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  1. Hey friend. I contacted all of them, stuck with those who take 1 or 2 patients a day, ruled out those who are more expensive or have 10 patients a day, and therefore was left with Demirsoy and Civas. It's not definitive but I am leaning toward Demirsoy because he rejected me, and I took that as a sign of good ethic. He told me to take Finasteride for a year and get back to him. I started on January, got good results and no side effects, so I am thinking of contacting him again around September. Cheers
  2. I have no clue man, I don't know what a good laxity should be like. FUT, arrrg, I know it works well in cases like me but me but I have worn my hair short my entire life, and that scar...At that point I put my hope on finasteride, who knows may by my donor will get stronger?...
  3. Hey, So actually all surgeons made me some offers, except Demirsoy (and Koray Erdogan who I contacted out of curiosity), who both rejected me as a suitable patient because of the weakness pf my donor area. They suggested that I take finasteride for at least 6 months and get back to them, which is what I will do. Thanks
  4. I see. As you said you are probably only half way through the evolution so I would not worry at that point. Thanks buddy.
  5. Hey barnwela, thanks for sharing. I have been rejected by Demirsoy last week. He suggested that I take finasteride for a year and contact him back. May I ask you think the result is not perfect? Cheers
  6. Thanks so much guys for the concerned advice. Now's time to investigate. 🕵️‍♂️, save 💸 and hope .
  7. I am located in northern NJ, close to NYC. You think I can go there without the intent of being treated? Belgium? ok cool, I'm gonna look into it! Also if you have a couple of names...
  8. 🙏 thanks for the advice. I am not Turkish. I am french, living in the u.s. for my studies. I focused on Turkey because from what I've seen it seemed to be the place where both affordability and quality can be found together. May I ask you in what country did you have yours? Do you plan on ever cut your hair short in the back?
  9. TrixGlendevon, thanks man. You are right indeed, this is not the best thing to hear but I know it makes sense. It learnt recently that FUT is usually better for severe baldness and weak donor area, but man that scar...especially with short hair. I will think about it though. Also it's definitely something I don't want to do out of precipitation. I was wondering if paying more meant better. But yea thanks, I sure can wait if it means get a better care.
  10. Thanks a lot guys for you responses, quite helpful, I appreciate it. Fozzie, I just took the picture below which is a week approximately after the first ones. But even if my donor area looks better, isn't that kinda cheating? Isn't my real potential shown in the first pictures?
  11. lol. I can easily understand, and without judging by any means, it id not something for me, I would rather go bald and shave, it's just personal. But ILtrooper, you're bringing up a point I was thinking a lot about, and this is the question of higher price surgeons. Doganay is out of my budget right now, but could be within my budget in a year or two, after I graduate. So I have this dilemma, how worth it is it to go with a surgeon who charge more? Will I see a significant impact or not? I am not comparing with the very low cost clinics, but rather someone like Demirsoy who charges 1.25€ per graft versus 2€ I think for Dogonay. Do you have an opinion on that?
  12. I am not because I have always scared of side-effects but I am definitely considering it now and see what happens. Thanks buddy.
  13. Thanks man I appreciate it. I actually have been doing that for the last two years, with razor blades every three to four days. I stopped shaving a couple weeks ago in order to send pictures to clinics. Are you saying that because you think I am not a good candidate for a HT?