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  1. I agree. Thank you for your feedback and everyone else’s comments on this forum. I appreciate it and take on board all the feedback and comments. Without this forum I wouldn’t have even discovered the various doctors and clinics across the world.
  2. @Melvin-Moderator Thanks man, I never knew that one hair transplant procedure would make such a positive impact on my life. Especially for my confidence and self esteem. The best thing I’ve ever done and exceeded my expectations by far 😊
  3. Thank you mate, I can’t believe how quickly things can change for the better. I look back at photos from 2.5months ago and the progress has been really good. This is my hair indoors from yesterday. My hair always looks better and darker indoors.
  4. 6 months and 1 week with no fibre, just clay styling product and hairspray.
  5. Thank you mate, I agree. Just adding fibres more subtle further back does help the overall appearance
  6. 6 months and 2 days and love the new hair! I’ve applied a little bit of hair fibres a few cm back from the hairline and stopped using them in the initial front hairline. Its a nice feeling going to the seaside and not having to constantly worry about my old fringe flapping around in the wind and exposing my bald areas!
  7. Is it not a good idea to quickly rinse your scalp under cold water after a hot shower to close the pores up or is this just a myth?
  8. Thanks jj, appreciate your feedback. Now I’ve seen my hairline styled and without toppik I feel it looks more softer but I still added a couple of sprays of toppik after these photos mainly in the centre of the hairline