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  1. September 2017 september 2020 do not understimate the importqnce of a pharmaceutical treatment before and after the ht
  2. IMHO, you are a little confused and contradictory: you write: " the hair due to Minoxidil will shed off and give a better idea of the empty area" and in another post you write " They don't experience anytjing negative when they leave it." a) do they experience hair loss, as you suppose in your first statement or they "don't experience anything negative" (i.e. hair loss), as you suggest in your second statement? b) all the doctors agree that you should be on therapy for a period before hair transplant. The first benefit you can get from a therapy is to reduce the number of transplanted
  3. This is science. Not merely opinion. next time, instead blaming me because you don’t like my attitude, try to say something smart and backed by science.
  4. I think you don’t know what you are talking about. this is a frequent issue with clinics’ rep: you are sellers and not doctors. You show a really poor understanding of the topic and more than often say some bs. First of all, minoxidil is not an on/off switch: you need months to see results and need months to lose what you got using it. by the other way, why should a doctor desire that you lose uour hair? To demage (dueing the op) a fu that can be recovered with the proper treatment. if it was the case, you should stop fina too, while nobody asks to stop it. the on
  5. This statments are not backed by any science. some “writers” take randomly researches in pubmed on draw their conclusions. collagen metabolism is a very complex topic. Mn is involed in Collagen metabolism but nothing related to skin wrinkles and eye bags.
  6. Don't think I'm cocky but I think it looks great! HLC made a great work on my donor. I took this pic during quarantine, about 2 months after HT
  7. I can assure you that, even if you know perfectly what you are looking for, when the head is sheaved is a completely different field. I knew I wanted to lower X on this side, Y on that side, starting from here to there Etc etc but when the head was shaved I was like blind and couldn't understand where my native HL was!
  8. thanks @Curious25 I completely agree with u on this. 2x2000 as better (IMHO, a lot more better) than 1x4000
  9. No but I opted for a very conservative HL because I couldn't see my hairs and I was scared to go too low.
  10. When a doctor draws the hairline, he needs to pay attention to angles, direction, covering effect of natives, colors etc. It is very risky to design an HL if you have a shaved head. In my case, in fact, I'm 100% of the end result.
  11. I think this is one of the most meaningless statements I've ever read. I've used minoxidil up to 10 days before the HT and started oral just a few days after HT and my hairs look great. I was almost bald 3 years ago, I used minoxidil, fina and DR and my hairs looked great thus I had a very small HT (2000 FU) and my hairs look like 15 years ago.
  12. I think your doc used too little FU. Yo u needed more to re-enforce the first line (especially in the center area. HT is an illusion of density and the first way to create that illusion is increasing density among your natives.
  13. According to researches, hair loss takes several months afterMN interruption. 6 weeks is a very short period. In other words: as well as a person need months to see MN growth, he needs months to see shedding. By the other way, considering that the patchy effect is on the first line, I do not think it is related to MN. There is a lot of spaces between his transplanted hairs and that is clearly due to poor growth.
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