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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Thanks for opinion, but I don´t think so. This would mean a high increase of "X-factor patients" in Asmed in recent times. My wrong shaped, unnatural hairline is also caused because of I am "X-factor patient"? I underwent consultations at several clinic, where I was told that my poor result was caused by a bad hair transplant. At two clinics, I was told that I could not have 3700 transplanted grafts in frontal area, but less. I don´t know if I was cheated with number of grafts, or many grafts did not survive. But my grafts are very evenly distributed without any empty spaces. Therefor I think that it can´t be the second option. At one clinic, when they saw me before consultation after HT at Asmed, they tought that I am suffering from Alopecia diffusa. I don't know if this is a good certificate for one of the best doctors. Dr. Erdogan maybe was one of the best. But in the past. Therefor I choosed him. Also is not very ethical that when I was in Istanbul and wanted to come to him in person, he told me through his assistant that he did not have time because he was busy moving the clinic... After reading more stories of other Asmed´s patients and seeing their pictures on this forum (and other forums), I don´t consider Dr. Erdogan one of the best...
  2. Yes, Asmed and Dr. Erdogan ruined my donor area and my self confidence. I was stupid for going there. But in 2016 they had many good results and almost no bad result. Yes, people shouldn´t be quiet.
  3. Thank you. Yes. But I was there, when they operated just 3 patients per day. Now bad result of Asmed are much more common. They offer you free touch up. But they didn't offer me anything. Or yes. 2500 grafts for 6.250,- eur. They think that I am crazy? 4500 grafts were used from 8500. @Melvin-Moderator wrote that he spoke with them about every single case and they have been standing by every case. @Melvin-Moderator, please, what did they told you about my case?
  4. It is true. I am sad and angry every day when I look in to the mirror, since I understood that this is my final result. It affects my overall mental state for last two years.
  5. Dr. Couto do all steps by himself. Please, where did you see poor results of Lorenzo or HLC? On this forum? Or somewhere else? It is important for me to see as many results as possible from these three clinics and especially bad, because I did not find any. Thanks.
  6. Yes. Agree. But I didn´t see any bad result of Dr. Couto, Dr. Lorenzo and HLC. In all three clinics are all steps of procedure performed by doctors.
  7. Yes. When I was at Asmed in January 2017, we were 3 guys there operated in same day. But they moved their clinic. It can be true that they operate 8 patients per day... I think 3 patient with Asmed´s megasession is a lot. 8 patients per day is crazy... Yes, money and greed prevail over quality and ethics.
  8. I think both. There are more and more clinics, doing hair transplants "on knee". But also since my HT I have seen more and more bad resulzs of Asmed.
  9. I read the communication between some members ( @Portugal25 , @dust78 , @jonnyalex , @Egy , @Coady , @TrixGlendevon , @HTHope and some other guys) on GLHF @GLHF thread, which was (and still is) very quickly closed to further replies. After that I started to thinking about one thing. In 2016, when I started looking for HT surgeon I can´t find any bad result of Asmed and Dr. Erdogan on this HT forum (and few of others). Also Asmed sent me the list of HT forums where they have their results. They were sure that there was no bad result anywhere on these forums. In January 2017 I underwent my procedure with bad, unnatural result and lack density, which I have described in this thread. This was at the time when Asmed had 3 patients per day. Now I wonder if Asmed really didn't have a single bad result by the end of 2016, and my result is one of the first, or if all their bad results on this forum were deleted.
  10. Ok. I thought that they implant you some grafts to see if they will survive and if the density is ok. But this will be visible at first in half a year
  11. I insist on what I wrote. After my article on this forum Melvin contacted me about my name and date of HT and he wrote to the Asmed about my case. After that Asmed contacted me that Dr. Erdogan will analyze my photos once again and let me know. It was on 12th of March 2020. Since this date nobody from Asmed contacted me as usually... This has been going on for 2 years. This is ethical and professional? If Asmed claims that they deal with all bad cases and solve them, then this is not true...
  12. Yes. Every clinic has better results and worse results. But I didn´t find any bad result of Dr. Couto, Dr. Lorenzo and HLC. Yes. I will discuss all possibilities with clinic. I want to go to the personal consultation to all three before my HT (Dr. Couto and Dr. Lorenzo require personal consulation in case of repair HT). But I don´t know if they will agree with small test procedure... Do you have some experience with it? Or someone else? Yes. You are right. Donor resources are limited and more valuable then money or time...
  13. Thank you. This is very important. Without access to truthful information HT candidates will not be able to make the right decision about doctors/clinics...
  14. You welcome. I wrote my story because I want to help hair transplant candidates by their decision about clinic. If I had seen such review about Asmed and Dr. Erdogan, their result and attitude to the patient according to the result before my choice of clinic, I would never go there. But I wasn´t so lucky. If you will search better, you will find out that on this forum is more like just two bad results. I am thinking about new topic on this forum, which will include and collect bad HT results of doctors and clinics from whole world to help HT candidates by their decision about clinic and also to help them to avoid doctors and clinics with bad results, or with unprofessional and unethical behavior to their patients. Now I am searching for bad results of Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Couto and HLC. These doctors and clinic I chose for my repair hair transplant...