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  1. Very hard to judge. we need a full scalp pic and before pics
  2. This is my before and after (3 years apart) i had 2000 uf ht at hlc ankara in January to inprove my hairline. in middle and crown i just had medications (oral minoxidil, fina, topical minoxidil, dermoroller, prp, locoidon, nizoral). medications improved my hair density, quality and thickness thus i got a very small hair transplant and I didn’t waste money and I didn’t deplete my donor area). My 2 cents tip: have a surgery only after 2 years of medications ps: the after pic was taken in may. Now my hairline looks better.
  3. From an ethical point of view, you are right. From a medical prospective, he clearly made a wrong diagnosis. I do not know you, but when I look for a doctor, I look for someone who is going to give a good and correct diagnosis in first place.
  4. This is completely non- sense. to. say that medications do not work for you, you should know how fast was your hair loss progression without taking fin and minoxidil. By the other way, If meds do not work for you, why are you concerned to stop taking ? that said, you should go into deeper details: how old are you? how bald are you? What about your family? how long have you stayed on meds?
  5. Nothing should happen. you will lose some hair and will get it back when you'll go back to your medications.
  6. There are too many “x factor” patients in asmed recent story, that it is hard to believe he ia one of the best in the world. do not act as a funboy and judge the results as an adult rational man.
  7. 5 months let me say...I’m so happy. a lot of people are saying that my hairs look great and i look younger...and they ask me what i did. what can i say? hlc hair transplant + my personal treatment are making wonders! Ps I’m planning a second hair transplant because i want to lower my hairline, especially in the temples. I’m really upset with the doctors that told mw I wasn’t a good candidate and scared me to have a more aggressive hairline design!!!! Because his diagnosis, I’ll need another boring hair transplant!
  8. The hairline is growing nicely, as you said. IMHO the problem is poor hairline design. At 10 months (with. longer hair and at about 80% of new growth) I'll decide if I need to lower the hairline another little bit. I used my first HT to check my grafts quality! this. is why I went very conservative. I thought "if hair growth will be poor, I'll cover transplanted hair with. my natives!"
  9. I can’t ser a great difference from before ht. hope that increased density will help with long hair!
  10. Ozgur created a spot for me. The first day they were totally booked so he and Dr Ali worked late on night for me. Really glad for what they did. PS: they considered that I spent a lot of money to delete my flight and bought a new one (and I stayed in Ankara 10 days), so they gave me a discount (I didn't ask for it)
  11. Sure! I'll try to post my pics in the afternoon. For the record, today I had my first haircut. My barber didn't believe I had an HT and he just thought that PRP was working very well! That means 2 things, 1 good and 1 bad. the good one: my HL is very natural the bad one: I didn't have any drastically change!
  12. Thanks for your support, @Portugal25! I have many doubts that Pekiner aborted my Ht because he thought my grafts were weak. Really happy to hear that Concalo good hits surgery with @Dr. Bruno Ferreira ... I'm planning to lower my hairline next year and he is in my top 3.
  13. HLC guys had ...balls! They accepted the challenge...if I had a poor result, it was a very bad advertisement for them!
  14. Thanks Melvin! So sorry I've been here for a while but after my HT I thought that the best thing for me was to take a break from the hair industry and wait...I just waited!
  15. thanks buddy. If it was 0,5/1cm lower...I was ok for the next future anyway, as someone says "density is the key factor" and I can say that my density really improved.
  16. I got my ht in Akara in January , 10 th and 11 th 2020. I was in Ankara because I was going to get my Ht with Kaan Pekiner. I planned 2500/3000 grafts in 2 days (6-7 Jan). As many of you know, after 189 extractions, Pekiner aborted the op, saying I had miniaturized grafts. So, I decided to visit HLC the 7. I explained what happened and I asked to extract some grafts to check if they were healthy. I really liked dr Ozgur: he was smart, funny and confident.He paid a lot of attention to my case. He visited me with all the other doctors in the clinic. They extracted 7 grafts, they said my grafts were ok so I decided. to give them try. (For the record, I sent the dame days my tricopsocy images to bruno Ferreira and he also said my grafts were healthy. I will never be able to show how much I appreciated his diagnosis and I will go into deeper details in the next future). The very hard part was the hairline design because I pekiner shaved my head and because he said that my grafts were weak and he supposed that they weren't going to grow so I was scared to be very aggressive. So I went for a conservative hairline. The op: day 1: Dr. Ozgur made the extractions the first day (about 900 grafts) and dr Ali made. the insertions. I suppose that dr Ozgur wanted to be sure that my grafts were ok. day 2: Dr Ali made both extractions and insertions. In my humble opinion, that used a lot of grafts for a such small area. They calculalted 41 cm2, 50 UF/cm2, 2050 UF. Anyway, if you see the pics, I had my native hairs for about 20 cm2 so something doesn't add up. Post Op customer care: it is their weakest point. They do not contact the patients to ask if everything is ok and they barely answer to the email. I suppose this is because they know their job ...but for me it wasn't easy. Before. op I was using: finasteride 1mg/die topical minoxidil 6ml/die locoidon 1 ml/3 times per week dermoroller 1/week nizoral After the HT, I started to. use oral minoxidil. As you can see, it improved a lot my hair density and thickness. It is incredible. At 4,5, I'm happy with the result. Hope it will improve in the next future. Pics taken at day 0 day 10 day 45 day 60 day 75 day 90 day 120 day 135
  17. When I saw your first pic, I thought "he was not a good candidate for HT.. He had a lot of miniaturized hair so he should have stayed on medication for a while before getting an HT" But, after seeing your results, I shut my mouth up! Great result, congratulations!
  18. There several study on oral and thousands on topical. Both show hair growth and if you compare the results, oral is slightly better. But I am not aware of any study created for the purpose to compare oral and topical. @Min12 I buy it at pharmacy in Italy. It is a bit hard to find in any case.
  19. I read 3 papers on scalp massage. It can't be used as a single treatment but if a person has time and patience...can add massages to his treatment.