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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. At the very least, make sure u see the results in person. It’s easy to make even bad results look good in pics. 2 sessions in 2 days is fairly standard with large sessions. However it’s highly irregular to do 2 sessions 4 mints apart because the hair form the first procedure will have shed and and the new hairs won’t have broken through so there is a massive risk of damage to grafts from the first session. Honestly mate don’t do it, do some research and go with a known entity even if it means delaying the procedure for a few months
  2. You’ve had good advice in this thread, imo you’d be stupid to follow through with this transplant. You’re not going to get a good result with this guy and with your amount of hair loss, every graft counts! Even if you lose your deposit I’d still cancel. People in this thread are giving you solid advice, follow that advice and find a doctor who is likely to give you a good result instead of someone who is likely to give you a sub standard result. Do some research and book someone not based on location, you’ll ultimately regret it
  3. It’ll depend on whether you’re talking about FUE or FUT, also if you’re talking about looking completely normal or just not like you’ve been in a car crash!😂 its far far easier to look normal after FUE, u can do a buzz cut and aside from some redness which you can pass off as sunburn or a reaction to hair dye etc then you should be fine. Also it will be less painful as there is no long incision. slightly different with FUT. if you’re trying to hide the scar/staples you’ll have to keep a bit of length on the sides while the recipient areas get shaved. You’ll basically look like you’ve had the worst hair cut of your life!lol but doug does a good job at giving you a passable hair cut. The other issue with FUT is that it’s more painful due to the size of the incision, staples etc. I’d honestly take a minimal of two weeks off for FUT, at the two week mark you can pass it off as a bad hair cut!lol
  4. Thanks bill, this is an old thread though, the final results are on page 4. The op was done in 2015
  5. Looking at being in Vancouver early 2019, so will call in H&W and have doug do a comb through video to post in this thread along with some high quality pics as people have requested and it’s pretty difficult to do solo with my iPhone!lol
  6. Aftermath

    Dr. Victor Hasson

    Im a patient of Dr. Hasson, both him and his entire team are exceptional and I have nothing but great things to say about them, my current results are shown towards the bottom of the page on the link below, and I’m blown away by the transformation and the difference he’s made to my life. I’ve had 4 procedures with him, below is my last porcedure
  7. Wow mate, that’s a really really great result, nice density in one pass as well, you must be over the moon!
  8. Aftermath

    Advice for 25yo in UK

    One word of advice..... TRAVEL
  9. Another thing that’s not really very easy without a second pair of hands or without showing my face. I’ll get Doug to film a comb through when I make it back to Vancouver. There are plenty of pics up now and I’ve done my best with requests, but there’s just certain things that are hard to document with just myself and an iPhone
  10. Tbh it’s a bit tricky without someone there either holding the comb or taking the pic, but if possible then I’ll post it
  11. The most important part of the statement imo.
  12. Yes mate I think it was pre-2012 if I remember right, but they’ve been done
  13. Photobucket seems to work again? Pics are back in the OP
  14. I mean, it’s not soaking, it’s towel dried and combed back before blow drying