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  1. Hi. I’ve posted before with a similar question. I live in Northern California. ive noticed some surgeons have a six month waiting list- Dr.Diep being one. while Dr. Scott Alexander has no waiting list at all. Does this mean anything in terms of how good he is. Since I’ve only seen / read positive things about him. I don’t trust before and after photos - which I notice Dr. Diep has where people have this insane density that I’m skeptical of. Since from what I’ve read density is not something one can reach, from what I’ve read it’s not possible to create a 100 percent density as if you are 16 years old. I’m 50 years old and have frontal recession and have been told 2,500 grafts.
  2. I"m considering getting a hair transplant to fill in the areas that have receded. For some time I've been researching doctors and the name Scott Alexander comes up quite a bit. If you were going to get a transplant would you go to Scott Alexander? I spoke with him through Skype and he seemed quite honest and down to earth. Some years prior I had a consultation with Dr. Diep and I didn't get a very good feeling from him. I've also read positive things about Dr. Baubac. So any comments / advise would be appreciated