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  1. It’s not necessarily the number of follicles being transplanted that presents a higher risk, it’s the larger number of incisions throughout the recipient area that raises the level of trauma…and it’s also the type of instruments used to create those incisions…some of the top doctors elect to use custom sized blades which in skillful hands can potentially be less invasive. Some individuals that have a diffused pattern of loss have a large percent of their thinning native hair in an advanced diffused state…and they can be at a higher risk for acute shock loss in a mega-session case.
  2. Shock loss can occur in an untouched area resulting from the overall trauma on the scalp albeit rare.
  3. It certainly could make a difference…only time will tell…please keep us advised and wish you well.
  4. Those are dried crusts and most doctors advise their patients to remove them at approximately 10-12 days post-op.
  5. As we know, trauma induced to the scalp is undoubtedly the main inducement of shock loss and most of this trauma is caused by the countless number of incisions made to the scalp...the more incisions, the higher level of corresponding trauma....and we all respond differently. IMHO, it's the individuals that have an advanced diffused pattern of loss whereby the native hair that is diffused and weak is at the highest risk of shock loss. This is why many females with diffused hair loss patterns run a high risk of shock loss and surgeons are not as likely to do larger sessions for that reason.
  6. Yes, you are in good hands with either doctor…many of Dr. True’s patients come back for additional procedures and why he is “semi-retired”, not fully retired…he also is very passionate about maintaining his high skill level which includes FUE and other progressive changes with instrumentation and surgical techniques.
  7. So nice of you to ask…what some folks may not be aware of is that Dr. True has semi-retired and why you are recently seeing more examples of Dr. Dorin’s work. And thank you for the kind words and admonished respect for their work and surgical talents.
  8. Can you provide an update at the 12 month mark?
  9. He may ask you if you are happy with the current placement of your hairline...IMHO it will not be difficult to add density but if it were me, I would not lower it any further...it looks good where it is right now.
  10. Sometimes the graft hair comes off with the scabs and sometimes not…either way it has nothing to do with graft survival.
  11. That’s a good number to strengthen your hairline without lowering it.
  12. My first HT was in 96’ and that hair is still growing…have spent far more $ on cars which have worn out and gone…my transplants continue to grow…😎
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