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  1. @duchaine which corticosteroid do you use? do u apply it all over or only on transplanted zone?
  2. Yes like @E39 said it’s fine but you need to follow your clinics instructions on when it’s safe. Typically it’s around 2 weeks or so from what I’ve read but make sure to ask your doctor
  3. When the propecia website used to still exist it claimed you MAY start seeing the benefits of the drug as early as 3 months. This was referring more to slowing down shedding and excess loss. However, the actual data from the fda trials showed peak hair counts from 1-2 years on the drug. It’s a slow process. However the 10 year finasteride study made a claim that the first year of treatment would give a good indication of how the drug would work long term for a patient.
  4. I’d be very careful Sean. I’d imagine the same cautions regarding finasteride pills as described in the patient leaflet should be followed. Even moreso as the pills at least have a protective coating on them and this topical could easily rub off on pillows etc
  5. No, it wouldn’t be in ANY market in the US or Canada as any minoxidil over 5% concentration is not fda approved and would therefore not be legal to sell.
  6. I’m not an expert on this, however I believe short term textural changes are common. I asked my doctor about long term textural changes and he said that is more common when grafts are subject to trauma.
  7. Really tough to say as pictures can be deceiving depending on picture quality, lighting, etc. I highly recommend you visit a reputable surgeon in person and get evaluated and have your donor viewed microscopically. In the UK the only guy I would trust would be Dr. Reddy. Lots of good doctors in neighboring countries to you in spain, belgium, etc.
  8. I havent seen enough evidence that higher concentrations of topical minoxidil work better. I actually recall seeing a recent study that showed 5% minoxidil actually worked better than a higher strength minoxidil. The downside to using something like that is if/when you cannot procure this med or the manufacturer decides to not produce it anymore (since only 5% is available in the US/north america), what will you do? Years back there was a well known doctor that sold quality high strength minoxidil formulations in the US (Dr. Richard Lee). He was shut down by the FDA and it became very hard for patients to find a replacement and many had to turn to compounding pharmacies. Just something to think about.
  9. I'm not familiar enough with IBS to give you specific advice but I'd highly recommend you run this by your surgeon before hand. They can likely give you some meds that might help or give you the OK to continue taking any meds you may take to control your IBS. From my experience you are lying down flat on your stomach a portion of the surgery, not the entirety. The other times they had me shift to lay on my side (I don't know if this will help you or not). And during implantation they had me laying on my back at about a 45 degree angle. Who is your surgeon?
  10. Does curly/textured hair like this patients require different extraction techniques? Are the roots curled under the skin and if so, does this make extraction a tad more difficult? wonderful results btw
  11. Redness is very normal and it can linger for a while especially with fair skin. Mine stayed for almost 3 months if I recall and I’m olive tone. Some people recommend pure aloe Vera gel applied to the affected areas (make sure it doesn’t have alcohol). I’m not 100% sure if it works but it might be worth a shot. I’d run it by your doctor first. Def don’t want to be taking ibuprofen as I doubt it would do anything and it’s intended purpose isn’t for something like this.