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    I had 4600 grafts in 2015, I can provide you photos if you wish via PM. Even if I wasn't, I don't see the relevance. This forum was the sole reason I went there, the results being posted at the time were all good. In terms of my result, I was not satisfied with my hairline which shows scarring in the light, of areas which failed to grow (the hairline does not look good). The area behind was ok, but they used a massive amount in the crown which I've since heard was totally unneeded. My theory is they do this knowing some areas wont grow but can take credit for a good result either way (because something is likely to grow with that amount of grafts ). Nearly all top surgeons use about half the grafts for the same, if not much better results. I've since had another transplant in May inwhich the doctor stated how my donor area had been very aggressively harvested, leaving lower quality grafts for him to work with. This will negatively effect my results I'm sure. It is due to my own struggle with this that I feel for the people who went there and got a bad result. There are loads. To deny it is ridiculous at this point. I'm sick of getting attacked for pointing out which is blatantly obvious to see. I respect your work here alot but I believe your conversation with him regarding this was inadequate. He should be fully explaining what's going on here, offering refunds and not trying to sweet talk you with a visit to his clinic. He states he does not give refunds due to this being an admission that another surgeon could do better. This is interesting due to the fact that he is barely involved. The fact is, I believe I could have avoided years of stress and anxiety had I just gone to a top surgeons who was actually properly involved in the procedure. It is therefore that I say he shouldn't be recommended here at all. You say you recommend surgeons not clinics, but this makes zero sense. Koray Erdogan is barely involved in the procedure so you are therefore recommending people go to see a surgeon who is barely there! It is young techs who do nearly everything. They couldn't possibly have much experience due to their age. I was attacked on another thread by a guy who you seemingly allow you call people names. He stated how H&W operate the same way. From what I have read, the techs there, especially the lead techs have huge experience and they are always present, they do not run 9 surgeries a day and the surgeons are often present. The comparison is ludicrous. He doesn't even supervise your surgery at all. Furthermore, they never contacted me even once to see how it was going. Completely uninterested. Of course, this is my opinion and appreciate being able to say it freely, which is how any fair discussion forum should operate. Yes all surgeons have bad results but I'm sorry, not to this extent. What I have learnt is it is extremely important to get it right the first time, which is why I don't think a clinic who are constantly offering free touch ups to fix their disastrous work should be recommended here. Your donor cannot be refunded or replaced. I think its extremely bizarre that people think I'm needlessly slagging off a clinic. The evidence is overwhelming.
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    Killer response @Sean This is an industry built on reputation not regulation, so you are essentially on your own in trying to navigate it. The "research" motto that everyone always emphasises here is really about learning what the true risks of surgery are and what your expectations should be. Most things are not transparent and unless you start reading hair transplant textbooks it's easy to get confused and misled by some of the more unsavory clinics in their salesmanship. The lists of surgeons in the world who I personally consider ethical and talented i can count on my fingers, and i thank god i had one support me for my last surgery. So to answer the question "should this person get a hair transplant"? Maybe. Depends entirely on the person. I'd be very interested in a survey of people that think their HT's were ultimately worth it
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    Month 8 So far so good very happy with the result! I am feeling much better about myself. I have even been getting a lot more attention from women when I go out! I’m not sure if this is from the hair or just the confidence boost, probably a combination of the two. Anyway here are my photos with no product in hair 1 is standing directly under bright light.
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    These guys would disagree with you on that and before you start to argue: Just like you they think what was cool when they were young still looks cool.
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    So it looks and sounds like you just need a few grafts in and around the scar. Is that right? This should be easy to do and only take a few grafts. I think you should take the grafts from the beard area under your chin as those would be more similar to your mustache hairs than scalp hairs.
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    Wow that facility is a huge step up from their previous office. Very impressed. Looking good man 🙌🏼 looking forward to your updates.
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    That is normal and over time they will straighten out and look less coarse. Might take another 6-9 months to fully change. great results so far.
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    You need to create a whole section on this site entitled "Melvin helps make your hair look awesome" concealers generally look bad in the hairline so its good advice (its like the equivalent of a girl wearing too much make-up). Although i have found you can experiment a bit by placing some toppik in the hairline and lightly blowdrying it away. some of it will stick and it can still look natural
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    That hairline is going to be unbelievable when grown in! 6 More weeks and the fun will start!
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    Personally I think it would be good of them to do so even though I don't think your growth was poor. In saying that, I think with 1200-1500 grafts you will have a very, very strong result and look bag on the annoyance you have currently and think its silly, which it is even though I totally understand and emphathize with it. I felt similar to you after my first procedure emotionally I think but I booked the soonest procedure I could after the first and am incredibly happy I did. There's no point dwelling over an imperfect result when the amount of grafts to take it to a stunning one is quite small.
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    Very informative reply, thanks. I was planning on getting Saw palmetto since i heard its all natural and much safer. I have 2 questions. I can choose between 0.5mm to 1.5mm needles. Which should i start with? Also, Saw palmeetto was meant to used topically? Should i focus on getting the topical version?
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    Hey man, here are some updated photos. I am very very happy. I couldn't have wished for better results!
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    After years of consideration, I decided it was time for me to do something about my hair loss woes. As the quote goes, “nothing changes unless something changes.” Due to the natural aspect and more permanent effects, my main goal for my restoration was a FUE procedure. The FUT was not an option for me due to the linear scar. I tend to prefer a shorter haircut so the scar was a hard pass for me. This hair loss restoration journey originally began when I met Dr. Diep in 2014 when I first began to notice hair loss. Although I was impressed with the possible results, I opted to wait until 2019 because I wasn’t sure how fast my hair loss would impact me. Plus, like so many others, I was worried about recovery, results and complications. It was a big commitment and I was still somewhat skeptical as well. After my second consultation with Dr. Diep around the start of the 2019 new year, I made the decision and have been eagerly (and anxiously) waiting for my procedure date. Over those 5 years I successfully was able to style my hair so no one could notice my losses. However, I was increasingly sensitive to windy day concerns, days at the pool or beach and going out on dates. Dr. Diep had a long wait list but I made the deposit ($1000) to secure my procedure date. Over those months, I wanted to back out and cancel.... to just accept what my genetics had in store for me. Other times I wished I hadn't waited so long as I looked and was increasingly unhappy with my aesthetics. I’m glad I waited and went through the highs and lows. The days leading to the procedure were some of the most anxious of my life! Dr. Diep recommended 2500 graphs via a FUE procedure in order to fulfill my restoration needs. There was some discussion about a FUT since I was a candidate for either process, but I wasn’t interested because of the scar. I chose Dr. Diep because of his expertise with hairlines specifically. I wanted as natural of a restoration as possible and he seemed like the best fit for me considering my ethnicity. Here are my pre op pictures showcasing what I hope can be restored. I’m a Filipino/Chinese male who started noticing pattern loss around my temples and front hairline areas a few years ago. Front hairline Left temple Right temple. This was one of the hardest to cover up because from the wrong angle of my comb over in pictures it was obvious I was missing Hair. Rear donor site with my hair whirl / cowlick that looks thinner than it actually is due to the flash Closer pic of the rear future donor area I’m looking forward to using this forum to document my experience as I pass the time looking forward to results I hope to see! Wish me luck!
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    Let's come up with a list Sean, we need to warn our community, so that some patients don't fall in to the wrong hands or for the wrong tricks. I really want our community to prosper and a lot of other forums don't touch on this at all.
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    This 29-year-old gentleman had a hair loss pattern similar to a class 4v on the Hamilton Norwood hair loss scale. His goal was to rebuild his hairline and add density to the frontal 1/3-1/2 of his scalp. The patient and I worked together to draft a plan that would match his expectations. Since his goal was well suited to his needs, this was fairly easy. When I created the surgical plan, I paid close attention to the hairline so that I could give him the natural look he was expecting. I needed to reconstruct a hairline that would be suitable for him as he was going into surgery but also suitable for him as he continued to age. A total of 3,553 grafts were used. I used a significant amount of single hair follicular units, which allowed me to create a very natural hairline. Since the goal is a natural look, even when you’re combing your hair, this action will allow him to do just that. These are his results 8 months after his surgery. His results will continue to improve for another 4-7 months. He is very happy with his results thus far.
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    I have to agree with Shmiggy!! I have been blessed with a stretch scar on the back of my head. My last procedure was about 8 years ago. Luckily, I have been able to improve the appearance somewhat. I will never be able to shave my head, or go as close as a number 4 clipper cut. I had two additional surgeries to repair the mistakes from the original two procedures.. Unfortunately , the last surgery left me with a scar that can not be repaired.. I flew to Vancouver and Baltimore even visited some locals in Fl only to hear the same thing..." Don't touch it. You run the risk of making it worse". I will not have another surgery. Your story has inspired me. Thank you
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    Legend you're back haha been waiting on your update too. I do agree, it is all about making the patient happy, so I would be surprised if Dr. Gabel, didn't offer to a free touch-upto add grafts to that side to make him happy.
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    He has a pretty big area where no hairs grew .. it might look okay now .. but when he recedes further .. that small area where no hair grew won’t be able to cover up the future recession .. so he’s going to require another hair transplant sooner than later .. quite honestly .. I think he has a good transplant .. his body n hair characteristics are good . N one side grew great . So u can’t blame the patient or his body for one side not growing as well . I think dr gabel owes him a few hundred grafts to make the patient happy .. it’s all about making the patient happy in the end .or having them feel it’s good enough n move on . Well it depends on the clinic I guess, n how they want their representation to be .
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    Shifty, this is phenomenal. Let it be known that i am no where to how natural you look at this point. My scalps been hammered and impacted for so called restoration then so called repair which im still trying to get repair for. I think meds if watched closely are the best options and clearly will save thousands of dollars and headaches later. Wish i could turn back time but at the same time you have provided a very valuable documentation online and i am surprised no company has reached out to you to share your story. I can see them trying to get you to write about your experience for top dollar. you did the smartest thing and saved yourself a lot of turmoil. I am extremely happy for the way things are turning out for you and my god talk about natural. And you have no bogus scar tissue or anything else unethical with the drama a HT can bring by some folks. You can live with a healthy scalp free from defects. It is very unfortunate that folks may try to coverup or hide truths to what goes on in certain aspects of the industry. If only some guys truly knew what goes on behind scenes and coverups and deceptions and etc. you are a real person without any motive to do what you do and you have shown this to help others. Thanks for coming back and updating with pics and the more you update the more helpful seeing this has become.
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    It's hard to say, when I look back at the pictures in the first page, it does look like the recession has crept up a bit, at the same time, your issues are in that overall area. I will say that I do believe Dr. Gabel, that all of the grafts have grown. I just think you need more grafts to be satisfied. Not a lot maybe another 700 grafts. Personally, I think it looks great, no one would notice. I'm pretty sure if I started complaining about my hair transplant to my gf she would say it looks off too, you could have a tiny stain on your shirt that no one would notice, unless you point it out.
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    Looks really good Dr. Singh. Congratulations to you and your patient.
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    Huge Difference, well done! 👏
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    @CosmoKramer I just read this thread. Very encouraging results! I am going to buy the A6 pen on Amazon. There is a 12 pin and 36 pin option. I have a low pain threshold so I am leaning towards the 12 pin. What is your preference? Thanks!
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    Lol yeah. Well we will see. Just gonna do a small procedure of 1500-1800 with hasson most likely in about a year. When I start that thread I'll link this one to it and vice versa.
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    Thanks! As for your question...I’m not sure if it’s beneficial or not to start microneedling an area on your scalp that wasn’t used for an HT at your early ht stage, and I don’t know if doing so would divert blood flow from your ht recipient area...even if it’s just 1 day of microneedling out of a week (it probably couldn’t hurt the grafts at your post op stage)...but I personally would wait at the very least until you are 3-4 months post-op your HT to microneedle at all...because it’s important to let the new hair growth begin uninterrupted and not traumatized in any way....there’s no need to rush starting a microneedling routine so just give your HT grafts time to sprout and grow and then you can start microneedling. Good luck!
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    I'm currently growing my hair out. When done, will try to get a side gig with Van Halen !
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    Thanks man you look so much younger. You touched on something so important, and that is playing with different styles. Options is something you don't have when you're balding.
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    The irony is that aging boomers that are bashing millennials will be begging them to care for them as they get closer to meeting the Reaper...😂
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    Thanks for the reply. The money is about $1,000 difference. Not my main concern, as it should not be when picking a doctor. It just makes me wonder why they had such different opinions. The first doctor was about 15 years older. The second doctor is young. Is this what you meant?
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    🤣 well getting a hair transplant will definitely help
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    His face says it all. Fantastic transformation great job Dr. Gabel.
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    10 days out and looks like it’s growing
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    How’s this months progress coming along?
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    Have you actually had confirmation on this? I have heard he is very selective with whom he operates on. You should also be very careful about judging his work from specially selected videos he uploads with favourable lighting. I remember some years ago viewing a Spanish language HT forum and I discovered that he, just like other surgeons, has some average results, way below what you see in those videos. His clinic have used YouTube to market themselves fantastically well. What you are seeing here is the best of the best in such videos (maybe 1 in 20 results) Also, in reference to the video you posted, Dr. Juan Couto typically works on Spaniards (being as he operates out of Madrid). They tend to have hair characteristics suited for HT's (thick calibre, slight curl etc) You have had a very large amount of grafts transplanted and I would be a little surprised if he took on your case. I can see why you are not satisfied with this result however. I'd consider Dr Lorenzo over Dr. Couto. You may find this interesting: He used to post here. He went for a touch up with ASMED. If you look over his videos, he still has to use hair fibres and doesn't seem overall happy at all.
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    Day 148 (2 days short of 5 months) No comments only pics. I have tried to take pics from as close as possible.
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    Thank you mate, I can’t believe how quickly things can change for the better. I look back at photos from 2.5months ago and the progress has been really good. This is my hair indoors from yesterday. My hair always looks better and darker indoors.
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    Definitely give it a go, Phil!
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    Great result well done and Congratulations. ........Paddy.....
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    To begin, I am sorry that you felt misled in any way in regards to what you could expect with the Celebrity FUE, and I thank you for bringing this to our attention. My team and I are looking into the factors may have played a role regarding the disconnect in what the Celebrity FUE entails and what the final product is. I assure you that it was never my intent to mislead you, and we are working on the language so that there is even greater clarity around what is available through this procedure so that we can minimize the possibility of any misunderstanding in the future. With that said, there are a few factors that I would like to address in terms of how I run my practice, as some of the details you gave are not accurate in my eye. Like you, I have no interest in an “internet argument”, and my intention here is to give what I believe to be a more complete look at my practice and how it operates. First and foremost, the notion that I am only in the room for less than an hour is simply not true. In a typical 8-10 hour session, I am in the room for well over half that time. In fact, for the first 4 hours of the procedure, I am there the entire time making all the incisions/sites and extracting the grafts myself. Not only would a technician never be trusted to use any device to extract/cut grafts, it is in fact illegal in the State of California. I assure you that I would not compromise my own work or my license and would never have anyone other than myself extract the grafts. Extraction of the grafts consists of 2 parts; one part being the most crucial where the surgeon incises or scores the grafts (this can only be done by the surgeon) and the second part is when the technicians assist with pulling the grafts for counting and further preparation before we can implant them. So when my technicians said they were catching up with extracting, they meant they were catching up with pulling the grafts that I had scored, so we can get a count of the current grafts. Regarding the placement of the grafts and the misguided comment/joke I made about how I am not good at graft insertion and the technicians are better, a bit of context is needed. One of the most important aspects of a hair transplant (in addition to extracting the grafts) is the design of the hairline and the incisions made in the recipient site. This is something that I take great pride in and something that is required and expected of any hair transplant surgeon. I spend a great deal of time creating the recipient sites, and like nearly every practice, the technicians are there to place the grafts in the sites the surgeon creates. It is my responsibility to then oversee the placement and ensure that everything is done to my standards. Our technicians are full time employees who are highly trained by me and our team. It would be expected that technicians whose primary responsibility is to place these grafts day in and day out would be more efficient at it than the surgeon, as it is simply not one of the surgeon’s primary functions. Therefore, there is occasional lighthearted workplace banter where my technicians say they are better at it than me. In hindsight, I understand how this could be taken out of context and not received well on your end, and how it is not something that would put you at ease. To see how this works, I'm attaching a link to a video of grafts being placed in the recipient sites using the Mohebi Inserter, a device I invented that helps maintain the quality of the grafts as it reduces damage that can be done by traditional forceps placement methods. I have also been a pioneer in implementing a Simultaneous Extraction and Placement technique and we have been exclusively using it in the last few years to reduce the time the grafts are out of the body. During this method, the surgeon makes premade sites (designs the incisions) at the beginning of the procedure after administrating the local anesthesia. Then we change the patient’s position and the surgeon starts extracting the grafts under microscopic vision. After the grafts are extracted by the surgeon, the 1st technician pulls the grafts, the 2nd technician counts and sorts the grafts under a microscope, then the 3rd and 4th technicians place the grafts all at the same time. At times I may have extracted faster so I have to stop the extraction until the team catches up with pulling the extracted grafts, counting them, and then placing them. We have cut down the time that grafts sit out of the body to less than 60 minutes and we believe this helps the viability of the grafts. My team and I would love to speak to you about this and resolve this in a way that is satisfactory to all involved. I ask that you please reach out to my office so that we can move forward with this. And again, I thank you for bringing to our attention the need for us to tighten up our communication. I assure you it will be addressed and handled accordingly.
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    Holy shit man you're legit a norwood 0 now LOL. These pictures show it all. Is there any product in your hair in this pic? Gel? wax? or is it able to just stay up like that on its own with its density now?
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    Hey guys this was taken at 2 months and 3 weeks. I definitely have a lot of growth happening thin and peach fuzz growing especially on the corners and sides of the hairline. Looks very promising honestly. Middle of the hairline isnt seeing as much peach fuzz but Im sure it will come in within the next month for sure. Exciting times are ahead I hope! :))))
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    Hi Guys, It's all good as seen in the photos below taken today. One of the benefits of the summer is it is much easier to get well lit photos. I am still on 1/4 proscar twice a week and if anything I seem not to notice any side effects any more. I'm thinking to get 500 grafts in the crown and that will be me done...hopefully for ever, or at least not for another 15-20 years!
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    Ultimately, a lot of guys just can’t handle the limitations associated with hair restoration. If it’s all or nothing than you’re better off shaving. You made the wise choice. Like I’ve said many times, we don’t sell hair transplants. We’re in the business of educating and linking patients with good surgeons. Part of educating is managing expectations.