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  1. Would recommend Dr Özlem Bicer. One of the best if you are set on Turkey.
  2. I dont think you want to do anything for the first week, I prefer going home as fast as possible. I stayed two days aswell after my transplant, after I wished I left the day after the procedure because you cannot be in the sun/you are swollen and fun looking.
  3. Would not recommend any of the clinics you mentioned. The cheapest clinics recommended would be Dr Erkan Demirsoy and Dr Özlem Bicer, they both do 1 patient a day. The ones you mentioned are doing 10+ patients a day, which is not serious.
  4. "Unlike most famous doctors, he is involved in whole procedure"? Eh. What. This is why they are famous, because they do most steps themselves with consistency not relying on technicians. I would NOT recommend this "Dr", not even Google wants to me to find his clinic when I search his name. He have 0 reviews on forums. His instagram have had 1 update in 1 year https://www.instagram.com/medihairworld/ His website is not working http://www.medihairworld.com/ His Facebook was updated in March 2020 https://www.facebook.com/MediHairworldTR
  5. 6 weeks. My hair is getting longer, want to do low fade haircut soon so I dont have to touch the recipient area, do not see any better progress on the shock loss yet. Some hair have continued to grow while most maybe 90% or so have shed. Maybe in 1,5 month it will be time for growth!
  6. I agree with you, but to be honest I think most of the ones(possibly over 90%) who are thinking about a hair transplant would not pay 25,000 dollars for new hair. Personally I would rather shave and grow a beard if I were to pay that. It is indeed a deciding factor in a sense, it is good though with forums like this because you can choose someone like Dr Demirsoy or Dr Bicer for a affordable but safe procedure with the probability of a good result and you only pay 1,25-1,5 euro per graft.
  7. We will see in some months about your donor area, you can update when you get longer hair. I see the driver there with face mask He was driving me all the time, I also did mine with Dr Yaman. 4000 grafts is alot of grafts, I hope they did a good job with extraction specially because you are only 24 years old and already have lost alot of hair. Do you have any photos of the donor area before the hair transplant?
  8. Do you have any photos of the donor area after the transplant? So we can see extraction. You have only posted on recipient area. A photo like this:
  9. Yes because your thread was named "hello guys im new here and i want opinions pls (4k grafts)" the name should be something like "Review Dr Resul Yaman 4000 grafts" This thread is also about your hair transplant no? Its about shock loss from the transplant, if you have a thread you can ask everything in the thread and it will also help alot for people to follow your journey because they might be interested in Dr Resul Yaman aswell.
  10. Many Drs do it, I dont know if you are in the US or in EU.
  11. Yes but let it grow long. Post everything in your review thread so it will be easier to follow.
  12. Definitely shock loss. You need to wait like 3-6 months before it grows back, need patience. You starting alot of threads you should just chill out, dont worry it will be just fine. You should have a review thread where you say the Dr, amount of grafts and then just post everything there so its easy to follow your journey, then you dont need to make a new thread everytime you have a question.
  13. The fastest ones are the ones who do not shed. About 0,0001% or something.
  14. Not sure if I am missing something but you have pretty good hair. You could do a small maybe 1500-2000 grafts to remove temple peaks abit if youd like. Then do it with someone who is amazing at hairlines, like Dr Pekiner or De Freitas.
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