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  1. You should ideally avoid strenuous exercise like running for 4 weeks after FUT. Yes you need to cover your head with a hat or a high spf for up to 6 months after surgery to avoid burning your scalp.
  2. This looks like nice work congrats to you. Look forward to following his results.
  3. Firstly Se7en I have been in contact with directly and I am pleased to see your 4 month photos things are moving in the right direction and I am keen to see your progress in person when I get back to the UK. Ht soon, I am very sorry to hear this and if there is anything I can do to try to help and change your views of the clinic please let me know. I am in Vancouver for a couple of months and would be happy to help if you wanted to contact me directly. Same goes to you mav if you wish to make contact with me.
  4. Spanker, You are right and I edited my post. Coverage is possible but getting the density to be cosmetically acceptable is the challenge. Thanks for the comments.
  5. This patient came to see Dr Wong with the goal of achieving as much coverage as possible in one session. He had a very large area to cover and it was a challenge for Dr Wong with his fine donor hair to be able to get effective coverage over the the entire area. Dr Wong was able to harvest 5446 grafts in one session to address the entire balding area from the hairline to the back of the crown. For many Norwood 6 patients coverage of this area with acceptable density is rarely a possibility. The photos represent close to the 1 year mark from surgery. The patient started Proscar a few mon
  6. If you care about your hair then you are not too old. We have had patients in their 70's and they can make good candidates. I wish you all the best whatever you decide.
  7. Citizenkage, It was great to put a face to the handle and chat with you on Thursday. You can call me David that's fine. I hope your journey back was ok. I think it is going to make a really positive change to your pre op situation. Please keep the forum and the clinic updated with your progress and I am here if you have any questions. All the best.
  8. Thanks for posting your story it was a good read and look forward to following your progress.
  9. Again I thank everyone who has contributed to this thread. I don't wish to hash through all the comments any further here as I don't see it being productive to this conversation. What does matter is that Corey remains unhappy and it certainly is apparent that his expectations were not met. Dr Hasson saw this on his 3 follow ups to the clinics. He wanted Corey to wait to see the full growth. It seems from Corey's postings and talking to Dr Hasson a misunderstanding has occurred. Dr Hasson offered Corey a free surgery or partial refund at the 17 month stage as Corey was still unhappy with th
  10. I thank everyone for sharing their thoughts on this case. I have spoken to Dr Hasson in depth regarding Corey's situation and his version of events differ to Corey's. Despite Corey being on Propecia for a number of years before surgery he was still loosing hair - a fact that he admitted on his consultation form at the clinic. His loss was not stable and Dr Hasson believes that he has probably lost hair since the surgery and will continue to lose more hair in the future. I have attached two photos which indicate the extent of where Coreys loss may progress to. It would not be appropriate to
  11. Wow! Looking great Fortune at 6 months. Really happy for you. Great work by Dr Shapiro.
  12. Good luck with your surgery today with Dr Wong. You are in very safe and capable hands. Now I am in Vancouver I shall come in and introduce myself and see how you are getting on.
  13. It sounds like dead grafts that never grew and I have seen this before although very rarely. In fact we had a patient complaining about this last month and sure enough he had a dead graft on his scalp. It was easy to remove the hair though so I can't understand why you can't take them out with tweezers. Not sure that a skype consult will do much you need to be seen under magnification or very high resolution photos taken to be sure what is going on.
  14. Initial thought? It looks great and I think your expectations are a high which would worry me if I was your surgeon and attempting to address a thinning crown that you say you are going in for a 4th session? I can't see your crown from the photo but high density into a crown is more difficult to achieve because of the surface area and lack of shingling that is possible like you can get in the hairline. I would talk this through again with your surgeon, does he or she know you are not that happy with the density of the hairline?
  15. Thanks so much for posting this update you look great and it has without doubt taken at least 10 years off you.
  16. As I mentioned earlier in this thread I reached out to Corey53 and he is now in conversation with my colleague Doug regarding his situation. We will do all we can to work with him to address his concerns. We do not feel that the photos that have been posted so far reflect the result fairly and only when posting photos in the same lighting angles can you honestly make an assessment on the crown area. If anyone assesses their own crown in the mirror due to the nature of the surface area the density can appear to increase or decrease quite significantly due to lighting and the angle of your h
  17. Thanks for all your comments regarding this case I just don't think you get much better than this in terms of hairline density and that is part down to the placement by Dr Hasson and part due to the patients characteristics. For those concerned about the patients future Dr Hasson has not placed nearly 3000 grafts into the first two cm of his hairline if you look at the placement photo you can see that the work extends much further than that. His donor density, family history and hair loss pattern would have been assessed before using this number of grafts into this area. No indicators that
  18. Voxman, I liked the video and the hair looks good. I was away when you made your post regarding your new role with Dr Bhatti. Congrats to you for what it is worth you come across as a decent genuine guy online and I enjoy your posts.
  19. Densedream, I read through your previous posts and whilst you have had a lot of grafts especially into the crown under normal lighting your hair looks great. I do agree with others that chasing a dream of full density into the crown was probably unrealistic and Dr Beehner advised that at the time. I can understand your frustrations after so many grafts and being consistent on Propecia. Taking photos with wet hair under bathroom spotlighting is only going to lead to disappointment and is not a realistic way to judge the true state of your hair. I don't think you should be looking for th
  20. Thanks for the response and posting some more photos. After looking at those the donor is even more limited than I first thought. I do think that framing your face would be cosmetically beneficial to you and I think you will require body hair if you want to get anything into the mid scalp. You have quite a contrast between hair and scalp and this will make the job harder to look natural and provide any illusion of density which you are just not going to get. I still think you would be better shaving and not going through with a procedure. If you are determined then you should 100% see some
  21. This patient in his early 30's came to see Dr Hasson from Italy to address his hairline and frontal area by adding much greater density. He has excellent hair characteristics with high density and coarse hair. He is not taking any medication. Dr Hasson used 2967 grafts to dense pack the frontal zone. Singles- 927 Doubles- 1875 Triples/Quads- 165 Free Consultations in San Francisco July 15th - 18th Toronto July 20th -21st Calgary July 24th-25th New York August 4th-7th
  22. PMA, That would be great I am actually in London tomorrow doing consults and meeting with a few patients bit short notice though!. I am then off to Vancouver for a couple of months but would love to meet up when I am back to see how your hair is looking and have a few beers with you.
  23. I concur with the others. PMA looks great congrats I am really happy for you.
  24. This patient in his late 30's from Ireland came to see Dr Wong with a goal of improving the hairline and the top of the scalp. Dr Wong transplanted 3999 grafts in one session to address the areas of concern. I met up with the patient in Dublin on my last trip in November 2014 to assess his results at the 10 month stage. The patient is very happy with his transformation and was happy for me to share them with the community. Patient is not willing to take Propecia but has a good donor area for more work in the future if and when required. Singles 829 Doubles 2735 Triples/Quads 43
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