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  1. I had 2 HTs, the first one was a big failure at Arenamed in Turkey, they depleted my head brutally, after a year I had a repair HT at HDC clinic by Dr. Maras, this is one of the reasons I work with them today, take a look at my donor area today. Punch should be manual or micro mechanical by USA protocol, beware of generic local micro mechanical punch like Arenamed did to me!
  2. They won the Russian Roulette at the Turkish Casino, bad cheap clinic 1 out of 20-30 win a good HT but still scarifice donor with scars, awful cheap clinic 100% failures with hardcore scars.
  3. Turkey 🇹🇷 and Georgia 🇬🇪 are the worst places for black market medical tourism, USA in general is very expensive when it comes to plastic\ecstatics surgeries, so if a paitent wants to pay less for pro level HT, should check clinics in Europe or India. BTW, ppl should be aware that there are big scams in Europe too, some of the clinics like in Sweden, Germany, ect, belong to Turkish illegal "specalists".
  4. @Melvin-Moderator is correct 100%! Afro HT is more demanding and more risky, Afro vs Caucasian hair, don't have many grafts at the donor, the curly dense hair sure can cover the bolding area with great density, BUT Afro grafts are much harder to punch and easier can get more scars, that's why many pro level clinics deny Afro HTs, the one's who accept sometimes ask extra fee, most cases if an Afro get a failed processe with generic mechanical punch, it's game over for life, can't be repaired anywhere. The Turkish cheap clinics will say whatever you wanna hear, they "experts" about everything, I even know ppl with HIV that were told by Turkish clinics "Yes we do HIV no problem, we experts with HIV carriers bla bla bla...", while legit clinics (also in Turkey) deny HIV carriers. @Didi88 had afro HT at a cheap Turkish clinic, maybe ask him how he feels about it? Ask him if he can do repair HT. My story of my 1st HT at a cheap Turkish clinic and my 2nd repair HT by Dr. Maras at HDV in Cyprus, you watch my story at the YouTube link:
  5. Never said all feedbacks are 100% pure fake, but the majority is fake
  6. Correct! Those are fake reviews, it's you see those cheap botched clinic in Google "gets" 4.8 - 5.0 stars, but you never see pro level clinics with those rates, every fake monkey users can write those fake reviews.
  7. I never said or claimed "All Turkish clinics are bad", I said all the cheap ones are bad, and not only in Turkry some are bad some is even worse. There are good clinics in Turkey but not for 1500-3000 Euros, even the gòod Turkish clinics warn in their websites "do not go to a cheap clinic", I can even screenshot it for you if you want. Also from my experience, I only saw cheap clinics use DHI method with that Choi pen, why you want to do DHI? You know what the difference between DHI and FUE? Good pro level clinics, follow the American protocol: Manual punch or Dr.Cole mechanical punch only, MD doctors only, staff that was trained by MD doctors, microscopes only! Cheap clinic use: generic aggressive punch, fake doctors with local certification, not MD, no microscopes\only naked eye, 20 years old unexperienced staff that get paid 300 Euros per month, not permanent staff, I can add more.. but you got the idea. Turkey government have no federal law enforcment on black market medical tourism in general, I saw many men and women got botched after doing nose jobs, dental, eyebrows, ect... Didi went to Arenamed in Turkey. The difference between a cheap bad to awful clinic, the bad clinic will have a very few will win the Russian Roulette with a decent HT and a depleted donor, 1 out 20 "win", the awful clinics have 100% failures and extreme depleted donor area. I could've make a fortune as agent of cheap clinics, hurt ppl without caring, only crooks do that. Of course there are high budget clinics I don't recommend, but it's another subject. Another guy that was botched in a cheap clinic in Turkey
  8. @Didi88 was also botched in Turkey. Those "nice price" Turkish clinics are a big scam, they do follow the American protocol, it's a lie, I am suing now with more 8 casualties the local agent. Those black market clinics tried to offer me working with them instead of the LEGIT clinics I represent and consultant, because it will be easier money for me and I always refuse, hehehe they always say to me "What are microscopes? Why we need them?" Stay away lad! I can introduce you to many botched fellows. Please follow my story here:
  9. You should definitely stay away from "nice price" clinics as others suggested here. Only aim for a clinic that do procedures follow by USA protocols, microscopes use is a must! How you will divide the hair groups professionally without it?! Check out my story, first HT by low cost clinic, 2nd HT by pro level clinic
  10. Outstanding job! Really happy for you buddy! I myself had a repair HT by Dr. Maras, can't be happier
  11. @Mohammad12 thanks! HDC price in general is 2.7 Euro per graft, but some times as a rep I can get for a bit less. My repair (repairs cost more) was around 6500 Euros, our price also includes accommodation in our own apartments. Also I rep Dr. Bahatti Darling Buds with "Indian price" if you prefer, Dr. Bahatti himself will make the punch and slits. As a someone who was botched in Turkey, let me say this! The local agent that took me to that black market clinic, lied to me on a contract that a REAL doctor will be at my surgery, BUT only after I found that it wasn't a doctor, it was a "specialist" So you need to know this on the "nice price" clinic in Turkey: 1) The fraud "doctors" will represent themself with a diploma, BUT it's a Turkish local diploma, NOT MD WORLDWIDE 2) Very few "nice price" Turk clinics are own by MD doctors BUT he is only the owner he doesn't do anything with the surgical procedure, they just draw your hairline, you even get a chance to plan your hairline before you flying to Turkey 3) Some clinics lie they have MD diploma but it's, or lie they have diploma from ISHRS or ABHRS associations, so if you will the associations websites you won't see those clinics or fake doctors names 4) In general there is no federal law enforcement on medical tourism in Turkey 5) You will notice many English spelling mistakes on those clinics web sites, try to have a conversation with fake doctor, you will notice his English is very bad, a respectful MD doctor at any country must speak English properly
  12. Hi Mohhamad, I am rep and cosultant of Dr. Bahatti of Darling Buds clinics in India, and HDC clinic with Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina in Cyprus, both clinics surgeries done by MD doctors with a team that use microscopes, you can consult with on private. I myself had a repair HT at HDC, which I am very happy about, can read on it here:
  13. Hi @SilverFox, I am the offical rep of Dr. Maras at HDC clinic in Cyprus Nicosia (Greek side), our price per graft also includes accommodation apartments next to the clinic, also aftee 2 days of surgey we give 5 days of 100% clean and cleanse the whole scalp from scabs, no extra charge. You are welcome to consult with me in private and Dr. Maras will make a video call with you. Dr. Maras did my repair HT a year ago (after a failure HT in Turkey 2018), you read all about it here with pics: And here too: https://www.instagram.com/hdchairconsultantcentre/?hl=en
  14. I mean that after a procedure that done professionally, you will have at least 70% survival rate from the punch area, unlike black market clinics, pro clinics always will plan that you will have the option to do another HT if will be needed, black market clinics use generic mechanical punch and also punch hair next to hair which wrong and will kill the grafts that were taken and on the same time destroy grafts that were not taken, a corrective way to preseve the donor area is to use manual punch or only pro level mechanical punch like "Cole punch" machinery, also you need to punch 5 hairs space and next to each one by one so the donor won't be depleted. You can read and see my pics here, I had 2 HTs, first one was by a black market Turkish clinic and the 2nd procedure was a repair HT at HDC by Dr. Maras which I am very happy with
  15. Wow what a long road, over 10 surgeries? You sure broke Joe Tillman's record! I am happy you repaired you donor, BHT and beard is a great solution for that, I must say you Luckily, your donor after 10 FUE procedure of 9000 grafts looks decent before the repair, I know men that after doing FUE in the black market clinic, their donor looks wayyyyy more severe than yours after ONE procedure ONLY, three times is the top, I am happy for you buddy Youn were NW6?