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  1. A couple more photos, 2 inside and 1 outside. You can see how various lighting conditions can make it long stronger
  2. 12 months & 3 weeks. I don’t normally take selfies often but here’s the hair outside on a walk in the sunshine
  3. Thank you even from the side, it’s made a big difference (attached) The procedure cost £10,500 but the best money I’ve spent. Ever since I changed the style to be pushed back I stopped using hair fibres (around month 8 ) I found they wasn’t really adding much and if anything making the appearance look unnatural. I have different options now with regards to hairstyle having the hair up or having the hair pushed down or to the side. I did upload a few photos of my donor and doesn’t look or feel depleted to me. Yes I’m on finasteride too. I can only speak from my own personal experience but the clinic were brilliant with me from the moment I arrived in Turkey. So glad I choose to get my hair transplant with them.
  4. Thanks Cosmo, really appreciated all your feedback and the informative posts. The first 5 months dragged like hell for me but the last 7 months have flown by. Certainly life changing in many aspects 😊
  5. Thank you mate. The feedback has been amazing at 12 months. Truly appreciate everyone’s comments. Means a lot
  6. 😂😂 Cheers mate, put it this way I would have never worn these white jeans with my old hairline 😂🙈 Just never had the self confidence back then. Even one guy at work today outside asked why there was no scarring at the back 😊 Thanks for your feedback over the past year
  7. Cheers Sam, I appreciate it. So happy too 😊 How many months are you in? I’ll keep an eye out for you progress. Good luck
  8. I’ve attached some different angles for 12 months too with one side shot prior to surgery.
  9. Thanks Fozzie, I get a high skin fade so most of the back and sides is a zero guard going into a 0.5 or 1 at the top.
  10. Cheers Melvin, I’ve come close a couple of times over the past year to defending the clinic but sometimes it’s not worth the aggro.