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  1. Shapiro always seemed quite ethical to me. Did he give you any input regarding your hair situation? Just to make sure we’re talking about the right Shapiro he’s the one in Minnesota...not Florida.
  2. Look. I’m not telling anyone to not post or not say anything specific. I just told him about my own experience. There was a clinic on here that posted before and after pics with totally different lighting and backgrounds. I kept commenting that they needed to change it and it looked bad. Then I was issued warning points and banned after the clinic reported me.
  3. I’ve wondered the same. I imagine if you need say 500 grafts or so, they would do it. Maybe fit in another patient before/after you to make it an entire day of surgery. You’ll likely pay a premium for those limited grafts however. They still need to setup and whatnot and make it worth their time. maybe there’s a minimum required for fut however. I assume you’re going for fue
  4. You have a good point. If something goes wrong or results aren’t up to par, it’s not really one of the six doctors name that gets tarnished, instead it’s the clinic. however, personally, if I were set on turkey and were a nw3 or higher, hlc would likely be my main choice for a few reasons: - everything is in house. They literally do it all and use the top techniques as you mentioned. They also do smp, bht, scar repair etc etc. the facility has rooms for the patients and even food. You literally don’t have to leave if you don’t want to as you have everything there. The facilities are extremely modern - they host conferences and training which means they actually care about the industry. They attend European conferences to continuously learn and perfect their craft -their price is outstanding when compared to North America - they do repair work. In my opinion any clinic that does repair work will be inherently honest. Many clinics will not touch repair patients as they don’t have the skill or don’t want to do deal with anything that may go wrong including sub par results.
  5. From the videos I’ve seen the entire team gets together in the pre op to design the patients hair and give input with the lead doc (I believe ozgur) spearheading it. Seems pretty cool
  6. Looks awesome. I remember this thread. I think you were one of the newest patient posted results from when h&w first started doing fue
  7. Great result. Do you dye your hair? Seems darker in the afters. Any exposed hairline pics?
  8. Doesn’t diep create the incisions? Techs just implant grafts into them
  9. Another hasson vs Rahal thread? Weird... anyway, a poster here recently consulted with rahal and at the beginning of this year they no longer perform fut. so this should make your decision quite easy if you’re set on fut.