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  1. gillenator

    FUE sleeping hairs

    It's possible that you did not notice those small hair shafts prior to your procedure... and once the grafts shed, you can see some native hair for the first time.
  2. I also experienced shock loss roughly 3 weeks post-op on most of my procedures. My third procedure was the largest and had the most shock loss. It's related to how the scalp responds to the trauma level from the procedure, especially from the recipient incisions. Don't worry, most of it should grow back in 3-4 months.
  3. Any more photos of yourself?
  4. The swelling you experienced is very "par for the course" and it occurs frequently if there is work on the hairline. Also, it's related to the fluids that were injected into the scalp and the effects of gravity pulling the fluids down into the forehead area. The scabs are probably the crusting that develops. They are the tips of the grafts that dry up...it's dead tissue above the scalp line. Take a look at your post-op instructions which will inform you when and how to remove them in roughly 12-14 days post-op.
  5. Sounds like some severed nerves. You can also try using extra strength Tylenol...2 tablets every 6 hours or so.
  6. Very unfortunate that you have not heard any response. Call the clinic and demand to speak with someone. You can also go to a local dermatologist and just walk in and ask that you get seen by a doctor a.s.a.p. and tell them you can sit and wait. Or as was suggested, go immediately to your PCP where they know you. Hope you can get some immediate attention and resolve.
  7. Ocean, You are welcome my friend. No, I would not worry about either product having a negative impact on the regrowth of your brows because both are 100% natural and no chemical additives. Rogaine as well as other minoxidil based products are loaded with alcohol and derivatives of it. This is why some individuals experience dryness and itching and at times inflammation. I think you will find the aloe to be cool and soothing.
  8. gillenator

    Effects of Propecia

    Could not agree more!...
  9. gillenator

    Effects of Propecia

    Not all derms are up to speed for treating MPB and the corresponding hair loss meds that treat this type of genetic hair loss.
  10. You could be experiencing some late effects from shock loss as well as some shedding.
  11. IMHO, your mild dandruff and dry skin will not have a detrimental effect on the regrowth of your grafts. I also like coconut oil and maybe use some rich aloe vera cream in conjunction with it.
  12. Combing or brushing the hair in a front-to-back direction helps to create illusionary volume, something I have been doing for years. It's a way of looking like you have more density and fullness.
  13. gillenator

    Whey protein and hair loss

    Keep us in the loop as to how everything turns out for you...
  14. gillenator

    Staples query

    Staples were used on my 4th and final procedure because my scalp laxity was not as loose as my doctor wanted. My donor scar healed very well and so that was the bottom line with me. I do remember that one of the staples got buried into my scalp and my PCP had to literally dig it out without the use of anesthesia....that was no fun at all.
  15. gillenator

    Effects of Propecia

    You can do a virtual consultation with some of the reputable doctors in Belgium.