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  1. At two months there is little to evaluate to be fair but you appear to have not suffered any or much shock loss so that itself is very good news. Does look to be a lot of bleeding and that will have made the surgery more difficult but perhaps they just didn't clean you up that well after surgery which most clinics will. You mention black dots? I can't see what you mean from your photos but I do see what looks like darker areas of skin, perhaps it is just the photos but you need to make sure this is not dead skin laying on the surface of your scalp as this will have a direct effect on your growth and healing. Please enlighten me as to what the no touch auto inject is all about? I ask because of the bleeding in the recipient certainly looks like you were touched.
  2. A professional Hasson & Wong Patient Advisor will be in the following location for free hair restoration consultations. Toronto November 28th and 29th. Book an appointment by calling 1.800.859.2266 FREE or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com
  3. Patient from the UK in his mid forties wanted to restore frontal area of scalp to provide a more youthful appearance. Dr Hasson used 3703 Grafts in total. Singles: 1091 Doubles: 2335 Multi: 277 Hair Texture:Medium Propecia:Yes For more information on this case please visit our website. Free Consultations with representatives from Hasson & Wong in the following locations. Calgary November 13th-14th London, UK November 21st Toronto November 28th-29th Los Angeles December 2nd -4th Dallas December 14th-15th Houston December 17th-18th
  4. As Mav, says as you have the strip scar and assuming you are happy with your results from the first surgery you should stick with FUT again with that surgeon and then you have FUE in the future in reserve. I would work at scalp laxity exercises to loosen the donor area for this next surgery.
  5. Johnny, I wish you all the best for an excellent result after all you have been through you deserve it.
  6. Sometimes you have to wait to see peoples real motives as there is a thread about shills on this site it is interesting to see that Poole joined the forum and that day made his first and only post nearly two months ago and we were supposed to believe that he was an interested FUE patient trying to undermine Spidey's decision to have FUE with Dr Hasson. Just a regular first time poster trying to understand the process hmmm? Can you ask the size of punch? You mentioned .8 but I notice some larger incisions. I can enlarge them if you like.
  7. I wouldn't go crazy in lowering the hairline in the centre it looks to be a sensible height add density into that area and give the temples a much better shape. I would say 2000 should be enough but it does depend how far the thinning goes back into the scalp it could well end up closer to 2500. As Matt says a top down shot will show more. FUT or FUE now there's a discussion we haven't had on here, have we?
  8. Wait at least 1 full year before making any decisions as the others have suggested. There is no point in trying to work out graft numbers and cost at this stage you may have some good regrowth and not require surgery. Starting in the crown with surgery if you are under 30 is risky and you need to go slow to preserve grafts if the front and mid scalp goes. I would also grow it out you seem to have quite a bit of hair still and when the hair is longer it covers the scalp much more effectively.
  9. Yes it is called shedding and happens at times of starting the medications it can be a good thing in that Propecia is having an effect and you may getting some improvements but it will take 6 months to see that. Spex posted an informative video on a thread in the question and answers section. I take it you had thinning elsewhere in your scalp as you said the crown had not thinned. Did you take some photos before you started the Propecia? take regular monthly photos from now to monitor your crown it is not easy trying to assess it by looking in the mirror.
  10. Great thread some real gems in there as a fellow Brit i get and like the sarcasm!
  11. Looks like a double whorl and because of the hair is facing so many directions it makes it tough to hide all the scalp effectively. I have seen this many times in person and it can appear to be thinning but I think in your case it is not something to be concerned about.
  12. I will be holding free consultations in London on Saturday November 21st at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch. The consultations will be one on one with myself a hair transplant veteran who has had 5 transplants spanning over 19 years. I will be able to explain our procedure in detail, answer any questions you have regarding surgery, show you what a transplant can look like on a Norwood 6 and take clear photos for a recommendation from either Dr Hasson or Dr Wong. If you would like to meet with me in person or for more information please email me on david@hassonandwong.com or call 0757 8164162. David
  13. Two excellent surgeons who produce world class FUT results so you should have every reason to feel confident in their abilities for FUT.
  14. Hi PMA, It's quite common as the miniaturized hairs that you have loss pigment and get bleached by the sun in contrast to your natural hair colour. Yes would be great to meet with you in London. I will drop you a email to arrange.
  15. As if all the angles and timeline weren't enough here we present the HD video with wet hair and comb through of the donor scar. Enjoy!
  16. Thanks for all your comments. Win- well spotted! typo on my behalf not 2336 grafts for doubles it was 3226 I have changed it now thanks for letting me know.
  17. A professional Hasson & Wong Patient Advisor will be in the following location for free hair restoration consultations. Los Angeles December 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2015 Dallas December 14th and 15th 2015 Houston December 17th and 18th 2015 New York October 19th to 22nd 2015. Book an appointment by calling 1.800.859.2266 FREE or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com
  18. Local patient in his early 50's was able to visit the clinic on regular intervals to document his progress as displayed below in 3 month, 6 and 9 month stages. Dr Hasson Grafts: 4725 Singles: 1212 Doubles: 3226 Multiples: 287 Hair Texture:Medium Coarse Free Hair Transplant Consultations with Hasson & Wong in the Following locationsto book contact info@hassonandwong.com Toronto - Oct 28-29 Calgary - Nov 13-14 USA New York - Oct 19-22​ Los Angeles - Dec 2-4​ Dallas - Dec 14-15 Houston - Dec 17-18 EUROPE London, UK - Oct 23
  19. I think your hairline looks great and is the right height any lower would not look right imo as you get older. Your Doctor did the right thing for you in not lowering it any further. Enjoy and wait until it grows in. Once your hair is longer you won't be so focused on your forehead.
  20. PMA, You look awesome buddy really pleased for you. Have you been dying your hair?
  21. Welcome to the forum. As others have said it is difficult to see your pattern as you have not supplied photos of all the back of your head but from the one that you did supply I can see some thinning at the top of the photo which would tie in with the top of your scalp that you are heading for a NW6. You have diffused loss that could be improved and thickened by taking medication which most Doctors would want you to be on before surgery. Speak to you own family Doctor regarding this. If your loss is not stable you can never say one surgery and done and you can rarely say one procedure will be enough in your situation even if your loss is stable. I would agree that you need 4k plus grafts to restore the front and mid scalp and approaching the crown. Some good names of surgeons have already been suggested.
  22. A professional Hasson & Wong Patient Advisor will be in the following location for free hair restoration consultations. Seattle October 6th to 16th. Book an appointment by calling 1.800.859.2266 FREE or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com