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  1. Dr shapiro, i spent hours studying your article about hairline design. i shared it on this board because i think hairline design is something people need to understand in depth before thinking to have a ht procedure!
  2. This articles from china are based on fake datas. make a seriuos search.
  3. And a french girl died at 16. an italian died at 18. many people die in their 30s and 40s.
  4. That Chinese research is based in false datas. the mortality rate ia about 8% at the moment. consider that a lot of people die by coronavirus but nobody knows because the virus is not detected in everybody.
  5. I posted this research showing cases very similar to yours. melvin gave a different opinionz all of us were here to support you, so stop blaming melvin.
  6. I usually agree with you, nit this time. the hairline design is below average and the transition zone lacks of density
  7. He pays more attention to hairline density than to a viral pulmonary disease.
  8. Thanks bismark! i’am in italy and the things here are terrific. you got the point: even if the virus doesn’t kill someone, it destroys lives.
  9. 1) let say that the virus infects only 70% of population 2) let say it is true that 70% of them are asyntomatic 3) you have another 30% (about 210.000/1.000.000 people) that repots really serious synthoms. 4) about 6-7% of them dies. It is about 12.000/1.000.000. Anyway, the number is so “low” if we keep everything closed and slow down the diffusion rate. It the number rises quickly, the hospitals are unable to help people and the number of dead people consequently rises. 5) at the moment, the rate between saved and dead people is 1:1 6) it is a false statement that only old and sick people die. Here a lot of young people and a lot of middle aged people died. 7) in bergamo (a small town in italy) they do not have space to store cadavers. this is the truth. All the different things you read above are stupid and ignorant statements.
  10. It is because minoxidil stimulates keratocytes and melanocytes activity. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1637559/ i can swear it work in real word!
  11. Minoxidil increases blood flow so it is hard to believe
  12. Quick update. i had about 10 white hairs on my chest. this morning i saw they are completely disappeared!