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  1. @JohnAC71thank you for you kind words @Egy thank you for you kind words, I’m sorry to hear your experience has not been the same
  2. @Gatsbythank you for your words, nice to get an unbiased view. Donar area feels absolutely fine, no issues, when I get my hair cut I go between a 1 & 2 length wise and it causes no problems
  3. @HoohairI used to send my monthly photos to the WhatsApp group after my first transplant then after the second I did the same again but they asked me to email them as the WhatsApp group is not manned as frequently as email, they now reply to my emails every time, typically within 48 hours. Try email & hopefully you will get the answers to your questions info@emrahcinik.com Good luck and let me know hoe you get on, happy to help if I can!
  4. @Hoohair thank you, just book your appointment with Dr Cinik, you’ll be absolutely fine and will never look back 👍
  5. @Egy daily I take 1 each of biotin, multi vitamin, & saw palmetto. Had two prp treatments at time of transplant
  6. Haven’t posted here in awhile with everything going on in the world with Covid and to be honest little to talk about during the second transplant that I never mentioned during the first. So here’s the latest pics taken today after my first cut since going into lockdown, this has been 8 months since my second transplant in December 19 and 20 months since my first transplant in November 18. delighted with the results so far!
  7. @urban89 pictures below of three days after transplant which shows the donor area, scabs came away after approx 7-10 days and photo also of two week progress. If you decide to go to Dr Cinik you will be in safe hands, I’ve been twice and would recommend. Any questions just ask
  8. @maxgraft no I take biotin, saw palmetto & a multi vitamin daily, also using a years supply of shampoo that I got from clinic on 1st transplant
  9. End of first year So with the first year done (photos attached) I was more than happy with the results that my first transplant had given me, I always knew that I wouldn’t be 100% satisfied with the first and would go back for the second but to get the results that I did I was happy. The first year probably wasn’t as bad as I first thought, after the initial first month went past it was a case of waiting for results to begin to show, around the four month mark was when I probably starred to see progress and for others to notice also considering I was completely bald prior. 2nd trans
  10. 11th Month progress pictures. Nothing new to report, everything going to plan and now looking forward to going for my second transplant with Dr Cinik in December. Have started to let the hair on the top of my head grow longer so slightly disappointed in the knowledge that I’ll need to have this shaved off!
  11. 2nd transplant now booked with Dr Cinik for December 👌
  12. So I’ve purposely left the updates for a couple of months as I felt there was little to update on but now the ten month mark has arrived and so far I’m happy with the results. Over the last couple of months I feel the density has improved, I’ve had a couple of hair cuts, normally once a month as I like the back and sides short but in general I have had no issues at all. I continue to take medication daily as advised by Dr Cinik and I am now in the process of discussing my second transplant with them for hopefully December The plan for transplant number 2 will be to concentrate on the mid
  13. Seven month mark and all going well, I feel that little has changed over the last four weeks but the clinic are happy so far and I’m looking forward to around the nine month mark as I hear a lot that things start to fill out more. During this month I’ve had a haircut, I tend to go for a two on the sides and back and a tiny bit of the ends (if any)
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