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  1. Thanks Gatsby. It's reassuring to read your guys nice comments. I am impatient to see how it will all evolve with time.
  2. 😅 thanks bud I am flattered. I plan to go a second time for the crown, when the budget will be available.
  3. Thank you guys, that makes me feel good. I'll keep you guys posted all along until the 12 months mark for sure.
  4. Hello guys, here is the 4 months update. The next one should be after my first haircut.
  5. haha thank you guys, right this part of the face has been blessed.
  6. Hey people, here is the 3 months update:
  7. lol I was hoping to make one or two smile
  8. I agree 100%. Thanks brother I'm gonna check it out 😊.
  9. Not exactly. To be precise, on the first and second day extraction and implantation were done by Dr Cengiz, and the third day scalp extraction and implantation were done by Dr Umut. Dr Cengiz only extracted the beard on the last day. I know @Portugal25 is more confortable with knowing who is going to be the surgeon which is why he went to Pekiner's clinic, and I think his argument is strong and valid. However personally, after thinking about it, I liked the benefits of teamwork. When did you have your procedure friend? Have you posted it? Best
  10. Thanks buddy. Dr Cengiz and Dr Umut both worked on me on different days. How about you man?