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  1. Exceptional result. Did the patient take propecia or so rogaine or anything for the one year post his surgery?
  2. This result looks real good. Considering you had hair loss pretty far down which also impacted your donor area. This looks good. Perhaps consider another 1,000 or so in the future. Make sure to do preventatives like minoxidil and lllt
  3. I received a transplant about 3.5 months ago on the crown of my head. While doing some work outside for a few hours, my crown looks to ha w gotten sun burnt. Should I be worried? Will this impact hair growth in the area? My initial thought is it shouldn’t matter but would like to hear others opinions. thanks!
  4. Looks like a good transplant. You will undoubtedly lose a few grafts. Try not to panic and stop looking in the mirrors and touching the hairs and driving yourself crazy. You won’t miss one or two grafts. Just don’t inflict damage to your transplant by picking at it
  5. Really solid result Dr. Charles. Did the patient stay on 1mg daily finasteride and LLLT for the entire year after his surgery to attain these results?
  6. Studies indicate that 0.25mg provides about 80-90% of the full benefit when compared to anything else above it. In fact, 0.05mg would give the same impact. This tells me that the limiting agent is the testosterone enzyme in the blood serum which is part of the plasma. Therefore there is an excess amount of finasteride resides in our plasma. In order to prevent excessive build up, I chose the 0.25mg. The best thing to do is to check your testosterone % in serum and testosterone/DHT ratio before taking it and then after to ensure its still in the safe zone. I think all of my side effects were simply the nocebo effect. I have read one too many horror stories and it psyched me out. Even if they were accurate representations, or not, I simply stopped taking it after a few weeks; even though I suspect everything was fine physically and moreso general anxiety about the "what if." See this link for the study I mentioned https://www.hairguard.com/finasteride-dosages/
  7. How old were you when you had your first transplant? Have you continued to lose native hairs in other areas such as it traveling to your crown? you certainly have a fantastic donor density so Im sure doing more procedures wont be an issue for you.
  8. Very nice results. Are you on finasteride? rogaine? laser?
  9. Many of the FUT scars one sees now are from procedures done 30 years ago. Its much better now You'll likely need over 2000+ grafts. In my opinion FUE is not a good option for you. I did my first FUT 3 weeks ago (i'll be doing a write at some point in the future). The scar is pencil thin already. There are multiple reasons as to why I chose FUT. 1) Surface area of scarring is much much smaller compared to FUE 2) Maximizes the yield of grafts that will take hold much higher than FUE 3) If you hair keeps falling out, you can more easily do a 2nd or possibly 3rd procedure in the same scar 4) Less likely to over harvest compared to FUE area which can be an awful outcome If you choose FUT, make sure that the surgeon is aware and incredibly experienced in doing a trichophytic closure of the scar. I'll share pictures of my closure in the near future. This will allow hair to grow through the scar and will make it blend in much better. FUE is the buzzword in hair transplantation, but not everyone is a good candidate. Check out this presentation...
  10. Hey Kaliber, do you have any updated pictures since you did this?
  11. Anyone on fin at 0.25mg successfully? Study show there is a non-statistically significant difference between 0.05mg and 1mg in term of reducing serum dht and scalp dht levels. see link below... https://tophairlosstreatments.com/best-finasteride-dose-hair-loss/ so anyone?
  12. Anyone on 0.25mg successfully? Many studies show there is a non-statistical significant difference between 0.2mg and up.
  13. Does anyone in this forum take both of these successfully? If so, for how long? and what doses? What type of SSRI? If I recall correctly, SSRI have side effects of hair loss. I’ve been told there is no interaction between them by pharmacist. However, I know both have side effects in libido and ED. Being on SSRI for 15 years, I am ok with where my Libido is. Just not sure of taking two drugs with these side effects together for different purposes. Although I don’t believe a combination of the two lead to a super anti-libido drug, but would need a biochemist too and that one potentially I am also aware of the nocebo effect. That may occur as well and can make it difficult for those undergoing this phenomena to determine if it’s physical or psychological.
  14. In your signature it says finasteride 1.25 mg daily since by 2014. If that’s not the case anymore? Why stop now suddenly?
  15. Maybe I’m more of a Norwood IIIv at my current state. Again I’m 35. What do you guys think?
  16. I looked at it and got it but never took it and I probably won’t. I do have hairmax laser band and rogaine. My biggest concern is my hair continues to drop out and then I only have patches where the hair came in. I can’t buzz cause of my fut scar. Not sure what the option becomes....more hair transplants or hair removal where I put in the new grafts and then SMP the fut scar and then buzz or shave it...I guess.... is it true that if you start early your hair loss will stop early? I’m hoping at 35 mine has stabilized.... Any of you guys take DHT a locker natural medicines like saw palmetto? I’ve read this can also have similar side effects to finasteride?? I don’t want to take medicine for cosmetic purposes but natural remedies I would consider. Thoughts??
  17. Question....has anyone here done something similar around same time in life and not taken propecia? I plan on doing hairmax laser and rogaine perhaps. My concern is that my Norwood 4 eventually turns into a 7 and then I have permanent temples with nothing in between and I just continue to chase this goose. anyone have experience with this? If I have a Norwood 4 at 35 does this mean that I’ve established my pattern or could this sucker turn into a Norwood totally bald except for a part of my temples and a perfect circle in my crown which would look horrendous?????
  18. SMP should help make the scar blend in. As your skin color changes you can touch up with SMP. Another option is you can do a few FUE like 100 to help cover the scar as well. Since it’s not many FUE I don’t think it would leave many circle scars
  19. maxgraft

    Using haarklinikken product only after few months. The results look like my baseline when I had no treatments at all.
  20. maxgraft

    On 5ml off Rogaine for a few years