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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. Wow, looks absolutely fantastic. Another home run
  2. Thank you mate, he’s just taking some of what I said out of context, and he’s obviously not aware that we communicate fairly frequently and have done long before your procedure, I would never post anything just to make you feel bad and I’d never give you an opinion I didn’t 100% believe. I agree that the post was just really strong for no apparent reason. I’d put rahal near the top when it comes to surgeons, there are plenty of hacks out there and I’d never call him that, it’s just for me personally there are others I’d go to over him and there’s nothing wrong with that, at the end of the day it’s personal opinion and who you feel is the right fit for you. I do agree with one part of his post though where he said you don’t need nefitivity because at 6 months it is a mind fuck, but as ever u know where I am if u want to chat
  3. I haven’t called his result a failure, I’ve said it’s early days and may well improve...
  4. Sounds like an infomercial😂 chill out mate I’m entitled to my opinion, not trying to get under anyone’s skin. Bottom line whether it’s rahal or whoever it is if they fail to get even a 50% yield (I realise I’m this case it’s far to early to tell) then I wouldn’t be going back to them. There are also a few threads where things appear to have been going less than optimal and then they disappear, wasn’t making any accusations, just wondering why this was. And as far as consistency, maybe it’s the cross sections of threads that I’ve seen, but they’re either out of this world good or sub par, to me that’s not consistant, that’s all I’m saying. I’ve always said that on his day rahal produces great results, but personally I wouldn’t put my faith in him, not saying anyone else shouldn’t, but we are all big boys and can make our own mind up and can have our own opinions, really no need to go into so much detail personally addressing me also how many times can you say it’s a success but it’ll look thin? Sounds to me like Lit wasn’t told about any issues with it being thin until after the procedure, and knowing the guy he is wouldn’t have agreed to a surgery if it was mentioned pre op it would be thin. Informed consent only works pre not post surgery
  5. In the sense of not on this forum or that he passed away?
  6. You’re not in a worse position mate, regardless of how much more this improves or doesn’t improve, you have hair where you didn’t before, you’re one step closer to your end goal and one more procedure will see you reach your goal. However if this doesn’t improve I certainly wouldn’t be returning to rahal for a repair, free or not
  7. On his day rahal is top class I agree, he’s just not consistant enough for me when compared to hasson, konior, Lorenzo etc. And yeah that could be down to what techs are working on that day. I’ve been to hasson over a period of 8 years or more and there is unbelievable consistency in staff with very little staff turnaround, and I honestly have just as much faith in them as the doc
  8. Totally agree with the marketing comment. Tbh I’ve always hated the arrogance of the self proclamation of being the “hairline king”, always been a turn off with rahal for me. He has some great results, but also a lot of not so great results, for me personally he lacks the consistency to be one of the top surgeons, but that’s just my opinion
  9. I have a feeling Lit won’t just stop posting if this isn’t a success as many rahal patient mysteriously do when things don’t seem to be going right. And I’m with you, I’m not about to go back to a surgeon if they failed the first time. having said that 6 months is early days so I’m hoping things turn around for you
  10. Aftermath

    Which Hair Loss Concealer is The Best

    Ru in the wrong thread?😂
  11. Tbh I meant to quote this this thread: my bad, there have been a few on here lately where the results (even though early) have been questionable and all of a sullen the OP disappears, just wondering what’s going on that’s all
  12. Weird how sub par rahal results get quiet real quick 🤔
  13. Why haven’t/won’t you post pics mate? People can give you input as to where you are rather than trying to compare your hair to everyone else’s
  14. Hasson not rahal for me mate😂
  15. It should be standardised imo, completely unfair comparison