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  1. I would be happy if my hair stayed simliar to his for life. Would you say hes a noorwood 2 or noorwood 3?
  2. Would you consider it mpb if the guy only has slight crown thinning and a noorwood 2.5 at age 60?
  3. I would say maybe half of men have very noticible hairloss at age 50 depending on ethnic background. But at age 50 85 percent or so men have some form of hairloss.
  4. You mean he had thinning all over the scalp even back and sides or just the top was thinner?
  5. At what age is your hairloss pattern mostly set in for most guys from the people you see in your office? Even though hairloss is progressive overtime. I see many people whos hairloss starts later in life in their 40s. Its mostly mild loss for them except for some people.
  6. Yup hairloss can be unpredictable. But ones who start losing hair later tend to keep more hair but not in all cases. Yea they seemed to have hair in their 50s even though it was thinning. Idk how the back of his head looked though.
  7. This is them now they are def mild balding/receding but yes they both have hair still
  8. Most men will have hairloss some sort of mpb if they live old enough. Wether that be a noorwood 3 or noorwood 7 depends on genetics some lucky ones have noorwood 1s until old age. But yes steriods will speed up your gebetics balding pattern.
  9. Isnt your brother a noorwood 2 with slight receding and no thinning?
  10. Dont little kids usally have female looking rounded off hairlines?
  11. Out of topic but what age did you grow a full beard? Some youtuber said guys who grow full beards before 18 usally go bald younger.
  12. Have you ever herd of guys or saw any guys guy started thinning out and receding in their early 20s. But then only end up with a noorwood 3 with some thinning in their 50s? Ive herd some people like that. But its not as common i guess.