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  1. Unnecessary. You’ve got very little hairloss to start with and the areas where you had some have now been addressed. Save the money and the hassle!
  2. There's so many excellent surgeons out there that have fairly affordable prices that there's little excuse at this point for ending up butchered at a hair mill. It just requires proper research. What I would say about costs is that the higher and higher you go, the more diminishing the returns. I think you'd be genuinely hard pressed to argue for spending £20-30K at one clinic for one surgery, when somewhere like Dr Bruno in Portugal, Eugenix, HLC and a whole host of others would get an equally fantastic result for a patient at less than half the price. If you have very deep pockets then you have your pick of every clinic on earth. It's a fact of life that most people (myself included) do not have deep pockets, so price is inevitably going to be a determining factor. As long as you end up at a good and reputable clinic within a price range that isn't going to hurt you too much, then that's the main thing. More often that not that's going to require a willingness to travel abroad - so there's compromise in that regard when it comes to budget restraints.
  3. You’re forgetting that you already have native hair in the area. So the crown will be the beard grafts, the implanted scalp grafts, & the native scalp grafts already there. It’s the blend of all three (not just the implanted combo) that will produce the result. You’ve got another 8 months or so before we know what’s going on. That’s a long time to torture yourself over things. Please try not to do that! Just hang in there. Everything is suppose to look terrible right now - and your work so far looks fantastic. You’re ahead of game!
  4. Coming along nicely. You definitely didn't need to go lower than that. You have a pretty tiny forehead as it is so any lower would have been overkill and a waste of graft-resources for future needs elsewhere on the scalp.
  5. Amazing result - looks super natural. If you did decide to get another 2K grafts for the crown area it would be among the best results anyone could hope to get anywhere. It's already a total knockout!
  6. Looks absolutely fine. You just need to blend the crown with the donor area as the style creates a contrast. There will always be some areas of the donor that look a little more sparse than others at shorter lengths. That’s the inevitable consequence of removing thousands of grafts from the area. id say you’re in pretty good shape for 12 days post op!
  7. Great write up and looking forward to following your future updates! All the best
  8. Finasteride will help you keep your native hair - it's the most important one. However, if you're feeling depressed and suicidal, then you shouldn't use it as you may be at risk of suffering futher. But with that said, I'm not seeing what you'd be so concerned about. You have a pretty full looking head of hair (you haven't showed up the midscalp post op) in the frontal third - it looks absolutely fine and natural from the photos that you have shared!
  9. You'd need to post some nice and clear close ups of your hairline so we can be sure, but what I see from those pictures is a very natural looking hairline with a naturally occurring irregularities. Natural hairlines have irregularities in them them (they aren't dead straight - that would look weird), and it seems the clinic you went to did a decent job in this respect. Your hairline looks good, mate! No reason at all to hide it unless you've got multi graft hairs all along the hairline (we'd need closer up pics to say).
  10. Well done for pulling out. It would have been very hard for most people to pull out at the 11th hour - most I suspect would have reluctantly shelved their reservations and gone ahead with surgery anyway. You did the right thing!
  11. Sounds like you've got quite the back story there! Would be great to see some photos.
  12. Can you share some of the images separately? For the example the immediate post op is hard to see when it's a smaller thumbnail like that, as well as the month 10/11/12 photos. You've also done your best to show these results in the worst possible light by showing us lots of wet hair pics. Do you have any dry hair pics that we can see individually? Cheers
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