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  1. Does not look on track for 6 months being honest. There are no guarantees in hair surgeries they are a risk. Bruno ferrreria seems like a top doc so I would trust he did everything he could. Sometimes our bodies don’t react well to surgery eg lack of blood flow etc maybe check that out.
  2. now we can see the real result I can see your concerns. Its only a small touch up probably only 500 grafts your in a very good position bro so I would not beat myself up.
  3. Why did u go back to same clinic if you are not happy with the 1st result ?
  4. What’s your story with Cinik ? U gona go back to him ?
  5. There’s a risk everywhere you go. Every clinics getting bad results these days even the doctors.
  6. Why dident they do it over 3 days ? That’s a lot of grafts in one day. Best of luck anyways lucks great.
  7. Cosmedica, Cinik or bicer. Yes I know the first 2 are hair mills but they are good hair mills.
  8. Any improvement behind the hairline ? Any pics with hair not combed over that area ?
  9. Definitely yes from me. One of the best for sure. Anyone know how long his waiting list is ?
  10. He’s probably a good surgeon. But look at the hair he is working with don’t get your hopes up that your gona get a result like this guy. not everyone has thick luscious hair like Spanish people.
  11. Looks great. Do u have any pictures out In daylight ? Do u have many grafts left?
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