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  1. I agree...not the best idea and Melvin makes good sense about planning for the future both in terms of future loss and donor management.
  2. Without pics it's hard to estimate how many grafts it may take.
  3. Most docs will want their patients to wait no less than 2 weeks post-op to resume using minoxidil...the key is that the area is completely healed...so if you are a slow healer, you should wait longer until complete healing has taken place....all scabs and crusting gone.
  4. No doubt about it, Cooney had temporal recession...now take a closer look at the last pic of him that Melvin shared, there is no way that his hairline is a system. My belief is that he had some work done and very good work at that!
  5. Thanks for the reply...this makes sense as I have 9 stents in my body, a very old metal one in the descending aorta and the rest are in my abdomen area and in the legs...all were placed by my vascular surgeon...and I have been on Plavix for a number of years. He would not approve of my coming off of it for my last HT procedure so I had the procedure anyway...no complications. I also have a restriction from flying on long airplane flights and no prolonged time in high altitudes either.
  6. Obviously he is a real exception to the masses, still this is why surgery should always be the last option and not the first.
  7. As consumers we all have to be skeptical of the pharmaceutical companies because let's face it, in the end, it's always about money.
  8. All grafts will shed eventually as the follicles cycle through their respective phases.
  9. We should remember that the goal is to achieve a visual appearance of restoration, not necessarily a defined level of density.
  10. It is not unusual for some of the grafts to continue growing after being transplanted. Eventually they will go dormant and shed and start a new growth cycle 3-4 months after shedding.
  11. Yep, I agree....definitely talk to your surgeon.