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  1. I remember about 15 ten years ago (more?) seeing a guy at the local mall. He had the the old style 'punch graft' hair transplant. However he had shaved his head and I could see the scars in the back donor area and the shaved plugs on top (no SMP back then). As soon as I saw him I immediately had total respect! He had definitely walked the road less traveled!
  2. How long have you been on finasteride and minoxidil? At 24, I really would not recommend a hair transplant for you at this stage and you have a great head of hair. I can obviously see where you are concerned though. I don't in any way mean to sound harsh but I really think if you go down this path now and head to Turkey you may very well regret it in a year or so from now. I don't know if you have stabilized your hair with finasteride. Also I would consult with as many other doctors recommended on this forum (even if you have no intention of going with them) to get as much information and to p
  3. If you are in consultation with Dr Lupunzala and Dr Mwamba you are in the very best of hands. Perhaps go through the forum for African, AfroAmerican patients who have surgery and ask them questions and share your pics and concerns. We are all here for you. Many have been where you are, including myself, and there is always a way out with patience and research. Wishing you all the best!
  4. You donor looks excellent. Looking forward to your future updates. All the best!
  5. Yep. Me! 🙃 As Melvin stated if you are considering shaving your head forget about having a hair transplant.
  6. From month 4-5 is like night and day! The best is yet to come. I look forward to your future updates. All the best!
  7. The best way to increase your free testosterone levels is by weight resistance training. Unfortunately if you are genetically predisposed to MPB this can have a down side.
  8. That hairline looks like it came straight from mother nature! Often in life 'less is more.' Enjoy the results you have. All the best!
  9. Any surgeon who is willing to perform a hairline reconstruction to that of a teenager on anyone is a huge red flag!!! Don't make the mistake I made. By all means learn from my mistake. You want a hairline that you can grow into, not out of! Keep researching and I wish you all the best!
  10. I understand that you may want any receding filled in. But the last thing you want is a symmetrical hairline. Your hairline now looks 'natural.' That's because it is broken up and uneven as you see in nature. Keep researching and all the best.
  11. It's kicking in now Nicko! I think you'll get a nice Xmas present in another month from now! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to following your further updates!
  12. I don't believe there is any scarring with either tricho or SMP. I was told by a tricho practitioner that the 'possibility' is scarring. I'm not saying that's fact.
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