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  1. I recommend avoiding strenuous activity and exercise for 2 weeks. And have no hyper flexion of the neck (chin to chest) for 1 month. This is to try and minimize the tension/ strain in the donor area to minamize scar formation.
  2. Did you ever have any type of treatment like a Kenalog (steroid ) injection to attempt to flatten and shrink the scar?
  3. I would try a local compounding pharmacy. I use one here in Boca Raton Florida that mails 90 1 mg Finsteride pills directly to patients with free shipping at price for $10 US.
  4. Just realized I had a spelling error on my last post. It is Dr. Boden not Dr. Bodon.
  5. Usually does happen around 3-4 months post-op. If it is only a few scattered pimples they usually go away in just a few days with proper care. I tell patients if they are getting a bunch all in the same area and there is a general redness around it then they may need to be placed on an antibiotic. I recommend going back to clinic where you had the procedure or at least contact the doctor and send photos.
  6. I think that to determine the number of grafts that could be taken from your donor area you would need to be evaluated in person.
  7. I just did a suture removal as a courtesy for one of Dr. Bodon's patients. The donor wounds healed great and the transplanted area also appeared to be healing as expected.
  8. There are legal issues as well. Certain states have laws that say only the doctor can score the skin. I think it is only a matter of time before all states will have similar laws. I do agree with Melvin that the recipient sites must be made by the doctor as they determine the angle and direction of the hair growth.
  9. There a several very good clinics here in the U.S. Are you strictly going over seas to save money? Keep in mind if things do not go as planned and you had surgery in one of these foriegn countries. The cost of repair might end up costing you more.
  10. Proper SMP should not penetrate deep enough to harm the hair follicles. Make sure you only use an experienced SMP technician.
  11. Melvin I agree with these 3 really important questions patients should ask the doctor before having a hair transplant procedure with him or her. There are a few more questions of equal importance. One being what portion of the procedure does the doctor perform versus the technicians. Especially when it comes to the FUE procedure.
  12. Can you show before photos of the crown? It is possible that the original hair you had in the crown area prior to your procedure has fallen out and that what you have now is mainly transplanted hairs. The crown often takes two procedures to give appearance of better density because the hairs are place in a spiral pattern versus hairs placed in the frontal area are all placed in the same direction.
  13. I do not think micro-needling would penetrate the skin deep enough to cause harm to the follicles. We often perform PRP or Exosome treatments post operatively and use micro needling during that procedure and have no problems. You are over two months post-op . Should be good to go.
  14. Pictured here is a 65 year old male patient who came in seeking an increase in density to the hairline and vertex. As he had no desire to keep his hair short in the future or shave his head for the procedure, together we decided an FUT procedure made the most sense for him. We successfully transplanted 2464 grafts into the frontal and vertex regions as seen here before and 10 months post operatively.