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    Fueguy, Since you posted that picture, I’m going to need you to provide proof that this is an actual Dr. Diep photo. Saying some of these things without providing proof is very maligning and if it is not proven, then it is highly unfair. Please put up the tree and mediately or I will have to remove that photo and your post. Bill
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    Where's your proof that this is from a Diep patient? Where are the additional, related photos from that procedure? And, where's the story outlined by the alleged Diep patient of their experience?
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    Y is ur username name littledong, n ur profile has ur surgeon as bigtits mugility ? U Trolling or what
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    I just chatted (by face time) with Dr. Arocha out of Houston and man, what a nice guy ! He answered all my questions and I will soon be hopping on a plane to Houston. Thanks to everyone here for helping me find the right surgeon. I will keep you updated.
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    Dr. Dorin performed this hairline restoration via FUT.A total of 3329 grafts transplanted in two session consisting of 886 singles, 2162 doubles, and 281 threes. PRP and Liposomal ATP spray used as bio-adjuncts.
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    Working with Bill and Hans to get videos to embed...lets try this.
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    The problem isn't that he "missed a spot" (lmao) the growth is godawful, patchy and this is very likely a failed transplant. A transplant from your position should be able to achieve a natural, full looking result that blends with the hair behind it will at this length. It's only 4.5 months but this is shaping up to be nowhere even close to that. In the boat of negative cosmetic change and you would still need a number of grafts as someone as a similar norwood to yourself who hadn't had any surgery to begin with. You're probably not entitled to a refund and they're likely to just entice you for more surgery being the marketers than they are if you wait our those next 10 months and get back to them. Better off looking elsewhere to competent surgeons such as the majority recommended on this website and doing further research, then getting another procedure. Don't put yourself in the mentality that it's magically going to work out or waste energy dealing with Bosely because at this point you already played yourself and its better to take a more considered approach.
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    It's extremely rare that this happens because the Dr checks for laxity before cutting the strip, so he knows approximately how wide he can go. However it did happen to me long ago during a scalp reduction. I had 5 scalp reductions and this was the last one done. It was actually done to remove some large plugs, cut them down, and place them into the frontal third. Anyway, my head didn't have much laxity left from all the previous surgeries, so they weren't able to completely close the wound. They used stitches to close it as much as they could and then put a bandage over it. It healed OK except with a wide scar in the area that they couldn't close. I've since had grafts placed over that area.
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    I had my first transplant in 2011. My marriage was on the rocks and I was low. I was almost bald apart from a Tin Tin tuft on the top of my head. Wayne Rooney had just had his transplant and I thought ok why not? Malcolm came round to my house on a hot sunny afternoon and changed my life. An hour later I had signed up for my first FUE in Athens and that was that. I went over and took my two young daughters with me and I had my procedure while they played in the pool at the the hotel we stayed in. Malcolm picked us up from the airport and looked after us the whole time. Yes I was nervous, and yes a little sceptical when I met him but let me tell you, he is kind, gentle, sincere and caring. He took me back to the airport after my procedure and looked after me at a time in my life when I could have very easily been abused by sharks. Since then I have had two more procedures and the results are what you see in my photo. My last procedure was in 2014 and I can honestly say it's been the best money I have ever spent. Fotis (the surgeon the previous guy was slagging off) is professional and conscientious. And although his comments during anaesthetic may have seemed inappropriate I know that he will have only been trying to relax the patient and put them at ease. if you would like to see picture of me before my procedures then I'm happy to share. I was almost completely bald before I met Malcolm and my self esteem was on the floor. I think Malcolm and Fotis are offering the most comprehensive and affordable hair restoration package there is. Best results for your money? - yes, definitely. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. Barry Goode (a very happy customer AND now friend of the legendary Mr Malcolm Mendelsohn).
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    The picture I posted earlier was after 8 weeks but it was in 2012 after my surgery. I wasn't clear in the previous post. My apologies for the confusion.
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    John, i’d say that everything looks on par for only eight weeks, a.k.a. two months after hair transplant surgery. Any new growth you see now will be multiplied substantially in the next couple months. I look forward to following your progress. Best wishes, Bill
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    Hi All, I first need to thank this forum and the members. I cannot overstate the impact of this forum throughout my journey. After thoroughly researching this forum and having several phone consultations, I figured out that Shapiro medical group is the right option for me. Given the extensiveness of the surgery I needed (photos are attached), I decided to go with Dr. Shapiro. My surgery was on June 19th (three days ago), and currently I am super pleased with the experience. The surgery itself went very smoothly and I didn't feel even a little pain (that could be because Dr. Paul has an expertise in pain management). Initially we were shooting for 3500-4000 grafts, but we ended up with 4775 grafts (I think it is considered mega-session, right?). I have attached pre- and post-op photos. I appreciate if you give me your feedback. Any comment is very much appreciated.
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    So, the ugly duckling stage typically runs between the 2nd and 5th month after the transplant. My question is, how do Premier League/La Liga etc. footballers and managers get away with it? Plenty have it done but I have never seen one in the ugly duckling phase. I also wonder how they manage to play football outside when they are supposed to avoid the sun for the first 6 months. Any opinion on this?
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    I didn't catch where you're located, but I feel I should suggest Dr. Gabel out of personal experience, as I think anyone will agree he is highly respected on these boards and is quite skilled at detailed hairline creation and natural-looking density. He is located in Oregon outside of Portland. To be fair there is generally a very good selection of excellent surgeons on the board though, so I don't want to solely plug one. If I remember right, Dr. Gabel charges about $5 per FUT graft and $7 per FUE graft up to 2,000 and then $6/graft after that. Don't completely quote me there though, you'd have to call them for their most updated pricing info!. Best of luck!
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    Hi Gunny, I would expect most of the US surgeons recommended on this site will offer the no shave technique for smaller procedures of approximately less than 2000 grafts. It really depends on your balding pattern, e.g. a small crown procedure or a small adjustment to the hairline or temples can be covered by longer surrounding hair. Anything bigger than this starts to get messy, and time consuming so you will see the costs rise. Surgeons prefer a blank shaved canvas for larger procedures or procedures where a larger mass is to be covered. Also a larger no shave procedure will be a styling nightmare, its better to go down the shaven route.
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    Hi TrixGlendevon, You have to ask your possible doctor / clinic, but if you are considering a Strip procedure, maybe you can use some concealer on the scar a few weeks after the procedure in case you wish to cut your hair shorter on donor area. Regarding football players, and as you said, many of them use the shaven head look to disguise their procedures, but that's only valid with FUE technique. Regards,
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    Ahhh yes. Just Google imaged it. So you think he shaved it this season to hide the result until it is at maximum density then he will just regrow it again? Not really an option for me as I want to do FUT. I still think I am yet to see a footballer in the ugly duckling stage though. Getting it done at the start of the summer break and then having 8-12 weeks off (assuming no World Cup/continental cup like the Euros or Copa America) should mean they are back in the public eye right in the middle of the most awkward phase of the procedure.
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    Dr. Vorhies in South Carolina is as good as Erdogan imo. About $5 a graft I believe.
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    So I had the consultation with Erdogan. He said I will continue to lose through my entire crown and said I have a donor capacity of 8800, even though ice already used 2300 for my first surgery. He said even if I go completely bald I would need 8600 to cover the top of my head so I am lucky that way. He suggested we do a 5000 graft surgery to redo my hairline and throughout my entire crown and vertex and then I come back in the future as needed to do an additional 3000. My surgery is scheduled for October. Here are some pictures he took with a preliminary hairline. Hair is wet and brushed back to expose the hair loss.
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    Have posted a couple of comparison photos for you. The area wasn't very big compared to what some people have had on here.
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    Can you post the same comparison pic for your left temple as well? But this is looking good for 1700 grafts. Trying to gauge how big/small the area you had done actually is.
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    I'll keep you guys updated next month once I have my consultation about what Erdogan says. And then if I do the procedure I'll probably come back and post the after pics too. Apparently I have some of the minor white spot scarring in the donor area but barely noticeable only my barber could tell and I get a 1.5 on the back.
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    Welcome to our Hair Restoration Social Community and enhanced discussion forum. Feel free to customize your profile by sharing your story, creating blogs, sharing your treatment regimen, presenting your hair restoration photos, and uploading videos. You can also join groups and interact with other members via public chat and instant message those you add to your friends. Feel free to ask questions and interact with our members on our new and improved hair loss discussion forum. If there's anything I can do to help or make things easier for you, don't hesitate to send me a private message or post on my wall. All the Best, David (TakingThePlunge) – Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant of the Hair Transplant Network, the Hair Loss Learning Center, the Hair Loss Q&A Blog, and the new Hair Restoration Social Network and Discussion Forum
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    I too also have some of the "cobblestoning" that you have shown in your pictures but it depends on the lighting and angle where it can be seen, and only on a few hairs, not all. And like yourself, during the first few months when no hairs were sprouting, the skin texture had no bumps and was smooth as well. I think it has to do with the hairs growing out, and the thickness of the shaft that might be causing the skin to dimple out? As you can see it looks worse when you pull the hair against the natural direction as well... I know in the future, if my hair loss progresses, I will not attempt to play catch up. I do plan to laser the transplanted hair away and hopefully what I see under is normal skin... If not, I plan to see if there are options like fraxel out there for me. Redness: I am 2 years post op and after a hot shower my recipient area is still slightly pink.. I think it has some to do with my use of rogaine. I remember going off rogaine for a couple days and the recipient area looked a lot paler, but who knows. At the end of the day, I had a small procedure, and although I am extremely happy with my results, I am not going to defy nature anymore as I have better things to worry about, and money to spend on...
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    I am a 32 year old male with receding hairline. I did a FUE hair transplant at BHT clinic Antalya. It was a nightmare. My surgery was booked with Dr. Birgul but I found out on the operating table that it was another lady doctor and it was her 4th op. No one speaks a word of english which is very frustrating, the nurses and the surgeon were listening to Turkish music on their iPhones and cracking jokes during the entire op which was about 10 hours. It has been one month and the top of my scalp is still very numb and I don't feel anything. I paid for 4000 grafts but did not get more than 2000. A day after the surgery I was allergic to the antibiotic and spoke to one of their nurses, nurse called the specialist and he said that it is normal to vomit to antibiotics…I went to another doctor in Antalya who advised me to stop the antibiotic straight away. I did not take any antibiotics for 2 weeks till I got home and now my scalp is full of infected pimples. Hope this helps with your decision.