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  2. No worries about the questions, that's why I made this thread I do NOT have retrograde alopecia. I know in the last picture I sent it looks like that but that's just my donor area still healing from the transplant.
  3. lukeyb1687

    James A. Harris, MD ARTAS 2300 grafts

    I think what we are trying to address here Dr. Harris is that this result doesn't seem to really show any difference between pre and post op. Do you have images of where the grafts were planted? This will help us all understand what the plan of action was. Was it the patients decision to not strengthen the hairline more? Do you have images of the donor area as well? Top view of the patients scalp? What size punch was used on the ARTAS? Albeit I understand that hairs that are prone to recession conform to a shorter anagen period, but I have to agree with other comments here that I have seen stronger restoration cases for 2300 grafts. As I mentioned earlier, if you have graft placement pictures this might help with the forum understanding. All in all, if the paitent is happy that's all that ultimately matters, I would have personally expected more of a result and not been too pleased.
  4. andy_+_+

    James A. Harris, MD ARTAS 2300 grafts

    He actually looks better with his hair short before the procedure. Looks like he grew out his hair and didn't have a transplant. The only way this could be considered a success is if this was a majority crown transplant.
  5. He’s kinda done for .. only has around 2500 grafts left .. he’s stuck now .. no money or refund or do over can recover the grafts he lost .. n he’s going to need everyone of them hairs .. poor kid .. prime of his life n he has to deal with this ..
  6. Legend007

    James A. Harris, MD ARTAS 2300 grafts

    Patient paid around $16000? For an average result at best .. bad hairline design , not dense packed .. he grew some hair .. good for him .. with that amount of money he could of had twice the amount of coverage n density using that amount of grafts for the area covered .. if this is ur standard then for a good result .. then that says it all .. n nice response about getting a life .. not everyone is as rich as u doctor , to have enough time hustlin hair from uninformed balding men ..
  7. James A. Harris, MD, FACS

    James A. Harris, MD ARTAS 2300 grafts

    Thank you for your "kind" and unbiased comments. I have no control how a patient cuts his hair prior to surgery or how he wears it when he comes in for a post-op visit. Of course, since you are not a hair restoration professional it would be hard to see and appreciate that with only 2300 grafts that the hairline, frontal and mid-scalp density have changed and it's now more uniform. He now feels comfortable wearing his longer and he's not only happy with the results, he's thrilled (since you asked). As a matter of education, men with hair loss can't always just "grow their hair longer" as the balding process involves shortened anagen phases which can preclude this option. "It's an insult that surgeons still pedal this and patients elect for it"...it's an insult that anyone with fingers and a computer can express their expert "97 posts" opinions about things they know very little about and completely ignore the desires of the actual patient. I suggest that you get a life.
  8. Pretty shocked to hear about the bad multiple results from Wong. I can definitely understand your frustration about just wanting to fix this horrible condition and enjoying your life. Good luck to you.
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  10. Hi PeloDinero, All the images we have posted in this case are very clear and defined. We have also post several pictures with wet hair, which are extremely realistic of the result achieved till now. If you have any doubt about the result you can also see the video combing the area and showing the scalp. Regards,
  11. Please private message me your name and date of surgery, we have to reach out to Dr. Soni about this, it certainly looks significantly worse, but it could be shock loss. Are you on finasteride and minoxidil?
  12. A link to results from my first 11/2016 FUT (3109 grafts) hair transplant w Dr. Scott Alexander can be found in my previous post here: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/47443-my-recent-3109-fut-grafts-transplant-experience-w-dr-alexander-of-arizona/ Hello, As promised, I am updating you on results from my second FUT transplant (2520 grafts) w Dr. Scott Alexander. I traveled to Arizona on 9/18/2018 and met w Dr. Alexander in the afternoon of the same day to discuss/agree on game plan for my next day FUT. My primary goal/program minimum was to cover the crown area and program maximum was to add some grafts (if my donor would allow/there are any left) to the most needing areas in the front. My hope was that I could get a mega session of ~ 3500 grafts and use about 3000 to cover the crown and the rest to add some density in the front. Dr. Alexander examined my donor and told me that due to the need to remove the old scar and leave me only with (the new) one, he does not think that he could get that many. He further stated that he will be happy if he could get ~ 2300-2500 grafts and that this will allow him to get a dissent coverage of my large bald crown area. The next (surgery) day - 9/19/2018, I got to the clinic (Dr. Alexander has moved his practice to a very nice new building /office) early and we were able to start right after Dr. Alexander drew the areas that he wanted to work on my scalp. We started the procedure at 8:00 am and finished about 5:00 pm. The procedure went very smoothly and I had no pain and due to the fact that I requested 0.5 mg of Xanax instead of 1 mg, I was not dizzy and quite alert especially after 2:00 pm. Dr. Alexander is a master of his art, his team works as a well oiled machine and as you can see from the pics he/his team were able to get 2520 grafts and to completely cover my large crown area and also add some grafts to where they were needed the most in the front. I am very happy with the outcome and now will be waiting to see how it turns out. I think, I should be seeing a beginning of a new growth by the 4th month. I am very well aware of how long it will take for it to fully mature and will wait for an year and perhaps 2-3 more months before I could see the final results from this second procedure. I will update on progress now and then. All the best, Dr. P (pics coming shortly - tonight)
  13. What is the reason for taking pictures in different rooms? To create more confusion? Sounds suspect.
  14. Keep us posted. That is a lot for your donor area.
  15. That is great work. Neat and well shaped hair line. On day of surgery did they give you clothes to wear for the surgery? if so what type of clothes were they? I have surgery with them on 3rd Oct
  16. Ryan9999

    Melbourne Hair system

    Hi, can I just ask, are you from Melbourne as well? And when you DIY, do you cut your natural hair yourself or do you still go to a hairdresser? thanks :)
  17. This is less grafts and on a slick bald head with with similar hair quality. With a photo in broad daylight and the density looks stronger than in this post. Just my opinion but I don't think surgeons using the ARTAS should be endorsed here. The machine has had a long enough grace period to accept that it does not produce good results on a consistent basis, and most certainly isn't a means of producing state of the art hair transplants. It might be a problem for surgeons also producing good FUT results but ultimately from the regular results I see its unethical. Consider that if this is the advertised result, what is the average result?
  18. Hi, I spoke to the clinic and they confirmed the pictures were taken the same day in 2 different rooms of the clinic. Last one was taken with flash probably. The patient has "salt and pepper" hair so probably if the light conditions were different (also wet hair in the 1st ones and dry in the last one) it can give that impression about the colour of the hair, but that's not the case. Regards,
  19. Not 100% sure from the photos but it almost looks like the hairline from your Dr. Wong procedures was shocked out by this current procedure, and if it hasn't returned at 6 months that's very worrying. You definitely look significantly worse off.
  21. Preserve what you have, trust me, right now you want a juvenile hairline, but if you bald further and crown thins more, youll need to know how to effectively create coverage with a limited amount lf grafts.
  22. 63 year old with a class 6 hair loss pattern who wished to have a more youthful appearance. The patient states he is extremely happy with his 1 year results and his wife is ecstatic with his new look. Patient has previously been on medical therapy without much success. Photos shown are pre-op, intra-op, and 1 year post-op using 3,650 FU. Comments welcome. Dr. Keller
  23. Hi Everyone, Would like to share my 40 days pics of my post ot of hair transplant by Eugenix Hair Sciences Mumbai. Its going well as per doctor its going well. As they keep in touch with me on whats app. Its like normal routine going life. Nobody's know at my work place that i have done my hair transplant. Just trimmed my hairs from side and back side to looks proper. Will keep updates. Amd pls let me know how its look as per you guys. Thx
  24. Spaceman

    Concealer on grafts

    Go for it. Just wash it out every evening.
  25. Haha I knew that pic would put things in context.
  26. BadBeat

    FUE 1 vs FUE 2

    I experienced the same thing on my second FUE. I was actually really disappointed after year 1 but then extremely satisfied after Year 2. My first FUE I think I had quicker results but it could be that it just seemed better because I now had a hairline, which was a drastic improvement
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