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  1. Not sure about that Crickhair especially severe loss, you'd have to have very good donor hair and a very good surgeon, Besides we've all read the advantages and disadvantages of Ht's and Hair pieces so i won't bore people listing them but there are reasons why some people have HT's and some choose to wear.
  2. Yeah and I know people (not wearing pieces)who have hair brushed back that actually doesn't expose the hairline it kind of comes out the scalp at an angle if you know what I mean lol. A bit quiffy.
  3. I actually prefer the look of hairstyles that don't have an exposed hairline, well its a mixture really as there only so may styles you can have either way. I wouldn't take what a certain magazine says is or isn't 'cool' as another magazine would probably say the opposite or the next year styles have changed and the list is totally different. But if you do completely expose the hairline then yes you'd have to know what your doing and be confident about it.
  4. A ht + system could work be a little tricky matching density with the hairline. Some people like those posting on this thread had anxiety about wearing yet others have the opposite effect the anxiety dissipates when they wore because it stopped them feeling insecure about their hair loss, everyone's different. I wore a really small piece and have gone through times of not wearing, i can achieve a similar look with my existing hair, and if anything i felt much more conscious when i wasn't wearing even though i pretty much looked the same. The piece did make me feel more secure and i actu
  5. Not sure I understand the logic here. Surely if you shave your head then get scalp micro pigmentation people will know you had hair loss? So why does it matter? But i might be missing something here.
  6. Yeah like everything in life wearing suits some people doesn't suit others, that's a given. People do keep mentioning hairlines but how many people get really close when they talk to you? How many stare at someone's hair when they speak to them? Plus plenty of people wear and don't expose their hair line at all solves that issue.
  7. Bottom line is both HT's and Hair pieces have advantages and disadvantages, we all could list them. I certainly wouldn't do hair clubs as they all seem to be very expensive and most people go down the custom route and save themselves lots of money. It really is something that you have to answer yourself you really shouldn't be asking people whether you should wear or have a HT you should be the one to decide as lots of people will say wear and lots of people will say HT. But the most important thing is to research.
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