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  1. First of all, be educated and do not offend people. Nobody here has any interest to lie. For sure I don't, considering I'm a lawyer and a university teacher so I don't sell HT to survive. I can't understand your post (you DIDN'T have a great experience with them but your survival rate was close to 100%?) but, unlike you, I had a great experience with them and I really like them. In any case, the fact that I like them doesn't mean that everything was rainbows and flowers. I'm not 100% satisfied with density and I can tell that me and the guy I met there didn't have the density we paid for.
  2. Pekiner said I would have a patchy effect. He was very dramatic. From a cosmetic prospective, I look great. But if I count the FU (I did it last month with my dermatologist using a tricoscope), I can't find the number I paid for. Because I don't think they did lye, I suppose that a part of transplanted FU didn't survive.
  3. same story for me... the survival rate Is low...I'll have a touch up with BF.
  4. you look better now but, as you said, density is not that great. I would say that angles are not great too. I have similar problems btw.
  5. I was making hypothesis in guano's silence. he reported his story with pekiner and making his panegyric. That story and panegyric have nothing to do with this topic.
  6. I paid 50/60 FU as they sold me. 3 days ago, my dermatologist counted 25/30 FU on first line. At the moment, it is not a big issue for me because my natives have a very good covering effect (and they really improved taking oral minoxidil), but I'm not very happy. ASAP I'll post my pics.
  7. you don't have 50/60 FU as they sold you. Same issue for me. My dermatologist counted 25/30 FU on first line. At the moment, it is not a big issue for me because my natives have a very good covering effect, but I'm not very happy.
  8. your post has nothing to do with guano HT. We were talking about his results. Why did you come here to say that P. is a great doctor? Is this relevant for the topic?
  9. I think he is ok. I suppose he doesn't reply because he signed an agreement with the clinic or he doesn't want to ruin their image.
  10. something strange happened. Guano has disappeared.
  11. I have had good results from HLC but considering your results, I'm thinking to go to BF for a second HT if need. You used less than double of my HG for a such big area. great!
  12. I'm using minoxidil and fina but I've been using fina for 24 years (even when I took the first pic) I had a small HT to lower HL but for the middle and the crown I need to thank minoxidil.
  13. @Melvin-Moderator At the beginning, I thought that were some pics of mine!!!!
  14. take test and add 5mg fina + 3mg data daily and you'll be muscular and full of hairs. do you like my reply now? or will you insist with your victimistic attitude?
  15. WHY DO YOU THINK MY REPLY IS DISRESPECTFULL? you want to use DR but from your questions I see you can't figure why it works. If you are trying to rise T, there is a serious risk to lose hairs. you can't have the cake...presto!
  16. 1. Before posting questions, do you know how DR works? 2. You can’t have the cake and eat it too.
  17. 1 and 3: hair loss is a multi factorial phenomenon thus a multi factorial approach is recommended. 2: you can give duta a try but stop fina
  18. Sorry buddy, but you ignore the market. in turkey there are some good doctors and they are expensive like in any other part of the world. The other “clinic”, the so called low cost m, are a scam. they promise thousands of grafts but they transplant a lot more less than that. btw, in my humble opinion, you didn’t get 4100.
  19. Where did tou pick that clinic? i suppose it is a low cost clinic and i suppose you didn’t get 4100z
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