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  1. Any other precaution while cutting it with scissors, Luke? Or just that?
  2. I appreciate the advice, Luke! I won't use clippers on the receiving area, then.
  3. First off, I want to thank Luke for documenting his journey, it's been really educational and helpful. Now I'm at the 30th day post FUE surgery and I'm thinking of buzzing my hair to 1 for the first time. I see that Luke didn't use clippers for the recipient area during the first months, why is that? Is there some kind of risk?
  4. Is it 1 month or 2 months that you can buzz your recipient area with clippers, sorry? I’m in the same situation (1month post-surgery) and don’t know what to do. I’d like to buzz it at 0.5 or 1 but don’t know if it’s 100% “safe”.
  5. I'm at the 1 month mark after my hair transplant surgery (FUE). Supposedly I can cut my hair as usual, but I wonder whether there's any issue with using a machine instead of scissor in the recipient area on in doing it very very short (plan on having the clippers at 1). Any advice?
  6. Merk manufactures both Proscar (5mg finasteride pills) and Propecia (1mg finasteride pills). And even though a Propecia pill has 5 times less finasteride in it, the cost per unit is much higher for Propecia. How come is this? Is it because Propecia is marketed towards the cosmetic market and they feel they can get away with a higher price vs Proscar (which is a prostate drug) ?
  7. I still have some scabs almost 3 weeks after the surgery, is that normal or should I try to scrubs them with more force besides the gentle rubbing I do while cleaning it everyday?
  8. And can having the scabs for too long could be bad in any way?
  9. Another doubt I have: when the scabs fall, do they fall with the hair attached or it’s just the scab?
  10. Yes, I got the whole head shaved. I plan on keeping in this way during the whole ugly-ducking/shock-loss period. I just want to make sure that it’s totally safe and not-harmful for my recipient area to have it regularly shaved during these months. I don’t want to let it grow while only a tiny % of the hairs is there on the donor area, that’s a personal preference.
  11. Thanks, really appreciate this. And on subsequent haircuts did you use just scissor or you buzzed it? And did you take some special care when cutting it or just back to normal?
  12. What make you feel it was too soon? And how long after your second HT, the FUE one? Is that bad or non-desireable? Did you cut/buzzed your hair after the last procedure? When?
  13. I plan to keep it buzzed only during the ugly duckling phase, because it doesn't look good then, hence the name. Once it's fully grown, then I'll have longer styles. I prefer to have it buzzed that with a few random hairs.
  14. Yes, that's exactly my worry. I'm afraid touching it might be bad...
  15. Yes, but almost everyone in this forum post-surgery let’s the hair grow naturally in the ugly ducking phase, even though it doesn’t look good at all. That’s why I’m wondering if there’s a reason behind it. Maybe it’s healthier to let it grown naturally at the beginning or so?