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  1. Thanks. The miniaturized hair I am seeing could likely be from before I started the meds, but I thought they would regrow to normal after a year of Finasteride, but apparently not necessarily...
  2. 1mg per day. The physician did not say much besides warning me against the side effects, and keeping prescribing it to me when I said I was ok. He's not a hair specialist.
  3. Hey fellows, I have been taking Finasteride for a year without any side effects, so I don't intent to stop anytime soon. I might have some improvement, but it's so hard to say that it's not what I am happy for. I am happy that I can take it without side effects and that it is hopefully stoping my hair loss. Now, my question is: is it normal that after a year I still have a lot of miniaturized hair on the front and top of my scalp? Is it a sign of a lack of efficiency? Thanks
  4. Thank you friend. I sent him an email a week ago but I haven't have any response yet. I also wrote to HLC asking if I could choose who to be worked on by. Cheers
  5. Portugal25, how about HLC, where do you put them? They are only slightly more expensive than Pekiner at 2,5€ I think.
  6. Hey friend. I contacted all of them, stuck with those who take 1 or 2 patients a day, ruled out those who are more expensive or have 10 patients a day, and therefore was left with Demirsoy and Civas. It's not definitive but I am leaning toward Demirsoy because he rejected me, and I took that as a sign of good ethic. He told me to take Finasteride for a year and get back to him. I started on January, got good results and no side effects, so I am thinking of contacting him again around September. Cheers
  7. I have no clue man, I don't know what a good laxity should be like. FUT, arrrg, I know it works well in cases like me but me but I have worn my hair short my entire life, and that scar...At that point I put my hope on finasteride, who knows may by my donor will get stronger?...
  8. Hey, So actually all surgeons made me some offers, except Demirsoy (and Koray Erdogan who I contacted out of curiosity), who both rejected me as a suitable patient because of the weakness pf my donor area. They suggested that I take finasteride for at least 6 months and get back to them, which is what I will do. Thanks
  9. I see. As you said you are probably only half way through the evolution so I would not worry at that point. Thanks buddy.
  10. Hey barnwela, thanks for sharing. I have been rejected by Demirsoy last week. He suggested that I take finasteride for a year and contact him back. May I ask you think the result is not perfect? Cheers
  11. Thanks so much guys for the concerned advice. Now's time to investigate. 🕵️‍♂️, save 💸 and hope .