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  1. This looks unreal already and only 6months. Congratulations
  2. Oh cool, I take a look at your thread now. It’s good you’re happy. I think sometimes a lot of the happy Asmed patients just get overlooked on here recently. Thank you mate, I’m over the moon with it. Oh really my coordinator was Suzanna and we’re still in contact. I wonder if you could switch to her as she is brilliant. So just my personal preference but I use Finasteride 1mg daily and kept the clinics supply of Proscar for back up. I order it from Lloyd’s pharmacy online usually but for my next order I think I may use Dr Fox as I see they’re charging around £70 for 6 months I think. Lloyd’s is around £130/£140 so will deffo research next time and order from the most reputable cheapest place. And thank you again, I’ve said many times before but the hair transplant has been the best thing I’ve ever done. Your results look great by the way from the photos you’ve posted. Your hair loss doesn’t look that apparent but you can see how much your hairline has been lowered and looks natural and thick.
  3. Congratulations man, your hair looks great it looks pretty thick at that length too.
  4. Keep doing what you do Melvin, you do a fantastic job with the forum and play a major part in making it what it is. I think the vast majority of members would agree too. You’ve always given me honest and great advice.
  5. Thanks man, all three are outside but the first 2 are under direct sun light. Not one person has ever suspected I’ve had a transplant who didn’t know me before.
  6. Thank you, appreciate the kind words. Mate I’m over the moon and so so happy. As I’ve said before best decision I ever made in my whole life getting a hair transplant and choosing Asmed.
  7. Oh yeah I forgot to mention earlier but not bad for a downhill overpriced hairmill clinic. So grateful I choose these guys.
  8. Haha no worries Melvin. At 14 months I’m coming towards the end of my journey for my first transplant but I would like to thank you for all the effort and hard work you put into this forum. I said recently, but if it wasn’t for this forum there’s no way I would have been this happy or got this result even, as I would have got a hair transplant closer to home where the standards are less high.
  9. Thanks Steve for the nice words. The transplanted hairs are so much more thicker then I imagined and the frontal area is all transplanted hair. I had no existing hair in that area at all to bolster the hairline. Maybe the finasteride and couple of supplements I take also played a small part in making my hair a little thicker and healthier too. But thank you for your feedback, I feel like a totally new person for the better.
  10. 14 months I’m at 14 months now but really hard to notice any progress since the last update, so I’ve just attached one before and after photo. The before photo was my hair looking at its best prior to my transplant with me disguising my hair loss as best I could. Sometimes we have to look back to realise and appreciate how a single hair transplant can have such a positive impact on your life.
  11. Thank you. I want to say between a 3A to 4A, though the doctor did place a small amount of grafts in my crown. Maybe @Melvin-Moderator or someone else might be able to advice based on the attached.
  12. Aww thank you so much Dr Erdogan and Suzana for changing my life forever. Will always be grateful for what you guys done for me. And thank you to this forum too, as without this forum I would have never have got this result. All the knowledge, recommendations and patient reviews really helped myself in probably avoiding getting an average HT at best somewhere within the UK where I live. Thank you all 😊
  13. Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words. And yes the confidence a hair transplant gives you is actually priceless, i found it really gave me motivation in many aspects of my life
  14. Thank you. Of course not, I’m 32 and noticed my hair loss from very early 20’s, maybe late teens too 😊
  15. This thread could potentially go off! But to answer your question from my own personal experience which was in March 2019, I could not be happier with my results. Best thing I’ve ever done getting a hair transplant and choosing Asmed especially. First photo is just under 14 months and second photo was between 10-11 months after surgery.