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  1. gillenator

    Growing donor

    Once your scalp recovers from trauma, normal hair growth occurs at roughly 1/2 inch per month.
  2. If you are unable to see your HT surgeon right away, best to have a dermatologist look at it...it could also be a cyst but best to get it examined.
  3. Try reading the ingredients on a bottle of baby shampoo and you will see that it's loaded with chemical additives.
  4. The tough thing is waiting the recovery period out. But things should look much better in 4-6 months.
  5. Honestly, other than cosmetics, there is not much more you can do but wait it out because as you get 6 months post-op or more, you will see a huge improvement.
  6. gillenator

    donor area

    What I said was the need to give the area at least 12 months before adding new grafts to the same area.
  7. The issue for blonde haired patients using beard donor is that a high percent of them have a noticeable darker beard coloration compared to their blonde scalp hair. The higher ratio of scalp grafts can potentially decrease the contrast of darker beard coloration. Also, what type of characteristic does the beard hair have if grown out to length? Does the beard hair produce a noticeable wave of curl like some beard hair does?
  8. gillenator

    donor area

    IMHO, the potential for shock loss is greater when native hair is present and more so if that native hair is diffused. Transplanted hair does not seem to shock as easily from what I have observed over the years but remember, everyone responds differently to the level of trauma induced and that is the main factor to why shock loss occurs post-op.
  9. gillenator

    I need a less ethical HT surgeon

    At four months, there is a lot of new growth on the horizon about to erupt!
  10. gillenator

    donor area

    If the next procedure is in another untouched part of the scalp, that's fine...but it's still highly recommended to give the prior grafted area at least 12 months because there can still be new growth coming through and you don't want to transect any new hair that's about to sprout.
  11. At three weeks post-op all of the crusts are ready to be removed and normal shampooing is highly recommended to attain a clean scalp and environment for the grafts to regrow.
  12. I wore hair systems for 11 years and it was a pain throughout the entire time....having said that, I have seen some high quality hair systems present day, and they are much much better than the ones a decade ago.
  13. Well at three weeks post-op the donor and recipient area should be well healed by now right? Sure you can have a haircut that evens everything out, it will look much better. But just keep in mind that eventually, you are going to shed your graft hair.
  14. I think more guys in the upper Norwood classes are considering to wear partial hair systems and dedicate a larger percent of available scalp donor for the frontal third.
  15. gillenator

    I need a less ethical HT surgeon

    A lot can be done with 6,000 grafts!...