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  1. I think many of us would agree that under the age of age 25 would be too young...many individuals might be making their decision based on the emotional factor rather than prudent judgement such as starting the meds as the first order of priority. But I also think that the more important issue is that each person has a more accurate idea of where their hair loss is headed as they get nearer to age 30 or so.
  2. Over the past decade, the instrumentation continued to refine and become less invasive, subsequently the overall level of trauma was lowered and as a result, some of the the grafts continued on in their growth phase instead of retreating into the telogen resting phase.
  3. Appreciate the feedback...we need more topical users providing their experience and most of all their results relating to efficiency or lack of.
  4. It really does come down to personal research no matter where the source or starting point...you have to put the necessary time in to develop a broad basis of comparison. And we need to have communities like these to provide the options and where there is an endless list to choose from.
  5. You can also discuss this with your primary care physician...just be sure to explain that you want to take the medication for hair loss and as long as they document your chart to this effect, it may be okay to get your script this way. My PCP supplies my finasteride scripts for me and made the proper notes in my chart, and especially for when it's time for testing the prostrate in the future.
  6. I agrree...it can be very difficult to see all of the regrowth when it first commences...the hair shafts slowly build up their hair shaft diameter (caliber) but as Melvin stated, this takes time to grow and fully mature.
  7. Although a rare occurrence, lost grafts will usually happen within 24-48 hours post-op. And yes, there almost always will be a trickle or stream of blood running down from the site it popped out.
  8. Panamera13, IMHO it's worth trying if you can afford it...at least you will know if it helps your diffused loss or not. In more cases than not, prior transplanted hair does in fact grow back after they have rested...native hair however depends on how diffused that hair was before it was shocked out...weak diffused hair usually does not grow back but native hair that still has good caliber certainly can.
  9. What I am waiting for is to see more guys posting their results with the topical use, not just opinions. Whether favorable or not, there just are not enough guys posting their results.
  10. A thorough microscopic examination of your scalp will be sufficient to know which areas are subject to loss and also the status of your donor hair.
  11. Any miniaturized hair found in the donor zone is considered DHT receptive and not suitable for transplantation. Having said that, some patients have still opted to go ahead knowing full well that this DHT receptive hair can and probably will be lost in the future.
  12. Can you provide some pics so we can offer you some feedback? The surgeon can determine miniturizatized hair by using a scope...everyone considering a HT procedure should have a microscopic examination of their entire scalp.
  13. If the hairline work includes closing the temporal lobe areas and reinforcing the entire frontal hairline, it may very well take more than 1200 grafts to complete keeping in mind that it would involve mostly if not entirely single hair grafts. If it were me I would not do any work in the crown as the potential risk for shock loss outweighs the small gain that you may attain...so I agree with matt. You have enough hair volume to simply hide the crown thinning with how you brush or comb that area.
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