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    @HLPToronto Great words. I rate you very highly for that, brother. At the end of the day, whichever surgeon or clinic any HT patient chooses, they're still in pretty much the same boat as all other HT patients on this forum, in that we're all trying to improve our appearance, and we all require a bit of luck (because even with the best doctors, sometimes individual scalps just don't take well to HTs). Therefore it only makes sense for all of us to treat one another with respect, admiration, and best wishing for having taken the plunge which so many don't have the guts or motivation to do. This community, at its best, is like a massive extended family. It's great to see your contributions to the forum, and I certainly look forward to following suit and giving back to the community once my HT is done Dr Bhatti's celebrity clients in India (especially the Punjabi movie and music industry) are very impressive -- these celebrities have the money to get their HTs done anywhere on the planet, and with any doctor they want, yet they choose Darling Buds/Five Rivers... and that itself is a testament to the trust and respect that Dr Bhatti commands. Furthermore, I've only seen positive words for the likes of Shera for his assistance to patients throughout their journey. Hence why I am always on the lookout to see new threads from his patients. I have to say though, when I saw your one month photo I was taken aback a little with the extent of what looked like shock loss to native hairs... but after scrolling down and seeing the 3 month photos, the smile came back even quicker than it had left. It just shows what's possible when a master of the art has done their work well, and when the patient has followed instructions to the letter and maintained a positive and powerful mindset. When it gets to the 12-18 month mark, and the hairs mature and the density builds up, I think your results could be one of those that others consider to be miraculous. It's going to be awesome! As Melvin likes to day... Happy growing!
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    Obviously I sound biased, but i have to say I strongly disagree. I see far more bad results lately from the clinic. Just read back through this thread, a bunch of people have chimed in with their own bad results, I think nb98 is one of the first on my thread to report a positive outcome. I guess we all have different standards and it’s subjective but when a bunch of us look to have had less than 50% growth of the grafts we paid a lot of money for, I couldn’t ever recommend this clinic to anyone in good faith.
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    um seriously, why is a recommended doctor on this forum posting private email exchanges and photos on a public forum. this is entirely unprofessional and disturbing behaviour.
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    It depends on the region of the scalp. In the frontal hairline region, you can expect new hairs to start popping through around 3-4 months, start to get visible and longer around 5, and then pretty decent transformation with the caveat that they are still thinner shafts with extra "frizz" by month 6; month 6 through 9 they continue to thick and normalize, and then typically between month 9-12 the texture really starts to calm down and they mostly resemble the native hairs. Anywhere behind the "frontal band" region really can take longer to mature. And if this is the crown? Definitely give it 18 months to cook. Of course you always have to keep in mind that all patients are different. People mature at different rates and everything is "all good" as long as the end result is good. It may take some people a little bit longer to cross that finish line, but it's finishing strong that counts.
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    outstanding result. you must be thrilled with your new look.
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    This is not a before/after. This is simply a patient we performed a two day, 5000 FUE graft case last week. The reason I am presenting this is that this patient previously went to a local plastic surgeon who had just obtained an ARTAS machine, and is marketing heavily here in the Charleston, SC area. During his consultation with the ARTAS clinic, he indicated he wanted coverage both in the crown and frontal area, and was told by the consultant (not the plastic surgeon), that complete coverage could be obtained with 1500 grafts. Looking online afterwards, he realized this was an absurd quote, and ended up coming to us. The point is for prospective patients to do their research before (and after) a consultation because there is some inaccurate information being given out, and just because someone has a machine does not make them qualified to perform the procedure.
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    The best time to get a transplant imo is the week after New Years. That way the new hair is coming in by the time hat season is over. For me, the ugly duckling stage was much easier than I had anticipated. But it really depends on how much they shave off. I grew my hair out beforehand and only had the very front shaved, so I was able to sweep it over the transplanted area pretty much immediately. If you’re just shaving a little bit, you’ll probably be fine after 2 weeks. The one thing that persisted longer than I’d hoped was the redness, so I did feel a little exposed whenever it was windy for the first few months. If you go with a full shave, I would either wear a hat or buzz it so everything looks even. It will look pretty normal for a few weeks, though the redness will likely stand out after the initial shed.
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    I've been doing foam in the mornings and a foam/liquid combo in the evenings. I actually find the liquid isn't much of an issue for my styling preferences as long as you massage it in like you're supposed to, but you've seen that I generally wear my hair up or back.
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    He was pre-med at UCLA and did his residency at UC Davis I believe. Where you graduate or go to school has no bearing on your surgical skill. Guys, These inflammatory remarks are ridiculous. I’ve been in contact with Dr. Diep, he will be commenting and reaching out to this patient. There are countless examples of his work myself included. Unfortunately, like I said not every result will be a success and I’ve been around long enough to say every surgeon has had lackluster results. How a surgeon handles these cases is the sign of a great surgeon and I believe Dr. Diep is an excellent surgeon.
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    Ear to ear. The scar follows the shape of the fade...it’s about an inch above the fade so it’s higher on the sides then dips in the back a little
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    Sure! Thanks for the kind words re my results, I’m sure you’ll pleased with yours in 12-18 months time. Ahh..yeah, I had a good shed of my native hairs the first couple of weeks of beginning my microneedling routine, I see it as a good thing as it’s a sign of newer better hairs ready to grow/sprout. I think you did the right thing in stopping the microneedling a month or so before your HT procedure, always good to let the scalp heal and err on the side of caution.
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    Thanks alot mate. I really were impressed by your result. I wish to end up with a result close to yours. Regarding the microneedling, i start using it it 3 months before the surgery, but unfortunately i shed alot, i am not sure whether it was a minaturized hair shedding that would be followed by a new hair replacement, but i couldn't take more risk and stopped it after 1.5 month of weekly use.
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    Lol u gotta be kidding me right? Joined just to post this? I bet you’re going to disappear now forever
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    Yeah, it can be quite hard not to obsess about it during the growing period, but be assured that your grafts will come out, and I think you can expect pretty much all of them to have survived. It's very rare that grafts just die and never grow, especially with FUT. To answer your question, I was a bit of a slow grower, so I didn't really see great results until about 8 months, but a lot of people see them at 6 months. It varies from person to person. After 10 months I experienced more growth and better texture quality. I had a lot of scalp to cover, so it was somewhat of a challenge to cover it all with just 3200 grafts, but it worked out very well. It all looks very natural, and there's no trace of a transplant to a regular person, or anyone really, in my opinion.
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    Yes exactly. It’s good to see more photos and have details about your age, family history etc.
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    Sorry to disagree with everyone but I don't see any major cosmetic change here and I still think the operation was unnecessary It looks like the hairline was brought down less than 1cm, which would suggest an area of around 16cm2 was dense packed with 1800 grafts. If i am correct that not only seems unethical but quite frankly absurd Do you have any immediate post-op work pics? That would probably answer all the questions forum members have concerning this patient's operation.
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    There’s a huge “black market FUE” problem in the hair restoration industry as a whole. Instagram is a tool that these clinics use. It’s not that American clinics have no presence. Dr. Diep, Dr. Konior, H&W are still very present. As our other doctors, but also a lot of doctors have star patients that simply don’t want to post because of privacy concerns. That’s another big issue. If you’re from the US you can’t just post without the patient’s consent. Black market FUE clinics don’t care, hell they steal pictures it’s the wild wild west. Another factor to consider, is the majority of guys going overseas are young where money is a huge deciding factor.
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    I do feel it’s time to pull a few bad weeds. For one, agenda posting. If you guys see a new poster that all of a sudden starts posting on a bunch of topics related to any particular clinic report it. Second, if any of you guys are posting your journey and you a receive a pm by someone with an axe to grind, report it. I want to make it clear that we stand behind all patients. Anyone is free to be unhappy with their personal results. However, if they start trying to bring others down, this is poisoning our well. This will jot be tolerated. If you guys have any information on this pm me thanks. I want to see our community flourish and help guys out there, that were once like me. If guys are wanting to delete their threads because of negativity, it hurts all of us. This forum is the best tool for researching, if guys stop posting we all suffer. Keep that in mind guys.
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    Yea after his second procedure. Keep in mind the first set of pictures are after his first procedure. Below is pre surgery and after 3,100 grafts. The results were good, but not perfect. So he had a second surgery in the same area to achieve the results he desired.
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    The SMP industry has evolved and is booming right now. I also have had 2100 FUE by Dr Feriduni to the frontal area. I do not have enough donor hair to transplant the crown, and I have slight diffuse thinning in the middle. This was a bad procedure by a company that produces constant bad results. I fell in to their marketing trap as they 'innovated' SMP. We all make mistakes. Now back so SMP. There has always been, or certainly used to be a belief that SMP was garbage, waste of time etc. Not the case now days. The very best SMP artists can produce 3d effect SMP, natural results. Just look at the before and after pics of Paul Clark and Jonathan Gerow. When combined, SMP/FUE combo looks very good, providing one can rock a short hair style. Results undetectable when done by the right practitioners and docs. The best artists now use vegan ink, no additives that can cause the head to turn blue and no longer dish out goofy hairlines. Best artists will measure a hairline properly according to clients face, raising of the eyebrows etc, to determine what hairline to go with. I do not think there is an argument for anything being 'fake' providing one goes with the best SMP practitioners out there. SMP is essentially doing what a hair transplant does, restoring what was once there, albeit with a short buzzed/shaven look but it frames the face. For clients that do not have enough donor hair for whole head FUE, SMP if done correctly, is a fantastic option. Permanent SMP is now as good as temporary, due to the evolution of the procedure and quality of ink used by the best artists out there. Furthermore, lots of people are now choosing SMP over a hair transplant. There are pitfalls to HT's as you're always chasing the hairloss. Lots if people are also using SMP to thicken a HT. I had a bad SMP. By a crooked clinic. And I advise anyone considering SMP to stay away from that clinic. My rework plan involves one of the best SMP practitioners in the world. I will be posting progress of laser fading, and new SMP once laser has faded the awful procedure I had. Some people with hair transplants get all grandiose and disregard SMP. But SMP has now exploded onto the scene and is now a first choice option for many. Not everyone wants a slick back HT look. Some people like low maintenance short hair.
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    it probably wouldn't be obvious at all the smp done well would blend quite well id say
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    Hey. I’m not sure of the amount per sq cm. the after pics look strange as it looks like I was bald for that entire area but the dr has put hair in between my existing hair to thicken up the hair on my crown. With emphasis on new hair on the hairline. If that makes sense.
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    I might be stupid but I'm honestly not understanding the response to these concerns. It appears the OP's hairline is pretty clearly unnatural and at least sub par and worse so does his donor. And the reason given for this is that he requested density added behind hairline?!! But hey you there were communication issues so??? I mean there are worse outcomes (including mine, not this surgeon for clarity) but can we honestly not understand what OP is saying and his concerns, I cant really comment on communication issues they might have existed but surely we dont need to tell surgeons to make sure my hairline looks natural???? Is that seriously the suggestion? And, this is jusy conjecture really, but honestly if he mentioned his unhappiness (and it seems he did anyway) would he have been told anything other than omg wait 6 months then assess?? From personal experience I know what it's like to have doubts and ask questions but be told it's fine and to wait and feel it's all on you. Again, it could be much worse, the hairline can be fixed and I do at least acknowledge the doctor for recognising it and offering a free surgery. That's good. The hairline will be fixed but it seems like the donor is the real concerm.
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    If you get the thin area reinforced with a other surgery and if they finally become non transparent with that line it would a very nice improvement from where you started
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    I've read a ebook from Rob English about dutamesce massage (vigorous scalp massage) and done it myself for 6 months straight. It stopped my hair loss and I think that's the reason I still have much much more hair on my scalp than my brother had in my age as well as father. They're NW 6 and 7. I'm diffuse pattern 5 (still have hairs on my vertex). The problem with that is you need to do it for 20 min morning and evening every day. Its painfull on arms as you need to really push it with all strength you have. Takes a lot of effort to keep doing it, so I quit as I had many changes in my life at once. Never started doing that again.
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    I went ahead and bought "nutricost 10,000mcg 240 pill" set. I put it in my watch list and it had an Amazon lightning deal. It went from $12.50 to 10.00. I was going to send you a message, but I was in rush, and I figured you'd rather research before you buy anyway. For the FA, I'm looking at the "nature's bounty 800mcg 250 pills". It's $5.05 and holding. It seems like a good deal anyway. Maybe I take one or two pills and it lasts me 4 - 8 months (for $5.05), or I keep my dosage at 5k (6 pills) and it only comes to $10.10 for almost 3 months... I briefly checked both brands and didn't see any issues. I think they sell nature's bounty in my local grocery store for more, but it seems to be respectable enough for Mass market. Nutricost seemed legit enough too, making a lot of different supplements without any crazy stories coming out.
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    This is now your 7th account HT?
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    Hi Farid, I went Turkey on 16 February. Whıch is cold and snow tıme ın istambul I booked my operation on December 2018. I choose full package. I wıll share what they text me on my Whatsapp number; We offer full package include all services offer cost is 2500 € which includes: *All transportations between airport , clinic and hotel by the centre car * 3 nights accomadation in 4 star hotel with breakfast and central location ( you may bring an accompagnier with you ) * Doctor visit * pre-operational tests ( please note in case of H.I.V or Hepatit C , the operation is not possible since it would create problem for post operational recovery ) * operation * medicenes given after operation * cleaning and first hair wash * PRP treatment And please note, we are going to give you a guarantee paper after the operation. They ımplant 3500 greft to my head. Dr Arpacı do my hair line- he dıd anesthesia- and he open canals him self. They gave me medicine-shampoo-and location. I hope these ınformation will be eneough for your treatment🙄
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    Thank you LeftHook . I appreciate the kind words and positive outlook from your side as well This really clarifies for me - DHI vs FUE vs DHT which was always a grey area, I am sure you've made a conscious decision to go with Eugenix DHT procedure. They seem to be producing some remarkable results as well I wish you all the best. Please share your journey as well; its everyone's thread here that we learn something more and more reg HT science, experiences and results.
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    I had the same issue with edges (halo) around my crown being annoyingly thin even at 11 months post my HT procedure, and I mean had in the past tense as it has nicely filled in thanks to Microneedling, minox foam, Nizoral. Recently was at a family event and some thought I had a 2nd ht to fill in my crown haha Photo from yesterday by window in daylight. And 2nd Photo what my crown looked like pre-1,500 grafts by ASMED & Microneedling/Minoxidil/Nizoral
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    @HLPToronto Hey man, first of all congratulations on what already looks to be a very successful hair transplant. All of the photos you've posted show excellent progress. Looks very promising indeed. Although I'll be having my HT with Eugenix next year, I'm still an admirer of Dr Bhatti, and as strange as this sounds, I'm also a fan of his patients -- you guys all have a healthy and positive outlook, which is something that I think is somewhat underrated factor when it comes to good results. I look forward to following the rest of your journey to regrowth. Also, I've seen a few comments here regarding DHI and DHT. At first even I presumed that they were the same thing... but upon looking into it further, Eugenix's DHT technique probably sits somewhere in between FUE and DHI. I think all of Dr Bhatti's points regarding DHI are valid. DHI does not involve making slits in the recipient area prior to grafts being implanted -- folicles are extracted, placed into an implanter pen, and then kind of punched into the recipient area with the implanter pen. And so as well as the procedure being quicker, DHI probably does have the advantage of causing less overall trauma to the scalp. But as Dr Bhatti has correctly pointed out, that process is extremely taxing on the doctor and requires an insane amount of skill... because with every graft, the doctor has to get implanting angles and spacing correct pretty much on the go, graft by graft, and that too whilst the patient doesn't always have their head in the easiest position to work on. Eugenix's DHT procedure requires slits to be made to the recipient area by the doctor first. Then with the slits already done, grafts are implanted within minutes of extraction. The "simultaneous" aspect in DHT is extraction and implanting (as opposed to extraction, making slits, and implanting). Therefore, the point regarding the essential dedicated time for making slits being eliminated, getting angles for slits correct, patient head position being awkward, etc, doesn't really apply to DHT. That's kind of why I personally think of the DHT procedure as being more of a modification of FUE rather than a modification of DHI. Anyway man, back to your HT... I'm thinking positive for you, and I'm excited in advance for you. I think your 12 month results are going to be awesome!
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    Lol tbh! It’s looks really good in the pics, but for me I’m just questioning why the flash and why the differing angle from the preop. You always find flash makes the result look better straight on but not from above (as the preops are). Maybe it’s just the cynic in me!😂 either way it’s a very nice improvement, I just like consistency in pics
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    I think the buzzed or shaved hairstyles only give the impression of more balding. I doubt that there is any more balding today.
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    Grafts are safely anchored in to the scalp past 9 days.
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    I see u commented on another post about Dr Diaz, saying about how outstanding hes work is..So why are so many complaining??? And why is hisbwork so rough??? No clue to why I bled so much i hadnt drank for over 2 weeks...
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    It looks like you have some good growth already, but it is clear that you are not done yet. At this point, you are only a little over half way there. I suggest growing out the top a little longer and wait until 12 months to re-assess. I have seen a lot of guys throw dirt on their doctors name only be happy by 12 months and have to apologize to their surgeon. Be patient.
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    I'm so sorry I haven't replied to this thread in a long time. I would have one piece of advice for anyone thinking of going for an FUE operation with Dr Diaz - DON'T DO IT. I didn't get my second procedure as the first one was so bad. Because of his techniques almost all of the grafts fell out. There is scarring at the back of my head which is visible when I shave (scalp micro pigmentation helps). I was also contacted by other patients who had similar experiences. Dr Diaz does not care about the care of his patients as long as he is getting paid. Kat Aesthetics where we did the procedure was incredibly unprofessional too. This procedure with Diaz has caused a lot of stress, anxiety and even amounted to panic attacks which never happened before. DO NOT HAVE SURGERY WITH DR DIAZ.
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    Hey guys, quick update on my journey. Month 6-7 for dermarolling + minoxidil. Seems like my midscalp is getting stronger. More hair is getting thicker and longer. Some of them are getting longer and don't die in the mid scalp as well as crown (pleasant surprise!). I even can part my hair in the middle of scalp (obviously it's like 3 hairs but hey, i wasn't able to do that before!). Also noticed my side parts look so much stronger than pre-treatment. I started using MSM and Biotin tablets about a month ago for faster hair growth. Looks like it's working Also I added very crucial thing to supplement my hair growth. Finasteride! After such a long debate (about 3 years) whether to start it or not I decided to give my self a fighting chance and give it a shot. I decided to start very low, 1/4 tablet of Propecia brand twice a week on Monday & Thursday. Did that for 2 weeks. No sides. On week 3 increased the dosage, half tablet (0.5mg) three times a week Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Been on that for two weeks. No sides. So that's where I am right now. I will continue using it like that for the next couple of months and see what happens. I'm not sure how fast finasteride can work, especially with such a low dosage, but it might be that in the last few weeks i had a boost. Pictures below. BTW pictures been made with flashlight for maximum hair exposure. What do you think guys?
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    Having a hair transplant and being a norwood 6 is going to cost some money regardless. What are your expectations can you post examples of what you’d be happy with?
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    Amazing. Congrats man. One transplant, even with bad recession, and a complete home run.
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    Your hair is progressing nicely! I think you may want to grow your hair a bit longer, maybe 4-5# at minimum to conceal the donor scars (whenever you do choose to let it grow). With the added density to your crown, and the reduced density in your donor area, the sides may come with a vengeance. They will be thicker than a Snickers, and you may want to use thinning shears to lighten their bulk (eventually). I asked for thinning shears on my sides and crown area, and I think everything looks more uniform. I just warn against the contrast that will develop (similar to the contrast you currently see with the donor). Great post on the awareness of rubbing the scalp with the fingers rather than scratching. I remember how itchy my scalp was at that phase, and it is tempting to scratch. I did a mix of patting and rubbing to sate the itch. Thanks for keeping us all updated! Photos are informative and great job keeping up positivity through the process.
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    Just a few days shy of the 5 month mark photos taken with no product in hair. Feels so good to start getting my confidence back and and feel like my old self again. Been going out a lot more and have ditched the caps! best money i’ve ever spent!
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    I'm in the same boat. Getting close to 7 month mark and not really seeing any results. Hoping some changes happen soon. 12 months+ is so long to hope for results. Especially frustrating seeing people get results in 4-5 months.
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    Yes, transplanted hair can be susceptible to hormonal/mpb hair loss over time, even most all HT surgeons will tell you you are likely to loose around 10% of the transplanted hair. In all honestly, it doesn’t look that bad as it looks like the majority of the transplanted hairs have remained and that your native hair continued to fall out even with you taking Finasteride (it’s not guaranteed to work on everyone) judging by your photos. Also, if you did get 3k grafts just in your crown its also likely that many didn’t survive as it’s common for the crown to be stubborn with graft whether it be done by a top surgeon or a cheap one. Do you have any photos directly post procedure to show how the grafts look on your scalp? Would be good to see.
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    I'm starting to think you are a bit unstable in regards to hair transplants: You are only six months into your ASMED hair transplant, this is at least your second transplant, you have used 7000 grafts, and you are only 27. After six months you are already implying your ASMED was a failure and are searching hard for your next surgeon. Come on man, you need to wait a couple years before you make any more decisions on a surgery.
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    Ignore the negativity mate. Your hair looks great. Enjoy the new look. There are people like me who have followed your progress from start and there are some other guys who have posted their amazing results they have got it after their surgery at Eugenix. This gave me confidence in choosing Eugenix for my own HT Surgerry. I am thankful to you and other guys for posting their results.
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    • 0,9 mm 3 days no wash, just spray saline on the recipient area After 3 days, start washing only with water not directly poured on recipient. From day 7 gently wash with ph 5.5 delicate shampoo    
    • Whether the extraction tool is motorized or not isn't really the question. What determines the nature and extent of FUE scarring and donor damage are the punch sizes used, the extraction pattern and spacing within the donor, and the extractor's skill. 
    • Which method do you guys think results in less damage to the donor area like less scaring and lower transection rates? I think this is the most import aspect of this for me and remember someone saying manual fue was better in this regard. What's the consensus on this? 
    • Future patients of our clinic know that in case something goes wrong about the regrowth, we offer a free touch up as it was offered to you. You showed concern in all the potential side effects of the medicines you were prescribed. Finasteride (depression after only 2 weeks of usage is inconsistent with the drug mechanism of action). In addition not only you just lasted 2 weeks taking Finasteride, you also stopped Minoxidil once and for good after you had been taking it for 6 months before surgery, losing all benefits you gained thanks to the medicine. You lamented side effects even from a mild saw palmetto supplement. You behaved so bizarrely that dr. Pekiner started to have strong doubts about you following the other post operative instructions. While we are sure you did not take the prescribed drugs. Long message of his team only started to appear after you began to shoot bad words at the clinic in public forums trying to blacken dr. Pekiner's reputation and frighten potential patients. The facts are that the patients treated just before and just after your first and second surgery are all doing or have done perfectly fine. I just published two of them: Something went wrong only in your surgeries and we don't know exactly what happened. We are sure you did not take the prescribed drugs to fight androgenetic alopecia (Finasteride and Minoxidil) and dr. Pekiner has heavy suspects you did not follow the post operative instructions either.  You are sure instead it was all dr. Pekiner's fault, but the 4 patients treated just before and after you, show that the problem is in your case only. Do you have proofs dr. Pekiner performed something wrong? You don't have still you keep on shooting at him. I am repeating myself, a successful surgery requires collaboration and trust between the patient and the doctor, following the post operative instructions is fundamental. It is also possible there is something wrong in your physiology but it is impossible to determine exactly.   There is not an official guidance but it is commonly accepted in the hair restoration world that around 50 grafts per cm2 is the threshold between medium/high density and dense packing, even if that is just a conventional term, because it also depends on graft size. Mostly about taking care of the recipient area, taking the prescribed medicines, not doing heavy activities and not wearing a helmet for 1 month etc. Every clinic provides a list of how to behave after surgery, more or less things are the same for all. I cannot list them all and explain why every point is important here it would take hours. Grafts are anchored way before 7 days post op, but this doesn't mean you can treat them like normal hairs, not at all. Well then you have been badly informed, nowdays most of the top notch clinics implant at 50 grafts per cm2 and more in every case in which a norwood 1 to 4 must rebuild the frontal part and the existing hair behind is at native density. Same story for crown reconstructions. I have never seen a clinic asking a patient to come twice to implant 30 grafts per cm2 square in the first surgery and then 20 grafts in the second one on the same area. Following this principle, clinics who perform mainly frontal reconstructions at high density (lets say Keser's DermaPlast since we spoke about him before) should simply not exist, since they perform only dense packing (50 to 65 grafts per cm2) on daily bases. We perform dense packing in around 50% of our cases. What you say is logical in special cases like transplanting hair on burn scar or damaged tissue, where you have to re-vascularize the area and try to soften the tissue. There is no clinical reason to limit implantations at 35 grafts per cm2 on healthy skin. ...how come, because this is basically a vindictive topic even if it is disguised as an informative one.     Yes, finasteride would help. Dupa and retrograde alopecia are nothing but just having DHT sensitive hair follicles inside the donor area and sparse around the occipital sides (that is why it is called DUPA) and/or above and beneath the donor area and on the periauricular area. You can see patients with initial miniaturization on donor while at norwood 2/3 level, and patients at norwood 5 level with perfect donor. DUPA can begin at a early baldnes stage or not be present at all, there is not a rule. This why Finasteride is ofter considered an assurance for long term maintainance. Example: This one is a doctor Pekiner's patient, norwood 5 level, donor is perfect   This is a norwood 2 patient, he has diffuse miniaturization on all donor and surgery had to be postponed after deciding to raise finasteride dosage.  
    • I am getting HT in a few weeks and wonder what doctors have guys to cove their heads immediately after surgery. I have seen videos in which Dr. Nader has guys wear paper surgical caps home with instructions to remove it upon arrival. My guess is that he allows guys to put on on to go out. This guy wore a beanie over the surgical cap and looked completely presentable. Comments?
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