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  1. Did you have existing hairs that the doctor worked around or was the area completely devoid of any original hairs?
  2. How many days post-op are you? There are other options that might be less irritating.
  3. 2084 Grafts FUT/ 31 years old male/2 years post-op
  4. If you get the applicator I would suggest spraying from the mid scalp towards the hairline versus spraying from the forehead towards the hairline. Also keep in mind that the fibers always look better ( more natural ) when there is more native hair present. Often I have patients that just want to add some density be means of hair transplant to assure that the fibers with look better.
  5. I generally tell patients that the normal growth rate is 1/4-1/2 inch per month. However, as people age the growth rate slows down. The general health of the patient can also be a factor.
  6. I cannot answer for other doctors. No doctor can guarantee hair growth. There are to many things that could influence the results after the patient leaves the office that the doctor has no control over. However, even though my patients sign a consent form that clearly states we can not guarantee hair growth if they have positive results and just have an area that did not come out as well as the other transplanted areas I would offer a free touch up. Or if they want to add additional hair to the entire previously transplanted area that I would offer some free additional grafts for the area that did not come in as well.
  7. I do not think there is any risk difference between FUE and FUT in patients with your medical conditions and above average donor hair.
  8. I have never seen any data that describes the efficacy of Finasteride using less than 1 mg daily. It does have a short half life so it is cleared from the system quickly. That is why it is recommended for daily use. If I have a patient that is concerned about potential side effects and is asking me if every other day is better I tell them I would rather have them take 1/2 mg every day than 1 mg every other day. That way there is a steady level of the medication in the body versus having some one day and none the next.
  9. Of course any good doctor would need to consider your medical history before considering performing a hair transplant procedure on you. However, whether or not you are a candidate for FUE would have to be determined by the doctor examining your donor area.
  10. I definitely agree that if you do not get to meet the doctor then do not schedule any surgical procedure. I do have a patient coordinator that meets with the patients for just a few minutes to give some general information before I see the patient. I like to spend a lot of time listening to the patient and try to get a feeling of what is bothering them and what they are looking for. Making sure the patient has realistic expectations is very important.
  11. Dr. Williams is a very experienced hair restoration physician. He is very caring and compassionate with his patients. I have seen very good results over the years on patients he has performed hair transplants on.
  12. Good friends and family should understand that the hair loss bothers you and that you are trying to do something about it.. In many cases it can give a person more self confidence and higher self esteem. Spending money on something so you can feel better about yourself is always worth it.
  13. FUT 1500 Grafts /Male 35 years old /Before and 1 year post-op