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  1. you cant overcome side affects on fin. Just stop taking the drug. Reducing dosage will reduce them for a while but they will most likely come back.
  2. I stopped 3 months after a transplant. Transplant turned really good had no affect on ithe transplant. My suggestion is for anyone would be to think back have you ever in your life had any sort of low period of libido or had any small issue sexually. If yes I would never touch the drug. Even people who have taken the drug for 10 years no side affects(so they say but gurantee libido is slightly reduced) literally anything could happen. Now most likely you will be ok but no one knows how safe this drug is to take for 5 years+ As no studies were done over that time period.
  3. true. But you can have a long stable period. My father went to norwood 3 at 28 & slight diffuse on top. Was stable until he was 60 until is started diffusing again. Hair loss is unpredictable
  4. many people can't really be sure if hair loss is stable unless they have same hair loss as family member.
  5. I was taking it for 2 years. No side affect until 2 years. I am slowly recovering. My sex drive is greatly reduced,Sleep was affected badly too but that has improved thankfully. Energy slighty affected too. I have improved the 1st year was very tough.
  6. Erdogan loves using high graft numbers because they know at least half will grow so can say there was some iporovement in most cases. Not much consideration is given into future loss just their bank balance. It is why they have so many surgeries. I would never get a transplant there.
  7. I got side affects. 2 years later still not fully recovered so I would not risk taking the drug. Doctors who insist on taking it are putting their clients at risk.
  8. good job. but erdogan is not the place to get the crown done. But few are tbf. I would only go to Dr Wong or Couto,Lorenzo for crown work.
  9. Thanks think i have panicked a bit. I am quite happy i got fue instead of fut. as smp could be an option in future the thin patch isnt something i have just noticed either. had it at least 4 years now. so hopefully sides can stay & top continues to thin slowly.
  10. tried that cant take it anymore. i dont think anything will come out that does not mess with hormones. My hairloss is quite slow which is a plus.
  11. my donor is good. i am just worried about what norwood i am heading for & how low the back will go. H&W have also conformed I have a very good donor. But i am very worried about the back & sides dropping in future. No real signs but its a massive worry especially sign crown loss affects me most.
  12. i am utterly devasted. I think i am heading for norwood 7. Maybe because hair is so short at back. but is i see a very early pattern maybe even lower on back of head as usual. cannot take fin anymore too because of sides. I am in real trouble. I hoping maybe the slight thinness is due to the transpant, you can see the slight curve.
  13. oh i have had 2 transplants 2700 total grafts used for hairline & midscalp. both very good It why in one pic my donor is a bit thin when hair cut very short.
  14. Hi I am wondering does this hair loss in the back mean i will become a norwood 7 in the future. The in the back has been there for about 4 years. I know i will become a norwood 4-5 already because I have diffuse thinning. As you can my hair covers well when it is a bit longer. Only 1 family member has been a norwood 7 my uncle. The rest have been norwood 3-5s. I am struggling to see what norwood i will end up with.
  15. Steve i wouldn't go to turkey. I went to Dr Saifi in polant & got good results. He is a good surgeon & will think of our hair long term & is a good price.
  16. couto,lorenzo, freitas are very selective on who they take on. have to be on propecia and have very good donor hair
  17. should have out grafts in midsection of hair nearer to crown
  18. are some of those hairs from the donor oustide safe zone? I have seen some doctors tend to take grafts quite high up near crown. Maybe they have microscopes than can see whether that hair is safe etc..
  19. price is good. Freitas is a very good surgeon. when is your apointment?
  20. i started light running 4 days after the fue. 10 days heavy weightlfiting. Grafts are secure so should be fine after 1 week. so 10 days i was back training very day.
  21. if he was smart he would offer Couto to become the surgeon of the clinic
  22. be a bit awkward extracting hairs i would think.