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  1. like to know the answer to this too. anyone have any idea?
  2. How do u know if your grafts are fragile or not before having a transplant ?
  3. Nice result man very thick and natural. i genuinely think the hairline is looking good too. Wouldn’t notice it was gappy only you said it. You have a good doner so why not touch it up !
  4. Hey Portugal Maybe cause he is getting good results on a consistent basis ? oh wait just cause hes in the UK, he is automatically no good to members on this site.
  5. DThak When did he go up? To be fair he is getting top results on a consistent basis !
  6. Would it be good as extra protection as its a topical anti androgen? really dont care about the smell as i would apply at night.
  7. Jim Dr Arshad (the hair dr) is supposed to be good. He is based in Leeds in the UK. i think he is like 2 euro a graft. you can see his results on hair loss experiences.
  8. To me the result is a good one considering the number of grafts used and the level of baldness you had before hand. I think it looks good man. Keep your hair the same length as month 7 and I think it looks really good. Like Melvin always says hair transplants are illusion of density. It just looks worse when your hair is longer cause bald spots always look way worse when your hair is longer. Also you seem to have a very good doner so all you have to do is go for another pass on the mid scalp and crown and then your hair will be perfect. So you are really in a very good position here.
  9. Alex HLC, Demirsoy, Pekkiner are all very good. Dr cinic is also good even thought he does 10 patients a day he gets very good results. I actually have not seen a bad result from him so I don’t known why people are out to criticise him on this. If you are going with him do the most expensive package I think It’s like 3000 and you get the DHI method done. Asmed is like playing Russian roulette you either get the best hair transplant ever or you get butchered. So prob best to say away if you don’t want to take a gamble with your head.
  10. I’m currently on the big 3 finasteride, regaine and Nizoral. I’m just wondering does anyone know if this product would add extra protection or be worthwhile adding to the mix ?I know it will probably be no good on it’s own but as another method would it be useful.seen it for sale on minoxidil max website
  11. Don’t go Ksl look up Ksl the truth on Facebook or Ksl hair loss experiences. They have butchered so many people. Dr Reddy is world class he is probably your best bet in the Uk or Dr ball all the rest are average.