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  1. I found these photos of a week later where you can see the sides and also how look the transplanted area
  2. This is a 34-year-old patient who wanted to enhance the density to the front and cover the crown. He was also concerned about his donor and wanted to cover the area to a natural look without insisting on high density. His main aim was naturality and to leave donor for future hair loss. HDC Medical Team, under the responsibility of Dr Maras used only 3300 grafts to cover both areas. To achieve this, we did not build a dense front hairline that would spend a lot of grafts. Note, the clean recipient area one week after and the post op donor photos, showing how the extraction had been ev
  3. This is a 29-year-old patient who wanted to add hair to his hairline to blend with his existing hair behind the bald area. The initial hesitation from the HDC medical team and Doctor Maras was that if the patient would preserve the same number 1 short haircut, the transplanted hair could look slightly different from his existing hair. The Transplanted hair are placed with a density of about 50 Follicular units per cmsq, while the native hair may be thinner in this area with a higher number of grafts in one cm. Well, In the end the patient accepted to grow his hair if needed and this hesit
  4. This patient had hairline and temple reception. The rest of his hair were very strong and had no miniaturization in the crown. This is why we decided to proceed with his hair transplant. It should be avoided on patients that are potential high Norwood scale. The HDC Medical team created a dense pack in the transplanted area with 2750 grafts. We lifted the height of the hairline slightly higher than his existing one, in order to give more naturalness to his result. A refined job like this is not as simple as it may look. The artistry involved is to really look at an individual’s face
  5. This is a 42-year-old patient who wanted to cover his crown. HDC Medical Team under the supervision of Dr Maras, transplanted 2730 grafts. This patient has good donor. So even if the donor has high number of follicular units per square centimeter, still we distributed the extraction of the grafts all over the donor area. This achieves the least trauma and scarring to the donor and does not make a specific area of the donor look less dense than the adjacent area. It needs more patience and time to extract this way, but in HDC protocol this technique has to be followed. Well, the resul
  6. This is a classic case of a 24-year-old patient who wanted to restore his front hairline recession. HDC Medical Team transplanted 2800 grafts to restore this area. It may look like a simple hair restoration, but the challenge is to transplant enough grafts so that the transplanted hair will blend with the existing terminal hair behind the transplanted area. The hairline must be designed at the right height, keep appropriate temples, place the hair in the correct direction, and create a natural hairline so that the result will be natural and will suit the image of the patient, according to
  7. This is a 31-year-old patient that wanted to restore his hairline. His main aim was to look natural so he trusted the doctors of HDC to make the design that would best suit his appearance. HDC Hair Clinic has transplanted 2980 grafts to restore this area. It must be noted that in case like this, in order for the result to be natural and blend with existing native hair behind, a dense pack is needed, hair must be placed with correct pattern and direction, hairline should be drawn so as the result to look natural and the transplanted hair should cover all the miniaturized hair, so that we d
  8. Thank you for asking. Just for correctness, we are HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus and you can see who we are at a glance and the price range we are offering, at this link. https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/hair-transplant-surgery/50-hdc-at-a-glance
  9. This is a 50-year-old patient who decided to restore his receding hairline. HDC Medical Team dense packed 2800 FUE grafts, giving a full density so that the transplanted hair, would blend nicely with the hair behind. A receding hairline can increase your estimated age for up to 5 years, and the reverse will apply if you restore it successfully. A hairline surgery is not easy, because you need to design it correctly by avoiding placing it too high or too low, dense pack the grafts, use correct pattern in making the sites and the correct angulation so that it will look completely natural.
  10. Sorry i had some problems with photobucket These are the photos: Before Immediately after 8 Months after
  11. This 41 year old patient has been on Propecia for many years. He has thinning up to the NW class 5 area, but he only needs hair in the NW3 area to achieve a nice look. HDC has transplanted 3200 grafts and has left his thicket turf of front hair behind the hairline untouched. We also include a photo of his donor after finishing his surgery. In this photo you can see that all the punching has been distributed evenly of the whole donor, thus leaving no scars or depleted donor. The patient sent us some photos of his result that we show below but we are expecting more photos from all
  12. This patient started working as a Hair transplant technician with HDC in the beginning of 2016. His hairline was receding, and he wanted to make a hair transplant to restore it. Being a member of HDC Medical team he knew that the work performed is perfect. So, in September 2019 he proceeded with the surgery. We placed 2100 grafts and dense packed his hairline and temples. He does not have a bad history of hair loss, but he may lose density of the hair behind the transplanted ones in a few years. In which case he will need to cover those areas too. All patients visiting HDC
  13. This patient had a big scar due to burning. The whole burned area was about 100sqcm and he had a balloon expander and reduced it to about 35cmsq as you can see on the before photos. HDC Medical team was a bit skeptical in the beginning about the success of the transplant on this scar so we explained to the patient that we can try our best to repair it but we can’t guarantee the full success. The patient needed to understand that scar repairing outcome can rely on unforeseen factors mainly the possibility of reduced blood supply in the scar area. He said let’s try as it was impossible for
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