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  1. The transplanted hair can fall out if it was taken from outside of what's called the permanent zone on the donor area. If hair has been taken from a DHT sensitive area then it can miniaturize/shed.
  2. At 6 weeks are you sure that the changes and the shedding are not just part of the hair transplant post op? Have you contacted your hair transplant surgeon and raised this issue with him? All the best!
  3. SMP looks great at about the one - two week mark after the final session and remains that way for sometime. If you keep your scalp shaved every second day then you reduce the contrast between the ink and the shaved native growing hair. Also to slow the speed of fading always wear a cap in Summer to prevent the sun from bleaching the ink. Ultimately the liver continues to try and break the ink down as it is a foreign body in your dermis. As SMP is 2D it is never fool proof and undetectable (especially over time). The success in SMP however is in how good the artist is who performs it in mimicki
  4. All the best MNIK. Looking forward to your progress!
  5. In my opinion you could have beard hair transplanted into the scar. If you are not happy with that then you could later have SMP as well. In fact the combination of the two may be the best option if you choose to shave your head. The other option is to let your hair grow out and leave it and/or have more hair transplanted on top (if that's your choice). SMP alone is great. Over time though it will fade. The scar will never appear as bad as it was but over time it will require another session in say 3-5 years (depending on how your liver breaks it down, how much exposure your scalp has had to t
  6. The donor looks good and you won't really know where it's going to head until post op 4 months on wards. The hairline to me though is only 6cm's above the glabella? You really want a hairline that you will grow into. Not out of over the rest of your life. I don't know why you chose a nurse to do the procedure either? That's just crazy??? How much research did you do? However I wish you the best and look forward to further updates.
  7. As has been said it's too early to give a real appraisal on your hair transplant. And even if there is no density you can have (and will need) another procedure. Also are you on finasteride to try and stabilize your hair loss? What really worries me though isn't just the back yard surgeon who did this (though as Melvin stated you really are lucky to be alive) is that it cost $475. Because that tells me that you won't be able to afford another surgery to finish the job and/or correct the results with a qualified hair transplant surgeon. Just wait and see and wishing you all the best!
  8. I can't even make a deposit because in Australia we are not permitted to fly internationally until a vaccine is obtained (unless you're traveling for something that is life threatening, etc). I'm hoping it will be by the middle of next year but the sooner the better. I am still in touch with Dr Sethi and we chat occasionally and keeps me up to date. You have nothing to worry about. Dr Sethi and Dr Bansal even from my experience are wonderful people and will treat you like a friend. I have no doubt that you will remain good friends with them after and beyond having a hair transplant. Take care!
  9. Hey Ab93. I totally understand where you're coming from. You want a hair transplant and your hair to look like it should by last Tuesday! That is perfectly normal and incredibly frustrating. It leaves you feeling depressed and as if you are just 'wasting your time to go bald.' That's the horrible thing about the psychology of hair loss. It happens to us when we are in our prime so to speak. But trust me on this. Time flies. You want the end result to be the best that you can possibly obtain because after that you are stuck with it for life! Everytime you look in the mirror that's what you will
  10. @MNIK I don't think you could have picked a better hair transplant surgeon/s! Plus the fact that you are from India is an added bonus. You couldn't be in better hands from those who have gone before you. I'm also booked to have a procedure with them. Unfortunately I'm in Australia so I am still waiting until this Corona virus settles down so I can get a flight there. All the best and I look forward to following your results. Take care.
  11. Melvin when I get a chance I will do a post on my story from the beginning.
  12. I have seen them both and had a consultation with both. I saw Dr Vikram about three and a half years ago. I wouldn't touch them. Why? Because they don't have the skill set that other top hair transplant surgeons do overseas. When I saw Dr Vic he said I could have a hair transplant whereby my hairline would be created to frame my face with some grafts placed in the forelock region and a 'few scattered around.' I informed him of other surgeons who used beard hair as a donor source to which he replied he could do it but it's too 'difficult to perform.' I asked him about body hair and he said he h
  13. Just bare in mind that you are only 26 now. In time you will need more than 3,500 odd grafts. The entire crown in itself is as large as the top balding area of the scalp alone. Also if you are going FUT are you positive that in the future you won't ever want to cut your hair short (or even shave)? You will obviously still have scarring with FUE but FUE scars are so much easier to hide with SMP. I really think that you will be looking at augmenting beard hair as a donor source if you are hoping to achieve total coverage to whatever degree. I would seriously consider consulting at least half a d
  14. Looks really good fabofly. But honestly it's too hard to assess at such an early stage. At around six months would be a better indication of what's going on. I look forward to your updating posts. Thanks for sharing!
  15. For me my two hair transplants were not painful at all with the exception of the needle to apply the anesthetic. That honestly hurt though it's only for such a short moment in the big picture. Also when I later had to undergo several procedures of plastic surgery to remove and repair scarring again, it was only the anesthetic needle that hurt. It's a strange sensation when you can hear the sound of what resembles someone biting into an apple and not being able to feel a thing! 😬 This happened when they were excising strips of scar tissue. I'll certainly make sure their is music playing when I'
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