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  1. Dr. Glenn, What would you say in my case where all the Hair Transplanted right from the day I washed my hair for the first time have shed ? which was just after 9 days ! Can Hair also shed as early as 9 days ? It is a sign of worry for me ? That I am seeing a reverse pattern that all my Transplanted Hair have shed right on day 9 ?
  2. Yes it was done first time during the procedure just before the procedure and after that after a month they did the second time, so now going forward at what intervals should i keep doing it and till when ? is what i wanted to know in particular !
  3. If someone has recently got a Hair Transplant procedure done about a month back what should be the interval at which he should be getting PRP done to boost growth ? What is the frequency of getting PRP done ?
  4. more than your hair, I am looking at that ripped body !! Holy Smoke !! That’s really a ripped body !!
  5. No Nothing, Just curious, of my 7 Years of being on this Forum, This is the first time I have come across a clinic which has Medicines to be taken specific day wise, Interesting !!
  6. No I am asking you how many hair grafts in your donor area was available did Dr. Sethi say at the start ?
  7. How many Hair Grafts did you have before the start of the procedure how much did Dr. Sethi say ?
  8. Interesting piece of information, do you have a link which confirms what you are saying ? Just to Confirm ?
  9. It is a lot of headache to break the pill accurately in to two parts, could be Plus, Minus here and there.
  10. Are there any readily available 0.5MG of Finasteride in the Market ? I think the Minimum it comes is in a dosage of 1MG to begin with. nothing below that. isnt it ?
  11. Yep ! Correct I am changing the Cycle of taking it, from 1MG Daily now I am switching to Alternate days.