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  1. I live in Melbourne. Can I ask why you had a hair transplant? Was it to lower your hairline? Who was the female surgeon who performed surgery on you? Was it Dr Martinick? If the surgery is for MPB are you on finasteride and/or did the surgeon recommend finasteride in your consultation?
  2. If you are 26 and this will be your second procedure then my honest advice is that your answer does not lie in more surgery! Are you on finasteride when you say you are on meds?
  3. It's entirely about attitude. Because if you can conquer this then you can apply it to every area of your life!
  4. I would simply style your hair forward like @MachoVato suggested. Easy fix. In years to come you will regret not going to the wedding (thought I realise you will). The planets never align when it comes to a hair transplant and social and work commitments. If you're equipped, the best attitude is the one I take. Just do it and who cares? They won't! People at work/social events, etc are always far too concerned about what people think of them at the time. All the best!
  5. You have an incredible natural looking result. That is everyone's aim. Without knowing how many grafts were used in your first surgery you could always increase the density after 12 months and/or go to Dr Bisanga or Eugenix to access beard grafts along with scalp grafts for more density if you are not happy. But I really like it.
  6. @SadMan2021 your chosen avatar name speaks for itself. You have a very shallow view of the world. And the fact you are more concerned about hair than the actual murder case really gives me concerns about yourself??????
  7. @Patro1995 firstly who was the surgeon??? Secondly I would look at taking finasteride and most importantly do not do anything surgical, etc for at least another 6 months. You still want to wait to see what the final result will be regardless of how unhappy you are now. Once everything has healed after 12 months if you are still not happy you can always fix this so please don't get too hung up on your results at this moment. Can I ask how old are you and again who was the surgeon you chose? Take care and all the best!
  8. Prices do vary a lot. However I would base the results of which surgeon you choose by who you feel will give you the goals that you are aiming for. Find a surgeon that turns out similar results that you want on a regular basis with patients who have a similar hair loss as yours. Now where that surgeon resides I would put last. You've waited for so many years now. If you have to wait a bit longer for the 'right' surgeon for you so be it. I myself am scheduled to have surgery with Eugenix after years of research and already I have been waiting for over a year and a half due to Covid flight restrictions. I live in Australia and the earliest it looks like I can travel is early next year sometime. I'm 54 now but the wait will be worth it. All the best!
  9. The second photo definitely looks stronger. Your hair looks darker (which could be from finasteride) and your crown and mid section look better. I don't know if this is due to slightly darker lighting but I would definitely stay with what you are doing and give both drugs many more months to work.
  10. It's looking excellent and if you can you need to somehow take your focus off the process (you need to have Zen monk powers I know). It's impossible to make a judgement call on anything now. I'd wait for at least six months in regards to any concerns you have about one area you feel being stronger/weaker than the other, etc. Stay on the finasteride and commence Minoxidil from your surgeon's advice. Happy growing!
  11. Yes. Stay on the medication. It can take up to two years to see the full benefits. But I would wait for at least another four or five months. If you are not experiencing any side effects then I would hate for you to discontinue the drug now if the drug required a few more months to work. This is a drug for life (or for as long as you want to stabilize hair loss). So in the big picture it's not really a long period of time to wait. The other reason I suggest you wait longer is that some people don't experience side effects for several months so you still want to rule that out. All the best!
  12. Yes this is excellent growth and an excellent result with lots more to come! Congratulations!
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