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  1. Lots of you guys hear me preach about how FUE never works as well as strip. It doesn't. BUT, sometimes you are better suited to FUE....for example, you need 1/4 inch haircuts for your work. OR you are a terrible scarrer. There are a few others but those are the big 2 reasons that I'd accept FUE's lesser results than strip gives. Now this doctor has AWESOME thick curly middle eastern donor hair. Here he is at just about 4 years. And like everyone else...he wants to know if he needs more hair. The answer to that is not right now but maybe in the future. So take a look at the video, do your research, and make sure you understand the pros and cons of the various options available to you...not just get sold a procedure that fits your budget by a salesperson. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waFCfe0HH_I Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  2. Our patient Jimmy was bald...and we did a medium sized case a while back. Medium due to his fairly limited donor density. Nevertheless, he grew in quite nicely and we did a second case 3 months ago, adding a few hundred singles to his left hairline and working back toward the crown. All of our recent work has shed and we're just waiting. He drove through the area for business and stopped by for this short video. I'm sure we'll see him for results next autumn. The video is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  3. This guy popped in 9 years out from us repairing his strip scar. AND a few weeks after we did that we FUE'd his hairline to repair the work done elsewhere. He looks awesome and of course has a bit of hair greed. We'll end up doing a little FUE to bolster his density BELOW his scarline repair in a few weeks and then of course he'll decide he wants his hair line lowered...it always happens like that. BUT his hairline looks awesome and I'll talk him out of doing more work there at this point. Take a look at our scar repair and his 9 year FUE hairline. The video is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  4. Take a look at this guy. He came in with not a bad look...but he'd had a low density hair transplant locally. And indeed when we outline where he wants hair..you can see how sparse it was. We packed him with 1200 grafts and as usual, didn't hear from him til he walked in a few weeks ago. His hair is fantastic. Now, I get part of the credit but alot of the credit goes to this guy simply having perfect hair to work with. Its coarse, with a good color match, and he styles it perfectly. Its easy to get good results with that combo! The video is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  5. Some of you guys may recall our scientist, who had 2 failed FUE attempts at eyebrow transplantation elsewhere. Now given her ethnic background...her donor hair roots are awesome..so my guess is they simply missed the angle and transplanted hairs without viable roots. We excised a tiny ellipse and got around 120 singles and placed them. I put up her early results back in the spring and she flew in at just over a year. She looks great. The video is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  6. Some of you guys may recall this guy's orginal post about 6 months ago. Essentially he had a couple thousand FUE case by a reputable doctor and had very little growth. Or maybe no growth. Inspecting his donor area showed no donor depletion and scars with hair coming out...probably indicating the transplantation of hairs with no viable roots. We see this each and every week here in DC. So we did a strip repair and he's just starting to grow. Pay attention to his 1.2mm scar, easily hidden by his military haircut and the fact that its actually working this time. The video is: Hopefully we'll get him in next summer for a video and maybe work back toward the crown. Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  7. In this extended interview with Alex, now a nurse, we delve into his initial journey to Mexico for a bad result low hairline, wide scar strip case that we repaired in 2012 with FUE. Listen to his journal of trying to find a bargain, getting repaired...and then spending years trying to laser off the low plugs put in and micro-needle the cobblestoning from those same plugs. What a journey. It had been several yaers since we saw Alex and he'd brought his mom in for a procedure and Wendy was able to get him to give us this patient perspective. Around 10 minutes in he reviews some of the high points in Spanish. The video is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  8. This younger Indian fellow had autoextracted his temple hair and lost the front triangles. He rolled in at 2 years and looks great..did a nice 5 minute interview...then just as we were posting this, said his girlfriend didn't want him to be video'd....so we snipped it out but his pics are great. Take a look. Particularly his left temple was so natural I'd completely forgotten we did anything there...and typically that is a tougher area to get to look really natural due to the caliber and angle of the hairs. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20bT9NuPoW4 Dr. Lindsey
  9. For years I've told people that for MOST well nourished male patients....to address hairloss you can 1. Do nothing 2. Wear a wig 3. Use meds (rogaine or propecia or avadart) 4. Do surgery. And for years I've seen hundreds of people a year crying over the money that they have wasted on all kinds of nonsense. In particular I've seen gobs of men and women who have paid medium or large amounts of money to clinics, doctors, spas...to buy laser treatments which have done nothing for the patient except waste time and lower their bank account. An article in this months Derm Surg gives a pretty soft call on if lasers help...concluding with the word MIGHT in the summary. Having published 29 articles in peer reviewed journals, by and large...if something shows promise, the researcher uses a variation of the phrase : encouraging and warrents further evaluation RATHER than might. So before you spend more money on things that might or might not work...do your research and see if it is worth your hard earned money. It may well be working for some folks...I've just not yet seen one come in the office with any results they attribute to a laser. And if the doctor is trying to sell it to you, maybe ask about studies like this. The video discussion is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  10. Some of you guys will recall Ed. He's our guy from out of state who had had (I keep forgetting this as he was really really bald and had had already 2 transplants by a national company before he got to me) previous work. We did a good case on him and 3 or 4 months out he got hit by an airplane landing at St Barts. We've done a few videos on him, one has ****pit video as he knew the pilot that hit him. Anyhow, I guess he's the first guy to get hit and live, although it degloved his scalp and removed a fair amount of his transplant. We did another 2 little cases on him and patched this up. He came in a few weeks ago and we did a likely final small case...all of these after our first case have been small as he is at least a class 7 AND he'd had 2 little cases before our medium sized case.So as I've posted in a bunch of videos...REALLY bald guys with limited hair either should do nothing surgically, OR they should frame the face and then work back but not spread things around. Roughly 50% of prospective patients that I show results like this to say its horrible...if one can't cover everything why do anything? And the other 50% love it. We do no "selling" and leave it completely up to the patient as these are really quite tough problems.HOPEFULLY Ed will spin by DC in a year or so and do a final video.His most recent case is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_7p4NE5XAY And older videos are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpBPFPsmIW0&t=6s Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  11. In our latest ISHRS suggested video on black market hair restoration....we point out 3 common scams that could EASILY be prevented...if the patient would have just done a little research before handing over money to a sales consultant. With forums like this, and youtube...there really is no reason you can't see at least a handful of results by the doctor you are considering. If you don't see their work online...why? Is it because they don't post? Or they don't have results to post? Or they just bought a machine to do the surgery and they really haven't tried it out yet (we heard that one yesterday from a patient's mom....) So educate yourself and look at results and talk to a doctor, not a commissioned salesman...before you sign up. That is not a guarantee of success or happiness, but it is a great first few steps on the road. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7urg2y74xc Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  12. This guy is one of the tougher guys we've worked with. Not only is he a machine when it comes to tough guy stuff, but he's a pleasant fellow and he likes classic rock...so much in fact I lost a big bet to him during his first surgery. Results with short hair are really tests of the entire hair transplant team. The finer hair grafts can't be killed or damaged as there really is no "layering" buffer. AND the donor scar is a concern. Frankly he looks better in person and I'm a consistently inconsistent photographer...but he tells you his thoughts in the short interview. The video is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  13. In our experience...virtually every single patient who had experiences like described in this video...who had their surgery in the US...the prospective patient rarely met the doctor who was going to do the surgery, never saw a result of a similar type of head that they had, and at best saw one or 2 professionally done advertisements...not patient interview videos or forum posts... While I have used this analogy and gotten grief from forum audiences before...I do think its valid. If you are buying a car...more than likely you look at several magazines and consumer oriented forums, and you actually go sit in the car and probably ask someone other than the salesman what kind of issues, good or bad, they've had with that car before you purchase. It's not hard, probably takes an hour or 2. Just do at least that amount of research before you let someone sell you a hair transplant! The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6q04DIw3Xg Dr. Lindsey
  14. Here's a young guy we talk with about 10 months out from his frontal case. Although not completely grown in, he looks great and will only improve over the next 3 months. He keeps a short haircut and we show his scar up close. The video is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA