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  1. Most of this comes down to the clinic's hyper marketing methods...when they give you 2 methods to choose from, both end up benefitting the clinic and not necessarily the patient. And it's also a way to get your focus off the credentials of the surgeon...so let's face it, the result of your FUE procedure comes down to the experience and proven skill of the surgeon and the results over the long term.
  2. No Prednisone?...well, it's a good thing that your strip incision has closed well, no drainage, no infection.
  3. His hair was all snow white and when he came in for his 6 month follow up, I was amazed at how positively different he looked...he also stated that the ladies in his senior social groups loved his new hair!
  4. Well that's going to vary between individuals as some guys have thick wide sideburns and some like myself do not. Also, most sideburn hair grows in single hair FUs so it may work well with commencing a hairline...yet as we know single hair grafts do not produce as much visual coverage as multi-hair bearing grafts.
  5. There is considerable swelling and inflammation that accrues post-op including where the staples are...this is normal. Did your post-op instructions inform you to use ice for the swelling?...you may not necessarily see a lot of swelling and inflammation, but trust me, it's occurring. Some docs prescribe or supply their patients with a steroid like Prednisone for the swelling.
  6. Yes, you are probably shedding your grafts as there is lots of new growth at 6 months post-op.
  7. No, I never had any side-effect issues taking finasteride and I cut Proscar into 4 pieces and take it every other day...it has worked very well for me for several decades...the pieces do not cut evenly however IMHO, it makes no difference and still works well. Always talk this over with your doctor regarding starting at a reduced dosage and as long as you have no side-effects, it can be gradually raised.
  8. I remember working with an older man in his mid 70's, a widower who was very lonely and just wanted some self confidence back to start socializing with women again. He was a true NW 5a and the doctor grafted a new hairline for him...he looked awesome once everything grew in. So, regardless of age, I think every guy would like to have his hair back.
  9. Do you think you have that many to harvest?...I hope that you do and BTW, I have never had anyone tell me that they lost sideburn hair due to MPB so IMHO, I do not think you would lose it once transplanted...hope this works well for you.
  10. For me it was 1980, age 25, and it was a song by "The Police"...can't remember if it was Roxanne?..."Every step you take'?
  11. The previous strip scar can only be removed "if" there is enough scalp laxity to accommodate removing both the former scar and harvesting enough new hair.
  12. Interesting...have not heard of anyone having adverse side effects from saw palmetto.
  13. The fact is...there has not been enough imperative studies to conclusively support either position (length of anagen period or chest hair length). I have a completely different position on nape hair because in some cases it does not survive because not all nape hair is terminal hair. Using sideburn donor is fine IMHO, but obviously very limited as a donor source...still, if it's thick, why not use it?
  14. I think many of us tend to place more emphasis on density than hair caliber (degree of coarseness). Many docs feel it is the degree of coarseness to the hair shafts that accomplish the degree of visual coverage....like Gabrielle stated, it was the 14th month that seemed to make a significant difference in visual coverage. The same thing happened to me after my 3rd procedure...even after 12 months I could still see some small areas of scalp as I have a wide contrast. But after 14, 15 months post-op....BAM!....no more visible scalp, more hair volume, more coverage! My doc explained that it was full caliber maturation that occurred after 12 months and how important that was a factor in gaining a higher degree of visual coverage. The higher degree of coarseness (hair shaft diameter), the higher degree of visual coverage.
  15. I would like to see what the recipient area looks like with more hair length...I think it would look like more coverage or density.