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  1. Maybe he has a marvelous head because he had a good team for his HT. The problem is that Asmed has a lot of team and we see a lot of poor results.
  2. AMEN! It is what I've been saying during the last 2 days. Maybe koray is the best in the world but if he uses young unexperienced guys to make 50% of the works, who cares he is the best? We should consider results and much of the results are very poor in the last years.
  3. That's the problem "ha has more patient posted cases than any doctor in the world" He should work less and pay more attention to the quality of his works. A lot of cases are good? Great but too many cases are POOR.
  4. thanks @Mavin ! I'm doing my home-work and reading a lot of stuff. Looking on this topic, I found an interesting theory about hair loss and testosterone/DHT. High DHT level are the effect and not the cause of hair loss. If this statement is true, it can change a lot in TRT management to fight hair loss. According to this theory, hair loss is related to recused fat layers in scalp. low fat layer damage hair follicles ---> to repair hair our bodies produce more test/DHT (according to this theory, test and DHT increase hair growth)--->the more DHT causes fat layers to reduce further ---> more hair follicles damage---> more hair loss. So, far injections (that are proven to work) can allow us to use test with no problem.* * consider that fat cell are the first source of aromatase, so more fat means more estrogen.
  5. When doc works among native hair, he can damage the exiting follicles. IMHO it is better he rebuilds his hairline. If he will lose more hair in the future, he will get another procedure.
  6. Stop yo offense and be humble. a) you defend koray saying that he is one of the top. I told you it can be true but if other people make 50% of the work, you can be the best of the world, other people can destroy what you are doing. b) a lot of top surgeon act the way koray acts? everybody is responsible for his team. koray his the best but his works are weak? Maybe koray is the best but his team sucks H&W for example has had the same technicians for ten years. Can you say the same thing for koray? There are tons of poor work from koray Clinique. Stop defending him everywhere, as you do, saying he is a TOP! He is a TOP? I'm with you but who cares? the HT from his Clinique are POOR. behind the picture you see here there are SUFFERING people, people who spent a LOT of money and sometimes look worse than they were. Show them some respect and stop acting like a funboy.
  7. ok, we want our hair back but we need more test to stay in shape. Does any of you ever experimented TRT without losing hair?
  8. you are completely missing the point. Image koray is the best in the world, it doesn't matter. Why? because other people (we don't know their names)take care of HT. Koray makes less than half of the work. So, the problem is not koray but the product he sells.
  9. I'm something in the middle. I don't think Koray is a scam but I do not think koray is one of the top. Especially nowadays I think he is overrated among the general public. For sure ASMED produced some good results in the past. Anyway, all the clinics, even the worst low cost clinic, have some good results. After analyzing REAL cases, I can see s drastic change in the last couple of years. And the change is for worst. Maybe the reason is the turned a huge Clinique. When you work too much, the quality decreases. I really don't know. But I know: I do not like his works and, more important, I do not like the way the clinic treats his patients. I need to thank this forum because it is here I saw that bad reports that convinced me not to go there. this is a free space where you can criticize and nobody shut you up!
  10. I can't follow you. 10 mm every 2 months is not necessary the same of 5mm/monthly. Frequency is related to the duration of the effect of a single treatment. Volume is related to how much you need to Get the best result from the single treatment. If you double the volume, that doesn't make the single treatment last longer. And if you double the frequency, that doesn't mean you need to reduce volume/session.
  11. We do not have enough data to say how much volume per session and how much frequency are needed. Anyway, from my personal experience, the docs that go for higher frequency use the same volume/session that the docs going for less frequent sessions.
  12. Can you quote any research supporting this statement ? Inflamatiion is a secondary effect (as well as muscle catabolism when you workout). I do not think it is necessary and it can be potentially harmful because inflamations are related to hair loss.
  13. Asmed is making such poor works lately. The problem is they are very strong and have a great influence on many boards so these cases are often hidden. 2 days ago I commented some Koray's cases and the adm deleted my comment and asked not to point my fingers against Koray.