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  1. Happithymes from your pics I don't feel that your hair loss today is bad at all. In fact you have a head of hair that many would envy. I do though understand the fear of future loss from my own experience. Have you tried minoxidil? I have seen lots of great videos on people who stayed the course with minoxidil and not only gained more density but also grew back what they had lost in receding and patchy areas. It's definitely worth using now and sticking with it. All the best!
  2. Hey Zoomster! At just over 5 months you have already smashed this one right out of the park! Perfect coverage and great density already. Imagine your results in another 5 months!!! So happy for you mate. Looking forward to seeing more updates!
  3. lebaneseguy, with the greatest of respect, please cancel your hair transplant surgery!!!!!!! I say this from personal experience and from those of so many others. I had two surgeries (and remember they are surgeries) starting at the age of only 18. What I thought would give me the answer to all of my problems only created a nightmare that continued for the rest of my life. I realise you are 21 and not 18 but it will not be until you are in your mid 20's until it can be established what pattern of baldness your hair will take on. In the world of hair transplants, 'PLANNING FOR THE LIFESPAN IS KEY.' At 21 it's far too early to have any idea of planning surgery to maximize your results over the long hall of life. Even with medications such as minoxidil and finasteride used religiously, you still don't know how long they will hold out for. I am not anti hair transplant surgery at all. But I beg you to learn from my mistakes and not from your own in years to come (and trust me they will come quickly). I don't know any of today's top ethical surgeons who would ethically perform surgery on you at your young age of 21 which also worries me. You therefore are even more likely not to get the 'long term' results that you wish for. As Joe Tillman always says you can always have a hair transplant 'tomorrow.' I in no way mean to belittle your efforts but I am 53 and have a lifetime of experience talking to and being involved with people who have regretted having a hair transplant/s because they were too young and/or did not 'plan' for the lifespan of hair loss and surgery. Many should never have been considered a candidate for hair transplant surgery and now still wish that they never had it performed. There are so many people who just wish they never had a hair transplant in the first place. I know these are not the words you are wanting to hear but it's for that reason I seriously urge you to cancel having a hair transplant for now. As my father who was a carpenter once said it's always best to measure twice and cut once. Not the other way around. Roughly up to 30% of work now being done is repair work by the top hair transplant surgeons today. Please don't become one of them. Feel free to pm me or look at my vlog on being 53 and considering having a hair transplant. Even at my age today it is still an issue but I have come to accept my scars and I'm still hopeful for surgery to correct my situation. And this situation started from the position you are exactly in now. Again I am definitely NOT saying don't have hair transplant. What I am saying though is that for a myriad of reasons that are beyond the scope of a one post reply I would hold off and look and plan for having a hair transplant for the rest of your life. Take care!
  4. Paddy that's a stellar result mate, even more so at only the six month mark! You've gone through the hard yards to your credit so now reap the rewards. Imagine your results in another six months! Extremely happy for you mate. Looking forward to further updates!
  5. Hey Namsak, Thanks for sharing. You look like you have really good caliber hair and plenty of beard grafts if you require anymore in the future. At only two months it's looking great! Imagine what it will look like in 12 months! Love the title of your post too!! Lol!
  6. Goldwing thank you so much for sharing your journey! Your results are all a patient could wish for and more! I'm waiting to travel India to have a hair transplant with Dr Arika myself. At 5 months you must be so happy. Imagine the results at 10 months? All the best and I look forward to more updates!
  7. Fantastic results at such an early stage pot op! Congratulations!
  8. Hi Irish. Your hair transplant looks like you never had one! Congratulations!
  9. '53 and thinking about having a hair transplant.'
  10. Paddy your results are looking stellar mate! Each time you put up a new pic your hair is getting fuller and fuller! I especially love the soft feathered hairline you have which Eugenix are noted for! Wow imagine your results at 12 months!
  11. akc sorry I don't. But when researching for an SMP artist, approach it the same way you would with a hair transplant. Really do your due diligence and ask to see 'lots of photos of their work' and ask to see some of their customers. More importantly ask to look at photos of the work they have done in 'people who have had a transplant and wish to thicken the density visually.' If they do not have a great volume of work that you can see then move on. Most importantly too. ask them how long they have been performing SMP for. Many people have taken up SMP just to make money (not unlike many hair transplant surgeons - think Turkey, etc). With your black hair it should look very good! All the best!
  12. Dazed you're looking really good mate and probably ten years younger than guys your age. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Is the hair that you are stating is thinning native hair or transplanted hair? One option if the hair is stabilized with minoxidil and finasteride is SMP. I have had it done to help camouflage my donor scars and a large lateral scar along my hairline.
  14. amirik, Thank you for posting and providing the whole face, sides, back etc giveing people a much better idea before giving advice. I did exactly the same in my post where I had two botched hair transplants at 18!!!!! You are not alone bro and you are not only SO EARLY in the growth phase but you have great coverage already. You have so much to look forward too as the continuing months ahead of you will bare fruit. Your hair even this short actually suits you man! You don't even need SMP but you still have so many options ahead as well. You don't have scars on the forehead and donor area as I do and you look really natural. Things can only get better and for a repair Eugenix are the people who can give you results that your chasing (IMHO) just going by their track record. Looking forward to your updates and remember you have another 9 months of growth, coverage and success waiting for you.
  15. That's a fantastic result and seems to be consistent with Eugenix patients. You have made the long haul to get to 2 months. Now go and enjoy your hair because it looks incredibly natural! Congratulations!