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  1. Very hard to judge. we need a full scalp pic and before pics
  2. This is my before and after (3 years apart) i had 2000 uf ht at hlc ankara in January to inprove my hairline. in middle and crown i just had medications (oral minoxidil, fina, topical minoxidil, dermoroller, prp, locoidon, nizoral). medications improved my hair density, quality and thickness thus i got a very small hair transplant and I didn’t waste money and I didn’t deplete my donor area). My 2 cents tip: have a surgery only after 2 years of medications ps: the after pic was taken in may. Now my hairline looks better.
  3. From an ethical point of view, you are right. From a medical prospective, he clearly made a wrong diagnosis. I do not know you, but when I look for a doctor, I look for someone who is going to give a good and correct diagnosis in first place.
  4. This is completely non- sense. to. say that medications do not work for you, you should know how fast was your hair loss progression without taking fin and minoxidil. By the other way, If meds do not work for you, why are you concerned to stop taking ? that said, you should go into deeper details: how old are you? how bald are you? What about your family? how long have you stayed on meds?
  5. Nothing should happen. you will lose some hair and will get it back when you'll go back to your medications.
  6. There are too many “x factor” patients in asmed recent story, that it is hard to believe he ia one of the best in the world. do not act as a funboy and judge the results as an adult rational man.
  7. 5 months let me say...I’m so happy. a lot of people are saying that my hairs look great and i look younger...and they ask me what i did. what can i say? hlc hair transplant + my personal treatment are making wonders! Ps I’m planning a second hair transplant because i want to lower my hairline, especially in the temples. I’m really upset with the doctors that told mw I wasn’t a good candidate and scared me to have a more aggressive hairline design!!!! Because his diagnosis, I’ll need another boring hair transplant!
  8. The hairline is growing nicely, as you said. IMHO the problem is poor hairline design. At 10 months (with. longer hair and at about 80% of new growth) I'll decide if I need to lower the hairline another little bit. I used my first HT to check my grafts quality! this. is why I went very conservative. I thought "if hair growth will be poor, I'll cover transplanted hair with. my natives!"
  9. I can’t ser a great difference from before ht. hope that increased density will help with long hair!
  10. Ozgur created a spot for me. The first day they were totally booked so he and Dr Ali worked late on night for me. Really glad for what they did. PS: they considered that I spent a lot of money to delete my flight and bought a new one (and I stayed in Ankara 10 days), so they gave me a discount (I didn't ask for it)