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  1. Can you name the clinic? Its important to do your research loads of good clinics in Turkey too.
  2. Baseball cap can cover the transplanted area. Not fully cover the doner. If their is good hair lenth on the doner would that be ok?
  3. I am planning on getting my crown done and then moving abroad a few weeks later. Most Clinics say to avoid the sun for 6 months. How do people manage that live in hot climates? I don't want to ruin my transplant or have red scarring.
  4. Can you post pre op photos and photos now at 9 months with the hair at a proper lenth. Not fair to give out about a clinic and not even post photos.
  5. Excellent result no doubt Just a question. How can you take that many grafts in two sessions? Majority of clinics in USA/Europe excluding Turkey wont take more than 3500 grafts and make you come back in a year if you need to do more work eg crown. What is the reason for this does anyone know? Doner area maybe?
  6. That’s a good result. Can’t expect miracles with that level of hair loss. Do you have any grafts left for another one ? Also any other pics of the midscalp
  7. @Portugal25 Do you ever regret not going on finasteride after your first procedure? l
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