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  1. This is a 36 years old patient. He is a potential class 5 but for the moment he only needed a hairline and hair around his front bundle, we call this front hair bundle as “Tsouloufi”. There you go, HDC Hair Clinic with Dr Maras as the assigned physician, transplanted 2900 grafts in his recipient area. Excellent design, full growth, amazing naturality due to correct placing pattern and angulation. This is a typical result of Tsouloufi cases in HDC. No damage whatsoever in the donor, after extracting with Manual punch, with leaving natural growing hair between each punch. Always the result should be evaluated for donor area too. Remember to ask to see the post op and donor after photos with the result, before you proceed with your HT, in order to avoid traps as there are a lot out there. See the result below, showing before, post op and after of both recipient and donor area. Before Immediately after 15 Months after Comparison photo
  2. This patient is 28 years old. He had this bundle of hair in the front and no hair on temples and behind the bundle. He has contacted HDC Hair Clinic to solve his problem. We decided that the best treatment for him was to cover the area by FUE Hair Transplant surgery by creating a new hairline and going around his existing hair. This way he could keep his own hair and use less grafts. You can see the exact grafted area in the post operation photos. He only needed 2100 grafts and achieved full coverage. When in the future his own hair behind the transplanted will thin out, then he will need a 2nd Hair Transplant and this will be the time to cover the non-grafted are, in the front. We also show the good work done for the donor, which looks as if it is untouched. The philosophy of HDC Hair Clinic is that the result should be evaluated in two ways. One, for the recipient area regarding good design, distribution of grafts, correct direction and the naturalness of the result. Two, for the donor area keeping it without depletion, without visible white dots and giving the patient the option to have a very short haircut without constraint. More important leaving the donor area available for future hair transplants as hair loss never stops, especially for potential high Norwood scale patients. We encourage patients to make good research before they pick their HT doctor and make a two way evaluation of the results of their short list clinics. Before Immediately After 16 Months after
  3. This patient is 31 years old, living in Israel and was searching for the best Hair Transplant Clinic around his region, or in Europe in General. He made a short list of two clinics, HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus and another good Clinic in Turkey. He was not interested about the low-cost Turkish Clinics as he is aware that in such clinics you take a big risk of reduced growth, wrong pattern and direction of grafts growth and a huge risk of donor depletion. In the end he has chosen HDC due to: · its good reputation, · being situated in Europe and near to Israel, · offering him free accommodation for up to one week in HDC apartments · personal and extended post operation care for this whole week · and of course, taking no result related risk. You can see more info on the importance of post operation care on this link https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/fue-hair-transplant-post-operation-care-important-or-not The patient is very happy both with the result and the preservation of his donor and gave us permission to post his case. His surgery was for 3000 grafts and in the end his decision to chose HDC Hair Clinic proved to be correct as you can see from his result below: Before Immediately after 9 Months after
  4. This patient was researching for some time what would be the best option for his hair transplantation. He is Greek, and he was reading the Greek and international Hair Transplant forums. After his research he decided to trust HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus. The main decisive factors were the sustainable good results but not less the good management of the donor area, as he felt this was important for avoiding donor scarring and for having enough healthy donor left, for any future need for covering thinning areas. He transplanted 2850 grafts and you can see below his before with hairline design, post op and after photos. The photos were sent to the clinic by the patient. Before 1 Week after 1 Year after
  5. This patient had a bad strip micrografting in Greece for 1500 grafts to the hairline. He had a plug effect result and a strip scar and he wanted to make it look as natural as possible. The patient is only 27 years old but without any aggressive hair loss. We, at HDC Hair Clinic have placed FUE grafts in all the previously plugged area and on the scar, for 2000 grafts. HDC explained to the patient that these repair cases can give a better look, but it is not like the result if working on a virgin scalp. Fortunately, it turned out great for him and we present his case below. It useful to be noted that this patient presented his case in the Greek forum (www.hairlossgr.com )from day one. Before Immediately After 9 Months after
  6. Markee normally we are booked 2-3 months in advance but there are some patients who move and we can manage to put some patient that may be in a hurry
  7. MAGNUMpi indeed his donor was already kind of patchy on the first surgery in Turkey but as we said in our post we can still harvest another 2000 grafts for the crown without making the donor look worst than what is now
  8. This patient was 33 years old when he had his Hair Transplant with HDC. He had an unsuccessful FUE in Turkey for about 2500 grafts and you can see this result in the before photos. Then he started looking for reliable clinics in Europe and he ended to have his surgery to HDC. One of his main concerns was the management of his donor as he had already sacrificed about 2500 grafts, without any result. So, we covered the area with only 2400 grafts due to the fact that this patient is a potential class 5, in order to save donor for future needs. He visited the clinic 3.5 years later to arrange his surgery for the crown. He wanted to see if there is more donor to cover the crown and for when to proceed. This is when we captured his result. Due to the good management of his donor we expect to be able to harvest another 2000 grafts for the crown in the future. Follow us on Instagram as hdchair and Follow us on Facebook as HDC HAIR Clinic Regards, Giuseppe Before Immediately after 3.5 Years after
  9. This is a Norwood 3 case. The patient is 27 years old and wanted to restore his hairline and the area behind as shown in the pictures below. So, HDC Medical Team covered this area with 2900 grafts. You can see the before, post op and the result 7 months after. He may have some more improvement in the next 2-3 months, but good the result is already there . In this posted result, we need to point out that HDC did not use any additional number of grafts as only this number was needed to cover this area. This way his donor can be used another 2-3 times for any possible future hair loss. The photo of his donor after the 7-month result should be noticed, as it is still so thick leaving no signs of thinness from the removal of 2900 grafts. Regards, Giuseppe Before Immediately after 7 Months after
  10. The main concern of a hair loss sufferer is to have a great and natural Hair Transplant Result. Well, Results in HDC Hair Clinic is our most valued competitive advantage. To document them, we publish at least one state of the art Hair Transplant Result every month in independent hair transplant forums like this one. We have summarized our 12 posted results for the year 2017 in one video for you to see our published work. Please see it on this link on you tube
  11. Hello, I want add some photos to update this case:
  12. In HDC we believe that a good result comprises of many factors apart from the good doctor. By the way The doctor responsible for this case was Dr. Maras. Two additional important factors are given below: The quality of the medical Team working with the doctor and the compatibility of the team with the specific doctor. For Example the technician know the way that the doctor is making punching, sites etc. if a doctor uses new fly over technician it takes time until each other will coordinate their ways. The post-operative care is also very important as the grafts are very sensitive the first 72 hour after surgery. Also the post-operative healing is important for the patient. See the links below that expand on the importance of the team and the post operation care. https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/teamwork-for-fue-surgery-from-hdc-gives-better-results https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/fue-hair-transplant-post-operation-care-important-or-not Giuseppe
  13. This patient is 25 years old and he is a potential class 5. We explained to him that if he will proceed with a Hair Transplant Surgery he needs to be ready Psychologically and Financially to complete the job, meaning that he will need additional Hair Transplant surgeries, as his hair loss with continue. We agreed, so we proceeded with the 1st HT for 3000 grafts to cover the hairline and the front. We have placed the hairline in a position above his original hairline to be natural when he will reach the class 5 stage, as you can see in the hairline drawing below. He was, and still is very cooperative and very happy with his result. He is coming back soon to cover the crown. The fact that we make these surgeries with normal session of 3000 grafts and not aggressively with 5000 – 6000 grafts, maximizes the total amount of grafts that his donor can ultimately give without depletion. You can see more about this subject on this article. https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/avoiding-scarring-and-depletion-of-the-donor-in-large-fue-sessions For every result that we post we try to give value and additional information to the members of this forum. Regards, Giuseppe Before Immediately After 16 Months after