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  1. I think I'm missing something. If the bulb dies, do that mean that it is not going to produce hair anymore?
  2. crown restoration and curly hairs. One of the hardest surgery! Congratulations!
  3. Thanks for your reply! anyway, sometimes when a fu has 2/3/4 hairs, it happens that only one is in telogen phase. the surgeon can see that one hair is in telogen phase only after extraction. what does it happen when this fu is transplanted? i think the hair will fall and regrow faster, but I would like to know tour opinion.
  4. According to all the the textbooks I read, telogen hair cause 2 issue: a) they are more fragile and thus susceptible to transection b) the telegen hair is not visibile so the UF can be improperly considered a singolar hair UF. That said, it the surgeon is able to handle these problems, can the telogen hairs be transplanted?
  5. Worried, last night I experimented the same thing. The thing that make me worry is the "white cylinder" surrounding the hair
  6. I was going to buy one laser cap to increase recovery. From what I read, the best should be Irestore and capillus. Capillus is a little pricey. The best Irestore is as much expensive as the worst capillus.
  7. How do you know that is the BEST clinic you could choose in Turkey? Do you have any other experience? Do you work in this field? Are you a doctor? Or you are giving them an advertise for free?
  8. I've read several researches on laser therapy in the last days. I'm going to give iRestore a try. I'll stop PRP sessions for one year (I pay about 1000$ per year and Dermoreller works better IMHO) and will try this .
  9. A part of the hair can regrow on donor if the doc make a partial transection. Lapanzula does
  10. I was in a very similar situation. I can tell you that HT is a pain in the ass, bro.
  11. at HLC they suggest not training for 4 weeks because they are scared that the blood goes from scalp to arms and legs. Obviously this is completely non sense. But it is funny to see that gym maniac suggest that WL increase hair density and lazy people think that WL think can be harmful for hair growth!
  12. You said that "nothing regrows hair". If you have an atrophied follicle not producing anything (or anything visibile) and the X DRUG allow the follicle to produce a new hair, yes, that drug makes you regrowth hair. In my humble opinion, if you want to be correct, you should say "nothing regrows follicle"
  13. You are right, but - in my humble opinion - it is just semantic. If you have atrophied bulbs than start to produce healthy hair, a lot of people will say that you regrowth your hairs. And they are not wrong.
  14. I'm using 2.5 with no sides. Researches show great results at 2.5/5 mg. I'm thinking to rise the daily dose to 3.75 and having some topical minoxidil at night. If you wish, look at my before and after pics (no hair transplant)
  15. I'm from Italy and I suppose we have different terms. We use indistinctly SMP and TP. I can suggest to have a temporary SMP to TP so, after a couple of years, your head will be clean again.
  16. From what I studied and what I saw, transplanted hair usually fall after 2-4 weeks after HT. I do not understand if, during the 2-4 weeks, the hair grow or not.
  17. You still have crusts and scabs. Same problem of mine. did the doc suggest something to clean the recipient area? Is it my impression or your trasnspltaned hair are growing "slowly"