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  1. No I have not, but I am glad to hear that he is doing the extractions himself.
  2. No worries. Over a month after having an FUE procedure you could not just have follicles falling out. You are looking at a hair shaft that is going through a normal shedding process. Good luck and be patient for the hair to start growing.
  3. I really doubt that you could have caused any harm to the grafted follicles 3.5 months after the procedure. It is the exposure to the sum immediately following the procedure that is a concern. More because it could cause a more permanent redness discoloration to the scalp.
  4. Good luck. Looking forward to following your progress. All I hope for is that patients go to quality hair restoration physicians and get great results. It is the clinics that are doing low quality work often performed by a non physician that is giving this field of medicine a bad name.
  5. This results looks impressive. I do wish that the before photos where with the patient having longer hair like he does in the after photos, but I'm sure this is the way the patient wore hair before having the procedure. Many patients who have hair loss choose to keep hair very short to make the hair loss less obvious.
  6. Looks like things are healing well if only 5 weeks post-op and 3700 FU's where extracted. If you start to get a bunch those little pimple like lesions in the same area then an antibiotic might be required. If they are just a few random lesions that usually clears up on its own.
  7. Can never go wrong with H&W. Should also consider Dr. Vance Elliot in Edmonton who is a very honest guy and a great hair restoration physician.
  8. It is weird how they can clone a animal but cannot clone a hair follicle or figure out how to take a single follicle and perform hair multiplication to create 1000's of follicles with the same DNA.
  9. You might compare it to women who freeze some eggs in case there is a need for them later or freezing umbilical cord blood and stem cells for a child for use later in life if ever needed.
  10. This is normal. The center of a cowlick always looks thinner because all of the hair are dispersing in opposite directions away from the center. ( Starburst pattern) as compared to the frontal and mid scalp areas where the hairs are all directed in the dame direction which creates a layering or feathering effect.
  11. Very impressive. May seem like a lot of work to do on a daily basis. However, if the hair loss bothers a person that much it is worth the time. Hair transplants are more of a permanent solution but not everyone is a candidate for the procedure. Some also are just not ready do try something more invasive or may not be able to afford procedure.
  12. In some patients Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) may help to accelerate hair growth or shorten the sleep cycle once shedding of the hairs has occurred following a hair transplant procedure. However, there are no good large studies that prove this . I have never heard of any patient being harmed by using the laser post op.
  13. In most cases it should be singles only. Generally it takes several hundred one hair FU's packed very closely and with a slight irregularity to create a more natural appearance. the only time a two hair FU can be used without looking unnatural is if the patients hair is super fine and light in color.
  14. Might want to check out Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) It has helped patients with hair loss slow the process down and improve the overall health of the hair. However, as with any of the non surgical hair loss treatments it has positive effects on some patients and has very little effect on others.
  15. This is impressive. Swimming and sweating is probably the primary reason why many people with hair loss choose not to try the concealers. I have to say people get very creative and clever when it comes to combing different types of concealer products.