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  1. Oh and with sutures, the main problem is to do with excess tension which cuts off blood supply and results in the 'train track' appearance. Top doctors know not to do that.
  2. You know, FUE extraction is not perfect either. Grafts can can be sliced through just as easily as with neither method can the doctor see exactly what is going on below the surface. You can make an estimate of the maximum number of grafts 'cut through' on an FUT, and it goes as follows: 80 grafts per sq cm with 2.2 hairs each = 176 hairs/cm2 The square root of 176 is about 13. So there are 13 hairs on any side of a 1cm square of scalp. A strip is typically 30cm long, so do 30 x 2 x 13 = 800 hairs But, not all will be damaged, so lets say 50% are. So 400 'hairs' are
  3. I don't think you can say one is better than the other. One might be better for one person versus another, based on their personal situation. Having had both I would still go FUT if I had my time over again. In my case I had about 8000 hairs from FUT and 5000 from FUE. There's quite a bit of density loss in the donor from the FUE, and I can't imagine what it would look like if I had taken 13000 hairs from just FUE.
  4. Try Sara Wasserbauer in Walnut Creek. Heard of her before but don't know much. Results look decent though.
  5. I believe this was the Shapiro study from 2 or 3 years ago. One thing that occured to me is that the FUE surgeon gets to choose which grafts he takes versus FUT where you use whatever is in the strip. Therefore, the FUE could select a greater proportion of stronger looking (less miniaturised) hairs, even if they were restricted to the same numbers of 1,2,3 & 4 hair grafts. Perhaps that is one factor which led to slightly better growth.
  6. Probably just male pattern baldness with unusal frontal tufts. You could go to a Trichologist or HT doctor to confirm thats the case, and not other conditions.
  7. Yes, I get this every now and again although currently it is very minimal. I suspect it is hair that recently shed and is regrowing again in the last few months and will be kinked/wavy as if you were 6 months post op.
  8. It kind of looks like your natural hair flows forward but the transplants were bulky and placed willy nilly. I would think it can be improved by maybe punching out some of the bulky grafts and putting some other finer hairs in the correct direction. You might need to have a couple of surgeries to correct it. Cut your losses with Cinik. He hasnt the skills.
  9. The term implantation is broad but technically speaking the actual physical act of putting the graft in the incisionis mostly the lead tech (who does this for both the doctors according to a tech I spoke to in January). Think about it, the doctor cant make an incision, drop the needle/blade, pick up the forceps and then pick up a graft...place it in the incision. It would take too long. I have seen Dr k grafting. You have him and his lead tech - who has about 20 years experience - standing over the patient. A third tech is also stood there supplying the grafts to the lead tech. A
  10. It looks like they used quite bulky grafts and arranged haphazardly. I think you will need a top doctor next time to try to soften it up, but it will be a tough ask.
  11. Hard to say if you should go FUT or FUE. It depends on your long term goals and donor area density, laxity etc. You probably need about 1500 grafts, possibly more. I would think as if that area was completely bald and do: square CM of bald area x 30 grafts
  12. She is highly rated as Dr Konior would not allow anyone mediocre to be part of his practise. However, she has about 5 years HT experience versus his 30 years. She works in the same way as Dr Konior and does all the important steps. (Note that implantation is performed by technicians but is done under 100% supervision, i.e. the doctor makes an incision into which a graft is immediately placed - "stick & place".)
  13. oxford online pharmacy dot co dot uk seem to offer it with an online consultation. Seems a legit company.
  14. Someone on reddit had a bit of regrowth on 1/4 x Mon, Wed, Fri. Trying to cut to 1/8 is not worth the effort in my opnion. Just try 1/4 every other day instead.
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