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  1. Hi buddy 👋 The progress is going slow but I think everything is normal for this early stage. The recipient areas area are a bit pink, especially at the temporal peaks, the peaks are very pink and it would be nice if they were not so pink but I guess that is just what happened with hair transplants. The donor area seems to be well healed with no obvious signs of surgery, at the weekend I will buzz the back and sides with a #2 and that might give me an interesting view of the donor area. The native hair on top is growing back but very slow, its still very short. More than half the transplan
  2. Cool man that's interesting. Wtf, like! It all sounds a bit f**kd up. The fun never ends here does it lol!? This bottle of women's Regaine is legit, a girl bought two bottles of it at a local shop and just doesn't want to use it any more.
  3. I was thinking that myself and it totally makes sense. If Regaine became too pricey I'd say most men would just say "f**k it" and they wouldn't use it. Even though its already pricey enough lol.
  4. Exactly the same you say. Cool, thanks! I'll go buy it. I wonder why are women only reccomended to use it once a day rather than twice a day? It seems unethical to double the price for attaching a women's label to it but I guess that's just the greedy world of business.
  5. Wow! You're enlightening me here. I have never heard of the "pink tax." I didn't know that female cosmetics were more expensive for no apparent reason other than the fact that they are for females. It seems very unfair but I guess sadly that's the world we live in.
  6. Amazing news. Are you 100% bro? Its about twice as pricey. I also think it has slightly different ingredients. So long as it doesn't upset anything I will go buy it, I'm only 1 month into the men's stuff.
  7. Cool! Thank you very much for your input Dr. I'm not familiar with Costco (I'm Irish) but I assume they are a budget friendly retailer (a bit like Walmart or Lidl)? If you say Kirkland 5% foam is the same as Regaine 5% foam then I will go ahead and buy Kirkland minoxidil. Is the foam solution the same as the other solutions (liquid etc)? Is foam better or worse? Also, do you know is Women's 5% Regaine foam the same as Men's 5% Regaine foam?
  8. I have access to a bottle of women's 5% Regaine. Is it the same as Men's, should I use it? Or should I avoid it and just buy a fresh bottle of men's Regaine? I started using Regaine 3 weeks ago.
  9. I need to stock up on minoxidil. You can buy minoxidil from a brand called Kirkland, its available online and its cheaper than Regaine. Just wondering is Kirkland 5% exactly the same as Regaine 5%, and are the any other cheap brands that are equally as good as Regaine? Cheers.
  10. Cool. Perhaps I stand corrected. I was assuming Canada would not be too cheap for a hair transplant given that it is one of the world's more wealthy and developed countries, and, cities such as Toronto and Vancouver are known to have a high cost of living compared to, for example, Belarus or Argentina. €5 per graft for FUE is expensive when compared to prices in Turkey, Poland, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Domican Republic and so on. Of popular destinations for a hair transplant I would say €5 per graft errs onto the more expensive end of the spectrum.
  11. Canada is known to be one of the most expensive countries in the world along with the other usual suspects, i.e. America, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland and so on. For 2,000 FUT grafts at HRBR in Ireland you'd pay about €20,000, that equates to about $30,000. So, had you have gone to HRBR in Dublin you'd have forked out more than double what you did.
  12. Looking very well whoever did it. Very natural look so far. Try to be a bit more patient with the crown bro. Happy growing
  13. Yeah, and there's also one with a spray cap I think.
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