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  2. Just adding some extra surgery information which I forgot to include at the start Implanted density is between 46-48 cm2 for the frontal area and the crown is 46cm2. This of course is adjusted when implanting in areas where there is plenty of hair already. The bare areas represent the higher end of the cm2 such as 48 and 46. More analysis:
  3. Thanks for the update. You had really a huge area to cover and you look much better than before. Some more infos would be great (hair diameter, number of singles and multis etc.). To give an opinion about the hairline design prctures from the front and side are required to assess your proportions. I am also not sure if you have the sweetspot in length between sides and top.
  4. HairLossMentor

    Removing grafts via FUE

    I had grafts removed via FUE, hundreds of them. Yes you can reuse them, depending on the skill of the doctor. I didn't though as they were damaged when originally implanted by the hair transplant hack. Hack is an understatement-more like piece of shit. Recipient scarring really depends on how well you heal. I heal well so except for some redness and a glossy look in certain lighting I was okay. You'll need to look at laser resurfacing and derma roller. Derma roller for the redness-did the trick for me. Hang in there buddy, you can fix this but it's going to take time. Go into it thinking you can save some graphs-but don't count on it. Your goal is to minimize recipient scarring. Would you thinking, another hair transplant after? Or move on to be done with it? Hit me up with questions man, glad to share my experience.
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  6. Always advisable to start Finasteride months before a hair transplant to strengthen miniaturised/thinning hair and reduce the chances of shock loss.
  7. I had a similar hair loss pattern to you and I got 3100 grafts planted in my frontal third. I ended up with the same look as yours with some gaps in the hairline, which look more exposed under severe light. I guess that that's what can be expected with 3000 over the frontal third. However, there's obviously a big improvement in your look and it looks like you've got plenty of grafts left in your donor zone for density and lowering the hairline if you choose to.
  8. Looks like an infinite donor. Good result!
  9. Vancouver area patient in his mid 30's. Dr. Hasson and team transplanted 3,100 grafts via FUE to rebuild a new hairline and frontal zone. 301 were single hair grafts, 2511 were double and 189 were 3-4 hair grafts. A nice result at 7 months with more added volume and density to come.
  10. Thank you for coming back and updating. Are YOU happy with your result? Do you feel like a new man going out?
  11. John OK


    My video is now online!
  12. Leo Marks

    Advice for a newbie

    I told them I had been taking it 4-5 years...so I don't think that there was a misunderstanding... Leo
  13. Melvin-Moderator

    Advice for a newbie

    I think you mistook what they said. They probably meant to give the hair loss medication more time, so that those new hairs grow and mature fully. That doesnt mean stop taking the medication. I strongly suggest to get back on it asap.
  14. Leo Marks

    Advice for a newbie

    They did't tell me to stop as such, but they said if I wanted a transplant I wouldn't be able to do one whilst there were small hairs growing in my crown due to taking it. As the transplant would kill off the small hairs growing and I would be back to square one. That to me meant I had to stop, because I wasn't happy with the bald patch the size I had just maintaining it forever with the drugs... However one other clinic gave me the contradicting advice that I was ready for a transplant now... Thats why I am so confused....? Leo
  15. This patient had 3000 grafts FUE and has had great results at 4 months with the help of Finasteride, Monoxidil, P.R.P., and laser treatments. Before- After- Before- After- Before- After- Before- After-
  16. Yeah I was in a similar situation last year. Derm match was a life savor. You look good brother. Happy healing and I wish you the best in a few months as your hair grows back in!
  17. The question that everyone researching hair transplants ask. It really depends, while there is a risk of failure with any surgeon, the chances drop drastically if the surgeon is elite and has a long track record. I encourage you all to read this article and share it with others considering a hair transplant. What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplant Surgery?
  18. Hi, This patient wanted to treat hair line and crown in the same procedure. Taking into account his donor characteristics, Dr. Alcaide proposed a conservative hair line design so he could use more grafts in the crown to improve the coverage. The images show the result at 7 months so we expect more yield in the next months. Here the data: Dr. Antonio ALCAIDE BHR Clinic Spain Age: 39 Technique: FUE Medication: Finasteride Hair Caliber: Fine Previous procedures: No Total FU used:- 2756 * FU breakdown:- 1s 451 2s 1865 3s 440 TOTAL: 2756 That means 2756 FU = 5501 Hairs. Average = 1,99 hairs/FU. Pre-Post Surgery 4 Months 7 Months Comparison 0-7 Months
  19. Melvin-Moderator

    Advice for a newbie

    A clinic told you to stop using finasteride and minoxidil? That doesn’t sound right. It’s usually the exact opposite.
  20. Melvin-Moderator

    Best Hairline Surgeon

    If you’re in the UK I would suggest looking up Dr. Reddy and Dr. Farjo as well.
  21. Melvin-Moderator

    shock loss in donor area: your experiences

    Normally we don’t allow links to other forums. However, if it is to show your pictures I will allow it this one time. I do suggest posting a recent picture on here.
  22. Melvin-Moderator

    My Hair Loss Journey

    Thanks pete 😊
  23. James A. Harris, MD, FACS

    FUT 2672 grafts by James Harris, MD

    I don't have intra-op photos but his history is that he had a previous surgery where the hairline was placed too low and grafts blunted the fronto-temporal angles. I used FUE to reshape the frontal hairline and temporal recessions. He will need additional grafts removed but he has chosen to shave the remaining hairs that were too low on his forehead.
  24. I don't know. share it, if it is forbidden the moderators will remove it.
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