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  1. There are several researches on this topic. SP ability to reduce DHT in humans is very controversial. Some papers report that SP efficacy is about 1/3 compared to finasteride while others claim that SP as no efficacy at all ("In addition, in a 7 day human clinical trial, finasteride, but not Permixon or placebo, decreased serum DHT in men, further confirming the lack of 5 alpha reductase inhibition by Permixon"). Anyway, some authors suggest that SP can improve hair growth via a DHT indigent mechanism (for ex., "LSESr promoted the hair regeneration and repair of hair loss mouse models by activating TGF-β signaling and mitochondrial signaling pathway"). Since 3 days, I've taking fina e saw palmetto. I'm not feeling any side (If I have to be honest, I can feel my libido increased). I'll keep you updated!
  2. From what I understand, the frequency and the needle size are inversely proportional. The bigger the needle, the less frequently you can have the treatment and viceversa. How big is your needle? (I think it sounds like a strange question...at least in Italian it sounds like a strange question!)
  3. an HT for a n2/3 is something like a good haircut. The big difference is that is mora "stable": you do not look shitty because wind or sweeting.
  4. Serkan is a dermatologist. He does nothing except hairline design. Hair. loss mentor made a video on his clinic. You can find a lot of sermon results on Italian forum and on facebook "esperienza trapianto capelli in Turchia". Some are good (15%), others are average §(the great part) and some don't fit my taste at all.
  5. 3400??? only???? OMG I think you are taking any kind of medicine that improved your baldness because it is almost impossible to get that result using only 3400 grafts
  6. "I stopped minoxidil because I didn't see results" BiG MISTAKE! Minoxidil requires several months (and sometimes more than 2ml daily) to show his results. Considering you are balding in the crown/middle scalp and you say that your donor is weak, I would try fina. I would give a try, in your specific casse, to PRP and dermorolling.
  7. I've already stayed in Turkey. Kaser is more expensive graft for graft but he needs 1000 grafts to make what other docs need 1500. -So, at the end of the day, he is less expensive. Ex equo for HLC and Pekiner. By the other way, Pekiner was an HLC doc. Anyway, you have an advantage at HLC: Pekiner works alone while the HLC are 6 docs so, when the surgeon has a doubt or can't handle the operation for whatever reason, he can ask/call his colleagues.
  8. "around 4000 I think". Didn't the doc tell you the number of graft? Where did you get your HT? Considering the area is about 45/50 cm2, it is hard to believe you got 4000UF. considering an average 50 UF/cm2 (but, from you pic, I think they are less), it is about 2500.
  9. I see a better distribution of his hair but I don't see 4500 UF. Has he been using anything to block hair loss between the 2 procedures?
  10. Hair for sure. Anyway, I try to buy cost effective and proven stuffs. If something has not much evidence to support his utility, I can give a try if it is not ultra-expensive
  11. if you don't care about price, you should look worldwide. In turkey there are some amazing docs (laser, hlc, Pekiner). Anyway, you have other great docs alla around the world.