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  1. Would this be your first treatment for hair loss? Have you yet been formally diagnosed with MPB? If not, my recommendation is that you have several consultations with some reputable HT doctors to get fully diagnosed and receive some sound advice and direction on treating your hair loss.
  2. It is the diffused hair that is at the highest risk of shock loss.
  3. It is not as uncommon as some may think to experience shock loss in the donor post transplant whether FUHT or FUE. And in most cases, yes it does recover however it can take 3-4 months before the area begins to fill back in.
  4. gillenator

    Removing grafts via FUE

    It is potentially possible to have extracted grafts re-implanted but the real issue is the condition of those extracted grafts once they are removed. This again will primarily come down to the skill of the surgeon. And the potential of the re-implanted grafts growing again is questionable. But if the original grafts must be removed, it would be a shame for them to be discarded. The surgeon should be able to tell once they are removed if they are in any shape to be re-implanted.
  5. I also concur at 10 months, you should be fine. The promising news is that you did not experience an acute burn.
  6. gillenator

    Removing grafts via FUE

    It will all depend on the skill of the surgeon doing the repair and the individual's physiology regarding healing.
  7. gillenator

    crown area

    If the men in your family history have more extensive loss in the crown, then that's probably where you are headed especially if you choose to not use low dose finasteride.
  8. gillenator

    Just hit 5 months post surgery

    It's not uncommon especially when there is significant native hair present pre-op. But like Melvin stated, it can be a slow process. But it will recover eventually...it just takes some time.
  9. This is a very subjective issue and dependent on many factors such as the dimensions of the recipient area, available donor, hair characteristics, how much native hair is present before the procedure, body chemistry, etc.
  10. We just have not heard enough feedback from guys who have used it to be able to judge the merits of it.
  11. Your doctor concurs that you are fine and I would also agree with that.
  12. gillenator

    Just hit 5 months post surgery

    Probably not very many NW 7's for the obvious reasons but then again there are NW 7's who understand their limitations and have adjusted their goals and expectations accordingly.
  13. There probably is...you just have to speak with some until you find one. Have you tried Dr. Arocha?
  14. gillenator

    Just hit 5 months post surgery

    Possibly you are a late bloomer and it also sounds like you experienced some shock loss.
  15. Analog, After 5 months post-op, you should be seeing lots of new hair coming through...can you post some before and after pics? Also, have you let your surgeon know about this?