I’m personally still unsure of when shock loss actually occurs after a procedure. I was under the impression that it’s immediately after but perhaps not. I’ve heard it can happen a couple weeks after? I don’t think I’m experiencing any shock loss yet (fingers crossed). I also wonder if the acell and amniofill injection that I did may have helped with healing? Who knows..
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