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  1. Did u ever get any immediate post op pics of your fut scar?
  2. All I know is you should be looking at lots of PATIENT not clinic posted results. Ignore the YouTube vids and Instagram posts these clinics put out. Find real patient posted results
  3. But there’s no denying that de Freitas achieves great results. The Spanish forums are brewing over with praise for him. Do u think the Spanish forums r just marketing?
  4. Wait, you think de Freitas is not as good as everyone claims? Why? Do u know where he received additional training? It seems like most Spanish and Portuguese doctors use the same lion implanter pen so they must have received similar training.
  5. This looks quite good. What’s the shortest u can go in the donor before u see issues? R u happy with the donor?
  6. Thanks for sharing. Thats a good transformation. It looks like you were a norwood 3 harline? How many grafts went into the reconstruction of your frontal area?
  7. looking good. do you have any before pictures of your front before it was restored?
  8. I'm not an expert or medical doctor but I call BS on this one. What does blood supply have to do with implanting in rows? My question to you and other doctor diep patients is...how long did it take him to do incisions? If he completes 2500 incisions in 30 mins or less I'm guessing he creates rows in an effort to save time. All my opinions of course (don't want to get banned again for giving it)
  9. didnt you just say in the post above that you had 100% survival in your temple points? Why did u switch so many doctors if you were happy with one?
  10. Remember....mods are going to push doctors that are “recommended” on this site. Aka pay to be part of the community
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