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Hair Loss Overview

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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood IV A
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men
    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. Yeah, I've dabbled with them in the past but I'd rather not become hooked on them tbh!
  2. The doc said 2 to 3000 FUE before the donor would look compromised. Not sure about FUT. Maybe another 2000 with 2000 FUE left after
  3. I have to blow dry it like that. My hair is ridiculously straight and rigid and it is very difficult to style. Kind of like some Asian/Chinese hair I guess. Apart from a year or two the late 90s I always wore it up for as long as I can remember. Currently using a very small amount of Osmo Matte Clay followed by a dusting of firm or max hold hairspray.
  4. Yeah, it's a difficult one to decide whether to stick with FUT or FUE. I would have continued with FUT if I felt my loss was a moving target but over the 5 years from the first transplant there was little to no loss. My close male relatives with hair texture similar to mine seem not to have progressed beyond NW5 either and are aged 65-72. My dad is more or less NW6 now at 67, but his hair strands are very fine, complete opposite. He also seemed to lose most of his from 40-55. Sounds like you may be better going with one last FUT provided there is a bit of play in the scalp.
  5. Hi Guys, It's all good as seen in the photos below taken today. One of the benefits of the summer is it is much easier to get well lit photos. I am still on 1/4 proscar twice a week and if anything I seem not to notice any side effects any more. I'm thinking to get 500 grafts in the crown and that will be me done...hopefully for ever, or at least not for another 15-20 years!
  6. I take 1/4 Proscar usually Friday and Monday, with no real hair loss for multiple years. Of course it could be purely coincidental and my hair fall decided to plateau at age 33/34 (now age 40). I get minor brain fog type issues, so I take it at night and the majority of the sides are gone by the morning. I think ideally you should try to take 3mg over the space of a week, e.g. 1mg Mon, Wed, Fri or take 0.5mg over 6 days. I think that would be enough to have a positive effect.
  7. I think that was the best call to use the fringe areas around the over harvested zone. You should hopefully be pretty set after this and not need another HT for a long time, if ever.
  8. I believe I spoke to you on the phone in August last year. Nice to hear you went through with it!
  9. 6 Months I'll probably not bother posting further updates until 12 months otherwise they will all be a bit samey. 100% satisfied with the outcome.
  10. No, it all looks fine and appears to have healed well. It will look bumpy like that for a couple of months at least.
  11. If you're a NW6 you likely have say 300cm2 bald area. Prior to balding you might have had 200 hairs/cm2, so 60,000 hairs have disappeared. To get you back to square one would take 60,000 / 2.2 ~ 30,000 grafts assuming 2.2 hairs per graft. But as we know, most people can only spare 6-8,000 from their donors. Judicious placement of grafts will therefore be needed. 40 grafts /cm2 is recognised as good density of 40 x 2.2 = 88 hairs/cm2, which is roughly half (50%) your original density. But to cover 300cm2 like this would require 300 x 40 = 12,000 grafts. So you have to mix your densities to make best use of those 6-8,000 available. For example maybe 50 in the hairline, 30 mid scalp and only 15 to 20 in the crown.
  12. Looks like your hair is of decent thickness/caliber so no doubts you will get some solid results from this!
  13. It doesnt look bad and if transplanted and grown out it could provide a good amount of coverage. I think there is a guy on here who went to Dr Maras who has similar hair to yours. He was positing in the last week or so about getting his crown done.
  14. I don't see why a little extra density could not be added. Maybe use the same doc as before and certainly one that operates on only one patient a day.