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  1. This 58-year-old male had 1949 FUT grafts placed in frontal and vertex areas in a single session. The photos show before and 18 months post-op. Patient is very pleased with his Hair Transplant results.
  2. This 51 year-old patient had 2069 grafts placed on Frontal and Vertex areas in a single session. He is very pleased with results. Pictures show immediate post-op and one year follow up
  3. Sublingual is definitely a more effective route of medication delivery. I have never seen any studies showing efficacy comparisons of sublingual versus other forms of delivery with either Finasteride or Minoxidil.
  4. I agree Melvin I have been seeing more and more patients in their early 20's and even late teens coming in . Obviously these patients have a very strong genetic predisposition for male pattern baldness. These younger patients must be treated conservatively as they will almost certainly continue to lose more hair.
  5. I agree the answer id probably both. It really depends on the patient hair loss, donor supply along with the many other factors that go along with deciding on which type of procedure to have. Some patients are clearly a better candidate43 for one or the other based on their situation and some patients are lucky and are good candidates for either and it is just a personal preference. Unfortunately there are still clinics out there that only offer either FUT or FUE and they try to push every patients into that procedure even knowing they might be suited for the other procedure.
  6. My Mistake I was thinking he was taking Finasteride and Minoxidil. I agree with comments about the Eucapil. Sounds like a scam.
  7. I have seen this type of reaction to stopping and restarting before. In some cases when the shedding stopped the hair regrew and in a few cases it did not. I generally only have patients stop Minoxidil 3-4 days before the procedure and restart one week after. I do not tell patients to stop taking Finasteride.
  8. I think that it hard to say without seeing photos of him when he was younger. I have friends who have similar hairlines but always had it like that.
  9. 62-year-old male. Had FUT procedure done to frontal, vertex and crown. 2989 grafts. Pleased with results but would like to add more density.
  10. It is really used to prevent hair loss not necessarily grow more hair. However there are a few things it may do in some patients to give the appearance of more hair. Wake up hair follicles that are in the sleep cycle or improve the health of weak thinning hairs that are on the way to falling out.
  11. I tell my patients that most patients that 90-95% of the4 transplanted hairs will shed in the first month. On rare occasion I have a patients who experiences very little shock fall out of the transplanted hairs and they just start rowing from the day of the4 hair transplant. Remember this is different than shock loss of existing hairs.
  12. It appears that you still have a pretty nice head of hair. Hopefully the Finasteride will slow down the hair loss and maybe keep you prostate gland small at the same time. Lol.
  13. I do not think there is a consensus. It all depends on each patients situation. Some patients are candidates of either FUT or FUE and it is just their personal preference. While other patients are clearly better candidates for one or the other based on their hair loss and characteristics.
  14. The spicier the better. Helps clear out all the toxins along with everything else. Lol
  15. Prolonged pain from FUE transplantation is rare. when it occurs it generally only lasts a week or 2 but as you said in some severe cases can last up to a year. I have heard that some patients who had this condition thought that massaging the scalp regularly did help speed up the recovery.
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