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  1. Wow well I’m that instance it’s no wonder his waiting list is huge
  2. This is all well and good and I’m glad you’re happy but if you’re not past the 8 month mark and don’t have results to post it doesn’t really mean much (maybe you are, I haven’t checked). Bottom line Is someone can feel this way but if after a year the result isn’t right then that opinion will change even if he was the nicest most professional guy on the planet. And that’s my issue with this konior trend. Most people seem to be going off matt1978 results (which were real good) but there is a real lack of actual results posted by patients on this site (from what I’ve seen) and for some reason people are declaring konior the second coming. He’s a good surgeon from the little I’ve seen from him but we need more results to fully judge imo. One of the more recent results in the patient posted thread wasn’t great (I’m not going to embarrass anyone so I’m not going to name). Also the stick and place technique sounds interesting, but isn’t he doing like 1k grafts a day, so a 2 day session will yield 2k, which is nothing for a high NW. this also gos a way to explain the large waiting list since he can probably only see 3 or 4 patients a week (guesstimating)
  3. H&W probably have less failed cases than any other surgeon on here, especially when you consider how many results are posted. I’ve had my surgeries with dr Hasson and it’s been life changing.
  4. I would guess it’s inserting 1 graft as a time as the hole is made for it rather than making a bunch of holes before placing any. But to answer your question, id go for Hasson, He’s consistently been considered one of the worlds most elite surgeons for well over 10 years, konior is the in surgeon on here at the moment as Rahal was 5 years or so ago but there’s very little in the way of patient posted results over one year post op (unless I’ve missed them)
  5. Oh, ok I got you. I didn’t realise ER was based in Chicago, I’ve never watched it. That makes more sense since I didn’t take you for one of these konior “fanboys”😂. Not to trash konior, he’s great, but the way people talk about him on here is ridiculous, especially since I’ve not actually seen that many year plus results posted on here with him
  6. Tbh, Cosmo a cool dude so no disrespect but I literally did an eye roll when I read that post😂 konior is a good surgeon but the whole konior thing on this site at the moment is hilarious
  7. I know it’s easy for me to say because I’m not the one living with it, but at two months is when you’re looking at your worst. There will be shock loss likely in both donor and recipient areas and any transplanted hairs will have shed. its just a waiting game at this point, there’s not much you can do but wait and see how it pans out. It’s certainly going to improve in both recipient and donor areas but obsessing over it won’t make it happen quicker. make sure you’re on hair loss meds, rogaine and fin and wait it out.
  8. A few people have commented on rahals lack of time in the operating room, so are you saying they’re lying, mistaken, or is this a smear campaign?
  9. I’ve been doing once a day for about 5 years now, no difference for me at all
  10. The marketing seems to be unravelling lately on this site when I look at certain posts, there doesn’t seem that there’s that presence in the clinic posted results lately either. What do you mean by your last sentence though? You hope the admins get paid to defend him? Do you mean you hope they don’t get paid to defend him? This is a great site that helps a lot of people out but there are clinics on here that shouldn’t be endorsed imo, numerous surgeons who have either questionable ethics or questionable results or in some instances both. do you have a thread with your Rahal results?
  11. It did for me but it’s all relative and again, without pictures it’s difficult to comment
  12. I didn’t have any removed they just worked around what was there and added density. Without pictures it’s difficult to give advice tbh
  13. I’m not saying he duped you, lateral slit isn’t an easy technique to perfect so it’d be down to the surgeons skill how well he performed the technique. I’ve been to a (so called) top surgeon before H&W and had a similar issue after my first procedure. Do you have pictures?
  14. I’ve had lateral slit and I can style my hair anyway I want to, combed back, side part, combed forward, spiked, messy, whatever. I think the question is, did you have true lateral slit or did your surgeon just call what he did lateral slit?