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  1. Thanks for sharing with us and also sharing your detailed knowledge and stats which help people on the same journey.
  2. Yes I agree, the hairline is looking a lot closer to 26 now and a big improvement from 30. Hopefully things do carrying on improving for you. Haha I know the feeling, it’s only been the last few weeks that I’ve started to realise how just having a hairline can make such a positive difference to one’s appearance and framing the face.
  3. Congratulations, I’m glad you’re pleased with your result at quite an early stage too. It looks really good from the indoor photos and still plenty of time to improve.
  4. Thanks mate, fingers crossed for the next couple of months to see more hairs popping through. For my 6 month update I’m going to get a skin fade haircut on the back and sides which helps my hair on top look a little better where the back and sides are thicker.
  5. Ok cool, I’ll bear that in mind for the future. Since I lowered my dosage to 0.5mg every morning that has certainly helped for the moment.
  6. Thanks dude, would be over the moon if I could get a result similar to yours. I’m not sure if the Fin has played a small part too as I’ve been on that for nearly 6 months now and also improved my lifestyle like going gym every day for the past 3 months.
  7. Thanks Cosmo, cheers for the feedback. I totally agree, where I’ve gone the best part of 10 years with no hairline and basically having long hair to try and disguise it, I’m really appreciating the difference a hairline makes to framing your face and appearance. I’ve attached another photo which includes my face. I’m going to get my back and sides shaved just before my month 5 update. Congratulations on your result. It looks really good, especially now the hairs have thickened.
  8. 4 month update Tomorrow marks the 4th month since my hair transplant at Asmed. I’m pleased with the progress so far and noticed quite a big improvement within the last 3 weeks. Photos are from sitting on the sofa, in front of the window and bathroom lighting. Any thoughts appreciated.
  9. 3 month update The majority of hairs shed by week 6. I was definitely looking at my worst from week 6 onwards for a little while as the skin was still very pink/red. Within the last 3 weeks I’ve really noticed some of the hairs starting to pop through mainly either side of the hairline so far. The side temples must of not really shed that much as they’re quite noticeable now. I’ve attached an image prior to surgery which show side temples before hand and also a photo from week 6. Any thoughts appreciated. I know already I’m going to have to wear my hair either very short or pretty long on top in the future as my hair just isn’t strong/thick enough to look half decent at its current length, but I knew that before I got the transplant.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I switched from 1mg Finasteride to Proscar 1.25mg which my clinic provided a years free supply for. But I’ve always taken it every morning without missing a dose. I may lower the dose to 0.5 and see if that helps. My doctor prescribed me some anti biotics to try and help. It just seems to me my skin has been much worse after a couple of weeks of starting the Finasteride and seems to be getting worse as time goes on.
  11. I need some advice from any of you guys that have taken/still using Finasteride. Does the medication cause a constant inbalance of hormones or will your body adjust to the drug over time? I’ve been on the medication for 4 months now and it’s given me cystic acne. (It’s made my skin worse then when I was a teenager) I take 1.25mg per day but wondering whether lowering the dosage would help? Should I try and ride it out for a few more months and re-consider the medication at 6 months. thanks
  12. Mate that’s a big positive difference and there’s still months ahead for improvement. The side temples finish things off nicely too.
  13. Ok thanks. I’m going to give it a good few months yet. I’ve noticed the same where the side temples have healed pretty quickly.
  14. I hope not! I can’t look any worse then at the moment. Out of interest, how long did you wait before getting your back and sides shaved at the barbers? I only ask as I know you had work on your side temples too. I was maybe going to wait until month 5 before going to the barbers.