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    Contact asmed and say hey great result I'm so thrilled, can you post this on your website, YouTube channel and on the forum? in all honesty it's not a botch but not great either and requires more density no doubt. This problem of yours is becoming very common. Yes there will be people saying there is no guarantees and everyone's physiologically is different you just dont know what's going to happan. Well when it's the exact same issues on a growing number of patients (see through hairlines, bad density/growth) then that theory is completely false. Unfortunately nothing will be done in terms of taking this doctor off recommended lists like this one and the iahrs whom both require consistent good results to stay affiliated. Melvin/bill it is your duty to help guys out there and not let bad results ruin lives. If you take guys like Erdogan off your list you will save alot of heart ache and depression. This is serious, you need to do the right thing if you care at all about how hairloss and bad results can ruin lives. Enough is enough there is too much vested interests in this industry it's about time someone actually stood up for what's right. Even if my own results ends up being decent maybe I will get lucky and would have had the right team but my opinion will never change as to how they operate and I dont want to risk other people getting messed up, why? Because i care about this sh!t
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    I have always been defending asmed and even wanted to go there myself but i think it's time we start taking these complains seriously.
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    If nothing else, I could not have worded @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia 's answer better myself. At this point, you're not ready for a HT. It's fine, it just means you need more research. I'm your age, by the way, so it's not a knock on your maturity. I've posted comments elsewhere, but I'm going to copy them here if it helps you. The first is the "why" and the second is the "how". They are in order! My advice for you: 1. Try the finasteride. I didn't and wish I would have known about it in my early 20s. Maybe I could have delayed a HT. 2. It is important to put a value on a HT. What is it worth to you? Financial cost of procedure, time cost of awkward recovery period, emotional cost of missing events/ fielding awkward questions. 3. What do you stand to gain? Self confidence that will manifest in all social interactions. Removal of the anxiety/emotional burden of balding. If you're single, it'll open up more dating opportunities for you. (In my case) Not being age discriminated for entry level jobs post college. Whatever else applies to your case. It could well be that you have little benefit from a HT. It also could remove any self-imposed hair-loss barriers that open you up to the world. Weigh 2 vs 3. 4. Choose with conviction. Either way, own your decision and know it's best for you. If you get a HT, don't feel ashamed or embarrassed. It is the best choice for you. When people ask "why" I tell them, "I considered it for a long time, and I felt it was the right time for me. I've always been concerned about my hair loss. I am fortunate to be alive at a time when baldness is treatable with a permanent and "natural" (my own hair!) solution. I am happy to answer any questions you have." - The questions then don't focus on my choices (since I addressed them from the start) but focus on "does/did it hurt, How long is it good for, How long does it take to see results, How much?" By taking control of your situation, you take the power out of the tough questions. Your friends and family will support your decision if you present it as a decision that was best for you! I have a strength in personal finance and budgeting. Before you jump in: Timing could cost you $X,xxx more or less depending on when you travel. Also know the travel costs involved. You have time when it sounds like $ is more of an issue. So be smart with your time to get the most value for your $: 1. Create a list of doctors. (You should) Prioritize the doctors who you see yourself using, and then add them to the list. Usually their websites will list a range. I don't recommend "shopping" docs at this point - asking what they will charge. Build your list first, I'll come back to this point. 2. If you're looking for value, look up the Countriesyou find the surgeons you wish to hire. Use google flights to explore destinations from your Country's airports (plural) to those country airports. Find the cheapest airport for that country, then find the cheapest time to fly - the month or time of year. You're not booking yet, you're only assembling a cost database for the 2-5 countries abroad you've found reputable doctors for. I can help if you don't understand this. 3. Now that you know what you should pay for the travel, find out what lodging and transport looks like in that country. How long do you plan on staying there? Estimate a per-day rate for each country. *Personally, I am passionate about this, but I recommend traveling while you're there. Feel free to ignore this, because it is purely an opinion. 4. Now that you know when the best rates for travel are, plan to book a procedure during that time Next year. It will do four things: A. Allow you to save and ensure you can get that travel rate in the future (I can explain on the booking a travel plan theory later). B. Allow you to establish dialog and communication with a clinic where you feel confident in your doc, and set expectations on the procedure, talk about hairlines etc. C. It will Ensure that your doc is available when you want your procedure done and D. Allow you to save up some money/clear off some credit card balance etc. to afford the procedure/ pay off the airfare after you book it. 5. Now that you have the costs for travel, the narrowed list of surgeons, the open communication with those surgeons, ask the price. Build it into your budget. Travel + expenses while there + HT + Qualitatives (things to do if you travel, idk, but these are "what it's worth to you if all else is equal" among surgeons/total price). Then do your own cost analysis and get the best value. Value = benefits/costs. Now: I mentioned FUT is cheaper than FUE. Just know that there are benefits to both, but know that there exist good surgeons who perform FUE at a cost which is less than other surgeon's FUT. Geography changes costs. I can answer any questions you have. I do think it will be in your best interest to create a list of say, 20 docs you're at least interested in (who fall somewhat in your budget), then ask for opinions. If you don't do 80%+ of the doc research yourself, I think that you won't really have the confidence in the result, and may experience buyer's remorse. I hesitate to tell you with confidence what may be best for your cosmetic future.
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    No, I didn't make a thread, I went to ASMED based on his results which seemed much better back then, not based on the messes we are seeing here. Trust me, I have since learnt things that his fellow professionals in the industry think about him which I'm not going to go as far as saying. My experience there was bad. Its not how you are supposed to be treated during a cosmetic surgery that you pay a large amount of money for. I spent minutes with the surgeon, minutes! Everything behind the hairline was ok and it damn well better be for 4600 grafts when I only bloody needed 2000 according to my latest surgeon. And to the people defending all these latest pluggy results. Please. Just stop. My advice to anyone is go to a surgeon who performs the surgery himself. It seems like common sense when you say it out loud, right? I was younger but still should have known better.
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    Your hair is not in bad shape. You need to step back and take a break. You can't have too much donor left, and you are aiming for perfection. Where would you be looking to add further grafts if you were to commit to a third surgery? What will you do when you hit 35 and your crown starts to thin, or your mid scalp becomes light? You will have no further donor to use. Im not trying to be a hater. Just telling it how I see it with your best interests at heart. Tread carefully.
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    Hi there, Welcome. Dr Rahal is an excellent choice too so might be worth discussing your previous case to. Regarding your questions about other surgeons. You are pretty much looking at the Harlem Globe Trotters there and ALL excellent surgeons who've proven to be very consistent with FUT ands FUE. Try meet with as many as you can in person or speak to them via spoke etc and get a feel for them. I know a few of the personal and they are very caring, skilful ethical surgeons. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Regards SPEX
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    PA, There are almost always things that can be done to improve the incision line scar. Typically the best approach is a combination of FUE and SMP. Some doctors like using beard grafts, but I've found that the largest multi-haired follicular units (sometimes trimmed a little less than normal) work best. It is important to remember that FUE growth is more variable from the get-go, and growth of any kind into de-vascularized, altered tissue like scar is variable as well. So sometimes FUE into scar works well and other times it simply does not. I tell all my patients this, and I have absolutely had instances where it really does not work as well as we want or we need a few "passes" to make it work. I find that SMP is an excellent approach, regardless of whether or not you are adding FUE. Check out Erik at AheadInk for some good examples. Most people benefit from a combination of both, and using both typically results in a pretty darn good improvement in the incision line. Since you were asking for examples of FUE into scar, I'll post my personal favorite here: this is a guy who had multiple surgeries where the doctor took different strips each time and poor results. He then started to come to us and achieved great results in the front, but the back was always a challenge because of the previous surgeries. However, he was always more interested in growth in the front -- as he wore his hair long in the back -- so he asked us to always be as aggressive as we could with the harvests and not worry that the back was a bit of a bit of a jungle. So, after all was said and done, he decided that he wanted to do some FUE into several of the scars in the back. The worst was a scar was a patch on the right where a few scars sort of came together and the vascular supply was pretty decreased around the area. I did a fairly dense pace with multi-haired follicular units into the scar, and here is how it looked 9 months later: Excellent growth for the tissue we were working in, and a great cosmetic improvement all around. I think the important take away from the "FUE into FUT scar" discussion is: there are always options to minimize and improve the scar if you want to go shorter, but, believe it or not, most FUT patients don't feel the need to do anything after. Most don't focus on the scar at all, and most are left with neat, discrete lines that are perfectly covered back there. But it is reassuring to know that the scar can always be further concealed down the road if you want to. So it is great to have this option for those who want the best growth and best usage of the donor AND the ability to go a little shorter down the road. Dr Bloxham
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    This is a very “hot” topic!! Thanks for bringing it up. I do think that a lot of the modified names are purely made up for marketing reasons. Hair transplant clients come in two categories: the really well researched and those who are not. The well researched would know the main difference between the procedures and the fact that there are several extraction and placement techniques that can equally produce great results. It comes down to what works well for the surgical team as a whole. As for the non researched group, (which is consistently growing as HT surgery is becoming more and more main stream due to some cost cutting providers) they will simply go after any name advertised. We often get enquiries asking for a HT procedure that I haven’t even heard of. This phenomenon of new names is made to target this segment. I dont think anyone on this forum belongs to this group.
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    Any HT at 6 months won't look good if you keep it under an inch length. Start growing your hair out. You're at the stage where there will be more consistent hair growth. Finally, let's be realistic. You have no before nor any after pics of you from the front; as someone would see you. Find a pic of you that someone took 5+ feet away before HT and now(6+ months post). I'd wager you look a lot different post HT, and would look even more so with longer hair. I wouldn't be disappointed, I would look for ways to improve my situation. Shift your efforts to things you can control. At least try growing your hair out, just see what happens after 3 months of letting it grow! Also, change your requirement for a successful HT. You were never going to un-bald with so much area to cover. This HT success should be measured by the attention it takes away from your balding. Again, this is measured by a front profile view of you (as others see you). And, by the way, if you notice you look different from the front, make a conscious effort to keep your posture up (will also make you look and feel more confident) and look people in the eyes. Some of us feel self conscious and look at the floor/away. Highlight your most attractive appearance by making it the appearance people see. Avoid your less-than-flattering appearance by recognizing what actions and behaviors you do. No one will care about the aerial view of your head if you don't show it! There is no need for pessimism. You're on track, and looking much better/improved over your prior situation. I only hope you consider some of the advice here.
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    Gabreille, let's take your "report" one step at a time.... Finasteride might just be the most misunderstood drug or the most manipulative seducer. (What are you talking about)? Proscar, the parent medication, is used to treat prostate issues. Patients were coming back to their doctor with more hair and this was the beginning of it all. Especially when it comes to the part of a physician prescribing it to the patients or not prescribing it, it becomes almost impossible to come out unscathed. One most definitely does not want to be blamed for being the cause of anybody's sexual disintegration Perhaps it is the specialty of the doctor that dictates their level of knowledge. I think it is fair to say that a PCP in a family practice would probably know a lot less about hair loss than a hair transplant surgeon that has been dealing with the subject for years. Perhaps this is the misunderstanding you are referring to? If you don't know something, ask or refer the patient to someone that does know the answer. The worse thing that can happen is for a patient to remain uneducated and do nothing. How many times have we heard "I wish someone would have explained all of this when I still had my hair." You mention "sexual side effects" throughout your script. There are other side effects associated with the medication and there always seems to be more come out that had not been discussed previously. And there have been benefits discussed as well. The latest I heard, from a doctor that did his thesis on the subject, dealt with possible dementia after years of use. We'll have to wait and see what comes of this. For me, I plan to take the medication for the next 200 years. (Let's bring back the parent medication, Proscar, for a second. How many millions of patients take this medication, successfully to address prostate issues? Do you hear of all the side effects they are experiencing? Consider that this is a 5mg pill, which is 5 times Propecia/Finasteride dose). The power of the mind is incredible. If I was to give a patient an M&M and tell them there would be a side effect with it, do you think the patient will eventually experience that exact side effect? You bet. Many doctors believe that there is more testosterone under the medication than without. Why not tell patients this? If a doctor, without giving enough time to confirm that there will be side effects, does not prescribe the medication it is typically because he is under the strong belief that the medication will either be unsuccessful, or has developed predetermined notion that the medication will eventually result in harm to the patient. Who's fault is it? The rep that gave him the info originally? Is it what you can read on the internet? (Which brings up the question, who wrote it?). The fact is, all patients are different, some will experience side effects and some won't. But how would you know without the patient trying it? Thanks for bringing up the subject of a medical therapy. It is a huge component when it comes to hair retention. Do research, speak with the doctor(s) and decide if is the path you want to take. Lots to consider, particularly when it is a long-term medication. Once you're on it, stay on it otherwise you will lose the benefit and and the time and money invested will be wasted.
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    The results are not complete. Would this result be acceptable at 12 months? No, but it isn't twelve months and not by a long shot. I find it particularly troubling when more and more posters are thinking that 5-7 months should be enough time to tell what the results will look like and I'm sorry that's just not true. For 7 months I think there is definitely a cosmetic improvement and I would be hopeful. Sorry, I'm not going to join the brigade of posters who think they should have their final results by 6 months.
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    Dear Bill, Pat and Melvin, “However, we have put up with it because you do provide some sound advice and you haven’t blatantly broken any rules.” Bill the “publisher”, May 21st, 2019 https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/54103-hw-hattingen-konior-feriduni-devroye-or-bisanga-for-fut/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-509774 I’d like to take this moment to express my sincere appreciation for the “tolerance” I’ve received over the past fifteen years and over 7000 posts. The sheer strength it has taken to “tolerate” me for such a long time is nothing less than monumental. You should really pat yourselves on the back for such an achievement. I admit, reading my posts where I comment and encourage patients that have gone to doctors that I have never worked with, giving advice to posters that I have never had any personal contact with, and with no inclination of engaging with on any professional level, and assisting your members with all manner of problems based on my experience(s) in the hair transplant field as a profession, must have been absolute torture for you. The poison that you describe as having come from my participation in a thread where I was personally attacked for zero legitimate reasons is also evidence of your strength and wisdom as you clearly know something that I do not. But whom am I to question such greatness? Thank you, sincerely, for tolerating my presence. To all of the great HTN members, I’m sorry it has come to this. In case some of you are wondering what this is about, I wrote an article for a popular men’s blog that has gone viral throughout the English speaking world and in this article I outline twenty of the top hair restoration surgeons worldwide. I was then attacked, without provocation by an HTN member doctor for the sole reason of his exclusion from the article, even though I was very clear in that the list was not to be considered exhaustive or complete. The doctor saw fit to delete his posts and I in turn was happy to delete my comments back to him. No harm, no foul. However, when I questioned the additional edits by HTN moderators which included additional post deletions by members which were quoting the doctor, and comments that were left to defend me, I made a comment about the selective editing that had occurred. Ironically, one post remains by Melvin, the “co-moderator” which supports the doctors attack on me; “I don’t think that Dr. … said anything bad, in fact most of what he said is true.” My comment stands; “Some very interesting/selective editing on this topic.... “ If it has not become obvious as this point, I think that the target upon my back is getting to be a tad heavy as I do not possess the “physical and mental fortitude” that Bill obviously has that has allowed him to tolerate me for the past fifteen years. So I would like to close by saying that I have appreciated all of your comments and support through the years and I have been so blessed with watching so many of you find the follicular salvation you have been seeking. For that, my time here has been massively rewarding. With the comment made by Bill where he clearly states I’ve been helpful and haven’t broken any rules (not “blatantly” but otherwise?) it is more clear than ever that for those of you that have garnered enough knowledge to the point that you know what you’re talking about, you’re a threat to the status quo if you question those that would seek to control what you see and hear. I wish for my account to be closed and I wish you all the very best for the future. Thanks for everything. Moderators deleting or modifying this post in five, four, three… Regards Spencer ( Spex )
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    You realize Spex is Dr. Bhatti’s rep right? Also, he left on his own accord. I sent him an olive branch by asking to speak to him personally and he never replied. We’re here for patients and we will always represent patients. We cannot coddle the feelings or egos of paid reps. We did not ban him nor did we tell him to leave; he did that on his own accord. We’re not defending any doctors, we are being the voice of reason. I spoke with this patient when he was thinking about removing his transplant after a month. This sort of impulsive behavior shouldn’t be accepted as appropriate or normal. In fact, I’m seeing an alarming trend where patients are anxious about their results and start calling it a failure before the results have even started. We will never concede to this unhealthy behavior. We’re all patients ourselves me @Bill - Managing Publisher and @Pat - Community Publisher we’ve been in the chair multiple times, so we know what it’s like. This is not the first time you throw accusations our way. Our system isn’t perfect and there is always room for improvement, but name one forum that is as actively involved as our forum. I have advocated for this patient and personally sent Dr. Bhatti an email discussing his dissatisfaction thus far. We didn’t hide this thread, edit it or censor him in anyway. In fact, I take great offense that you accuse us of pocketing money for our benefit. I work a full-time job. I work here on my free-time because I’m passionate not because of money. We’re not living in mansions and riding in yachts. We completely upgraded our forum last year. We’ve made several upgrades to our patient websites making it mobile-friendly. We’ve put a lot of time and resources back in to the website to make it user-friendly and improve the user experience. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. We do this so that patients have a place to speak and be heard. Sincerely, Melvin
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    What is up with @Bill - Managing Publisher being so harsh on patients and Spex, I think you are losing your mind Bill, I've seen you on multiple posts call unhappy patients crazy. Wtf is up with you? Why do you defend every doctor that is recommended on this website so much? What are you doing with all the money they are paying you? I've seen it multiple times recently, you are losing your mind dude. Starting to piss me off. Bad docs need to be taken off the recommended list. Bhatti seems to be ok with Indian patients but his density for Caucasians in the hairline is always a complete joke. I myself am a victim of one of your recommended physicians. Nebulosity, you have every right to be upset, your donor does not look normal, although let's keep hope that it gets better, as for your hairline I think if you go to a top 5 clinic they should be able to fix you. I have seen multiple cases of doctors recommended on this website make amateur mistakes, I've seen multiples in the hairline from various docs, wtf is up with that? that kind of mistake should be an automatic forfeit of their recommendation Bill honestly dude I have no respect for you
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    @Curlinginthesquatrack I’m actually a bit shocked you’re not satisfied with your results. I mean it looks incredible. Most people would kill to have your hair. That said, please contact your surgeon, he’s a great guy one of the nicest surgeons I’ve ever met.
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    Thanks @flyinghotnow Planning dates was a big part of the process for me and would recommend it to other guys as well. I knew I’d want as much time as possible before going back to the office, so purposely scheduled the HT just before Christmas knowing id just lay low during the holidays and that I’d have about 15 days before returning to work. Then with it being winter I could wear a ski cap the other 90% of the time and no one would think twice. Now with summer approaching I just look like I got a “really short cut for summer” and will continue to let it grow over the next few months. @Lennney I’m a big believer in keeping the whole head really short during the first several months of recovery. I first saw @Arminius take that approach and it never looked like he was “recovering” from anything, just a guy with really short hair that was slowly getting longer uniformly. It made sense and I’m glad I took that approach. People just assumed I shaved my head on a whim and now that it’s filling in they’re none the wiser and are just like “Ah, I see you’re over the shaved head look.” And I’m like, “yup.” Of course every guy has to decide what works for him, but for those trying to figure out how to navigate the ugly duckling phase, that would definitely be my advice.
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    What’s going on here .. please use ur common sense n count the dots on ur head .. n ask the clinic if this is 4100 grafts . What kind of plan is this ? I know u are desperate for hair ,. But Why would u not be more educated on surgery ,, n let these clinics take advantage of u.. I’m sorry , but it just makes me kinda mad .. they took ur money knowing they made no cosmetic difference .. keep track of ur monthly progress on here ,, n let the pics speak for themselves .,I’m hoping u get a satisfying result , but if u don’t . At least u have a record of their result for other potential clients .. n no it’s not normal for the grafts to be so spaced out apart..
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    Fair enough. Look at it this way...it gives you the opportunity for a good result when you reach 12-18 months and have the ability to use another 1k-1,500 grafts with the same doc or a different one to really fill in and be able to densily pack the areas you would like with another procedure, because, even if Dr Gable would have done 2,500 or 3k grafts for you, there could have been a chance that some grafts would not have survived due to competition for blood supply and your grafts and money would have been wasted. Is it a bitch to want more knowing you could have got more and were ready for it, yes, but I’d take that over having a doctor over harvest my grafts to pack into areas and then not have some grafts survive.
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    No chance I would consider Asmed after some of the posts on this group. Too many below par results
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    Hey Mate, below are the things that I asked: 1) Estimated no of Grafts required for the Front and crown 2) What level of density is practically possible and what is the doctor's views on donor area density 3) Size of punches used? 4) What facilities / doctors of available in case of an emergency  5) What hairline is suitable for me 6) What medications are recommend for post surgery 7) How are the extracted hairs maintained before being inserted 8) What parts of the HT is done by the doctor (Hairline design, local anaesthesia, extraction, slit making, implantation of singles on hair line, rest of implantation?) 9) How does the doctor see the baldness progressing and how does plan the current HT based on any potential future requirements? 10) Get Previous patient references and interact with directly before you decide Hope this helps.
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    In my mind any clinic offering a lower price for work done by all techs rather than a Dr is telling you one of two things (or both). 1. The Dr feels his work is better which means he doesn't really care if you get good work done because he's offering you the option of lower quality work done by the techs. 2. He feels the techs do just as good as he does, but he's charging you more for his time because he has better things to do than perform your surgery unless you pay him enough to make it worth his time. To me this says he only cares about money and not about how well your surgery turns out. So either way, I would not go to a clinic who had different price options like this. Now certainly there could be different prices depending on what type of procedure you needed, for example FUT, FUE, Body hair, but that is not the same thing.
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    Hey KW8, sorry to hear u disappointed ,, I can see the sadness in ur eyes .. ur results aren’t bad .. it’s fixable .. u just need a few hundred grafts into the hairline .. when I look at ur pre-op pics .. the first 3 rows of hair aren’t dense packed .. it’s spaced evenly all around .. I noticed the top hairline docs usually dense pack those first few rows.. to eliminate the see thru-effect . Well anyway best wishes to u .. have u contacted the clinic ? Maybe u can get a partial refund so u can get it fixed somewhere else .. they have good customer service there.. let them know U have this thread running , n people want to know how they will resolve ur situation .
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    First of all Kraistoff, thank you for sharing your journey till now with us. I'll be having another HT next summer. I had one when I was 28, and so a second round was inevitable but I was too naive to think of that at the time. Your posts reminded me of the fact that the most gruelling part of the journey is the waiting period, and not the op itself. The initial high, when you see all the implanted hairs in within the first 3 weeks, then the dreaded shedding phase (which at the time you believe is the toughest point of the journey), and then the actual toughest part where you're waiting around 12-18 months to get the expected results. The lesson I learned was that not everybody's hair grows and matures at the same time, and so constantly comparing my 8 or 9 month results to others didn't have any positive effect on my confidence. I was a slow grower also, and mine took around 14 months to look normal. The desire for dramatic improvement in density is totally understandable, given the money and the mental battle that one has to gear up for every time a photo is taken under harsh lighting conditions. Just give it time man, and trust in your body to do its thing. It may take 14 to 18 months, just as mine did, so just hang in there and don't let negative thoughts ground themselves into your psyche. You definitely still have more time bro. Hang in there!
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    Hey guys! I wanted to share my story with you all. I am 46 years old cinematographer working in the Indian film industry. I was 42 when I started losing hair from the crown area. the hair loss was aggressive and I lost a lot of hair in a short time. I went to many dermatologists in Mumbai and they prescribed me different sorts of medicines. But those medicines, topical and pills, didn't do much for my hair loss problem. I decided to look for a more permanent solution and decided to get a hair transplant done at the age of 45 when almost all of my hair was lost from the front and top. I have shared images also from before and after. Before Hair transplant treatment I came across Eugenix hair science clinic through newspaper and after consultation, decided to go ahead with the treatment. At Eugenix, after analysing my case completely with suitable medical tests I was suggested to go for the hair transplant surgery with DHT technique in order to get natural looking results. At first, I was very nervous at the thought of undergoing surgery to replace my lost hair. After a relaxing and friendly consultation with the expert Dr Pradeep Sethi, all of my questions were answered, and I booked an appointment for my surgery that month. During my treatment, I listened to music and relaxed while the procedure was completed in a few hours with no pain at all. My deepest thanks to Dr Pradeep Sethi and his team at Eugenix Clinic, Mumbai. Hair transplant treatment I was so excited with the outcome of the 1st sitting that I have decided to go for 2nd sitting as well and the same has been completed a few months back. The procedure was done under local anaesthesia and 4200 grafts using scalp and beard were transplanted in two consecutive days in the first sitting and 3000 grafts were extracted from the scalp in the second sitting. Both procedures were completed with DHT technique. After Hair transplant treatment Visible progress started after the fourth month. I never experienced any pain during and after surgery. Post surgery care is very important. I was told that Complete hair growth is expected in 12 months. The surgery doesn't restrict you from doing daily business. You can continue working but its good to stay away from pollution, dirt etc. After 12 months, I am able to comb, oil, have haircut, colour and anything else that I could do with my hairs before losing them a couple of years back. Off lately, I started paying less attention to the hairs because of work pressure. But it is actually helping. Since 8 months onwards are the actual months where growth happens, it is in my favour not to pay more attention to the hairs thus reducing expectations. I let them grow naturally.
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    Mr. I have done zero research, NW5, and expect to look like Elvis in all conditions, and oh yeah, I'm going to bargain shop too.
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    Brother, you are 27. "Im hoping the worst of my baldness has already occurred". It kills me to say this, but that is absolute wishful thinking. In guys that experience hair loss at such a young age, are predisposed to hair loss. To think that you have lost hair between 18/20 years - 27 years, but will lose no more, or just a small amount in the next 60 years is HIGHLY improbable. You are now young, and you feel that you "I want my hair in my youth". Believe me, at 35 you will want your hair as you head toward middle age and at 45 you will want more hair in your thinning crown. Of course, as you get older hair loss becomes more common and it is true that you may be able to accept it a little better, but don't be naive either. This is a long term gain. You may lose everything and have a whole lot of hair in your front, which may or may not look natural and you may feel worse accordingly. Consider topical finasteride. Applying a topical solution every day isn't fun, but neither is hair loss. You have had 7000+ grafts before 28 years. You really should consider preventative medicine. It just makes sense. I get that oral fin is not an option, but you should investigate what may be of assistance. I would recommend trying topical fin. In closing, YOU LOOK GREAT! Your hairline looks good, your temple points are in tact, don't obsess. I understand you wanted better, and you deserved better, but lets face reality now, instead of a much harsher reality in 10+ years. Be positive about the next 6 months of further growth and maturation, consider topical finasteride and save your donor for when you may really need it.
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    Honestly, you look like you’re headed towards NW7. There seems to be significant thinning in the lateral humps. Truthfully, I wouldn’t expect a huge change with FUE alone. SMP may be a better option for you.
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    Thanks Lenny, that's awesome for you to say that. The hairstyle is similar to how I used to style my hair before it started to recede and thin. I guess this is a good measurement of how good the progress has been. I'm confident now to get a number one sides and back without any worry of scaring from the HT, I don't foresee me growing my sides any longer than a number two anytime soon. The thinking is the short back and sides gives the impression of thicker hair on top :-))
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    Prior to your consultation realise what your own expectation of a HT will provide in regard to coverage and density . Would you be satisfied with moderate coverage or do you really want high density coverage? Determine at the consultation how much doner hair you have ...how many safe grafts you have for the area you want covered and of course keeping an open mind on your future hair loss. Its all about supply and demand. If you want high density coverage you could use up most of your grafts in a small area that you want covered. If you are satisfied with moderate coverage which would be adequate to cover the area you want covered usually the frontal third, you have more grafts for other areas or more importantly future hair loss. Make sure your Doctor has a great reputation and is really well known and have a long term personal plan put in place for you. ..............ALL THE BEST.. ..................Paddy.......... .
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    Hey folks, sorry it's been a while since my last update. I wanted to lie low for a while and let things take their course but I'm please to say I'm happy with my progress so far. On the 15th May I'll be 7 months post op, please see updates pics below: Happy growing, hope all is well :-))
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    Yes indeed. A great FUT clinic. Regards Spex
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    I think Hattingen is the top choice for FUT in Europe tbh, not very well known in English speaking world but they do very good job, cost is reasonable for that type of work too. Although they have more conservative approach which many patients don't like, while other -like me- prefer. Dr. Devroye is another name too who is one of the elite for sure.
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    I don't know if its just me noticing HT scars or if a tide has turned on the stigma about them, but I work in NYC and see way many more guys who have just completely shaved their head and are sporting a linear FUT scar on the back of their head without any worries. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, and when you get to a point where you really don't care about what others think, that's real freedom. There is no need to be ashamed of our scars - its a part of who we are, our struggle, journey, etc.
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    Yes, it does cause scarring. It is visual and can be concealed a little if you grow beard hair out longer, so, it will be less noticeable if it is under the jaw vs jawline and above(cheeks). Also depends on the punch and tool too. I had welts and noticeable issues. Do not believe the hype and bullshit of scarfree area or very minimally noticeable bs. Sometimes you have to tell it as it is if you've gone through it, it is a service and ethical standpoint to inform other folks of what you were not fully informed of. So, if you go through with this, yes, it is an option for repairing a scar or like donor or rear of the scalp with the mixture of other hairs. It is definitely not natural looking to be hairline hair. Ive asked quite a few folks who mocked me in person and they told me how ridiculous it looks and how overall I need to be repaired to look natural overall, aside from the beard hair. You definitely do not want others to go through what you have gone through. That should be the viewpoint of those that try to help others. Best of luck.
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    The thing to always keep in mind is that BH is miss and hit regardless of the area of the body it is harvested from. The most experienced and ethical BH surgeons will tell you that beforehand. This is why a smaller trial session is recommended before committing to any large numbers.
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    This is probably the best response I’ve seen to medications ever good stuff 🙌🏼
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    Yeah h&w do need to update their results on their webpage .. when I was over there I asked doctor hasson himself in front of his staff n technicians .. . How many FUE’s have u done? He said around 1000.. he showed me pictures of his FUE patients that required the same grafts as me. Around 2500-3000 grafts ., n it was damn awesome . N those patients aren’t on his website .. just on his office computer .. they didn’t sign the Authorization form to publish their results ..even though their results are awesome .. it’s understandable .. why would u want ur image on a clinics website where it’s going to be viewed by thousands when u want this a secret .. I sure as heck didn’t sign the authorization form myself ., so they can’t use mines either.. just like a lot of other successful h&w patient results here .. it’s only because y’all help me out , in learning n being supportive is the only reason I choose to put my image on this forum . But yet I won’t let the clinic
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    Progress Update - Day 16: To sweat or not to sweat? Since the scabs were removed, things have very much returned to how they were pre-hair transplant. I’m still completely over the moon with the results – simply having more hair at the front of my head has given me far more self-confidence and I’m feeling really optimistic. I’ve started seeing a few hairs fall out, and looking at the hairs at the front of my head I can see some are longer ‘native’ hairs, some are the slightly thicker transplanted hairs, and some are stubs of broken transplanted hairs which have begun to shed. Overall, I guess I’d describe this phase as trying to make the best situation out of what’s going on – I’m been trying to trim the hair on the sides and back of my head to make it all blend in a bit as EVERYTHING is just growing outwards and it’s looking a bit awkward. I didn’t feel comfortable shaving too close or anywhere near the transplanted area, but afterwards the result looked far more intentional and even. But I’m aware that once more native hairs grow and more transplanted hairs begin to shed, there’ll be quite a few weeks of looking awkward ahead. In terms of daily activities: On Wednesday (2 weeks post op) I went back to the gym for the first time. I took it relatively easy and didn’t stay for too long, but I was constantly worried about sweating too much or bending over and causing a big increase in blood pressure. I’m pleased I went to the gym but think I’ll leave it until 3 weeks post op before doing my usual routine. The head felt OK during, but I kept getting little ‘reminder’ sharp feelings on my head that I’d had an operation. I made sure to wash my head carefully in the showers afterwards as I didn’t want the sweat to stay on the head. I've been doing loads of internet research on when's the ideal time to begin exercising and the general consensus seems to be between 2 and 3 weeks so I'll take it easy this week then go hard next week 💪 Head has been quite itchy, but maybe better in the last couple of days. I woke up last night to find myself gently rubbing my head so I hope I’m not scratching in my sleep… Taking off and putting on t-shirts / hoodies is still something I do very carefully, but I should think all the hairs are anchored in now so it shouldn’t matter I’m still a bit unsure about wearing my over-the-head Bose earphones, particularly when walking anywhere as the headband will rub directly on the transplanted area. This is probably a bit of an over-reaction but it’s better to be careful. In terms of showering, I’m letting the water hit my head directly, though the water pressure in my shower is somewhat like having 5 people crying directly over your head so I’m not too worried about anything going wrong there. I’m applying the shampoo directly to a shower sponge, then lathering it up and working it gently all over the head. Again, probably too much care but I wouldn’t feel ready lathering up shampoo directly onto the transplanted hair yet! I’m sleeping normally now, with my head directly on the pillow. I’m a very still sleeper anyway so I feel quite confident in this now. Some pictures attached, it’s beginning to blend in a bit better but who knows how it’ll look in a couple more weeks! I've taken these with the flash on, so you can see the hairs a bit clearer. In real-life lighting it looks less 'obvious'. No-one at work as noticed at all and this week I saw my boss (who's the only one who knew I was having it done) and he commented on how no-one would be able to tell. The redness on my scalp looks a little like a birthmark but each day it looks less and less red. I also saw my best pal at the beginning of the week who said how much nicer my hairline frames my face. What a good mate eh? There's a few random hairs across my forehead but I'm not gonna start complaining about having too many hairs 😂
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    You’ve been very negative for no reason. The clinic could say they performed a free procedure of 2,000 grafts on a burn patient and your response would be “how come so little grafts?” Hair restoration is a team effort there is no surgeon performing the bulk of the procedure and definitely not at that price. You could probably get charged more for a surgeon drawing the hairline.
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    If you get the applicator I would suggest spraying from the mid scalp towards the hairline versus spraying from the forehead towards the hairline. Also keep in mind that the fibers always look better ( more natural ) when there is more native hair present. Often I have patients that just want to add some density be means of hair transplant to assure that the fibers with look better.
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    Thanks, Melvin. Yes, I get asked questions about my hair all the time. I have been lucky genetically, and there really just is not much hair loss in my family. I have 3 younger brothers and all of them AND my father basically have mops; perfect density but all with wavy, thick, coarse hairs (opposed to my much finer hair) which looks great. My dad now has a little bit of bilateral temporal recession, but very slight and hard to even appreciate with his hair type. The only real hair loss in my family was my paternal grandfather who had very unique isolated crown hair loss -- perfect hair in the front. Now, that isn't to say I don't have other genetic things in my family I would like to avoid (heart issues, dementia, etc), but I have been lucky on the hair front. However, I would absolutely have a hair transplant if I needed one. And not just because I am in the field; I would get one because they work and work well. I presume I would lose in the front, so I would do a dense pack frontal band via FUT aimed at pretty much keeping my hairline where it is now and allowing for some temporal recession.
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    Good post thus far. I think this is an important topic, albeit one that many do not want to discuss. I don't think anyone wants to go into any medical procedure thinking it may not "work" as expected, but this is even more true for an elective and cosmetic procedure. Although it is elective, it is important to remember that it is still surgery; there will always be variables and human physiology is unpredictable. Thankfully, hair transplant surgery is an EXCELLENT procedure. When you compare it to the entire gamut of cosmetic surgery, it is probably the most consistent, effective, and natural when performed by an experienced team using modern techniques (IE: true follicular unit grafting, appropriate dense packing, small tools and proven placement protocols, et cetera). However, it still can "fail" or not work as well as we would hope. And I think it is important for all patients to understand and truly accept this before "taking the plunge." There is always an aspect of "risk" in life, and the results of an elective procedure are no different. A lot of very good reasons for sub-par growth are listed above. A few important ones that come to mind: -Inappropriate graft handling This includes the grafts being physically mishandled during removal, preparation, and placing, and grafts sitting out for too long. This is typically avoided by using a clinic that has highly trained in-house technicians who have performed a LOT of surgeries together. -The wrong procedure for the wrong patient I do not want to turn this into an "X vs Y procedure" situation, but some patients are simply not as well suited for FUE. Certain follicles are just more fragile and less resilient than others, and they will not do as well with the FUE process. - Inappropriate surgical technique or too much delegation Making recipient sites using too large of tools or putting them too close together in certain patients (inappropriate dense packing) can overwhelm blood supply and result in poor or no growth; making recipient sites too small or not trimming grafts properly and trying to place "chunky" grafts into small slits can do the same. Handing important aspect of surgery off where they should not be handed off can play a role as well. -Physiology This one is likely the "hardest pill to swallow," but some people simply grow better or worse compared to the average. The good news is that touch-ups typically take care of this.
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    My father? He still thinks that I went bald due to some external force like "hair gel". He still can't believe that I would go bald while him and my brother who is 42 still have nearly full heads of hair. That said, he thinks the same way I do, that how I look now is how it should've have always been, which I think many can resonate with.
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    Thanks for posting the photos, this helps. First observation....Dark hair, light scalp. This contrast is always going to make matters look worse than what they really are. There are agents out there that seem to adhere to the hair to make it thicker while, at the same time, reduce the contrast. While you do that..... The fact is, if you've shown the propensity to lose, you will continue losing. When? Who knows. The second photo you posted shows that pattern of loss, perhaps, seems to be moving from back to front. You are at a GREAT time to start some type of medical therapy to help you retain and perhaps even enhance miniaturized hair. This speaks about two types of loss. The loss you see and the loss you don't see. The hair that you shed, and you will shed all the hair in your head at intervals. Mind you, not all hair goes away at the same time. (The follicle gets tired and it needs rest). That hair will typically return. The hair that does not return, however, is the one that miniaturizes and eventually disappears. (Go ahead, go to a mirror and look at the hair on your hairline. Go to the corners and look carefully. Do you see some thick and some thinner hairs?). Propecia, Rogaine, PRP and laser therapy are the only modalities approved/released by the FDA that have anything to do with hair retention. Propecia being internal, comes with a history. Read up on it. Talk to your doctor and then decide if you want to make the commitment because, once you do, this is a "for life" medication. It does not do you any good to start and then stop. If you stop, you will resume losing hair and, once gone, it will never return. Perhaps starting with Rogaine and a laser is not a bad idea. If they work, you may not have to go with Propecia. Keep photos and look at them every 3-4 months to compare. If your loss is dramatic, however, perhaps you should consider all of them. But do something if you value your hair. The biggest thing to consider, besides what's already been noted is the fact that the donor area is a finite source and no one with an advance pattern has enough hair available to allow for a full set of hair. Keep you much native hair as you can and leave your donor for the future pending the outcome of medical therapy.
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    I’m now at 7 and a half months this is is my hair combed back in various lighting conditions (living room, bathroom, , under light and outside ) i am very happy, a little more density behind the hairline will make me 90% happy. I think the photos speak for themselves that density has improved in past month.
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    5 Month update..Time has flown by!!! Before haircut and after... My wife and hairdresser say my hair has completely changed! Which is always good to hear!
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    What I did was apply for a credit card that had an introductory no interest on balance transfers for one year. They gave me a $13000 credit limit. I then had the hair transplant and put it on my other credit card which has a $14000 credit limit with 1% cash back. So lets say the procedure costs $13000. I put that on my original credit card and get $130 cash back. I pay $5000 to that card from what I saved up so far for the procedure (if you haven't been able to save anything in the year leading up to the hair transplant, then you can't afford it) and do a balance transfer to the new card for $8000. There was a 2% fee for balance transfers, so it cost me $160, but most of that was offset by the 1% cash back from the other card. Then I have no interest on the $8000 for one year, so I just had to make sure I paid around $700 per month towards it to get it paid off in a year. Those aren't my exact numbers, but that is what I did. Some cards now give you up to a year and a half with no interest, so if you can get one of those then the payments aren't really too extreme. Just make sure to pay it off before the time limit or else they charge you interest from the beginning.
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    Rest assured 24needmore you made the right choice in a physician! I too was a little anxious but there was no need. Flew in to ohare late the night prior, Arrived at office just before 6 am, completed paperwork for about 15 minutes then met with Dr Nadimi. She is professional, on task, detailed. She asked my opinion on hairline and my expectations but I deferred to her as she is the expert. Drew hairline referencing facial features (my hairloss wasn’t symmetrical) and calculated density over the square centimeter area she drew. She commented my hair loss was less than she anticipated from her notes on our FaceTime and emailed pics consult. Put me completely at ease with her confidence....not overly so but enough I knew I was in the right spot and in good hands. i believe she schedules 1500 as she is takes her time (this is my assumption based only on other Reports But possibly fudges alittle on the high side during the extraction for higher density) Shaved head and redrew her lines using a surgical pen both harvest and implant areas The initial lidocaine injections are a little painful (similar to a tattoo if you can relate). The subsequent aren’t bad, and I was impressed she could predict by skin tone when the lidocaine is wearing off. (She commented I metabolized it quickly so I got more than average) the harvest was 3 steps, right, back and left, with breaks in between. I was a touch too cognizant the first side, so they gave me additional Valium so I dozed off and on the rest of the day. the procedure, except the lidocaine injections is painless. really not much difference as a patient whether she is harvesting or implanting, other than how you sit. The rest of the day is face up, though your eyes are covered (patient safety in case someone drops something sharp) I was completely comfortable the entire procedure, and truthfully wasn’t aware of the time due to the Valium. You get breaks for restroom, and a jimmy johns sub you get to order for lunch. (I ordered ham and cheese instead of Italian as I didn’t want her to have to smell Italian dressing and salami the rest of the day....I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible too!!!) cleaned up, donor area is bandaged up, and was completely comfortable going to the hotel by myself in an Uber. My biggest concern was bumping my head as I’m tall) I think we finished up around 430 or 5 pm returned next day (Friday) to get cleaned, returned the following day (Saturday)as well, though no cleaning was really required. Looked good enough I went downtown for a malinarttis pizza, no one gave me a second glance. I couldn’t even tell I just had a procedure. Had a follow up on Monday AM before catching my flight. Pain if any post surgery on a scale of 1 to 10 was at worst a 1, mostly a zero. After returning home, I reached out to her as I noticed some small bumps and was concerned about folliculitis. (It was Thursday so I knew she had a procedure,) but I almost immediately received a call from her office, relaying her message that it appeared to be flaking only and to wash a little more (she was right, I was hesitant to wash) and the bumps cleared up immediately just allowing more soapy water to flow over the receipiant area. (The first week you wash the donor area gently then tilt your head and body forward allowing the soapy water to wash forward). She then followed up with a call later that day personally. my experience with her procedure wise was off the charts. I work just outside the medical field and work with docs almost daily. She is in a different league compared to the “average” it is a long term result but I’m super confident my result will be outstanding. I plan on posting monthly pics.....I think most people just go back to the daily life, but my experience with her was so good I’m going to try to commit 12 monthly pic updates.
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    Hi Search on here for Growth Times as many too a but this will hopefully help. Regards Spex