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  1. Finally have a haircut since lockdown. It will be a year since my 2nd FUE transplant next month. Really pleased ,happy and confident with the results. Thank so much to Dr Arshad and the @hair_dr_clinic team for everything.Hair density is solid and as think as I've ever had. Donor hair looks perfect and untouched. I am not going to play around with hairstyles long and short.
  2. Thank you for the comments. I had an amazing experience both times at the hair Dr clinic. I was looked after very well and put at ease by all the staff the whole day. Dr Arshad has a lot of clients with amazing results like mine and great reviews on other forums ect too. He is ethical, straightforward and prides himself on the best end results for his clients.
  3. I found the pricing very good and competitive . Ive never even considered going to Turkey ect as was not for me. I believe the hair dr clinic start at £3 per graft.
  4. Thanks. Yeah I was liking the long hair style again but i have had a haircut now. I will add a photo soon. Yeah i agree to on that and my barber said the same thing and that its the best he has seen. Yes sorry I would say the meds are a big help along with a HT. I have taken it for like 2 n half years now and had no side effects. Yes taking it also will maximise your results and prevent ant further native hair loss
  5. Sorry been a while since I've posted I've been busy with work getting ready to re open. With lockdown and all I've not given myself a self hair cut and just grew it out. It will be a year since my 2nd FUE transplant next month on the 28th August and I am massively due a haircut (booked in tomorrow). Loving the long locks though and I am going to play around with hairstyles now that I can.I called into the hair Dr clinic last month and met with Dr Arshad who loved my results so far and was as excited as i am. He had a comb through and checked over my head and grafts. All was good and was more h
  6. Thanks! yeah its a HUGE transformation and i respect your opinion and you are entitled to it. I do however very much recommend this clinic and surgeon. I could not be happier and remember its a long 12 months for the final results. I agree i look and sure feel like a new person. all the best.
  7. Thank you again! I see you found my 2nd transplant thread... great. If it is something you have been thinking about and want. Do you research and contact Dr Arshad at the Hair dr Clinic. I am certain he can help. All the best
  8. Hey Thank you for the kind words. I havent been on for a while as im working to re open the bar I manage. I have another thread for my 2nd transplant if you look via my profile, you will Love that one! Dr Arshad and the Hair Dr clinic are amazing and million percent recommend them.
  9. Been taking a look back at old photos of me before having hair transplants and thought I would share this I put together to show the journey I have been on the past 2 years. As you can see the huge difference and the pictures speak for themselves! Totally worth the investment in yourself, the shedding phase and the wait for the regrowth. Still only half way through with the 2nd transplant and more regrowth to come. I am expecting more hairs to come and thicken up in the first lines of the hairline and my peak.
  10. Thank you. Seems you're correct! Thanks. I try to post monthly updates now but with work been busy I counted months since op and not weeks so made the error. But even so I more pleased that have these results already and at 5 months .... not 6! :P thanks again for that
  11. 6 Month post op: To mark the occasion I had a fresh haircut, the first cut into a hairstyle now that new hairs have come through. I also called into the @HairDr Clinic to see Dr Arshad who was equally pleased with my results so far. He checked my scalp and told me that could see more hairs breaking through and more will do so in the coming months. He also told me that I have had an amazing transformation and results. It is always great to go back to Dr Arshad, he is always thorough and explains all in a clear understanding manor. And his passion for hair transplantation is always showing.
  12. 4 Month post op: Things are looking amazing even though I am only 4 months on and still in the growing phase. I can already see loads of fine single hairs that have grown through and some that are breaking through the scalp. I expect this to multiply and more hairs break through in the coming months but at this early stage I am thrilled with the progress so far and looking forward to seeing the hairs come thicker and thicker and many more new hairs appearing. I am super happy with how natural it is already looking and the widows peak too. With more growth in the coming months that will fill o
  13. 13 Weeks Post Op: Hair is thickening and filling back out to those amazing results of my first FUE transplant. Excitingly expecting my new grafts from my 2nd FUE transplant to start sprouting through mid January/ February 2020. These will be very fine and blonde at first, like I got with my first Transplant and then they will thicken up and add to that density to my hairline and forlock. Most of all I cant wait to see how this Widows Peak is going to look and add to my hairstyles
  14. 2 Months post op: Native and hair from my first transplant is thickening up and filling back in now that my scalp is healed and settled down. Even though my new grafts have shedded you can still see my hairline and that widows peak. Excited for the coming months when they start to grown through.
  15. Yeah healing this time around was even quicker! Maybe I am used to it from the first time but I think it more to do with Dr A's technique, skill and the follow up care.
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