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  1. Yep ! Correct I am changing the Cycle of taking it, from 1MG Daily now I am switching to Alternate days.
  2. Hi Guys, What would you say the chances of any adversities are in this, as in, immediate Hair Follicle lost ? I am 44 Years old, (I am made to believe the process of Testosterone getting converted into DHT and then DHT Attacking and eating up all the Hair Grafts, at this age the process is slowed down) I have been taking Finasteride for almost last one and half years now, do not have a very fast paced, progressive Balding, but have got some Hair Transplant Procedures done for which I was asked to take Finasteride. I have finished my last prescribed Course by my HT Surgeon so now I am planning to take a break of one month before again starting the course on alternate days. Do you guys feel, that this one month gap that I would have of not taking Finasteride would do any potential damage to my Hair ? I am a little Paranoid that, what if this Break of One Month does any damage to my Existing Hair ? What do you guys reckon ? Comments and Experiences welcomed !!
  3. There's one which says Finasteride is not required for optimal growth of Transplanted Hair. And one which believes Without Finasteride the growth of transplanted hair is very ordinary. It does not grow to its full potential without Finasteride !!
  4. Hi Guys, Just wanted to have an opinion here, and maybe ask for the Info and knowledge you guys (Guys who have undergone Hair Transplant) would have acquired from your respective surgeons, on if Finasteride is required to keep/maintain for your Transplanted Hair aswell ? Or is it only more for the Already existing Native Hair ? Because a lot of Dr prescribe Finasteride even after a HT so there are two different lobbies on this. But what is the general opinion ?
  5. And is stopping of Type 1 and Type 2 good enough for preventing Hair Loss ?
  6. So does that mean taking Finasteride may help you save your hair but may eventually take you to your grave ??
  7. But wasn't Finasteride a Prevention Drug in inhibiting Prostate Cancer so how can it lead to it. This is Mind Boggling !!
  8. Sir, If I may suggest you so...You have a Model Face...I mean Chiseled Face. Very common to Caucasians but yes it is, why dont you try in Modelling especially with your new Locks ! Anyways that looks like a Neat Job from Dr.Bloxham !
  9. So If I just can ask you here, what are the advantages in my current situation of a Manual Punch over a Motorized Punch ?
  10. So Dr you are saying I dont need to venture out in BHT Yet, since 250 Hair Grafts which is what is required for my requirement can be comfortable managed from this Scalp Donor Hair even in the current Condition ? is that correct ?
  11. Deplete Donor Hair is understandable, but what once it starts showing gaps between your Hair in the Back of your Head in your Scalp Donor Hair area ? will that not look cosmetically Bizzare ? It will, isnt it ?
  12. Thank You Dr. Barghouthi & Dr. Bloxham for your kind opinion, As requested I have attached a close-up picture of my Donor Area and also a link to the Video of May Scalp Donor Area. I do understand the Fundamentals of Hair Transplant and the fact that, to create a Hairline, Body Hair grafts should not be used, but that is in Ideal Situation !! what in a scenario where in the Candidate is completely out of Scalp Donor Hair and he still wants something to be done in terms of Hair Transplant, then what ? Attached is my Photo and Video of Scalp Donor Hair Area. https://imgur.com/pxDxqgB - Photo https://imgur.com/7kaOhlp - Video One more question to you, lets say if as you have been suggesting that even in worst case scenario 200 Scalp Hair Grafts is completely doable, but lets say I am told that Only 100 Hair Grafts can be harvested tops, in such a case can a Mix and Match of 100 hair Grafts from the Scalp Donor Area and rest Body Hair Grafts can this be cleverly used ? with a Mix and Match. I do get the point that BHT should not be used in creating Hairline, but what If I am said I do not have any Scalp Hair Donor left then what do I do ?
  13. Hello Everyone, So I have been basking in glory of my Hair Transplant for the last couple of years, It has been 6 Years now since I got my HT Done. As a result of my 2 Major and 2 Minor Hair Transplant Procedures, I have been told I am out of Donor Area. I have never used Body Hair Grafts not even a single Hair Graft. I wanted to ask you guys, for your opinion, How many Hair Grafts do you guys think would be required, lets say If I wanna fill in this area which I have marked ? And just in case, in the event of absolutely no Scalp Hair Grafts available Do you guys think Body Hair Grafts (Beard or Chest) can be used there, as I do not have any choice now, since I am not left with any Scalp Donor Hair. Do you guys think Body Hair can also be blended in that area as it is not a very big area ? I know Body Hair Grafts are not used near Hairline But since I am out of Scalp Donor Hair, I have no choice !! How many Grafts do you thin would be required to achieve that area ? Please comment guys ! Thanks !!
  14. What Post Operative care did Dr.Lupanzula tell you ? anything special ? what care did you take ?