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  1. Remember....mods are going to push doctors that are “recommended” on this site. Aka pay to be part of the community
  2. Koniors waiting list is a year or more I’ve heard. He only operates twice a week I’ve heard and does one patient per day. When I consulted with H&w in 2018 they had openings all over the place. I think they could get me in 2 months maybe less
  3. Ray woods in Australia is the inventor of fue but to today’s standards his results and graft numbers are not up to par. Never heard of anyone else recommended from there. The only place nearby where I’d consider a ht would be with dr path in Thailand. He seems very reputable with some great results posted here.
  4. It depends on the surgeon. Some surgeons don’t offer anything and say hts have inherent risk. Some offer growth guarantees of 85-90% and offer touch ups. Some will make patients sign an NDA and give a partial/full refund in order to save face. You’ll just have to ask this question to each surgeon/clinic.
  5. Swelling is very normal at this stage. Likely from the anesthesia and other fluids injected into the scalp working it’s way down. Drink plenty of water. If it really concerns you then follow up with your doc
  6. The fda recently approved a lower concentration for acne. However, these cheap sources that are cited here are black market product that is manufactured in China.
  7. Not a doctor but here is my thinking. If the med has a higher affinity (think higher magnetic ability) to bind to the androgen receptors then it will out-compete specific androgens whether it be t or dht. Just like dht has a higher affinity than t. So if the concentration is high enough, vehicle supports good absorption for the topical to get to where it needs, and the chemical has a higher affinity, then the dht just doesn’t get as much of a chance to bind to the androgen receptor and turn on genes within the cells to trigger cell apoptosis/inflammation/etc.
  8. Serkan Aygin and dr gho? Please step back before making a decision you will regret. Aygin runs a Turkish hair mill. Gho is a delusioned Doctor that was trying to tell the world he had figured out hair cloning. you went to a very good doctor for the first round. id figure out how to get your eczema under control first. See a dermatologist so they can examine u. If it’s Truly eczema then things like topical steroids and possibly coal tar shampoo can help but you’ll need a doctor to confirm. i assume you live in Europe. There’s many good options there: feriduni
  9. How long does it take for grafts to develop a full blood capillary after surgery?
  10. Random question but many people claim fue is the way to go if they want to keep “short hairstyles.” Is this referring only to the donor areas being kept short, not the entire recipient/head as well?
  11. If u were using it before the surgery and saw benefits then it would not be good to quit. If u just used it to try and speed up growth post op then I’d consult with your doctor
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