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  1. This patient started working as a Hair transplant technician with HDC in the beginning of 2016. His hairline was receding, and he wanted to make a hair transplant to restore it. Being a member of HDC Medical team he knew that the work performed is perfect. So, in September 2019 he proceeded with the surgery. We placed 2100 grafts and dense packed his hairline and temples. He does not have a bad history of hair loss, but he may lose density of the hair behind the transplanted ones in a few years. In which case he will need to cover those areas too. All patients visiting HDC
  2. This patient had a big scar due to burning. The whole burned area was about 100sqcm and he had a balloon expander and reduced it to about 35cmsq as you can see on the before photos. HDC Medical team was a bit skeptical in the beginning about the success of the transplant on this scar so we explained to the patient that we can try our best to repair it but we can’t guarantee the full success. The patient needed to understand that scar repairing outcome can rely on unforeseen factors mainly the possibility of reduced blood supply in the scar area. He said let’s try as it was impossible for
  3. This is a class 3 patient with some thinning up to the class 4 stage. He wanted to add more density to the front thinner area and enhance the less thin area behind. This was achieved by an FUE Hair transplant of 3075 grafts. See his before and after as well as his post op and intermediate growth stage. He has good donor characteristics and no potential for high Norwood Class; he is 38 years old thus making him a very good hair transplant candidate. You can see the clean work of the extraction, on his post op donor photo. HDC is extracting with great care with spreading the punch
  4. This is a NW Class 4 patient, 45 years old, and he wanted to cover his frontal receding area. He trusted HDC Hair Clinic for this job and his aim was to make a Hair Transplant with density that would look natural and to match his hair behind the empty area. We managed to get some photos of his result when he came back to the clinic to have a 2ndFUE for his crown area. His donor was well managed, as HDC did not take more grafts than needed in the first hair transplant. Note that it was only 2900 Grafts. You can see in the photos that follow all before, post op and result pos
  5. This is a classic Result of HDC Hair Clinic, for frontal coverage with 3000 grafts. Also, it is a classic case that the extraction is distributed evenly of the donor with minimal scaring with Natural looking hairline with correct height and design. Sometimes patients wonder why to pay more than low cost clinics. Well, they pay for the experience of the doctors in designing correctly where to place the grafts, for a natural look now and the future. They also pay for the correct direction and pattern of the placed grafts. They pay for not destroying their donor. They also pay for havin
  6. Many times, we have high Norwood patients with below average donors, requesting hair Transplantation. Sometimes however they are mis leaded by posted results showing high densities and high number of grafts. The first thing that HDC Hair Clinic is doing, is to guide them to have realistic expectations. They need to know what they are getting and if they are satisfied with a low density but natural look then we proceed. We decided to post one such a result which is different from the ones we posted in the past. This is a 30 years old patient that wants to cover his whole bal
  7. This is a 39-year-old patient on NW scale class 5. He trusted HDC Hair Clinic with Dr Maras for his Hair Restoration. As you can see his natural forehead was very small. But HDC wanted to give him a more conservative and natural look. So, we started the hairline about 1.5cm above his original one. This gave him a more natural look as you can see in the result. What we explain many times to potential patients who probably shop around low-cost clinics, is that successful Hair transplantation has the medical part but also the artistic part. You need to choose a Clinic that can place the
  8. This is a case of 2200 FUE Hair Transplantation with the result presented 8 years after. The patient was 34 years old in 2011 and now he is 42. Many times, we see our patients after many years losing a lot of their existing hair. In this case the patient kept most of his existing hair because it was strong as you can see in the before photos. He is now back to HDC Hair clinic, to fill up his crown area and we took the opportunity to capture the after 8 years photos. This post can answer the question if the transplanted hair can stay the same after many years. It did stay in this
  9. This patient who is 67 years old had a strip many years ago in his home country to cover he crown. He wanted to restore his hairline and front. In the Beginning HDC was hesitating to proceed with Surgery due to age and thin hair on the donor with a strip scar. We lowered his expectations and we go for it after examining well his health history. To our and his surprise, the result was great. He is now coming soon for covering the area behind FUE1. Many times, the positive thinking of the patient can help. The careful punching of Dr Maras will enable the donor of this patient to give
  10. Thanks' for your interest in our Clinic. Our prices range between 2 to 2.5 euro/graft. Specifically for procedures with Dr Maras the cost is 2.5 euro/graft
  11. We have prepared 3 comparison results of this patient to show the change brought by the Hair Transplant, at a glance.
  12. This patient is 40 years old, with balding temples and hairline and thinning hair up to the NW class 5 stage. He was advised by HDC Hair Clinic in his consultation, to fill up his hairline and temples with a density that would blend with his hair behind and not a dense pack that would make the transplanted hair look like a thick moustache in the front. He also wanted a mature hairline, so we placed the hairline slightly behind his existing hair. HDC Hair Transplant Clinic, distributed 2700 grafts to cover this area in order to match the desires and profile of the patient for getting a n
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