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  1. In answer to the question a definite no from me. I had a hair transplant at 18! I don't know of anyone who has had one that young. There is no way you can determine who is an ideal candidate for a hair transplant before the age of 18. By around 25 your hair loss pattern can be observed and identified to a large degree so you can plan what direction you need to take. I blame myself for what happened to me but if I was a hair transplant surgeon and an 18 year old with a curly head of hair came to see me I certainly wouldn't start sharpening the knife and getting out the receipt book!
  2. It's definitely possible. But personally I would like to wait and give the whole thing 12-18 months to not only settle, but also to give everything the benefit of the doubt. Over the lifespan, waiting one year from being only nine months out from a hair transplant is really nothing. In fact it will put you in a better position to make a more objective decision on which way to go. All the best.
  3. In my humble opinion you need to look further afield from the UK and do some more research. Some people who have been knocked back as a hair transplant candidate have had excellent results when their expectations are realistic. Look at Eugenix and Hasson and Wong for starters. Wishing you all the best.
  4. Looking for HT I deem your hair transplant both a success and an incredible change to your before situation. I say this because you cannot tell that you have a had a hair transplant (it looks so natural) and your hair has changed your appearance completely. I would still hold out for the twelve month mark. You have definitely been the tortoise in this race but it is now paying off huge dividends. Your hair quality is thick and your donor area in general looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
  5. No problem. I would definitely look at contacting Eugenix with your hair loss situation. They have a solid history of turning out consistently great work (especially in the high Norwood 6/7 range). They will tell you to start with Finasteride but will give you the best advice. I personally wouldn't consider anyone else in India. All the best and let us know how you go.
  6. Hey mate. I live in Australia also (Melbourne). I totally hear you on saying you want a hair transplant ASAP. However at 23 have you tried any meds like Finasteride or Minoxidil to stabilize your hair loss? I know you don't want to hear this but I would wait until you are 25 before making a decision based your hair loss. You need to look at having a hair transplant/s at addressing your loss over the lifespan. If you can stabilize your hair loss now you will know where to go to from here. I strongly recommend that you avoid going to Turkey (or anyone here in Australia) for surgery. I realize th
  7. Azza I looked at a lot of Dr U's work on patients who had horrific results with scars all over their scalps and with little to zero growth. It was an option in my eyes and gave me the confidence to remain patient and keep on looking for options. At the time, in all honesty, the thought of shaving my head was something that I would never do. I was knocked back as a patient here in Melbourne by Dr Bhatti as a repair case. He offered to create a hairline so that it would make wearing a hair piece look more natural. However one of my goals apart from hiding my scars and wanting 'hair' again was to
  8. Melvin is absolutely on the money. Even if you are able to access up to 13,500 grafts, how will the donor region look? What caliber is the hair? The best hair transplant results are the ones that appear unremarkable. By that they look so natural that it appears that nothing was done in the first place. Covering an entire scalp (if possible) does not guarantee in qualifying for an unremarkable result. All the best.
  9. Hi azza786. I've gone through your thread and some of your earlier posts from the start of your journey. If it's any consolation, at the age of '18' I had not one, but two punch graft surgeries. It was the worst decision I've made in my entire life and I'm 53. I had both surgeries relatively close together, thinking the second procedure would hide the 'doll's hair look.' Before the first surgery I actually had no real idea of what a punch graft hair transplant would look like? I was lucky (or unlucky) in that I had long curly hair and so it would hide the plugs but the wind was always my enemy
  10. Azza my apologies for not jumping on this thread earlier. I am currently at work and I won’t finish until tomorrow morning at 9.30am (it’s currently 10.30pm the night before). However I will give you advice and options from my experience from being butchered from the age of 18 (with two unnecessary ‘punch graft’ surgeries and six further operations). You will be able to move forward and out of your current situation. Take care man and I am thinking of you and I will post when I get home from work. kind regards, Gatsby.
  11. The transplanted hair can fall out if it was taken from outside of what's called the permanent zone on the donor area. If hair has been taken from a DHT sensitive area then it can miniaturize/shed.
  12. At 6 weeks are you sure that the changes and the shedding are not just part of the hair transplant post op? Have you contacted your hair transplant surgeon and raised this issue with him? All the best!
  13. SMP looks great at about the one - two week mark after the final session and remains that way for sometime. If you keep your scalp shaved every second day then you reduce the contrast between the ink and the shaved native growing hair. Also to slow the speed of fading always wear a cap in Summer to prevent the sun from bleaching the ink. Ultimately the liver continues to try and break the ink down as it is a foreign body in your dermis. As SMP is 2D it is never fool proof and undetectable (especially over time). The success in SMP however is in how good the artist is who performs it in mimicki
  14. All the best MNIK. Looking forward to your progress!
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