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  1. dont think your previous transplant was that bad. Most grafts grew just not enough. I think you should go for fue as you like to have short hair.
  2. it looks brillant. must be good knowing all the hair is safe not reliant on propecia
  3. propecia & dutasteride. If you dont get side affects you will be a very lucky man. That is very risky.
  4. i never saw barely any bad reviews for H&W. Wong by my research is the best at doing the crown for instance.
  5. if stem cells became available. Do you think hair transplant doctors would not use it just because it would cost other companies millions? This makes no sense. Of course they would.
  6. i had no sides or worries about the drug until 2 years when the the sides struck. Got PFS & the first few months were a living hell. Total ED. You feel lifeless. Improving now after 2 years though & mentally in a good place despite not fully recovered but you have to live a monk like lifestyle which is ok for me as I never drank alcohol.
  7. got 2 transplants with Saifi. You are in great hands. Excellent doctor & man
  8. cause know. But creatine & even some protein shakes speed up hair loss significantly imo.
  9. you cant overcome side affects on fin. Just stop taking the drug. Reducing dosage will reduce them for a while but they will most likely come back.
  10. I stopped 3 months after a transplant. Transplant turned really good had no affect on ithe transplant. My suggestion is for anyone would be to think back have you ever in your life had any sort of low period of libido or had any small issue sexually. If yes I would never touch the drug. Even people who have taken the drug for 10 years no side affects(so they say but gurantee libido is slightly reduced) literally anything could happen. Now most likely you will be ok but no one knows how safe this drug is to take for 5 years+ As no studies were done over that time period.
  11. true. But you can have a long stable period. My father went to norwood 3 at 28 & slight diffuse on top. Was stable until he was 60 until is started diffusing again. Hair loss is unpredictable
  12. many people can't really be sure if hair loss is stable unless they have same hair loss as family member.