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  1. N00b, Sorry to hear this but as Spidey says shock loss around the donor area is quite common and you may loose more hair up to the 1 month post op stage. It can take 4-6 months to fully recover. If you have concerns you can contact me on david@hassonandwong.com
  2. Cueball- Thanks for posting your story and photos it was great being part of your journey and at the clinic when you were there. You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I am so glad things worked out for you. I think there will still be improvements to be seen over the coming months in terms of hair maturity and thickening. Please keep us all posted and we should meet up soon.
  3. Rashid, You took part of my sentence and quoted me. Treatment says he can't take anymore photos, with the photo he supplied no reputable clinic can make a recommendation so he needs to visit some reputable clinics in the UK for an assessment of his donor in person. Despite the general consensus there are some good and ethical ones out there that will offer good advice and several have been named in this thread. Treatment, you should fix up appointments to visit the clinics and meet the Doctors that would be performing your surgery. Make a list of questions that you have and take that list with you so you can get the most from the consultation. Good luck to you.
  4. HTsoon, I am not sure of the number I have had on my crown. There is enough hair currently to give coverage but not density. Dr Hasson just gave a light coverage to try to hide the mini and micro grafts which was achieved. I have more of a square shaped head and have not addressed my lateral humps. The sides have not dropped or have I felt that I have needed more work here. I have been on Finasteride for 10 years this year, I can't be 100% certain that I have not lost hair since being on the meds but if I have it has been very, very slow. I think in your case saving some grafts to restore the lateral humps is more important than tackling the crown.
  5. Hey Shampoo! Great to see you back on here. I always had a hard time with the exercises too but they do make a difference as you know.
  6. Mick50, Not sure I follow but do you mean where the transplanted hair is placed further back into the hairline? If so then this was always the case the hairline was just the new position to bring it down to the intention was and is always to work back as far into the scalp as the hair is thinning.
  7. Invest in a 10 pound selfie stick it is important to supply clinics with high res images where the density into the donor can be seen. Take photos outside or if that is not possible during daylight by a window with no flash. You must visit some clinics in the UK for an assessment of your donor hair in person if you are really struggling with photos. I would be very suspicious of any clinic that can give you an accurate recommendation of number of grafts from the photo you have supplied. It is obvious to see that you need 5000 plus grafts but it is not possible to tell whether that is realistic. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just guessing, it might be easy for the clinic just to tell you that they can do 5000 fue based on that photo but you might end up very disappointed when you arrive at the clinic. The more accurate your photos the more accurate the clinic will be in assessing your suitability for a procedure and recommendation of grafts.
  8. With the way that you wear your hair you can disguise your thinning areas quite easily I am sure at the moment. When I look at the hairline photo the front is going but the mid scalp is holding strong and I think the crown looks ok. I don't think in your case there is such a thing as a stand alone ht without the use of meds. If you are looking at this as a short term thing to get a number of years with a good head of hair and then shave down then the front would be the way to go but I don't think you have enough loss here to provide a pattern that would be natural should you loose all you hair in the future. To do this you need to establish coverage with a transplant throughout the frontal half of the scalp to tie up to the lateral humps. If you place 2000-2500 just in the front hairline it won't look natural long term if it all goes behind I have seen this many times and placing it behind the mid scalp would leave a even more unnatural pattern of hair. I would bet good money that you will want to have a second surgery over the years as your hair loss continues. Even with FUE it is not just as simple to say ok I am done and shave it off. As HTsoon says if that is in your mind then try it first before having surgery you might like it and decide that is a good and much cheaper option, you might dislike it but at least you know whether this is a possibility for the future. Good luck in what you decide but keep doing your research before jumping in.
  9. Yes when taking before photos we need to expose the areas that need addressing. Patients come in with all manner of comb overs and cover ups sweeping hair forward and back to to the sides to cover up the thinning areas I could post many examples of this but we know as patients that we do it. We get so many patients that attend a consultation with hair combed and sprayed to be locked into place that they don't look like they need any work done until you do the great reveal you see what needs to be done. We do not mess up peoples hair with an intention of making it worse just for the photos but we need to see the thinning areas and in many cases we need to move the hair around to do this. If you look through our gallery there are not examples of where someone has had his hair messed up to make it look worse. Please remember these photos are taken for the patients and clinics benefit very few of them we are allowed to post.
  10. HTsoon, I did write you a reply a couple of days ago but it went into moderation and has not been posted since hopefully it will be up soon!
  11. This local patient in his early thirties came to see Dr Hasson with a view to providing a more youthful appearance to his hairline and a stronger frame to his face. Dr Hasson lowered his hairline and filled in his temple recession using 3666 grafts. He has medium hair caliber, these photos were taken just over 1 year post op. Grafts: 3666 Singles: 869 Doubles:2480 Multiples:317
  12. A professional Hasson & Wong Patient Advisor will be in the following locations for free hair restoration consultations. Toronto April 9 & 10th Book an appointment by calling 1.800.859.2266 FREE or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com
  13. Congratulations! You will be in very good hands with the team at Shapiro Medical. It is an exciting study and you are very privileged to be part of it, looking forward to the results.
  14. Thanks for your comments. We ask patients to wait 4 weeks before dying their hair.
  15. I agree you look right on track at 3 months, when high density is placed into the recipient area you can expect to have some colour for longer as you are experiencing. Exciting times ahead.
  16. Looks great, thanks for keeping us all posted.
  17. Well it looks great and you have worked out that high Norwoods do need to style their hair which of course is made much easier by having good density to style. Getting the hair length right and styling it is essential for all NW5-6s you can't just jump out of bed and expect it too look great it does take some effort on their part. It took me several years to work out how best to wear my hair after surgery. My advice would be lead on how much you have left in your donor some patients have naturally loose scalps I have seen many patients that have had 5000 plus grafts and the laxity is much better than some virgin scalps. It makes perfect sense for these patients to go the FUT route again. In many cases it comes down to head shape and size and I can normally tell what someones laxity is like now by looking at their head not always but often. I do think that just putting very low density into a crown is questionable as to whether that is more beneficial than having a bald spot. Sure you can add some toppik and get it looking ok but unless you have the type of hair that lays flat when the density is low and there is some length to the hair it catches much easier in the wind, been there and lived that. It depends on what your crown looks like as to what you should do. In my situation I would like some more hair in my crown, Dr Hasson only gave this a light covering in 2006 to hide the mini and micro grafts that were placed in the nineties it made the area look natural but the density would ideally be higher. When I went for my second surgery (fifth in total) with Dr Hasson in 2013 his advice was to put whatever we had in the front, he was right and I am glad I listened to him. We got 1755 grafts, I don't have a naturally loose scalp due to my head shape and size, I have a larger than average head. I am considering some FUE scalp and beard hair at some stage later in the year. I will put these into the crown in a postion where I can give coverage to both the upper and lower parts.
  18. noob, What I have learned over the years is that different clinics have different advice when it comes to post op healing from some saying you can go back to regular exercise and weight lifting after the sutures/staples come out to other clinics requesting patients avoid weight lifting for 3 or ideally 6 months. We fall into the latter of this as I have personally spoken to patients that admitted they went back to the gym lifting too soon and as a result the scar wider than it should have been. Now we have no actual evidence that the scar might have healed this way regardless but it makes sense to give yourself the best possible chance of a thin scar.
  19. In cases like yours your laxity be be the key to what is best for you in your next procedure if you are considering FUT again and it makes sense as you already have a donor scar to loosen your scalp for a couple of months to prepare for surgery. If you work hard on the laxity exercises then you should get a respectable number of grafts as the donor density still looks decent. If you can get an in person consultation that would be ideal to assess laxity/density.
  20. I would grow your hair out a little longer for the in house consultations it will help with determining your donor hair and texture. If you are unable to take medication and your hair loss is still very aggressive then I think you should wait. Take your time and to consult with a number of Doctors in person weigh up the advice given. People don't tend to regret things they didn't do as much as things they did do when it comes to surgery. I wish you all the best and if I can help you have my details.
  21. HTsoon, Your results look incredible I am really happy for you it feels good to kick balding doesn't it. As you have not had any grafts placed towards the back of the scalp and this area looks thicker too did you have a good reaction to meds? Apologies if I missed you state this earlier. Do you have any plans to address the crown or do you think you are going to enjoy your results for now.
  22. Sorry they all fell out Dutchie but I did know it was coming and it is part of the process. Hair should start to come through at 3-4 months some can come through as peach fuzz, some look thicker but will still need to go through the maturation process to completely resemble and handle like your donor hair.
  23. Hi HTsoon, Thanks for the heads up. I have already been in contact with this patient and hopefully we can meet up in the near future in London.