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  1. Thanks. All of this is good to know. I'll check out that clinic.
  2. Thanks. That's good to know. Are you an industry professional yourself? I'll defo try get it under control before I go for a transplant.
  3. Yeah, its a bit baffling isn't it. It almost seems as if there's a 1 in 100 chance you'll get a shit result regardless of who you pick. Bummer isn't it.
  4. Am I right in thinking that some clinics/surgeons offer sneaky discounts if you can fill a cancelled appointments for them?
  5. Thanks. I've already corresponded with Bisanga actually. Eugenix is meant to be awesome but its so far away (I'm from Ireland) and lengthy flights are a real bummer, especially with coronavirus and what not. I'll check out HDC. Cheers. I also have a really good feeling about Anastasakis and Dr Saifi, so I'd reccomend that people should investigate those doctors. They seem to be on the ball
  6. Totally! The thing is though one surgeon said I'll need a top-up within a year, but no other surgeon has said that off the bat, so this has left me wondering do most surgeons only tell you that you need back-to-back surgery halfway through the first procedure.
  7. Thanks. That's why I'm here though; I'm here to get a broad picrure of things rather than one person's advice
  8. Lol I know that, but I mean, I don't want to have to get another one in 6-12 months. I don't mind getting a top up in the crown, in say, 10 - 20 years if that's the standard protocol. But 2+ procedures in a year is annoying and if it could be avoided that would be cool.
  9. I see I see. Hmmm. Its annoying when you need extra grafts. The thing that would bug me most is if I need to get two procedures for decent coverage/density. Like, I worry that 2,000 - 2,500 won't finish the job and that I'll need a second round to do things right.
  10. He is an associate member of IAHRS. Yes, I'm going for budget as well as quality. It would be most ideal to blend both budget and quality, although I know this may be hard to achieve. However, its always worth investigating.
  11. Cool. I'll check him/her out. Alba Reyes is on IAHRS and also Spex mentioned her as a reccomended surgeon in a recent article, but he also mentioned other doctors who do not have flawless reviews so its hard to go by his reccomendation alone.
  12. Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback. I ask for the following reasons: I actually went for FUE in a cheap clinic in Poland 3 years ago but (surprisingly!) the doctor on the day wouldn't do the operation because my skin flared up, and, the dodgy skin was not only on my forehead, it was also present in my scalp. Many years ago a dermatologist told me I had sebhorric dermatitis psoriasis. Years ago my skin (mostly forehead and chin) used to sometimes flare up and exhibit pinkness and/or flakiness and blotchy patches. Its a condition that comes and goes. It used to come on more oft
  13. Does anyone if psoriasis or eczema or any other skin condition can prevent one from availing of a hair transplant? Thanks.
  14. If my hair is straight and somewhat fine do I need more grafts? I'm white skinned (Irish) and I have kind of dark blonde/strawberry blonde hair.
  15. Anyone any experience with this guy in Bulgaria? He is an associate member of IAHRS.
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