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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Dr. Bijan Feriduni
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  1. My main gripe is with regard to post op care and buzz cutting your hair. According to Bernstein’s study https://www.bernsteinmedical.com/research/graft-anchoring-in-hair-transplantation/ “The study showed that for the first two days, pulling on a hair always resulted in a lost graft, but the chance of the graft being removed started to decrease by the third day. By the sixth day pulling on a hair would no longer dislodge the graft. Pulling on an adherent scab always resulted in a lost graft through day five, with the incidence decreasing through day eight. However, by nine days post-op, grafts were no longer at risk of being dislodged.” Unless this study’s findings have been disproven (and I’m not aware that it has), why is there so much conflicting advice from HT doctors on when it is safe to buzz your grafts?
  2. This is a positive response. The incision to me seems the most important part of the process and a condition of HRN membership should be that the doc performs 100% of incisions, as all other docs recommended here do. It's a shame AHD moved away from a process that used to deliver good results, for the sake of trying to make more money. This is somewhat controversial, and a lot will disagree, but I would encourage Dr Doganay to try and learn a bit of English, even some basics. I assume the majority of AHD's patients speak English to some degree, and not being able to communicate with the doc and vice versa is a big impediment as key messages can get lost when having to rely on an interpreter who may not have 100% command of the English language themselves. I certainly wouldn't go to a doctor who I could not converse with first hand.
  3. Hi Cenkoa, what does Dr Doganay have to say about all the negative results on HRN? Is he concerned at all? Is he going to change anything to improve results ? Thanks
  4. Whatever happened to this "winning" patient? I seem to recall he put a lot of effort into his entry but no one has heard anything from him since !
  5. Whether or not bill bans Dr D (which it appears he won't) the damage to Dr D's reputation has already been done. Things last forever on the internet. If anyone is sensible enough to do a search of him here , they will stumble across these threads and probably run a mile. What may remain in question here is this website's (HRN) credibility. There are probably quite a few people who are thinking from this that HRN's annual subscription means more to them than patients' best interests. (not saying this is the case at all but this may be the perception)
  6. I believe there is a study on this here from Dr Devroye Highlights from the 2015 ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) Scientific Meeting in Chicago | Hair Loss Q & A
  7. I think this is a fair summary, it is a useful study. However I typed "Dr Beehner FUE" into google and could not see any results from him where he had practised FUE. Then I went to is website, Saratoga Hair Transplant Centre, and noticed he only will perform FUE in two very limited circumstances: 1. For use in camouflaging wide donor scars 2.For obtaining body hair when the scalp donor sites are depleted. He goes on to say: "If someone wants to preserve the option of shaving their head some day, then proceeding with hair transplantation makes no sense, even with FUE, as after a great many of these tiny punch-outs, in many patients a slight “moth-eaten” appearance can still occur which is not entirely natural looking. In summary, we think FUE has a valuable, but limited, role in hair transplantation and is a valuable procedure for us to be adept at performing, but that it will never be the preferred way to obtain donor hair for transplant procedures in general. It is simply too time-consuming, too tedious, and the surgeon and staff don’t have the same freedom and ability to cut perfectly sculpted grafts as with strips, in which case everything is carefully done under the microscope." Based on this information, I surmise he does not perform FUE very much. This study may reflect the doc's inexperience with FUE and expertise in FUT. A study performed by a doctor such as Feriduni or Bisanga who have regularly performed FUT and FUE for years would carry a lot more weight.
  8. I don't see this result as outstanding. I see it as "expected" for that amount of grafts on a NW1.
  9. Wow, I think.he actually looks better before. Maybe it's the hairstyle, but now it looks like a rug on his head!
  10. Yeah Feriduni does 100% of the incisions and the techs implant. I think Doganay now is the only recommended doc on here where the techs are doing incisions.
  11. He prob takes ages to reply because he is so freaking busy. And one of the reasons why may be due to the incredible progress this guy has had Go to 2:30 in the video to see how bald he was before
  12. Don't worry about possible attacks in Europe ..terrorism can happen anywhere these days, the US, UK, Western Europe and Australia are all at risk. Statistically you're more likely to die crossing the road than from a terrorist attack. As for the surgeons, I'd go with Feriduni based on the lower graft estimate. Erdogans graft estimates always seem to be twice as much as other docs, which I regard as a big negative. Grafts are finite , so choose wisely. Both docs will design hairline and do incisions. They may do a bit (small %) of the extractions, but most of this will be done by the techs. Grafts will be implanted by techs. Feriduni's waiting list is likely to be substantially longer than Erdogans so factor this in too. Feriduni will also be slightly more expensive.
  13. Unbelievable turnaround. Agree Dr Lorenzo is the best in the world.