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  1. should have out grafts in midsection of hair nearer to crown
  2. are some of those hairs from the donor oustide safe zone? I have seen some doctors tend to take grafts quite high up near crown. Maybe they have microscopes than can see whether that hair is safe etc..
  3. price is good. Freitas is a very good surgeon. when is your apointment?
  4. i started light running 4 days after the fue. 10 days heavy weightlfiting. Grafts are secure so should be fine after 1 week. so 10 days i was back training very day.
  5. if he was smart he would offer Couto to become the surgeon of the clinic
  6. hairman22


    be a bit awkward extracting hairs i would think.
  7. hairman22

    Hair Transplant Surgery and The "Illusion of Density"

    having an illusion of hair is kinda what my hair has always been like. I have had thin hair before i even got hair loss.
  8. hairman22

    MPB Cure...

    there will never be a cure. involves messing up too many hormones. Hair Transplant is good for most people. Do your research & you should have a decent head of hair.
  9. good donor. If I was you I would go for FUT at Hasson & Wong. If money not a huge problem.
  10. hairman22

    Is Hair Transplant "Hair Greed" Real?

    Hair cloning was close in 2004. https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/hair-loss/news/20041104/hair-cloning-nears-reality-as-baldness-cure I don't think hair cloning will happen anytime soon.
  11. hairman22

    cristiano Ronaldo

    has same hair as his father
  12. hairman22

    cristiano Ronaldo

    no that is just a fade lol
  13. hairman22

    Any hope for me?

    i think you should have enough donor to do the area you want.
  14. Most of your post is just rephrasing what I said lol. FUE is not a cure as it does not stop hairloss. More like a solution.
  15. Why does DHT usually not cause any hairloss in the donor area's? I don't think there will ever be a cure for hairloss. Any cure would just harm your hormones too drastically. Maybe hair cloning might happen.