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  1. I'll dye only the sides then, it was just some stray greys. Thanks for the advice. I'm at the 5month mark post HT, by the way.
  2. I've searched a bit through old forum topics but it's inconclusive. Ones recommend not doing it before the 6 months mark and others say that from 1 month post-op is fine. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  3. The donor area wasn't from the beard or the chest, no. Being that I had the surgery just at a time when my personal and work life was really hectic, I didn't do a separate post documenting my journey. But it's something I plan to do shortly, in there I'll post pictures and else. I agree that right now it's very early to tell, but it deserves to be monitored.
  4. Ok, just putting "angled" on the search bar I can see that this is definitely a big and contentious topic. But before start panicking I have to consider the following: - It's only in a very small area. - I'm only on month 5, so we'll see how the rest of the hair evolves. - Maybe once it gets longer the "spike" won't stand. EDIT: Is the "bad angling" happening during the incisions part or the "filling" part? Because on the former it was the surgeon who did it and the later was a technician.
  5. I just cut my hair yesterday, so you can notice it through photo right now. But you can if you touch it. It's nothing major at the moment, it just that at the front of the hairline it "spikes up" a bit. Anyway, let's let it grow first and take it from there. Just wanted to know if this had happened to you too. Thanks for getting back.
  6. Hi Luke, got something to ask you. I'm at the 5 month mark post HT and everything seems to be going well, but there's one thing that worries me a bit: there's a small area where the hair seems to be growing in another direction, like if it was put backwards. Is this a thing or am I being paranoid? Did something like that happened to you?
  7. A quick update: I decided to stop taking Fin. I didn't quit cold-turkey but slowly tappering off and now I do not take it anymore. Have to say that the sides are mostly gone. Hard to say whether I'm 100% back or more like 75/80%. The thing is, I feel a lot better overall now than when I took Fin. Glad I made that choice.
  8. This is huge! My endocrinologist told me a similar thing, that she has a lot of patients with Fin sides. Another factor is that the same doctor that prescribes you the Fin is not the same that you go complain about sides.
  9. The 5th day or month? Have to say that I'm still progressing every day. I feel a lot better overall since I've stopped taking it.
  10. Hey Luke, as always, you look fantastic! One question, when did you stopped taking Saw Palmetto and why? Do you take anything at the moment?
  11. Just wanted to give a heads up now that it's been a couple of weeks since I stopped taking Fin: Not only my libido, firmness of erections and quality of orgasms keeps going up and up (hard to say if it's yet back to 100% but it's getting there) but also my mood and energy is a lot higher. Overall I'm very happy with my choice. If you're on the fence about it, I recommend at least trying to cease the treatment for a bit and see how you feel. And then decide if it's worth it coming back or not.
  12. I know you're trying to be snarky, but instead of "blaming everything on Fin" people on this sub are doing exactly the opposite. They're denying and minimizing the sides in order to justify keep taking it. Anyway, trying to convince someone in denial is pointless. At least I hope that if anyone considering taking Fin reads about this, then he's more informed. All I can say is that the gains on libido and quality of erections are increasing daily since I've stopped with the Fin.
  13. Yeah, the effect is really really noticeable. When I was on Fin I knew my libido and erections were weaker, but I still “could get it done”, you know. Only now that I’m coming back to my previous state I realize how badly I was under Fin.
  14. I'd say my hair has been more or less stable for the last 7 or 8 years. All the thinning happened in my early 20s and then it stayed the same. I doubt that little area in the temples would make much of a difference in depleting the donor area. Also, it's a pattern quite common in my family.
  15. Thanks for the detailed explanation, Fozzie. Obviously, I don't plan on any touch up or second surgery at the moment. I want to see how it grows first. But keeping on playing this hypothetical game, don't you think that, with the area to cover on the temples being so small, the amount of hairs necessary is not a big deal?