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  1. I thought there was some type of topical hair straightener that can be used to make the hair straight...there are also heat based straighteners that are hand held however the hair length needs to be long enough to fit in the instrument...the hair is then pulled through while the heat is applied...ask about this from your local hair salon...they will be able to help you with this issue.
  2. I suppose it's possible that some minor transection could occur while applying anesthesia but again, it would be minor IMHO. And depending on the instrument used for extracting the BH grafts, I still think the pain would be intolerable for most patients.
  3. The bottom line is that smoking constricts the blood vessels and reduces the oxygen supply to our blood resulting in hypoxia...it also compromises the healing process...any medical professional will tell you that.
  4. It is indeed possible to measure hair shaft diameter and the +/- differentials which are many times acute...IMHO it should be done before and after any procedure is performed. Why?...it is because anyone who has MPB is going to experience some level of hair shaft diffusion. and then when hair shaft diameter is again measured between 12-18 months post-op in the recipient zone, the patient will clearly see that density alone is not solely what provides good visual coverage, it is also replacing thin diffused hair with terminal hair shafts...this is especially noted with those individuals who have a diffused pattern of hair loss. Dazed, you got some very nice results and I think you look great with growing your hair out to a longer length....and those of us who have received HT procedures tend to want to grow our hair out...I mean it is so nice to once again have what we lost! The same outstanding visual results can be said for myself, Melvin, and countless others within this community who choose to grow their hair out to length...😀
  5. The ban on cosmetic procedures was lifted several weeks ago so my guess is that most of the clinics should have re-opened by now?
  6. Hopefully things will start increasing as the ban on cosmetic procedures was lifted several weeks ago.
  7. The visual improvement past the one year mark may very well be attributable to hair caliber maturation.
  8. You should be able to buy them online very affordable...try Amazon.
  9. It's nice to hear when a surgeon uses a grid or other method to ensure that any area of the donor zone is not over-harvested.
  10. Try wearing mittens, not gloves but snow mittens that do not have fingers...😀
  11. Have not heard of Motown clinic so I have no idea of the quality of their work...what I can say is that the clinics who consistently do great work and are well established always have patients showing some examples of their work. Go with someone who is proven and established...if you find yourself trying to find "any" examples of someone's work...that should tell you something!