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  1. Are you stopping for one month because you are changing the frequency of the medication? If it were me, I would not stop for one month because it could potentially induce a shed cycle and/or once you resume the medication that also could induce a shed.
  2. Well I certainly am thankful for people like Melvin and many others in this community who genuinely are here to help others regardless of how their procedures turned out.
  3. Most individuals I know that have received larger procedures always seem to grow out their new hair and not cut it down. Kvn, do you have any pics of yourself that you can share?...or if you do buzz cut your scalp in the near future possibly you can share some pics and get some feedback from us.
  4. Yes there can potentially be visible scarring in the recipient area especially if there is pitting or the recipient incisions were made incompetently....the other variable is the variances in how well individuals heal. The bottom line is that if you are a good healer and the doctor was skilled, used the proper instruments, the scarring in the recipient area should not be very visible if at all.
  5. Definitely buzz cut your entire scalp first because if you don't like it, chances are you will never buzz cut in the future.
  6. Not necessariy...BH can have much different growth cycles and I think beard hair probably has more predictable growth cycles than other areas of the body...the fourth month is when the regrowth is just beginning...not a high growth period. Still, it's always a good sign when the regrowth is visible but again how long will each growth phase last with BH?
  7. The clinical trials that Merck does states that they find Propecia to be most efficient in the posterior (crown) and mid-scalp....but not the frontal region or temporal lobe areas. I have been taking low dose finasteride since 1996 and although I had hairline and temporal lobe recession, it has definitely stabilized to this present day.
  8. I experienced a shed cycle that lasted for approximately 9 months and it was when I switched from the liquid form of minoxidil to the new foam version. I definitely recommend that both of you inform your doctors of this and get their opinion. Hope this resolves soon for both of you.
  9. If it's been 4 months post-op, the new regrowth is just starting to emerge....give it several more months and once the hair shafts have gained some length, you will be able to better evaluate the angulation and direction of the hair shafts.
  10. This period of time post-op certainly can be the most difficult when the grafts shed and shock loss sets in. The good news is that things will eventually improve once the resting phase completes and the new growth cycle kicks in both in terms of the native hair and the newly implanted hair. I think you will begin to see a significant improvement in 4-6 months...the most challenging part is waiting...but you will get there!