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  1. That’s a really thoughtful answer. Re: medication, I’m doing Rogaine twice daily.
  2. Just for the sake of discussion, let’s image I hadn’t had HT yet and wanted to, how much graphs do you think it would be to correct the hairline?
  3. I appreciate everyone’s comments on here. I still feel unsatisfied with my current hairline, but after hearing you all I’ll put a raincheck on it and wait 6 months or so before taking another look at it.
  4. I might expressed myself wrongly. My issue isn’t with the results of the surgery, I’m fine with them (while hoping for more density in the months to come). What I want is to fill up my receding hairline, which was untouched in my first HT. I’m referring to the parts marked in red. How many graphs you think would be necessary?
  5. A bit of background: I’m 33 and had my first HT 9 months ago. My problem was that my hair was very thin in the front and you could clearly see my scalp with a harsh light or when parting it. So the goal of the HT was to make that area a lot more dense. At that time, the doctor decided not to alter my hairline saying that it was the right kind of mature for my age, and being that wasn’t my main worry, I agreed and let him to what he wanted. Now that the time has passed, I’m reasonably happy with the new density and thickness. And hopefully it still isn’t as full as it’ll be in 3 or 4 months. On the other side, I really regret not having corrected my receding hairline. As you can see in the photos, a “widow’s peak” is clearly present. I’m seriously considering going through a 2nd HT in order to alter my hairline. I don’t want it to be fully “perfect” because it’d look fake then, but I’d prefer it less pronounced. How big would think (in terms of graphs) this would need to be? Those areas are small, but being at the front the density of hairs per cm2 needs to be very high.
  6. The volume and density is amazing, Luke. Can I ask which products do you use for your hair, currently? I'm talking about shampoo, conditioner, maybe clay or fiber, some sort of thickening agent...
  7. And what about clay vs pomade vs fiber vs cream... totally lost with so many choices. My hair is kinda short, and don’t want anything supersticky and shinny. Also being post-HT is still thin.
  8. I had the HT at the end of last year, so it’s not recent. But I wonder if wearing pomade can be somehow not advisable. In case there’s no issue with wearing it, which type or brand do you recommend?
  9. Thank's! I was worried that that would have been double-grafts or something like that. So the hairs from the donor area are thicker, I didn't know that. I'd be curious from someone that has had HT for more than a year and currently buzzes his hair would post photos and see how it looks.
  10. Appreciate the answer. I asked the doctor but haven't heard back yet. If anyone else can chime in, that would be great.
  11. Appreciate the help, but I don't want to tamper much with different lengths. I'll let it grow for now and try again for a buzzcut in a few months. Tomorrow at midday I'll try to shoot a few more with sunlight.
  12. Honestly, when I move and with natural light I see it very differently and jarringly, and not so much in these photos. But it also might be that I'm not objective.