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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    10 years +
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Victor Hasson
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    Dr. B Farjo
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  1. It did for me but it’s all relative and again, without pictures it’s difficult to comment
  2. I didn’t have any removed they just worked around what was there and added density. Without pictures it’s difficult to give advice tbh
  3. I’m not saying he duped you, lateral slit isn’t an easy technique to perfect so it’d be down to the surgeons skill how well he performed the technique. I’ve been to a (so called) top surgeon before H&W and had a similar issue after my first procedure. Do you have pictures?
  4. I’ve had lateral slit and I can style my hair anyway I want to, combed back, side part, combed forward, spiked, messy, whatever. I think the question is, did you have true lateral slit or did your surgeon just call what he did lateral slit?
  5. Agreed, can’t really assess a hairline result with a combover style cut covering the work. There is obviously a good aesthetic improvement here though.
  6. Konior has a good reputation but I honestly feel like I’ve just not seen enough patient posted results, and some that I’ve seen haven’t blown me away. A better question imo would be H&W or Lorenzo imo
  7. Yes you are obviously proscar and minoxidil are beneficial, the rest is them taking advantage imo
  8. Really really great result. Lorenzo is awesome! I agree with the above, the natural curl looks great and adds massively to the result, it also looks way better than the photo where you straightened it.
  9. There was a show in the UK, this was late 90’s/early 00’s, it was called TFI Friday hosted by Chris evens (not the actor) and MM was on there one night, there was above spotlighting and I remember even back then thinking how thin his hair was, I’m talking almost totally see through. Doesn’t seem to be any evidence of the interview online, but I’ve always wanted to see it again. I was just beginning to experience hair loss myself at this time so I was really paying attention to it
  10. Woah... that hairline is a bit low imo. Good early growth though. Why are the last two pics used as comparison at totally different angles also?
  11. Interested in seeing the updates, I feel like a LOT of people favouring dr konior these days but I feel like I’ve not seen many patient posted results from him
  12. Looks good, I think you should get it shaped and put some wax in it and it’ll be better again, styling makes a huge difference
  13. Glad you’re happy with the outcome, it’s a nice improvement. Do you have a pic more from above like the one in the OP to compare?
  14. This is exactly one year post op a 2k session with Farjo. Saw him in person a couple of weeks before these pics were taken and he was happy to leave my journey right there. Said that’s as good as modern HT’s get. Not gonna comment on whether it’s good or bad, I’ll let you guys decide
  15. Dr hasson dr wong dr lorenzo pretty much the only 3 I’d personally let touch my scalp