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  1. @MrOneSeries thanks buddy, yes definitely, I’m going to book in August for November which will be the year mark, not going through all this for half a result, may as well go the whole hog! How are you getting on with yours?
  2. Four Month Mark So between week 14 & 16 there is not much to report, however between month three and four I would say I’m seeing the changes. I always feel the photos I take and post never show things in the best light but naturally I can see that hair is growing steadily now, I’m well aware this is a journey so not being too impatient but the density seems to be beginning and so far I am happy with the outcome. My ritual at the moment is medication daily as per clinics instructions and three times a week I am using fractioned coconut oil on donar and recipient area, this I feel helps with the itching I sometimes still suffer but I put that down to hair growth, surprisingly at the top of my head in a small area I still have a little bit of numbness but this will be temporary Monthly I am sending my progress pics to Dr Cinik and they seem to be happy so far, now I’m looking forward to what the months ahead bring and then begin to think about transplant number 2. Between weeks 14 & 16 I have had a haircut, I’m trying where possible to keep the sides and back tidy, but also had a very small amount (the ends) taken from the top. As always feel free to ask any questions if anyone considering such a procedure
  3. @fespafer looking good, best of luck 👍 i look forward to seeing the results
  4. @Jonboy81 Biotin, a multivitamin & Saw Palmetto as recommended by Dr Cinik
  5. Latest pictures week 14 Not a lot has been happening between week 8 and week 14 apart from a haircut, the numbness at the top of my head is just about gone, still suffer from some itching but I put that down to a little growth starting and I’ve had a couple of pimples appear So far so good, it’s about being patient and judging the final results and not this ugly duckling stage Feel free to ask any questions, happy to help or give my views to anyone considering the procedure or Dr Cinik
  6. @Jonboy81 according to Dr Cinik I was a Norwood 6, I was told at the beginning I would need 2 transplants for full coverage
  7. I’m three months post procedure with Cinik and so far all is well.
  8. @Markee yes he can very well @Dalgaard Safety was fine. During my procedure my wife walked to a nearby shopping centre and back with no issues.
  9. @Dalgaard the needless was well worth it, I have to have two HT and when I go back in November I’ll be taking needless again, as for Cinik doing the channels that’s your own personal preference but I did find the techs very professional so I’m sure would be fine.
  10. @Dalgaard yes Cinik did the channels and the rest was done by two techs, I have no complaints regarding the service I was provided. The procedure is very popular in Turkey and I must have seen approx 80-100 guys in istanbul with the same thing done. @fespafer good luck, you’ll be in good hands and I am sure all will be a success. Just my recommendation but if you can take the needless injections, it is far less painful than the normal needles! Look forward to seeing your progress
  11. @clerksband not recommended to shave head for first six months in case you damage hair in recipient area, only scissor cut
  12. Month two done and the shedding seems to have calmed down, no more hairs seem to be appearing in my hand when showering and during the last month I’ve had a haircut to tidy up the back and sides whilst just taking the ends of the top. Interesting experience getting that first cut as I was extremely nervous as it would seem the barber was after telling him about the transplant! Apart from the shedding and haircut it has been a very quiet month, I am still feeling some numbness at the top of my head and also around the donar area, I am experiencing some itching in both the donar and recipient areas but I tend to use fractioned coconut oil on both and that seems to help, also seem to have a few pimples in both areas which doesn’t help with the itching Update photos have been sent to Dr Cinik and they seem to be happy with the progress so far, Let’s see what the next four weeks brings!
  13. @MrOneSeries yes very early days, got to keep reminding myself that this isn’t the end result. Went to get my first hair cut yesterday just to tidy things up, that was nerve racking! Yes, I’m taking biotin, multivitamins and saw palmetto which Cinik prescribes Have you gone to Istanbul yet to get your procedure done and if so how did it go?
  14. Well that’s the first month over with, the healing process is going well and Cinik seems to be happy so far with how things are going, I had a few lumps at the front of my head after week 3 which was strange but assured this was normal and wouldn’t last which it didn’t. I’m now experienceing the dreaded shedding, along with a little shock lose around the crown, I started noticing this around the two week mark and although it was expected it is still a little disappointing to see hairs in your hand when you are showering, however I have to keep reminding myself that this is only the beginning and not the end result! Sleeping is now back to normal although I do still experience a little pain around the donar area even into week four when the back of my head is on the pillow, I also have numbness at the top of my head in the centre which I’m sure will disappear over the coming weeks/months. No regrets so far, delighted that I can now start going back to the gym as getting a HT is no good for the waistline, however great to be able to start to do normal things again. I guess now for the next couple of months I’m in the stationary stage where little will happen and it’s all about being patient. Interestingly apart from family who I told about my procedure no one has noticed I’ve had it done, (or if they have they have not asked!) not sure if that is a good thing or bad but because I always had my head shaved I suppose it’s not that noticble, however once the hair begins to grow I’m sure the questions will start. Anyone reading this considering a HT please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, always happy to help if I can.