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  1. Yeah, hopefully it will thicken. Cheers. 2,040 grafts to be precise so I guess if I wanted I could go get more density added in due course.
  2. @JohnAC71 it has defo improved a bit since last month, but I'm not noticing any new hairs popping, haven't noticed any for a while now. Maybe they are popping abeilt very discretely. It would be wonderful if more improvements take place. @Falconary thanks very much! The hairline looks fine (in my opinion) but when you look closely its definitely not as dense as my native hair. Right side is defo stronger looking than the left. Generally in real life you wouldn't be able to tell I've had a hair transplant, it mostly looks fine, it's only if you look closely at the hair on the sides (temporal peaks) you might notice something has been altered, but you would only notice this when the hair is buzzed very short.
  3. 6 month update: I'm 4 days late with this but hey better late than never. So my status is that the cosmetic difference of the hair transplant can be very pleasing under most circumstances. It often appears that I have a fairly regular full head of hair, however as you can see from the pics its actually not super thick/dense. On close inspection it can seem a bit thin and a tiny bit gappy, more so on the left side. Another thing that's a bit of a bummer is the temporal peaks on the sides, the hairs there kind of look and feel a bit different to the native hairs when cut short. Nevertheless thus far I'm reasonably happy with the result but to be honest I'd love to see even more of an improvement. With regards to the hair on the sides, bear in mind I had the sides buzzed to a #1 into a #2 like 10 days ago, so the hair there is short, in another week or 2 those transplanted hairs shouldn't look or feel any different to the natives. As for the overall growth, it seems to be mostly growing at a normal angle and in a normal direction which is good.
  4. Cool man. Very interesting. Thanks for this input
  5. Cool man. I've never heard of fluidil, I'll go research it. I wonder is topical dut good and does it have side effects. I'm excited by the idea of alternatives because I'd love to have a really effective treatment with no sides. I'm on fin and although I don't think I'm too badly affected by it I have noticed a lower libido and runny fluids.
  6. Is there any effective alternatives to finasteride? If not, will there be any new treatments in years to come?
  7. I'm 10 months on oral fin and the results have definitely yielded; no hair loss and thicker hair, but I'm starting to worry that maybe my sexual abilities are experiencing effects. I've never really had a partner, in the pre-Covid world I'd hook up with an escort once every few months, but I used to masturbate frequently and I had high sexual aggression and at times frequent strong elections. Now however I'm not getting those disruptive sexual fantasies as much, and although it seems like I can still get an erection, I don't seem to get that insane throbbing erection any more. To be honest I don't mind having a slightly lower sex drive because a high sex drive is/was disruptive for me anyway, but I'd like to be able to have that super high quality erection whenever I do avail of relief. Maybe its a combo of a few things driving me erection quality down; Covid-lockdown depression, overdosed on porn, haven't seen any women in miniskirts since last year, and of course finasteride! So, I'm wondering 2 things: 1) Can you pop Viagra when your on finasteride and does it make you super solid? 2) Are there other treatments that are super effective for hair loss with less sides? What about topical finasteride? Answers would be appreciated guys. Thanks so much.
  8. Wow! Well that's reassuring, but its also daunting because it means I have to wait such a long time before I can gauge the result. Such a long process requires patience. Hopefully it will improve a lot more.
  9. Thanks! Do you think? I feel as if the left side is actually very thin and sparse, and also, I'm not really seeing many new hairs pricking out amongst the hairs that have already sprouted. Should I expect some more popping in due course?
  10. Cool man thanks. I'm a bit worried about the left side because it looks and feels a bit flat and when you look closely its quite sparse, although yeah the right side is becoming somewhat pleasing, so if the right side gets much better at least that will be satisfying. In real life under certain lights you can defo see a pink shade all over the recipient area, particularly on the hairline. I'll look yours up now 😛 I'm wishing you well and cheering you on here bro.
  11. Lastly actually, the skin is still a bit pink in the transplanted areas.
  12. 5 month update: There seems to have been progress in the last month however the left side still seems very flat as you can see. Overall the results are making a somewhat cosmetic improvement depending on which way the hair is styled. The right side is becoming pleading at this stage but its still a bit thin and a bit gappy on the hairline. The left side is worrying me a bit. I'm hoping there will be much more popping and growing, especially on the left side. As for the sides I'm not sure what to make of them, they seem to be coming along alright but my sides/temporal weren't totally obliterated before surgery so whatever. On a sidenote I think I'm feeling good benefits from using Regained and finasteride, I have no real hair loss at all any more and I'd say maybe even some hair has thickened up a bit. Hopefully things will blossom much more from here.
  13. Ah I see. Scary and worrying bro isn't it 😢 All we have now is faith.
  14. Thanks. Captain Haddock its assuring to know you are experiencing the same thing. Dr Verma I know that it takes 12 - 18 months for the final verdict, but a lot of people seem to see a lot of activity blossom between month 4 - month 7. I'm just hoping a lot more will pop, especially on my left side.
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