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    I’m troubled by all of the threads of guys rushing to Turkey to get cheap surgery. Even after so many examples, they still don’t care. When did money become greater than the result itself? I’m really perplexed by this thinking. Above All, price and location is real results posted by actual patients. Never base your decision on anything else, if you cannot afford a good surgeon, save up. We’re talking about your hair here, not a dishwasher.
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    Melvin has suggested I re-introduce myself here as I have been away for a while and there are a lot of new faces around. If you're interested in the journey of a 70 year old man who Finally decided at 64 to get a HT, read on. Firstly, I love giving advice and encouragement to anyone who seeks it and I will always try to elicit a raised eyebrow or smile when possible. I have had two (2) HT's and from the onset I knew that I had to react to my age - and not try to recreate my 17 year old self - and present my appearance as a mature man with age appropriate hair. Recognizing that I do not have the available grafts or the time to create a picket fence of lush hair 3 inches above my eyebrows - I wanted to create a guy who has a mature hairline, (I have always had a high forehead) a bit of recession, but overall a basically non-noticeable head of hair. Alas, my hair is Thin and Light Brown/Blonde/Grey - not a good combo for a Hair Surgeon to work with - but no one has ever accused me of having any work done. The work isvery natural. I am quite happy with my hair and looking back at what I started with I have no reason not to be. I could afford another if I wanted to but I'm giving my head a rest - and at my age a lot of parts need rest. 2400 FUT grafts into the front in March 2014, 2500 FUT into the front , midscalp area and a bit in the crown in April 2016. Here is a pictorial map of the trip.Keep in mind, I'm somebody's Great Grandpa!
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    Yes, it’s instinct to “shop prices” but it becomes detrimental when that is the first thing you look for, it should be who does the best work. I guarantee if you have a great result, you’ll never look back and think “why did I spend that money?” And if you get botched, you definitely won’t be saying, “but at least I got a bargain!”
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    Okay, so I've been scouring this forum for results posted by Dr. Wesley's office, and I've noticed that you're pretty skeptical of his abilities. I've looked into doctors in New York including Bloxham, Shaver, Dorin and Wesley. I'm leaning towards Wesley now. I was really apprehensive when I saw his results because I thought the same thing as you seem to think. For NW 2/3 recession, he gets pretty meager coverage for the numbers of grafts he uses. But the specific technique he uses actually has a unique appeal compared to a lot of HT docs, at least to me. His whole thing is not just covering the already-balded or very obviously thinning portions of the head but to cover those parts AND go into the less obviously balding areas, for example, a thinning forelock. The idea there is to treat these areas preventatively so that when they do thin further, they don't go through an ugly, obviously bald phase. In my case, my forelock is definitely thinning, but it doesn't look that bad right now. Though I can definitely tell my forelock is thinning in the front and thinning even more obviously in the rear, it looks decent right now with good styling. Worse, and much more noticeable, is the recession in my temples. Dorin is reluctant to cover the forelock and Shaver all but refused to touch it. This is partially due to the dangers of shock loss, which Dorin emphasized more (I think exaggeratedly). Shaver and Bernstein have more of a philosophy that hair transplants are to treat a problem that's already present and not as a preventative method. i.e., they need to wait until your hair is very obviously thinning to work on it. This is all well and good, but I don't want to be one of those fools who, in a few years, when my forelock's thinning does become much more noticeable, which it will, medication or not, ends up with two weird-looking thick hair horns on my temple with shabby, diffuse forelock hair. I'd rather treat it all now and deal with the inevitable up front. Not sure how much you've researched Wesley, but you seem like the most openly Wesley-skeptical member of the forum. I figured I'd tell you what I've learned about him, as I assume you're basing your opinion solely on the pictures his office posts here. Not sure if you have any further insight into his process or secondhand experience from his patients, but if you do, please share. If there's good reason to be skeptical of Wesley, even knowing how he performs his surgeries, I'd like to hear it. I'm hoping to finalize my decision relatively soon. I'm not sure why his representatives don't make his technique a little clearer in their posts. lol. Here's a video he showed me explaining his process: As to this specific post, I can see 2400 grafts being used to cover the receded parts AND fill in the remaining forelock. 2400 is pretty much what you would need to decently cover the entire forelock.
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    Some suggestions: - graft survival peaks around 2k grafts, so small conservative sessions are probably better if you have the funds/time - Most US docs by law have to do the incisions/extractions themselves, so doing more than 2k in a day would prove difficult (particularly if its FUE) - FUE tends to thin the donor out quite quickly as you are extracting the best hairs/grafts thus effectively leaving the leftover hairs to provide enough density for the donor. Some cautious/ethical surgeons dont like doing more than 1500 in a session because of this - the "all your eggs in one basket problem"; say you do a 5k megasession and you get no growth, or your donor is not respected and you suffer from scarring or donor depletion etc,, then what the hell are you supposed to do next? Given the average donor is roughly around 6k, youre essentially leaving yourself with little options should that one operation go wrong - The donor also thins over time, and MPB is unpredictable. So given this (and the fact getting a HT is a long term commitment) each surgery should be planned to get the maximum coverage while always leaving you options. Look up halo of baldness in the literauture (basically guys got their crowns done, only to continue to bald and be left with a bald rim). - Generally speaking there are only a 2 or 3 clinics that I've seen are consistent with their megasession results (and no i dont include Asmed). - there are also a constant stream of patients with crap donors from budget clinics I think its an industry where caution should be preached at every step, because its really fucking awful to see some poor guy out of options just from one bad choice.
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    There are forums, which are not forums, but real businesses that are paid handsomely by many clinics or surgeons on conditions that are promoted compared to others, in what way? By deleting the threads of discontented patients of their procedures and also the patients are banned from one day to the next, without letting anyone know, the patient only realizes that he can no longer access the forum, this does not happen on HNR. Private posts between members are prohibited on these forums, it doesn't happen on HRN. On these forums it is forbidden to mention other forums or post links that link to them, on HRN this does not happen. On these forums no comparison can be made between one surgeon and another, or a member cannot recommend a surgeon to another member, on HRN this does not happen, on these forums the moderators are also consultants of the surgeons, on HRN this does not happen . It is enough for you @giegnosiganoe
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    Thanks buddy I will do a full report all of my surgeries with pictures and well documents reviews of all the doctors I have been too It will take a long time but I think it can help people to see what can be achieved Thanks again
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    Theres a lot to unpack here so ill just focus on some basic stuff, and hopefully others can answer any questions/give you more feedback If I understand this correctly, are you saying Diep now gets his patients to sign a contract saying they cannot sue him, bur rather have to undergo arbitration instead? And he does this after payment has been made? If so thats dodgy AF and needs to be presented to the HT community. Its generally industry standard to not charge for extras so again this is dodgy. There was even a thread about it here; https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/54982-what-happens-with-extras-at-the-end-of-the-day/ . As there is no formal regulation in the industry however it ultimately comes down to how you individually negotiate with your respective clinic. One question though, when you say "perform the grafts", do you mean the transplanting of the grafts into the incisions? Most clinics are like this. However if you meant someone else other than Dr Diep is doing the extractions of the grafts or making the incisions then there would be a real issue (I believe a medical doctor could even lose their license in LA if this was the case). Regardless it's disappointing none of this was made clear to you at the time of your surgical procedure. Diep isnt exactly known for his ethics tbh ... patients in the past have mentioned his lacklustre consultation skills, his shitty donor management, and Ive even seen a few botch jobs of his removed from this site as well. I also remember another patient couldnt even get back his deposit. Your post op work looks ok although it does seem Diep extracted far above the safe zone. Did you remember if he marked out your donor properly in pre-op and checked for miniaturisation? ? Hopefully you can at least walk away from this experience with a good result.
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    No one on this forum should feel obligated to answer any of your questions when all you’re doing is going around trashing other people’s results.
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    It is a difficult situation for sure. If you have limited financial means, your hair is really bothering you, you see a way out that you can afford, and some additional clever internet marketing lures you in. If a place is low cost I wouldn't automatically dismiss it, but without full transparency and due diligence with their outcomes, I think the risk is too big. Go work another part time job for six months, do anything, because I think the risks of a failed transplant, lost grafts and butchered donor is worth way more than five or ten thousand dollars. Not to even mention opportunity cost of just living and enjoying your life. If you need a repair transplant, that is another year of your life waiting for another result to finalize, then the whole stress of booking another surgery, going through the ordeal all over again. It just doesn't seem worth it no matter how I think about it.
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    Do your research! Supply and demand drives the cost in Turkey. Go to a reputable clinic there if you do choose Turkey. The idea that a HT should set someone back 20k or more should be seen as something of the past. The mystique and novelty of it should wear off to where the surgery becomes more common and not just for those who are wealthy. Gone should be the day where clinics gouge patient’s pocketbooks because they can playing on their insecurities. I stopped visiting these boards mainly because I felt I could get better information elsewhere, felt it was biased towards the clinics it panders to, and I could see way more real life cases that poured in daily and I could follow their progress.
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    Coming along well! I'm at 4.5 months out now and I'm already really pleased. I can go out in the wind now and have my hair blow around and its just fine. That's fun. I assume I still have a fair amount of growth coming ahead so that's more fun. Here are some 4 month shots (first two) and shots from today - 4.5 months out (last two):
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    ive been Turkey twice now... everytime i have been back through the airport i have spoken to many fellow hair transplants and the amount of men who paid less than half the price of what i paid with Cinik or cosmedica. so there are these hairmills in tirkey who ar doing it at 1K basically with hotel... and straight away i will compare the work and see no density what so ever now to me these are the real bad ones in Turkey what really are giving Turkey a bad name and botched jobs as you say....
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    I understand the desire of cheap surgery, but money comes and goes, a botched result stays with you. Not to mention the trauma. You know what looks worse than being bald? A bad hair transplant.
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    This comment is recently posted in here almost every day, but that does not make it right. There is a risk for poor growth with any clinic in the world, but with hair mills there is a risk of botched donor, poor hairline design, mis-angled grafts, multies in front etc. on top of poor growth.
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    Price will always be an important factor for a prospective patient (and you cant exactly fault someone for wanting a HT if they have a certain budget). But I think the greater issue at hand is not understanding the true realities of this industry ... or worse thinking a bad result wont happen to you. The last week Ive seen a heap of repair cases and its just fucking depressing Spend some time reading patient reviews, talk (and ask to meet) real patients, pay attention to which clinics the veterans on the forums praise, and PLEASE take your time making an informed decision about your body.
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    What clinic did he go to? You can't say "all clinics in Turkey are bad" because there are many bad cases. I am interested in hearing about the best DHI in Turkey, not all these other bad clinics that I have no intention of going to. Statistically, if there are 100.000 procedures done per day in Turkey vs 5.000 in Spain, it is evident that there will be statistically more bad results. I know of many clinics outside of Turkey that are equally terrible according to the reviews, so it makes no sense to blame an entire country for some bad clinics. It is up to the individual clinic, their competency and their skill. Saying "Turkey is the king of botched transplants" is also saying "Turkey is the biggest in the world of successful transplants" because they have the largest amount of procedures. The clinic in my country that quoted me 4800 EUR for 2500 grafts also used technicians. Not a single doctor. So clinics outside Turkey is not any worse and have the EXACT same risk but the higher price. Now you claim you can show me many botched examples. Then show me these botched examples from Cinik. I don't care about the other bad clinics, It is highly irrelevant.
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    Dr. Konior is a master at angling grafts when they’re grown out, they give the best appearance. We often think of density particularly when talking about results, but some doctors can make it look like more grafts, simply by angling the grafts in a manner that gives the most layering and coverage. You’re a perfect example.
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    @Coady..here you go with an outdoors top down midscalp.... next few months is when the real magic happens hopefully... Z
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    @Zoomster Mate as a fellow Norwood 6 myself, I’m inspired. You’ve completely transformed.
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    The acid test ..out and about daylight pic .. I’ll be 7 months gone on 23 July . roll on next few months maturation phase 🙏🙏 thanks @Curious25 Z
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    I still think that you are thinking too much and your hair look great, hair transplants are never perfect, I have had 3 and I still need more. Try to change the hair style, go for side and back short hair cut , do some experiments and see how does it look. Wet hair reveals gap in I think everyone's head ,even on the guys with dense hair. If you want to go for Fin, go for lower dose to start with like .25mg and see how you accept it.
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    Jumping the gun there. Slow growers can happen. No need add undue stress on the guy. If it was 12 months post then I might agree with you.
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    Check with the Doctor as prices might have been updated.
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    Very impressive for a small number of grafts, Dr. Konior is giving Dr. Wong a run for his money for crowns. You and @makehairgreatagain have had fantastic results.
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    I’ve seen another thread by you, what I’m about to say may sound harsh, but please don’t take it the wrong way. From your actions, it seems you may be suffering from a lot of anxiety, it can manifest in many ways. Hair is not something that you need to worry about, at least not in the foreseeable future. If you continuously have these thoughts or worries, I would seriously consider speaking to a therapist, you may have slight body dysmorphia or OCD. Seeing a therapist is nothing to be ashamed of, mental health is just as important as physical health. best wishes,
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    6 months and probably another 5-6 of improvements to come, although pretty happy with it already!
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    Great list Melvin. One thing I always recommend is to choose a surgeon whose primary practice and focus is hair transplants. This is particularly important in a city like LA where I live which is abound with plastic surgeons who add "Hair Transplants" to the long list of services they provide (which is even easier for plastic surgeons to do with the addition of Artas to many practices)... It's like a one-stop-shop of sorts for any cosmetic procedure you could possibly want, and personally, I would feel much more confident in the work of a surgeon who performs 3-4 procedures a week as opposed to one who may perform a 2-3 a month amidst many other procedures.
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    @ciaus I appreciate your opinion/2cents. I agree that my input isn't helping the original poster very much at this moment. My apologies if my response came off harsh or unempathetic. I've been around the hair transplant industry for awhile now and just feel concern about how certain clinics are treating their patients. It just hits a nerve seeing all these more recent Diep cases where there are obvious shortcuts taken that leave the patients in less than optimal condition after their procedure. I am only trying to warn other potential patients that would be reading this thread that it isn't an isolated incident and is becoming more common with this particular clinic. So, obviously there isn't much that @kdlmajcan do at this point to change what has happened. My advice is to just keep spraying the grafts with whatever solution you have (saline is fine, Konior recommends it). Eventually that blood will dissipate and the scabs will soften allowing removal. Wear the hat in the airport and just remember you're the only one who cares about your hair transplant at this point. As much as it consumes you right now, nobody in the airport, including staff, will care about it at all. Good luck
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    pretty sure he's abbreviating the days of the week, little less brevity here .. Mon Wed Fri or Mon Fri
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    Not trying to sound like an expert by any stretch, but Rogaine and Finasteride don't grow 'new' hair. The number of hairs -hair follicles that you are born with are all you'll ever have. Unless you sustain an injury/burn on your scalp or a disease that destroys those follicles they continue to produce hairs throughout your life, even on the guy with the smoothest bald head you've ever seen. That bald spot is covered with hairs, its just that they are so small, miniaturized, that you can hardly see them even close up. Rogaine works by increasing blood flow, nutrients to the hair follicles, increasing the growth cycle times of your various hairs so that more of them are in the growing phase at the same time, thus giving you a more fuller head of hair appearance. Finasteride limits the levels of a hormone called DHT in your bloodstream. DHT can attach to hair follicles on your scalp and cause them to shrink and produce smaller less visible hairs. If you had to make a choice and only take finasteride or Rogaine, finasteride works better. And it's more likely to work -which is another way of saying more guys don't respond to Rogaine than Finasteride. But actually its best to take them both if you can to maximize the fuller hair appearance. A small minority of guys report sexual side effects with finasteride, but some of this is just guys psyching themselves out knowing that its a possible side effect, and already being under stress of trying to cope with losing their hair.
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    You trying to be a lego man? Red line would be a worse look. Search on youtube for Celebrity Hair Transplant Disasters - The Kyle Christie Effect - Part 1 for someone that did something similar. Green would look ok but maybe stick to meds and get what you have stabilized
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    There is a clinic here in the greater Wash DC area (Northern Virginia) with a doctor who has been doing horrible FUHT work for nearly 4 decades now. You would think that after all this time he would be out of business...what is the sole factor that keeps him open? It's greed!...he runs a full display add quarterly in the Wash Post advertising a big sale on HT procedures from as low as $2 per graft. Herds of people come running to him for a free consultation and he just drops his line in the water and pulls them out one by one! He plays on the fact that a cheap price is hard to resist and he's been doing it for a long long time. He takes advantage of human nature...enough people will bite the bait of a cheap price!
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    @Houseofwolves the diagnosis you received are ridiculous and scary because one clinic actually includes repairs so I assume fuc**ng up is normal for them. In the UK there`s 1 doctor getting a steady flow of good results who is Dr. Reddy but he`s overpriced for his level or results. The quote you got of 4000 grafts is actually much less than I would expect because looking at your pictures you should have around 125cm2 of area to fill in and rebuilding the frontal hairline requires higher density so I would say you need at least 6000 grafts split into two surgeries. Also, your hair is blond and thin which makes it a challenge for most Doctors. My friend @PT#31 has similar hair to yours and had his surgery aborted by my doctor in Turkey (and he is one of the TOP 3 in Turkey) after 250 grafts were extracted and most were miniaturized. @PT#31 asked for a second opinion to @Dr. Bruno Ferreira and ended up having his HT in May with him with steller results so far (he will be posting soon as I`ve been nagging him to do so). @Rolandas also lives in the UK has similar hair to yours and also went with Dr. BF you should check his thread. You should consider FUT because it would allow you to optimize your donor area thus getting more grafts (your donor area is limited and every graft is precious so chose a proper doctor that won´t waste grafts). Feriduni and Muresanu ate the kings of FUT in Europe and H&W are the Kings of North America. Dr. Muresanu would be a better option for you should you go with the FUT route because he`s more experienced with FUT mega sessions and could probably do the grafts you need in just 1 surgery. If you want to know prices you can check the list I made when I was doing my research.
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    Melvin has repeatedly said that he would not advise anyone to go to Turkey for a hair transplant. He has written off the whole country. I have said there are reputable clinics there that get great results at a much lower cost. Cost should not be the only factor, of course I agree.
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    Some of you are not understanding what Melvin is trying to say. He isn't saying price is not a factor at all. He is saying price should not be the most important factor. You want a hair transplant because you want to improve your hair situation and look better. That is the goal. That is the main priority. Improving your hair and looking better. You cannot disregard that and make the lowest price be the main goal. There has never been anyone with a bad hair transplant who feels great about it because he got the transplant at a lower price than anyone else. However there are plenty of men who had a great transplant and maybe paid more than they could have or should have, but they feel great about it because they accomplished the main goal which is to improve their hair situation and look better. If you can accomplish the main goal at a low cost, then that's fine, do it. But make sure you are getting the best chance of accomplishing the goal of looking better and not going for the goal of the lowest price. Ask any repair patient if they think they ended up paying less than if they went somewhere else to begin with. EDIT: I thought I'd add a final thought. If a low price is more important than the outcome then don't go and pay 0. That is the lowest cost without caring what you look like. You will never beat that price. Why pay even 1 cent per graft if you don't care what you will look like. You can do that for free.
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    Great result for this patient. Everything blends so well that it just looks like his hair thickened up one day. Even the donor looks solid at such a short length. I'm honestly jealous.
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    10 guys here all say no. But you keep coming back with reasons and they still say no. I'll be as gentle in my response as I can. NO!!!
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    Here in Uk there are precious few decent places to get a HT. worse than that is you will pay a ridiculous amount of £££ for a hairmill/poor procedure. There are no “nice price” clinics here, just over expensive ones. I can think of just 3 decent places and that’s it. So unfortunately people from the UK do seek elsewhere. If they come across this forum great, If they do go elsewhere sometimes it’s too late.
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    Took the words out of my mouth. @fabofly take a look a @Doron Harati thread, he almost died at a low cost clinic. Also, these “YouTubers” are undercover reps. They get paid to get customers to go to the clinic, just ask Doron, he will tell you.
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    Thanks Kruchie, appreciate the compliment. Without doubt the single best thing I’ve ever done by far. I feel the difference within myself too and has improved so many different aspects of my life. I still smile everyday straight after styling my hair when I see it in the mirror. I had a photo today outside at the funfair and shows the hairline at a very short distance.
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    Body hair is not acceptable on the temples, it would not look natural. Is your donor depleted?
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    You can have the area I marked (or something similar) removed by FUE and replace the removed grafts behind it to thicken up that area.
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    Not really an answer, more some observations... There are too many variables from one person to another to give a definitive answer to this. For some, it will have to be FUE due to laxity issues, for others, who are lets say higher NW then FUT is likely the better option. Having a number of smaller FUEs is a good idea. There are only a handful of doctors who have truly mastered the technique. Others just delegate it and watch on a TV screen from an office.. Taking time over it is likely to result in a better outcome but too many are just interested in the money. FUT comes into it's own as it's a relatively straightforward process in comparison. FUE tends to thin out the donor, not just because they are spread out, but also because the doctor/tech will inevitibly target the strongest looking and thickest hairs. The inferior hairs are left behind which cannot mask the reduction in density. As pointed out by someone else, in FUT the section of scalp is removed so the impact on density is negligible. FUE requires an expanded donor area, well outside the safe strip zone - grafts from the perimeter are more likley to be affected by DHT and may disappear over time, leading to thinning on top and exposure of some scars in the donor. In which case for high NW in their 30s it may be better to take as much 'safe hair' as possible from FUT, before following up with FUE from a smaller area than you may attempt on say, a NW3 aged 45..
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    What are u on about mate ? that’s a good result stop trolling !!
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    IMHO, it also depends on the individual's hair characteristics...for those who have thin caliber and lower native density levels, losing 50% may be visibly more noticeable. Also, with 50% loss, you may start to notice some scalp under the thinning native hair, especially true for those with a diffused thinning pattern of loss.
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    Of course! My pleasure :). Emotions are going to be high because this is such an exciting journey to go through. Rest assure, you are only at the beginning of this journey. Ride the waves and the ups and downs, and be excited for how this is going to alter your appearance and confidence!
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    please comment, don't leave me alone. I feel alone.
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    Yes - thats pretty much it. And i wouldnt say youre progress is slow at all. A friend of mine here got a HT and at 6 months was REALLY disappointed (even though his hairdresser assured him there were little "baby hairs" coming in). By 9 months he had a great result. It just takes a few hair cycles for the transplanted hair to become stronger and thicken up. Please continue to keep us updated