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  1. Thanks Melvin, this forum has played a huge role personally in discovering and learning what options and clinics are available across the world. If I didn’t come across this site I’m 99% sure I would of gone ahead and had a transplant in the UK and potentially wouldn’t have received the results I’ve got thankfully.
  2. Thanks mate, it’s fine. I’ve taken on board all the comments and advice except the Fin talk 👍🏻
  3. Thank you mate, appreciate your feedback. Amazing what a hairline can do for your confidence and self esteem. Best money I’ve ever spent 😊
  4. Thanks buddy appreciate the comment. The doctor said I had 7900 grafts available prior to surgery so 2900 grafts left. I did have a small amount of grafts placed in the crown in my first procedure and hopefully Fin can help retain my native hair to delay a 2nd procedure later down the road.
  5. I do get what you’re saying but I’m not going to take any notice I have no idea why it bothers you so much that I take the medication
  6. I’m well aware of the side effects. For me personally I have no reason to stop the medication at the moment. Of course if I started experiencing sides I would re-think.
  7. Cheers mate I’ve been on 0.5mg of fin for 10 months now and still alive and still getting/keeping it up
  8. 8 months and 1 week Time seems to be flying at the moment. There is still one part of the hairline or frontal third I hope to see a little improvement but can be hidden when styled. Photos are under bathroom lighting.
  9. These photos are taken at 7.5 months. Still thrilled with the progress of my hair transplant. I’ve dropped the fibres unless I’m going out for a special occasion as they wasn’t really doing much to improve it. When I do apply a little fibre i avoid the hairline to make it look natural. I find styling and using a brush in the hairline makes the overall look stronger and denser. It’s maybe hard to tell from the photos but one side temple is still stronger then the other. 3 photos from outside and one photo from inside. Any thoughts appreciated.
  10. I agree. Thank you for your feedback and everyone else’s comments on this forum. I appreciate it and take on board all the feedback and comments. Without this forum I wouldn’t have even discovered the various doctors and clinics across the world.
  11. @Melvin-Moderator Thanks man, I never knew that one hair transplant procedure would make such a positive impact on my life. Especially for my confidence and self esteem. The best thing I’ve ever done and exceeded my expectations by far 😊
  12. Thank you mate, I can’t believe how quickly things can change for the better. I look back at photos from 2.5months ago and the progress has been really good. This is my hair indoors from yesterday. My hair always looks better and darker indoors.