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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. Does anyone in this forum take both of these successfully? If so, for how long? and what doses? What type of SSRI? If I recall correctly, SSRI have side effects of hair loss. I’ve been told there is no interaction between them by pharmacist. However, I know both have side effects in libido and ED. Being on SSRI for 15 years, I am ok with where my Libido is. Just not sure of taking two drugs with these side effects together for different purposes. Although I don’t believe a combination of the two lead to a super anti-libido drug, but would need a biochemist too and that one potentially I am also aware of the nocebo effect. That may occur as well and can make it difficult for those undergoing this phenomena to determine if it’s physical or psychological.
  2. In your signature it says finasteride 1.25 mg daily since by 2014. If that’s not the case anymore? Why stop now suddenly?
  3. Maybe I’m more of a Norwood IIIv at my current state. Again I’m 35. What do you guys think?
  4. I looked at it and got it but never took it and I probably won’t. I do have hairmax laser band and rogaine. My biggest concern is my hair continues to drop out and then I only have patches where the hair came in. I can’t buzz cause of my fut scar. Not sure what the option becomes....more hair transplants or hair removal where I put in the new grafts and then SMP the fut scar and then buzz or shave it...I guess.... is it true that if you start early your hair loss will stop early? I’m hoping at 35 mine has stabilized.... Any of you guys take DHT a locker natural medicines like saw palmetto? I’ve read this can also have similar side effects to finasteride?? I don’t want to take medicine for cosmetic purposes but natural remedies I would consider. Thoughts??
  5. Question....has anyone here done something similar around same time in life and not taken propecia? I plan on doing hairmax laser and rogaine perhaps. My concern is that my Norwood 4 eventually turns into a 7 and then I have permanent temples with nothing in between and I just continue to chase this goose. anyone have experience with this? If I have a Norwood 4 at 35 does this mean that I’ve established my pattern or could this sucker turn into a Norwood totally bald except for a part of my temples and a perfect circle in my crown which would look horrendous?????
  6. SMP should help make the scar blend in. As your skin color changes you can touch up with SMP. Another option is you can do a few FUE like 100 to help cover the scar as well. Since it’s not many FUE I don’t think it would leave many circle scars
  7. maxgraft

    Using haarklinikken product only after few months. The results look like my baseline when I had no treatments at all.
  8. maxgraft

    On 5ml off Rogaine for a few years
  9. maxgraft

    Baseline. No treatment of any sort on crown.