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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    10 years +
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    Norwood III Vertex
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Considering Non-Surgical Treatments

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. When you are from Paris, France, I strongly recommend you to go to the Spain for HT. From Paris are very good flight connections to Madrid, where are more excellent doctors (Dr. Couto, Dr. Lorenzo, Dra. Vila) and in Valencia is Dr. De Freitas (he also offer consultations in Barcelona some days). If you are decided to go to Turkey for HT, thank rather HLC than overpriced hair mill Asmed.
  2. Yes. You choose between clinic, where doctors do all steps of surgery, which has very good reputation, which is not considered a hair mill and from which I have not see any bad result (HLC) with a clinic where "nurses"/technicians do all steps of surgery, or you need to pay more if you want Dr. Erdogan to touch you, which is considered a hair mill, from which I saw many bad results (also I have personal experience with this clinic - check my thread) and which doesn´t want to be responsible to its results (Asmed). For me it is like to compare Audi A6 with Renault Clio.
  3. Yes, Dr. Lorenzo does not do exctractions. I asked during the consultation how many patients they operate per one day and who do extractions and implantations and I got answer that they operate 3 patients per day, extractions do technicians and 80%, sometimes 85% of implantations does Dr. Lorenzo personally and the rests his team.
  4. This question is as if you were asking if you should buy a Renault Clio or an Audi A6
  5. Hello guys, I had my personal consultations with Dr. Couto 3 weeks ago, after almost one year of waiting (I booked it in July 2020) and I have some new info about him. (I wrote more in my thread). Dr. Couto now schedules his patients on summer 2022 (it is not true that he is fully booked for several years) and he offered me date of surgery in September 2021, which is in 3 months since consultations, because of some patient cancelled his surgery. The price is 5,- eur per graft, because of I am repair case (normal price is 4,5 eur).
  6. Thank you very much. Yes, also for me Dr. Couto seems to be the best option.
  7. Hello guys. After 4 and half years since my terrible experience with Asmed clinic and Dr. Koray Erdogan and after reading a lot of stories and after seeing a lot of results, after speaking with almost 20 clinics I had my personal consultations with 3 clinics which I consider the best and from which I want to choose the doctor for my repair HT: Dr. Rafael De Freitas, Dr. Juan Couto (with him after approximately 1 year of waiting) and Dr. Jose Lorenzo. Two of them said that my hair transplant result from Asmed clinic is very bad in all ways, from unnatural bad hairline, through very low density in recipient area, through very high number of used grafts, till almost exhausted donor area. In their opinions my result was caused by combination of unexperienced technicians (nurses) and long time between extraction and implantation of grafts which caused low survivalence of grafts. The third one didn't want to speak much about reasons of my failed HT and he focused on his work and future. Dr. De Freitas estimated number of grafts which is necessary to repair my result as 2000. Dr. Couto and Dr. Lorenzo both as 1500. The best looking clinic is Clinica De Freitas. It is very nice and clean, it looks new. Fuexpert clinic (Dr. Couto) and Injerto Capillar Medilor (Dr. Lorenzo) seems to be older but also nice and clean. The best approach has Dr. Lorenzo. He checked my hair with microscope, draw the hairline also with laser, checked my hair dry and also wet and made some calculations. Dr. Couto also checked my hair with combe and with microscope, Dr. De Freitas just combed my hair. The best price offered me Dr. De Freitas. He usually asked 3,5 euro per first 1000 grafts and 2,5 euro per every next graft, but in repair cases is the price higher. But he offered me 2000 grafts for 6.000,- eur (hotel and one session of PRP included), one day operation and he usually does 3 patients in 2 days depending on difficulty. Nurses extracting grafts with micromotor and implantation does Dr. De Freitas. He schedules his patients on summer 2022. Dr. Couto usually asked 4,5 euro per graft, but in repair cases the price is 5,- eur. He offered me 1500 grafts for 7.500,- eur (nothing incuded), operation will be divided in 2 days because of he want to do it slow and perfect according low capacity donor area. He usually operates 2 patients in one day. His nurse Esteban extracting grafts manual or with micromotor and implantation does Dr. Couto personally. He said that my result will not be perfect as usually his results are, according previous HT and weak donor, but it will be much better than now. He also said that he would achieve much better result with 2500 grafts than Asmed achieved with 4500 grafts. Now he schedules his patients for summer 2022 (like e.g. Dr. De Freitas). I have luck because of some patient canceled his surgery in september 2021 and he offered me his date. Dr. Lorenzo asked 5 euro per first 2000 grafts and 2,5 euro per every next graft. He offered me 1500 grafts for 7.500,- eur (2 nights in hotel are included), one day operation and he usually operates 3 patients in 1 day. Nurses extracting grafts manually and Dr. Lorenzo implants 80% of grafts (the rests are implanted by staff!). He scheduled his patient for autumn 2021 (first aviliable dates he had in September 2021). Please, according this informations, who of these 3 doctors will you choose? Thank you for your every opinion in advance.
  8. If you want to have HT in Turkey then HLC definitely. Maybe Dr. Keser if your case is small and he takes you. Forget about Asmed and Dr. Erdogan.
  9. Perfect. It seems to be another great result of Dr. Couto. And it will be even better
  10. I am really happy for you. It looks great in 7 months. I think it will be perfect result. Could you also give a picture from front? Thanks
  11. Thanks. It seems that they don´t take new patients for consultations and surgeries now. I read somewhere that they work with patients rescheduled according Covid 19.
  12. Just for new patients? Or they are totally closed this year?
  13. The difference between a bad hair transplant and a good hair transplant. My hair transplant at Asmed clinic (Dr. Koray Erdogan) with 4500 grafts versus hair transplant of unknown patient performed by Dr. Jose Lorenzo with 2500 grafts. Almost twice as many grafts were used at the Asmed clinic to achieve a very poor result than at Dr. Lorenzo´s clinic to achieve a good result.
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