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  1. During my first experience in Turkey, I felt uncomfortable right after the anesthesia. The room was a freezer and my legs started to shake. I was worried and thought: are my legs shaking because it is cold? Am I getting a panic attack? Or Am I allergic to this specific anesthetic? I said the doc that I felt seek and asked for an antihistaminic and something to calm down. The nurse went into another room, came back and said they didn't have anything. I said "what does it happen if I get an anaphylactic shock?" You know what happened later...
  2. Doc, some docs say that it is not worth spending a lot of money for LLLT helmets because the cheaper ones make exactly the same thing of more expensive tools. Other docs suggest to buy something that costs 1000 dollars of more. What is your opinion?
  3. Researchess suggest oral minoxidil in the range 2.5/5 mg daily. Why are you going so high? Any doctor prescribed you 10mg?
  4. An hair transplant is not "urgent" by definition... we don't lose hair overnight
  5. I think I'm missing something. If the bulb dies, do that mean that it is not going to produce hair anymore?
  6. crown restoration and curly hairs. One of the hardest surgery! Congratulations!
  7. Thanks for your reply! anyway, sometimes when a fu has 2/3/4 hairs, it happens that only one is in telogen phase. the surgeon can see that one hair is in telogen phase only after extraction. what does it happen when this fu is transplanted? i think the hair will fall and regrow faster, but I would like to know tour opinion.
  8. According to all the the textbooks I read, telogen hair cause 2 issue: a) they are more fragile and thus susceptible to transection b) the telegen hair is not visibile so the UF can be improperly considered a singolar hair UF. That said, it the surgeon is able to handle these problems, can the telogen hairs be transplanted?
  9. Worried, last night I experimented the same thing. The thing that make me worry is the "white cylinder" surrounding the hair
  10. I was going to buy one laser cap to increase recovery. From what I read, the best should be Irestore and capillus. Capillus is a little pricey. The best Irestore is as much expensive as the worst capillus.
  11. How do you know that is the BEST clinic you could choose in Turkey? Do you have any other experience? Do you work in this field? Are you a doctor? Or you are giving them an advertise for free?