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  1. I am in the same boat as you. Speculating how my scar would look after a month as I plan on taking that much time off work. To OP, if you get a chance and if possible, please post pictures of your scar around 4 weeks time. Thanks!
  2. mav23100gunther, Just had an online consultation with H&W clinic. They told me that I should expect 2500-3000 grafts as this is my second HT (they said this is also the average that people get for their 2nd HT). Is this a fact for 2nd time HT patients? Mike (their rep) mentioned that 2500-3000 is the average and that number varies by person to person but also told me that I should not probably go in the surgery with a mindset of ~5000 grafts.
  3. After doing some more research, I found that Dr. Ron Shapiro also delivers excellent and consistent results and his results seem comparable to Dr. Rahal or Dr. Hasson. Do you guys agree? Should I also consider Dr. Ron Shapiro for my HT along with Rahal and Hasson? Are these 3 surgeons comparable in terms of hairlines, dense packing and crown work? Or is it that Dr. Hasson and Rahal are in a totally different league? I was speechless after looking at SunnyCool3's results here (whose work is done by Dr. Ron Shapiro): http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/177161-4023-grafts-fut-dr-ron-shapiro-smg-oct-20th-2014-a-23.html. I totally understand that HT results vary a lot from person to person. But looking at his pictures, I feel that my baldness pattern and hair characteristics are somewhat similar.
  4. Thanks stig for the recommendation. And yes, I am looking to get the most number of grafts in one session. I have seen some hairline work by H&W clinic and I was impressed. But I do agree that whatever hairline results I have seen from Dr. Rahal are perfect and top notch though.
  5. I had my first HT in 2010 with Dr. Feller (I used to live in Pennsylvania back then) and I am now on the verge of getting my second HT done (I live in SF bay area now). This time, I plan on getting - hairline fixed and add some density if possible - fill in my crown (I have a bald spot of around 3-inch diameter on my crown) - add density to the mid section I have shortlisted Dr. Rahal and Dr. Hasson (Dr. Victor Hasson?) for my second HT and looking for a ~3000-4000+ grafts HT if possible. I have some administrative hassles like getting a Canadian Visa and renewing my US Visa in Canada (I am living in the US on a work permit) but don't want these secondary hassles to keep me off from choosing the best doc. I am leaning towards Dr. Hasson but wanted to know your suggestions for either doc. I know both the docs are top notch (based on my research/seeing their results) but wanted to hear opinions from you guys based on my HT requirements. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Considering Dr. Ron Shapiro too for the HT. Any opinions/feedback regarding his work is welcome.
  6. Do anyone here suggest any one Dr. over the other (Rahal & Hasson)? I am mainly looking for dense packing for hairline and crown areas. Also, should I also consider Dr. Shapiro as well? Sorry if I am digressing from the topic of this thread! Lastly, if anyone have any pictures of FUT scar concealing after the HT then it would be very helpful.
  7. I agree. So I am looking at having #1 crew cut after the HT. Planning on using Dermach to hide the scar for couple of months.
  8. Thanks for the information on pricing! I am looking (hopefully) for more than 3000+ grafts surgery this time.
  9. Still doing my research but leaning towards Dr. Hasson. Does that change anything?
  10. Pardon my ignorance but isn't it better for surgeons to shave the recipient zone to get better visibility and not run over existing hair grafts? At least that is what I had heard/read during my 1st surgery; Not sure if things have changed nowadays.
  11. Hello, I wanted some help/advice on the next HT surgery that I might be planning on doing. I did my first HT in 2009 with Dr. Feller and I plan on getting my HT done by either Dr. Rahal or Dr. Hasson some time this year or early next year. There are two main areas where I need input from experienced folks on this forum: 1) What are some of the known techniques on concealing the FUT scar? I have heard and in my 1st HT as well, doctor shaved the recepient area and I ended up getting a very short (#1) crew cut for rest of the head after the surgery - For how many months the scar is easily visible? (I understand that this depends on the individual hair growth and I can't recollect this from my first HT surgery) - I plan on taking a month off from work; would that suffice as far as the visibility of the scar goes? - I currently use dermach and toppik/nanogen; Does dermach help in concealing the scar as well? 2) I see that both Dr. Rahal and Dr. Hasson have their clinics in Canada. Do they perform surgeries in any of the US locations as well? I am living in US on a work permit and my US visa stamp has expired so in order to get the HT done in Canada, I would have to get a Canadian visa as well as renew my US visa 3) Lastly, what is the per graft cost that I am looking for either of the doctors? Apologies if this information is already present in the forum threads. In that case, pointers to those would be helpful. I would appreciate any response to my above questions. Thanks in advance!
  12. The pictures just disappeared from the forums! Does anyone know why this happened? I will need to repost it. Vntuoguy, I would do today by end of day.