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  1. A professional Hasson & Wong Patient Advisor will be in the following locations for free hair restoration consultations. Toronto May 14th & 15th Book an appointment by calling 1.800.859.2266 FREE or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com
  2. I like Dr Konior's work and have been impressed with his results not just on here but from patients of his that have emailed me updates directly. Ask Spanker he will be able to help you with any questions.
  3. Wow! That's a really nice result you have I am very happy for you. Not taking anything away from the Doc here but you have also been able to thicken up your pre-existing miniaturized hair with the regime you are on. Did you start this just before the transplant? Either way you should be a very happy guy and thanks for the honest photos.
  4. I agree with the others that mention how important medication is for you as I can see thinning around the edges of the sides and crown so these areas will only expand further. You expectations seem reasonable which is good as it can be quite an adjustment in your mind when moving from a hair system to a transplant. People who wear systems can have unrealistic expectations in regards to density and coverage but I have helped an known many patients make that transition from hair system to transplant. Your donor looks average in terms of density and you appear to have medium-fine hair caliber and I hope you don't mind saying but slightly bigger than average head. This will yield more grafts but ultimately you will need more for coverage. Which method FUT or FUE should be a personal choice dependent on your donor density and laxity and your goals. If you have a very tight scalp which after having looked at thousands of photos you might have then FUE would be the best option. If your laxity is good and you can work at loosening it then you might be a candidate for a larger FUT session. In your case I would recommend some well respected Doctors near to you to get a better handle on what is possible and your donor area. Good luck.
  5. If it is possible I would arrange to see the Doctor in person for a follow up. When I look at patient's hairlines they usually have more thinning/recession on the right side than the the left in nature so it is more than likely that you had less native here in the first place of curse this should have been taken into account and higher density placed. Was the left side thicker before surgery, and what you are seeing on that side now is a lot of native non transplanted hair among the transplanted vs majority transplanted hair on the right? Either way it needs addressing as it very noticeable. The clinic should have taken some good clear pre op photos to be able to make an assessment on growth. I wish you all the best.
  6. Thanks for the update Cueball- time for a name change I think Looking forward to catching up with you too next Friday in London.
  7. Very interesting case, I too would like to see some more before and after photos from various angles as their hair loss looks very similar and they choose two different techniques and a similar number of grafts. This case might answer many questions in the FUT vs FUE yield debate.
  8. Stublue, Absolutely, you went to an ethical surgeon who made you aware of the facts and that further surgery would be needed to chase your loss. If you have the donor and favorable hair characteristics and are prepared for this then this is not an issue. Having surgery without meds is a consideration that needs to be taken on a patient to patient basis. Being well informed about your situation is the key.
  9. I agree with Spanker. Hair loss is unpredictable and the patients who are long term happy with their results are ones that are on medication. There are exceptions to this are they are the patients that have a well defined minimal area of loss and are in their 40's and over. Just because you have reached a NW6 and lost the majority of hair on the top of your scalp at 30-35 does not mean that the crown will not dip down and the sides start to drop further as you get into your 40's. Sure you can feel great in these cases in the first couple of years after a transplant when the hair is growing through but eventually you are going to end up back in the chair. If you have the donor supply and the finances and are made aware of this then you are taking an educated risk with getting surgery.
  10. Dutchie, Looking good in terms of healing at two months for someone with pale skin you have healed very well with minimal redness. Back to the pre op stage more or less.
  11. Noob, I am sorry that you are suffering from some shock loss and that it is continuing but it can continue to get worse before it gets much better. That should however stop very soon, normally by 1 month on occasions up to 6 weeks before it stops. The scar looks to have healed well and I see no issues that it might be keloid. Try not to panic as that will not help, easier said than done of course but it will grow back over the coming months and take 6 months maybe a little longer before it comes back.
  12. Do you have a reason to believe that you have DUPA or have you just spooked yourself by reading about it? There are no tests that you can do yourself you would have to visit an expert who can provide a proper assessment for you.
  13. I will be holding free consultations in London on Friday April 15th 2016 at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch. The consultations will be one on one with myself a hair transplant veteran who has had 5 transplants spanning over 20 years. I will be able to explain our procedure in detail, answer any questions you have regarding surgery, show you what a transplant can look like on a Norwood 6 and take clear photos for a recommendation from either Dr Hasson or Dr Wong. If you would like to meet with me in person or for more information please email me on david@hassonandwong.com or call 0757 8164162. David
  14. Mav, Glad to hear that you have made it past the 3 month stage and out of the ugly duckling period. Exciting months in store for you. I wish you good growth.
  15. I am glad to hear that you have done your research on what is possible and have adjusted your expectations. Beard hair can be used although most will agree that it should be used as a filler among scalp hair.
  16. Good luck with the procedure! You won't be the first or last to fall foul of hair greed!
  17. I think that is a very nice and most importantly natural result.
  18. I agree with a lot of what has been said here if that if you are looking for a full head of hair then you are best not proceeding as you will only be left disappointed. The patient that you linked to who had over 8000 grafts in one sitting had incredible laxity and density off the charts not been repeated again. This is our single largest session. I know your case has been discussed and I understand my colleague will be reaching out to you.
  19. Congratulations Sanjar, After following what you have been through and being a repair patient myself I know what a feeling this must be for you. I was hoping that Dr Mohebi would take you on as you deserve this. Well done to Dr Mohebi and his team and good luck to you Sanjar. I hope you are able to find some peace and happiness with your hair now.
  20. I have not heard of incisions being made one day and the surgery the next it makes no sense and the incisions would be healing up 24 hours later and would make the placing of grafts impossible/very difficult. I have seen incisions made and several hours they are starting to close to make the implanting more difficult.
  21. Dr. Wong transplanted 4916 grafts to give this patient as much coverage as possible in one session. The patient submitted these photos to us at the 8.5 month stage and is very happy with his results. He can also expect some more improvements as the hair matures and settles down. He is in his mid to late thirties and had medium texture hair. What is interesting about his case other than his great transformation is that his strip yielded a high percentage or 2 and 3 hair grafts. Graft Breakdown Singles: 909 Doubles: 3001 Multiples: 1006
  22. Thank you for all your comments. Bunsenburner- Good spot the hairline is lower than a number of results that we have posted recently. I do not know the specifics on this case about the hairline position but having sat in many consultations with Dr Hasson when it comes to hairline designs he would have most likely suggested a slightly higher hairline in the first instance showing more recession. Some patients at this stage request something lower and Dr Hasson will either say no as he feels it would not look natural taking into account their head shape, bone structure and of course level of future loss but in this case and others he will draw a lower line if he feels it will look natural and is appropriate.
  23. You have been given some excellent but varying advice and somewhere in that is the best answer for you it depends on what your expectations really are. A transplant at the age of 26 without meds when you already are displaying an advanced level of loss means that you will most likely have to throw everything at it hair wise to get good coverage and density as your native hair is lost. This will include multiple procedures and you are almost certainly not going to get a full crown, you will need to make a compromise on the hairline position. Now you might except a thinning crown and a mature hairline when you are 35 but if you can't accept that now then I wouldn't go ahead FUE or FUT. Your natural scalp laxity would lead you to FUT and using as many grafts as possible but unless you have high density and I can't tell from the photos as they are not clear enough and the hair is too short. Without meds at your age a transplant is only going to make you happy for a short period of time before you need to think about a second one. Take your time to carefully think about this consult with a number of clinics but make sure your photos are clear in natural daylight with no flash, grow the hair out longer for the photos and make sure you do some in person consultations with reputable clinics. Once you have done that as ontop says shave it off and live with it for a while you do appear to have a good head shape for shaving and you will know if this is an option for you. All the best.