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    If guys with unrealistic expectations get put off, then I’ve done my job.
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    Jean, I continued to get reports from various members claiming you are being a bully. I haven’t had time to read through this entire topic however, the fact that multiple members have reported this tells me that you must be saying something offensive or disingenuous. Therefore, I’m going to request once that you remain respectful especially since Melvin already had to comment about this. You’ve been a member for a while And I certainly appreciate your contributions. However, we do expect the members to respect one another and not unfairly malign one another or their doctors. Your Cooperation his anticipated and appreciated. Best, Bill
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    Pelodinero, How you present yourself on this forum and interact with physicians and other members is cause for concern. No two patients are the same, there are several variables to hair restoration, hair shaft diameter is one of the most if not the most important aspect to the overall cosmetic outcome of a procedure and it's obvious this patient has extremely fine hair. With that said, I agree this result is not jaw dropping, but you already posted one negative comment about the result, fair enough you didn't think it was a good result. However, you continue to be demeaning and have an overall toxic attitude. You have had a hair transplant yourself, but you have never posted a picture of your results, I am sure you wouldn't like it if someone continuously put down your result not once, not twice, but three times. I have already warned you previously and it seems you can't help yourself. Every result is attached to a person and you never know if that patient visits our forum. Every single person here is a hair loss sufferer and knows how difficult it is to deal with someone putting you down, this will be my second warning, a third time and I will be forced to suspend your posting privileges indefinitely. It's clear the patient could improve further, but it is also clear that his appearance has improved and he now has a frame to his face. Everyone is welcome to share their opinion on the result, good or bad, but guys let's be respectful. Warm regards- Melvin
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    I made a little video on this, I will be writing an article too. This is thread is more about educating those interested in having a procedure. So, they don’t expect the moon and the stars.
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    I beleive Asmed may do a free touch up for Stephen ..in my opinion the jury is still out ot Payam's result .. lets view that at the 12 month mark .only then we know if he has a below par result ..
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    This whole Erdogan and certain patients not being happy is getting out of hand ,of all the recent posters complaining about their results at the clinic need a reality check, most of them seem to be guys in their 20's who had unrealistic expectation to begin with . Firstly a hair transplant is an illusion and if you take pics under certain harsh lighting with the hair-line scraped back it wont look it's best ,the video of the Scottish guy [planet stephen] who is unhappy with his hair typifies this new breed of patient ,check out his 13 month result on youtube, nearly every comment from posters is that his hair looks great ,the tone he uses is one almost that he needs a repair, it needs to be fixed etc ,I actually think his hair-line is too low, but that doesn't seem to be what's bothering him, as for his actual growth and density his hair look great. I have watched all his videos on youtube and most of the comments from people agree that his hair looks good .I am in no way here to defend Dr Erdogan and his clinic, in fact I am the only one on this site who directly put certain pertinent questions to him in a post he made recently ,which I didn't receive a reply . I have seen sub-par and botch- jobs on this site and and have voiced my opinion that the patients deserves a refund etc, but not one of the recent patients on here who have been to Asmed fit that category.
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    How do you turn off notifications for a thread?
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    Well said. Calling someone unhinged and crazy etc is just cruel. People are spending thousands, sometimes every penny they have got a surgery to improve their lives. Yeah it’s cosmetic but the negative impact baldness can have on someone’s self esteem and quality of life can be massive. It’s why we are all on this forum. If you don’t agree with his feelings and opinions on his OWN hair and surgery, respectfully disagree and move on instead of name calling and telling him he’s wrong. No one has the right to invalidate payams own feelings about his surgery because they are his feelings and it’s his hair (that he’s paid a large sum of money for). The emotional toll this journey has affects everyone differently. He may not be dealing with it the same as some others but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. In comparison to successful results, he is lagging behind. He may be a slow grower, he may not be. It might improve, it might not. Going forward, I do think the Asmed website could benefit from being 100% transparent, and informing potential patients straight up that Dr Erdogan won’t be performing the actual surgery. They should divulge the level of training, expertise and credentials of the people that actually are performing the surgery. Yes, we can research and find out in round about ways but the clinic can’t be dependent on that and should instead make a point of making sure potential patients are fully aware of what to expect. payam, my advice is to just wait. At the end of the day there’s nothing else you can do until the allotted time has passed. If after 18 months you aren’t happy, revisit it. Until then don’t put yourself through the scrutiny and stress.
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    I’m being honest and I’ve been a forum member long before I was ever a moderator, to incinuate that I’m being dishonest because of a referral fee is insulting. Firstly, I don’t sell hair transplants nor do I work for any particular clinic. In fact, it’s my job to advocate on behalf of the patient when a result is sub-par. However, how can I say this result is sub-par when the final result is not known. This is a fact, it can not be disputed. Just because there are some patients who see most of their growth at 6 months doesn’t mean everyone will. Payam, has been saying his results are a failure literally before he even saw any growth. I’m trying to be rational and be the voice of reason. Seeing things objectively, it’s a fact that his results have improved every month with several months left it’s not crazy to believe his results will continue to improve. Until then all we can do is wait.
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    this thread is unnecessarily long for no reason.
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    I think Payam's situation to a degree is symptomatic of the whole hair transplant industry in general ,there just isn't enough honesty about what can be achieved with a hair transplant and the actual results , clinics ,naturally most would argue, show their best results on their websites, and people who have had great results, myself included, come on here to get admired and congratulated which is great ,but if we agree clinics show their best results, by definition there are results which are not as good and maybe they are more the norm than the home-runs that are proudly shown . In an ideal world there would also be some pre-phychological screening by the clinics ,there are some people who are obviously not equipped to deal with having a transplant and all that it entails , in my opinion it makes good business sense anyway to do this ,,as an unhappy unhinged patient with a perceived bad result can do a lot of damage to a clinic , surely Docs know that a guy losing his hair especially young guys can suffer form severe depression , and just taking a bit of time possibly with trained psychologist to talk through the whole thing would be worth it, because as I say an unhappy unhinged patient will take down as many people as possible online etc
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    I paid for the $500 acell.. I’m already spending thousands .. might as well pay a little more if it helps with the healing .. I got $150 discount for it though , so. Only $350 for me .. the office manger gave me a discount on it when they didn’t want to give me a discount on travelers discount.. since I am in state .. told them I just wanted to save some money so I can spend it on the Acell ..
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    In my opinion, do not take dutasteride unless you consult with a physician. Durasteride is a powerful drug that removes almost all of the DHT from your body. DHT is still necessary to have as a man. Furthermore, you’ve already lost the majority of your hair. Unfortunately, it’s little too late to regain that lost hair without surgical intervention. Moreover, dutasteride is not FDA approved to treat hair loss, it went through clinical trials, but was never approved. Long term what are the effects of completely inhibiting DHT? No one knows for sure.
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    Honestly. I think you might be too bald to really be an ideal patient. Looking at the donor area you could maybe get light coverage with a high hairline, or have a huge bald spot on top and some passable thin hairline at the front. But in my opinion none would really be a good look and truthfully you would look better just embracing your baldness rather than a week hairline that just detracts from someone overall look. Now if you have a lot of body hair and money. Dr. U could probably get you some passible looking results. But no hair is better looking than some sickly looking thin fuzz or awkward looking things. Look honestly at what you have...we all kind of have trouble seeing reality when we look at ourselves. Then look at norwood 6-7 results. It is pretty impossible unless you have a superb donor supply and thick diameter hair. I honestly see some of these hairlines they put on guys...you know, with the hairline staring way far back because of too much loss. Why the patient my like it, 90% of the time in the eyes of the rest of the world, these results look silly and he poor guy would be 20k richer and look so much better if he just buzzed it off. Please don't be one of those guys who end up as roadkill on the HT superhighway. I hate to sound harsh, but the good looking results are usually restoring at worst a Norwood 5 to a 2/3. I have learned anyone here can find a surgeon willing to take his money. From the early 20's fool who blows thorough his donor supply to have a goofy looking hairline so low it makes him look feminine to the baldy who ends up wit a fuzzy widows peak 3 inches back from where it might have looked decent. Tread lightly and do your research. Donor, density, caliber, graft survival. Then when you know what is possible,,,,pick a surgeon who might be a good fit.
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    Avoid commercial chain clinics in North America, because these clinics rely heavily on advertising and marketing to gain their clientele rather than their reputation and results. Furthermore, these clinics are numbers driven and not patient focused, so essentially you're just a number in the chair, it's heavily technician focused and who knows if the doctor on site is even a specialist in hair restoration. Technically, a clinic just requires that a physician be on site, so the doctor on site could be an orthopedic surgeon with no history or knowledge of hair restoration. For the price, you are better off going to a clinic like Erdogan, who is heavily tech based, but a third of the price.
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    The hair is angled up and long for coverage, but even then you can clearly see that the density is very poor at the front. He has video showing weak density and gaps also. His final result people bring up to act as if Nader a great surgeon is after a SECOND procedure, people falsely assume it was a single pass, and after the first run through the result was below average. It still looks somewhat pluggy also. There is no issue with having to have multiple procedures to achieve ideal density, but this is hailed as the best case scenario Nader result and it still isn't top-tier. I guarantee that if you had to live with the low density result he had after his first surgery you wouldn't be happy, especially if expense is a major issue for you even for a single procedure. If Gabel's prices were even remotely a possibility, I would strongly consider saving for him rather than going for Nader. And yes Ziering is not a top surgeon, any who use the ARTAS for FUE are below par. Dr. Acar and Cinik in Turkey do far more consistent and more aesthetic work than Nader and are still well below his price even. There are more Cinik than Nader results on this forum, and a lot on the international forum also worth looking at.
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    @MsLia Frankly, you sound like a paid representative coming here to defend your doctor rather than a genuine patient. If you are a genuine patient however, I do apologize. But, instead of huffing and puffing and hurling insults at people who are sharing their genuine opinions, why don’t you create a new topic to share your genuine experience with actual photos before, during and after surgery? Then perhaps we can reevaluate his technique and results and see for ourselves that he is doing state of the art work. That’s your claim right? So why don’t you create a new topic and show us your procedure and results and that will speak many more volumes then your words which are not going to be taking this seriously without photos. As Melvin said, that’s the only kind of post we are going to accept from you next. Your first post was very abrasive and attacking so frankly, anybody who responded to you in a less than friendly way is not doing anything wrong considering how you approached this community. You can’t come here guns a blazing and then expect the moderators to defend you when someone is nasty back to you. So now it’s time for you to put up or shut up. Let’s see those before and after photos of your own scalp. And let’s see photos of your scalp immediately after surgery as well. For the record, it is possible that this doctor is doing follicular unit hair transplantation. Perhaps, he’s just trying to be slick with marketing by renaming FUE to HUE which contains his last name. But it makes me wonder what that even stands for any means… Hueber unit extraction? God, I hope I don’t have any Hueber units in my head to be extracted ?. But like I said, perhaps he just put a fancy name on it because of a tool or device he uses and even though that’s technically inaccurate and deceptive at best, it doesn’t necessarily mean his technique isn’t viable. So, I will give you some benefit of the doubt since you claim you are so happy but it is now up to you to prove to this community that your results are genuine and top-notch. Let’s see those before and after pictures. Best Regards, Bill
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    Yes. That's me. The point of the pic is that hair changes, month to month - texture, growth, density. Like you, I was contemplating a touch up even at the 9th month but then everything came together for me at the 11th month. Right now you just got to suck it up and let some time pass. Your hair need to mature first so you can make a decision that's more based on facts than emotion.
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    Says the guy with no track record on this forum who drags out a 5 month old topic for his first ever post.
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    Improvement over the 2-months since the 5.5 pics looks very good man, congrats!
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    At 5 month mark results are impressive but it would be good to see more pics from different angle pre and post operation.
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    Most in the industry want to wait on most young guys to have an idea what the pattern is going to be. I would wait until they are 18? Then visit with your PCP or a Doctor in a Hair restoration practice. It is likely they will be introduced to all medical therapies, (which, in my opinion), is the right thing to do. Either the meds will work or they won't. There are options either way. Right now, understanding how complicated hereditary conditions are, I would not worry about it.
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    You are almost 40 and on FIN. I think you should have enough hair independent if you choose FUE or FUT. The decision maker should be other factors. If you sport long hair then FUT is a good option. I think you could also partly shave the donor and go with an undercut.
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    Let me back up a bit here. 10 years ago I rushed into a transplant. I was thinning in the front but had a full head of hair everywhere else. I chose the closest doc who was just a dermatologist in okc. Dr Blaine Lehr who no longer does HT's. I just paid $3 a graft and basically got what I paid for. Results where sub par. Fast forward to 2017 and noticed my hair in front, on top and crown thinning drastically. I then decided to have a second ht , this time researching way more. I chose Arocha in Houston and felt comfortable with the consultation and procedure. To answer your question, I still would have had a ht at a 6 since I've always had great hair and the thought of going bald was not an option.