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    What’s wrong with his results ? Looks good for $16,000 . Money well spent ..
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    Conor McGregor is that you ? haha jk. Looking great man, thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. You definitely are a fast grower.
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    With your age and level of loss, and without Finasteride, you will continue to lose what is left on top. A HT into the front and midsection may very well accelerate the loss (permanent shock loss) in that area and you may end up back where you started. If you go down the HT road, you will need a lot of grafts over multiple procedures. Donor management is going to be key. You need a long term plan with a conservative approach. I think you already know all of this. In your case, I’d recommend you consult with Dr Wong. Probably strip to start, and then FUE down the road.
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    I’m sorry but why even post this? This result is a joke and has no place alongside today’s technology.
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    Anywho I think both main people have points. 1) Asmed now doing 6 patients a day from debs thread is ridiculous. It’s impossible all techs are the same quality. You teach 12 people to learn drums the same way. You will get various quality drummers. Also fatigue will start may become a factor at that patient count. With that said, at 4 they were still producing good results. Without a bad rate. 2) If you are going to freak out from a result like payams, I don’t think you should get a transplant. It’s not good... but it’s not even close to butchering etc... 3) Payam discredits himself by exaggerating how bad things are, and wrong dates particularly at the start of this thread. 4) Jean is particularly defensive about this clinic, compared to stuff he says in other threads. Particularly when doubles in hairlines is fairly obvious in this and other patients.
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    Hey y’all , so I finally got my hairtransplant November 30th 2018.. it’s been a journey looking for clinics and choosing the right method . FUE or FUT n how many grafts is needed etc. I’ve been researching for 1.5 years now on hairloss around age 37.. prior to that I had great hair that I took for granted .. My family don’t have a history of hairloss , so I always assumed that the hairs would grow back .. . so I was in a lot of denial of why I’m losing hair.. I was adamant I only wanted FUE n wanted it to be with a top notch clinics .. I panicked last year n booked with doctor rassman for 1200 grafts for late 2017.. after more research I realize they weren’t great at dense packing hairlines. So I canceled on them n booked with doctor Baubac for 1400 grafts . then two weeks prior to surgery . Dr baubac canceled on me n advised me to stay on finasteride for a full year first. Since he didn’t want me to be chasing my hairline .. at first I was angry about this .. I waited for months for this surgery n I got canceled on so I started researching other clinics .. n Drove 2 hours to dr dieps office for a live consultation in March 2018.. the consultation went well, even though it was quick , but he drew the hairline for me , in one minute .. he was artistic n knew what he was doing .. I was hoping to get a more in depth consultation however , like getting my hair diameter checked . My balding pattern , how much donor I had etc .. overall the consult went good but fast .. but one thing that sold me was doctor diep said to me u should let me do ur hair , since he’s really good with asian hair .. so I was sold .. booked with them for 2000 grafts FUE for October 2018 for $16,000. After that consult I was happy I got my clinic , but disappointed that in 4 months my hair has gotten a lot thinner n receding enough to where I need 2000 grafts now , even while on finasteride.. well fast forward to October 2018 one week before my surgery date with diep .. during this time I had lost my debit card , so I told them I can wire the money by bank transfer.. they didn’t want to do this , since they said it will take a few days to clear .. n I have until that afternoon to pay. I told them my debit card should be coming today or tomorrow .. but instead they canceled on me n rebooked me for October 2019. The next day my debit card came , n I emailed them to see if I can get back my original surgery date . Since I can pay the whole $16000 now .. but it seems like already filled my spot with someone else . Well I was like fine , I look elsewhere if they going to be like that .. I sure ain’t waiting another year for them . If they going to be like prior to surgery , I can only imagine how difficult it would be if I didn’t get a good result n coming back n asking them for a repair or refund etc .. I know it ain’t gonna happen ... n quite honestly , I was really afraid of getting .9mm or 1mm punch size holes.. It doesn’t look pretty .. but his results are fantastic though , so I was willing to ignore that .. I also didn’t like that he has two patients a day . So to work on me n another patient At the same day .. i don’t feel like I’m getting $16,000 worth .. I want the doctors full attention with that kind of money .. but don’t get me wrong .. I would highly recommend dr. Dieps clinic.. he’s one of the best at hairline work and maximizing ur grafts .. if I ever need a touch up to my hairline or temporal points I will definitely consider them again . But , so the very next day I contacted h&w .. they said they had an opening next week .. n was willing to pay for my flight n 3 nights hotel .. n had no problem taking a bank transfer from me .. so the next day I booked my flight and was going to Canada the following week .. to be continued .. p.s. pic below is me last year at 38 prior to surgery ..
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    Yes I actually read this post before I went to Istanbul (but after I booked my flights) and initially was scared the hell off as well. But I think if you read his post properly most of his issues are because of not being prepared properly. And to be honest I think you probably will run into these kinds of issues in any clinic in Istanbul. I can’t tell you as I went to one clinic only. Yes there are quite a lot of patients there daily, yes they are trying to reduce total surgery time by working quickly (in order to reduce the deprived oxygen state for the hair follicles) and yes 7-8 hours is a hell of a wait. Yes I was told 3000 grafts by the technician then it said 3200 grafts on my certificate. Yes they offer you a lot of overpriced vitamins and shampoo etc. but don’t insist if you refuse. Personally I didn’t feel dr Cinik was rushing in our pre-op consult, nor was he rushing when opening the channels. It’s big business, and you can sense that all the time because it just feels protocolized at times. But it works! I was probably most nervous when going there about my experience being as bad as LostSoldiers but although I recognise a lot of what he describes I experienced it in a completely different way. And I felt the most important things: pre-op consult, communication and the procedure itself were perfectly taken care of. Like I said. I think a lot of it is about expectation management. If you know what you can and can’t expect then that makes a big difference.
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    BACKGROUND: Sorry for delayed response but I was not back in the office until January 3rd, and I wanted to review this patient’s chart prior to responding. I appreciate your comments and would like to sincerely address them based on my practice which has been dedicated to hair replacement for over 30 years. That said, I regret not posting background and details to put results in context First, I would like to mention some of the factors which I take into consideration and which I will attempt to address with future postings for this readership. · What are the patient’s desires? · What density is he looking for? · Age and family history and probably future loss? · Does the patient understand the pros and cons of each technique actually prefer a FUE or FUT based on personal preference? · Does the patient want to do several sessions for gradual replacement or a one and done? (This varies greatly from patient to patient-and there are many patients who look for a very slow increase in order to keep others from knowing they are having surgery) · Is he willing to commit to other non-surgical treatments such as minoxidil, finasteride, PRP, Exosomes, LLLT? This is just part of the discussion I personally have with every patient in consultation before surgery (I do not use consultants to meet with the patients so they have all their concerns addressed by me well before they even decide to go forward with surgery). THIS PATIENT: Based on the health and family history of this young patient, there is a significant risk of future hair loss. He had reasonable expectations and was not trying to get back the hairline he had at 15. He wanted a gradual change, minimal grafts to increase his density, which would allow him to decide in the future if he wanted more density in front versus additional grafts mid-scalp or for potential future areas of loss. His choice was to have at least one additional surgery in 1 to 2 years for hairline advancement and refinement rather than have a more extensive surgery at this time. I supported his choice as it is my policy to not over harvest the donor which is unfortunately very common in FUE procedures-not withstanding hand device, U graft, Alpha graft, ARTAS, Neo graft, etc. In this patient a second session of 1,000-1400 grafts (based on his finances and desired result) will be placed with the “current hairline” buried .8-1.2 cm behind the single hair “new” future hairline. The use of some multi hair follicular units along a “Current HL” will add some needed visual density to the “newer” hairline that IS IN FRONT of this current hair line. In addition, the use of the second session grafts can be distributed in appropriate numbers to create a more anterior natural hairline. Then the extra grafts can be used to add density to front or mid-scalp. THE TRUTH ABOUT FUE: FUE is an adamant preference for some patients. They should be totally educated on the pros and cons of the procedure-its benefits and limitations. Whether a physician uses ARTAS, Cole punches, SafeSystem, U System, neograft, etc. does not reflect on the doctor’s ability or result. Many physicians use one or more of these systems effectively and efficiently. One of the big negatives of FUE is the tendency of the physician to “Cherry Pick” the better-quality grafts. This in and of itself leads to a depleted donor. I have seen many patients and many different techniques used for FUE. No matter which system/ method may have been used, depleted donor due to overharvesting can and does occur. Doing sessions of 3,000-4,000 grafts FUE for hairline and frontal areas in patients that are younger may lead to depleted donor long term. The advantage of large sessions in achieving a higher density and fuller hairline can lead to less grafts available for treatment of mid scalp and upper crown. Unfortunately, some doctors regardless of experience, actually purposefully harvest into the donor fringe to achieve a short term 10-15 year “better result” at the expense of a 60+ year old with visible scars and thinning of the original HT surgery. The advantage of the multiple future session donor harvest allows for faster healing, less scarring, and also re-evaluation of the donor and the grafted area for best use of a limited resource. MY BELIEF: I have 30+ years of experience and have seen many of my own and other physicians HT patients who have 20-30 years post treatment hair loss. Any truly knowledgeable HT surgeon that believes they can overharvest and over treat balding patients between ages 25-40 with no long-term consequences is just delusional. A cautious approach with less grafts and more thought-out long-term plan can always get more detailed results that are tailored by patient’s desires and need, rather than get in, get done, and get their money. I do all my own consults and all my patients are informed of my techniques, methods, and long-term plan. Some of these consults decide they want a much larger session (One and Done) and then take themselves elsewhere, and that is fine. I have seen some of these patients that still come back to us for their non-surgical hair needs and some may have fine results. I have also seen many that come back 2-5 years later with depleted donor and terrible results and say they wish they had been more conservative and less aggressive. CAVEAT: Many of the comments as to FUE devices and HT surgery being marketed to non –hair restoration physicians are appropriate. These physicians are not knowledgeable in hair (even if otherwise great plastic surgeons) and have “hired guns” come in and sometimes do the surgery with disastrous results.
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    I started losing hair at 17! I remember being on the bus home from college, before even being aware myself I had any issues and someone commented on my receding temples! I became acutely aware of it at 18 and grew my hair forward in an attempt to cover it, as it thinned, it became more obvious that it was a bad comb forward! at probably 21 i could no longer hide it and would find myself not going to places where I couldn’t this wear a hat. I even wore a hat in the house to hide it from my parents! At 24, I decided to shave my head to see how it looked, but my hair was so thin at the front that it looked like I had no hair on top and no disearnable hairline. from then up until my first procedure at 26/27 I withdrew socially and wouldn’t go anywhere at all without my hat even though I used concealers every day! looking back I feel I wasted 10 years of my life being so paranoid about my hair. I also used to look at people and friends with hair and experience extreme jealously and ask “why me!?” Looking back now that seems silly, but it affected me that much. at 27/28 after my first hasson procedure it’s no exaggeration to say my life and my confidence completely changed, my hair is now far better than at 18, and I regularly get compliments on my hair, people asking where I get it cut/how I style it etc, no one is aware I had a transplant... not just for the the quality of the work (although that’s a big factor), but also the lengths I would go to to hide my hair loss pre surgery. Now at 38 years of age I have people thinking I’m in my 20’s, and a few months ago I got carded buying alcohol!lol the friends I used to be so jealous of having hair are all now balding to some extent and are now envious of my hair!lol in all it’s no exaggeration to say that if I hadn’t had a HT/‘s then I wouldn’t be where I am in life or as happy as I am because I’d still be as paranoid about my appearance and attempting to hide it and myself away from everyone! Not to sound like an infomercial but Dr. Hasson and his team completely changed my life and I will be forever greatful
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    Don’t do it .. I’m giving u the same advice as other members gave me last year when my hairloss just started . N I only needed 1200 grafts .. it won’t make Much of a cosmetic Difference .. 1200 wont match the density of ur native hair .. n if u already receding at a young age .. u will most definitely recede further.. then u just be chasing ur hairline ..
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    You already have a FUT scar, so you should look into the possibility of having another FUT by one of the better Drs on this site. They may be able do a FUT along the same scar line and make the scar thinner while also getting a decent number of grafts. I would at least look at that possibility with some clinics before doing SMP or body grafts into the scar. You can always do SMP and/or body grafts later if you still need it.
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    This X1000000. I remember noticeably losing my hair in my early 20's and haircuts were the absolute worst! You'd go in there hoping they'd work their magic and make it look as nice as possible but they generally had no idea what to do. I even had one lady, as soon as I sat down say: "I guess my only option is to shave it". Yes, I came here to spend $20 bucks to have you shave it when I could do that at home. Bitch. That and the overall feeling that the prime of your life was over before it ever really began was devastating. Hadn't started my career yet and assumed it would hold me back (even though it didn't really), wasn't married and assumed I would need to severely drop my standards to find someone, constant ragging on by friends saying things like: "Going bald already? Really letting yourself go". Not to mention looking in the mirror everyday and seeing an old man staring back at you. Realizing that you've already peaked from a physical attractiveness standpoint and you still have 50 years left on earth. Fuck baldness.
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    Guys, since when did this become an elementary school childhood playground? This is a respectable hair restoration forum created by patients, for patients. And shall I remind everyone that it’s for adults? I agree the result presented isn’t one of those “wow“, super impressive results that shakes the earth like we’ve seen from others. However, this particular patient only received 1837 grafts over a diffuse thinning area and frankly, this is exactly what I would expect for this type of procedure and result. No, this is not a failure, it is not a bad result or poor growth. It is exactly what anybody should expect from 1837 grafts. But what I’m mostly concerned about is the baiting from JJ towards Melvin into potentially warning someone about their behavior and discussing the possibility of suspension. We don’t ban people for sharing their genuine opinions, good or bad. However, I agree with Melvin that it is a sad day when the adult members of this community can’t be respect full when presenting their opinions. If I were to post my opinion as a patient member on this particular result, I would say something like the following in a respectful way… “To be honest, I’m not overly impressed with these results and I can’t help but wonder why this particular patient only had 1800 grafts considering it’s obvious that he requires more to achieve any real level of fullness and density. So I’d like to ask the doctor to further explain why only 1800 grafts were transplanted as I’m sure there is a logical explanation for this.” The above is an example of stating that I’m not real impressed while being respectful and giving the surgeon the benefit of the doubt and even asking why only a small number of grafts were transplanted. And then JJ comes along baiting Melvin as if he would be in the wrong to consider such actions. I’ll tell you all now, I appreciate everyone’s genuine opinion and to be honest, I’m not overly wowed by this particular result either. However, not every single result is or will be a homerun as some are simply singles or doubles. In some cases, patients require more than one procedure to meet their ultimate goals and final results. I suspect a long-term plan was discussed in this particular case and I’m sure the patient knows that if he wants the kind of density and fullness others have achieved that he will need to go back for more. But that doesn’t make this result of failure. It’s just an intermediate state between procedures. I would expect the veteran members of this community to understand this simple concept however, some of you who are new are or have been spoiled by seeing “wow” results in a single session may not realize that not every patient is going to experience this. For example, my hair transplant journey was a work in progress up until the third session and the fourth session really finished it off. Even still, some may tell me that it’s not perfect because I still have thinning in the crown and above the occipital ridge. And that’s OK, not everybody has to love my results but… I would expect people to be respectful towards me just as I’m sure this patient would want respect also. And perhaps he is even observing these remarks and if I were him, I’d certainly be discouraged and upset by what people are saying even though he has no reason to be. Please remember when you are replying, that you aren’t just showing respect for the doctor, but for the actual patient being shown in the results. Best wishes, Bill
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    *counting down until Melvin comes into this thread and starts warning/threatening to ban pelodinero*
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    Finasteride is generally a very safe drug and really the only "silver bullet" we have to fight hair loss currently. Further, millions of men take the 5 MG dose daily (for BPH issues) without issue. Although side effects do happen, at such a low dose my initial thought is that your issues are possibly psychosomatic--which is pretty common. I had similar concerns which caused me to delay starting the drug for approximately 6 months, which I now regret. I would suggest a very slow taper (the smallest possible dose you can cut, once a week) and go from there. Important not to consciously think about the side effects as the placebo effect can be very strong. With such a small dose and short half-life it's unlikely that enough of the drug will even be in your system to give you physical issues. If you do still have issues, there's still hope. For example, Melvin the moderator doesn't use a DHT blocker and his hair looks great. Though, you'll need to be prepared for the possibility of more extensive restoration surgery sooner rather than later. Hope this helps.
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    @davebot8888 hey buddy, the issue with your hairline is the transition zone. You need to vary the density. See attached. It should look irregular but take on more density further back, a gradual transition. It's a common mistake with amateur doctors. Sadly I'm seeing more of it lately. Ask your doc for micro-irregularity, this is the irregularity you notice up close. What a lot of guys here are referring to as imperfect regularity. And what prevents too straight or solid -looking hairline. You'll notice a big improvement here. Macro irregularity, this is the irregularity you notice from a distance. The subtle curve of the hairline. Not so much an issue in your case. Hope this helps. Forgive the quick and dirty illustration 🙂 Just make sure you go the doctor who specializes in hairline design. Not just hair transplant Dr. if you know what I mean. Any questions let me know, good luck man.
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    It appears that you are not only dazed but also confused or at least you have difficulties to understand the topic. This two procedures do NOT have a big price difference per se. #of grafts is similar but the distribution is different. The price difference is due to one clinic is a well known one in Canada and the other a newer one in turkey. He could have either one at either clinic, hence you are not only wrong but also out of topic.
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    1300 grafts FUT for this case...This guy must be a butcher. Never go there again. If you have the laxity left, I would recommend another FUT - Hattingen - Hasson and Wong - Feriduni If you decide for FUE, I would go with specialists for diffused thing and use implanter pen or do work by themself - Lorenzo - Freitas - Lupanzula Good luck
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    Ok lets talk about being an adult. Payam, you're the guy that on one of the other major hairloss forums goes on every Erdogan thread *literally* saying things such as that they "will be butchered" (direct quote) if they go to Erdogan (who has literally hundreds of positive patient reviews online, more than any other surgeon I've seen in the past 5 years and is the vice-president of the World FUE organisation with constant innovation in the area). You're also PMing people along with HT012 (who also made fake accounts) telling people how bad he is. You also say he ruined your life the procedure makes you miserable. You're also the guy that spent ten thousand dollars on a procedure with a clinic with hundreds of reviews available online on sites like this, and didn't spend FIVE MINUTES reading one that said techs did the extractions. Almost every review of ASMED here mentions it and this fact is a quick Google search away, does an adult book a ten thousand dollar surgical procedure without reading a SINGLE patient review? And top of that you're the guy that lies and make misleading comments about the clinics correspondence which clearly doesn't mention Erdogan doing the extractions anywhere and explicitly mentions a surgical team doing parts of the surgery. You outright were suggesting in the first 2 months and even first few days that your procedure was probably a failure. You said you were at 6 months when you were barely past 5 for no particular reason other than probably cause a bigger stink. After that, you organise consults with surgeons with multiple year waiting lists (so you can complain for longer rather than actually fixing your problem) and whine and complain about your correspondence with the clinic. Complain about your correspondence with them after posting on another forum that anyone else who goes there will be "butchered" and that the procedure "ruined my life". Any other clinic in the world would either have blocked your number or be taking legal action. Supposedly they ruined your life and yet you do nothing to fix the problem but whine on the forum. Is this the adult option? Does an adult whine on a forum and book consults for surgeons with 4 year waiting lists about an easily fixable issue that they supposedly have the money to fix rather than actually addressing it? No name calling, just reality Payam. "I mean not a single one of the other 3 guys who did surgery the same day as me are happy ranging from density issues to unnatural looking hairlines, this is what happens when you have the FUE factory approach Asmed uses." If this is true Payam, why are results of 90% of the surgeries at ASMED that are posted by patients upfront from day one ranging from acceptable to very good? (and someone did a statistical analysis here of this too) When I first researched clinics I roughly tallied success rates and continue to note that which I see among top surgeons, ASMED still are among the highest. You can't compare results of a doctor like Nadimi with literally less than 5 FUE results against ASMED with hundreds and hundreds; but again that goes to the above points, most certainly an adult wouldn't do this, but maybe someone in their 30s that hasn't yet reached adulthood or learnt the basics of statistics might do so. " despite the fact that Asmed uses far more grafts than any other surgeon in the world" That is outright false, another one of your subtlely dishonest points that slips through for people who don't know better, I've seen you comparing hairline cases where Erdogan does a full temple point reconstruction to the graft numbers of another surgeon only in the hairline and without adding density to thinning areas behind the hairline either. Its not that you're too braindead to know or see this Payam, you're just being dishonest and hoping that people who don't know any better or noobies will think you're right and vindicate your little crusade. "how many patients speak about needing a touch up due to multigrafts in the hairline" For the record, the only person who had this as a primary concern was this guy, and this is what his hairline looked like: I guarantee you if any other surgeon produced this result, or you saw this on the street without knowing it was a hair transplant, NO ONE would think it looked unnatural or that it had an issue with multigrafts, PERIOD. It isn't a serious issue in your case either, people aren't shoving their eye socket into your hairline Payam, no one in the real world is looking at it with an extreme closeup in harsh lighting except for you when you take a photo to badmouth the clinic. Before I was harsh but gave you the benefit of the doubt that maybe you weren't deliberately trying to come off so childishly, after seeing your posts on the other forum telling everyone you could about being butchered and that they'd be butchered if they went to the clinic ((again you explicitly used this term multiple times) its obvious you're just a vindictive, childish person.
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    OP just so you and others can look back on this thread in 6 months and see who was right all along I strongly suspect you will have no cosmetically noticeable improvement by the 12 month mark. Looking at your pic I don't believe for one second Keller actually did 4000 grafts either. Saying this just so you can look back and acknowledge that my recommendations of surgeons and assertions on your situation have been 100% right all along so in future you're more likely to trust me or trust other people here rather than ignoring every last shred of advice you're given.
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    No. Another Dr. I got the density increased in the temples and the hairline slightly softened with some one follicle grafts Erdogan used multiple hair grafts on the hairline and it was noticeable up close. It’s hard to say because overall it looks great other than some inconsistencies in the hairline that only someone with a trained eye could spot. However I don’t think I can recommend him anymore especially after seeing some of his recent results that frankly look horrible. I believe he has gotten complacent; when I was there he operated on 4-5 people at a time and he had an army of techs so it was like playing Russian roulette. He was nice and all to me and it was a good experience but I would not take the risk of going back there again. For legal and and privacy reasons I can’t state the doctors name because of the nature of this thread but he is very well-known.
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    It’s pretty obvious his staff is posting these fake reviews .. it sounds more like marketing than a personal review .
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    20k the same you’d pay for a used honda civic. If you think about it, most wouldn’t think twice about putting 20K down on a depreciating asset like a car. But when it comes to themselves they think it’s too much, the truth is money comes and goes, I’ve spent what some would consider a lot of money on my hair, but I don’t regret it for a minute. In fact, every day i look in the mirror I’m seeing a return on my investment. Your hair is with you everywhere, money, cars material things don’t stay with you.
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    Dear jj51702, We charge 1€ per graft and it is included; * Pre and post consultations with doctor * Blood analysis and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) * Operation * Post operative control and cure * Post operative medicines * Special shampoo and lotion for the first 10 washing * First washing by a specialist * 3 nights 5* hotel (double room-breakfast inc.) * Transfers (airport-hotel-clinic-airport) Kind Regards, Dr.Yaman Hair Clinic