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  1. This is looking good. Do you know which punch size they used on you?
  2. Every Portuguese person I have met in person has been super kind and extremely helpful. Can’t wait to visit your beautiful country one day
  3. Did the doctors or biopsy results say what kind of scarring alopecia you experienced?
  4. I had a procedure with Lorenzo myself and had a very average/sub par result. He does 3-4 patients a day so it’s a bit rushed. Couto seems to do more with less grafts and with more precision. His recipients look very good post surgery. However, Lorenzo has more cases posted online than any doctor I’ve seen. Couto likely only posts his homeruns on his YouTube. lorenzo has some of the best crown work but his hairlines are quite generic. Couto has hairline design down to an art imo. coutos waiting list is insane (5+ years last I heard) and Lorenzo can likely get u in about 6 months. If I had to do my case over again I’d probably go to Freitas, HLC, or wong/hasson.
  5. How did your fut scar look after your first surgery? What was the lowest grade you could shave to?
  6. Awesome. How is it applied? All over?
  7. It depends on your hair type. For example I gave oily scalp and shampoo daily. Shampooing has no effect on hair loss
  8. any update on this? btw I reread your initial post and couldnt stop laughing again at this: He is a bit kooky even in some of his youtube videos so i can literally picture this entire scene out in my mind
  9. already a big improvement. this is gonna look great