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  1. Hi Sean, Thanks for the advice. I definitely had a blood test done already in Jan, found out I was both Vit D deficient and subclinically hypothyroid. Both those are resolved now due to Vit D supplementation and thyroid medication, but idk how much that was affecting my hair. You are right, it is Asian hair. I am definitely worried about shock loss.
  2. Hi Vickykuril, Thanks for your detailed post! Why do you recommend FUT? Also I did not know that you could extract from the sides of the head? All the videos I see are from the back.
  3. Hi Lennney, Thanks for your input. Regarding hairstyle - I have no qualms changing my hairstyle! Regarding the delta - there was no discussion with Erdogan's patient coordinator in terms of my expectations vs theirs. They took my photos and video of me combing the donor area, and responded with a No. In the initial online intake form, I was very vague on my expectations - I really just want to fill out the top. I'm not expecting a miracle. I'll upload photos in my next post. Thank you MarshallUK. Where did you end up having your HT? Thank you Sean. In what sense do you mean surgery should be a last resort? Thank you Melvin. I will check them out. They are very close to me. In your opinion, is their skill level on par with surgeons I hear about all the time? (H&W, Erdogan, Rahal, etc) I have no issues financially, I just want the best I can get. Which surgeon did you go to, elduterino? Hi Dr. Bloxham, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I'll be uploading pics of my hair loss in the next post. I have a few questions for you, but they are pretty basic as I don't know much about these procedures (and anyone can jump in to answer!) 1) What makes FUT better for weak donors? 2) Are the gaps in my donor area due to retrograde alopecia / DUPA, or is it just weak donor area?
  4. Do you mean the recipient area will look bad due to weak grafts, or do you mean the donor area will look bad? I have been using finasteride 1mg since last year. Are you saying it will help with the donor area? California, USA. I have not, but looks like you guys are recommending I should. I will definitely talk to someone in person. I am in Northern California but I can visit doctors in LA too (I'm assuming the HT surgeons in LA are better?) Thank you, I will look for a live consultation in my area. I'm not very familiar with HTs. Are FUTs better for weak donor areas? My normal haircut is buzzed down sides and back so I'm concerned about the scar being shown.
  5. From Erdogan: "After analyzing your photos Dr Koray Erdoğan found that your DONOR AREA is not strong and thick as it should be for the hair transplantation. Therefore Dr Koray Erdoğan came to the conclusion that your Donor area has a low capacity for the procedure of hair transplantation." Anyone heard of this type of rejection? Since Erdogan is so well respected, does this mean that most other surgeons share his opinion? Pics of my donor area below: Long Long (combed upwards) Short (you can see my donor area has "gaps"?) Buzzed (this is my default look) FRONT VIEW TOP VIEW CROWN VIEW