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  1. 2 Months post op: Native and hair from my first transplant is thickening up and filling back in now that my scalp is healed and settled down. Even though my new grafts have shedded you can still see my hairline and that widows peak. Excited for the coming months when they start to grown through.
  2. Yeah healing this time around was even quicker! Maybe I am used to it from the first time but I think it more to do with Dr A's technique, skill and the follow up care.
  3. 7 Weeks post op: Everything on track and looking great! I feel great and excited for the grafts to start growing in coming months, adding that density to my already amazing results from my first procedure last year along with the added widows peak! At this stage it appears to be "balding" "thinning" "patchy" but this is normal and expected as the scalp is still healing and settling down. More native and previously transplanted hair will come through and thicken up in coming weeks and then the new grafts will begin to come through. Will be getting a 2nd haircut (since procedure) this week too, again back and sides and snip down some longer hair on the grafted area. At that awkward stage of letting it grown back and keeping it looking tidy. The temple areas and forelock numbness is gone now, perhaps the faintest bit still there but sign the scalp is more less settled and healed up.
  4. 29/9/19 Ha a haircut today. Just tidy up the back and sides blended into to top as I had nothing taken off on top. Advise not to use clippers on the new grafts as of yet.
  5. 1 Month post op: Away at the caravan this week and here is a update. Will be getting a haircut when I get home.
  6. Day 16 post op: Bit of Shedding happening id say, especially in the hairline and widows peak. Still some redness but its is not sore. Skin still feels numb around the grafts which is normal and takes some time for the nerves all all to settle down. Only notice it when touching during the hair washes. Other then that it feels all normal and fine. Hair is growing fast and nice and expecting more shedding of the new grafts soon.
  7. 2 Weeks post op: All healing up nicely! crusts around the grafts have gone and just some dry flaky skin here and there. The donor area is looking great too, and my hair looks to be growing nicely around it. Not worried about it looking patchy ect as I know Dr A is highly experienced and dose not over harvest grafts ect. Just waiting for the shedding to start and so they can start the new regrowth. Looking and feeling like I have just had a buzz cut.
  8. Day 10 post op: Some shot of the new grafts after a few more washes and the crust have practically cleared. Looking and feeling amazing and I am loving how it is looking already. My phones camera captures the grafts really well and show Dr A's amazing work and there is lots more can see with the eye as with my fair hair the lighter ones aint picked up by the camera as much. Excited for the end result.
  9. Thank you Yeah I'm loving the widow's peak and.m excited to see it fully regrown. I have a documented write up of my 1st transplant too
  10. Some 'behind the scenes' type photos for you. This time around I asked Dr Arshad and his team if it would be ok to take some pictures for me while I was having the procedure. They said it would be totally fine and I gave them my phone to take some snaps for me. So there is a photo of Anna, a young experienced technician counting my extracted grafts and counting how many hairs I have in them. And then we have my graft count sheet showing the total amounts taken. We have a total number of 1637 grafts consisting of 1s = 294 , 2s = 661 3s/4s = 682. This will give me an additional 4003 hairs in my strengthened hairline and temples. I am absolutely loving this and can not wait for them to fully re grow back having those awesome hairstyles and having the choice is an amazing feeling. Then we have a couple of photos of the meds, saline solution and Dr Arshad's follow up instructions which are very informative and easy to follow.
  11. Here is how it looks after that first shampoo wash. Crusts loosened up some fallen off. I washed my hair by using a generous amount of Sebamed shampoo gentle massaging with the bulbs of my finger tips and rinsing by pouring water gently over my head. No power shower!
  12. 1 Week post op: Today I get to wash my hair gently massaging with my fingertips and using Sebamed shampoo given to me by the Hair Dr Clinic. Most if not all the crusts will come off during this. I also still spraying my head with the saline solution every couple hours too to help keep grafts moist, loosen those crusts and keep head clean.
  13. Day 5 post op: Everything healing nice and fast! the red rash on my neck is not transplant related and my own skin flare up. I am loving the amount of grafts in the hairline and temples with the adjusted hairline and widows peak added. Dreaming of those future hairstyles.
  14. Day 4 post op: Healing up really well!! The donor area is more less healed.Compared to my first transplant this is looking like week 2! Feeling bit tender but no pain of discomfort and still using the travel pillow to sleep as I do not want to roll onto the grafts in my sleep. Also my stomach feeling fine today.