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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood IV A
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Never heard of them. They might be good or they might not, but beware as a HT can make or break your looks.
  2. 1978matt

    3rd hair Transplant

    The crown doesn't look bad. Maybe just go for the 1000 in the front via FUE.
  3. Fin will slow things down but may not stop the rot completely. I like to think that it could slow down the rate of loss by a factor of 3. So lets say your hairloss from 20 to 30 may now occur over 20 to 50. However, it varies from person to person and some people say they saw effectiveness drop after 5 years. That is a good plan to wait 5-10 years.
  4. 1978matt

    Turning 40, Finasteride, and Dr. Konior

    At 40 and with tons of donor hair left you will be fine in the long term!
  5. 1978matt

    Advice Needed

    If the scar is in the right location and your scalp is still loose then I'd go with the FUT option. If it was made too low or the scalp is tight it might not be possible to improve it. konior, gabel, nadimi, shapiro, cooley all great choices.
  6. Yeah, that looks like keloid scarring. There's so much donor you would need to cover I honestly dont think it would be worth trying leg hair....and what if it scars badly?
  7. 1978matt

    David Beckham FUE

    I saw him being interviewed yesterday and the problem seems to be the mixture of SMP and HT makes his hairline too abrupt. Once the SMP fades it should look more natural.
  8. 1978matt

    David Silva Transplant

    The lack of density between new and old hairline is a problem and maybe he will address that in the summer. Not the worst HT I've ever seen but it could be better.
  9. I'd go with a hairline a bit more conservative which traces your existing 'hairline' if you get my meaning. You will undoubtedly need 2 HTs, each of 2500+. Donor looks average but you have hair colour/skin contrast which is low and will work in your favour.
  10. I would try finasteride or you may set yourself up for problems in the long term. Try it for a year and in the mean time visit some local doctor's like Hasson & Wong and Rahal. I'm not a fan of those other two you mentioned. 2500 grafts would seem about right to me. I think you could probably get away without any temple point work and that would be advisable since you are still young. Some doctors really aren't good at them either.
  11. That's one of the worst donor areas I've ever seen. No I would not recommend an FUT. You would not get enough hair out of it. I reckon you could maybe get another 2000 grafts by utilising the untouched donor area but I'm not sure that's wise at your age. Start by getting on fin and maybe SMP the damaged donor area.
  12. 1978matt

    David Beckham FUE

    Changed my mind on Townsend. He definately did SMP a year or two back and then it looks FUT which would explain the big change:
  13. Those lines seem reasonable. I would get some grafts punched out on the left corner as they are too pluggy. Konior, Gabel, Nadimi, Cooley, Shapiro MG, Bisanga are the only names you need.
  14. 1978matt

    David Beckham FUE

    Lewis Hamilton wears some kind of system when out and about. During races it appears his hatural hair which is really quite thin. Andros Townsend has clearly done something which I suspect is a high quality system. It appears too dense to be natural and with no signs of donor depletion or scars. Beckham has been using concealers for years and shows no evidence of transplants. He's got quite fine hair which comes across as thin when it's short and in harsh light. He's probably on finasteride.