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    Hello fellow follicularly challenged forum members, Im creating this thread, because managing our expectations is as important as selecting a good surgeon. This forum was created by patients and for patients. After 3 surgeries, I find myself wanting more, but at what point do we have diminishing returns? We want just one more strip or one more FUE that can severely compromise our donor and scalp, in most cases for a small touch up or added density. We mustn’t lose sight of where we came and how far we’ve come. Unfortunately, surgery has its limitations and until hair cloning is an option, we have to accept that our donor hair is finite. We will never get back the hair we once had as teenagers, but we can get back the “illusion”. I for one am grateful for the results I’ve been able to achieve. Do I have a perfect head of hair? Absolutely not, but is it a huge improvement from what I had? Absolutely.
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    Barbaric? What are you talking about? Have you ever seen a C-section before? Or maybe Open heart surgery? Brain surgery to cut out tumors? If you think an elective FUT strip procedure is barbaric, then I wonder what you think of the others I mentioned. What about LASIK where they cut a flap in your eyeball, lift it, and then zap away at your eyeball using a laser. Get real man, FUT is nowhere near barbaric. Is it gruesome, sure, but it works with minimal risk of any king of injury or complication, and there are plenty of more gruesome medical procedure. Calling this form of modern medicane that transforms the lives of many men for the better is extremely disrespectful to the surgeons out there who make it happen.
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    Why are you all so aggresive in this thread even though we are 99 % aligned? Everyone agrees on the following: - Konior is great - FUT has better yield in average than FUE - We do not have great data to quantifiy the difference between FUT/FUE, especially not much published - Beehner Studies are poor My comment is not stupid, it is simple math. Some guys mentioned they check the results of different clinics to create a failure-% and use this % as a guideline. I just said: Be carefull with %-values if there is a small sample size. Not more, not less. How long someone is working in the field actually has nth. to do with it. It just depends on the # of results posted online. Konior himself said in this very forum that everyclinic including himself has below par results.
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    Hi Payam, You do not look that bad in those last couple of photos and I am being totally honest with you. As someone already said, you have made your mind already that this procedure was a failure and just want to hear those people who confirm your theory and blindly ignore those who provide helpful and unbiased feedback. You know what? Maybe the way you are handling all this process is in fact a mirror of all your insecurities that you thought would be solved with a brand new hair. By looking at your photos before the surgery you look like a good looking guy so you should be really proud of you because at least you win the genetic lottery. If you want an utterly earnest and honest advice, please, do focus on yourself above everything else and do not put so much pressure on the end result of this hair transplant because if this hair transplant turns out to be an home run you will still be the same person thinking in the exact same way and you know where this will end up? Let me guess, you will try to find something else external to you where you delegate the responsibility of your happiness. Just to make it clear, I am not saying that you just have to give up on this hair transplant and do not be demanding with the clinic and the doctor but please give yourself some slack and focus on something else, please, do it to yourself! Peace, utxeee.
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    It doesn't actually look too bad from this angle, considering that the growth looks fairly even I think it could still improve hugely. I know you're a week behind 6 months but here's my 5 month, doesn't look much better: 9 months - final result:
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    Are you taking finasteride or minoxidil? You are really young and right now your main concern may be the hairline, but if you don't stabilize your hair loss than the rest will start to go. In my honest opinion, you do not need a hair transplant in your current state. Yes, you do have some recession, but the density of your native hair is amazingly good. It will be very hard to match the density of the temporal corners to the density you have in the center forelock (middle). I'm afraid of shock loss, poor density, issues that can and do occur even with the best surgeons. If I were in your shoes, I would simply grow my hair out and style my hair differently. You can see the recession, because of how short your hair is, but if you grew it out and styled it, you could completely conceal the temples. Lastly, hair restoration is the "illusion" of density, it is not true density. By true density I mean it won't look as thick as your native hair when you wet your hair, under bright lights etc. Here are a few examples of guys who have the same hairline that you do, but look fantastic by styling their hair in a good way. You should be focused on keeping what you have currently, believe me as you get older and lose more hair your priorities will change, you will no longer want that low juvenile hairline, you will just want to have good coverage and density.
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    40K a year? If you could make 200k a year, I would betcha you would go for it. I could be wrong, and if I am then you are a better human than I am. Bottom line is supply and demand. Price is set by how much consumers are willing to pay. Absolutely nothing wrong with the Surgeons charging that much if consumers are willing to pay. That’s the world we live in unless you want to relocate to a communist nation. I would also love to know where in the US is 40k a year comfortable?
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    interested to hear what the forum says about your situation. I’m in a similar situation (27, class 5ish, on meds) I bet asmed gave you the 5000graft special? You may want to think about rebuilding the frontal 3rd and seeing how that turns out. then address the crown later? idk
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    4 months update, what do you guys think? i made my hair shorter. Hop it will be good
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    I agree in to be fair to Dr Yaman the poster needs to conform date time etc ,but if this is a genuine case, I find it incredible that Melvin implies that possibly realistic expectations could be a reason for Hussein's dissatisfaction ,I had 4200 FUE grafts and my balding NW 5 is just about covered, .Please Melvin do not insult our intelligence
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    Stress doesn't cause hairloss. Even med school stress. Genetics causes hairloss. If there weren't a bunch of bald men coming home from Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Afganistan, and Iraq after fighting wars, med school won't cause it. If I were you, i would get on finasteride and you will still be stable when you graduate. If you become a surgeon or anesthesiologist, you will wear a head cover anyway and can get an HT without worry!
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    This is nonsense. You are living like this for a years, you can live with it a little longer and do more research and make appointments with clinics. There will be more holidays in the future.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you're going through it right now, but I really appreciate your advice. You and others who responded have really changed my thinking about going through with this. I think I am going to wait a few years before reconsidering a transplant again.
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    Melvin, that is a very nice yield. Some patients even when toppik is sprinkled cant even get such a result and it would look unnatural. Your hair really looks good without it and is angled in a very professional manner. Considering the area that was covered for you and number if grafts it looks quite natural. I do understand your quest for grafts near the crown area. After that I think you wouldn’t have to worry much. Some folks who had higher grafts in smaller recipient zone ratio have not achieved such a result. The doctor did a great job and no doubt it suits you really well. You look great man. Congrats and definitely wish you well for your next journey. I hope I will be able to style it like you one day. It’s the type of hairstyle i always wanted and wanted to achieve.
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    As high NW before my transplant I relate to your journey Melvin , hair greed is real but we sometimes need to take stock and realise how far we have come ,your hair looks great , I sometimes think we are our harshest critics, most people don't look that closely anyway ,in the first pic you are a bald guy ,in the second pic you are a guy with a good head of hair, as simple as that.
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    I agree, how can we form an opinion if there are no photos. Additionally, 6 months is way too soon to form an opinion. If you look at hairvanitys thread, he wasn’t happy at 6 months either.
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    Since this is your first post, can you post your before and after pictures so we can see..? Thanks.
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    The last picture looks like a successful result. Hair transplants are the “illusion” of density. Rarely, do HT patients ever achieve true density. By true density I mean hair dense in every situation, harsh lighting, wet, greasy etc. I have had a successful surgery, but if I were to wet my hair and spread my hairline apart you will see scalp. So I style it so it looks denser. It may be a case of mismatched expectations. IMO your hair looks good. Others may chime in here and share their opinions id love to hear them.
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    The idea of starting strip and then moving to FUE after running into laxity issues is a somewhat a moot point when I have seen only a minuscule % of posters go over the 6000 graft mark to begin with. Most people don't desire or require graft numbers and results that can only be achieved with strip. The vast majority are hitting their goals with numbers below this and aren't looking for perfection or coverage in every last gap, so if the worry of scarring and wearing the donor short is any issue to you, why start strip? Take a look for yourself how many people ever in their lives go above the range FUE can provide. Few and far between, even in hair transplant circles they are hard to find. A lot of this debate is in the realm of theoretical when real world needs on this forum don't match up. Yes we can all understand that microscopic dissection of grafts is going to be more efficient than blind extraction, and that strip will for the most part cause a lower magnitude of scarring and allow maximum usage of the donor, but if 99% of people on a hair transplant forum aren't EVER requiring graft numbers above 6000 for the results they desire, its hard to see the who FUT appeals to. Even for those that are high norwood rarely do I see a NW6 demand full coverage at all costs that would necessitate FUT, they typically end up opting for conservative graft numbers and an approach that could have been easily achieved by FUE in terms of graft numbers. The other big consideration is that ultimately FUT is a wildcard procedure in comparison to FUE. Yes you may be the 19/20 who goes to a top surgeon and have an FUT scar that is barely visible even with a tight buzzcut in which case it appears "gold standard" having also done minimal damage to the donor compared to FUE, but what about if you're the guy that ends up going to Rahal, HnW, Gabel etc and still ends up looking butchered with a scar that shows at a month of growth and odd looking angulation separating either side? You see it on a regular basis too. It's the more "responsible" method until you go to a top surgeon and still get awful scarring. Those are the two big questions for choosing, do you need to do FUT to achieve your desired hairline, coverage and density? (for 99% of people on hair-transplant forums the answer is a flat, indisputable no, especially when surgeons like Lorenzo, Freitas and Erdogan FOR example do better work than the vast majority of FUT surgeons consistently) Secondly would you be prepared to have a scar on the lower end of acceptability that wouldn't allow for any sort of short hair cut? On top of all that Bismarcks question ought to be considered too. Unfortunately no good info on it.
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    Payam, thanks for posting pics. In the current state, I can see your concerns. In the next two-three months, it will be more clear. By the 12 month, I think a final judgement could be considered. Right now, as it stands, the area does look sparse with gaps and unnatural transitions in density. However, no one knows for sure how much impact or change can occur in the next 2-3 months. At this point, I would highly recommend ongoing documentation with clear photos that show progress. In the end, I hope your goals are answered and you will be able to style your hair as you desired based on your doctor consults and communications. It’s clear you got this procedure to look natural without any issues in public. Best of luck.
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    Try some toppik legend, Im sure people don’t look at you and think you’re balding, but you know it so it makes you self conscious. You need something to give you volume, either a hair fiber or volumizer. You can definitely make your hair look good, just gonna take an extra effort.
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    Bill, I'm considering a procedure with Dr Yaman, however this and another thread which I am sure you are aware of (although no admin has answered on it as yet I don't think). I'd like to know whether you still stand by your recommendation of Dr Yaman? I'm am 50/50 whether to book with him, this donor area terrifies me. Surely, we can expect better from suggested surgeons? That isn't just a " can go wrong" case, that's surely a " absolutely no thought put into surgery case". If you were going for an HT now, would you confers Yaman? Based only on results.
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    This 29 year old patient requested reinforcement of his frontal hairline. A total of 2204 grafts were transplanted using a non-shave, stick-and-place approach. Presented here is his eighteen month postop result.
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    If their was a pot of cream that could get you results like that without any surgery in twelve months, it would retail for £10k a pot. Enjoy !!
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    Really fantastic, what’s so great is that you continuously kept us updated, so we could see how it looked before you got a growth spurt.