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  1. The result is good. 3,500 is quite a lot. The surgeons I've contacted have estimated that I'll need 1,800 to 2,800 grafts, most of them seem to say I'll need 2,300 or so. However Dr Bice's assistant gave a provisional estimate of 3,000 which I thought was high, although this still hasn't been clarified and I'm still waiting to hear back from Bice personally. Concerning the above comment - lol she's a bit of a dream alright
  2. Looks good bro. I had a good customer service experience with Bicer myself. How many grafts did you get and can you show us a pic of yoir hair before it was ever transplanted? Cheers.
  3. Cool. Some of them are out of my price range. Pekiner and Demisroy are within range but I've never heard of them.
  4. Yeah I have been in touch with Bicer's assistant and I have to say the service has been great, and I do have a good feeling about her. It would be nice to just know what her results are like and so on. Is your donor area ok after having the surgery?
  5. Shaved patients seems to be the norm with FUE, however I have discovered a handful of surgeons who apparently do not shave their patients. Dr Saifi and Dr Anastasakis being examples. I wonder why is this?
  6. Awesome. Was it good or bad? Its probably too early to see results just yet I'd imagine. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about her so that I can make an informed decision.
  7. Cool. Yeah, I've really been doing as much homework as I can in order to make the best decision. Its scary how many bad reviews are out there, even for some surgeons that are on international associations. I found a surgeon that seems very nice, her name is Dr Bicer, I wonder would anyone know anything about her.
  8. I've discovered a female surgeon called Ozlem Bicer in Turkey. She is on the IAHRS and other boards. However there are not many reviews of her work online, although apparently she hosts a medical TV show in Turkey. She seems professional but then again they all do. Can anyone advise me on her.
  9. About €2,500 - €7,000. Obviously it would be nice to get the best value possible. I'm looking for awesome thick results. I need 2,000 - 2,500 grafts for my hairline (mostly temporal). Are any of those guys that I mentioned worth visiting? I'd go to Turkey at the drop of a hat but it seems to be a minefield there.
  10. Great, I'll bear that in mind so, thanks. I've received estimates and qoutes from several doctors now and what's interesting about him is that he said I'd need only 1,800 grafts, whereas other doctors have estimated 2,000 and some even 2,300 - 2,600. I found that kind of interesting although I'm not sure if it is any indicator of how good or bad a surgeon is.
  11. Guys please give me some knowledge and information on the following surgeons: Geza Sikos - Hungary Dr Saifi - Poland Kayihan Sahinoglu - Turkey Dr Anastasakis- Greece These guys are in my price range but online reviews are so mixed ita hard to make an informed choice! Thanks everyone.
  12. Yeah you're probably right. Thanks. I'm just trying to find info on the following guys: Geza Sikos - Hungary Dr Saifi - Poland Dr Anastasakis - Greece Dr T - Turkey Kayihan Sahinoglu - Turkey
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