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  1. Celebrity endorsed HT surgeons has always raised a red flag to me...more than not, the results are terrible and most celebs do not do their own research. They usually have one of their agents do the ground work and the problem is that they are usually uniformed or ill-informed. Each and every individual should conduct their own research and get educated on all of the pros and cons including the dynamics of the procedure. They should also know all of the medicinal options available as surgery should always be the last resort. And in my own observations, celebs tend to want the instant fix because they are always in the lime light.
  2. Never heard of this before...it could be an acute shedding cycle of the hair in that area. How long has the area been like this? If less than 4 months, I would give it more time to see if a new growth cycle will be emerging. I would not recommend surgery at the present time in case some new growth is on the horizon. You might also recommend that she contact a dermatologist who has experience in treating hair loss without surgery. And I wonder if applying minoxidil is a possibility...possibly the doctor can shed more light on this.
  3. I agree with Melvin, it could be AA or as others have said, shock loss since it was right around the time that shock loss occurs post-op.
  4. gillenator

    Hair sprout timeline

    Caliber maturation is critical in the end visual result and sometimes not fully manifested until after 12 months.
  5. I would concur with that...getting older does not equate with caring less about hair loss!
  6. So what could possibly be the reasoning behind this for treating hair loss?...
  7. Sure thing...please keep us in the loop of your regrowth progress...
  8. There is a reason behind the statement, "You get what you paid for". I have found the number one reason that clinics cut prices is because it's the fastest way to get patients through their front door. They lack consistent good results and also lack a stable patient referral base so they are willing to do almost anything to get business. There is a clinic in my area who does this type of marketing...they consistently produce horrible results and have been around for years because they continue to lure unsuspecting individuals with their low pricing.
  9. The top doctors are not really known for doing smaller procedures...they are known for their proven talent in results regardless of the size of the procedure.
  10. gillenator

    Sun Exposure

    It is possible to wear a hat several days after the procedure after the grafts are well seated....you just want to be sure it is not a tight fit especially if you had a FUHT procedure. You do not want any pressure or tension put on the sutures post-op.
  11. gillenator

    Hair sprout timeline

    You probably did not expect that reply?
  12. gillenator

    Few simple questions

    Continue to research and get answers to your questions especially those that tend to raise fear or doubt. At some point you will feel informed well enough to make a decision either way as long as you understand that it is indeed a personal decision and one that only you can make for yourself.
  13. It's also very important for the doctor or at least a licensed nurse to review the patient's medical history inclusive of all medications and supplements prior to scheduling the procedure.
  14. Growing Hair, Am also a huge Caps fan and winning the Stanley Cup last year was awesome to say the least... Playoffs getting heated up...GO CAPS!!!
  15. Just to add...a friend of mine had some beard extractions done and then summer came. He tans quite well and you could notice some whiter spots where the extractions were done...no doubt his dark tan produced more contrast and he had roughly 1200 done. The thing about beard donor is the visual compatibility of it with scalp hair especially in the hairline...darker hair is more of an issue when the contrast is wide. Beard hair tends to be much more coarse than diffusing scalp hair. And beginning to hear more issues with the success in terms of overall yield.