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  2. Why do you think getting hair transplants are no longer taboo? Is it because of celebrity endorsements, because the results look better? I would love to hear the communities thoughts. Getting A Hair Transplant is No Longer Taboo
  3. Great post I agree with all your points. Guys visiting this thread will learn a lot from it so kudos to you.
  4. @RecessionProofSolid advice! @lasercap ... man you have must have some wild stories about all the strange stuff that goes in this industry
  5. What sort of coverage are you expecting from this? Getting crown work done myself with Dr. K. But will likely only be adding about 1K to crown.
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  7. We often see clients who were let down by a hair transplant due to lack of grafts. Thanks to SMP we are able to give them a more aggressive and aesthetic hairline as well as the appearance of full density. Thanks for looking!
  8. Great thread! Here are a few thoughts: Don’t look at price as the determining factor when choosing your hair transplant surgeon. Your results will affect your appearance for life and you only have so much donor hair — one bad surgery can seriously compromise your long term results. Do be willing to travel for your hair transplant. It’s such an minor inconvenience and expense compared to the surgery itself, and you really want to go with whomever you consider the best surgeon in the world for your situation. Even if you live in a major city, it’s worth considering some of the top docs in Canada, the Midwest, and overseas. Do be open to the possibility of waiting a few years or deciding not to have surgery entirely. Hair loss can be super unpredictable and your best bet is to try finasteride and see if you’re able to maintain for a while. Do understand that sooner or later, you will lose more hair. Will you be ok with this when it happens? If not, are you open to a lifetime commitment of future procedures?
  9. I agree, at your age preserving your hair is what is necessary. Your hair looks good. I don’t think you need a transplant either, at least for now.
  10. Wow that’s insane. I guess that’s what you get with commercial chains. Not all, but a lot.
  11. Exactly, recently there was a guy on the forum who had surgery, and he was talking about how one popular YouTuber was charging him more than the surgeon for his treatment plan. Keep in mind this is just some guy from YouTube who didn’t even get good results. I was shocked that this stuff goes on. I’ve had guys offer me money, but I don’t feel right accepting. We’re all bald brothers here trying to get information. I’m just paying it back.
  12. I don't think so. I think they got him off the street, did a month of training....and got going. And with the company realizing it or not...now they've put the consultant in a tough spot...."Oh, Mr patient, I am so glad to tell you that you will be the very first patient this doctor has ever worked with." And all future conversations - particularly about the work which is less than natural.
  13. Guys, This thread has nothing to do with other clinics. Please stop de-railing this thread. This patient is posting, so we follow his progress and results, not discuss other clinics.
  14. Great points from both of you guys. @LaserCap this surgeon you worked for didn’t have an apprenticeship?
  15. I understand you want to look good for wedding day (it played into why I got my first procedure), but everything I'm seeing here shows me you're doing everything wrong. You might look good in the short term, once hair has fully grown, but the concern, imo, is what you will look like for the rest of your life. And the options you will have later in life to address your hair will be limited. Price shouldn't dictate where you go. I believe timing should play a role, but it shouldn't be all about timing. I do wish you luck, though.
  16. Amazing @LaserCap Ive only ever heard of doctors performing "rows" on patients ... you would think some things should be obvious not to do I guess because of the massive time delay between surgery and results a noobie doctor might go a long time before being fully aware of the consequneces of their surgical choices. the konior gabel book "Hair Restoration, An Issue of Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics, E-Book " is effectively full of essays written by the top docs in the field. I sort of wish there was a patient written guidebook taking you step by step on how to navigate the industry (is there one?). I think one of the hardest things to do as a patient is knowing what are the right questions to ask, and then even when you get an answer it can be difficult in knowing how exactly to interpret the answers. It seems like you have to become an expert just to understand basic things.
  17. Looks like an excellent number of 2 and 3 hair grafts, excited to see how this one turns out! I will probably end up having some crown work done by Dr. K sooner or later so always helpful to have a reference point 👍
  18. transplantedphil The other side of the coin....... You've hit on something......and it's a problem in the industry-particularly when starting out. All a doctor has to do is go to the local library, read up on the subject, and start doing transplants. Here you have several problems, (is the material outdated, is it correct? etc), and what follows is truly terrifying...... I saw this first hand. Doctor educated himself and started doing work. looked like rows. A year later, when the patient arrived for his post op, the doctor said, "hmmm, I could have done this, this and this to make it look better." The next patient came in and he applied what he learned. A year later that patient came in......It took 7 years for him to truly become a master at his craft. And, in the meantime, he had to deal with a number of patients that had less than natural work. It's always been my opinion a doctor should not be allowed to practice despite him reading a book on the subject. A fellowship should also be required. (The doctors in the industry should be more than happy to guide them in the right direction as everyone in the industry suffers when things go wrong). Now...some do's and don'ts of the patient: Read a transplant manual? Doubt is going to happen and should not be necessary. Educate yourself...Totally agree. Research the surgeon, review his work and photos. How many procedures does the clinic do per week? A doctor that does 1 or 2 per week is just not enough to get the experience needed. Schedule several consultations with different doctors and compare notes. Be aware of current techniques and don't settle on an outdated one. Don't stop medical therapy during the process.
  19. I know there's a lot of negatives on this thread so far, sadly that's the reality of the situation. But there is one big positive, and that is that you've already gone bald, know how it looks and to an extent have embraced it, so anything you now do is relatively risk free (i say relatively as scars always going to be there etc etc.), assuming you can afford dropping the money on a HT without too much of an impact. If I were in your shoes, I'd get on Minoxidil, fin and dermarolling for a few months to see how you respond, then I'd go with a cheap yet solid clinic (I went with Yaman, was fairly happy though having a few wobbles currently - natural though at the 4 month stage I think) get 3-4k grafts done...top with up with SMP a few months later and maintain a decent buzzed look. The thick hair days are gone for pretty much all of us on here for the time being. Maybe later then look again at a 2nd OP depending on the outcome.
  20. Looks like good work. Was also with Dr Yaman and was pretty happy with how it all went. I think with a case like yours, he will deliver an absolutely outstanding result tbh...excited to see your progress
  21. Sorry, but claiming barely 20 year old technicians are 'as skilled as the doctors' is ludicrous.
  22. Read a hair transplant textbook - there are some available online. Theres no real "authority" or way to properly educate yourself so reading the same material that other doctors read and understanding the limitations of surgery is the best way to insulate yourself from getting taken advantage of by some of the more unscrupulous clinics. I always found it funny how certain clinics sell things. For example there was a study that found that anything under 90% growth was considered poor, and yet one well known clinic advertises that as its selling point ("we guarantee 90% growth") so they are essentially guaranteeing to do the bare minimum. If you can properly educate yourself suddenly youre able to properly manage your expectations and understand how to intepret a patient or clinic result. It also means you can spot a charlatan (like a hair loss guru or shitty marketting) a mile off.
  23. Asmed has been in business for 15 years so ur experience doesn’t mean much apparently and Asmed isn’t one of the clinics that Techs performs MOST of the procedure but they certainly do perform a LOT of the procedure and his Techs are top notch!
  24. FUE performed on a 60-year old Caucasian male with • NW V Class N • Donor density of 72 FU/cmÇ occipital, 80 FU/cmÇ parietal, 80 FU/cmÇ temporal • Hair diameter of ~56-62 microns Treatment plan Follicular Unit Extraction to attain an aesthetic reconstruction of the hairline and midhead region. Performed procedure FUE (November 26, 2018) Follicular Unit Extraction with 1690 FU: * 270 single hair FU * 1420 double + triple hair FU HGI: 2,26 Parallel incisions in custom-sized blades technique (Cutting Edge blades of 0.85-0.95 mm). Extraction performed by WAW-system with a 0.9 mm serrated trumpet punch. No microscopic preparation of the follicular unit grafts.
  25. By the time I am waiting for Milena’s reply, I am posting this picture which I have taken today. The main concern of mine regarding removal of the smp can clearly seen in this picture. Notice that the smp areas are “whiter” than my regular hair right now. Smp being this color concerns me most. I am trying to get to my skin tone , which is obviously darker than the smp. I have scheduled an appointment for a chemical peeling this saturday , which is still a big question for me. How will it work? Does temporary smp will fade out through skin color or will it become more white?
  26. yes. I asked for it but Dr. D does not count the exact amount. He stated lots of multiples and singles. Personally, I don't care about the exact numbers as long as the end result looks good,
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