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  1. Erdogan should no longer be recommended on this site imo. Uses too many grafts & it is a lottery whether you will get a good team or not.
  2. hairman22

    How Did You Guys Deal With Hair Loss Psychologically?

    never had any friends since 18 as my hair went. remember back in 2009 taking photos everyday. Got transplants & was happy with hair. But can't take propecia due to sides(have pfs but improving well). But now 28 I am very down again about my crown thinning & i cant prevent it going more. I am someone who loses confidence very easily as well even in things I am good at.
  3. Just the Green pervention pre shampoo & the shampoo. Didnt get the vials or patch.
  4. Yeah think ill get my next transplant from him in a few years when my crown/vertex thins more. Great result btw. Hair looks great & lots of grafts left in the bank if needed. I would be careful about fin. I was on it for 2 years. Had no sides for after 1.5 years. Then got PFS. I am recovering well tho but taking time.
  5. I just got a daily care shampoo & 2 of the green line about 45e total. Lasted me 6 months
  6. my results were good. some pics below. My hair is quite similar to yours, Been using CR Labs + Hair Comb for 1.5 years. It has worked quite well. Got 2 transplants 1500 fue May 16 & 1300 May 17
  7. I had 2 transplants with Saifi. Did he say anything to you about CR Labs?
  8. 0 you don't need a transplant
  9. fin didn't really help my hair. Was on 2 years had to go off (was 100% fine for 1.9 years) after getting sides + have pfs now. I am actually thankful I just have ed now & not the other sides maybe only to a minor degree. I am off 6 months & have suffered no hair loss & my hair could actually be better since using Laser & CR labs shampoo's. My hair will most likely though decline over the next 5-10 years but I can still get another transplant. I would advice people not to use fin because you never know when you could get sides. You can be on the drug side affect free for years & one day you could develop side affects.
  10. I have had 2 transplants with saifi. Very happy after the 2nd one. The 1st one was good but not enough grafts used. Sorry to say but the only problem I have with saifi is he can at times not use enough grafts. But i do prefer this conservative approach rather than a aggresive one.
  11. Not when you get permanent side affects . I wouldn't call it crazy for Saifi to not recommend a drug that you can get side affects at any time. I took it for 2 years no problems but suddenly got side affects. Now 5 months off I still have very bad ED,
  12. CR labs + Laser have worked very well for me so far. I had to stop taking propecia. I have PFS as well. Got 2 transplants with Saifi. He can be conservative my grafts. But I am very happy with my results from the transplant. I would highly recommend Dr Saifi.
  13. Use toppik until it goes further . I would suggest using Laser as well. I know many do think it works but it does imo.