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  1. Phillyman1996

    density expectations

    I hope i dont become bald or noticbly thinning at 36 lol. Im asian. I notice alot of asians keep more of their hair.
  2. If you shave to a zero gaurd you might notice some scarring. But it depends on the skill of the docter and how well you heal.
  3. Phillyman1996

    Hairloss and hairyness

    Yup i agree. Alot of people say when they noticed more hairloss. Their beards got thicker.
  4. Phillyman1996

    Hairloss and hairyness

    Some guy on youtube said if you get body hair and a full beard before 18 you are more likley to go bald .
  5. Phillyman1996

    Hairloss and hairyness

    If you senitive to dht on body you get hairy. If you are sensitive to dht on the head hair you go bald. I think people who are sensitive to dht on the body usally are more sensitive on the top of the head. But where you are sensitive to dht or not depends on genes.
  6. Ive here some people say the more soon you can grow a full beard and the more bodyhair you have its more likely that you go bald. What do you guys think?
  7. your hair looks great man looks like no thinning just slight receding which is normal for adult men
  8. Phillyman1996


    I have most of my thinning in the crown. But also have very slight thinning i think in the front also. So id say i got some crown thinning with very slight diffuse thinning.
  9. Phillyman1996


    I have some thinning on going on the top. For some reason when i slick it back it looks thinner. Is it soppose to be like that?
  10. Phillyman1996

    Which Hair Loss Concealer is The Best

    It seems like using concealer on my hair looks more natural then using it on my beard to thicken things up.
  11. Phillyman1996

    Which Hair Loss Concealer is The Best

    Im using dermamatch for my beard and head hair lol its pretty solid product