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  1. This is huge! My endocrinologist told me a similar thing, that she has a lot of patients with Fin sides. Another factor is that the same doctor that prescribes you the Fin is not the same that you go complain about sides.
  2. The 5th day or month? Have to say that I'm still progressing every day. I feel a lot better overall since I've stopped taking it.
  3. Hey Luke, as always, you look fantastic! One question, when did you stopped taking Saw Palmetto and why? Do you take anything at the moment?
  4. Just wanted to give a heads up now that it's been a couple of weeks since I stopped taking Fin: Not only my libido, firmness of erections and quality of orgasms keeps going up and up (hard to say if it's yet back to 100% but it's getting there) but also my mood and energy is a lot higher. Overall I'm very happy with my choice. If you're on the fence about it, I recommend at least trying to cease the treatment for a bit and see how you feel. And then decide if it's worth it coming back or not.
  5. I know you're trying to be snarky, but instead of "blaming everything on Fin" people on this sub are doing exactly the opposite. They're denying and minimizing the sides in order to justify keep taking it. Anyway, trying to convince someone in denial is pointless. At least I hope that if anyone considering taking Fin reads about this, then he's more informed. All I can say is that the gains on libido and quality of erections are increasing daily since I've stopped with the Fin.
  6. Yeah, the effect is really really noticeable. When I was on Fin I knew my libido and erections were weaker, but I still “could get it done”, you know. Only now that I’m coming back to my previous state I realize how badly I was under Fin.
  7. I'd say my hair has been more or less stable for the last 7 or 8 years. All the thinning happened in my early 20s and then it stayed the same. I doubt that little area in the temples would make much of a difference in depleting the donor area. Also, it's a pattern quite common in my family.
  8. Thanks for the detailed explanation, Fozzie. Obviously, I don't plan on any touch up or second surgery at the moment. I want to see how it grows first. But keeping on playing this hypothetical game, don't you think that, with the area to cover on the temples being so small, the amount of hairs necessary is not a big deal?
  9. Thanks, Fozzie. But I don't quite understand your reasoning: What does this have to do with Fin? As far as I know, the transplanted hair will stay independently of the Fin.
  10. I had HT surgery a couple months ago, so it's still early to know how it went. But one thing I'm wondering/maybe regretting is not having asked to fix my receding hairline. My main problem has always been lack of density, and that's what I wanted to correct. But now that (post-HT) I'm wearing my hair buzzed, you can also see a Widow's Peak / mature hairline. Being that I didn't have short hair when I went to do the procedure, I kinda followed along when the doctor draw my hairline just following what I already had. He didn't lower the hairline at all. If I were to do it again I'd ask to have the hairline drawn along the red lines. What's your take on lowering or keeping the hairlines intact in cases like mine? Did I miss my big change? I'm in my early 30s, by the way.
  11. I think that the whole "only 1% or so has sides" has to be bollocks. Most likely the majority of people just soldier on with resignation. But hey, if you take Fin and everything is absolutely the same, then more power to you. I just hope to be back to my fully normal soon after having stopped Fin.
  12. I think it's the opposite, honestly. A lot of people keep on taking it even with the sides while lying to themselves. The sides are so gradual that are easy to rationalize: - No more morning wood? Well, who needs it? - Less libido? Who wants to be a horndog all the time! Maybe it's better having less of it. - Weaker erections? mmm... maybe it's all in my head. Let's not precipitate to conclusions. - Watery semen? Who cares? - Less pleasure when cumming? Yeah... but I think I'm starting to see some new hair... I've discovered it's not worth for me to take Fin and endure these sides (and potentially more ones in the future with continued use).
  13. I stopped taking Fin at the endocrinologist’s advice and oh what a change. It’s only been a few days but the difference in libido, firmness of erections, quality of orgasams and mood is very noticeable. Anybody who says Fin sides aren’t real doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’m not going back there...
  14. clerksband

    Questions about Saw Palmetto

    Thanks for the reply, but being that Saw Palmetto is basically a midler, "natural" version of Fin, wouldn't the sides appear too?
  15. I’m taking Proscar and divide it in 5 parts. I just scheduled a visit to the endocrinologist. Unless he tells me otherwise, I think I’ll stop the treatment and just continue with the minox. It doesn’t seem worth to kill your libido (and possible fuck up your hormones) for this. If in a few years I new another HT, so be it.