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  1. This is why management of the donor is so important...we all continue to progress with more loss and as those areas continue to show loss, we go back for subsequent procedures.
  2. IMHO, it would demand so much of your donor, what will you have left as MPB continues to progress? You're still young and as we all get older, a more age appropriate mature hairline is what looks the best.
  3. Sleeping more freely...none of us would want to be careless...😀
  4. 3-4 months is typical from my observations.
  5. Head size is subjective...it really comes down to the total size of the surface area being grafted and how dense per FUcm2....in addition, the degree of coarseness of the hair being transplanted...the higher degree of coarseness, the more dense the final visual result will be.
  6. You won't lose any grafts after 5 days...some say 3 days but never hurts to give it a few extra.
  7. How interesting!...both of my brothers had full heads of hair, my father too. It was my maternal grandfather who was a true full blown Norwood 6 and my uncle as well...my mother also had considerable thinning hair.
  8. Yes a dermatologist will be able to help you with this issue...looks like a common case of pimples, black heads,etc. A good cleansing will be a good point to start with.
  9. I also wear a size 7.5 cap size and had 6900 grafts...I was a Norwood 5 when I started my first procedure.
  10. You are right on the threshold of new regrowth coming through!
  11. i strongly recommend that you have the entire donor zone microscopically examined to see how DHT is impacting that area...it's very possible that some of the grafts from your past procedures were DHT receptive. Also, it appears that you have lost a fair amount of native hair since then. My premonition is that you have class 7s in your family history?
  12. Before and after photos would definitely help us provide some concrete feedback.
  13. I agree, nothing to worry about...it's easy to see that the original graft hair is stuck to the crust and there is a new separate hair shaft growing next to it.