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  1. Yes. Can you post the photo's that you sent perhaps so we can get a better idea of where your hair loss and donor appears to be at? Many thanks and all the best.
  2. In my opinion a hair transplant now would be a huge mistake that you would have to live with every time you looked in the mirror for the rest of your advice. You have been incredibly diligent in your hair loss protocol which you can see from looking at your hair today (going by the pics). It makes far more sense to stay with what you are doing now until later down the track. All the best!
  3. @Ramy123 your hair looks fine. Now as voxman said go and enjoy life for 'at least' the next ten years. 😉
  4. This! The two products that have been studied extensively in scientific trials are minoxidol and finasteride. Personally you are just wasting your money buying products in the hope of growing or regrowing hair that have not undergone scientifically based research.
  5. Jack who were these 'hair loss specialists?' Are they medically qualified dermatologists or trichologists? It just seems a little dismissive to say that you need to do your own research for any product out there? If they are not I would recommend seeing someone who is a professional in this area (assuming they are not) and get a diagnosis on your scalp condition. MPB and an oily scalp etc are two different things and you appear to be suffering from MPB just going by the pics. I'm not a medically qualified person to give advice but this is just my opinion. All the best!
  6. Congratulations once again zoomster. You make Brad Pitt look in the mirror with dread! Incredibly happy for how your journey has turned out and it's even more incredible that you still have a bit more of your journey to go from this one procedure. Thanks for sharing and all the best!
  7. From what you are stating in my humble opinion I believe Eugenix would be the best clinic for your needs. I would forget about the body grafts outside of beard grafts though. Contact them and see what they think. If you could post up some pics that would be great to get a better idea.
  8. It is definitely possible to get an FUE hair transplant. The real question though is will you like it? To answer your question what are your goals (partial coverage, full coverage, etc)? Are you willing to take finasteride for life? Are you willing to utilize beard hair to augment your scalp donor grafts used for surgery? I don't mean to sound harsh at all. Keep asking questions that arise from your research here on the forum and then you will be in a position to get closer to what can and can't be done. All the best!
  9. No a hair transplant can never be perfect. It's not a one and done experience regardless of how natural the results are in the ideal candidate. The (perfect) results are influenced entirely upon the patient's expectations. I've seen incredible results where the patient is still unhappy with it and I have seen as little as 2,000 grafts give new life back to a patient where he/she feels it's a one and done! The problem is that the thought of future loss (be it whether you are stabilized on medication or not) will always be at the back of your mind or eventually will be something you will think a
  10. Looking great zoomster. Yes there are benefits with finasteride beyond just slowing/halting the hair loss progression! Thanks for sharing!
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