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  1. The doctor recommended I take finasteride from my online consultation but I had started it a few months prior. I’m going to try and take it for the rest of my life if possible. I haven’t noticed any sides and kind of wish I had started it years ago.
  2. Thanks Alex, My hair loss has seemed to have stabilised since I’ve been on Finasteride for the moment.
  3. Thank you 😊 They were brilliant with me. Good luck and happy growing. I know the feeling I used to look in the mirror every single morning. I personally found months 4-6 probably was the biggest change with the hairline beginning to frame my face. I did start the gym one month after the transplant and found that really helped to keep my focus and concentration elsewhere. I didn’t take any time off work either for the first 6 months and that helped get me busy too.
  4. Looks brilliant, congratulations. Thanks for sharing your story as I remember whilst doing my own research it was one of the stand out results which would have swayed me to Asmed.
  5. Thank you Abi, loving the new hair and styling options too. I may visit Asmed again around the 12 month mark to see the guys there.
  6. Thank you, the combover didn’t look too bad in my early 20’s, but by my late 20’s it was getting to the point where it was clear I was trying to disguise and hide my hair loss. I had close people who had known me for years start telling me I need to change my hairstyle, but when there’s not much hair on top it’s hard apart from going for the shaved look and I can’t grow a beard either to compensate!
  7. Just over 10 months now and harder to see or notice any more improvements. I did get a haircut yesterday and it was the first time I’ve had quiet a bit taken off the top, especially towards the back. Any comments appreciated as always.
  8. Thank you appreciate the comment. That’s a bold statement but over the moon with it 😊
  9. I’m sure you will be fine mate. I know it’s hard but try and be patient. I was looking really bad 4-6 weeks in (attached) after it all shed. And then at 4 months things started to progress
  10. Thank you mate, I’m really pleased with it. Have you had your procedure yet or booked up?