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  1. Did u lose more native hair ? u on finasteride ? I don’t understand what’s going on here ? Transplanted hair should not be falling out that quickly
  2. Fue capiliar does 1 patient a day Led by a doctor it’s not a hair mill. ??
  3. Fue capiliar are good and do dhi. you can do both in one day.
  4. @Portugal25 that’s an unbelievable result. Pekiner one of the best with beard !!
  5. That’s unbelievable. can you please take a pic from above so you can see the mid scalp and crown?
  6. Have to agree with Melvin here. i actually thought he got good results from his HTs he got them when he was 25 when he was Norwood 4,5 and he is 32 now So he just lost a lot more of his native hair. which makes his hair look way worse !!
  7. Hey Scott Don’t mind them lads saying keser is no good. He definitely is I have seen loads of good results from him !! Does only one patient a day and only does 600 grafts a day. HLC are also very good clinic. . Also check out Fue capiliar they seem to be Doing good work in turkey only do one patient a day.
  8. @Portugal25 @Egy I’m also a follower of international hair loss forum and Asmed are getting loads of bad results on that forum also.
  9. @Portugal25 out of that list Cinik is the best that is my opinion. I am entitled to my opinion based on the results I’ve seen on forums and Facebook pages. Maybe the techs are highly trained at the clinic does that ever cross your mind ? in relation to yaman every clinic has bad results, even hasson and Wong has a bad result on this remember noob ? Does that mean no one should go to them anymore them that their no good?
  10. And here we are spending all our time and hard earned money Just to slow down the inevitable. suppose he’s not on finasteride either just shows the importance of the drug even for your doner area !!!
  11. Very impressive congrats man HLC the best in Turkey.
  12. like to know the answer to this too. anyone have any idea?