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  1. You’re def not a repair patient bc of asmeds work, u just want additional density. However, I still think you need to think thoroughly so you use your remaining grafts wisely.
  2. I think for the price point, asmed does pretty good work. Theyre doing better work than 95% (if not more) of the clinics in the US doing fue (of course I’m just going off pics). Yes, they do use high graft numbers. On a positive note I think their donor management is very good. I don’t think I’ve seen a case of donor depletion. The OPs donor looks great for over 7000 grafts extracted and he cuts it pretty low too.
  3. Totally agreed. But I guess I’m wondering if something like that can trigger a shed almost immediately after.
  4. Fair enough. Admittedly i don’t know enough about smp to confidently make an depth analysis. Are you planning on posting a follow up after the redness has faded?
  5. I dunno about many surgeons in az besides the ones mentioned but I wanted to congratulate u on the 10/10 username
  6. The last few weeks I’ve been shedding like mad. I’m talking about shower drain gets full of hair each day. I’ve read shedding in autumn is common. Right before the shedding I also had a bit of a bender and I’m wondering if that’s contributing in any way. thoughts, experiences, advice? Thanks
  7. As stated above, the op is in his 70s. I doubt any available treatment will lead to regrowth or thickening of his existing hair from what I’ve seen over the years it’s usually guys under 40 who have the best chance at regrowth/thickening
  8. Sorry I personally don’t think this looks natural. The last picture shows the contrast between the top and sides. I also don’t understand why there is an abrupt stop with the smp at the crown rather than being blended in as seen in the same last pic.
  9. I like hdc and they’ve been putting out good results for a while. Do you have before pics? How about more pics of your donor site?
  10. If you truly believe this then why are you going back to a clinic you feel has a greater than 75% chance of not using proper surgical protocol/graft handling/etc?