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  1. Possibly a better question might be, "Does a HT need to be perfect?"....because IMHO perfection can never be achieved, and probably should not be the goal of a HT procedure...the limitations of surgery in itself can never replicate one's native origin, especially regarding native density. Yet the goal of successful HT surgery is not to replicate the origin but rather to "produce a visual attainment of cosmetic coverage" that meets the patient's satisfaction.
  2. My initial question is, "How many total grafts did you have?"....it's difficult to evaluate your results without that number...albeit you are only 5 months post-op from your second procedure, still, I would expect to see more regrowth from both procedures in the recipient area. And was it a clinic where the extractions are done by technicians?...your donor does appear rather depleted and it would also help to see a pic of your donor area before you had any work done. I wish you well on your second procedure and hope you get a better yield of regrowth.
  3. I agree that this type of occurrence is rare...looks mostly like an area of compromised blood flow.
  4. Good surgeons use the right instruments to create the recipient incisions along with the appropriate types or choices of incisions used...as a result, the scarring is very minimal and hardly noticeable to the naked eye....knowing the right depth of the incisions is also critical because pitting is oftentimes the result of incisions made too deep or too large...using needles to create the sites that are too large can also cause pitting.
  5. Yes, I think it's possible to visually achieve enough to appear a close match...and if the individual has good hair characteristics such as above average caliber, any wave, etc., will definitely help to create that illusion of higher density.
  6. Thanks Dr. Verma...sure is nice having your wise input and advice...😉
  7. Shock loss occurs as a result of how the scalp responds to a high level of trauma from the surgery including the fluids injected into the scalp.
  8. If you do sustain shock loss, it usually occurs approximately 3-6 weeks post-op.
  9. My word, I must know a thousand guys who would die for that massive head of hair...how do you improve on that result?
  10. You may just have slower regrowth...it will be interesting to see how the next several months transpire...wish you well.
  11. What you are feeling could be a higher degree of coarseness...the donor grafts are typically harvested from the occipital zone in the back of the head...the donor hair tends to have a higher degree of coarseness so the hair is going to feel thicker in hair shaft caliber.
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