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  1. He is very confused, he is considering to do a repair at HDC, Dr. Maras had video meeting with him, but wants to meet him, maybe his beard can help for the donor, very complicated sad situation.
  2. That poor guy sued with me and 3 more paitents "Forevhair" agency in Israel (we from Israel) that took us to Arenamed clinic in Turkey, I got no words to describe this awful experience, it's like a nightmare that never ends...
  3. @Parasolthanks! I am sure you'll be happy with the final result, always here for you
  4. I made a poor decision to go to a hair mill (Arenamed clinic in Turkey), because the local agent in my country (Forevhair agency) fooled me and represented Arenamed as a "boutique" clinic and I paid a huge commission, that agent from Forevhair was my "friend" and my barber for 14 years so I thought he wanted what's best for me, alas I almost died in the procedure by those barbarians! I was lucky that an ambulance came for my rescue, for 12 hours I puked, squirm, lost my body heat, due to a low blood pressure due to the clinic's medical malpractice! Also my donor and my natural hair were botche
  5. I didn't count it hehehe, but he was approved by the clinic he have more than enough to cover his crown, I assume he will need 2000-2700 grafts for his crown.
  6. Hi @Hair_hunter, I am the coordinator and consultant center of HDC clinic with Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina, you can PM for free consultant or WhatsApp +972526542654
  7. Hi @JohnSmith2, I am the coordinator and consultantcenter of HDC clinic in Cyprus (near to Turkey and Greece), with Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina who conduct themselves the surgical processes (not technicians), we do 1-2 procedures in 1 day only, here are some of our works for NW6, you're welcome pm for free consultant or WhatsApp +972526542654 *These paitents can have another procedure to cover the crown * Our clinic also recommended in this forum * You're welcome also to join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/326632715435825/permalink/47648121045097
  8. 4954 FUE grafts by Dr. Maras at HDC clinic in Cyprus, paitent was NW6 class with few diffused hair, he had 2 procedures, first procedure was done in 2015 with 2866 grafts to cover the frontal with a new hairline, 2nd procedure was done on 2017 with 2088 to cover the middle scalp, the paitent was 24 years old on his first procedure, these are recent photos after 4 years from both procedures, the paitent can have a 3rd procedure over his crown with his preserved donor *Bigger sessions up to 4000-5000 grafts can be conduct in 1 surgery of 2-3 days if the clinic approve the donor is strong en
  9. Looks great, I had myself a procedure by Dr. Maras, keep us updated 😊
  10. My repair by Dr. Maras at HDC clinic was on the 4th of July 2019, Here both clinics results, today I am the coordinator and consultantcenter of HDC, I am so lucky that am ambulance came to rescue me from Arenamed in Turkey:
  11. As you all know I had 2 hair transplants procedures, the 1st in a cheap black market clinic in Turkey, also I almost died because of the overdose of anesthesia, after more than a year I had a repair procedure at HDC clinic in Cyprus by Dr. Maras, on this post I want to talk about some the aspects of correct professional clinics procedure vs black market clinics procedure. 1) On my 1st procedure I had mega session of 5000 grafts in 1 day, which is wrong! Professional clinics mostly do around 2500 grafts in 1 of surgery, most of the procedures are done in 2 days and even 3 days, it takes a
  12. Hi @Jnass, I am the coordinator of HDC clinic in Cyprus Nicosia with Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina. I think you will need around 2500-3500 grafts. You donor looks very strong above the average, I will be glad to assist and quote you in private. Only our MD doctors do the surgical parts and the staff using microscopes to divide the single grafts. You're also welcome to our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/326632715435825/?ref=share I myself had a repair procedure by Dr. Maras.
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