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  1. I know I was getting over ambitious when I said maybe 200-300 could be harvested from Sideburns 😄 Yes Realistically maybe 50 each side so 100 in total or best case scenario 200 Tops. What do you think ? How much can a Sideburn yield ?
  2. Yes the number of Hair Grafts harvested from Sideburns could be very limited and few, but as in my case I would need only anther 200-300 so I am thinking to use it, if they guarantee long term survival.
  3. I was reading an article online Posted by a Hair Transplant Doctor and he talked about re-building hairline. He was of the Opinion, By Saying that Ideally besides Scalp Hair the best Hair to rebuild Hairline would be Nape Hair but if even that is not available then the attention should shift to Sidelocks he says Sidelocks can have a better Anagen Life (Meaning they can grow as long as Scalp Hair before going into Telogen Phase) But they can be short lived. He said Beard Hair is generally not a good choice because it gives a very Coarse, Wiry look to the Hairline which is not welcomed by many patients. So After Nape Hair and Sidelocks he says next in line would be Chest Hair now the thing with chest hair is they have a shorter Anagen Life but can be Permanent, he said that once the Chest Hair Shifts Position from Chest to Scalp they also tend to change their characteristics and adapt to the same characreistics (Not Texture) As the Scalp Hair, meaning the Life Cycle that they follow. Finally he concluded that My Choice of Hair Grafts to build hairline besides Scalp Hair would be Sidelocks But...But..One has to asses individual history and situation and then take a call. If one has noticed Miniaturization in the Sidelocks Area and there has been a family history of people not having Hair near Sidelocks then it would not be a good choice, then it would come to Chest Hair. @Melvin-Moderator @gillenator My question to both of you would be if someone says that Chest Hair do not have Longer Anagen Life it only means they will not grown in Length as much as Scalp Hair and will fall soon, but that does not mean they will diminish and never grow back right ?
  4. I have been told Sideburn Hair are more close to the texture of the Scalp Hair and have a longer Anagen Life than Chest Hair ? Though I may be wrong Maybe some one here like @gillenator or @mattj or @Melvin-Moderator can confirm on this ?
  5. HI Guys, So I am out of Scalp Hair Donor Area. I wish to do some filling up of gaps which are still visible in my frontal hairline.I wanted to know how much doable is the idea of Putting Some Hair grafts from the Side Burns into the frontal Hairline area ? Do they survive ? How is their Anagen Life ? I believe there should be no problem as far as blending in is concerned as they almost resemble the same quality and texture as that of Scalp Hair. Any thoughts on this ?
  6. But they dont sell only Shampoo it is a 3 Tier Treatment Program that they have. Do you know anything about this System-1 product line that they have ?
  7. Does anyone have any experience with Nioxin Products ? There is this one product that Nioxin is selling and on its website it says it is used for Thickening of Hair ! I was intrigued with it, my feeling is cannot be any magic formula other than Minoxdil. Any actual users who can share their feedback here ? https://www.nioxin.com/en-US/hair-loss-products/system-kit-1 Thanks
  8. Same thing is what I have been noticing when I don't wash my hair it looks more oiky and greasy and looks more scanty !
  9. DHT is not something that you can see with your eyes ! So I do not know what you mean by DHT builds up on Scalp ?? It is a Hormone how can you see a hormone with eyes ?? when it acts on your Hair Root it is beneath your Scalp Skin nothing on the surface !! It is not a Injury that you can see with your eyes. Like I said the same DHT which is gonna make your Hair Fall can also do it on daily bais and also whenever you decide to wash your Hair. On the contrary I have also read that infact a good and a clean scalp is also a good skin condition for hair to grow and remain healthy.
  10. If your question is purely from a stand point that washing daily may lead to more hair fall. Even I have long had this dilemma and what I learnt is it realy doesnt matter how often do you wash your hair, Hair which are in Telogen phase will fall regardless whenever you are washing your hair. So if a hair has to fall daily it will fall daily. If it has to fall after a couple of days it will happen then. I have heard and read Doctors saying washing your Hair should purely depend upon your comfort and convenience, you can do it whenever you want. On a Lighter side I have also seen a video where in the Doctor is giving an example of having Sex, It really doesnt matter when you want to have it, you can do it whenever you want to and how many times you want to !! lol !!
  11. So but for short Men's Hair it does give direction right ? As in the above video ? And yes it is one of the finest results I have seen, and nicely dense packed aswell.
  12. Does anyone know ? Can anyone help me by identifying which is the hair brush used in this video and where can I get it online ? seems like after my HT I badly need it. you can skip the video to 0:30 to see the hair brush. Thanks https://youtu.be/upwLmHfyTW0
  13. Dr. Glenn, What would you say in my case where all the Hair Transplanted right from the day I washed my hair for the first time have shed ? which was just after 9 days ! Can Hair also shed as early as 9 days ? It is a sign of worry for me ? That I am seeing a reverse pattern that all my Transplanted Hair have shed right on day 9 ?
  14. Yes it was done first time during the procedure just before the procedure and after that after a month they did the second time, so now going forward at what intervals should i keep doing it and till when ? is what i wanted to know in particular !