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  1. 6 months and 1 week with no fibre, just clay styling product and hairspray.
  2. Thank you mate, I agree. Just adding fibres more subtle further back does help the overall appearance
  3. 6 months and 2 days and love the new hair! I’ve applied a little bit of hair fibres a few cm back from the hairline and stopped using them in the initial front hairline. Its a nice feeling going to the seaside and not having to constantly worry about my old fringe flapping around in the wind and exposing my bald areas!
  4. Is it not a good idea to quickly rinse your scalp under cold water after a hot shower to close the pores up or is this just a myth?
  5. Thanks jj, appreciate your feedback. Now I’ve seen my hairline styled and without toppik I feel it looks more softer but I still added a couple of sprays of toppik after these photos mainly in the centre of the hairline
  6. Officially 6 months today. I’ve taken a few different photos with just my hair brushed forward and no product and then styled with some clay product and hair spray. I’ve also included photos in harsher bathroom lighting. Thoughts appreciated as always.
  7. Thank you mate, I’ll post a photo tomorrow without the use of fibres.
  8. Ok thank you I’ll take a photo over the next couple of days without the use of Toppik
  9. Here’s another set of photos where I’ve tried to expose the hairline more through styling, recommended by my co-ordinator.
  10. It’s a high skin fade, starts from a zero but they use a couple of different shavers to make it literally bald! To be fair no one has even mentioned anything about the scarring to me and if it was that noticeable I’m sure someone would have picked up on it by now
  11. Thanks mate, I never thought I would be in this position at the halfway mark 😊
  12. 6 month update I reach the 6 month mark in two days and I’m over the moon with the progress so far. If I’m being totally honest I would have happily taken todays result as it stands as a final result based on my level of hair loss 6 months ago sitting in the Asmed clinic. There are some areas behind the hairline which look a little sparse still, so I’m hoping the hair maturation process will helps this. But ultimately once my hair is washed and styled I’m delighted with how it looks. I’ve attached a photo prior to surgery and have tried to take 6 photos at a similar angle to help compare. There is also a couple of photos in direct sunlight too. Any thoughts or feedback appreciated as always.
  13. Thank you, I applied 4 sprays of toppik into the hairline. It helps make the hairline a little darker which I like too.
  14. I thought I would share a couple more photos as today was the first time I’ve used hair product in my hair since my procedure. My brilliant co-ordinator said It wouldn’t do any harm trying products as I was instructed to wait until 6 months. Any thoughts appreciated as always. I will try a couple of styles in time to see which works best for my hair.
  15. @BjornBorg Thank you mate, I really appreciate the compliment. The hairline alone has made a major difference in framing my face. In that photo I haven’t even done anything to my hair, literally washed and dried it. Lol I can go one better and upload a photo from my time at the clinic. I look like one of those wanted faces from crime watch! And another photo just over 5months into my journey.
  16. I’m sure there was a guy recently with Afro hair who went to Asmed and created a thread. I can’t remember his name of the top of my head though.
  17. I’m glad to hear. I had the same issue which I had a feeling might happen prior to travelling. My hair loss was worse once the doctor analysed my hair and I tried to make it look as bad as I could in the photos I sent at quotation stage. I was very lucky my mum had £3,000 to transfer to the clinic to cover the extra 1000 grafts I needed.