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  1. more than your hair, I am looking at that ripped body !! Holy Smoke !! That’s really a ripped body !!
  2. No Nothing, Just curious, of my 7 Years of being on this Forum, This is the first time I have come across a clinic which has Medicines to be taken specific day wise, Interesting !!
  3. No I am asking you how many hair grafts in your donor area was available did Dr. Sethi say at the start ?
  4. How many Hair Grafts did you have before the start of the procedure how much did Dr. Sethi say ?
  5. Interesting piece of information, do you have a link which confirms what you are saying ? Just to Confirm ?
  6. It is a lot of headache to break the pill accurately in to two parts, could be Plus, Minus here and there.
  7. Are there any readily available 0.5MG of Finasteride in the Market ? I think the Minimum it comes is in a dosage of 1MG to begin with. nothing below that. isnt it ?
  8. Yep ! Correct I am changing the Cycle of taking it, from 1MG Daily now I am switching to Alternate days.
  9. Hi Guys, What would you say the chances of any adversities are in this, as in, immediate Hair Follicle lost ? I am 44 Years old, (I am made to believe the process of Testosterone getting converted into DHT and then DHT Attacking and eating up all the Hair Grafts, at this age the process is slowed down) I have been taking Finasteride for almost last one and half years now, do not have a very fast paced, progressive Balding, but have got some Hair Transplant Procedures done for which I was asked to take Finasteride. I have finished my last prescribed Course by my HT Surgeon so now I am planning to take a break of one month before again starting the course on alternate days. Do you guys feel, that this one month gap that I would have of not taking Finasteride would do any potential damage to my Hair ? I am a little Paranoid that, what if this Break of One Month does any damage to my Existing Hair ? What do you guys reckon ? Comments and Experiences welcomed !!
  10. There's one which says Finasteride is not required for optimal growth of Transplanted Hair. And one which believes Without Finasteride the growth of transplanted hair is very ordinary. It does not grow to its full potential without Finasteride !!
  11. Hi Guys, Just wanted to have an opinion here, and maybe ask for the Info and knowledge you guys (Guys who have undergone Hair Transplant) would have acquired from your respective surgeons, on if Finasteride is required to keep/maintain for your Transplanted Hair aswell ? Or is it only more for the Already existing Native Hair ? Because a lot of Dr prescribe Finasteride even after a HT so there are two different lobbies on this. But what is the general opinion ?