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  1. The radiation produced during inta-oral radiographs is negligible, you get more radiation from a couple of days on earth (background radiation) and certainly more from a long haul flight. Extra oral radiographs, for example an OPT can be more and aren’t done as standard radiographs very often these days, even so the amount of radiation is still pretty small. As far as aiming radiation towards your brain, dental radiographs would generally not do this. The ones to check for decay (bite wings) don’t and neither do periapicals which are commonly used for root canals. OPT’s to a certain
  2. I apply it all over tbh, I just use a little more, seems to go on okay
  3. Absolutely ridiculous! You don’t see this kind of result in one session by many other clinics out there
  4. Propecia 1mg daily, regaine foam (rogain) once per day, biotin and MSM. I did start micro needling 3 weeks ago, but that won’t have had any affect yet, just wanted to give it a go
  5. My individual hairs have always been fine, I’m talking hair diameter, there’s just a lot of hair there that makes it look thicker, but I’d say the actual hair diameter is at best average. My hair does have body, but I always blow dry it into style which does give it a lot more volume than if I were to just let it dry naturally. I’m defiantly not complaining, I’m very happy with it, I just wouldn’t class my hair diameter as above average where’s with Brad Pitt’s hair I get the impression his hair diameter is way above average.
  6. So I’m thinking of letting my hair grow out as I’m pretty bored with the current style. I saw the new ad campaign Brad Pitt did and I’m quite liking the grown out sides, usually I get my hair cut every 3 weeks, but it’s been about 8 weeks at the moment. My hair is much finer than Pitt’s so not sure I can pull it off, or whether I’ll just get bored, but let’s give it a go 😂 pics are right now, not planning on getting a cut for a few months... it’s already starting to annoy me 😂
  7. Just checked out your thread, looks awesome mate, great density and hairline, I have fine hair like you and I agree it’s hard to get great density with one pass, but you defiantly nailed it with your surgeries
  8. Found another pic on my phone of a different style and length from a few months back, the picture quality is shit though... kinda thought it made me look like a butch lesbian😂
  9. Thanks mate. I’ve always used propecia, I know it’s expensive but I know I’m getting it from a legit source I know it’s the 1mg dose every time and the Monday-Sunday packaging make it very easy to know where you are with it so I’ve maybe missed 4 or 5 tablets in 13 years.
  10. Yeah agreed. On one day would be a mistake. Pretty sure H&W stage it over 2 days if it’s that size. But that’s way too big for a single day procedure
  11. 4500 is about right If you want to address the whole area imo. 2500 would only give you a good appearance in the frontal 1/3. I had a similar pattern and had 2000 done in my first op and it did very little. It was worsened by poor dr choice, but 2.5k isn’t much for an area that big.
  12. Work looks good. Made the right choice as far as U.K. surgeons go imo. I think this will look great in 9 months
  13. Agree 100%. If the surgeon is skilled the no matter the amount of strips you should just have the one strip. It looks horrible otherwise
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