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    Perhaps it would better serve the community if you would act as a patient advocate more frequently instead of repeatedly finding excuses as to why procedures fail. Hopefully you do not take the feedback to heart but instead try to think and behave in a manner that is more balanced, fair and educated. Under no circumstances is this result acceptable and that shouldn’t even be implied by someone who should be looking out for patients and providing them with guidance and genuine/honest feedback. I enjoy providing feedback and guidance to those whom I can support. I fail to see the logic in you asking me to leave just because I provide you with direct feedback. At the end of the day, you should be supporting and encouraging members who help others and provide an honest and unbiased perspective to the community. This community is not about you; it is about helping others make well-informed and educated decision. You should encourage support for members and hair loss sufferers who need guidance. Fret not, I will continue to contribute.
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    Sorry about your disappointing Ht results man. If you are in Chicago (if that’s what your username implies I take it) I would have consultation with Dr Konior and see what his take is on your Ht and donor for a repair procedure. Best of luck!
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    This is what you get when you go with a world class surgeon. No marketing, no technicians, no bullshit. I wish I could go back and use him for my previous surgery too. This forum needs to rethink who it recommends here.
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    This is my story guys, but I want everyone to join in and share their story. I wanna hear how you guys decided on going through with surgery which is a huge decision.
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    3 Month Update Hairline is slowly starting to form. Pretty sparse in the middle, but it's still very early so I figure things will thicken up significantly over the next few months. Watching the sides and temples grow in has been very satisfying!
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    Hi guys a little update. I’m very happy with my results, my hair is naturally thin and obviously isn’t as dense as normal persons hair but it’s an illusion and I think it’s a very good one, I’m often complimented on my hair even the barbers all ask where I had it done.
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    @Bigjab I just sent you a PM but I'll sort of copy/paste that message here to help others. Anyway, as my friend @HLPToronto said I made an extensive research and I am a sort of mental when it comes to chose the best product or Dr. - Demirsoy, 80%+ of the cases present on here, turkish, german, italian forums are positive to very positive. He does one patient per day and perform himself the most critical parts of the surgery. Great communication with his patient advisor. Affordable. Contacted about 15 former patients privately, 14 gave an extremely positive feedback. - Bhatti, I almost went with him but lack of communication and his very bad attitude in his replies made me wait. Very low density in most of his cases. Too many marketing users everywhere, it looks all made up. Similar cost to Demirsoy. - Yaman, similar cost of the above two, very incosistent, some good job, many other bad results. He is a gamble. Can't remember if he performs the surgery about himself. Being a member of IAHRS or other associations from my understanding is just bullshit. To be members they have to pay a fee. What's the point? Being able to go to a conference once on every blue moon. On my opinion, it's purely marketing. Cinik, is one of those chep bets you can make. He is a gamble exactly like Erdogan but a least cheaper. If you are extremely tight on budget, maybe. I hate tech clinics so I am against it. I am not saying Demirsoy is the n. 1, in my opinion he is the n.1 in that price range. There are many other great surgeons that charge 5times more though. At the end of the day, my opinion is that the surgery is nothing astronomical, it's a pretty straight forward procedure, simple I would say. That is why I can't justify clinics like Hasson & Wong charging about 8times more than Demirsoy....what for!? I felt very offended when i got their quotation!!! They are good but honestly It is a mistery to me why patients go to them paying that price... Other thing, if a Doctor is recognised on this website/forum, it doesn't mean he's good if you know what I mean. Do your research, speak to real patients, that's the way. I hope it helps. Cheers
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    It's a shame about not posting pictures. I have heard about this clinic on this forum. To date, I have yet to actually see a real patient review with real pictures. These forums were created for this very reason.
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    I have gotten to the point where I have to create a post to address The many seemingly fake and fictitious posts created by many different aliases claiming to be patience of a Clinic referred to as the Vera Clinic. While I know nothing of the clinic of them selves and whether or not they perform top-notch hair transplant surgery, it has become obvious that they have launched a promotional/marketing campaign on this forum. For starters, many of the aliases have the same IP address which shows that the posts are coming from the same computer or same network. This is an indication that the posts are fake and likely coming from the clinic themselves and not genuine patients. Furthermore, none of the fictitious posters would provide photos and only create a general glowing review about how great they are without any surgical details, pictures, videos, etc. But what was troublesome to me the most, was when one fictitious poster decided to throw in A snide remark about a well known, world renowned Dr. recommended by this community. The individual said that they were considering this Vera clinic and the other doctor and the other doctor replied with a “bad comment” whatever that means. I am sorry, but taking a shot at another clinic is just as low as you can go, even lower than falsely promoting your own clinic. No Clinic who is been contacted about a potential hair transplant will reply with a “bad comment”. It simply doesn’t make any sense. Because members have already been caught using the same IP address, if this continues, we will have to stop allowing discussion of this clinic on this forum. For now, the community will be watchful as to whether or not this behavior continues. Best Regards, Bill
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    I'm sorry but I am very confused what just happened here - did a forum member and patient of a recommended doctor on this site just get removed for discussing and critiquing another patients results? Melvin was the one that initially brought up the results of the other patient onto this thread (Lenney - whose results are admittedly still maturing), but in doing so opened them up for critique; In turn Nebulosity cast his opinion based on personal opinion and experience with the same doctor, even explaining that he did not comment on Lenney's thread itself out of respect; Bill says in his reasoning for removing Nebulosity however IMO Nebulosity always maintained a balanced point of view; while not believing Lenney's results were going to be a "home-run" result due to density concerns he still insisted at the end of the day it's about whether or not the patient himself is happy with results This is Johan's thread, and OP clearly isn't happy about his results - and fair enough as I doubt anyone else wouldn't be either. Perhaps the conversation got far too sidetracked and everyone should have focused more on him, but i do not see how banning a member for responding to a moderator's post concerning another patients results here is considered in any way fair either.
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    I am not an undercover representative for any clinic and I find it unethical, dishonest and uneducated to bring up hypotheticals and accusations based on thin air in order to only defend a clinic that is supporting your website financially. Perhaps it would be more ethical and in order to stand behind the patient in this case instead of trying to digress away from this poor result. When an elite surgeon takes on a difficult case, it is of high importance that he educates the patient and explains what can and cannot be done via surgery. Setting realistic expectations is crucial; it is the duty of any ethical and caring Doctor to have his patients best interests in mind. When the patient understands realistic expectations, he is free to make a well-informed decision that will affect him for the rest of his life. Expectations were not set here, as indicated by the patient himself. Doesn't this concern you? This was even indicated by the patient himself. As a moderator, you should be focusing on helping ensure that this doesn't happen in the future instead of accusing those who actually bring up valid points to ensure that the industry progresses. I would also like to highlight that it is an ethical obligation to turn down a case where the clinic feels that an expected result cannot meet the patient's expectations. How could the patient possibly know what to expect when the clinic didn't even go over realistic expectations with the patient? It was highlighted by one of the representatives that the patient had a lot of area to cover, which seems to imply that this result is what the patient should be expecting. So if this is the type of result that Bhatti can deliver on a case like this, why on earth wasn't this explained to the patient beforehand? Why accept the patient's money and perform surgery that will cause a lot of difficulties and hardship for the patient long-term? To be perfectly clear, 2,500 grafts it a lot of hair, which should result in a nice hairline and somewhat thin frontal third. This result is far from it.
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    Thanks everyone @Melvin-Moderator @Jay Ell @CuriousS @Mickeydw @Jhonny and @HLPToronto , I appreciate the kind words. I've been ecstatic with everything so far, and I LOVE my hair! I don't feel like anyone at my new work has even suspected anything since perhaps the first week. I don't even really check my hair anymore in the mirror after my motorcycle ride (only after taking helmet off I mat it down, where as before I would visit bathroom several times a day to ensure everything is in order). My length is good, and growing. I will continue to grow out the top a bit, and keep the sides relatively controlled. I haven't gotten a haircut in the last month or so and I plan on waiting for another two weeks or so... I will attach a pic of my donor post-haircut, since my hair currently obscures everything. This is May 18 donor post haircut. So 4.5 months.
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    If you ever plan on shaving your head my advice is to not get a hair transplant. Instead, shave your head and see if you like it. FUE is not scarless and anyone who tells you otherwise is not being truthful.
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    Foam - 60 % effective Liquid - 90% effective as per real patients ( in my close knit circle )
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    Everything Neb has brought up and expressed dissatisfaction about he has done so based on facts, that is key. There's a major difference between someone talking about growth issues at 4 months when the day 1 photos look perfect, compared to this case where the day 1s look around 50% of typical density from top surgeons. Someone complaining or getting angry isn't what is relevant, its whether or not the concerns are legitimate, in this case they are and the complaints should be taken seriously. The density was clearly implanted well below acceptable levels, particularly with that ridiculously low hairline and the pushed forward temples. Absurd to consider this acceptable. On the donor issues, I think its plausible that it will improve, on whether or not the work is refined, thought through and an acceptable density for natural results, absolutely fucking not and its visible from the post ops.
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    Erdogan loves using high graft numbers because they know at least half will grow so can say there was some iporovement in most cases. Not much consideration is given into future loss just their bank balance. It is why they have so many surgeries. I would never get a transplant there.
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    I'm a lawyer. I work in a law office. I'm pretty invaluable here, so I didn't ask for 4 months leave, I just told my boss I take it as fact and done deal. even though I knew he wouldn't take it easy, I knew he had no choice. I did work from home some of the time (week in a month). and used the time to travel the world (australia, thailand, japan, china). I was honest, I told him that i'm gonna do HT, and I'm way too sensitive to get back before the hair grew back (I was wearing a hair piece - no one at work knew - so it was harder for me). he gave me a few examples of ppl who did a HT that got back after 2 weeks. but i kept saying everyone is different and I have my own mental scars In israel long vacations are more acceptable i guess. And i was thinking about it for so long, that I was ready to quit my job if needed for those 4-5 months leave. I knew i wasn't able to see pepole like this. All my friends say i'm exaggerating, but that's who I am - hair is a very big deal for me. Everything worked out for the best - I got my 4 months leave, traveled the world, got around 60% sallery during the vacation - I couldn't ask for more
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    I just don’t think you throw around the term hair mill lightly. Maybe you could’ve chose a better term. One of the premier clinics for results in the entire world should never be referred to as a hair mill when that term has so many negative connotations on this site. I think I get what your point it, you just used a term that I think is totally unjust for that clinic that’s why I felt the need to defend them
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    That’s great, and I’m happy you feel that way, but I feel you can’t really say how good a surgeon is until you’ve experienced the results. Not to say you won’t, u picked a really good surgeon imo, but he could be the nicest, most professional guy in the world, but when all is said and done the only thing that matters is the results
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    Missed last month, will update fully in a cpl weeks. This is right now. Hairs still sprouting in the front, not sure about crown. I have a tiny bit of fibers in the front left but you wouldn't be able to see it in this photo i do not think. I have being going hard with derma pen, I think the harder I am on the areas i'm injuring the better the result......who knows, no pain no gain!!!
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    9 Months. Can I get some feedback from those who are experienced in the field? Thank you!
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    Great approach, that old hairline wasn’t sustainable with the amount of donor vs the amount of hairloss. Much better to have a denser head of hair with a more mature hairline
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    @BeHappy Yeah, im a little surprised it’s actually working and growing some new hair this early, I think the key it to be consistent with it. @jonyny Thanks! Yes, I’m microneedling 1x every 7-10 days at 1.5-2mm needles and 1x each night I apply Kirkland Minoxidil 5%, although I have just started also gently microneedling 1x every 3-4days with 1mm gently to see if that helps grow the new hair follicles better and faster.
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    Insanely natural result and you're not even 6 months. jesus. is it too early to say congrats? smaller procedures where the doc is involved at every turn and every graft matters really is the way to go.
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    I love this post. It reminds me the many patients that would call, ask for the price and hang up. The patient would then call the next clinic and so on. Eventually he would find the one for the right price. And then disaster. My suggestion to you is to research and look at tons of photos. Forget price for a minute. Once you see cases similar to your own, and like the results, (it is about results after all), call the clinic and speak with the consultant or the doctor. Explain your dilemma and ask if they can help you fee wise. If you are flexible with your schedule and can help the clinic fill a last minute slot, I am sure they will work with you. (70% of something is better than 100% of nothing). Most in this industry are in it for the love of helping people. The doctors want to do great work, and the consultants truly want to help. If your approach is right, you'll find the right group.
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    Aren't Hair Restoration Network profiting from having these surgeons highly advertised / recommended on the forum? If so, I can see why moderators / admin see good results, but everyone else bad results.
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    I see you are also after Biotin. I usually buy it on iherb.com Great prices and a very wide choice of products. Very detailed description of the products. Last night I did a bit of research into Biotin brands and came up with these 3 being the best according to some comparison websites: Sports research with coconut oil Solgar Zhou Nutrition’s HAIRFLUENCE I have no idea if these are any better than others. I will give them a try probably. I hope it helps. Cheers
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    Hi everyone, I made my choice to go with Dr. Demirsoy, booked on 02/09 this year. His patient advisor Muzaffer was extremely helpful and I got several extremely good feedbacks from former patients. So my Dr. it's him 100%! I can't say the same for Bhatti, his way of communication was very very disappointing, it took me several emails to get a simple answer to my questions, everytime he replied he seemed annoyed and on top of that I saw few bad cases recently handled by the clinic even worse. Also i don't like the fact that this forum is packed with his promoters, I felt everything that is being said about him on here is slightly pumped up and pushed with youtube videos and comments from users that clearly work for him. Not to mention their location, not the easiest to reach. I will keep you guys posted with a new thred of my procedure when time comes. Thnk you all for your help.
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    RT 1640 is an interesting compound made of minoxidil, cyclosporine A and a newly formulated compound called RT175. lled RT175. RT175 is supposed to promote the recruitment and differentiation of follicular stem cells. The three drugs act on different pathways in hair regeneration synergistically to promote the growth and maintenance of hair in men and women with androgenic alopecia. Interestingly enough, the hair grows back with RT1640 in the color that you had before it turned gray and fell out. Ofcourse RT stands our for River Town, which is a startup pharmaceutical company founded in 2015. The results seem too good to be true. They did FDA sanctioned studies on 600 participants and from my understanding they are raising funds for a phase 2 trial, if not already in one. I guess in theory, having three compounds working together is fantastic. However, only time will tell if this becomes the next big thing or not. I came to realize not to get too excited too early, as hair physiology is quite a complex matter.
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    Hey @jonnyalex, yea there was a misunderstanding, but this is a forum and that happens. If we all met in person I bet we’d generally agree on the relative competence of both of the doctors mentioned. Lets not suggest banning people who are brave enough to criticize “recommended” doctors. We need people like that. Yea at this point I’m certain that Bhatti messed up my scalp. Thanks for making me a repair candidate Dr. Bhatti! (TM) But I value your and and @JayLDD‘s input. You’re both real, honest, and not shills, and so neither one of you should be banned in any circumstance.
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    "Pretty bizarre how you concluded that from my entire post... why do you think I just had surgery with Keser?" This was what you said and I replied to: "Nebulosity, what I will say is, a patient of whom I just had my second HT with, Dr Keser, was absolutely fuming and criticizing the doctor on every HT forum on the internet, " Read what you wrote before criticising me for not mind reading due to your lack of writing skills, I thought you had surgery with him because that's what you wrote, moron. On the other point, I appreciate that you're not a particularly observant person, but lets compare post ops of Bhatti and a Keser case, because if you think the precision or density is similar your intelligence and understanding is two low to bother arguing with. Once the hairs are implanted you don't magically increase density from directly after post-op. What is done is done and in the case of much of Bhatti's work there is a lack of refinement and density from day one. Are the hairs going to duplicate themselves? Some kind of sorcery going on we aren't aware of? If a surgeon implant 100 hairs across an entire balding head, are you going to meme "Wait 12 months"? Or more realistically in terms of Bhatti's work, maybe 70% the density what top surgeons are typically doing. We can't pretend this is going to magically look good after 12 months if it doesn't on day one. Here is a Keser case of 1700 grafts Here is the Bhatti case Level of precision and density not even in the same league. Cut the "Wait 12 months" bullshit, looks like a child's work in comparison, the gaps are gigantic.
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    Good luck to both of you with the micro needling. I am curious to see if you both can replicate the results I've seen online. I think micro needling is tough. I've never done it, and don't have a reason to start yet. I am 5.5 months into my HT journey, but I can't imagine doing MN consistently enough. I don't really do anything for my hair outside of popping pills, but you both are putting REAL effort in. I say best of luck and keep it up! It's a long process with HTs, but at least we know what signs to look for as well as the milestones to look for them. MN is tough because I feel like the journey is unknown, and the results may not be clear. Again, best of luck and keep us posted!
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    Noticing some slight hair thickening improvement in my midscalp & vertex thought I’d throw some photos on here. Hair is not styled and no hair products at all. 1st photo is directly under 4-bright white led bathroom lights. 2nd is a short distance away from those lights. 3rd photo is I’ve circled the vertex hairs that look slightly improved but I hope get thicker over the next 6 months (which will make it the full 18-months timeline)
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    Look, I think that you starting this conversation shows that you have a certain level of restraint instead of diving head-first into surgery which is good. That said, you need to get the idea of having surgery within the next year out of your head. I believe that Lennney is right, it’s not just about your age at this point. You simply haven’t done enough quality research, and emotionally your ripe for the taking of any doctor that is willing to tell you what you want to hear just to put you through a living hell in exchange for money. I personally don’t feel comfortable telling people to get on medication because I do not feel qualified. That said, the people who are telling you that the side effects are inevitable and irreversible are probably mainly people like you. As in they have never even tried it, just repeat what they hear and discourage others from giving it a shot. No offense, but if you have been doing as much research into finasteride as you have into doctors, you need to start back from square 1. Because someone you might call “credible” or “ethical” probably wouldn’t line up with how others would define those words. Just because Turkey is the one of the rare countries that you can visit, doesn’t mean that you couldn't have a Skype consultation with doctors from other countries just to pick their brain about your options. I find it off-putting that your doctor tells you that they have a system in place where if things don’t go according to plan, they offer a complimentary surgery. It’s already putting you in a mind frame of expecting and accepting a bad result like it’s no big deal. If someone botches the first procedure, potentially wasting or underutilizing 3K grafts, why would you ever let them touch you again and do the same with another 2K or so? Because it’s free? If you have trouble receiving any further guidance here, I would recommend that you youtube Joe Tillman and the Bald Truth. You’ll find hours and hours of hair transplant, medication discussion, etc. I think it’s a great place for you to start for easily accessible, quality information. Best of luck!
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    All true what you state @Lennney above, Most all big brands also produce the same goods just repacked for their off-brand clients with very little differences in quality if any. Yeah, Costco is great both for their products and services and consumer friendly approach but also the way they treat their employees, and I’ve read times, polls that show corporate responsibility and employee happiness that Costco is always rated about the top of the list, and this is why I do not mind paying their yearly membership fee (10-years now) as I have the executive membership that gives a Costco cash 2% rebate in the mail to me at the end of every year which covers the cost of the membership fee for me as well as a little extra to shop with and I love it. Yes, only purchase is it says ‘Ships and Sold by Amazon’ or a highly rated 3rd party seller, but you must look before placing in cart, and yes it’s common for many counterfeit consumer items to be sold on Amazon by 3rd party sellers so you definitely don’t want to take the chance with a medication...ever.
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    ^this I shaved my head for a year, that’s when I knew I’d never do it again. Try it out, trust me. It will either stop you from having a hair transplant or push you towards one. I don’t suggest having surgery with the thought of shaving your head afterwards. Like gillenator said if you don’t like it, you’ll probably never do it.
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    Although I agree with most of your points directed for Lebaneseguy but I slightly disagree with this specific point based on his life story ( after reading with some emotions, I totally feel what he is going through ) He cares about his hair now at 20s, its less likely when ppl age they do tend to care about about their appearance in 40s. this includes hair. a 40 year old can afford a bald patch in the crown but a 20 year old simply cannot with all that golden age factor living life to the fullest, university days.... there is no point thinking about tomorrow when today is messed up. "Life is truly short, and you never know when its over" is not only a saying but a HARD FACT OF LIFE THAT NONE OF US ARE IMMORTAL . Yes i am not saying there is no point planning for the near/far future and everyone should always plan something for long term in life. BUT WHEN YOUR PRESENT IS NOT HAPPY and YOU KEEP ON LIVING LIKE THAT for YEARS thinking one day you will make yourself happy in future. this is not a good way to deal with stress in life If this is stressing this guy, being in his 20s and if full thick frontal hairline gives him back his lost confidence for next 5/10/ 20 years even ( if he maintains a healthy lifestyle, medications ) trust me, i think he should go for it. My advice to lebanese guy : wait until 21 - ( many reputed clinics would agree to help you out but min. age they request is 21 ) start some or all of these meds after you evaluate these ( do some deep research ) - Finastride, Minoxidil and Biotin Make sure to quit smoking if you smoke cigg, avoid weed to the max if possible and work out is a must to keep blood flowing to all body parts eat less sugar/salt , and have high protein rich diet Find the best doctor, in your budget, discuss all options based on your case and go for it After few months, i am sure you will get great results as younger patients always have solid hair caliber and thick donor plus the right age/blood circulation that is required to achieve solid results.good luck at the end of the day, you are the architect of your own life. you have to compare priorities, future planning, pros and cons. EVALUATE it all and if a solid thick head of hair is of utmost important at this stage of life as per your soul searching, trust me there is nothing wrong in it. go for it. there is always enough for tomorrow if 2nd HT is required 10/20 years down the line. Take care
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    I agree with jj51702, and I sympathize with your situation. I know that it’s tough to hear, but you need to pump the breaks on these drastic decisions. I think that your line of thinking is backwards. Medication should be your first line of defense, and surgery is your last resort. And you are already prepared to have two! Losing your hair is depressing and can send you into panic mode. Bad decisions get made in panic mode. I think that many of us, especially in the beginning, come up with these fantasy situations where we can end up with a dream head of hair without completely following that logic through or thinking of the worst-case scenarios. So let’s think it through… Are you going to have a hair transplant every 3 years to be satisfied? Donor hair is a precious, finite resource, and all the money that you might make in the future will not change that. By the time your 30, not only could you be bald, but you might not even look normal…That’s a scary reality, and many people have made that mistake. The main question that you need to answer is how you are going to stop your hair loss from progressing?
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    Hello friend I know how this feels because like you I experienced hair loss at a very young age (15). I know it seems like magic bullet to jump into a hair transplant while your younger to enjoy your youth (I’ve thought about it many times myself at that age but didn’t have anywhere near the $ required to do one). There’s a few things to consider: 1. If you care about your hair now you will more than likely care about it later (I still greatly care about my hair at almost 34) 2. Hair loss is progressive. Once it starts it’s unlikely to stop. The earlier you start balding the more aggressive your hair loss likely is. This is why it’s important to start on medications. Are you on any meds like finasteride? 3. Most ethical doctors do not perform surgery on patients less than mid 20s, and most recommend to wait until 30 or so. This is because your final hair loss pattern is not visible yet. You need to look at your family members both immediate and extended and see the types of hair loss they have. Chances are you will be following one of their patterns. my advice is to try medications to try and stop/slow your loss until appropriate age. I know this is difficult to hear. Hopefully when you are older and your hair loss has stabilized and you can tolerate medications long term you can undergo a transplant. As you get older you can also save to have a procedure with a doctor that has your best interest and long term goals in mind. For now meds, a healthy scalp, and positive outlook are what you need. What you don’t want is to undergo a transplant, have great looking hair for a few years, then your hair continues to recede and you are left with an island of hair in the front. Not only will that look unnatural but then you have no option but to chase it with more surgery. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    I saw this post you both commented on, and I think @Petroholic would appreciate seeing it as well. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/54453-3000-grafts-fue-hair-transplant-result-0-to-7-months-–-hdc-hair-clinic-cyprus/?tab=comments#comment-512259 Edit: I was also shocked to find I had numbness into my 4th month as well. I currently have none, and it feels like I can't remember the sensation. It's like a cold, once it's gone, you don't appreciate "not being sick." I for sure obviously had it go away in the 5th month. My numbness was very minor. Only slight tingling and dullness sensation and nearly exclusively in my "tuft" of hair I had before surgery. Is the numbness "bad" or minor?
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    @Lennney How are you brother? I have been following this thread quietly for a while. Like some other posters I had my concerns. Dr Bhatti is achieving impressive results and you look well on your way to a great improvement. More than anything, I am pleased for you personally. Not your hair, but how this has improved your confidence and made you feel. You have invested a lot of time documenting every detail and I can feel how much this meant to you. My journey was somewhat similar. Wishing you the best moving forward and enjoy the freedom of no more hats.
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    same thoughts here. Its been said the liquid contains alcohol ( due to which it is able to penetrate deeper into the scalp ) but due to a few minor issues/complaints from patients such as : dryness, itchiness, redness etc...... rogaine decided to introduce a new evolutionary product as " rogaine foam " . its just a recent launch in the market, its not that old ....... however, my friend has used both- foam for 6 months, now on liquid for next 6 months - he said liquid seems to be solid when it comes to experiencing a concrete difference. Foam is just there catering to those patients who can't deal with minor dryness
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    Melvin, actually there is a difference and it’s related to the in active ingredients. For example, the liquid contains ingredient called propylene glycol which has a tendency to irritate the scalp. The foam however, does not contain this ingredient and contains a superior delivery system, making percentage of success higher with the foam in the liquid. I suggest incorporating this into your article. Best, Bill
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    I forgot which doc, but one or two of the Belgian docs specialize in afro hair. Be sure to ask how much experience any doc you're considering has with afro characteristics & placement. It is important for the success and look of your potential HT. I also got a HT by Bhatti and I think very highly of him, but I think you owe it to yourself to at least get an opinion from a specialist. If Bhatti can do it (and has some portfolio of afro clients) I say he is a very capable surgeon and I think he is a good choice. If he can't, I am sure he would refer you also to a specialist.
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    Glad to see you back man, you should do an update of your hair I would love to see it cheers 🍻
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    Compare a post-op of ANY Bhatti case with ANY Keser case, if you think they're in the same league, or even on the same planet you need your eyes checked.
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    Hello, I think my total expense was 6700 cad. this includes bi directional flight , hotel stay for 5 days ( best room I paid for ), cab , food, miscellaneous stuff, operation, 6 months supplies of 3 supplements - fin, minox, biotin. fyi - I spent more than 8200 CAD on this 5 day trip to india but some stuff was not required .... so not counting that.. it was just over spending/shopping/upgrading flight tickets yes, i would recommend dr. bhatti as i am already seeing good improvements in my hair ... its just 3 months post ht.
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    Hattingen in Europe stack up to any FUT clinic in NA, but as a generalisation you're right.
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    I am around 10 days short of 6 months and am very happy with how things are processing. New hairs started to appear around the 3 month mark and combined with regrowth of hair after some minor shock loss, the density improved greatly. Even if this was the final result, I would be more than satisfied, but I know once the transplanted hair mature and thicken, it will turn into an amazing result.