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  1. I have never seen any studies or data that shows that using a Derma roller alone will slow down or stop hair loss. However, I don't think it will cause any harm either.
  2. It is possible that the things you mentioned caused a little hair thinning. Depending on whether or not you have the gene for genetic hair loss will determine if the loss is permanent or temporary.
  3. Looks like you might just be growing into adult hair line a younger age than the average male. However, with strong family history of genetic hair loss you want to keep a close eye on things and start preventative measures right away if you notice continued thinning / hair loss.
  4. I occasionally have a patient that calls me 2-3 weeks after surgery and tell me none of the hairs in the grafts fell out and they actually look longer. I explain that they have grown but don't be surprised if they fall out with in the next few week and sure enough they almost always call back and say you were right they all fell out.
  5. With each procedure done in same area of donor region there there is a chance of increased tightness, tenderness and scarring. It would probably be a god idea to have your doctor take a look at the area to make sure things are healing properly and rule out any infection.
  6. SMP is now a viable option for may patients. Obviously not everyone is a good candidate for SMP but certainly worth looking into.
  7. That is true that often there would be a minimum charge to have any HT procedure. However it never hurts to ask as there are always exception to the rule.
  8. I hate to see people use their vacation to recover from a HT procedure. I would rather them use vacation to have fun. So I recommend they ask their employer or tell their colleagues that they need to wear a hat for a week to keep scalp covered because they had a few spots removed from scalp by dermatologist. I know not everyone can get away with this and really depends on what line of work you are in, but it is just one more option. Lol
  9. I agree that 1000 grafts in your crown would accomplish very little. It does appear that your donor density has decreased over past 2 years so you need to be careful not to over harvest. You might want to consider having done only in frontal and mid scalp areas before committing to crown area.
  10. I cannot tell you which doctor to choose because I have not had a chance to visit any of these clinics. I would make sure that the doctors are members of the ISHRS or IAHRS. You need to be careful because there are dozens of unlicensed clinics there and I have seen some really scary stuff come back from Turkey. Although it is not possible to determine a patients actual donor density from a photo. It does appear that you have at least average or better donor density. I would recommend 2000-3000 FU's depending on where the hairline is placed. Always wiser to stay somewhat conservative so results look natural and appropriate even with aging.
  11. There are several factors that can cause popping of the grafts during a HT procedure. Bleeding and skin characteristics are certainly two of the more common causes. However surgical technique is also important and can play a role in cases where popping has occurred. It is true that shedding of the transplanted hairs usually happen in the first month following the procedure. I have never heard of any way to soften the scalp. I have had many patients who appeared to have a tougher/ harder skin and still had positive results.
  12. Not sure where you are located. But I know Dr Marc Dauer in Beverlly Hills California does awesome no shave FUE cases and doing larger graft number cases too. I have been using his technique he shared with me and it is working very well.
  13. Have you considered another HT procedure to add density to the previously transplanted area? Not sure of your age, but most patients continue to lose hair with aging and often can have additional procedures to try and make up for this.
  14. I have never heard of or seen any studies that correlate exercise with elevated DHT levels. However that doesn't mean that its not possible in certain individuals. I still think that staying healthy with exercising regularly and having a good balanced diet is more important than potential hair loss. There is also DHT blockers available.