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    They are called disconnected transplanted hair Another part of the hair will not grow because it is already completely disconnected. The detached hair is detached internally and is not intended to grow, but will have to fall out to allow the new growth that pushes from below, generated by the transplanted bulb. To recognize a disconnected hair, one month after the transplant, it is sufficient to evaluate its regrowth for a couple of weeks (if it remains the same in length, especially compared to the others, then it is disconnected!). It may happen that this disconnected hair does not fall on its own (as hopefully) but remains attached to the skin for months, preventing the leakage of the new underlying hair. In this case, when the phenomenon was recognized precisely for the characteristics described above, yes you can try to remove the disconnected hair by pulling it very gently with tweezers (almost no force is enough, because the hair is not tied to the bulb), thus facilitating the future leakage of healthy hair. If you accidentally pull a functional hair, do not worry, the follicle is under the skin and will produce a new one. But if you see that the hair offers tensile strength, then it is not a disconnected one and you have to leave it where it is.
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    For anyone who recently had a hair transplant done, this is probably the best time ever to be going through the ugly duckling stage as most people don't have to go to work for the next few weeks and even if you do it probably won't be busy and you won't have to see hardly anyone.
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    72 here, and you will still want to chase ass, but it becomes damn hard to catch, especially in my Hoverround or walker. The best way is to trip them with your cane. If you care now you will care when you are 70
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    If the patient does not require any further surgeries due to MPB being stabilised, or the patient does not want any further procedures, or simply cannot afford them in the future (Dadda even says he has limited funds) then this logic falls completely flat. It's fine to argue that a portion of the donor should remain untouched for further operations, but then why not at least make an effort to leave the donor looking cosmetically appealing??? I also don't understand exactly how this approach can "reduce the scarring". How does this work exactly? The extraction tool is the same, the scars would be the same, the patient heals the same, so the emphasis then becomes all about the extraction pattern - which everyone here rightly observes is strange. If the argument is that FUE reduces the overall density of the donor, then it becomes absurd to argue that it's somehow better to confine the extraction pattern to a single, smaller (and more noticeable) area. And that area isn't even uniform here. I agree. Given that every top tier clinic spreads out the extractions evenly, and every other top tier clinic uses a smaller punch size than Diep's 1mm punch, my (unfortunate) conclusion is to agree with @pre-screened and @PlzRespond that this was done to convenience the doctor. The fact that Dadda even says Diep was running behind all but confirms this. Thankfully it was only a small number of grafts so the donor will likely look fine. One truly worries however when there are larger graft numbers involved and this same "philosophy" is applied to those cases (as we have seen elsewhere on this forum) Let's at least hope the results are good. Wishing you the best @Dadda, keep us updated!
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    Just had my third surgery with Dr. Konior on Monday, March 9. My first two go arounds were FUT (in 2009 and 2010) but his time I did FUE. Really had no choice because my scalp is tight after the two FUTs. I won't get pics from Dr. Konior for a bit as he's understandably busy but when I do get them, I'll update my blog/website. I have gone from being pretty much nearly bald when I started all this to pretty much having a full head of hair, thanks to Dr. Konior's amazing skill. When I first started all this, I was pretty uninformed about the hair transplant industry and the multitude of things to consider when thinking about a hair transplant. I fortunately found this site, which is loaded with extremely helpful information and people who offer genuine and well-informed advice. Thank you all for that! And thank you moderators for the great job you do and service you provide to people who are concerned/stressed/depressed/desperate/curious about their hair loss and their options. My first procedure restored a non-existent hairline with 2800 FUT grafts. That was a surreal experience as I couldn't really believe I was going to do this HT thing. To be honest, it seemed like a pretty dicey snake oil industry to me. But I was kinda desperate and I read a ton on this site - enough to convince me to give it a try. I was pretty damn poor to be honest so it was a heavy lift to finance my first HT, especially since I found out it was going to cost roughly twice what I originally figured (and that original figure seemed kinda outta reach at first). I'm glad I didn't let money force me to make a poor decision. I scrimped and saved and used a 0% credit card to get it done. I ended up choosing Dr. Konior because he was recommended on this site and he was fortunately, the closest recommended doctor to where i live. Man did I get lucky! The FUT procedure was frankly a bit jarring as you get heavily sedated, your head gets sliced up like a pumpkin and you get these big silver Frankenstein staples put in your head that had to stay in for about two weeks. And my head was numb and sore for several months which was a bit concerning. However, Dr. Konior's work was exceptionally clean and I was back at work in less than two weeks with no one knowing anything. I kinda forgot about it but four months later, my new hair started coming in like gangbusters and I was getting all kinds of confused comments (your new hairstyle is nice, did you change your wardrobe?, etc). The framing of my face made a huge positive difference. Well, I was pretty much hooked after that as i learned that in the right hands, an amazing HT was possible. About a year later, I went on for a second FUT pass with Dr. Konior to cover up my crown and shore up my hairline. That one yielded 2400 grafts and when it was all said and done, I had pretty mucb restored all my hair (not really as it is somewhat of an illusion but I have thick hair and it's a good and effective illusion). When I had this second procedure, Dr. Konior didn't shave my head, instead working around the existing hair (he charges more for this now but didn't back then). I was back at work in a week with no one being able to tell I had anything done. Dr. K's work is immaculate and my existing hair covered the staples. I had those removed later by a doctor in my hometown (who commented he had never seen such a small and neat scar) and then 6 months later, I had a full head of hair and was ecstatic. I have never taken propecia as I just don't really feel comfortable messing with my natural hormones. Just a personal choice and maybe had I read more about propecia sooner before losing so much hair, I would have made a different choice. But I haven't taken it and don't plan to. I used Rogaine for a while but quit as it was a pain. I did lose some hair after quitting though but by that time, it was pretty bad anyway. My two hair transplants pretty much changed my life. I have been really happy with the results for the past decade. In recent years, I started to lose a little more hair from my crown and along my part (propecia likely would have helped that, I admit). So I pulled the trigger again and went back and talked to Dr. Konior. He suggested 1500 FUE grafts this time and I think when it was all done, he got around 1600. I was fortunate in that my wait time was only several months. I think he must have fit me in a cancellation slot. Anyway, the FUE procedure was an absolute piece of cake. After the morning of consult and planning, I took a valium, laid down on the chair, felt a few minor anesthesia pricks (although the valium pretty much sent me into orbit) and then woke a few hours later to take a bathroom break. Another valium, back in the chair, a few minor pricks, woke around lunchtime to eat a provided sandwich. Last valium, back in the chair, felt/heard a few of the incisions being made (no pain at all) before snoozing. Woke at 5 pm and was told everything went very smoothly and I'm all done. It literally felt like a 5 minute day. Not to Dr. K and his great staff, I'm sure. I had no pain afterwards. None. Dr. K.'s very nice receptionist, Lisa, drove me to my local hotel and I ate dinner and promptly fell asleep for the night. Did I mention no pain? (and no pain medicine). I woke up the next morning and had a little trickle of blood on my head. I drove into Dr. K's office for my cleaning and they figured I knocked a graft slightly out while sleeping, causing the bleeding. They put it back in, cleaned me up and off I drove 2.5 hours home feeling great. The only downside to this procedure was that they had to shave my head down to more easily access my donor grafts and more easily place them where they belong. That was kind of a bummer because damn, my hair was looking pretty good aside from that bald spot in back (which I could easily cover with fibers). I gotta say, my potato head does not look all that good bald. Not terrible but not great. But its the price I have to pay. At home, I'm spraying the recipient sites but man, I have almost no scabs and the work is so clean I have a hard time finding it on my head. Fortunately I can work at home this week and with the CORONA virus stuff going on, that may extend into the next several weeks, at which time, my hair should be grown in a lot more and looking more normal. I may have to interact with folks though and they'll see my shaved head and my FUT scar so instead of trying to be sneaky and stealth about all this, I may just come clean. I'm much less concerned about what people think these days and hell, when it grows in, it looks damn good! So what's to be embarrassed about? Alright, that's long enough. Hope I haven't bored you to tears. So grateful for the amazing immaculate work of Dr. Konior and the great interactions with is great staff. I'm a fan for sure. Also grateful for all of you who share your stories, experiences, fears and hopes. I wish you all the best on your journeys. I'll update my blog when I get pre-op, immediate post-op and results photos. In the meantime, everyone be safe and careful out there. We're in new territory with this COVID 19 stuff.
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    You really sound like a paranoid schizophrenic. Enjoy the misdemeanor for violating New York state lockdown. I guess when you're in the ICU intubated on a ventilator, at least you'll have a full head of hair. People are dying in their 30s now. Don't be a moron. I'm going to try my best to ignore your comments from now on.
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    Bro are you serious? What the hell am I reading...
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    1) let say that the virus infects only 70% of population 2) let say it is true that 70% of them are asyntomatic 3) you have another 30% (about 210.000/1.000.000 people) that repots really serious synthoms. 4) about 6-7% of them dies. It is about 12.000/1.000.000. Anyway, the number is so “low” if we keep everything closed and slow down the diffusion rate. It the number rises quickly, the hospitals are unable to help people and the number of dead people consequently rises. 5) at the moment, the rate between saved and dead people is 1:1 6) it is a false statement that only old and sick people die. Here a lot of young people and a lot of middle aged people died. 7) in bergamo (a small town in italy) they do not have space to store cadavers. this is the truth. All the different things you read above are stupid and ignorant statements.
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    Hi Melvin, I've been busy digging a moat around my house, barricading all entrances, designing and building a home made water cannon and a flame thrower. Armoring my vehicles, the old A Team series provides many DIY lessons for this. Teaching the wife and kids killer martial arts moves. Watching Charlton Heston in the Omega Man, Will Smith in I am Legend, Contagion and World War Z on repeat. Digging up the lawn and cultivating the garden with various seeds. Apart from that, just chilling. Joking aside, hope you guys all stay safe!!
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    Month 5 Progress Update
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    Stay safe @duchaine and hang in there in the midst of all this underserved hell we are now living.
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    Thanks to @duchaine and @CosmoKramer for allowing me to share your amazing results on YouTube. You guys definitely inspired me.
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    Thanks @HLPToronto and @Lennney Thanks for the comments guys and regular support during this year long journey. Just had a look at both of your threads and happy to see that all three of us have got excellent results. My journey is not finished yet I think , the texture is changing and I think I am one of those guys that will have a growth span of close to 18 months. @Shera Thanks for the help. I still remember that depressing evening I wrote to you and gave you a call taking your advice . Was in a huge confusion on whether to go ahead with the HT . And if yes with who since this was a major spend for me.Your reassurance mattered a lot. And to Dr Bhatti , for giving me a solution to a problem which was worrying me for long. This has been one of the best decisions of my Life. I only regret not going in for it much earlier . It took me 9 months to decide , between my first visit to Dr Bhatti and the treatment day . Dr Bhatti and his team have been more than supportive during the entire journey . Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I know that I am balding and may have to go in for a second transplant in the future too. But now I have a solution at hand .I hope I can prolong the same by at least 5 years
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    I do not think micro-needling would penetrate the skin deep enough to cause harm to the follicles. We often perform PRP or Exosome treatments post operatively and use micro needling during that procedure and have no problems. You are over two months post-op . Should be good to go.
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    @Bigjab I take Aloe Vera Juice and 2 hair vitamin capsules every morning to help strength , thicken and for growth of the Hair shaft. I use Aloe Vera gel on the scalp to help moistorise and prevent dryness. For washing my Hair I use Johnson's baby shampoo and very occasionally I use the Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo. If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to share . Thanks. Paddy
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    I feel like its working, fuck me but i shed way less. Something is indeed happening on my scalp. I m curios if something positively happens to the girth of my hair in 6 months. So far this is great, its not hard to make since i m making 5 dosages in advance and it doesnt really fuck up my hair when i apply it. 1ml every morning.
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    It is surely less critical but: - Singles and multies have to placed to different regions - Grafts should not be mishandled - And almost forgotten: Almost all grafts have a bend/curve, therefore the direction of the graft in the slit still effects the growth of the hair and have to be placed in the proper way (so that the bending goes towards the head and not the other way around for example). Personally, I think experienced techs should handle this task well, but … only the best clinics have the best techs. A tech can come and go and surgeon can't (in most cases).
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    Man I feel you on so many levels, at least I’ll say this bro. At 23 you’re still a very young man. You’ve got, hell most of your 20’s ahead of you. Let me tell you this, even me at 34 I feel 100x better than I did at 24. I can recall when I was at a barber and he asked my age, I was 26 he said “damn and you’re already balding” it was a gut punch. My youth slipping right before my very eyes. It got to the point where I shaved my head at 28. I was at an all time low. 4 years later, with surgeries and a little concealer, I gained it all back. We’re all gonna make it.
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    Thanks melvin, i know i will have to keep hair at 3/4 cm to cover the overharvested part, but i will never be able to have hair under that measure. Tricopigmentation is not in my planes for the future. I hope that my report will be useful and helpful for people to be very careful about mistakes that can be done in a donor. I think that a good transplant is not only to have a decent regrowth but also to keep the donor safe without visible scars or voids. and Thanks Melvin for your wishes about italy, is a very sad moment for everybody, i too looking forward for that day and take care as well!
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    I'd like to spend two words in favor of Melvin. I read in some posts some controversy regarding some complaints about censorhip in this forum. I would like to testify to the total freedom that I had in exposing the facts of my operation, but not only, Melvin also gave me technical and human support. I can assure you that there are very few forums like this in the web. To make you an example in a famous Italian forum, my report lasted less than one week before disappearing completely and like mine many others. I value this forum a lot and the work of Melvin too that allows freedom to speak and to expose facts and I assure you that this is worth gold in this world!
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    If the surgeon uses good magnification, he should be able to go in between hairs well, especially if you had only 30 grafts/cm2. I had mine done 7 weeks ago and had 45 to 55 grafts per cm2 with an average of 49. I had done only frontal though. Also It's worth mentioning hair thickness. I have 51μm hair thickness which is quite low, hence why I need more grafts to achieve good result.
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    He pays more attention to hairline density than to a viral pulmonary disease.
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    This. Starting with FUT pretty much assures you of an additional 2-3000 more available lifetime grafts vs going straight to FUE from the beginning. That many grafts can provide some decent mid scalp, vertex or crown coverage, or greatly reinforce your hairline. It matters over the long haul.
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    Duchaine, thank you. Are you in Italy or somewhere in Europe right now? I heard that Italian doctor in quarantine and it sounded horrific. God bless and stay safe if you are a country that's been hit. Here's the problem: We keep talking about death and don't take into account sickness. The coronavirus literally hijacks your immune system and uses your killer T cells and neutrophils against you. The young may not be dying in the USA just yet, but the scar tissue from the infection can lead to life long restrictive lung disease and chronic heart failure. COVID-19 is truly evil personified in the form of a biological weapon. It has all the infinity gems. And you can be asymptomatic and a carrier. Is it just that people can't put up with a little inconvenience to save strangers? The only way we'll beat this thing is if we, on a societal level, go into sleep mode until the antivirus software updates. Seriously if there's ever been a time we needed to work together.
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    In the USA the mortality rate of those under 50 is about .2%. It's mostly killing older people who already have other health issues. One reason why the rate is so high is because for the most part the only people who were getting tested initially were the ones who have severe enough symptoms and end up at the hospital. Of course those are the ones most likely to die. They are telling those who came in contact with the ones who are hospitalized to self quarantine, but they aren't actually getting tested in many cases. Over 80% of people have very mild reactions to it, so they aren't getting counted as a case.
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    I don't necessarily agree with this. 1. Every NW 6 and NW 7 person had a full head of hair at some point in their life. If a NW 7 is not a candidate for a hair transplant and you don't know who will be a NW 7 before hand then how can you plan for that when the patient is at a NW 3 and getting a hair transplant. I sometimes see Drs write that they always take future balding into consideration and plan for the worst. This is obviously not true because the worst would be that the patient is not a good candidate. Any Dr who actually planned for the worst with all patients would never do a single hair transplant. Then there are some NW 5s who have thinning in the donor area, but they didn't have that when they were NW 4 or NW 3. What if you did a transplant on them when they were NW 3 even if it was very conservative? They would still be losing transplanted hair and as their area increases to NW 5 or greater then they will absolutely end up with a bald rim between the native side and back hair and the transplanted hair and it would be very hard to do much about it because the donor area is losing hair as well, so you can't transplant any more of that. 2. I took finisteride for 11 years. I think it may have increased my hair very slightly for the few few years, kept it the same for the next couple of years and then I lost hair the last 3 or 4 years. After 11 years of using it I ended up with less hair than than when I started.
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    The Virus is bad enough however the economic fall out is the big thing to worry about as we could enter a period of huge civil unrest and a breakdown in law and order. At some point things are going to have to start getting back to normality and the approach may need to be changed or we will be heading in to total meltdown. If one positive thing comes out of this that hopefully gets addressed it is how ridiculously unprepared our Governments are for a Viral pandemic. Why on earth China's borders and the virus epicentre were not locked down much earlier and closed down is either complete stupidity or there is something more sinister at work. Hopefully if anything like this pops up again in the world there will be adequate protocals in place to stop the global spread and pandemic going global far quicker.
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    In times like this its important to stay as positive as possible. All the best everyone. Paddy. Apologies I'm not sure how the post got seperate.
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    I would wait until April 1st to make a decision. We’ve been instructed to basically self-quarantine for the next two weeks. I wouldn’t make any decision just yet. If by that time nothing changes, I’d definitely postpone it.
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    Already really impressive and its probably got at least another 2-3 months of solid improvements. Up to expectation for Konior. Also shows that people often overstate how difficult it is to achieve good crown coverage with a small amount of grafts, the difference between a top-tier surgeon in this regard and a mediocre one is immense.
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    EVERYTHING IS CLOSED HERE! Anyway, we need to survive: so we stay in line for food and medicine. We stay in line outside the stores, 1 mt apart each other. We do not go to the restaurant because sharing the "air" with other people can be dangerous. We do not go to dance because we can't stay close each other. We do not have a cruise because sharing is a boat is like having a virus colture. It is quite easy to understand. We are trying to reduce to the minimum possibile every "useless" kind of personal interaction not because we are trying to punish ourselves but because it is the only rational way to act. You can't see if a person is sick or not for 14 days. But, during the 14 days, every person can infect many other people.
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    @Panamera13@Min12@Pyrat @paddyirishman @Looking for HT @HairFunk @Silent1234 Hi All just thought I’d share how coming on 3 Months looks like with my preferred 0.5 mm buzz ..barber did yesterday ... I think “illusion of density “ doesn’t only apply to récipient area ..personally speaking I think the tighter the buzz back and sides the better to give “ illusion of density “ in Donor also ..providing of course the procedure was refined enough to allow it...Im thrilled the way my donor turned out to be honest giving that there were 5600 grafts extracted from scalp Things hopefully start getting more exciting from here on in the waiting game for me was and is by far the worst part of the whole process .. stay safe and well out there guys lll check back in end April . Z
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    What really breaks my heart is all the mom and pop stores shutting down from this widespread fear. A lot of Chinese communities in the US are feeling a huge impact, because people are scared to even go to their stores. Even though they haven’t been to China, that’s irrational fear, and it’s best we not get carried away with it.
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    2 months post-op Shedding phase still in progress 😔 Have had a lot of pimples on my donor area but it has decreased now with the use of Terramycin cream. Still using minoxidil foam, finasteride 1mg and taking biotin tablets daily.
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    I have created a thread specifically to answer a few questions that have been posed regarding Dr Bisanga and BHR Athens. For anybody reading, the initial questions were asked on another thread that was somewhat aggressively debating ethics of other Doctors, and I did not want Dr Bisanga and BHR to be associated with such conversation, so I will address the questions separately here. Thanks for the interest and questions guys. Thanks for the tag @Melvin-Moderatorand @LonelyGraft @bw77I will also contact you privately to further answer any questions that you may potentially have. In response to your questions - As you know, Dr Bisanga has his BHR Clinic in Brussels where he has been based for several years. Dr Bisanga is the president of ECAMS, a member of the ISHRS and the IAHRS whilst also being recommended by the American hair loss association. His patient first approach has earned him an unparalleled reputation as one of the very leading surgeons in the field. He has worked extremely hard over the past 20 years to build such a reputation for consistent quality results and the very best in patient care. Due to this, and the consistently impressive results that he achieves, he is generally fully scheduled in Brussels several months in advance. Opening the clinic in Athens, has made surgery with Dr Bisanga much more accessible for many patients who prefer to work within a lesser budget. Many patients consider low cost markets, where the quality of surgery is generally poor and their approach and lack of respect for unique designs and donor management cause many issues for many men and the industry as a whole. In an effort to give these individuals a genuine option of being able to afford quality surgery at a more competitive price, the clinic in Athens was opened. The price point in Athens, allows Dr Bisanga to lead your surgery and consult and plan your approach. He will then share punching and the making of recipient sites with a Doctor(not technician) from his team, whom he has personally trained. Of course, Dr Bisanga is available to perform 100% of sites and punching in Athens also, but such a surgery would be charged at a price point inline with Brussels. If Dr Bisanga were to offer himself performing all punching and making of recipient sites in Athens at a lower price, then naturally there would be no demand for Brussels, and all patients would schedule in Athens. This is not Dr Bisangas objective. His clinic in Brussels is thriving, and he intends to continue performing such refined high quality work there. To address the second question regarding why the changes in the Athens clinic. As I understand, Dr Bisanga and Dr C have a professional working relationship that goes back to the beginning of Dr Bisangas career. They have been both friends and colleagues for many years. Dr C has involvement in other projects, and a huge interest in regenerative medicine. He is now focusing on such other projects. Dr Bisanga is very committed to Athens, so much so that the clinic has transitioned into a BHR Clinic (Bisanga Hair Restoration), and there is great vision and an exciting future for Athens which represents a great opportunity for many individuals who may feel that this is an appropriate option for themselves. I hope that helps to clarify things. Thanks Ian
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    Who the hell said they can give you 100 grafts/cm2? That’s higher than native donor density for many people. If a clinic promises me that number, id immediately take them off my list as that’s straight up bs.
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    I think he is still looking for the scar🤣
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    I got a hair cut! While the barber didn’t really listen to a word I said she did give me a decent haircut. I wanted to keep the majority of the length on it while just cleaning up around the ears. My hair had a really awesome flip and curl on the sides and back and I really wanted to try to retain that. The only thing she did listen to was not to touch the top. It’ll be months before I can give it a shot again. BUT it’s still a decent cut. I forgot to get some proper befores in my bathroom before I left so I grabbed some in my car. I’ll post a better look at my 11 month update.
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    @scottmac910 I have to be honest with you and tell you that your list is full of low cost hairmills. The only option on your list that is not a hairmill and has good results from real patients (on the Turkish forum) are the two nurses Esma&Serkan Tetik but they are not Doctors they are nurses implanting with DHI technique in a rented operating room at a local hospital. Turkish minimum wage is 200 bucks per month so they can`t really afford the elite surgeons like HLC, Pekiner or Keser and end up haviong to go to good Nurses like E&S or take the risk at a local hairmill. If you want a low cost option go to Dr. Arika at Eugenix (1.8€/graft) as they have a world class technique "DHT" in which the grafts are extracted and immediatly implanted into pre-made holes/slits. If you can afford to spend a bit more money go to Dr. Bruno Ferreira (2.5€/graft) he uses DHI like E&S and operates on just 1 patient per day. Dr. Demirsoy is the cheapest at 1.25€/graft and also operates on just 1 patient per day but he also does pre-made hole/slits and then has techs implant the grafts. Therefore, he can implant up to 4000 grafts in one day while Dr. Bruno is limited to 2000 grafts per day due to a more precise technique DHI. I’m not found of pre-made slits because once the hole is opened it starts closing and accumulating blood and fat meaning that the holes have to be bigger if they are staying open for hours while the techs and doctor implant 4000 grafts. The bigger the hole/slit and the more difficult the recovery and less chance of a great result. It´s for this reason that a FUE Icon like Dr. Konior uses stick&place and the FUE genious Dr. Juan Couto uses DHI. I urge to go with one of these 3 great and affordable Doctors (with a preference for Dr. Bruno) rather than your list of low cost hairmills.
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    There are legal issues as well. Certain states have laws that say only the doctor can score the skin. I think it is only a matter of time before all states will have similar laws. I do agree with Melvin that the recipient sites must be made by the doctor as they determine the angle and direction of the hair growth.
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    I think it depends, some surgeons get great results with techs doing most of the work. That said, I prefer to have a surgeon perform critical aspects of the surgery. Creating the sites is critical, because that dictates the angle, depth and density of the procedure. Placing the grafts isn’t as critical, techs simply place the grafts in pre-made incisions.
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    For the in-depth progress, please check the tracker thread. After 14 months, I feel confident to provide a review that is based on the results. My opinion on the Doctor Selection process: I had a great experience with using Dr. Bhatti's website. It was easy to submit the photos and I got a response quickly. I felt a great ease when I was dealing with Darling Buds and Dr. Bhatti directly. I also felt relieved that my doc was a specialist. Dr. Bhatti only does FUE, and I knew I wanted FUE for personal reasons of avoiding scars and complications related to the scar. Opinion on the procedure: From arrival to Chandigarth airport to departure, I was in constant contact with Bhatti's clinic. Bhatti's personal taxi was waiting on us when we (SO and I) arrived. The same taxi took us to the airport for our departure. All I had to do was wake up and go outside. The entire process was super easy for me as a tourist. The consultation occurred on the day I arrived. I had waited for about an hour to see Dr. Bhatti. There were 2 people I saw in various stages of recovery. I only had one person come in to the waiting room while I was consulting, but there was no awkwardness I had heard about with other clinics that see many patients a day, where the work is all done unsupervised. I had the consultation where Bhatti asked what I wanted, he offered his interpretation, and we discussed. I thought I knew better, and asked for a lower hairline. He recommended against it, but said to sleep on the idea and return; he said he would still do it if I was determined (the next day), but he would have me sign an agreement saying he recommended against it. I realized that the hairline was fine and natural as Bhatti had originally designed it, and kept the recommendation. The procedure went smooth. Got a haircut, a wash, and went to the operating room. I had the injections done by Bhatti, and we started when everything was sufficiently numb. During the extractions that Bhatti had done, I had some isolated sections that did not have full numbness, and I felt a small pinching. Bhatti had no problem stopping the procedure to inject more anesthetic and wait for the numbing. After the extractions, I had Dr. Bhatti do the incisions. The placement of the grafts was done by the two techs. I didn't have much entertainment, I guess I could have set up my phone with a video below, but I just listened to the radio as well as conversed with Bhatti and the techs. The time flew by. I had a smooth experience. I didn't have to worry about anything, and I felt like I was in great hands. As for the post-op: I had received contact information for the clinic which I used for a couple quick questions, but I did not personally feel like I needed, but it was nice to have. I thought my instructions and medicines were clear and easy to follow. Here is a monthly list of my updates: 1week 1month(Feb) Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug +2weeks Sep Oct Nov Dec+3 weeks AKA Jan (Almost 1 year!) Feb (dire need of Haircut) Mar (14 months later) need another haircut And what I looked like before Hope this is useful! Best of luck on your own journey. The best advice I can give is: Do your research. Research until you feel ABSOLUTELY comfortable with your decision. You should look up good docs and see what you want. You should look up bad docs to see what to avoid. You should look up all costs involved, all financing options available to you. You should know what to expect, and all complications that could arise. This is a permanent decision that can change your life. The more research you do the more comfortable you will be with the result; as you will understand the capabilities and limitations of the HT.
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    Yes, this is the assumed “norm” to get some results and I originally started with 1.5mm 1x a week, although I see better results with 3-4x a week, for myself personally my skin heals well and I don’t push the pen needles too hard and even though I have it set to 2mm due to my HT hairs in the way I know that the derma pen is not actually going the full depth of 2mm....but yes, that’s a good protocol to start with that you listed...nothing is set in stone as it’s taken a lot of people experimenting with different routines.
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    Hey y’all sorry For late replies , but I finally sent in my latest pics to the clinic n review . I update you guys also soon .. they my clinic, n I put my trust and money in them , , so I have to respect them enough to communicate with them first . 🧐. But thanks y’all, I learned a lot from everyone n appreciate y’all .. u guys my secret friends .. my balding brothers .. hahah
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    Melvin I agree with these 3 really important questions patients should ask the doctor before having a hair transplant procedure with him or her. There are a few more questions of equal importance. One being what portion of the procedure does the doctor perform versus the technicians. Especially when it comes to the FUE procedure.
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    If I was a betting man I would bet that Diep got this one right and it is gonna be a total success. Scar is looking really good this early and the grafts look nice, clean and dense. Did you get prp or acell or anything? Good luck with everything by the way. 👏
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    Hi Petro, Your hair is looking fantastic, congratulations on a fine result. As for the crown, I remember pointing that out a while back but you should be fine covering it with your surrounding hair for the foreseeable future. There's no harm in keeping Minoxidil in your armory to combat any future loss. As for the baby shampoo, I've tried many shampoos over the years and find that the few times a week I apply oil (coconut or baby oil) to my scalp then the baby shampoo is best to wash it out with and leaves it looking and feeling the best. Also you could try Nizoral shampoo a couple of times a week. Thank you again for sharing your journey, if you need any future help or advice feel free to contact myself or a member of the team. I wish you all the best for the future.
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    Please keep this thread on topic all and not about Dr. Lorenzo & Dr. Wong. OP is very angry at his first Turkey hair transplant. OP is now 5 months past repair and has concerns. OP needs to wait until 12 months to see how it looks as approaching half way stage only. Please keep us updated and post good clear photos over the coming months ahead OT90.