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  1. Jimmy, Spent some time researching and make a shortlist of 5-6 Doctors that you are considering these could be UK, Europe and the US or wherever. Take some clear photos of your scalp from all angles and make contact with all of the clinics. You can use a online consultation form or email them directly. Prepare yourself with all the questions that you have and ask them at the same time be clear in what you are hoping to acheive. You should visit some clinics in the UK for an in person consultation to assess density and pattern of loss. After doing all this you should have got your list down to 2 or 3 and by then it is more of a gut instinct on various levels. If you can meet a former patient of that clinic in person then that would be ideal. On a separate note -Chrisis, congratulations on your new role. Dr F is a great guy.
  2. Very sadly missed I was only listening to Blackstar on it's release on Friday and hoping that one day he might tour again. Shocked to hear the news he has been such a big influence on British music and culture. RIP. Having a Bowie day today listening to some of my favourite tracks of his.
  3. Dutchie, I can assure you the scar doesn't go into his forehead but to get the maximum number of grafts the scar will extend close to the temples. Dr Hasson usually takes his strips higher up where the best donor hair is but that is only if there are no signs of miniaturization. He will also only go this far into the sides if the density is strong enough. You need as many grafts as possible so your scar could end up being as long as that. Just to clarify shaving the donor area is not compulsory usually the hair at the sides and back cover the scar and staples post op.
  4. I will be holding free consultations in London on Friday January 29th 2016 at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch. The consultations will be one on one with myself a hair transplant veteran who has had 5 transplants spanning over 20 years. I will be able to explain our procedure in detail, answer any questions you have regarding surgery, show you what a transplant can look like on a Norwood 6 and take clear photos for a recommendation from either Dr Hasson or Dr Wong. If you would like to meet with me in person or for more information please email me on david@hassonandwong.com or call 0757 8164162. David
  5. A professional Hasson & Wong Patient Advisor and former patient of the clinic will be in the following location for free hair restoration consultations. Calgary February 12-14th 2016 Book an appointment by calling 1.800.859.2266 FREE or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com
  6. Bumping this for anyone from the Toronto area that wishes to meet a representative and former patient of the clinic.
  7. Some good advice by Spex. I would say that new hairs can still sprout at the 9 month mark however the majority of patients has seen new hairs sprout by then. These hairs may be still very short and need to mature so the full result will not be seen at 9 months. In my experience the crown takes longer to see growth than the front and mid scalp.
  8. Dutchie, Thanks for your interest in Hasson & Wong. My colleague James is in Toronto on January 15th to 17th. If you want to drop me a email with your details I can help get that arranged for you to see him. david@hassonandwong.com
  9. I would hope that the number would be much lower than 50% of modern day hair transplant patients. If you did this poll in the nineties I would expect it to be true or even higher. I guess the % varies greatly from clinic to clinic. Mav- you are as usual pretty much correct in your summing up between the two Doctors and I would expect nothing less from someone who has been weighing up between the two over the last year. I would say though that because of Dr Hasson's reputation for larger sessions in one go he attracts a higher number of patients that need exactly that. Dense packing a Norwood 5 or 6 hairline is not appropriate. Dr Rahal markets himself as the hairline king on his website and is going to be doing more hairline work as a result where dense packing is required. So you see more Dr Rahal dense packed hairlines that you do from Dr Hasson and you see more large sessions of over 5000 grafts from Dr Hasson over Dr Rahal. I can assure you that Dr Hasson can dense pack as good as anyone just take a look at the hairline of Aftermath. Or this patient who had just short of 2000 grafts, these photos were taken 6 years on from the surgery to show the patient is holding up well.
  10. Which Doctor said you can't wear a hat post op for the first two weeks? Our patients leave the clinic in a loose fitting ball cap. Beanie hats should be avoided for the first 4-5 days post op until the grafts are secure and the incisions have dried. But every clinic has it's own post op instructions. Nice idea about the scrubs though.
  11. Mav, Congratulations on your recent transplant with Dr Rahal he is a top notch surgeon so I expect a great result for you. Thanks for posting such a detailed write up it was interesting to read. Nearly all patients experience numbness above the scar and this can last for 6 months although it does come back slowly and surely. Good growth to you!
  12. No problem. I would say it is fine to patients that had surgery with my clinic to use a home dye and I have done it myself. Best to check with your Doctor as you wouldn't believe the differing opinions.
  13. Sorry to hear about the sutures coming loose and causing you some discomfort. At this stage it is not known whether that will cause any issues once it fully heals. It sounds quite normal for your scalp to feel tight and have some pain after only a week it takes around 6 months for the scar area to fully heal and is a gradual process of recovery. Some patients are more prone to scar stretching than others but how you handle the recovery once the sutures are out can make an effect. Take it easy for the first month in terms of strenuous exercise and gym work. Talk to your Doctor and ask him when he feel you should be running, playing contact sports lifting weights again and follow his instructions to the letter. Good luck and keep us posted.
  14. Growth in the main on average is noticeable from month 4 to month 8-9 after that the hair will continue to mature and this maturation where the hair becomes thicker and settles down and resembles your donor hair can take up to 18 months. I have heard patients report it taking two years so it is quite a long process. You should check with your clinic regarding dying the hair. Are you talking a just for men home job or a professional one. Blow drying and using products likes gel and wax or clay these are fine to use just make sure you wash your hair regularly.
  15. To be fair to the clinic they emailed you admitting they had made a mistake and asking you whether you could stay another day and they were prepared to work with you and see you at 6.30am the following morning for a check up before you left for your flight. Ultimately you cancelled the appointment due to personal reasons which is understandable but it was not the clinic that left you out of pocket with the flight costs. I don't see anything from what you have said that should cause alarm bells to ring. If you do reschedule with them I would recommend staying local to the clinic for a few days post op if you can. All the best.
  16. Congratulations. I wish you all the best with your results I am sure it will be another top result by Dr Lorenzo.
  17. Megasesh, Thanks for updating the forum with your photos and glad to hear that you are very happy with the results. You look great and incredible that you can style your hair up in the way that you do and still have decent density. That comb over is well behind you now. Looking great and hope to meet with you in London soon.
  18. Grafts: 4047 Singles: 1239 Doubles: 2261 Multiples: 647 Age: Early 50's Hair Texture: Fine/Medium Note Hair slightly damp for photos Free Hair Transplant Consultations in the following cities. Calgary: December 12th-13th Los Angeles: December 2nd-4th​ Dallas: December 14th-15th Houston: December 17th-18th 2016 San Francisco: January 13th-15th London January 15th Toronto January 15th-17th
  19. A professional Hasson & Wong Patient Advisor will be in the following location for free hair restoration consultations. Toronto January 15-17th 2016 Book an appointment by calling 1.800.859.2266 FREE or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com
  20. This patient that we recently featured his before and after photos was kind enough to let us film his experience at the clinic on the day of his surgery. I have included it here as an example of what patients can expect should they come for surgery at our clinic. Before and After Photos At 9 months the patient came back in for a review and allowed us to take photos and was happy to be interviewed on film about his thoughts and experiences during and after his surgery. Enjoy!
  21. Densedream, Thanks for the interest in Dr Hasson. It seems you still have some good donor hair available to move. I know we have spoken before about your crown and all the grafts that you have used trying to get density. The photo of your crown is blurry so hard to tell whether placing anymore grafts here would be advisable. The front certainly looks like it can be improved. We have done many FUT surgeries on patients that have had previous FUE it really depends how depleted the donor is. Se7en who documented his story on here had FUE back before you did and from a company that cannot be named on here. The donor was really scarred and depleted but Dr Wong was still able to pull a good number of grafts. His story is here Previous FUE patient You ideally need to be seen in person, available donor hair assessed, laxity and number of grafts that you would need to fulfill your goals in the front. Drop me a PM if you want me to get Dr Hasson to assess your case.
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