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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    10 years +
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Victor Hasson
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    Dr. B Farjo
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  1. I was probably 18 on the way home from college on the bus and a classmate commented on my receding hairline which was minor at the time. Obsessed over it for about 10 years as it progressively got worse, used to bother me when I saw people with no hair loss that didn’t give a shit about their hair. Didn’t find out about meds until I was 27 so I lost a lot. Modern HTs are great and can be life changing if you make the right choices, that’s why this site is so important, because there’s is a lot of BS and false advertising in this industry and this site at least gives you a great deal of unbiased information, especially in the patient posted results section.
  2. We all appreciate it mate, great site, and it comes across how passionate you are about helping people
  3. I’d take Farjo off the list tbh, based off personal experience they are vastly overrated. If you can find 3 outstanding results posted by the clinic themselves I’ll take it back, but seriously check their best results in the clinic posted results and they really are nothing to write home about. Add to that the fact that they charge top dollar and it’s and automatic avoid for me but that’s just my opinion... all be it based on a poor surgical result form them over 10 years ago and having to get repaired the following year. But check out their own website there are zero home run results imo
  4. But there aren’t 3 good clinics in the U.K. 🤔 dr ball, dr reddy... that’s it, the rest suck! if you’re determined to do it in the U.K. these are the only two I’d consider but you’re best chance at getting a good result (and probably saving money as well) would be to go outside the U.K. (I don’t mean turkey or India)
  5. So I guess it was concealer all along. What are people’s thoughts on this picture? Just a bad picture with the lighting making it look worse or is he badly diffusing and using copious amounts of concealer day to day? I do think there may have been a small procedure over the last couple of years though rounding off the recession in the temples but by the looks he hasn’t addressed the rest
  6. I’m not sure I have them tbh, the only ones I can re-up are the ones I reposted from photobucket when that went down, didn’t realise tinypic had gone outta business so I didn’t re-download them
  7. You’re being an absolute dick for no reason! From what I can see he was trying to steer you away from a specific clinic he deems bad and didn’t want to Publicly shame them not trying to steer you towards a specific clinic. Absolutely no need to berate him for it on your thread. Fair enough if he was saying don’t go to surgeon a go to surgeon b, but from what I can see he was just saying don’t go to surgeon a, do some research about them. What’s so bad about that? What’s he gaining from that other than trying to help you?
  8. Because with the exception of dr reddy and maybe dr ball (I haven’t seen many results so can’t comment) the others are overpriced and under skilled
  9. Results look okay from what I can see but I hope your surgical skills are better than your photography skills because those after pics are a bit blurry to be using to promote results imo. Any pics in focus so we can fairly assess the results?
  10. Google Farjo dense packing and watch as google gives you zero results... because he literally can not dense pack to save his life. He takes guys from bald to balding then then calls it a “natural” result and charges through the roof for it. Made the mistake of seeing him for my first procedure then had it corrected a year later by an actual skilled surgeon. Honestly do not rush in, that’s what I did, thankfully it was only 2k grafts, and maybe 50% grew in. How this clinic has a good reputation amazes me! Power of the media and “celebrity” clients I guess. I mean he’s not a butcher but for the prices he charges you’d hope he’d have a lot more surgical skill than his results showcase. But don’t take my word for it, literally check out ANY Fargo result including the ones posted by the clinic themselves on this forum then compare it to actual world class clinics.
  11. Thanks mate. No worries, I’m a few months shy of 40 and I have used brand name propecia since about 2008, 1mg per day
  12. For those that think my hair can’t look bad😂 this is what an hour on the bag with my hood up looks like
  13. At the moment, my typical day consists of cleaning the house when I get up then quick clean of the car, then to the gym for 10 2 minute rounds on the bag followed by abs and battle ropes. after that I have breakfast out on the decking and listen to some music in the evening I then do weights (split my days into 5 body parts) then I’ll chill and watch a movie... gotta be Honest I’m not hating it😂