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  1. Just checked out your thread, looks awesome mate, great density and hairline, I have fine hair like you and I agree it’s hard to get great density with one pass, but you defiantly nailed it with your surgeries
  2. Found another pic on my phone of a different style and length from a few months back, the picture quality is shit though... kinda thought it made me look like a butch lesbian😂
  3. Thanks mate. I’ve always used propecia, I know it’s expensive but I know I’m getting it from a legit source I know it’s the 1mg dose every time and the Monday-Sunday packaging make it very easy to know where you are with it so I’ve maybe missed 4 or 5 tablets in 13 years.
  4. Yeah agreed. On one day would be a mistake. Pretty sure H&W stage it over 2 days if it’s that size. But that’s way too big for a single day procedure
  5. 4500 is about right If you want to address the whole area imo. 2500 would only give you a good appearance in the frontal 1/3. I had a similar pattern and had 2000 done in my first op and it did very little. It was worsened by poor dr choice, but 2.5k isn’t much for an area that big.
  6. Work looks good. Made the right choice as far as U.K. surgeons go imo. I think this will look great in 9 months
  7. Agree 100%. If the surgeon is skilled the no matter the amount of strips you should just have the one strip. It looks horrible otherwise
  8. Maybe, although the weak area you can see on the pics pre hasson was the area he addressed in its entirety with around 4000 (I forget the exact number) grafts on my first procedure with him and when that grew in I had no weakness in that area aside from a bit in the crown which was addressed at a later date
  9. Great vid! Doug is a class act and a really nice guy, I’ve got a lot of time for him and he’s also incredible knowledgeable. Looking forward to part 2
  10. My barber doesn’t really use the shaver it’s a hand cut but you can see the back and sides on the previous page, I can go fairly short. Yes I’ve been on minix way before the farjo pics and then started taking the both together a few months before the farjo procedure, the hasson procedure was then about 12-13 months after that. Neither of them seemed to grow a thing back but the addition of fin seemed to stabilise it
  11. Yes mate, it was well over a year before any hasson work, so unless I was a very late responder, which is unlikely then it’s all transplant
  12. Yeah I have, thankfully no sides and no finishing effects. It is worth noting though that I’d been on fin for over a year prior to the hasson op and 4- 6 months before the farjo op, so the pic I posted above of my hair loss was around 16-18 months into fin treatment. So while it’s maintained hair I don’t think it’s grown any back and so I don’t think it’s actually enhanced the hasson results to any major extent.
  13. I still find it unbelievable what dr hasson actually achieved! Life changer! Yeah I always seem to go back to this style tbh, one of the easier styles to do as well. The shirt messy style looks good but I always feel it’s hard to get right and I end up spending ages 😂
  14. This is right this minute, kinda feel like I’ve been rocking this style for a while, may get something different next time 🤔
  15. Yes mate that was me! I was in disbelief when I found it today, but they are some of the pics I sent to dr hasson shortly before the repair
  16. I found these on my computer earlier, which demonstrate how bad my hair loss pattern was. This was 1 year after 2k grafts were put in the front third by dr farjo before the dr hasson repair. The one is a bit blurry but you can still see the weak areas
  17. I was probably 18 on the way home from college on the bus and a classmate commented on my receding hairline which was minor at the time. Obsessed over it for about 10 years as it progressively got worse, used to bother me when I saw people with no hair loss that didn’t give a shit about their hair. Didn’t find out about meds until I was 27 so I lost a lot. Modern HTs are great and can be life changing if you make the right choices, that’s why this site is so important, because there’s is a lot of BS and false advertising in this industry and this site at least gives you a great deal of unbiased information, especially in the patient posted results section.
  18. We all appreciate it mate, great site, and it comes across how passionate you are about helping people
  19. I’d take Farjo off the list tbh, based off personal experience they are vastly overrated. If you can find 3 outstanding results posted by the clinic themselves I’ll take it back, but seriously check their best results in the clinic posted results and they really are nothing to write home about. Add to that the fact that they charge top dollar and it’s and automatic avoid for me but that’s just my opinion... all be it based on a poor surgical result form them over 10 years ago and having to get repaired the following year. But check out their own website there are zero home run results imo
  20. But there aren’t 3 good clinics in the U.K. 🤔 dr ball, dr reddy... that’s it, the rest suck! if you’re determined to do it in the U.K. these are the only two I’d consider but you’re best chance at getting a good result (and probably saving money as well) would be to go outside the U.K. (I don’t mean turkey or India)
  21. So I guess it was concealer all along. What are people’s thoughts on this picture? Just a bad picture with the lighting making it look worse or is he badly diffusing and using copious amounts of concealer day to day? I do think there may have been a small procedure over the last couple of years though rounding off the recession in the temples but by the looks he hasn’t addressed the rest
  22. I’m not sure I have them tbh, the only ones I can re-up are the ones I reposted from photobucket when that went down, didn’t realise tinypic had gone outta business so I didn’t re-download them
  23. You’re being an absolute dick for no reason! From what I can see he was trying to steer you away from a specific clinic he deems bad and didn’t want to Publicly shame them not trying to steer you towards a specific clinic. Absolutely no need to berate him for it on your thread. Fair enough if he was saying don’t go to surgeon a go to surgeon b, but from what I can see he was just saying don’t go to surgeon a, do some research about them. What’s so bad about that? What’s he gaining from that other than trying to help you?
  24. Because with the exception of dr reddy and maybe dr ball (I haven’t seen many results so can’t comment) the others are overpriced and under skilled