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  1. gillenator

    Repair work

    My recommendation would be to search as many repair cases with similar attributes as yours and see what you find. Be prepared to put some time and research into this.
  2. gillenator

    DHI method

    IMHO, I would never consider Bosley.... and in Europe, there are many better known reputable skilled FUE surgeons especially in Belgium. Just surf as many Euro based forums that you can.
  3. gillenator

    FUE on grey hair

    It depends on the surgeon, some do and some feel that as long as they can see the direction of angulation of the hair shafts, that provides enough.
  4. Many also utilize itinerant teams of techs that travel location to location because of the lack of training or skill or personnel.
  5. You want to use as strong caliber of donor hair as possible to grow through scar tissue. The other obvious issue is how reliable is the BH source being considered?
  6. gillenator

    Unshaven FUE's

    A lot also depends on the size of the procedure...the larger the procedure, the more critical it becomes to have the areas buzzed down. Our donor supplies are limited and so avoiding transection is very important.
  7. It's also helpful to look at as many results as possible who are individuals who have similar hair characteristics and loss patterns as yourself. Obviously documented skill and experience are critical yet in the end, "results are what count"
  8. gillenator

    FUE on grey hair

    The doctor is looking for the angulation and direction of the hair shafts.
  9. The hair mills and large chains have huge overhead and why they tend to hire the least experienced because of the lower salaries.
  10. You're welcome Dilbert and best wishes to you on your upcoming procedure...
  11. gillenator

    Is this pitting?

    At roughly 4 weeks post-op, this is not un-normal. Try using some enriched aloe vera cream on the area several times per day and you will see some improvement. It would not hurt to ask your surgeon this just to make sure it's fine with them. Just make sure there are no additives and the cream is 100% aloe vera which is naturally herbal based.
  12. gillenator

    FUE on grey hair

    This is true and greatly helps with aligning the punches in the extraction process.
  13. A very simple basic answer is that the illusion of density can be attained on most individuals at 50% of original density. The reverse is also true. Once you lose over 50% of original density, it becomes visually noticeable. In addition, terminal hair harvested from the donor zone is basically DHT resistant so that terminal hair has optimal characteristics in terms of caliber, color, etc. It provides better visual coverage as compared to thin diffused hair that is DHT receptive.
  14. Greg, I also think your new hairline looks very good and natural...yes there are a few places where some single hair grafts would help with added density but If it were me, I would not do more than say 300 additional FUE grafts, tops. That would also minimize the trauma level to the area and I think that would definitely complete your goal.
  15. How long ago was this procedure?