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  1. Aftermath

    David Beckham FUE or Concealer?

    I would guess it’s both. Using concealers before the result grows in. It’s not like he can’t afford it, he has the down time, can’t see him wanting to forever be using concealers to the extent he obviously is and Gordon Ramsey who is a very close friend of his has also had FUE. When you couple all of this with a recent grade zero cut and the use of a hat followed by the use of concealers, it’s gitta be 6 months since and I’d say his results are starting to grow in since the use of concealers is a lot less obvious
  2. It’s not a Norwood 1, you can see that from the outline of the hairline in the post op shot. Also the after result is just from one angle. its a massive life changing improvement butbtgis isn’t out of the ordinary for a HT result imo
  3. Aftermath

    David Beckham FUE

    He’s 100% using concealer these days, I can’t imagine him wanting to use it forever and shaving his head would be been the perfect opportunity to take care of it. He was also wearing a hat for a while before those holiday pics.
  4. Disagree, I don’t think it looks at all pluggy
  5. Appreciate it mate! Thank you!
  6. Aftermath

    David Beckham FUE

    @1978matt have you posted any results from your second transplant yet? If so, link me to the thread. Your first procedure was epic
  7. Aftermath

    David Beckham FUE

    I’m not so sure, Beckham reps didn’t deny a hair transplant when asked directly about it a few months ago, they just said it was a matter he water to keep private. hamiltons hair, whilst looking thinner after raves due to the helmet and sweat still looks a lot more dense than a few year back, so while he may wear a system to events (I’m not too sure about this), he has defiantly had some work done
  8. I didn’t take it that way at all mate, honestly, like I said it’s all about personal preference, I just felt like a flatter hairline gives me far more styling options
  9. Thanks mate, I think that’s what this last surgery has afforded me, I feel confident with any style I fancy at this point, I don’t feel like I’m styling it to cover up anything, which is exactly where I always wanted to get to. Even though I had density prior to this I still felt I was restricted to certain styles, I think that was more down to me suffering recession at such a young age and that having a profound affect on me, I’m very happy and comfortable with where I’m at right now though, and I’ve been told I have 4000 FUE grafts left for a rainy day if needed a few years down the line, hopefully I won’t nees them though
  10. Lol I don’t feel that this is hating, you’re entitled to your opinion, it’s all good. I think hairline design preference is down to the individual, I kinda wanted a flatter, broader hairline as I wanted the slick back kinda style, and prior to the last surgery, I felt I looked too recessed to pull it off, it’s pretty much exactly where I want to be, so I’m happy, I realise it may not be everyone’s preference, but I’m ok with that
  11. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/174503-my-hair-loss-story-2000-grafts-dr-farjo-6000-grafts-dr-hasson-4years-post-op.html there you go mate, this link should work, it’s all been FUT. haven’t had FUE
  12. Aftermath

    David Beckham FUE

    Could just be heavy use of concealers I suppose, but there was a good few weeks between pics so a month plus with no sun should be adequate... or maybe he didn’t follow doctors orders. It’s heabily rumoured he did have one, and I think looking at the pics it’s highly likely
  13. Taken today, 3 years or so after the last procedure, just to prove it doesn't all just fall out after a couple of years!lol
  14. I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed on here, but what's everyone else opinion on Beckham's hair over the past year? It all started with him growing his hair in a pony tail, which seemed like it was an attempt to hide crown loss At the same time this exposed thinning in the hairline: Later in the year he was pictured with a shaved head, which looked suspiciously red, as though he may have had some work: Following this he was pictured on holiday and displayed considerable thinning, both of the crown and generalised thinning: Soon after theses images appeared in newspapers, he started showing clear signs of heavy use of concealer, with the tell tale powdery, dark reddish hue: Although in this image he seemed to with go without it, or not use as much and thinning could once again be seen: His latest pics IMO still show use of concealer, although things seem to be thickening up again: compare the above image with an image just before he started to grow the ponytail and you can see the hairline is clearly strengthened: Whats peoples thoughts?