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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but Rahal came up under armarni too right?
  2. I think it depends person to person tbh, I’ve been on it 12 years without any drop off
  3. I just don’t think you throw around the term hair mill lightly. Maybe you could’ve chose a better term. One of the premier clinics for results in the entire world should never be referred to as a hair mill when that term has so many negative connotations on this site. I think I get what your point it, you just used a term that I think is totally unjust for that clinic that’s why I felt the need to defend them
  4. Or you could look at it the other way and say you had a failed FUE so dr wong suggested FUT as a more reliable method to eliminate the possibility that you didn’t have good hair for an FUE and that actually FUE could’ve been a riskier approach as after 2 bouts of FUE you probably couldn’t do a FUT (if it had in fact failed again). from what you deduced from that you thought H&W were reckless with grafts and more of a hair mill? That’s a strange conclusion from an one opposing treatment plan, which when you actually look at it, dr wongs approach was probably more conservative and would’ve given you more lifetime grafts...
  5. I’m sorry but there’s no way H&W are or could ever be considered a “mill”, in fact they’re probably one of the most renowned clinics in the world for repair work. They are not reckless with grafts and frankly even just as a patient I find that post insulting and uninformed. The megasessions aren’t about more bang for your buck they’re done because they give the best possible results with damn near 100% graft survival. Konior is a great surgeon but when it comes to before and after pics no one is more consistent with more dramatic results than H&W and the density they achieve in one pass is unrivalled. Take a look at the Spanish guy on their homepage for example who I think had 10 K grafts in one sitting and went from totally bald to no sign of hairloss, what would the benefit there have been going for a conservative approach of 5 2k surgeries? With his waiting list it would’ve taken what 10 years to get that result with konior?
  6. I really hope you get great results, and I don’t doubt you will, but I feel like there aren’t really that many konior results on here. What I’ve seen is good, but it’s not like his patients are prolific on here
  7. That’s great, and I’m happy you feel that way, but I feel you can’t really say how good a surgeon is until you’ve experienced the results. Not to say you won’t, u picked a really good surgeon imo, but he could be the nicest, most professional guy in the world, but when all is said and done the only thing that matters is the results
  8. Wait... people are downplaying H&W and acting like they aren’t and haven’t been the premier HT surgeons in the world for over a decade? You can probably count the amount of bad results from this clinic posted to this forum on one hand. They are incredibly consistent and regularly produce world class results in the patient posted threads. Also they are not pushy, I’ve had experience with 4 clinics and was only harassed by one and that wasn’t H&W
  9. There are still surgeons out there that care about their patients and reputation and putting out consistently excellent results, Hasson, Wong, Lorenzo and a couple of others. I’ve seen some nice results from gabel, konior is well regarded on here (although I have t seen enough of his results). There are still those top quality clinics it’s worth paying for imo. But yeah the two you mention have really slipped as of late unfortunately in my opinion judging by recent threads on here.
  10. Strange considering the reputation this clinic had 5 years or so ago. Wonder what’s up with the dissatisfactory results as of late. It doesn’t seem confined to FUE either as this thread demonstrates. Have you spoke to the clinic about a resolution at all? If so what did they say?
  11. Given the amount of grafts I think this is a great result and a really nice improvement. That being said I can see your concern in the temple area behind the hairline, I can’t see it needing many grafts at all (maybe a few hundred) to turn this into a stellar result. That being said I don’t think the surgeon did anything wrong here and I think it’s a lot more noticeable due to the contrast. Imo it’s always better to get dense packing in stages as it’s far more predictable, you’re in a great position imo and from here I think it’ll be very early for your surgeon to get you where you want to be
  12. He’s taking a break from the forums, I spoke to him a week or so ago
  13. The thing is with this case is how low down into the donor the hairloss goes, if u get some retrograde loss and u lose hair from the nape up the the “safe” zone is very small and probably won’t give you coverage if you lose it all. The other problem is the lack of response to propecia, not sure a HT is wise. The only way I can see it looking ok long term is if you’re not really bothered about the crown and you concentrate on the frontal 2/3, which at this point isn’t bad. If you use up all your grafts on the crown and you lose the rest you won’t be able to shave it. I suppose another way to go if you’re good with the shaved head look is a combination of SMP and FUE. its a tough one for me, but I think you’re being wise assuming you’re going to be a class 6