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  1. I am the consultant center of HDC clinic in Cyprus with Dr. Maras, I had a terrible procedure in Turkey (I have a blog here) and a year later Dr. Maras repaired me which I am very happy! You're welcome to PM for free consultant.
  2. Way too spread implantations, a professional never do this "spread" all over the scalp, a procedure should be focused on an area, usually 40% +- cover with great density, very rare 50%, depends on the properties.
  3. @Ryan35 sorry to hear what you goingthrough, I myself had an awful hair transplant and had a repair\2nd amazing procedure by Dr. Maras at HDC clinic in Cyprus, I am the consultation center of HDC. It's hard to tell why after 9 months you still got that redness, my assumption the incisions were too deep or the punch wasn't gently enough, on my first awful procedure at Turkey, for over 9 months I thought my scalp nerves were dead because I didn't feel anything do to aggressive amateur job, no isuues like that on my 2nd procedure. 1500 grafts isn't enough to cover front head, by today s
  4. My dad is 73 with NW6.5 If I hadn't a HT I would be NW4, but at my age my dad was NW5, though my younger brother by 6 years is NW4.5 - 5, at his age I was NW2.5 - 3.
  5. @Kieran2020 I am the consultant center for HDC clinic you PM for free consultation, you are very young and need to be cautious what solutions for hairloss you are choosing.
  6. @Massimo94 I am the consultant and coordinate center of HDC, I myself had a repair procedure by Dr. Maras, in some photos it looks very thin, some photos it looks too early for a procedure, we need to check it.
  7. I myself had my repair procedure by Dr. Maras at HDC clinic, before I was botched badly, you read my hair transplant journey here:
  8. @milkcrest123, I am the consultant center for HDC clinic with Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina, the clinic charges 2.5 - 2.0 Euros per graft, the price includes our free accommodations, 2 days of surgery and 5 days of cleaning all your scabs 100%, 1 week treatment, we also work microscopes, 1 paitent per days. You're welcome to PM for free consultant and can join my HDC Facebook group on my signature.
  9. I agree with @Melvin-Moderator, it's gonna be fine
  10. @rhal22I saw some good (in my opinion) fue repair scar results for FUT and car accidents, it usually take less than 1000 grafts, but SMP could help also. Sometimes those starches can effect the quality of the donor around it.
  11. It's too early to determine, most of the pitting and cobblestoning I saw were all over the scalp, wait a little longer, I think it will get better. I just posted this:
  12. Pitting- This phenomenon creates a plagiarized appearance and small circles in the canal around the hair, this too is a phenomenon of aesthetic complication and it appears due to entering too deep with the needle or blade in opening the canals and inserting the follicle too deep or canals are too large in relation to the size of the follicle. Cobblestoning- Stone flooring, bumpers. Appears when the follicle is not properly cleaned under the microscope of its adipose tissue or when we have not entered deep enough in the opening of the canal and the follicle has not been inserted dee
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