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  1. UPDATE: 3 MONTHS (actually more like 2 months and 28 days, since february was shorter) There may not be significative improvement at first sight, but I can tell there IS. I explain: 3 weeks ago I totally shaved my head (of course the implanted area was done with scissors and extreme careful and patience). Then the sheddin was bigger than in the last pic I uploaded. Now that my hair has grown since 3 weeks ago I can see many new hairs, because they are shorter than the rest. Some of them are also very thin yet. This means that the growth has already started. Medication: so about
  2. Heeey buddy. Congrats on your surgery and specially wise decision. Pekiner and HLC are elite class in Turkey. Looks clean but now we need to wait. I had my surgery in HLC about 2 months and 3 weeks ago, so we are almost at the same stage now. I see u are taking finasteride. Wise!. Are u considering switching to dutasteride? I am taking it now and apparently is better than finas for hair loss. Soon I will also start with oral minoxidil (been taking topic for 10 years) and when i reach the 6 or 8 month mark I will start as well with dermapen. Maybe you could do your research about this trea
  3. I think is a good result when it comes to graft survive rate. But when it comes to hairline naturality it could improve a lot. If he likes to wear his hair on front, covering the hairline as he shows in the videos then is ok.
  4. My recommendation: 1. Fue expert. Dr. Couto 2. HLC 3. Freitas I dont know about the mexican dr. But I would recommend you to maybe rise a little bit the budget and go to HLC. If money/patience is a dealbreaker for you then discard Couto. I already asked for a appointment with him 1 month ago and he gave me for october 2022. I had my surgery at HLC 2 months and a half ago so is impossible for me to know the result so far but Im sure my temples can be better, and Couto is the best for that.
  5. Well there are a few issues. As Andrei says that is not an expexted result for a high quality clinic as HLC. Specially if u have been on finasteride all this time. On the other hand by watching ur pre pics we have no references of you with longer hair. In any case the density on the front line is not the best. A good way to compare would be if u shave now your head. I think HLC owes you a free repair now. If that being the case I would recommend you first to switch to dutasteride, oral minoxidil, topic minoxidil as well with combination of dermaroller and up to you also vitamins (multivi
  6. Great! He also did my suegery. He and Cengiz. I will follow your case man. Happy growing.
  7. Hey buddy! Yo be honest does not look bad but either excellent. My question here would be if you are medicating yourself, because the new hair looks pretty much like there rest of the hair. Which means that the naturality is on point but the density is quite the same over all, which is not excellent. Are you taking dutasteride, minoxidil or any other treatment? Regards man
  8. Hey buddy. Congrats on your growing! I would say everything looks perfect for a 4 month case. Would you share with us who was/were the doctor(s) in your case? If more than one also please specify by days who did extractions and implantations. Thanks man and happy growing!
  9. Hey buddy. Congrats on your surgery and the wise decision! Could you share with us what doctor(s) did the surgery?? Regards man
  10. Hey buddy. I see you mentioned that Dr Umut and dr. Ozgur worked on you. Could you be more specific om the work? Meaning who did extractions, who did implantations and the schedule of both days. Regards man and happy growing!
  11. WOOW! Great work from Demirsoy! Looks HLC quality!! Demirsoy is by far the best option when you cant afford those 2,5€/graft or more.
  12. Nice man! Happy growing! Get ready to lose those grafts for the next 2 months now 😅😅😅
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