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  1. Thank you guys for all the kind feedback and words, honestly means a lot. That was a nice touch by the clinic and so grateful I went there as they’ve changed my life forever now. Even to this day they’ve kept in contact with me, but more importantly given me a result which I’m thrilled with. I can’t speak highly enough about them. Touch back on a question but the doctor designs the hairline and does the incisions. Techs do the rest and I know some people literally crucify this clinic but they have lots of fantastic results.
  2. Thank you it was only recently I learned I could present my result slightly differently
  3. Yeah his a good mate of mine and he was the one who showed me how to do a video. I’m not too familiar with Céline Dion songs! He actually got his transplant once he see mine come through
  4. 18 Month Final Result As I’ve just reached my final result and this will probably be one of my last posts for now for my hair transplant journey, I thought I would do something a little different and put a short video together to show my result. Thanks again to all the people who gave feedback on my thread, HRN and @Melvin-Moderator for helping me along the way. Has been a truly life changing experience and couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t change a thing and so happy I choose Asmed. Link to the video:
  5. I’m from the UK and ordered mine on Amazon. Your probably find you can’t actually do that many mins as the bandana/cap used to leave a tan line across my forehead.
  6. My clinic instructed 6 months for both sun or sunbed but every clinic post op instructions vary. The only instruction I didn’t follow to the letter was the sun bed. I think I waited between 8 or 12 weeks before having a stand up again but I always wore a bandana with a cap over the top to protect my scalp and had less minutes too.
  7. Thanks Kruchie, appreciate the compliment. Without doubt the single best thing I’ve ever done by far. I feel the difference within myself too and has improved so many different aspects of my life. I still smile everyday straight after styling my hair when I see it in the mirror. I had a photo today outside at the funfair and shows the hairline at a very short distance.
  8. No worries your welcome. I’m sure your end up just as happy as me. Good luck and I’ll keep an eye out on your progress. Just seen your thread and works looks super clean. I’ve got a feeling your end up very happy, like the temple work too.
  9. Sorry I’ve only replied, I haven’t been using this forum much at all recently. I only use a sebamed shampoo which the clinic gave me to begin with and it’s not expensive either. I’ve stuck with that ever since. Regarding styling I don’t use anything fancy at all. I use a cheap tub of wax which I get from my barbers. It’s wax but also has a slight wet feel/look to it. For me styling my hair doesn’t take long at all and it looks better depending how good I blow dry and brush my hair backwards. I’ll brush and use the hair dryer at the same time to follow through where I’m brushing and the
  10. Thank you mate, appreciate your feedback. I‘m going to give it a go and if I notice any shedding I’ll stop instantly.
  11. Won’t take you long to get back where you was Melvin. You always look bulky in the videos, arms especially! Thanks I’ll post an update soon but not much has changed really since the last few updates 😊
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