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  1. Thank you, if I can get anywhere close to your result I would be absolutely delighted. I’ve been taking fin for 2 months now and ordered a stronger dose of Biotin and MSM which come Wednesday. With regards to the rogaine foam, I’m in 2 minds if I should try this during the ugly duckling phase to try and help with re-growth. I know you mentioned it made a difference to you and thats what’s got me thinking.
  2. Looking very good already but looked great after the 1st procedure 😀
  3. Thank you that would be much appreciated. Must be so nice with not just a great result but also having the freedom to style your hair differently. That’s partly why I went ahead with a HT. Not just for confidence but also hopefully having the ability to push my hair back or styling different. Did you use any supplements after your procedure to try and help growth?
  4. Congratulations mate, fantastic results you must be thrilled, especially looking at before photos. Would you mind sharing your hair thickness?
  5. Ok thanks. Did you just use it for 3 months or up until the 6th mark?
  6. I’ve just checked my pre op instructions and it says you can use the foam 1 month after procedure 😊
  7. Congratulations mate, your results already look amazing at 9 months. Looks so natural too. I would be over the moon if I could get close to your result! I’ve recently had 5015 grafts and similar hair thickness of 55 microns. How long after the procedure did you start the rogaine? Were the clinic ok with you using it?
  8. Craig2412

    ASMED and FUE

    I’ve just had a procedure at Asmed and can’t speak highly enough about my experience. I personally thought the clinic itself and all staff were amazing and I’m very happy so far even though I’ve got a long way to go. From my consultation I was basically given 2 options for my hairline design with 1000 more grafts needed to bring it slightly lower and to also include side temples which I opted for. Again from my own personal experience, I know one of my team of techs had 15 years experience working with the Doctor.
  9. 10 day update Here are some photos since I’ve reached 10 days since my procedure. The scabs only came off within the last 2 days through washing my hair for longer and using my fingertips while washing which the clinic recommended. Lol not looking forward to losing the new hairline but hopefully everything turns out ok months down the line.
  10. Good luck with your procedure. I’ve just got back from Asmed and everything went well for me so far. The clinic and staff especially are world class and amazing.
  11. Ratio 2.01 hair/graft 963 singles 3094 double 913 triple 43 quadruple 0 quintpule 2 sextuple
  12. Thank you 🤞🏻 Can anyone advice on realistic expectations for density in the hairline? My natural hair isn’t thick so I know I need to be realistic. I had 2800 grafts in the hairline and side temples. I’ve attached some photos and hope these help. Hair thickness: 55 microns Thanks
  13. Thanks mate, I’m still amazed at how much 1000 grafts made a difference in the hairline. Dr Erdogan said he wanted 500 grafts to lower the hairline more and 250 grafts each side for the temples. I literally went with the hairline and side temples the Doctor recommended and didn’t change at all where I was so happy with them in the first place. I’ve attached a couple of photos from the drawn hairline and day 3 after surgery.
  14. Hope these help. This is my donor area dry at home and wet at the clinic. Yes I’ll keep my thread updated as I’m sure I’ll need advice over the next 6-12 months.
  15. Thanks Guys, I’m still amazed at how much 1000 grafts made a difference in the hairline. Dr Erdogan said he wanted 500 grafts to lower the hairline more and 250 grafts each side for the temples. I’m trying my best to follow all the after op instructions. The hardest and most difficult thing I’m finding at the moment is sleeping at night, but I did buy a memoryfoam neck pillow which is more comfortable then the standard ones I’ve found. I would also like to know in terms of people’s hair regime, how much of a difference supplements etc make based on your own experiences? I’m taking Finasteride but undecided if I should start high doses of Biotin and will that make much of a difference. Cheers guys