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Hair Loss Overview

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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
  • How long have you been losing your hair?
    In the last 10 years
  • Norwood Level if Known
    Norwood IV A
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair

Hair Loss Treatments

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  • Hair Transplant Surgeon
    Dr. Raymond Konior
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men
    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. They have a mind of their own. On my first I had hairs that shed immediately; hairs that grew a cm and stopped; hairs that kept growing from the start; hairs that grew a bit and then shed a couple of month later. No point worrying about it as nothing can really be done.
  2. A distant memory. Hair dye masks the problem a bit in that one. These are clearer. Feb 2012 and April 2012 respectively. At least they show very little progression since.
  3. Never heard of them. What about Dr Reddy who does procedures in Selston (Nottingham area) as well as London?
  4. 1978matt

    Cost and negotiating

    It was a bad idea. If they can charge that sort of rate it is for a reason. Maybe if the waiting list was really short you may have got some joy but unlikely. If patients normally pay by credit card you could ask to do a bank transfer if that's possible, or check (cheque - uk spelling), asking them if they will deduct the Amex/Visa/Mastercard %. That might take off 2-5% if they are agreeable.
  5. 1978matt

    Is this guy wearing a wig?

    Some guys do end up with a female type hairline although somewhat rare. David Schwimmer being a prime example.
  6. I don't think it was a trico closure but I could be wrong. I think they can be overrated because the hair that grows through the scar can exit at a weird angle. Yeah, it sure is more painful for Strip. I think the size of the procedure also plays a factor, since I had 4 times as many grafts the first time. Yeah I take 1/4 Proscar twice weekly. Usually Friday/Tuesday but sometimes Friday/Monday.
  7. 1978matt

    Sleep lines

    My first thought is it could be 'CVG' that you were never fully aware of. Cutis verticis gyrata
  8. You should spend a year on Fin and 2-3 years visiting some highly respected surgeons. Fin could surprise you and give a boost in density to the point where you can delay having surgery. Maybe try shaving your head too. You should assume you will be a slick NW6 and plan accordingly. Strip or FUE I don't know and it is the doctors that should evaluate this. Start with the guys who do both and no bias for one or the other.
  9. 1978matt

    Back to work

    Not enough info. FUT or FUE? Shaving your head entirely or just the donor? How many grafts and to what area of the scalp?
  10. He seems a decent ethical guy and I cant recall of any bad reviews. Some people on here went to him for FUT and FUE and were quite pleased.
  11. The ISHRS is probably your best starting point. Are there any well reputable surgeons near you?
  12. 1 Month The top has mostly shed with a few hangers-on. I had a haircut at week 3 which didn't really touch the donor area so what is seen on the back and sides is basically growth from day 1. Apart from very very minor soreness and itchiness in the donor areas it has been a walk in the park. Resizing phone photos is a bit rubbish so apologies for the picture quality.
  13. Looks real nice. This doctor appears really competent from what I have seen.
  14. 1978matt

    Side effects of Propecia

    Just start by taking 0.5mg once, then after a week take it twice on Monday / Thursday, then if all is good take it 3 times Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Taking between 0.5mg and 1mg 3x a week seems to be enough to have a decent effect on most people. That was a lot of bro science but what I will say to the above is that Terbinafine tablets will clear that up as once took it for 6 months to clear a fungal nail infection on one foot. It completely eradicated it.
  15. He probably doesn't care otherwise I'm sure he would have looked into and got a HT. His advisors probably insisted he wears those wigs to maintain his 'leading man' image.