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  1. Some of the transplanted hairs will fall out before growing and some will grow a little before falling out. Either way it is not an indication as to whether or not the hairs will grow.
  2. I agree that you just need to wait till you have your results before deciding if a second procedure is desired. No matter how close the grafts are placed next to each other in the procedure when everything is grown in there will be spaces available to add more grafts and improving density. Often more than one procedure is needed to get the desired density.
  3. I hope things turn out well for you. I know there are some very good clinics over seas as well as many more not so good clinics. However, one of my concerns would be if a patients was having a problem they would not be able to just go back to clinic to have their doctor take a look and treat the problem. However, I have been contacted on several occasions by doctore from other countries to see their patients here in Florida and try to help them with any problems they have.
  4. The most important factor in transplanting the temporal area is the direction of the hairs being place into that area. The incision must be made very flat against the skin in a upward direction . This will insure that the hair will grow flat against the skin in a downward direction. Spikey hairs in this area is a nightmare and very difficult to correct. Get is done right the first time.
  5. Many doctors have different protocols for PRP. While many doctors are still on the fence as to whether or not PRP has any real value. I have heard of doctors performing PRP ranging from every month to every 4 months. Might also want to look into Exosomes which may be much more effective in helping hair loss patients.
  6. I have never heard of any studies or research done using more abrasive devices than micro needles to cause more long acting inflammation. Might be something worth looking into. Maybe we will start seeing more people walking around with their own micro needle device and using it several times a day. For example walking down the street or at work while sitting at their desk. lol
  7. 60 years old male. 3000 grafts FUT placed in frontal and vertex regions. 1 year post-op. Patient is very pleased with results but is considering having a second surgery to add density.
  8. You will definitely need several large procedure based on the amount of hair loss you already have. If you attempt to do all this with FUE there is a god chance that your donor hair will be very thinned out and you will need to keep your hair longer to cover the scars/thinning. FUT should still be considered in your case. Some times it is easier to camoflauge a single linear scar the thousands of FUE scars. Really depends on your donor density and you other hair characteristics.
  9. I would recommend addressing the hairline, frontal and mid scalp areas before considering having any work done in the crown region. You are young so you should go with a conservative game plan in case you have additional hair loss in the future. Also consider using as many non surgical preventative treatments as possible to preserve as much hair that you still have as you can.
  10. Relocating previously transplanted grafts is an unpredictable procedure. often leading to lower growth survival rates. Also, there can be scarring in there areas where the grafts have been removed from. if you are talking about hairline than that would not be acceptable.
  11. There are probably a few quality licensed clinics in Turkey but there are many more that are not. So be very careful if you choose to go there just to save a few bucks. Also keep in mind that if you have any problems or complications it would be a difficult situation to remedy.
  12. Beard hairs tend to be a little more hearty than scalp hairs and give give more coverage with less hits. Keep in mind that grafting into scars is more unpredictable than grafting into normal tissue. I generally suggest patients save scalp donor hair for additional scalp transplants if ever necessary. Also consider SMP (scalp micro pigmentation) into the scars to help camouflage.
  13. You appear to be a good candidate for HT. The doctors mentioned above all do very high quality work. Continue to do your due diligence and Im sure you will find the right option for you.
  14. The hairs often fall out with the scabs . This does not mean you lost the grafts. in order for a follicle to come out there would be some sort of bleeding. You should be ok and will start seeing some growth in 3-4 months.
  15. I have never seen any studies or data that shows that using a Derma roller alone will slow down or stop hair loss. However, I don't think it will cause any harm either.