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  1. Also want to add that my hair has always shed a fair bit and it doesn’t seem to be shedding more than usual but getting thinner, even the first time I used them my hair was shedding daily at the usual rate it always had but looked 50 times better
  2. Just after some pics from people during the shedding stage, basically I had a hair transplant one year ago and started finasteride and minoxidil at the same time, at the 6 month mark my hair looked awesome and was extremely happy with the results, I stopped both meds as I was told to use for the first 6 months and since then my hair has become slightly worse. i started fin 5 weeks ago and minoxidil 2 weeks ago and my hair has thinned a fair bit, I just want to know how far it should be thinning and if mine is normal or if I’m going through a seasonal shed or if stopping meds have made my hair worse. Any pics after starting fin and minoxidil approx one month in would be appreciated
  3. The lighting is slightly different but I know for a definite fact that it’s gone thinner, at the 6 month mark I could easily style my hair and it was bouncy, now it’s limp and patchy. Should I get back on fin and minoxidil? Could this be my transplant result and the fin and minoxidil just made my native and transplanted hair thicker and fuller? The only thing I don’t understand is why I now have miniaturisation in my transplanted areas, I thought it’s meant to remain the same regardless of medication. I’m so confused and not knowing what to do
  4. Hi, I’m having issues where I can’t seem to find any answers to and it’s driving me insane, last September I had a hair transplant on my thinning hairline, progress was great and at the 5-6 month mark I was feeling happy and the hair was thick and I was on track for an awesome result, I remember thinking to myself that if my result remains the same at the 5-6 month mark I’d be super content and was extremely happy thinking that it’s only going to get better. Fast forward now sitting at almost the 11th month mark my hair has progressively gotten thinner in the transplanted areas, a lot of the thick hair has now become miniaturised which is very concerning to me. My left temple started to become thinner filled by the centre and now the right side is catching up to them. For the first 6 months I was using rogaine and finasteride as I was told to do by the surgeon, my question is would me stopping them have anything to do with the thinning? From everything I have read on forums and YouTube I was under the impression that transplanted hairs shouldn’t miniaturise and not need any medication to remain thick. Could somebody please give me some sort of direction as I’m really stuck and it’s depressing me, do I start finasteride and minoxidil again or do I have another issue that’s destroying my follicles that are apparently not affected by dht. thanks in advance
  5. 6 months in, kind of happy but kind of not happy at the same time, lacking a bit of density and my left side which started growing the fastest has stagnated and is lagging behind the right now, very happy with my right side so far. Judging by what you guys usually see how am I tracking so far? Would I expect to see new hair or just existing hair thicken? If I run my wrist through the transplanted areas I can feel prickles but have been feeling that throughout the whole process so I’m unsure of what’s happening. I’d be super happy if the density increases.
  6. Also I’m not sure if I have posted in the correct place, if not any chance mods can move the thread to the appropriate place please
  7. So I’m on day 5, I had some swelling that seemed to last about 2 days, reading on other people’s experiences with the donor area a lot of people have a lot of pain and itching which I haven’t had yet, it looks fairly healed. Seeing some tiny rivering/cracks which is said to be normal Also just touching the recipient and doner area gently makes a few scabs/dead come off off, some have tiny hairs some don’t, no bleeding or no pain so I don’t know if I should be worried, just found it strange that it’s so early for this to be happening.
  8. Yes that was me haha, I just went the yolo approach and booked the next available which happened to be a week later, I lowered it a tad but pretty much went with the same shape as my original hairline from my mid to late 20s as I didn’t want to look unnatural as I will be 40 in 5 years. I will ask for them today and post them up, all in all I’m very happy with the clinic and how easy everything seemed, put it this way I’m more dreading the flight back home way more (tomorrow) than to have another surgery, which sounded like a much bigger prospect than a flight pre operation. Here’s hoping I get some good results, I’m mainly hoping for high density
  9. After months of researching I finally decided to go with armamed, my booking was very short notice on a day the clinic had an open slot so I took it, a week later I found myself in Istanbul. The service and everything was great, Muzaffer is a very down to earth guy that was happy to answer all the questions I had, I haven’t taken any meds ever and noticed abit of hairloss a few years ago but didn’t really do anything about it, I’m currently 3 months away from being 35 years old and my hair issues have been causing me grief, well today I had my surgery and I’ll be doing a week by week to month by month update on results. I have attached pics of myself pre and post surgery (today) hoping for some density but I’m not a good reader of transplants as they all look the same to me but was told it’s dense packed but Input would be great. My grafts were a lot of doubles and triples I was told.
  10. Hi I'm a new member here, have recently decided that I want a transplant to fix my hairline and temples, I have never been on any meds, my father isn't completely bald but has slowly been balding over the years and he has no brothers for me to see how they are. My mother's side all have their hair, I'm 34 years of age and simply want a transplant because I'm finding my hairline to be limp and hard to style. My whole frontal area is thinner than I like but no areas are skin bald they all have fine hair so that's kind of strange but nevertheless something needs to be done, I have done a lot of reading online and has only confused me more, I can't decide between Dr Erdogan, Dr Karadeniz, Dr Oztan, Dr demirsoy and Dr Cinik has been on the list also. Money isn't a major factor but I'd like to save if I can get a similar result by going to one that's not overly expensive, I have submitted my photos to all of the above and the prices have been told I need from 1000-2200 grafts by various doctors and pricing is from $3200 aud to almost $10000 aud so there is a massive difference. Can anybody please shed any light or help me deciding or share their own success or horror stories with the above Doctors. I have also uploaded photos of my hairless and donor area so any input would be great. Thanks guys