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  1. I mean that after a procedure that done professionally, you will have at least 70% survival rate from the punch area, unlike black market clinics, pro clinics always will plan that you will have the option to do another HT if will be needed, black market clinics use generic mechanical punch and also punch hair next to hair which wrong and will kill the grafts that were taken and on the same time destroy grafts that were not taken, a corrective way to preseve the donor area is to use manual punch or only pro level mechanical punch like "Cole punch" machinery, also you need to punch 5 hairs space and next to each one by one so the donor won't be depleted. You can read and see my pics here, I had 2 HTs, first one was by a black market Turkish clinic and the 2nd procedure was a repair HT at HDC by Dr. Maras which I am very happy with
  2. Wow what a long road, over 10 surgeries? You sure broke Joe Tillman's record! I am happy you repaired you donor, BHT and beard is a great solution for that, I must say you Luckily, your donor after 10 FUE procedure of 9000 grafts looks decent before the repair, I know men that after doing FUE in the black market clinic, their donor looks wayyyyy more severe than yours after ONE procedure ONLY, three times is the top, I am happy for you buddy Youn were NW6?
  3. Would say around 1500-2000 grafts to restore your original hairline. If you ask me, don't lower your original hairline, it's a big waste of grafts.
  4. @Egy these imposters so called "doctors", don't have a real MD degree and don't speak English, how the hell you refer and market yourself as doctor when you don't speak English?!?! Those imposters have fake local Turkish certifications, and those ridiculous fake "Oscar" trophies 🏆 , how come the legit clinics around the world don't possess those stupid trophies?! Those pseudo "doctors" are crooks and so their staff, I was offered to work with these places and I ignored them. As you said, it's either a fancy look places or renting a room in a hospital, their government don't use a federal enforcement at all, it's not only about HTs, it's the same with all ecstatic surgeries there, I know men and women that were poison overdosed in nose jobs, facelifts, dental, silicon, you name it, and of course they were botched like you and me in the black market industry in Turkey. What really blows me is when ppl consultant with or other legit clinics, giving them all the info AFTER they had failed HT even 2! And still want a black market cheap clinic, blows my mind, I have many many pics with those botched paitents that many times the damaged was too much so they can't have a proper repair HT. You plan to do a repair HT?
  5. @transplantedphil thank you very much! @Gatsby thanks! I am so glad that HTN got serious followers that take seriously this matter, when I tired to warn ppl on FB groups against black market clinics only and their secret Turk agents (from famous Turk names) started to bash me and call me "scarecrow" then bullied me on private, but I laughed on them 🤣 😆 I saw some posts here of paitents that went to "nice price Turkish black market clinics" and now they in deep depression, they uploaded their HT with pictures like me with depleted donor, broom hair growth or non growth and the local agents\reps bully them instead to offer a caring solution. My agent was my barber and "friend" for 14 years, back when we closed the deal in December 2017, I didn't know a thing about HTs, didn't know there are categorizes of clinics, only knew in a very basic way FUT and FUE, didn't have a clue about manual punch\miscroscopes\singles, ect, so I TRUSTED HIM. Just after this horrific experience I did my own research and got even more depressed, but at the end HDC and Dr. Maras brought my smile and confidence back I am glad I can give free advices for paitents as others helped and rep respected clinics, I will make my own YouTube channel, as you said I see many Turks YouTubers that film them self in dark rooms or dark cars and a new patient won't get the right impression. You plan to do another procedure? Where you did your HTs? (only if you feel comfortable to tell)
  6. @rhstoned feel free to contact me, DR. Maras uses manual FUE, will show you my donor compare to what Arenamed in Turkey did to me. Dr. Maras took most of my grafts from the sides of my head, where Arenamed did't touch. But I must tell that using motorized punch isn't a bad thing necessarily, even HDC use it sometimes, there are kinds of motorized punches and pro level clinics use them for very thick hair like 0.9-1.0 mm depends on other elements too, manual punch is mostly commonly use.
  7. Hi @rhstoned, I myself had 2 procedures, first one was a failed FUE in a Turkish "nice price" clinic, then I did my repair HT at HDC clinic in Cyprus, which I am very happy about! Currently I am the representative of HDC clinic and Darling Buds of Dr. Bahatti in India, you are welcome to consult with me in private, your donor looks great 👍 You can read on my procedures here: Also there is a YouTube link on my signature.
  8. Pheeewwww I am glad it's not your case 😅 Although as a rep I have HT for some of those candidates. Can you show in a good light your baldness pattern? If you prefer you can send me in private, because usually I tell ppl not to go for HT on NW2 before age 40.
  9. @karatekid you were rejected? hmm... Are you Norwood 6-7 with baldness in the donor area?
  10. Where and when you did your first HT? I am the consultant center of HDC, so you can free talk with me on private, show your pictures, details and we will check what and how we can repair your HT with no rush.
  11. Thanks mate! I see many paitents do selfies and videos in dark rooms, inside car and ect, which don't give clear impression of the results, I know for certain that many paitents don't do this to "sell fake news" but they want to be proud for the long way they went through, some forums and few FB groups that I know with strict rules demand clear pictures of the results under the sun\rooms with good lightning and honest picture angles, so you don't see much black market clinics results 😉 I also made videos from both procedures in Turkey and HDC.
  12. As a representative of HDC clinic in Cyprus, I give consult, explain on our assurance, make appointment video calls with our MD Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina (they do the surgery, punch and opening channels, we divide hair graft groups with microscopes), also I escort paitents online\phone before and after procedure, feel free to contact me
  13. Hi good day, let me suggest you also HDC clinic in Cyprus (close to Turkey), our hair transplet procedures done by ONLY doctors, Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina, which means they do the punch and opening channels, our team use microscopes to divide correctly the hair graft groups, so your hairline will look natural with only single grafts at the front head. Our price is between 2.0-2.7 Euros per graft and it also include accommodations in our own apartments next to the clinic, we only make 1 procedure per 2 days of surgery. I myself had a repair HT at HDC 11 months ago and I couldn't be happier, my first FAILED HT was done by Arenamed in Turkey, you can see on my signature my HT story, You are welcome to consult with me on private I am the representative
  14. Yes, NW6 people needs 2 HTs year after year (can be done after 9 months). The question is about how good is your donor area, I am lucky because my donor was damaged hard at my first HT in I Turkey, but they didn't touch my head sides grafts which is a strong donor area on my case, also in HDC we know how to persevere donor area with 70% survival rate, so I can go for another 2 HTs in the future, which can cover all my scalp if will be needed, you are welcome to contact me on private.