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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    10 years +
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Victor Hasson
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    Dr. B Farjo
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Still has a strong accent though. I’ve always got in great with him, awesome guy!
  2. Nah I’ve read about this before, they do talk about taking part of the follicle and leaving part, that’s what separates it from standard FUE. This isn’t a good idea unless you like paying a premium for substandard results due to transacted grafts
  3. Taking 80% of a follicle is also known as transaction which makes it unlikely the follicle will grow/regrow in both the donor and the recipient sites. People actually paying top dollar to have their follicles transacted now?🙄
  4. I don’t think you’re in the wrong for sharing. The good thing about this forum is it shows the good and the bad. As we are all aware when the best surgeons have problems with certain cases. But it’s just as important to show those results. At the same time I can see the surgeons concerns about being aired out on a public forum, but as a veteran surgeon he be should be aware it’s par for the course and all he can do is stand by his work and sort out any issues
  5. Yep, every time, adds better body to the hair for styling, can look a bit limp if you don’t
  6. No worries, I did talk about it in my thread. I’ve only ever used the same brand for the last 5 years of so which is Aveda. Pics of the products in my thread. basically I get out the shower, comb my hair to the parting then blow dry roughly, I then use rogain foam, rub that in and let it dry, then dampen my hair with water, comb it through, add Aveda gel, comb that through, then blow dry to the style, then add the grooming clay with slight damp hands then use the hair spray to hold
  7. He’s always seemed like a competent surgeon, the only thing that made me question him was a week or two back when he was warning people off having their upper sideburns done, I was a bit perplexed at that because the issues he raised really shouldn’t be deal breakers for a highly skilled surgeon, but in all honesty I’ve not seen that many of his results to comment
  8. I don’t think they’re post op pics, look at the date and look at the (healed) scar. Pretty sure he took pics, shaved his head and took more, although I could be wrong
  9. They’re better than “good enough” but one thing I’d say if that’s your main concern is that the ugly duckling stage its nowhere near as bad the second time due to the strong transplanted hairs already there. Just make sure you go to a skilled surgeon since going between existing grafts is far harder and more technique sensitive than putting hair where there was none
  10. Just to put it in perspective fo you mate, this was me after a 2000 graft procedure in the U.K. before finding H&W, now look how great yours looks compared to that mess 😂
  11. Checked out your thread your SMP looks great with the HT 👌
  12. It does feel suspiciously like the matrix these days 🤔😂
  13. The matrix part of the video is awesome @Melvin-Moderatorgives me goosebumps and it’s me 🤷‍♂️😂
  14. Lmao if I could make half of what these insta thots make on there I’d be happy 😂😂😂
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