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  1. Ok guys, here's a nice fellow who had a failed strip case by a well known and respected doctor, who came in for FUE. Despite his finer hairs, we got a nice result at 1 year and it should look even better in a few more months..remember he is a repair case. In the video, he discusses the procedure and recovery and as he and I were looking at his pics...and discussing his family history...we both know he'll need a future HT. And what does he say...he wants to go back to strip. First time I've had a guy who failed a strip, that we fixed with FUE, want to go back to a strip.
  2. Some of you all will remember this guy. He is the fellow that put a towel on his head postop and pulled out my hairs the first night. Well we touched him up a year or so later and here he is at 4 years. He looks UNREMARKABLE, which is a good hair transplant. And watch his interview where he tells you the patient's perspective. The video is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  3. Some of you may remember from way back...this fellow. One of the first scar revision cases on a black man that I posted on the forums maybe in 2008. We have done a couple of little cases on him including putting FUE into his scar now 10 years ago...and out of the blue he called on the phone and stopped by. First off...he has fantastic hair to work with and it covers perfectly...and second, if you part his hair and look for that scar...you'll see our FUE's growing fine at 10 years. So, FUE into scar does work, but works most successfully in guys with big hair roots and fairly so
  4. Some of you all may remember one of my favorite patients with the really attractive girlfriend. Well, he's the fellow that runs a gym and we had some real donor scar issues first time as he kept bench pressing and getting my scar in dirty sweat on the bench....this time he avoided that by simply putting a t shirt down to bench against. Here he is at 8 months...we lowered his hairline a little and inside and outside pics show he's coming along nicely. We'll get updates in a few more months and maybe, just maybe, he'll have proposed to that nurse by then. The video is: http://w
  5. Here's a 50 year old surfer who needed a little frontal triangle case. In this short video we discuss age appropriate and non pluggy/non straight line...hairlines and show his result at 11 months. That wavy salt and pepper hair matches his skin perfectly and he looks great. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV5Ba5r4Nyw Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  6. Now that is a good question. Cobble-stoning that we see in our repair cases are usually from pushing grafts too deep...skin doesn't fill in holes or divots.... Now old style plugs that were put in high...yes that can cause cobble-stoning. But with follicular units, just like trees you'd plant in your yard...the instruction on the plant will say to dig a hole a little shallower than the root ball and a little wider. Put the tree in the hole and leave it up an inch or 2.... That keeps rain from soaking and rotting the trunk. And rains will wash off that higher dirt over a mont
  7. Ok this is a long video. TOO long but I needed to discuss a bunch of fue issues on this repair fue and show intraop video. Don't watch if you get squeemish. Here's a guy that had a low yield fue and indeed...his donor hair was hard to find the angle initially...but once I found it, we got good beefy hair follicles that OUGHT to grow. This is probably a video for newbies...not old hats, so to speak, so that folks see some of the challenges with FUE. 3 more short FUE videos coming in the next couple of weeks. The video is: http://www.youtube.co
  8. This patient visited us now 6.5 months out from a frontal 40% strip case. I'd guess probably 50-60% is growing, pretty typical at this time frame. Inside and outside in the sun pics are shown in the short video. Confounding this patient's hair issues are the triad of large head, limited donor hair quantity, and FINE hairs. I expect that we'll be able to finish off most if not all of that crown with a future case if desired....and if we do that...as always, we'll put 300 or so singles to bolster that hairline. It's pretty much always necessary..no matter how tightly we pack them.. particul
  9. Excellent question. Thicker hairs/stronger roots are best for all transplants. Its the difference between moving say a pine tree from your back to front yard and a dandelion flower. Dr. L
  10. I've posted lots of cases and videos where I preach strip over fue and particularly for repair cases. I've also posted a few cases of fue repair of fue or even strip. Well here's another FUE repair of FUE. 2 younger men each had virtually zero growth from automated fue procedures....likely because hairs were transplanted without viable roots...or no roots whatsoever. The patient never knows....and frankly, without magnifyers....the doctor (if a doctor is actually performing the surgery...or a rent a tech is in some cases around here) wouldn't know either. So we discuss
  11. In this 4 minute video we discuss a series of low or no yield hair transplants that we repaired in one 30 day period from all over the US, and most were from 2 clinics. Had the patients done even a whiff of research, its likely that many of these cases would not have been needed. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPn1Jx4cxkI Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  12. I'm back in Avalon NJ next week and have a few slots open for informal consultations on the front porch of our rental unit, like every year. Give a call to the office if you'd like to set something up. And pizza night is Monday night...any of our PA, NJ or other patients who have had surgery with us and want some good greasy pizza..I'm buying but we'll have to eat social distance probably across the street from circle pizza. Dr. Lindsey
  13. Here's a quick video showing 23 months of progress for a guy my age with a short haircut. I show several closeups of the strip scar and his progress over the nearly 2 year period. He's an avid skier and wore his helmet at about 14 days out from his procedure with no trouble to my grafts. The video is: Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  14. Here's a 12 month update on our hair transplant repair from a major chain. He's looking good but let me remind everyone that for repairs....final result is probably 15-18 months. Hopefully he'll stop by after all the covid stuff improves and hopefully that is sooner rather than later. In the video is an interview at 6 months that some of you all may have seen. The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIumfvukuAA Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  15. This guy is about my age and had mild hairloss which we FUE'd 10 years ago. Surprisingly he really hasn't lost a lot more. In the video I show his first case and closeups of his scars and a quick view of another 700 fue's we did recently. The video is: He's local and will pop back in for a 6 month visit whenever this covid stuff settles down. Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
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