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  1. Thanks' for your interest in our Clinic. Our prices range between 2 to 2.5 euro/graft. Specifically for procedures with Dr Maras the cost is 2.5 euro/graft
  2. We have prepared 3 comparison results of this patient to show the change brought by the Hair Transplant, at a glance.
  3. This patient is 40 years old, with balding temples and hairline and thinning hair up to the NW class 5 stage. He was advised by HDC Hair Clinic in his consultation, to fill up his hairline and temples with a density that would blend with his hair behind and not a dense pack that would make the transplanted hair look like a thick moustache in the front. He also wanted a mature hairline, so we placed the hairline slightly behind his existing hair. HDC Hair Transplant Clinic, distributed 2700 grafts to cover this area in order to match the desires and profile of the patient for getting a natural result. You can see this result 8 months later. Before Immediately After 8 Months After
  4. Many times, patients are worried if their Hair Transplant Result will last over time. Sometimes it does sometimes it is weaker after 5 to 10 years. There are many factors that can affect this development but the main one is how the androgenetic alopecia will develop over time due to hereditary predisposition. Other factors can be what the patient may be using during the post operation years to keep his existing hair and to maintain the Transplanted Hair. This patient had done a few things periodically like finasteride, Minoxidil and Micro needling. He also had 3 PRF Sessions in the last 6 months. You can now see his result of before and after 6 years which is indeed amazing. To be more precise the transplant took place on 19-09-2013 and the photos were taken on 20-06-2019, during a visit from the patient who is from Israel, to the HDC Clinic In this video you can see the correct way of choosing the right clinic for your hair transplantation through the experience of one of our patients. This video is not related to the patient presented in this thread. Before Immediately after 6 Years after
  5. This is a 50-year-old patient who had a 3000 graft FUE Hair Transplant, with HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus. He has good hair characteristics and very good donor. HDC Medical and Dr Maras who was the responsible doctor on this case, has spread the extraction of the grafts on the whole of the donor and he left the surrounding hair from each extracted graft intact, in order to avoid depletion and to leave the donor area looking as being untouched. This technique is more important on patients with average donor. It takes longer to do it, but your only supply of hair is your own donor. So, don’t waste it to finish quickly or to pay a few dollars less. The aim of HDC Hair Transplant Technique is to give naturalness to the result in terms of feathering hairline, correct direction of the transplanted hair and to position the hairline according to each patient’s best interest. HDC is also offering a unique post operation care for faster and correct donor and recipient area, healing. You can see more on this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huPLNp-Sy8c&t We present this, 7 months result, including the development of the one and four months after. Before Immediately after 1 month after 4 months after 7 months after
  6. This is a 32-year-old patient at Norwood class 5 stage. He has some thin hair in his balding area, and he wondered if these would be affected adversely from the hair transplant. We explained that there is a possibility that some of those vellus hair might not survive and that we will place the appropriate density to cover of any loss. Finally, it seems that most if not all his existing hair survived as the result is really thick after placing 3000 grafts on hairline and top area. The patient is coming for a second FUE Hair Transplant to cover the crown. What is remarkable in this case, apart from the result, is that the donor looks as strong as before the extraction of 3000 grafts, illustrated by photos and video. This makes this patient ready for covering all his crown with FUE2 without worry about his donor. How you will look after your FUE Hair Transplant and why the donor keeps in best condition, can be seen in this video link. https://youtu.be/huPLNp-Sy8c Before Immediately After 1 Year After
  7. This is a 38-year-old patient in NW3 scale. He wanted to replace his balding area with good density, to match his terminal hair. HDC Hair Clinic transplanted 3070 grafts with FUE Technique to the desired density. You can see the evolution of his hair Transplantation from before to 9 months after the surgery. See also, his growth development every month. In an effort to give more value to patients, HDC Hair Clinic has developed two new videos as follows: One, How to choose the correct hair clinic through a Testimonial And the other, how should I look a few days after my Hair Transplant? Before Immediately after 1 Month after 2 Months after 3 Months After 4 Months After 6 Months After 8 Months After 9 Months After
  8. There are so many options for hair transplants in our days. But there are also many patient that are choosing the wrong place for their Hair Transplantation. In the video below, we try to give a highlight of how to choose the right Clinic through the experience of this patient. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO3DIQqI6i0&t=34s
  9. HDC has been providing consistent State of the Art Hair Transplant results over time. We have summarized some of our results in this video, including also the result in this post. I think it is worth watching it. https://youtu.be/2rG7jy5nheQ
  10. This is a 28-year-old patient of NW3 scale. His hair transplant with HDC Hair Clinic, is presented as Before the surgery, Post operation and 7 months after. He is considered a good hair transplant candidate as his donor is of good quality and does not have strong potential to lose more hair soon. HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus has transplanted 3300 FUE grafts in order to fill up with good density the front NW3 bald and thinning triangle. The patient is very happy with his Hair Transplant Result and he send it to us by email, as he came from abroad, with giving his permission to post it with full Face. Before Immediately After 7 Months after
  11. This is a 39 year old patient with minor hair loss. Re wanted to add reinforce his thinning hairline without lowering it and to be very natural. HDC Hair Clinic transplanted 2200 grafts in this area giving a good and natural result. The transplanted single hair grafts placed in correct direction and pattern in the front, blended nicely with the few existing hair giving a hairline that is smooth and natural. For more info on Result evaluation you can read this article: https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/hair-transplant-results-two-way-evaluation-recipient-and-donor?category_id=5 Presented is the result of this case, 15 months after his hair transplant. Before Immediately after 15 months after
  12. The average density should differ from case to case according to the needs of the patient. For higher Norwood scale patients we should spread the grafts in bigger area so the density of FU/CMsq must be lower. For this patient like VicTNYC mentioned, since he in not on any meds, we covered the frontal area in such a way that he should not need another pass in the future. The patient is waiting for his final result and he will come back to continue from where we finish with FUE1. For higher density hairline we use about 60 – 70 singles per cmsq in the front and about 50 doubles behind the singles. Then we continue with doubles + grafts according to the needs of the area to cover. Additionally, as we promised on this thread we have published our latest article on Result Evaluation and you can see it on this link: https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/hair-transplant-results-two-way-evaluation-recipient-and-donor?category_id=5
  13. This patient is a NW class 3 patient from Spain with a potential of going to class 4 in the future. He did not want to start with Minoxidil or finasteride and to cover his baldness with transplanted hair. He posted his Experience with HDC Hair Clinic from day one of his surgery, in the Spanish Forum. You can see all the evolution and many details of this case from the patient point of view, on this link: http://www.recuperarelpelo.com/foro/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=72469&p=647676#p647676 This is an FUE Hair transplant Result of 3369 Grafts. WE believe that a convincing Hair transplant result should only be allowed to be presented with pictures of the post op of the recipient and the donor. This is the way we present all our results. We also believe that the Donor is a main part of the result because if you have a good coverage on your balding areas but a destroyed donor then you have a bad overall Hair Transplant result. In HDC we use only manual punch and only Experience physicians, which adds to the preservation of a good donor. In addition, we believe that the post operation care can heal the donor better. See here some tips on Post operation care : https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/fue-hair-transplant-post-operation-care-important-or-not We are currently working on an article on how a Hair transplant Result should be evaluated and we will post it here when is ready. Before Immediately after 8 Months after
  14. HOW MANY GRAFTS WERE IMPLEMENT PER Surgery? The patient had 2866 grafts on 1stFUE Hair Transplant on November 2015 and 2048 on November 2017. So the exact Number of grafts is 4914. how many grafts he will need in order to fill the crown area? The crown will need about another 1500 grafts that will drive the number of grafts extracted over 6000 grafts Who did the Surgery? In HDC Hair Clinic we do a team Work. You can see how our team is working on this link. https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/teamwork-for-fue-surgery-from-hdc-gives-better-results The doctor responsible was Dr Maras.
  15. This is a class 5 patient who wanted to fill up his thinning areas with a hair transplant having a poor donor. HDC performed a total of 4900 FUE grafts in two Surgeries. The first one was in 2015 and the 2nd one on November 2017. The limitation of this particular patient was that his donor was not good especially on the sides. HDC Hair clinic explained the limitations to the patient and discussed that the expected result should be in accordance to his donor. Also, the patient was put on Propecia and Minoxidil to avoid further hair loss. Fortunately, he did not have an aggressive history of Hair loss. Half of the hair transplant result is how the hair grow on the recipient and the other half is how the donor is managed. You can see the result. Before Immediately After FUE1 Immediately After FUE2 After FUE2
  16. This is a 36 years old patient. He is a potential class 5 but for the moment he only needed a hairline and hair around his front bundle, we call this front hair bundle as “Tsouloufi”. There you go, HDC Hair Clinic with Dr Maras as the assigned physician, transplanted 2900 grafts in his recipient area. Excellent design, full growth, amazing naturality due to correct placing pattern and angulation. This is a typical result of Tsouloufi cases in HDC. No damage whatsoever in the donor, after extracting with Manual punch, with leaving natural growing hair between each punch. Always the result should be evaluated for donor area too. Remember to ask to see the post op and donor after photos with the result, before you proceed with your HT, in order to avoid traps as there are a lot out there. See the result below, showing before, post op and after of both recipient and donor area. Before Immediately after 15 Months after Comparison photo
  17. This patient is 28 years old. He had this bundle of hair in the front and no hair on temples and behind the bundle. He has contacted HDC Hair Clinic to solve his problem. We decided that the best treatment for him was to cover the area by FUE Hair Transplant surgery by creating a new hairline and going around his existing hair. This way he could keep his own hair and use less grafts. You can see the exact grafted area in the post operation photos. He only needed 2100 grafts and achieved full coverage. When in the future his own hair behind the transplanted will thin out, then he will need a 2nd Hair Transplant and this will be the time to cover the non-grafted are, in the front. We also show the good work done for the donor, which looks as if it is untouched. The philosophy of HDC Hair Clinic is that the result should be evaluated in two ways. One, for the recipient area regarding good design, distribution of grafts, correct direction and the naturalness of the result. Two, for the donor area keeping it without depletion, without visible white dots and giving the patient the option to have a very short haircut without constraint. More important leaving the donor area available for future hair transplants as hair loss never stops, especially for potential high Norwood scale patients. We encourage patients to make good research before they pick their HT doctor and make a two way evaluation of the results of their short list clinics. Before Immediately After 16 Months after
  18. This patient is 31 years old, living in Israel and was searching for the best Hair Transplant Clinic around his region, or in Europe in General. He made a short list of two clinics, HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus and another good Clinic in Turkey. He was not interested about the low-cost Turkish Clinics as he is aware that in such clinics you take a big risk of reduced growth, wrong pattern and direction of grafts growth and a huge risk of donor depletion. In the end he has chosen HDC due to: · its good reputation, · being situated in Europe and near to Israel, · offering him free accommodation for up to one week in HDC apartments · personal and extended post operation care for this whole week · and of course, taking no result related risk. You can see more info on the importance of post operation care on this link https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/fue-hair-transplant-post-operation-care-important-or-not The patient is very happy both with the result and the preservation of his donor and gave us permission to post his case. His surgery was for 3000 grafts and in the end his decision to chose HDC Hair Clinic proved to be correct as you can see from his result below: Before Immediately after 9 Months after
  19. This patient was researching for some time what would be the best option for his hair transplantation. He is Greek, and he was reading the Greek and international Hair Transplant forums. After his research he decided to trust HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus. The main decisive factors were the sustainable good results but not less the good management of the donor area, as he felt this was important for avoiding donor scarring and for having enough healthy donor left, for any future need for covering thinning areas. He transplanted 2850 grafts and you can see below his before with hairline design, post op and after photos. The photos were sent to the clinic by the patient. Before 1 Week after 1 Year after
  20. This patient had a bad strip micrografting in Greece for 1500 grafts to the hairline. He had a plug effect result and a strip scar and he wanted to make it look as natural as possible. The patient is only 27 years old but without any aggressive hair loss. We, at HDC Hair Clinic have placed FUE grafts in all the previously plugged area and on the scar, for 2000 grafts. HDC explained to the patient that these repair cases can give a better look, but it is not like the result if working on a virgin scalp. Fortunately, it turned out great for him and we present his case below. It useful to be noted that this patient presented his case in the Greek forum (www.hairlossgr.com )from day one. Before Immediately After 9 Months after