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  1. Couldn't agree more, if a high skilled MD doctor don't do the punch and incisions it's a game over for my concern.
  2. Hi @ArkaZyou can give a try for Finasteride but just be aware of the side effects, it can hurt your libido, I myself tried Finasteride 15 years ago and it didn't help me. I represent HDC clinic at Cyprus, I checked your photos, in the "short hair" photos it seemed you are NW3 class, I think we can cover it, you got a great donor, you are welcome to mail me on private with free consultant, also you can read at my HT journey at HDC by Dr. Maras, follow my FB group, ect... On this video we show a documentary and final result for an Asian paitent we had, notify that we use microscopes an
  3. The crown may expand, but maybe some grafts can be implant on some of the middle scalp, if you want I rep HDC clinic with Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina, can give you free consultant on private. These is an exaple of a crown job by us:
  4. 1829 FUE grafts repair by Dr. Maras at HDC clinic in Cyprus. 40 years old, paitent's scalp and donor were terribly botched with awful depletion and no growth, unfortunately this procedure was done in a black market practice at Turkey, the agent didn't even take him to a cheap clinic, he instead rented a room in gynecologist post with random staff that did the procedure. Luckily the paitent have a very thick grafts which helped very much to repair his scalp with enough density, Dr. Maras also faded out his scars on his donor to give better esthetics, last photos are the final result.
  5. The first video is about the punch process, second video about the incisions and implant using microscopes 🔬 You're all welcome for free consultant
  6. @jc80220 you are still welcome to join my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/326632715435825/?ref=share
  7. @jc80220 HDC price includes accommodations, 2 days of surgery (sometimes 3), plus 5 more days of cleansing the scalp out of scabs 100%, plus you will get my discount and escort around the clock before & after procedure . Dr. Maras is 2.5 Euros per graft, and Dr. Christina is 2.3 Euros per graft, the main difference Dr. Maras is our repair specialist. These pics is from I guy I know in person, he was botched in Turkey through a random agent and a year after went to repair HDC, 1850 micro FUE grafts by Dr. Maras.
  8. @jc80220 with a good donor you can cover 4cover of your scalp per 1 procedure, don't be tempted to for those cheap Turkish clinics, my first HT was a mega session of 5000 grafts by a cheap black market clinic, and I almost died in the procedure, an ambulance came and my scalp was botch both from donor and transplanted area, a year after I had a repair HT by Dr. Maras at HDC clinic in Cyprus (Greek side) which I am very happy with! You can read about it on my links on my signature. Today I represent HDC and you are welcome to PM me for a free consultant and join my Facebook group.
  9. I almost died in a huge failure HT procedure in Turkey and got botched, a year after I had my repair HT by Dr. Maras at HDC clinic in Cyprus (Greek side) which I am very happy with and today I represent HDC. You are welcome to PM for free consultant, also I give discounts, we are working with microscopes FUE protocol with no cutbacks, you can also check my FB group on my signature My story: Watch my story on YouTube video by @Melvin-Moderator:
  10. As a rep, I don't recommend to go with HT procedure, it will only damage your natural beautiful hair.
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