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  1. your hair looks great. No hairloss at all. Everyone hairline matures a slight bit in your 20's. No sign of MPB
  2. yeah i tried still had issues. Yeah ill see in a few months. I have been doing microneedlig in the area & lost no hair in the region but it hasnt really worked that well. Not seen many mentions of SMP causing shockloss. as it is performed on women as well.
  3. I just use the one of the cheao shampoos now. Rest is too pricey I had sexual & sleep problems after 2 years on the drug. First 2 years I was ok but it crept up on me. I still lost hair on the drug as well. Took me a year to recover. Feel 100% now though. Saifi is a good guy gave me 100 grafts for free & tries to use as little grafts as possible for the future. Was very happy with my transplant by him
  4. ypu have diffuse thinning. hard to know how quick it will progress. What is your relatives hair like?
  5. that wouldnt really make sense atm to just ad 20 grafts. I would likely lose some existing hair. Need more hair gone in the crown before a transplant.
  6. PFS is nothing to be laughing about. I had mild PFS but thankfully 95% recovered. It was hell. It is real. The guy Mark is probably just angry at what has happened I dont blame him. Many dont get side affects. But blood work should be mandatory before you take this drug, If you have lower DHT levels already before taking the drug you will be in trouble. Higher natural DHT levels & you will probably be ok. Doctors should be giving the drug before blood work is done first.
  7. why would he take fin? I doubt he will ever need it.
  8. my crown ok here for smp? https://gyazo.com/0697b9706bb11fcc450890328813d8a5 im thinking about cutting my hair to 7mm anyway buzz cut & blend in smp with existing. If so i would need smp in more of scalp though Doing this purely because i love having hair very short but not enough coverage last few years for this
  9. im 30 now. 31 in august my crown has been thinning for about 7 years now dr saifi ive recovered 95% thankfully took a few years First ive heard about smp impacting a transplant. Yeah im not looking to get another transplant until my hair is bald in the crown. Want to get smp in thin area's when possible.
  10. crown annoys me. I lost some there afte i stopped minoxidil. Thinking about smp for there considering i dont want to waste another transplant yet
  11. Thought i wpuld update this. 4 years on i thought i would have lost more conisdering I cant take any DHT blocking pills. My crown has got thinner rest of hair has stayed pretty much the same. https://gyazo.com/27c22aeff4b911408f849154c1d23b72 https://gyazo.com/0697b9706bb11fcc450890328813d8a5 Im thinkig about smp for the crown? Good idea?
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