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  1. good luck. I agree i am someone who has had good transplants but i like my hair very short 6mm or shorter. Need to have it a bit longer now. So i considering having smp in the future.
  2. the results are not that bad. Think the poster is being influenced by other posters complaining about Erdogan. He uses too many grafts at times imo but he isn't doing botch jobs. Just use toppik for now.
  3. it probably wouldn't be obvious at all the smp done well would blend quite well id say
  4. i do think in the next 10 years something to produce more hairs for transplants will happen.
  5. meds slow down hair loss. Dont stop it especially not someone heading for nowood 6 or 7
  6. i often think some people with very poor diets can speed up there mpb.
  7. ok interesting how he knew before it started to thin. yeah i think smp would a good option with a transplant.
  8. did you lose your existing hair quite quickly after the transplant in 2008? Maybe look into someone who smo also.
  9. my father was norwood 3 at 25 & only slowly started diffuse at 50. 70 now & still has an ok hair on top but it is diffused bad now. But ok for his age. He kept his hair long so i am unsure if he had diffuse hair from 20-40s but hairline was bad.
  10. pick a surgeon who will take into account future loss & not use excessive amount of grafts. That rules out Erdogan & most of Turkey. Saifi in Poland is good. H&W too.