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    I don’t get this kind of thinking. Sorry not trying to be combative, but people keep saying it and it really baffles me. Would you prefer patients hide the transplanted areas or present them in the most flattering, dimly lit, combed over conditions or do you actually want to see the transplant? It’s just odd that a lot of people say this. You either want to see clear, high quality, well lit photos of the transplant or you don’t. I for one would rather see what I’m in for, rather than a touched up version...
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    for me, even having a "thinning" look after my hair transplants is way better than where I started - which was near complete baldness - therefore while I could achieve a denser look with products such as hair fibers, etc... I really don't want the extra hassle or fuss. In fact, just being able to shampoo, towel dry and add some gel and be out the door is an exhilarating freedom from the exhaustive time previously spent trying to cover up my baldness from comb-overs, hairsprays, etc. My HTs, while definitely an illusion of coverage, have given me a great relief, and that's what I'm appreciative of most.
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    Option 2 with Feriduni .. if he was successful the first time .. then why change that .. don’t waste years of ur life with multiple operations .. get the most of what u can get done right now .. get that frontal band n crown fixed .. that should give u good coverage even as u diffuse in the middle as u age more . Ur hair does look pretty good right now however .. I like that frontal row of small hairs u have on ur hairline ,, it will really help with the transition of transplant hair . Giving it a softer n more natural look ..
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    I'm not sure why you think there would be no advantage. If you go to a clinic where they're using only techs then you have no clue how much experience each individual person has. If someone who lacks experience does a crucial part of your surgery like extractions then there's a chance many of your grafts can be transected. Extractions require a lot more skill to do than implanting. I'd rather have a doctor who I know has over 10 years of experience rather than some random person.
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    I hope you asked him about his punch. Seems to be the most controversial aspect of his work.
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    As a NW 5-6 and after having 4200 FUE grafts over 4 years ago ..of course there's an element of illusion with my hair ..and I would need the crown to be addressed for the illusion to be conplete ..although as I am 57 this year do I really want to bother as toppik does a good job iof covering the crown ..and if I used dermatch as well I'm sure nobody would notice any thinning even in the crown . Attached photos taken today ..I guess it all depends how do you define an illusion ..If anything less than native density is the criteria well I guess yea all transplants are an illusion.. OK only pics and video ..but some of the lower NW's transplants as shown lets say by Lorenzo and Couto look pretty damn close . First and second pic pre op... third pic hair slightly damp .no toppik. fourth pic the lightest sprinkling of toppik ..I did a 3.5 year post op thread anyone can check out that post ..all pics without topik there ...
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    I don't think its an illusion. There is a difference between good and bad ht result. If you have an average result, the way you style your hair could change the look drastically. Of course no hair transplantation can bring your 18 year old density but if the growth rate is around %90s and densely packed, no matter you comb the hair in any way the look wouldn't drastically change. In this video I don't think there is a lightening trick that you can understand how dense his hair is by looking at his hairline and the location is not that dark. Plus, seeing the scalp with wet hair doesn't mean that the hair is not dense enough and there is an illusion.
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    It doesn't matter that he shows the bad part in the video. If a half side of his head looks like this it is obviously a bad result. @Payam did you share your pics with asmed? It would be interesting to hear Dr. Korays opinion to this..
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    No area should look like that after 12 months...
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    Great result. Would like to see alot more posted By the clinic if they're doing 6 patients a day potentially over 100 a month give or take but on average only post 1 a month.
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    Dude , u r just setting urself up for failures all day . U too panicky and make bad decisions without researching or having knowledge about things .. there is no way u makin six figures .. as most of the things u say is exaggerated .. so I highly doubt that. .. there is no way u be able to shave ur head bald . U got 4000 randomly placed hairs all over ur head .. when u shave those hairs down .. there will be bumps . N some scarring .. u just don’t notice it as much when there is hair there .. u could do a buzzcut though .. it’s obvious what ur solution is .. get another transplant to specifically target the crown .. durrr
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    Looks really good bro! Consider this too....your left side also has the natural light from the window shining on it too which should make it look much worse but it isn’t! I wouldnt worry about having a few doubles in the hairline one bit. Hair transplantation is not about creating perfection, but rather improving your overall appearance (at least this is my idea). And in your case that is exactly what it did! 👍🏻
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    Its things one might take for granted pre-hairloss particularly after the second procedure, simply being able to go about my day without considering hairloss, I vividly remember going to the cinema once to see one of my favourite films prior to any transplants at 22 and spending virtually every minute thinking about my hair or judging the hairlines of those in the film. Another particularly memorable moment was going to pick up a package from the post-office for my 55 year old father as a 22 year old and the person at the counter asking if I was his brother. Even things like ordering a coffee can be a nightmare when you're a 22 year old with a diffused NWV3. I'm sure some people might think it sounds silly and bring up "its just confidence brah" (it isn't), but things like walking down the street or being on the bus and getting smiles or looks from attractive girls, same situation when ordering a coffee etc. Prior to surgery ordering food/drink a girl serving would noticeably look away or refuse eye contact, be visibly unhappy, awkward and unsure of how to handle themselves. Its truly like living in a different world where in one everyone is an asshole and dislikes, ignores or just wants you out of their way, in the other everyone is friendly, respectful and helpful. Same with long term friends, both male and female. They'd be less interested in hanging out, less honest especially emotionally (particularly girls), awkward and constantly avoid eye contact. When you go from having perfect hair at 18, to being virtually bald at 22, and back to being in a similar range to your average 24 year old subsequent to that, the way people judge and treat you based on hair becomes extremely noticeable. So its largely not having to think about hairloss everyday, and secondly being treated as an equal or respectable person by others, such that you no longer feel inhibited by hairloss, when I clearly was while enduring it. Both easily understandable when fundamentally I looked ugly, unintelligent and a sorry sight without hair (and whether anyone can admit it that's the same for most people), with hair I look slightly above average. The reality is that's what it gets down to, hairloss ages you a decade minimum, looks incredibly unattractive, makes you look less intelligent and friendly, often implies sickness or bad genetics, and can suddenly make certain facial features stand out and appear ugly when prior they looked normal.
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    A few snippets around 10 months. Don’t think there has been noticeable improvement since roughly 8 months. Overall very happy, constantly amazed at how good my hair is compared to before my first hair transplant. Still niggling desire to perfect things, I think 300 multis in the crown and 1200 in the hairline + adding maximum density to the weaker side of the frontal third would be worthwhile. I’d probably consider a stick and place doctor like Keser or Konior. I’ll probably give it 3-5 years minimum and see how I maintain on fina
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    Melvin’s recommendations are the big names in NYC, I would also recommend looking into Carlos Wesley. He was one of my top choices as well, lots of strong results on here and his site
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    Man thanks for coming back, I really hope you share some new pictures. So many of these threads are started and never have an ending. It would be nice if we could see the final result.
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    That guy was in the same situation as u bman .. sounds like it’s meant to be.
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    1000% i really don't care about a growth guarantee if the first one didn't work out. I would be way too stressed out the second time around and can't afford to waste any grafts. Like 3000+ grafts, 5000 hair should provide an effective hairline result, that I'm sure of! Thanks for the comment, I really do hope things turn around as well. Approaching 7 months and can honestly say if it stopped here, I'd be devastated. My thoughts about this whole website/industry atm are: Some clinics market better than others, this forum clearly has a bias for some clinics over others. Some members are treated unfairly when trying to find a solution for something as stressful as a bad ht (looking at recent asmed threads for example). Amazing results from overseas surgeons are not nearly discussed enough because they have no interest in this forum, and are thus discarded as being "the best in the world", a title given to surgeons on this forum rather easily. if this doesn't work, I will probably not go with a clinic where the surgeon does not do 95% percent of the work, even though your result with hasson and a few others are the best I have ever seen period. I am too afraid of techs ruining my super fucking precious grafts.
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    Mine took 7 hours including a lunch break when I had 2200 grafts.
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    Looks like his gf is gonna be running the clinic in Madrid. It’s definitely great to see such a huge public figure invest in hair restoration. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6748071/Cristiano-Ronaldo-set-open-hair-transplant-centre-Madrid.html
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    Hi everyone. Just a bit of advice off you guys really. Been a lurker for a number of years, I’m 38 Norwood 6/7 been balding ever since I was an adult really. Tried Fin didn’t get on with it and minoxidil a bit of a waste of time..Started at the temples from 18 then slowly diffuse and crown in the last 10 years. Hasn’t been a rapid baldness but everyone who knows me would recognise I haven’t had a huge amount of hair for years. My Dad is exactly the same as me, looks wise, bones wise and hair wise. Though he lost his a lot later than me, he still has the back and sides still intact, which gives me hope that my donor hair wont be affected by DHT even though it’s weak. I have always had a very high forehead and not too fussed about that. I had consultation with Farjo about 5 years ago and they said I had weak donor hair which is fair enough. Asmad said I needed to take fin to improve donor area. I’m not actually after a huge wave of hair, I’d just like a frame again like I used to have (I would still have it short) im keeping an interest in @Donjamo hair journey as I felt his hair was similar in terms of how it looked then like mine does now. And Cinik is of interest due to cost and the good examples I’ve seen..in worried my donor isn’t enough for 2 procedures. I’ve spoke to them they say they could put 2800-3100 in there. I’m fully aware that my native hair will continue to shrink so maybe some other meds after procedure may work? what do you think? Can I have a reasonable chance having a good enough coverage if I have transplant? I’ve highlighted the area I’d like done
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    I'm just gonna wear a hat. If she asks me to take it off I'll jokingly accuse her of trying to undress me on the first date lol. Gotta be prepared.
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    I was with kw877 at Asmed and we had the HT done with only a few days of difference. I haven't posted here recently but I wanted to thank you publicly for all your posts and your own thread. Every person that posts their results not being sponsored are very generous, not for the time spent but for that privacy they are exposing somehow. They deserve all the support, honesty and constructive feedback they can get. The pain was also unbearable for me but the anaesthetic came and gave me a higher dose. I was suffering for two weeks after the HT because of a pain deep in my head and painkillers didn't help but after the first weeks I started feeling great again. I guess the nerves just healed. I don't think that FUT would have been better for you, FUE was the right choice for you. Do you remember the Bepanthol lotion that they gave us for the scalp? Keep using that on the irritated areas, I also have sensitive skin and it has been good and no allergies reactions whatsoever. If you don't like to have lotion soaking your hair do it when you are at home and/or some time before having a shower, styling your hair and hitting the street. I had that tiny dandruff that is not because of greasy scalp but because of dry and irritated scalp and using this or any other hypoallergenic lotion helps. Also, what shampoo are you using? Try using hypoallergenic shampoo like the one they gave us (Sebamed), for sensitive scalp it is better than trying fancy shampoos with special properties in the long term. You are absolute right when you say that if the HT result doesn't look good under direct light then it's not a satisfying result when the person is young and the hair loss wasn't that bad to begin with. The result should look good under direct light and the good results prove that. As you know I am not happy with my own results yet either, the lack of density is very obvious in the hairline, but we are at the fifth month mark so we have to stay positive because it's not definitive. Yes, there are some fast results but we might have slower growth. You say that you can't see the incisions in those gaps, I will check my gaps and see if I can find incisions (I haven't checked that) but I have noticed new thin hairs, not everywhere unfortunately but I hope that more will sprout. Are you sure that you have not found any shorter or thinner hairs in the recipient area (the hairline is the easiest part to check)? I see that your donor has what looks like a round area where density is lower. Give it time, if you keep the hair short on the back side compare the photos and see if it's filling up with time. My donor is lower density now but it's quite uniform. I will get a new hair cut soon with that area short and I will see if density has improved there.
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    That's great news. Have you gotten your hotel yet? If you have or have not, I'd consider looking on Priceline. Choose "Oakbrook Terrace, IL" and then choose "4 stars". The 4.5 star "Express Deal" will give you the Westin Lombard. It's perfect for this kind of thing. Target is next door, the mall is across the parking lot and the AMC theater is 2 baseball throws from the front door. Room service and movies on demand from the room. Plus they have a mini fridge in there. Perfect hotel for this. If you've already made reservations somewhere else, I'd see what the cancellation policy is and stay here. Just speaking from my experience though. I'm excited for you. It was a great experience. Good luck.