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  1. Frequent viewers will recognize this patient. He's a 25 year old gym manager from out of town that we did a frontal case on last year. Like a lot of younger guys, he was fairly nervous until things started growing at 6 months or so. We'd orginally planned a second case to bolster his hairline (always needed in finer hair patients) and then finish off the top. BUT, like a lot of younger and even older guys....he wants to lower the hairline a bit and not cover quite as much on top. He's a great fellow and has literally the prettiest girlfriend who is a nurse and helps take care of his case. Some of you all may recall in previous videos we had real scar trouble with him...and after a bit of investigation...we figured out that he was laying his donor region in other people's sweat while bench pressing! Its' been about 2 months since his case as of today, and we saw him a few days ago. NO scar problems this time as he's putting a towel down on the bench before he lays down. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLh69iSiKh0 I'm sure we'll have subsequent followups on this guy. Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  2. Our patient walked in unexpectedly and we did a short interview. WHAT a change in facial appearance that more femine hairline makes. Wendy and I particularly enjoy hearing from all of our patients when our work helps them in positive ways. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWmEyIhMcIM Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  3. Some of you may remember this guy...we have several videos over the years.... He was a guy with a limited amount of fine hair, who'd had 2 or 3 cases elsewhere without results who we did a case on and then he got hit by a landing airplane wheel in St Barths. If you go back through our youtube videos you'll see one which actually has cockpit video where you hear the pilots say "what did whe hit?" He got sewed up and we did another case or 2 on him to conceal the injury and he popped by our office on the way to the islands for the winter. I'm planning on visiting him in Feb and will try to shoot a little video where he got hit. But we'll be sure to squat down if a plane is inbound. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jooJYyngeWw Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  4. Our early modified FUE female sideburn patient just sent pics at 5 years. She has very fine hair but looks natural and is happy. And she was kind enough to refer in both a female and male patient for us to help. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQNdUP1joWc&feature=youtu.be Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  5. This fellow stopped by for his scar check, which looks terrific and as he was leaving we noticed that his crown was already growing. This is not typical... and seems to happen in guys who are in no rush at all for growth to start. Had he have been getting married in a few months...this would never have happened. Or at least it seems like that. He's local and I'm pretty sure we'll get a followup at a year. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdJ3lDSeAX0 Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  6. In this brief video we show a younger guy who, like a lot of folks...wears a kind of absent minded professor unstyled hair pattern so as to conceal significant hairline recession. We did a nice case on him and he popped in at 2 years, but he's a fairly shy guy and wouldn't do an interview. Wendy and I are both a bit surprised he didn't dramatically alter his hairstyle....to a more sophisticated approach. I've posted 4 or 5 guys, just like this fellow, over the years and pretty much all of them went from a "wild" preop hair style to almost a GQ or highly dressed up style after things grew in. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Tm369IJs5Q&feature=youtu.be Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  7. This younger asian male had a very asymetric hairline that made him self conscious. We did 1000 FUE's, by hand...not mechanized...and he is growing quite nicely at 6 months. Like lots of our younger guys, he was quite anxious and we heard from him all the time...til it started growing. Hopefully he'll show up at 13 months for final pics, but frankly, once it starts working, particularly on people who were very worried...we never hear back from them. And its a shame, as 13 month pics will be much better. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mOTLEJu42Q&feature=youtu.be Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  8. We've been having a steady increase in patients coming up from Richmond for consultations and mostly repair surgery. We'll try to make this convenient for more prospective patients by seeing patients in the West End of Richmond, Tuesday Dec 10 from 1 to 5. If there is significant demand, perhaps this will be a regular event and who knows, we could ultimately offer procedures at some point down the road. Wendy and I'll be at the office of Dr. Leslie Cohen, my medical school classmate and friend for 34 years. Consultations are scheduled through my office in McLean 703 356 3260, but make sure you tell us you want to be seen in Richmond on Dec 10. ADDRESS 9900 Independence Park Drive, Suite 110 Richmond, VA 23233 USA Happy Thanksgiving. Dr. Lindsey
  9. Here we have a long time patient that we've done repair work on, scar repair work, and helped his brothers too. He has hair greed and ultimately we did a 450 graft FUE just after this video...although he looks fantastic already and only time will tell if he sees any improvement in that hairline with more hair. We have a short interview with our patient in the middle of the video you all may find interesting. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_dZ73TuAeg Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  10. We worked on this fellow 5 years ago and did 2 cases on this former hairpiece wearer. He just emailed in a 5 year pic and looks great. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9DzAeNVPlA&feature=youtu.be Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  11. In this short video we show another 23 year old male who came in with his parents, and a class 5 or even 6 hair loss pattern. We did 2500 or so grafts and unfortunately he did AWFUL cleaning which likely autoextracted some of his grafts. Nevertheless he has a nice result, is happy and now married. When he came for the visit, we did a nice long video interview...but in the hectic goings-on I forgot to turn on the microphone.... We'll repeat that interview whenever we do a second case and this time we'll make him stay local until his wife is comfortable cleaning. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HkmSRgkD2M&feature=youtu.be Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  12. This poor fellow went to a doctor who dabbled in hair. That started him on a path for multiple strip surgeries placed all over the back of his head, virtually zero resulting hair, and countless thousands of dollars lasering, smp-ing, re-lasering, re-tattooing those scars. He shopped with me for a long time and frankly I told him I'm not sure he has any good options. After months of discussions we agreed to excise 2 of the scars and coalesce them into one scar, which we may repeat in a year or so...to at least decrease the number of scars he has. We had in person, on phone, via email, and back in person BLUNT discussions on this and at least at 3 months or so he is happy to have less scarring. We'll see if he opts to do this again. He has fine laxity despite all of his surgery, so repeating this shouldn't be a big risk. The video does have graphic shots of the scar excision. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KhuksCghjk&feature=youtu.be Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  13. I do all FUE cases either by hand with a feller .9 or 1.0 punch OR the Harris Safe system. Frankly it seems like if one isn't working...the other will do great. I don't necessarily agree with the safe system's dull punch blade--which in theory pushes roots out of the way decreasing transection rate. Rather it seems doughy scalped guys do better with the sharp punch and the normal scalp consistency do better with duller blades. Remember the U in fue is unpredictable. We all know what the F stands for and its not follicular. FUE is a challenge that current automation has not solved. To date we have now repaired around 150 of the cheaper automated "system" cases and around 40 of the real expensive "system" cases. And currently the people coming in that have had the robot procedure appear to all have been shot in the donor region with 1.6mm derm punches, had essentially minigrafts removed and then either reinserted immediately or those were slivered into micrografts, like I learned in 1994. And some look like its 1994. Dr. L
  14. Sean Rather than do a consultation on this public forum, please either call our office or email me at drwlindsey@gmail.com with some info including your age, general health, family history of hairloss, and who did what kind of surgery on you and when. Just this year I'd guess I've seen 20 guys with exactly your issue...shoot, you might have even been here, and are trying to see if I say the same thing.... And we'd love to talk to you and see if we can conceal that sparse weak hairline. Thanks Dr. L